At Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North Luncheon on Thursday, February 28, 2019, our Keynote Speaker was Mary Avrakotos from Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and Sherbro Foundation
Mary's talked about her mission trip and the global grant by Ann Arbor Rotary and partners, that made a difference in Sierra Leone.
With Ann Arbor Rotary Club serving as the project lead on the first Global Grant; Freetown Rotary Club serving as the international host, and participation from Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor North, Cincinnati, Dexter, Wilmington, NC and Pune Central Clubs; and with Sherbro Foundation as a cooperating partner, Mary saw the great strides that have been made with the Grant.
  • Two “Education Orchards" have been planted to fund education long term
  • Women have been given bags of peanut seed to plant as a way to support their families
  • Children’s births have been recorded giving them access to government services
  • Forest reserves were created to protect village water sources and preserve trees.
Now, with a second Global Grant,  Mary hopes to continue the great progress in Sierra Leone.
  • Plant a third "Education Orchard" and maintain the existing orchards
  • Hire an experienced Agriculture Manager to manage the program and market crops
  • Dig two wells with pumps and storage tanks; and build a storehouse and a concrete drying floor
  • Expand the peanut-growing project to more eager women and help them increase their income.
  • Plant and manage a fourth "Orchard for Medical Care" to pay for services provided to villagers at Rotifunk Hospital (a collaboration with Wilmington NC Rotary Club)
Mary said, "thank you for Rotary Club of Ann Arbor North's support in Sierra Leone." Lastly, Ashish Shikar, visiting Rotarian for the Ann Arbor Rotary Club stood up, to emphasize the importance of using Rotary Global Grants to improving the World, and to continue using them in creating partnerships.
Click following for Global Grant information: Sierra Leone: Report on Global Grant