Posted by Eric Tindall on Mar 19, 2019
At Thursday's March 12th Dr. Joseph Myers, Optometrist at UM Kellogg Eye Center, presented UM’s initiative known as Common Health Plus which has developed a platform for delivery of world class healthcare using what we call an A.R.C. (Architecturally Repurposed Container) with the co-development and design inputs from many of UM’s leading colleges, such as MIchigan Medicine, Kellogg Eye Center, Architecture & Design, Engineering, etc.
CommonHealth+ at Sandy Bay Jamaica is the first in a series of prototypical modified container health clinics that aim to deliver telemedicine-based services supporting healthcare and chronic care health monitoring in remote and underserved populations globally.
It is a response to the inequality of healthcare around the globe. In believing that high quality healthcare is not a privilege but a fundamental human right.  The presentation illustrated the development of low cost, high tech technologies deployed in a sustainable healthcare delivery mechanism, and expect to leverage a Rotary Foundation Global Grant for $85k to equip the rebuilt shipping containers with specialized Eye Care and dental care apparatus with telemedicine capability so that rural and disadvantaged populations in Jamaica can avail of basic healthcare.
The GG project consortium is led by Rotary Club of Ann Arbor and RCAAN has committed $1000-2000 along with three other clubs: 2 from India and one from Negril (Jamaica).
Past President Scott Nelson filling in as President gives Dr. Joseph Myers a gift for speaking.