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“We have a strategic plan. It’s called doing things”
The week that was …..
I hope you are starting to feel rested after a mammoth effort raising funds at Bobbo and then our Bunnings BBQ last Easter Saturday.  
April for the Northern Beaches Community Cancer Care (NBCCC) will have a focus on raising funds for the establishment of the Wig Library at the  Northern Beaches Hospital.  
Many people, including customers and Bunnings staff, were very impressed that we were are supporting this local and very deserving cause and some donated very generously at the BBQ. Marie Rivett and George did a great job raising awareness people’s awareness of the Wig Library.
On Wednesday evening we had our regular Board meeting where much was discussed including our 
Club’s Strategic Plan. 
Rotary Vision Statement:  Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.
Rotary Core Values: Fellowship – Diversity – Integrity – Service – Leadership – Friendship/mates
Rotary Club of St Ives Vision Statement :
  • We commit ourselves to our Rotary values including Service Above Self, The Four Way Test and Rotary Code of Conduct 
  • We will have fun and endeavour to make the Rotary engagement enjoyable to all
  • We will continue to make improvements so we are relevant and appealing to all demographics
  • We will work collaboratively with other local Rotary Clubs and other organisations which we have connections
  • We will offer a variety of meeting opportunities which provide variety, interest and affordability for our Member
  • We will re-evaluate what is working well for our Club and make necessary changes to continuously strive to improve
  • We will set goals and then stretch those goals
Coming up this week …..
We are very privileged to have as our guest speaker Professor Tom Smith from Macquarie University who will talk about a pro-bono Indigenous Business Development program that a group of Academics from Macquarie University, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales are running in remote Indigenous communities across Australia.   
PE Peter Kirkwood OAM, from the Rotary Club of Wahroonga, has also been invited to join us. He has agreed to play the digeridoo so it is certainly an evening not to be missed. 
I welcome discussions or send me your comments or suggestions about how our Club is working for you particularly what we do well or how we can improve. Your opinion is valued.
Together we are making a difference. Go Team! 
Email: presidentrcsi2021@gmail.com
     “A ship is safe in the harbour, but that’s not what ships are built for.”
Bobbo, held last Sunday, was a magnificent team effort as the Rotary Clubs of Wahroonga, Ku ring gai, Turramurra and St Ives pulled all their resources to make it happen. The sun was shining, the cyclists enthusiastic, the volunteers diligent in the duties and the amount raised was significant. The nominated charities will be very pleased that they will be receiving some much needed funds. 
On Wednesday evening we had a very entertaining dinner at the Avondale Golf Club.  Our special guests included DGE Lindsay May and Tania May. DGE Lindsay will lead our district into the next Rotary year ably assisted by Tania who in her own right is an extremely talented and committed Rotarian. Other distinguished guest were Past District Governors Don Durie, Brian Coleman, George Papallo and Tom Borg Assistant Governor of the cluster.
Many Rotarians commented to me that they were delighted that we had gathered together the Upper North Shore Rotary Cluster which included Rotarians and their partners from The Rotary Clubs of Ku ring gai, Berowra, Wahroonga and St Ives.to share fellowship. I believe it is very important that we get to know each other as a larger Rotary family as there will be many occasions we will be working together. 
Thank you to Russell, John S and Rosemary who did the behind the scenes work to make this evening happen. 
For those people who could not attend for whatever reason I thought I’d share my introductory speech.
I first met DGE Lindsay May at the dinner last November when I became the Rotary Club of St Ives President. 
Someone whispered in my ear that he was a very capable sailor with a long association with the sea and that he was great at telling sea stories. I extended an invitation to him then to come back at a later date and here we are all gathered tonight.
Some of you may or may not know that I am also a sailor and the daughter, grand-daughter and great grand-daughter of sea Captains probably extending back to the Vikings.
DGE Lindsay May, there are several sailors here in the audience tonight and they also have a good understanding of how a yacht sails to its maximum potential. 
The decisions of the Captain and Navigator are critical to the safety and well being of the crew and also most importantly whether the boat wins races or not or sails safely. 
As we can all appreciate, without a crew the yacht doesn’t sail. In order to sail properly the crew must understand the ropes and be adept at taking all positions. The crew must be willing and able to take orders. The crew must be ever watchful and have a strong voice and be alert for obstacles.
As has occurred in recent times, racing sailing can be a very deadly and dangerous sport but in my opinion one of the most exhilarating and challenging of team sports. Racing sailing is all about precision team work with the collective focus on making the boats sail to its full potential.
My father taught me many years ago the importance of the navigator and the Captain.
I have taken the liberty of using the analogy of sailing to the Rotary experience and journey.
Welcome to the helm Chief navigator and soon to be Master and Commander. May the gentle wind always be behind your back. May your crew be competent and passionate.  When we head into stormy seas, may our tacks be long and steady and help guide us until we reach a safe harbour. Most importantly we hope you ‘ll lead us on amazing adventures in this changing world and you and Tania enjoy the voyage.
Finally, our Bunnings BBQ on Easter Saturday was a great success. Our coffers are filling up to support our projects. We had donations boxes out to raise some funds with our newest project supporting the Northern Beaches Cancer Care Charity. 
That was the week we had! Interesting, enjoyable and lots of fun.
Coming up ..
Don’t forget our breakfast meeting next Wednesday and our Board meeting on 7/4.
On 14th April 2021 Professor Tom Smith from Macquarie University will talk about a pro-bono Indigenous Business Development program that a group of Academics from Macquarie, University of Sydney and University of New South Wales  are running in remote Indigenous communities across Australia.   The purpose of the program is the development of business skills and business acumen to support Indigenous businesses to build their capability and take advantage of opportunities.
The Dinner will be held Avondale Golf Club at 6.30 pm and the cost is $ 55 which includes a two course dinner including fish, steak and dessert.  It is important to advise Rosemary of your attendance before the deadline to avoid disappointment.
Hope Easter Bunny managed to find you. (I was hiding because I certainly don’t need to be eating chocolate.lol)
Happy Easter and stay safe
Lyndall Pearson
Rotary Club of St Ives
President  2021-2022
Come along and enjoy a great alternate drop Main Meal of:
Chargrilled beef fillet, parsley & lemon mash, broccolini & fennel citrus salad; or
Grilled Barramundi, crushed new potatoes, steamed veg, apple cider sauce.
For Dessert: Baileys flavoured crème brûlée, with fresh cream and strawberries.
[Special dietary meals available.]
We now also have a special Wine List.
BOOK NOW - RSVP r.coucouvinis@gmail.com
It's all happening today - Clean Up Australia. Wherever you are on our continent today is the day to clean up our little patch of the world. St Ives Rotarians will be at Karuah Park cleaning up the area so it's beautifully clean ready for the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic in three weeks!
Who would have thought stuffing envelopes could be so much fun? It was a very entertaining morning. George, Javad, Rosemary, Ann, Harold and Lyndall enjoyed a very pleasant morning solving the problems of the world whilst stuffing envelopes! All packages are now complete and ready to go out to the riders. Three weeks today till the Bobbin Head Cycle Classc!

Rotary Club of St Ives enjoys halcyon days. Each day of the year Rotarians in our club contribute significantly through their skills and talents to ‘Service Above Self’. 

Rotary Clubs are like sedimentary rock.  Each individual contributes a layer in the formation of the rock. That combination creates something beautifully unique.  Over time each generation of Rotarian through their service increases the height of our organisation.

Everyone who has been a member and is a member  leaves a significant legacy. Those individual contributions are evident in the Rotary Club of St Ives sedimentary rock.


Only 3 weeks to go! The program will be shared this coming week and looks like there is something of interest for everyone with around 4 hours of content broken into smaller blocks with morning tea and lunchtime breaks.!

Time for us to think about what we are going to do to celebrate this special event. Every member will receive the Conference link so no-one need miss out!
This is the training program for all incoming Boards of Clubs. It is essential that incoming Board members, or a representative, participate in these broadcasts. 
This will be held on-line as it was in 2020. 
Conditions are still somewhat uncertain and having groups as large a District Assembly (i.e. 600-700 attendees) makes it inconceivable to find a venue that would be safe. 
More details will be published soon but here are the dates for your diaries. 
The District Assembly will occur over 5 non-consecutive Saturdays commencing 18.4.21, then 2.5.21, 16.5.21, 23.5.21 and 30.5.21.
A request to our District Rotarians is that you consider introducing the ‘Clem Renouf END POLIO NOW Club’ to your Rotary clubs. The concept is very simple. 
Each Club is requested to set up a branch of the ‘Clem Renouf END POLIO NOW Club’ within their club and ALL members are requested to donate $10 each per year. When the task is complete (for as many members who agree to take part and there must be NO compulsion), the Club may deposit the funds directly into the Sir Clem Renouf Centenary Year Appeal – set up at the beginning of the Rotary year as a tribute to one of Rotary’s great leaders, generally acknowledged as the founder of the End Polio campaign.
We believe this fund raiser is achievable, given most Rotarians will donate $10 to become a member of such a club – as the donation process is simple and well organised! Imagine the impact … With more than 30,000 Rotarians in New Zealand and Australia, if just half our numbers joined the club we would collect more than $150,000 and change the course of personal giving forever.
Bob Aitken

Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury are looking for volunteers in the North Shore area to join the incredible Community Visitors Scheme 9CVS.  It is a wonderful program that allows volunteers to make a difference in their local community. By offering companionship to the lonely and isolated in an Aged care Facility – all it takes is an hour of their time once a week or fortnight.  You can imagine that programs like these are so important as many of the vulnerable among us have become further isolated because of COVID-19.

People interested simply need to call Lifeline on 9498 8805 or email community.volunteers@lifeline2H.org.au

Great guests, Avondale Golf Club and superb catering set the scene for what was an inspiring evening showcasing youth! We were very pleased to welcome The  Speaker of the House, Jonathan O’Dea to this very special evening.  Photo left: Jonathan O’Dea MP, Lyndall President, Anousheh, Georgia and Matt
Our candidates Anousheh Moonen and Georgia Bonadio, spoke with passion and joy about their experiences at the National Youth Science Forum.  Despite the event being held virtually it contained all the excitement and WOW factors we have come to expect from this event. The girls are outstanding young women and we look forward to hearing from them in the future when they embark on their university studies next year.
Hugh Burne from Wahroonga Rotary shared his views on the “Future of the Workforce” based on research from leading universities in the USA and encouraged the girls to set their goals high.
Another fabulous effort from the BBQ team at Bunnings this weekend!
Although the morning was a little grey and damp, spirits were high amongst the dedicated team of workers. 
Many thanks to all who helped especially Tim for slaving over a hot plate for the full day and then turns into a ferrous cleaner of everything that is in reach. Thank you all, although trade was steady we did provide 620 sausage sandwiches to grateful customers. Thanks also to Russell for negotiating a free issue of soft drinks from his long suffering neighbour. Thank you Nathan your generosity 

Harold makes it very easy to be an envelope stuffer by providing very comfortable working conditions and gorgeous food to keep workers happy. Whilst some 1,500 envelopes have been done there is still 1,000 to go!

If you have a couple of hours to spare to help out next Thursday 4 March please let Harold know you can come and join the small band of envelope stuffers … guaranteed smiles and laughter – not to mention great company! Special thanks to all who came this week:)

Clean water is a basic need for human beings. When people, especially children, have access to clean water, they live healthier and more productive lives. At least 3,000 children die each day from diseases caused by unsafe water, which is what motivates our members to build wells, install rainwater harvesting systems, and teach community members how to maintain new infrastructure.
While very few people die of thirst, millions die from preventable waterborne diseases, providing the impetus for our members to also improve sanitation facilities in undeveloped countries. Members start by providing toilets and latrines that flush into a sewer or safe enclosure and then add education programs to promote hand-washing and other good hygiene habits.
From the various water projects in which Rotary has participated, we have come to know the obstacles that many people across the globe face when it comes to some of the basic necessities of life. We tend to take for granted the clean and generally safe and plentiful water sources to which we have access. 
Rotary International, through the combined actions of individual Rotarians and Rotary Clubs, seeks to assure that all people have adequate access to clean and safe water. The Rotary theme for March asks us to focus on the life changing improvements that we can make through these international projects to provide a more readily available and healthy supply of water to all people.
The problem is not that the world will run out of water (that amount is fixed through evaporation and re-condensation). The problem is the unequal distribution of water and the lack of universal proper sanitary practices to assure safe water for drinking. While some regions and peoples are certainly at greater risk than others and deserving of greater attention, we have seen recently that no population is free from concern. 
Rotary is dedicated to seven areas of focus to build international relationships, improve lives,  and create a better world. Water and Sanitation month asks us to focus on the life-changing improvements that we can make through international projects to provide a more readily available and healthy supply of water to all people. Water and Sanitation is one of those seven Rotary areas of focus.
In 2021, Rotary marks a centenary of proud community service across Australia. To commemorate the milestone the Royal Australian Mint has produced this elegant silver proof coin. The coin honours the big hearts of the 30,000 Rotary members and 1100 plus clubs across the country, which run programs such as youth exchanges, fundraise for bushfire recovery and bring life changing surgery to the Asia Pacific region.
Available now: http://bit.ly/2YWUxyM
We are in urgent need of street marshal volunteers for this important event.  The time slots needed are for 7am – 10am OR 10am – 1pm.  Please see the flyer for more details about this event – especially the number of charities who benefit from this event. Remember to share this request with your family and friends.
If you can volunteer send John the following information so you can be put on our database:
- Full name
- Mobile phone number
- email address
- Confirmation of which shift you wish to do: 7am-10am OR 10am–1pm
His email is jkwsydey@bigpond.com
Thanks to Harold and John who are organising the food and drinks, to Grahame for organising the roster schedule, and ALL our fabulous  members who have volunteered their time to cook, serve and clean up ion Saturday 27 February.  The Bunnings BBQ is a great example of effective teamwork resulting in raising much needed money for our programs. Be sure to make your way to Bunnings on the day to buy the best sausage sizzle sandwich and support the team.
Envelope stuffers start your loosening up exercises for nimble and quick hands for the annual stuffing of envelopes in the last week of February. 
Dates and times, Tuesday February 23 and Thursday 25 from 10.00am until 2,500 envelopes are stuffed. Vacancies exist for first time helpers no experience required with extensive on job training provided, friendly, clean and comfortable working conditions, refreshments served, no interview required. Unfortunately we cannot offer free health care or superannuation. Come and help Harold and the team prepare over 1,000 envelope packages for the Bobbin Head Cycle Classic.
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Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
St Ives
St Ives, NSW 2075
week 1 breakfast meeting + board meeting week 2 activity meeting week 3 zoom meeting plus guest speaker week 4 dinner plus guest speaker

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If you would like to visit our club or are thinking of joining a Rotary club, please come to one of our regular meetings, just let us know two days in advance so that we can organise catering for you. 
We meet on Wednesday evenings at the Peter Canisius House, 102 Mona Vale Rd Pymble at 6.30 pm, with the formal part of the meeting starting at 7.00 pm.  We usually finish at 8.30 pm. We have a two course dinner. 
The cost of dinner is $35 per person.  Please send an email to attend@stivesrotary.asn.au if you would like to attend a meeting. Our Club Secretary, will confirm your attendance.

The Rotary Club of St Ives welcomes Corporate Sponsors who would like to promote their businesses and help us with our service projects and charitable activities.  This website is visited by our members and the general public hundreds of times per month, and provides ongoing name recognition and contact details for our sponsors.
Sponsorship also includes advertising placement in our weekly newsletter, The Waratah, and in our public activities.
The "Silver Sponsor" package is $500 per year.
The "Gold Sponsor" package, costing $1000 per year. 
To apply for sponsorship, please click here for the application form, and send it back to the address indicated.
Letter from Lyndall
“You can choose to help or you can choose not to. I choose to help!”
Our Bunnings BBQ last Saturday day was another roaring success with many Rotarians rostered on and showing their talents. Tim slaved over the hot plates all day sizzling onions and sausages to a high standard and BBQ King Harold had all the equipment ready and the team organised. It was slow to start, but the afternoon team pulled through and had the cash tin overflowing. We raised over $1200 which was an amazing team effort. A huge thank you to the BBQ squad .. another marvellous performance! 
I am very pleased to report that this week your Board agreed to work with the Northern Beaches Community Cancer Charity. This group was begun last year out of necessity to support cancer patients in our local area working in conjunction with professional caregivers at the Northern Beaches Hospital. It ticks all the boxes for a project our Club can work towards supporting - local, community and health.
My niece, Toni Pearson, is an oncologist at the Northern Beaches Hospital and last year she approached me to ask if our Rotary Club could assist. Dr Bruce Farnsworth took up the challenge to investigate this project and its fit with Rotary. Your Board has now agreed on a MOU. A special thank you Dr Bruce for all his efforts on behalf of our Club
FYI, the goals of the Northern Beaches Community Cancer Care (NBCCC)  are:
  • To facilitate community support for cancer patients and their families as and when required.
  • To support people living with cancer, families, GPs, Oncologists and Palliative Care providers via Cancer Care Coordinators at Northern Beaches Hospital.
  • To assist with equipment to support cancer care specialists at Northern Beaches Hospital provide optimal care for people living with cancer.
  • To facilitate the participation of patients at Northern Beaches Hospital in clinical trials.
  • Establish and maintain a Wig Library at NBH. A Wig Library is a vital part of an Oncology Unit to support people receiving cancer treatment who suffer from hair loss. Northern Beaches Hospital does not currently have a Wig Library, though space has been set aside to accommodate one.
Our Club has been invited to the official launch of NBCCC on Monday, 15th March at 6 pm at Balgowlah RSL. Please let me know asap if you would like to go along.
Who would have thought stuffing envelopes could be so much fun? It was a very entertaining morning. George, Javad, Rosemary, Ann, Harold and I enjoyed a very pleasant morning solving the problems of the world whilst stuffing envelopes with all the necessary bits that the riders require. 1500 envelopes were stuffed, sealed and delivered to Australia Post. Yah Team Stuffers!
This Sunday our Club meeting is at Karuah Oval where we will be participating with Clean Up Australia Day. This is an activity based meeting and I hope you will join us as Rotary worker or providing food and refreshments to workers.
Next week we will provide more information about the BOBBO briefing which is on 17th March at Canisius College. Hopefully everyone has a job for BOBBO on Sunday 28th March and if you’ve been missed please let Harold, John W or John S know asap. 
Have a great week!                                                                                                                                                   Cheers                                                                                                                                                                           Lyndall.                                                  

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Past RI President Costa set an example for Rotary’s efforts to protect the planet

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11 eco-friendly service projects around the world

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Rotary and the U.S. Government support Italy's fight against COVID-19

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$15.5 million gift will fund new Rotary Peace Center in Middle East or North Africa

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