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Joshua Ross is a young man who grew up in St Ives.  He is also the co-founder of Humanitix, a not-for-profit organisation notable for operating an event ticketing platform to raise funds for education projects.  He is an outstanding example of a clever person who has used innovation and technology to create something unique ... it not only raises money but is a platform to support significant regular donations to charitable organisations.  
Photos below show Rotarian Matt Cross (left) leading the Q and A session with Josh Ross (right).  Clearly these two young men have much in common. They enjoyed a warm banter and Matt was able to facilitate Josh telling his impressive story in a relaxed and informal way.
Another great night at the Rotary Club of St Ives celebration of Science and Innovation!


Our Annual Science and Innovation Night Wednesday 18 May was a wonderful night! Our student candidate, Jennifer Riley highlighted her time at National Youth Science Forum and said "it changed my life".  Obviously an outstanding experience ... and a great investment in the future!
Well Done Jennifer - your presentation was "awesome"!


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