Diabetes Alive



St Ives Rotary Proudly Supports Diabetes Alive


Diabetes Alive offers type 1 diabetics assistance through raising money for research providing information and support through mental health counselling, advocacy and specialised products. We also support type 2 diabetics in mental health and nutritional support.

Our goal is to be the premier Type 1 Diabetes Support Group in Australia in the next 2 years, and then expand our services globally over the next 5 years.

We also intend to have our own centre that is up, running and offering a one-stop shop for Diabetics and their families – Supplying fabulous service to children, adolescents, adults and Aged Care with the added support to families and friends.

We will be providing training individualised support and coaching, and numerous group activities to supplement the one to one support.


You can visit Diabetes Alive web-site here:  Diabetes Alive | Helping find a cure