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In the event of inclement weather, Morning Rotary follows Omaha Public Schools.  If OPS cancels school or delays the start of school due to inclement weather our Rotary meeting will be canceled that day as well. We have taken this policy for the safety of our members. We appreciate your understanding.
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These guys earned a make up for being in the same place at the same time.
Do you recognize our former member on the right?
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ABIDE received their $15,000 check from the Omaha Morning Rotary Fundriaser.
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Promote your business or open your home to a social hour.
Typically once a month on a Thursday from 5pm -7pm
Please sign up if you are willing to host – Leigh will contact you for details.
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Ernie Goss Each month, 100 newspapers and some 75 to 100 radio stations carry the Creighton University
Regional Economic Report, which is produced under the supervision of Ernie Goss. The report is a widely read
barometer of the economic prospects of the region.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Happy Hollow Country Club (1701 S. 105th Street)
                Cost:      $15 for Rotarians             Free to Non-Rotarians
                BREAKFAST PROVIDED

            RSVP by September 9th on the website.

Ernest Goss is the Jack MacAllister Chair in Regional Economics at Creighton University and served as the initial director for Creighton’s Institute for Economic Inquiry. He is also principal of the Goss Institute in Denver, Colo. Goss received his Ph.D. in economics from The University of Tennessee in 1983 and is a former faculty research fellow at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. He was a visiting scholar with the Congressional Budget Office for 2003-2004, and has testified before the U.S. Congress, the Kansas Legislature, and the Nebraska Legislature. In the fall of 2005, the Nebraska Attorney General appointed Goss to head a task force examining gasoline pricing in the state.
He has published more than 100 research studies focusing primarily on economic forecasting and on the statistical analysis of business and economic data. His book Changing Attitudes Toward Economic Reform During the Yeltsin Era was published by Praeger Press in 2003, and his book Governing Fortune: Casino Gambling in America was published by the University of Michigan Press in March 2007.
He is editor of Economic Trends, an economics newsletter published monthly with more than 10,000 subscribers, produces a monthly business conditions index for the nine-state Mid-American region, and conducts a survey of bank CEOs in 10 U.S. states. Survey and index results are cited each month in approximately 100 newspapers; citations have included the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, The Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Sun Times, and other national and regional newspapers and magazines. Each month 75- 100 radio stations carry his Regional Economic Report.
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You can be one of our website sponsors for just $60 per year.

Contact Leigh Sittenauer to get signed up and send your high resolution logo.

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I just received this video below which was made by Kenya Fair Trade Flowers and the Flamingo Flower Farms, who are our partners with the GNEP Program.  The short clip  is very
meaningful as it shows the GNEP Nurses talking about the program and how it impacted them.  At the end it clearly shows the confidence of the young Nurse to resuscitate a baby and that she feels she is "saving a life every day".  This is of course due to the Helping Babies Breathe certification course offered through the last Rotary Grant in Naivasha.  It also might be something you want to show at your Morning Rotary Meeting to show the impact of this HBB certification program, that is very comprehensive and allows Registered Nurses to feel confident in their skills as they go forward in their career.  
We appreciate all you have done for us to roll this out to so many Nurses in Naivasha and hopefully we can do the same in Nakuru!  See U Tube video
Many Thanks,
Cindy Berkland
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Thank you for sharing your photo! Anyone else that wants to share photos, please send them to Leigh.
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The following members are Paul Harris Fellows in our club.

Thank you for supporting Rotary!


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