I just received this video below which was made by Kenya Fair Trade Flowers and the Flamingo Flower Farms, who are our partners with the GNEP Program.  The short clip  is very
meaningful as it shows the GNEP Nurses talking about the program and how it impacted them.  At the end it clearly shows the confidence of the young Nurse to resuscitate a baby and that she feels she is "saving a life every day".  This is of course due to the Helping Babies Breathe certification course offered through the last Rotary Grant in Naivasha.  It also might be something you want to show at your Morning Rotary Meeting to show the impact of this HBB certification program, that is very comprehensive and allows Registered Nurses to feel confident in their skills as they go forward in their career.  
We appreciate all you have done for us to roll this out to so many Nurses in Naivasha and hopefully we can do the same in Nakuru!  See U Tube video
Many Thanks,
Cindy Berkland