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The WWP (Weekend Wellness Program) presented by Eddie Chapman 

The Pal-Mac Rotary Club presented a $2,000 check to the WWP, which used to be called the backpack program.  The WWP receives the food from Foodlink including special dietary needs. About 107 bags of food are delivered per week, at this time the need has increased. Bags are colored coded and teachers discreetly delivered these bags to the students lockers during the school day. It takes about $1,200.00 a month to keep this program active and well funded, The Pal-Mac Rotary donates annually to this very important program for our community. This Friday, April 24th will be our next delivery date to the  Pal-Mac High School at 9:15am and helping hands are always welcome. Please remember to stay within our new regulations; gloves, masks, and social distancing. Stay Safe everyone!  


A very Happy Birthday to; Eric Chapman “he turned the big one” and Jon Simunic (17 years old)


Jan Simunic and Maurina Schmidt (president)                   

     February was a busy month for our Rotary Club below is a summery of all our fun activities that we did and had fun doing.
     On the 12th we had our yearly dessert/entree Gala which again was a great time had by all there.  the peanut butterballs were a great bye and hit with everyone.  also Sheryl and Colin Vega offered up a 100 dollar gift certificate to their gym very much appreciated.
     On the 14th ,Valentines Day we participated in the Wayne County Nursing Home annual Valentine Celebration which we brought at least two big red balloons to each resident and wished them Happy Valentines Day.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time visiting and just talking to the residents.
     On the 19th our club was honored to induct Jeff Crawford into our club.  He was originally a member of the Red Jacket Rotary for five and a half years. He is a retired Pastor and a veteran.  We all are happy that Jeff has joined our club and look forward to working with him to help our community and beyond. 
           At our January 8 meeting Jon gave us a wonderful presentation about his home country of the Czech Republic including his home town, favorite foods, hobbies and scouting.  Jon has one sister who is an exchange student and his parents are hosting an exchange student from Mexico.  Jon lives in a suburb of Prague and has a one hour commute each day by train, bus and walking to get to school. 
            Jon loves Taco Bell and feels that the Pal-Mac school lunches are too small.  He enjoyed his trip to Universal Studios where he experienced his first huge roller coaster.   He also noted that at home Halloween is just celebrated by carving pumpkins.  He loved dressing up as a unicorn this year! 
           We were also introduced to Jon's next host parents Kim and Jamie Johnson.
A view of Prague                                                                                           Jon goofing around
Jon and new family Kim and Jamie Johnson
           On January 22 Marylou Reisdorf  gave a program about the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation.  She and her husband Jim (who was a purple heart recipient and has since passed away) started hosting annul retreats for Purple Heart recipients suffering from significant mental or physical injuries as a result of the service to the US.  Events for veterans and spouses include hunting, relaxing wine tours or  brunch in a spa.  It is a local event held via donations from the public. 
           If you would like to find out more about the WWIA Foundation you can visit the website at www.WWIAF.org and click donation on the toolbar,  You can also write a check to WWIA and mail to: Mary Lou Riesdorf
                                                                                 WWIA Associate
                                                                                  2391 Murphy Lane
                                                                                  Macedon, NY 14502
Mary Lou and Jim Riesdorf                                             Flier about the retreat
A lot has happened in the last few weeks,  Here are a few of our activities and community service projects.
On Nov. 2 a crew of Pal-Mac Rotarians went to Pat VerPlank's house to rake a few acres of leaves!
Colin Vega, Pat VP, Kim Brooks, Leslie Vecchiotti, Dianne Sloan, Maurina Schmidt and Bob Sloan all pitched in to clear Pat's lawn.
On Nov. 6 Kim Clement, Leslie Vecchiotti and Maurina Schmidt handed out Armed Forces Lap blankets purchased with district grant money, to over 30 local veterans.
Maurina and a grateful vet                                                 Leslie handing out blankets                                             Veterans and Rotarians!
On Nov. 18th Rotarians headed to the Pal-Mac Intermediate School to hand out Dictionaries to all 3rd graders and thesauruses to 4th graders as part of our Literacy project.
Rotary dictionary and thesaurus deliverers  Jon, Bob Sloan,                                                 Exchange student Jon helps the club promote the Exchange program too.
 Sheryl Vega, Margaret Brooks, Leslie Vecchiotti, Dianne Sloan and Kim Clement
          Sports fan Eric Chapman introduced today’s speaker Josh Whetzel, announcer for the Rochester Red Wings Baseball team.  Josh started out by stating that he had heard the
Coverlet Museum was haunted.  He noted that the Red Wings used to host a haunted house during the Halloween season and one year put out a fake news release that the stadium was actually haunted.  A couple years later ESPN did a story about haunted stadiums and interviewed Josh.  Josh kept up the ruse and never admitted that Frontier Field is not haunted.
            In an unplanned moment Josh told about his cancer diagnosis at age 17 where he had to have a lung removed.  The Dream Factory sent him to see the LA Dodgers where he was interviewed by a local radio station.  After the interview he was offered a job interview and has been doing radio ever since.  Josh has been in Rochester since 2003. 
One of his favorite memories was being able to work with Joe Altobelli who later went on to coach and manage the Orioles to the World Series. 
DG Dave Hannon spoke earlier in the month and
gave a check for $100 to be used for a new
Literacy project
President Maurina gives Johnny a Pal-Mac Rotary
Red Wings announcer Josh Whetzel addresses the club
        On Wednesday June 26th the club conducted its changeover picnic at Gravino Park.  President Leslie, leading her last meeting, had Sophia Clement lead the Pledge of Allegiance after which she led the club in the National Anthem as well.  (Such a shy kid!)  After a great pot luck dinner with hots and burgers cooked by Bob Yost and Mark Clement, awards were handed out.
Mark Clement gave this year’s Rotarian of the Year Award to a very deserving Marie Fessler
Jim Bush gave out this year’s Margaret Brooks Distinguished Award to our own Anne Morrell for all the years of service to Rotary and our community.
Bob and Dianne Sloan were thrilled to give 2 Paul Harris Awards to Bill and Marya Doyle for their Green Angels Project that has helped so many Wayne County residents in need.
Leslie then brought her President’s year to a close with different Rotarians reading quotes from former Interact Club members about volunteering.  She then thanked Rotarians for all the work this year and handed the gavel to new President Maurina Schmidt.  Maurina then handed Bob Yost his President Elect Pin.
50-50 winners were Kim Brooks and Bob Yost (who gave his winnings to Nacho)
The next meeting will be at the Legion on July 10th.
Editorial privilege here:  Let’s hope we have more members attend than attended the June 19th meeting…a RECORD BREAKING (Not to the good)  10!!!!!  C’mon club.  We can do better
Sophia Clement and President Leslie reciting the
Pledge of Allegiance
Marie Fessler accepting her Rotarian of the Year Award
Margaret Brooks Award winner Anne Morrell and
Jim Bush and previous winner Joan Shaffer
Dianne and Bob Sloan with Paul Harris Fellows
Bill and Marya Doyle
Head to the adjoining room to fill up 20 birthday bags to be donated to Palmyra and Macedon Food Pantries
PE Maurina announced next year’s slate of officers-
            Pres.  Maurina
            Pres. Elect  Bob Yost
            VP TBA
            Sec. Joan
            Treas. Margaret
She also noted the changes in the Board of Directors from 9 to 13 members.  Two positions need to be filled. 
            The club accepted the changes by a unanimous vote in favor.
            Maurina also explained changes in the by-laws regarding raising yearly dues to $135, up $3 from the previous year.  She noted district dues have risen over $20 in the past few years and the club has covered most of the cost.
            Maurina also explained that the New Member Initiation  fee needs to be raised to cover the cost of pins, booklets and aprons.
            The club agreed unanimously,
            Leslie also brought up the possibility of moving our meeting from Parkwood to another location.  Looking for suggestions.
            Leslie mentioned that she would like to see checklists for Rotary events ie: Christmas Party, Changeover Picnic etc. to make it easier for those responsible for organizing the events
  Dianne and Bob, Sparky, Rollo, Kim C. and Maurina and
photographer Bob Yost adopting route 21S
Nacho, Nicole Coccia, Maddie Kier and Jamie Walker
Members and students loading bags with birthday
party supplies
Our own President Leslie discussed social and emotional learning at school.
She noted how kids with adverse experiences often struggle at school.  An ACE survey was handed out to members.  ACE refers to Adverse Child Experiences that might include childhood abuse, sexual abuse, family isolation, alcohol abuse, mental illness and more.  Those scoring over 3 ACEs are considered at high risk.  Those with 7 or more ACEs have a higher death rate due to numerous causes including suicide and physical health issues.  Adverse experiences affect the brain and students are more likely to engage in high risk behaviors. Pal-Mac has programs available to students and their families to help control some of these issues.
Pres. Leslie
Anne and Dianne put on a great presentation about this year’s Night to Shine event put on by the Crosscreek Church.  This event gives people with special needs from age 14 and up the chance to attend and be crowned king or queen of the prom.  Participants were able to get glammed up with hair and make-up, jewelry, clothes tailoring and even a shoe shine!  Participants loved the red carpet, photo booth, limo rides and even karaoke   The photos shown were proof of the joy the program brought to not only the guests, but their volunteer partners as well. 
            The idea started with Linda Price who has a child with special needs.  She contacted the Tim Tebow Foundation and they were happy to have her start the project in Palmyra.  Our own Rotrians Anne and Dianne were integral in getting it off the ground.  Several Pal-Mac Rotarians volunteered their time as helpers.  Around 150 guests attended the special event this year and they are hoping for 170 next year.
            The Night to Shine had a rocky, or should I say windy start.  The large tent that had been set up to greet the guests was blown down by heavy winds the morning of the event.  Not to worry, church and community members rallied around and built a wooden structure in its place in about 8 hours.  Because of this the event got more media coverage than they originally thought.  A great time was had by all and the group is always looking for volunteers.
           Our presenters Anne and Dianne
Join us on Wednesdays!

The following are our current meeting times and locations:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Weds of the month 12:00 p.m. lunch meeting -
Historic Palmyra
132 Market Street, Palmyra

4th Wed of month
6 p.m. Flaherty's, Macedon - 
Dinner Meeting (must purchase a dinner due to COVID).

No meeting if there
is a 5th Wed in a
given month.


We hope to be at our regular day meeting location soon:

Alling Coverlet Museum

112 William Street, Palmyra 



 Flaherty's Macedon
113 Pittsford-Palmyra Rd, Macedon


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