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Fort Worth International
Escape Pro
1825 Airport Fwy
Bedford, TX  76021
United States of America
We have an Escape Room reserved!  It was too late to get the Escape Room in Fort Worth I told you about at the meeting, but I found another one in Bedford and walked right into a 40% discount.  YIPPEE!
Our Escape Room Experience is called "The Hangover".  The description is... "You go to your best friend’s bachelor party and have too much fun. The memories the next morning are blurred and no one remembers what happened the night before. You are late for your friend’s wedding and the police is on your tail as you had inadvertently helped someone rob the bar you are now locked in. Will an hour be enough to escape from the bar, make it to the wedding and get away from trouble?"
Lockdown is at 6:45pm, August 28th.  Please plan on being there by 6:30.  The entire experience is 1 hour once it begins.  This one time cost is $19.48 ($18.00 plus tax).  The normal price is $30.00.  There is room for 3 more people to be added.  So if anyone wants to come or bring a friend, just let me know.  For those of us that have children or grandchildren, any youth age restriction is up to you.  The facility said there will be two lingerie clad mannequins and some liquor bottles in the room.
I made reservations and paid online, so you can give your $19.48 to either me or Roger.