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Home Page Stories
Rotary Club of Greater Long Branch and Sylvias Children teamed up to raise money for their causes at Wall Speedway. The event was fun for all, and the fundraiser was very successful due to the support of the Speedway and their friendly and generous patrons.
Sylvia's Children supports a school of 1,000 students in Uganda, Africa of which 250 are orphans. The school consists of dormitories, a farm, medical facilities, etc. Many students go on to college after they finish their primary education to become teachers, nurses, lawyers, beauticians, small business owners.
The Rotary Club of Long Branch supports local food pantries, Christmas for families in need, local scholarships, international projects such as heart surgeries for children in third world countries, water projects, disaster relief, elimination of polio, education, etc.

Club President (L) Dave Brown and Past President Paul Newell present Cristen Glende, Assistant Director, Valerie Fund with a donation of toiletries for nurses in the Monmouth Medical Center Emergency Room to give to homeless patients.  Cristen is the daughter of Paul Newell.

The donation consisted of toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, bath soap, lip balm, deodorant, file boards, Q-Tips, etc.

The Valerie Fund's mission is to provide individualized care to children at medical centers close to home, because they believe the most effective way to heal the children in their care is to treat them emotionally, socially and developmentally, as well as medically.

When Valerie Goldstein lost her battle to cancer at the age of 9, her parents, Ed and Sue, were determined to help other families in similar situations gain access to more comprehensive care in child centered atmospheres close to where they lived. They had spent most of Valerie's short life traveling from their home in New Jersey to get her the most advanced pediatric cancer treatment in their area, which was in New York City at the time. That meant a 90-minute drive one way on a daily basis. For six years the Goldsteins made that journey, bringing Valerie to doctor's appointments, chemotherapy, radiation, emergency visits, surgery and hospital stays. All the while leaving their other young daughter Stacy, just two years older than Valerie, home with babysitters. Valerie often felt nausea after chemotherapy and still had to endure the long trip home. The travel disrupted family life and forced them to rearrange work schedules. The whole endeavor took an emotional and physical toll on the entire family, sapping their energy at a time when they needed it most.

Ed and Sue were convinced that there was a better way to approach children with serious illnesses and their families. They envisioned a place that could provide families with regional outpatient treatment centers at top pediatric hospitals within an hour's drive of most of the state's population, providing state-of-the-art medical and emotional care in a happy, upbeat child focused environment.

In 1977, just one year after Valerie passed away, Ed and Sue saw their vision realized when they opened the first Valerie Fund Center at Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ, just 20 minutes from their home.

Today, when you walk through the doors of a Valerie Fund Center you are greeted by a team of social workers, psychologists and child life specialists that support you throughout your journey to ease the burden so your family can concentrate on healing.

Club President Dave Brown thanks Det. Debra Bassinder for an engaging, informative, and eye-opening presentation.
It was a great night at Mar Belo Portuguese Restaurant for our monthly RCGLB dinner meeting.  The food was excellent as usual, and the turnout was very good.
Det. Debra Bassinder from the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, Financial Crimes & Public Corruption Unit, gave a very informative presentation on how to avoid being scammed by mail, internet, phone, and social media.  These are crimes that have increased exponentially in the past few years and have been supercharged with the advent of AI.
Four signs that it's a scam are 1) Scammers pretend to be from an organization you know.  2)Scammers say there's a problem or a prize.  3) Scammers pressure you to act immediately.  4) Scammers tell you to pay in a specific way.
On behalf of the RCGLB I would like to thank Det. Bassinder for her presentation and Det. TJ Manzo for putting me in touch with such a knowledgeable and engaging speaker.  Both of these individuals stepped up on short notice to serve their community with information to protect them from these crimes.
These kinds of interactions build positive relationships between the Prosecutor's Office and the public. 
REPORT SCAMS TO THE FTC - If you were scammed or think you saw a scam, report it to the Federal Trade Commission ReportFraud.ftc.gov
Gift of Life
Melanie Hon narrated a fact filled video of what Gift of Life means to so many needy children around the word suffering from heart issues.
THE GIFT OF LIFE PROGRAM, which began in 1975, is today a worldwide Rotary International Service Program. Its primary purpose is to help those needy children who require corrective heart surgery secure another lease on life through the miracle of open-heart surgery in a Gift of Life Participating Hospital.
Rotary Club of Greater Long Branch members clean up along Market Place between Stop & Shop and railroad tracks.  Club members pick up trash here a couple of times a year due to people throwing garbage out their car window along this stretch of road.  
2022-2023 President Paul Newell receives Past President pin and thank you for his service.
Past District Governor Bill Donnelly installs Dave Brown as Club President for 2023-2024.
New members accompanied by their sponsors are inducted into the club by Bill Donnelly.
It was a beautiful night; the air quality and weather gods were with us.  The turn-out was exceptional at 85, even more than expected.  Long Branch Mayor and Rotarian John Pallone was in attendance with his wife Svetlana as well as council members Bill Dangler with his wife Theresa and Mario Vieira and his wife Linda.  There were many non-Rotary guests who got a chance to see what Rotary is about.
Once again, we thank Terry & Walter for providing a wonderful venue for this annual event.  The food from Local Smoke was delicious and plentiful.  There was an abundance of dessert choices to pick from brought by Rotary members.  Andrea Steinberg, the club's server at Rooney's Oceanfront and chef made and donated 65 delicious cupcakes for the event. 
Terry welcomed everyone and thanked them for supporting Jingle Bell Buddies.
Past District Governor Bill Donnelly presented president Paul Newell with a Past President pin and thanked him for his service in 2022-2023.  
Bill did an excellent job installing our new president, Dave Brown along with club officers and board members.  He also inducted 4 new members into the club, Peter Cunha, John Blumberg, and Malena & Matt Henderson.  We look forward to working with them on community projects.
We congratulate Dave Brown and wish him the best for his presidency. Dave has generously volunteered to be president for 2 years.
A basket of wine and restaurant gift certificates valued at approximately $1,000 was raffled off .  There was also a 50/50 with over $650 going to the winner who donated all of it back to the Club's Jingle Bell Buddies program.  Net proceeds go to the Jingle Bell Buddies program.
Thank you to Terry Janeczek and the Club's Jingle Bell Buddies team for a wonderful evening.  
President Paul Newell thanking Tom Matulewicz, Master Gardener for his informative presentation
Judy Syms receives her 4th Paul Harris award from Pres. Paul
Guest Speaker Tom Matulewicz, Master Gardener from the Rutgers Master Gardener Program spoke about composting.  Composting is a controlled , aerobic process that converts organic materials into a nutrient-rich soil amendment or mulch through natural decomposition. The end result is compost which can be used in vegetable gardens, lawns, around trees, shrubs, and flowers.
This recycling of food waste takes it out of the waste stream keeping it out of the landfill.
An Earth Machine composter was donated by Tom Arnone, Monmouth County Commissioner for the club to raffle.
President Paul Newell thanks Donna Ongsiako for her moving presentation.
Rotary Board of Directors presents Donna Ongsiako & Dana Richards of Survivors of Violent Crimes with a check for $1,000 to help their
Sylvia Alan introduced the speaker, Donna Ongsiako founder of the non-profit organization Survivors of Violent Crimes.
The mission is to provide survivors of violent crimes with resources for healing and education, to raise government and community awareness of victim needs and the treatment process for PTSD. The speaker related in detail her heart wrenching story. She was attacked while alone in her own home by a teenage boy wielding a knife. He slashed her repeatedly and stole her car. Miraculously she was able to call the police. This 16 year old boy was caught and later sentenced to 15 years in jail. She showed everyone photos of her wounds. She suffers from PTSD and from body damage. After meeting other victims, she recognized the need to form an organization to help other survivors to deal with trauma. She distributed flyers about the organization.
Our Rotary Club donated $1,000 to the organization.
Pres. Paul Newell presented our guest speaker from Australia with a token of our thanks for her wonderful presentation.
Lisa Petty has worked as a performer, teacher, movement director or choreographer for many years in tertiary institutions and theatre companies.  After working in New York for ten years, Lisa has collaborated with both professionals and students in a wide range of Australian dance, theatre and opera productions including MacbethTwelfth Night, Squizzy, Our Country’s Good, Cloud 9, Alice in Wonderland, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Chapel Perilous, The Rise and Fall of Mahagonny and Dear Ida. Lisa researched the Role of Dance in WWII Australia as part of her Master of Theatre thesis. The production Dear Ida was created as part of this work and was most recently staged at La Mama theatre, Melbourne, Australia, in 2022.

Lisa spoke about her research into the role of the Australian WWII community dance halls. The talk provided insight into the pivotal role that the dancehalls played in maintaining cohesion and wellbeing on the WWII Australian home-front. For many, the dances “were everything”. At the dances you could lose yourself in sensual pleasures and escape the tensions and grief brought by war.

Lisa also spoke about the effect of the American presence in Australia throughout the war.


Jim Foley is thanked by Pres. Paul Newell for his entertaining and informative presentation on the First Ladies that have visited Long Branch in it's heyday.
Jim is the Deal Historian and President of the Long Branch Historical Museum Association
The dinner at Rooney's was a success, great food, friends, conversations, and view.  Can't go wrong with that combination.  
New member Lori Gabriel Petschauer is inducted by Pres. Paul Newell.
Pres.-Elect Dave Brown reads Rev. Al Acer's Litany of Expectations to Lori.
Retta Schwartzstein (R) presents Lori with Rotary pin.
Pres. Paul presents a Rotary mug to Kara Johantgen thanking her for her presentation.
Speaker: Kara Johantgen,MSW - N.J. Department of Children and Families
Kara described the functions and scope of the agency. There are 6,000 agents divided among the N.J counties. Presently Monmouth county is tracking 500 families. The function of the agency is to protect, provide safe shelter and health care for at risk children via adoption or foster care. Special needs children are included. The agency intervenes with families when perilous situations are reported. The children are placed with relatives or vetted caring families before formal foster care or adoption is concluded. This year 155 children were placed in foster care. Half of these were placed with relatives. Another 86 children were placed for full adoption. The vetting process for full adoption is 5 months. This year the need for care has decreased. For more information call 1-877 NJ Foster or www.njfoster.org also 1-800 99 ADOPT or www.njadopt.org.       
Pres. Paul thanking Andrea with a Rotary mug for her wonderful presentation.
Andrea showing cookbook she was involved in producing.
President Paul introduced the speaker, Andrea Steinberg, professional chef.
Andrea Steinberg is also the club’s server at Rooney’s.
Topic - Chef to the Stars
Andrea related her history in the culinary profession. She graduated from Johnson and Wales University, a leader in food innovation and technology. She worked with celebrity chefs on the TV Food Network for seven years. She participated as chef assistant on the programs for Rachel Ray, Judge Judy, Regis and Kelly , Mario Batali and Bobby Flay. Andrea displayed pictures of her dinners staged for tv and the  cookbook , “The Food Network”s Kitchen “ that she co-authored. She has also cooked for private parties for celebrities. When Andrea became a single mother she resigned from her  position at the Food Network. She taught cooking in public school for grades 6 to 12.  Currently she will serve as chef to private individuals and organizations. In conclusion Andrea stated that serving at Rooney’s has been just as pleasurable as her chef experiences.
Club President Paul Newell (R) thanked the mayor for his speech and service to the community.
The President introduced the evening’s speaker Long Branch Mayor John Pallone.
The topic for the evening was “Experience in Washington and Celebrating Black History
In Washington the Mayor convened with U.S. New Jersey Senator Frank Pallone. As a result of that meeting, the Mayor announced that Federal funds from the Infrastructure
Bill will be granted to Long Branch to construct a pedestrian tunnel under the tracks at the railroad station. This will connect both sides of Morris avenue to enhance public safety.
The Mayor related historical information found researching the National Archives. He described in detail recorded events concerning the wartime heroism and considerable
contributions and achievements of unsung black citizens to American society. In conclusion, the Mayor thanked and credited the many black individuals that have contribute to the growth and achievements of the city of Long Branch.
A sumptuous dinner followed.
Club President Paul Newell and President- elect Dave Brown thanked the speaker and presented him with the Rotary mug.
Speaker: President -elect Dave Brown introduced  his son the speaker for the meeting-
                                    Dave G. Brown II, Ocean Township Business Administrator,
                                    Presently - Monmouth County Democratic Chairman
Topic - “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”
Highlights:  First Dave thanked his father for his dad’s prodding to seek high goals and a college education. Because of this encouragement he attained a Masters degree in Public Administration from Kean University. He explained his experiences as a student intern with the Chief of State of the New Jersey State Senate where he learned to develop a resume. He was an aid to the committee on Women and Minority Businesses. He also worked with Senator Ron Rice. While Dave was working on his Master’s degree he was an aid to then Mayor Cory Booker of Newark. He was involved with Booker’s trajectory from Mayor to U.S. Senator. Dave related his greatest challenge , the project to establish the Prudential Center in Newark. Dave’s extensive resume includes serving as a director Linden Roselle Sewerage , forums of public administrations and as an officer of many civic organizations. Dave expressed his gratitude for his family’s encouragement and the many opportunities afforded him to learn from the “greats”.
(L) President-Elect Dave Brown being thanked for his informative presentation by President Paul Newell.
Speaker: President Elect, Dave Brown
Topic: Black History - The life of Clarence LaVaughn Franklin, American Baptist Minister & Civil Rights Activist
Highlights: Dave related the story of C.L. Franklin’s rise from being the grandchild of slaves in the Mississippi delta to a position of prestige and authority among African Americans. He was born in 1915.  He was adopted by his mother’s second husband and assumed his stepfather’s name.  Franklin fathered 5 children and adopted a son. His career path started by being ordained at age 18. He studied at a fundamentalist seminary and LeMoyne College. Franklin began by preaching at New Salem Baptist Church in Mississippi, then in Buffalo before leading the New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit.  He also traveled as a circuit preacher bringing along his daughters to sing. As a charismatic speaker and preacher, the sermons preached from the pulpit were broadcast on the radio and distributed on records. He became known as “The Million Dollar Voice”. He formed C.L. Franklin’s Gospel Caravan featuring his own daughter Aretha Franklin and other singers. (Aretha Franklin later became the famous “Queen of Soul” singer, songwriter). Franklin, a close ally of Dr. Martin Luther King, is also remembered for organizing the 1963 Walk To Freedom in Detroit that attracted 125,000 marchers and forming the Trade Union Leadership Council. He was shot and wounded during a robbery of his home and remained in a coma for five years. He died on July 27, 1984.
His legacy is to “raise consciousness of self and to encourage individuals to assert that they are somebody.”
President Paul Newell thanked the speaker and presented him with the Rotary mug.
Dave Brown introduced the speaker, William Broughton, L.B. Public Safety Director.
Director Broughton introduced guest Kelly Hughes, assistant to the director.
Topic: Black History
Highlights - First the Director related his personal trajectory from starting as a police officer to City Manager of Teaneck, N.J. and to his present position.
He started with the history of Black Africans brought to the U.S. in 1525 under adverse conditions for the purpose of providing free labor to plantations in Florida. The Black History event was first introduced in 1915 as National Negro Week. The holiday is in February to coincide with the birthdays of President Lincoln and Frederick Douglas.
The Director recounted facts about Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr., American Baptist Minister & civil rights activist. Starting in 1955 Dr. King organized peaceful civil rights protests. Some of his significant accomplishments were the Voting Rights Act and the desegregation of public buses. He won the Noble Peace Prize in 1964. He was assassinated in 1968. Director Broughton concluded that Black History month is meant to enrich lives and to give everyone thanks for fighting for equality.
Paul Peacock (L) presented the Paul Harris award to Al Pescoe for his $1,000 donation to Rotary International.
*Paul Peacock - Paul explained the numerous humanitarian causes that the Rotary Foundation supports. Member donations of any increment are welcomed to the Foundation. Our district donates $60,000 a year to the Foundation. In three years, half of that amount is returned to our district for awarding grants to clubs.
Speaker - Sylvia Allen, founder of Sylvia’s Children & Rotary member of a Minnesota Chapter
Highlights:  Sylvia’s Children, a non-profit organization was formed 20 years ago. The mission is to educate, provide health care and food to orphans and deprived children in Uganda, Africa. Over the years Sylvia has raised $2,000,000 for the cause. The schools are based on the British model starting with baby classes, primary & secondary schools, college & technical schools. The sales from a series of businesses that were created also provide funds for the schools. These include pig farms, chicken farms, etc. Sylvia distributed brochures. Everyone is invited to join 
Sylvia’s Children’s Anniversary Trip to Uganda on June 7, 2023
                                    The fee of $3,895 is all inclusive
For more information contact Sylvia, email - Sylvia@Sylvia’s children.org                  Cell #- 732-241-1144
President Paul Newell presented Sylvia with a Rotary club donation of $4,000. This will provide one year’s tuition for 8 high school students.
President Paul Newell thanked the speaker and presented her with the Rotary cup.
Guet Speaker - Lauren Dorman, registered dietician and certified Diabetes educator
Highlights - Prior to forming her own business Lauren was employed at Monmouth Medical hospital for 20 years. Along with private consultations Lauren lectures to organizations, conferences, events and schools. She discussed the diet myths that lead to binges, the effects of diets on mental health, joyful physical activities, negative body talk and self-care.  Additionally, she stated that genes are also responsible for body weight. She distributed to everyone packets of information describing the diet myths and behavior changing goals for mental and physical health. Also included were lunch and dinner menus for optimum good health.
(L-R) Club members Melanie Matlosz, Mika Hon, Terry Janeczyk, Santa (Gordon Heggie), Judy Syms, Mrs. Claus (Marianne Powers)
In 2021 the Rotary Club of Greater Long Branch started Jingle Bell Buddies, headed up by Terry Janeczyk, to bring the joy of Christmas to 5 local families.  The Long Branch School System supplied the names of families in need who were then asked to fill out wish lists which the club did everything possible to make come true.  In addition, the families were supplied with groceries to help get them through the holidays. Approximately $1,000 was budgeted for each family, parents and children.
After the success of last year’s Jingle Bell Buddies the club expanded the number of families to 10 for 2022.  After months of planning about 20 volunteers formed 9 teams to shop for gifts and groceries for each family which were delivered on 12/22 and 12/23 by Santa and Mrs. Claus with the help of the elves.
This year Mrs. Claus teamed up with Santa (club members Marianne Powers & Gordon Heggie) for a double treat for the kids and parents alike.  The joy expressed by the families made the Rotary slogan “Service Above Self” even more meaningful to those who volunteered.
It takes a community for projects like Jingle Bell Buddies to be successful.  With inflation at an all-time high this past year it has been difficult for many families to get by. Thank you to all the club members who volunteered at the fundraisers and to those who shopped and delivered the food and gifts to the families.
Thank you to the following for your generous donations that helped make this project possible:
Atlantic Fire & Security, Inc.                
Damiano Funeral Home, Inc.                
Lawrence and Irene Daum                    
Michael DeJohn                                    
Delicious Orchards                                
Fine Fare, PTJ Inc.                                                  
Jan’s Optical                                           
Monmouth University                            
Al Peskoe
Sacco’s Landscape, Inc.
Adam Schneider
Ronald and Samira Shalhoub
Alexis Tucci
Tucci, Hot & Crupi        
Wave of Hope Foundation
Woolley-Boglioli Funeral Home
If you would like to help next year please contact Terry at taj4@aol.com and you will receive information next fall.
Wondering what Rotary International and the Rotary Club of Greater Long Branch is about?  Rotary’s 1.2 million members worldwide believe that helping to change the world starts with a personal commitment to “Service Above Self”.   In more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, you’ll find members volunteering in communities at home and abroad to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio.
For more information visit us at www.longbranchrotary.org  or call (732) 483-6973.
Program: Speaker, Joe Reynolds , volunteer director of Save Coastal Wildlife
Highlights: The organization is a non-profit N.J. based wildlife preservation organization funded by charitable donations. The mission is to protect coastal wildlife from the Raritan Bay to the Delaware Bay in N.J. The organization is dedicated to promote scientific research, to educate the public about biodiversity and with their volunteers to manage the plastics and trash affecting the habitat on the Jersey shore. The speaker described many aspects of the diverse wildlife. He distributed to the members highly illustrated brochures.
Rotary members had a great time dining with family and friends at Rooney's Oceanfront Restaurant for the holidays.
Rotary Club of Greater Long Branch participating in the Clean Ocean Action clean-up on 10/22/22.
Paul Peacock and President Elect Dave Brown presented Terry Janeczek with the Paul Harris Award for her service to the community, integrity, fairness, & organization of events. The award was sponsored by the Gift of Life organization to clubs that donated $500. or more to their cause.
Vikki Hurley-Schubert, Director of Community Relations for Assisting Hands Home Care being thanked for her very informative and passionate presentation.
The organization serves Mercer, Monmouth & Ocean counties, has the National Institute for Home Care Accreditation and is partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs in the Community Care Network. Home aides are certified, bonded and licensed.  Vikki being consumed with caring for her ailing mother recognized  the dire need for home caring  giving assistance. Consequently she joined the Assisting Hands Home Care organization.  Home care services offered are : hourly, overnights & live in care, companionship, light
housekeeping, meal preparation & feeding, bathing, dressing, ambulation, local errands, and Alzheimer’s/dementia care.  Their director of nursing creates a special plan for the patient. Brochures were distributed about Fall Prevention, Veteran’s Services and the Holistic approach to home care. For assistance call - 732-272-0222 or email
President -elect Dave Brown inducting new member Marianne Powers (center) with sponsor Retta Schwartzstein to the left.
Retta being presented with Rotary mug for her presentation.
Paul Peacock reading Rev. Al Acer's Litany of Expectations
Retta Schwartzstein showing photo of her as a child actor.
Vice President Dave Brown opened the meeting.
Pledge - Al Pescoe, Invocation - Paul Peacock
*Marianne Powers was inducted into membership by Vice President Dave Brown.  Sponsor Retta Schwartzstein presented Marianne with a Rotary pin and welcomed her to the Club.
Paul Peacock read the inspirational message for Rotary members written by deceased member Reverend Al Acer.
*Judy Syms, treasurer’s report - 10 people signed up for the Holiday Dinner on Dec. 6 @ Rooney’s. $10, 510.00 has been received for Jingle Bell Buddies.  $2000 was received from the Wave of Hope Foundation from Frank Crupi. Fine Fare donated $250 in food. Monmouth University and Bill Donnelly pledged $200.
To date $325 was received for the November food drive. Checks for $350 were sent to each of the food banks on November 1. The money received in November will be added to the $350 for each food bank on December 1. Investors Bank had donated $5,000 which is being spread over 3 months.
*Ken Gittell - Ken announced that 9 people volunteered for the Wall Speedway event on November 26. The profits are divided as half to Sylvia’s Children and the remainder to the Rotary Club. The Holiday Dinner is December 6. You can sign up on line.
* Program - “Childhood Adventures in Show Biz”, Retta Schwartzstein speaking .
Highlights : World War II - Retta’s family move from Boston to the Maryland/Washington D.C. metro area for her father’s prominent position with a U.S. government war agency. At age 4 Retta is enrolled in a D.C. drama class and quickly becomes the for the leading actress in the programs. She also learns to tap dance. She performs on national radio. with the USO for the troops and for charity events. She showed everyone a photo of herself in the tap dancing costume and demonstrated a few tap steps. After the war the family moved to North Jersey to enable her father to commute to N.Y. for his work. While in grammar school Retta again is enrolled in drama and dancing lessons. She told the story of her audition and performance in the movie the Naked City which was filmed  on location in New York City. Retta also shows everyone archival pictures and newspaper clippings of her scene in the film. Her professional name is Retta Coleman. She became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists. She related her meeting with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis’ zany , funny greeting to her when she visited the film opening in N.Y. Retta shows photos and relates anecdotes about her other performances on TV such as the Perry Como show, I Remember Mama, etc. She continued to perform on national radio also throughout her college year. She learned dance at the American School of Ballet and studied art at the Art Student’s League in New York. She is a graduate. of Syracuse University.
Respectfully submitted, Retta Schwartzstein
President Paul Newell (R) thanks Joe and presents him with a Rotary mug.

Speaker: Joe Kane - Council of Compulsive Gambling of N.J
The group is partially funded by Casino donations.
Joe related his history of addiction to alcohol and gambling that adversely affected his career, finances and marriage. His savior was joining the Gamblers Anonymous program to help him recover from his addictions. The program founded in 1957 is an international fellowship of people who have compulsive gambling problems. They meet regularly to share their experiences and offer strength and hope to help each other recover. Psychological help and support is available by calling  800-gambler. Also available are sites such as Bet Blocker where an individual can legally block themselves from internet betting. Discussion from club members followed with suggestions to campaign for reduction in advertising for gambling sites.

Upcoming Events
Larry Sternbach, Executive Director
Oct 06, 2023 12:15 PM
Monmouth County Division of Workforce Development
Tom Kozempel, Rotary District 7505 Governor
Oct 27, 2023 12:15 PM
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