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Polio survivor Louise Rourke, who swam the length of Lake George to raise funds to eradicate Polio, shares her inspirational story in a new book, Called by the Water. Learn how her life-long experiences shaped her desire to pursue challenges others may have considered impossible. Your donation supports the Rotary Foundation Campaign to Eradicate Polio. 
  • $20 - receive a copy of the book
  • $35 - receive an autographed copy of the book
  • $50 - receive an autographed copy of the book, and an End Polio Now t-shirt and mask


Happy Spring!  I believe we are all welcoming this season of renewal. It brings an opportunity to be outside more often, being able to visit family members, and maybe even small social gatherings soon. As we just recently completed this year’s Empire Multi-District President Elect Training (MDPET’s) for incoming club presidents, I’m reflecting on how different this past year has been. Virtual meetings and trainings, wearing face masks, social distancing - all have had an impact on our lives. One constant though is Rotary. Rotarians have stayed the course, working in their communities, helping those in need and moving forward to make the world a better place.
We heard such great messages during this year’s MDPET’s. The highlight of the event was Rotary International President Elect Shehkar Mehta. He joined us live from India on the Saturday session, and his presentation and message were impactful. His primary message this year is “Each One, Bring One.” If every Rotarian brings in one new member, we will increase our numbers substantially. We just need to do it!
April is Maternal and Child Health Month on the Rotary calendar. Although this is the focus, I believe worldwide health for everyone is our current concern. Hopefully, many of you have received or will soon be vaccinated for COVID-19. This is important so we can help stop the spread of this virus. I know many clubs look forward to in-person meetings, and I’m hopeful this will happen. Keep in mind that Rotary International has asked all clubs to continue virtual meetings, and if you do meet in-person, that it is a hybrid meeting (you are streaming the live meeting to those that cannot attend). We are working on providing help to clubs who are eager to move to a hybrid format.
Thank you all for what you do!
Service Above Self,
DG Rich
RYLA is designed to grow leadership skills in students who have untapped leadership potential. Specifically, we are focusing on juniors in high school. Our program is not for the student who is already utilizing strong leadership skills or students who have no desire to develop such skills. 
District 7190 RYLA has been developed to help the committed student with untapped leadership potential. Through our program we will open up that potential and show the student the possibilities that are available to them. This has positive effects on many parts of the student’s life. They will gain self-confidence, add valuable skills that will serve them well into their future, and will teach another generation
about the ideals of Rotary.

Download the RYLA Program Guide

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