Explanation of Topic Categories
Business and Professional – You probably do not have to go any further that your own club members to find interesting speakers from Lawyers, Doctors Educators, etc. as well as local and regional business owners.  Don’t make the mistake of scheduling an outside speaker to talk about Estates, Wills etc.  when you have a member who is a lawyer and could do just as well.
Civic and Government – Most club members are interested in hearing from civic and government leaders such as the town manager, mayor, school superintendent, and representatives to Trenton and Washington.  Also, The Police chief, Fire chief, Sanitation and parks department.
General Interest –  In your community there might be writers, actors, scientists, celebrities, chefs, sports figures, and other people who do not fall in any of these groups who might make very interesting and high quality guest speakers.  Also, in this category you might keep a short list of speakers who are willing to speak to replace a sudden unexpected cancellation. 
Non-Profit Sector -   A  wealth of interesting programs are available in the non-profit sector because these organizations are always interested in spreading the word about their worthwhile endeavors.
Rotary Programs - The District leaders, officers and Committee Chairs would be glad to come to your club to present information on the many wonderful rotary topics, such as;  Gift of Life, Leadership Institute, Membership, Military Family Assistance Center, Rotary Foundation, Vocational Service, Youth Programs, Local & International Projects, and District & International Conferences.  Please see your District Directory for more ideas and contact information.