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District Conference is now District 7210’s Service Symposium
Yes, it’s all in a name! 
We are renaming and refocusing what we know of as District Conference to District 7210’s Service Symposium.
As Rotarians, we live by the motto of “Service Over Self” so this seemed appropriate to refocus our attention back to the core of who we are.
Our fall Service Symposium will provide you with information, inspiration and most of all FUN.
Beginning our adventure with our ShelterBox sleep out, we will set the tone.  We are the first District to have a ShelterBox sleep out at a district event.  We are looking forward to an evening filled with team building exercises, learning opportunities and camaraderie.
As we move to Resorts World Casino, we will have amazing speakers, a service project for everyone to participate in and another evening filled with fellowship and fun.   With our first annual “Rotary’s Got Talent” we want you to share with us your hidden( or maybe not so hidden) talents. Our district is filled with unbelievable people with amazing talents, this is the opportunity to share your talent with people outside of your club.   Sign up Today by reaching out to Drew Kessler –
Our Foundation Breakfast will once again highlight the wonderful contributions from our clubs and individuals.
Then at lunch we will have a speaker focused on the highest form of service along with honoring and acknowledging our Service Veterans.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our Service Symposium……..were we will Do Good and Have Fun!
The Symposium can be attended in parts or the whole, please see below for the options offered:
Our District 7210 Foundation Grants Committee invites you to submit a Preliminary D7210 2019-20 Global Grant Proposal to potentially receive significant financial support from our District for a service project to help your Club Do GOOD in our world!
As you may know, there are two types of Rotary Foundation Grants awarded by our Grants Committee:
District Grants which fund small-scale, short-term projects that address local or international needs.  In June 2019 a record amount of nearly $50,000 of District Grants were awarded to 36 of our Clubs for projects which could begin on or after July 1, 2019 and would be completed by June 30, 2020.  Your opportunity to apply for the 2020-21 District Grants will be announced in Spring 2020.
Global Grants support large projects which respond to needs in one or more of Rotary’s six Areas of Focus and have measurable and sustainable outcomes.  Notable other features of Global Grant projects include a minimum project budget of $30,000 (and up to $800,000 or more), and a comparatively complex application process that often requires up to a year or more to achieve approval.  Note that while many Global Grant projects are located outside of the US in developing countries with significant needs, they can also be located here in the Hudson Valley, or elsewhere in the US, but if located within the US, they must include participation by a Rotary Club from outside North America (District 7210 can assist you with finding a Rotary Club partner from abroad for projects located within the US).
Learn about the Global Grant process by reviewing the attached “Guide to Global Grants” and at:
District 7210 Disaster Relief Response to Hurricane Dorian:
It is still early to determine how best to help those that have been devastated by the effects of Dorian. The Hurricane is still active and we can only hope that the worst is over. There will be plenty of time for us to determine how to be most effective.  
Our friends at Operation Endeavor  (OE) has been monitoring the situation and will continue to do so in the days and weeks ahead.  A member of that team will be heading to the Bahamas to assess the needs of the community when it is prudent to do so.  OE is also evaluating other response scenarios as in past disasters.  In the past we have made a connection between them and the leadership of a Rotary Club in the effected community so that we can pinpoint the most effective way to be helpful.  I expect we will do that again when it is appropriate to do so. 
November 2019