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My Fellow Rotarians and the family of Rotary:
Well, here we are. Just one month to go for the 2016-2017 Rotary Year. And my last monthly message as District Governor to you.
In a blink of an eye, it has come and is almost gone. And what a ride it has been!
From the lead up to the start, with the training, planning, and the official visits, to the recently concluded District Cruise Conference, this has truly been a year I will never forget. And for that, I thank each and every one of you.
Going around the District just reinforced my love and passion for Rotary – What it stands for and what it continues to allow us to do, in our communities, and in our world.
This year we celebrated 100 years of our Rotary Foundation – from the fight to eradicate Polio; to our 6 areas of focus – to the big celebration this month in Atlanta. Here's to another century of Doing Good In The World.
It was the year we celebrated 30 years of women in Rotary – and we have a stronger organisation now because of it.
It was the year of change and as we were reminded to Serve Humanity, I challenged each of you this year to BE THE CHANGE.
To my District #AllStars Team – each one of you made a difference in your own way – as a changemaker. For that I thank you!
To my Club leaders – you steered the ship in this very important year of Rotary that saw so many changes and flexibility options allow us to create a new Rotary. And for that I thank you. Hearty Congratulations on all the awards and accolades.
To the District Conference, Assembly, and PETS team – You successfully pulled off an amazing user experience for our District 7020 Rotarians and family. The reviews are in, and they’ve loved it. So for your effort and dedication – I thank you.
To my family – for putting up with me, for being there for me – I am grateful.
I wish Governor-Elect Robert & Rosa all the best as they take over the leadership of this great Rotary District and pledge my support to them and to you all.
And finally, as June is Rotary Fellowships Month, I’d like to remind you of al the wonderful fellowships out there that you can join and be a part of – From Sailing, to Golf, to travelling. There’s a Rotary Fellowship for you.
As for me, I’m a member of the Rotary Wine Appreciation Fellowship. So cheers!
This is Your Captain. Signing off.
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor
2016 - 2017

DG Monthly Message
My Fellow Rotarians and the family of Rotary:
Can you imagine that it’s almost time for our District’s Biggest hangout?! Our annual District Conference, is almost upon us - incorporating PETS, District Assembly, and the District Team Training Seminar, this event is one I look forward to the most. A week of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Renewing friendships and forging new ones. Conference time is a very special time and Conference Chair Manoj and his team have been working very hard to put a great program for you.
This Cruise Conference you will get to meet:
RI President's Representative – TRF Trustee-Elect Brenda Cressey & Dick
TRF Trustee & PRID Barry Rassin & Esther
RID Corneliu Dinca from Romania.
RID-Elect & RRFC David Stovall & DG Kim Waters
District Governor -Elect Robert Leger & Rosa
District Governor-Nominee Delma Maduro & Audley
District Governor-Nominee Designate Patrick Adizua & Lesline
ARC, ARRFC, and District Trainer Jeremy Hurst & Michelle
ARC George Robertson-Burnett
Zone EPNC Cynde Covington & Barry
And many many more of your fellow Rotarians.
Let me congratulate our April Club of the Month Winners – The Rotary Clubs of LEOGANE, CAP HAITIEN, and NASSAU SUNRISE. Just outstanding stuff being done.
Now May is also Youth Services Month, when we get to put the spotlight on our Next Generation of Leaders – EarlyAct, Interact, Rotaract, Youth Exchange, & RYLA. Let us renew our commitment to the future of our clubs, our communities, and our world by Investing even more in our Youth Services.
Looking forward to celebrating your achievements, reflecting on the year that was, and the year to come.
All Aboard as we’re #CruisingWithRotary7020.
This is Your Captain. Off we go!
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor 2016 - 2017

April 2017 | Maternal & Child Health
Hello Fellow Rotarians and the family of Rotary:
We’re nearing down to the end of the Rotary Year. 9 Months down – 3 to go. For most club leaders this I when you evaluate your club and reflect to see if all your goals have been met. Remember the deadlines for the District Governor’s awards are due April 15.
So how was the exciting month of March? I know many clubs did projects and programs on Water and Sanitation; 30 years of Women in Rotary; World Rotaract Week; and the International Week of Service. Let’s share these wonderful events on the Social Media Platforms that others can get inspired.
I want to recognize the Club of the Month Winners for February – the Rotary Clubs of May Pen, Memorial de Gonaives, and South East Nassau. Good Job!
Now April is Maternal and Child Health Month. A very important area of focus.
Rotary makes high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger. We’re providing education, immunizations, birth kits, and mobile health clinics. Women are taught how to prevent mother-to-infant HIV transmission, how to breast-feed, and how to protect themselves and their children from disease.
Let’s build on this and create more access to quality care, so mothers and children everywhere can have the same opportunities for a healthy future. An estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, inadequate health care, and poor sanitation — all of which can be prevented.
Hopefully you’ve all registered for the District Cruise Conference May 15-19. We’re almost sold out, so if you’re still planning to make it NOW is the time to make the booking.
My friends, I love Rotary – and what it stands for. Continue to love your Rotary journey. All the best.
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor
2016 - 2017

Hello my Fellow Rotarians and the Family of Rotary:
As February has come to an end I’ve been reflecting on what a great Month it was in terms on Rotary’s focus on Peace. Several clubs both in our District and globally made strong headway into our quest for a world at peace. Remember the deadline for the 2018-2019 Peace Fellow application is May 31.
There was also big celebrations for Rotary’s 112th Birthday on Feb 23. Let’s share what your clubs did using our District 7020 Facebook Page and Group so we can continue to expand the enthusiasm we have for Rotary with others.
Congratulations are in order for our January Club of the Month Winners – The Rotary Club of Savanna La Mar, Jamaica and the Rotary Club of Petionville, Haiti. Additionally, hearty congratulations again to the Rotary Club of Petionville, Haiti and in particular, President Jack Guy LaFontant, who has been selected to be the Prime Minister of Haiti. I am excited for the people and communities of Haiti, for Rotary in Haiti, and for Rotarian Jack Guy. His leadership, his values, and his passion to serve will be a beacon of hope, of goodness, and of Making a Difference as we all continue to Serve humanity.
We now look towards March and Rotary’s focus on Water and Sanitation. Across the globe Rotarians are supporting local solutions to bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to more people every day. We don’t just build wells and walk away. We share our expertise with community leaders and educators to make sure our projects succeed long-term. So let’s focus this month on how we can improve on this. According to the Rotary Foundation,$24 is all it takes to provide one person with Safe Clean Water. Amazing.
March is also when we officially celebrate 30 Years of women in Rotary. And Mar 8th is designated International Women's Day. What is your club planning to celebrate this milestone?
We also have World Rotaract Week coming up on March 13-19. We celebrate 49 Years of Rotaract! Perhaps you could Organize a social or fellowship, a service project. Even Invite them to your club. Let’s continue to focus on the Next Generation of Rotarians.
Coming up is also the International Week of Service March 25-31, 2017 and Rotary will be partnering with other service organizations all over the world. Volunteers like you, working to improve their communities. In the spirit of Rotary Serving Humanity, I ask you to invite another local service group to volunteer with you. Information and resources for this event can be found at Visit the International Week of Service 2017 Facebook event page to RSVP and see what other clubs are planning.
Organizations participating in this event include: Lions Clubs International, Rotary International, Optimist International, Junior Chamber International, Kiwanis International, Moose International, Soroptimist, Y’s Men International, Pilot International, and Sertoma Inc. To participate, your club can work with one or more other area service groups to do something together for your community. They can join you in a pre-planned event, or you can plan a new event together.
And finally we have some deadlines coming up – The District Governor’s Awards Deadline is April 15, and there’s still time to register for the District Cruise Conference but don’t wait too long as we are slowly running out of space.
My friends, Let’s continue to be enthusiastic about Rotary – our communities – and our friends. I wish you all the best as we continue to service humanity.
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor 2016 - 2017

My Fellow Rotarians & the Family of Rotary,
Well the second half of the Rotary year has started off in high gear. Let me officially congratulate Rotarian Patrick Adizua, from the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Jamaica who has been duly elected to service our District as Governor in the year 2019-2020. With Governor-Elect Robert, Governor-Nominee Delma, and now Governor-Nominee Designate Patrick, our District leadership is in good hands.
The recently concluded Rotary International Assembly in San Diego saw the new theme for 2017-2018 being announced – Rotary: Making a Difference. President-Elect Ian Riseley’s simple but powerful message. One that reinforces why we love Rotary – to make a difference – by serving humanity!
The International Assembly reinforced our focus on Change and highlighting the Value of this Change. The Change that needs to come from us all. And it also reminded us to continue our focus on the Member’s experience. Rotary is indeed evolving. There’s new upgrades to the Rotary International website. Go to and check it out.
Our December Club of the Month Winners were announced as well – help me to congratulate the Rotary Clubs of Christiana, Abaco, and Grand Cayman Central. Sometimes when you read through the entries it is simply amazing to be enlightened by all the great work our clubs are doing.
February is Peace and Conflict Resolution Month. Peace – one of our Six Areas of Focus. One area so many of our Rotarians are so passionate about. Our clubs and our fellow Rotarians have an amazing opportunity to continue on our quest for peace. So – what are you going to do to focus on peace? Let’s share our ideas and inspire others to join us.
I leave you with this thought I recently read: PEACE is not something you wish for, it is something you make, something you are, something you do, and something you give away.
Continue the great Rotary Work my friends. Peace out.
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor
Rotary District 7020


Happy New Year my Fellow Rotarians,
2016 really flew by quick. We’re now into a new year and like every new year it brings hope and dreams and goals. I truly wish you and your loved ones an amazing 2017.
By the end of 2016 I was also able to complete all the club visits and got home to spend time with my family.
We’re now into the second half of the Rotary year. A big shout out to the Club of the Month winners for December – Rotary Clubs of St Croix, St Maarten Midisle, and East Nassau. Great stuff!
January is Vocational Service Month. And it is also when we also recognize Rotary Fellowships. I am quite passionate about both Vocational Service in Rotary and the various fellowships that Rotary has for all of us.
I love the fact that we are all classified into Rotary – I love the fact we all bring something to the table – we are all good at something – we all have some skillset we can use to help those less fortunate through Rotary Projects.
The founder of Rotary, Paul Harris, said, “Of all the one hundred and one ways in which men can make themselves useful to society, undoubtedly the most available and often the most effective are within the spheres of their own occupations.” Vocational Service is the means for Rotary to develop and support Rotarians as they apply the ideal of service in their occupations. Vocation is the essence of Rotary. This is why Vocational Service is referred as the bedrock and the shining principle of Rotary”
I often use this analogy to describe the avenues of service and more specifically to explain the importance of Vocational Service:
So Think of a Tree. A Rotary Tree - the root is Club Service, the trunk is Vocational Service, the branches and leaves are Community Service and International Service, and the flowers and fruits is The Rotary Foundation & Youth Service.
You see my friends - The only unique feature of Rotary is vocational service; everything else that we do is repeated by some other organization. If we are unique, if we have a special message or mission in the world that is unique to ourselves, it lies only in the realm of vocational service.
So how do you think Vocational Service can be used in your club? What plans will your club implement to showcase Vocational Service this month? I look forward to hearing from you on these as we continue to serve humanity.
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor 2016 - 2017

Let's Celebrate!

Vocational Service Month
CLICK HERE for a power point presentation you can use to guide a meeting program during this month.

"Let's come together and do larger impact projects"


Fellow Rotarians and the family of Rotary - My AllStars:

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! 

December is upon us – This month is the half way mark for the Rotary year. And it has been quite a year. And as the page turns we start this month with celebration, merry-making, greetings and gift giving. We do decorations and lights. We eat and drink – have lots of laughter, fun, and cheer. We spend quality time with our Family. 

I’m certainly catching up with mine. Over the last few months Vindu and I have the privilege of visiting 69 of the 83 clubs in District 7020. It has been a rewarding experience. Rotary is truly making an impact in our communities. 

The Festive Season is also a great time for Rotarians to reflect on how well off most of us are and what is important to us in life – our family and friends, colleagues, neighbours - our physical, mental and spiritual health. 

But December is not the same for everyone. In many parts of the world people still battle daily with issues of conflict, poor economic circumstances, disease, malnutrition, illiteracy, lack of fresh water and poor sanitation. 

In November our Rotary Foundation was named ‘World’s Outstanding Foundation for 2016” by The Association of Fundraising Professionals. This just reinforces the Four Star 100% rating Charity Navigator gave it earlier in the year. Truly – Rotary is doing good in the world. 

In addition to Family Month, Rotary focuses on Disease Prevention and Treatment in December. As we continue our plans to Serve our community let us extend our impact to areas that need organizations like ours, and come together and do larger impact projects. 

I’d like to congratulate the October Club of the Month winners – Montego Bay Sunrise, St Martin Sunrise, and Tortola. Keep up the excellent work. 

Just a Reminder that Dec 31, 2016 is the deadline for the 2017-2018 Club Officer Data to be submitted to Rotary International. Let’s get all our club data updated. 

I wish the entire District 7020 Rotary family all the best and I thank you for your friendship and support throughout the year. 

District 7020 is a wonderful District with many committed and hardworking Rotarians. Much has been achieved in 2016 and we look forward to a fantastic 2017. 


From my family to yours – Seasons Greetings – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Haresh L. Ramchandani 

District Governor Rotary District 7020


Learn more about what Rotary is doing in the area of Disease Prevention and Treatment at:

"My Foundation, Your Foundation"
My fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, and the family of Rotary:
I’m Haresh Ramchandani, District Governor of Rotary District 7020 Northern Caribbean. Well, October has come and gone and what a month it was!
Our District got hit with Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 Storm, which impacted the southern peninsula of Haiti, on 3rd & 4th of October, and affected 2.1 million people, of whom 1.4 million are in urgent humanitarian need.  Haiti’s Centre of National Emergency Operations reported as of 13 October 2016; 546 dead, 128 missing and 439 injured. And More than 175,000 people are in temporary shelters.
Hurricane Matthew then moved over The Bahamas on the 6th of October 2016.  Based on the reports received, hundreds of roofs were lost. Clean water was also an issue but has been resolved.
We had several people offering support and contributions from around the world. The District Disaster Committee was setup and went to work right away. Rotarians in Haiti and The Bahamas rose to the challenge and truly highlighted our motto “SERVICE ABOVE SELF”. Our efforts to date have been in roofing repairs for homes & schools, as well as assistance in healthcare.
We will continue to help our communities and friends as we strengthen their Economic and community development, our theme for October.
This brings me to November: Rotary Foundation Month. OUR 4 star, 100% rated Foundation, as announced by Charity Navigator. OUR Foundation celebrates 100 years of Doing good in the world. How are you celebrating it? Several clubs are doing Public Image initiatives & Special Dinners. We have over 200 registered for Atlanta at the Rotary International Convention June 10-14. And We have over 400+ registered for the District Cruise Conference May 15-19.
Through The Rotary Foundation and our partners we truly are THIS CLOSE to eradicating Polio, President John’s #1 Priority. The internet was lit up on World Polio Day on Oct 24 as across the globe awareness grew to new heights. Rotary is at the forefront of this historical achievement. And it is because of Rotarians like you, who have contributed and helped. And for that I thank you.
Let’s use November to continue the awareness of our Foundation; of our effort to eradicate Polio; and in continuing to do good in the world.
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor
Rotary District 7020



There's still a lot of work to do to bring back safe shelter, water, medical assistance and food to 7020 communities affected by hurricane Matthew.

Attached you will find all the District's and Foundation approved ways to give through Rotary.

Please consider a special donation during Foundation Month so that our fellow Rotarians on the ground in The Bahamas and in Haiti can help as many families as possible, as soon as possible.

They are counting on us!








The Rotary Foundation is about to mark a century of Doing Good in the World through humanitarian projects, scholarships, professional training and exchanges, and its remarkable campaign for a polio-free world.

In 2016-17, Rotary clubs throughout the world will organize Rotary Days to celebrate this milestone by showcasing the Foundation’s rich history and good work. We’re suggesting a few ways that your club can join the party, but feel free to adapt any of these ideas, combine them, or come up with an idea of your own. Or pool your resources with neighboring clubs to organize a larger event.


This centennial year is the perfect time to tell your community about The Rotary Foundation.

As you mark the occasion, be sure to prominently display your club name and The Rotary Foundation centennial logo on any signage. In addition, share your photos and stories on your social media pages using #TRF100.


CELEBRATE 100 years of doing good by sponsoring a Rotary Day event focused on the Foundation:

• Throw a birthday party with a cake in the shape of a Rotary wheel and light 100 candles. Invite community members and local media.

• Sponsor a centennial walk/run or bicycle race and open it to local participants.

• Organize a centennial concert featuring local talent and music representing each decade of the past 100 years.

• Attempt to earn a place in the Guinness World Records — for example, by serving up the world’s largest birthday cake.

• Spotlight the Foundation’s international impact by sponsoring a Rotary Day with area ethnic restaurants. Donate a percentage of proceeds to The Rotary Foundation and to a local food bank.

• At a local festival, sponsor a Taste of Rotary booth featuring foods from various Rotary countries. Decorate the booth with the countries’ flags and provide information about Rotary and its Foundation.

• Organize a Foundation alumni reunion, inviting past Rotary Scholars and Group Study Exchange and vocational training team members. Recognize the alum from the earliest participation year.

• Coordinate a scavenger hunt for Rotaractors and Interactors, having them visit Rotarians’ places of business to find a clue or an item related to Rotary and its Foundation.


INFORM club members and your entire community about The Rotary Foundation’s track record of improving life in communities worldwide:

• Organize a seminar with local experts discussing one or more of Rotary’s six areas of focus.

• At a community event, sell or distribute bottled water bearing a label promoting Rotary’s water and sanitation efforts. Contribute proceeds to the Foundation’s Annual Fund to support water and sanitation global grant projects.

• Sponsor a Rotary information booth or table at a local event and share The Rotary Foundation story with everyone who stops by.

• Organize a book club for members and their families and read the new Rotary centennial book, “Doing Good in the World: The Inspiring Story of The Rotary Foundation’s First 100 Years.” Order copies at

IMPROVE your community by sponsoring a Foundation centennial event and inviting the public to participate:

• Organize a drive to collect 100 items related to Rotary’s areas of focus — for example, books, water-treatment kits, first aid supplies — and donate them to local communitybased organizations at a centennial event.

• Plant a grove of 100 trees to protect the environment, or create a Rotary Foundation community garden.

• Hold a 100-hour service marathon, encouraging Rotarians and their families and local schoolchildren to volunteer.

• Conduct a needs assessment in your community and use the results to develop a centennial district grant project, such as tutoring at-risk students, promoting vaccinations, or developing anti-bullying programs.

• Organize a Rotary Day community cleanup in a local park and encourage community volunteers to help.

RAISE MONEY for PolioPlus, the Rotary Peace Centers, or your club’s global grant projects with fun events in your community:

• Hold a rubber-duck race on a local river.

• Organize a Chilly Golf tournament, a nine-hole winter event in the snow.

• Sponsor a dance-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or bike-a-thon.

• Hold a raffle among club members for a leather-bound copy of “Doing Good in the World: The Inspiring Story of The Rotary Foundation’s First 100 Years.”

• Organize a talent contest or karaoke competition.

• Sponsor a polar plunge, a quick jump into — and out of — icy waters.


For more ideas and downloadable resources such as post cards, press release template and more



7 features of a highly effective service project

Selecting the right project, therefore, is critical to the health of your club. Here’s a few basic principles we’ve found to be true about service projects:

  • Sweat equity is the single most vital aspect of our mission and one of our greatest strengths.
  • Club leaders are responsible for both success and failure.
  • Engaged Rotarians take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Technology is important.
  • Members should expect to serve.
  • We need to recognize the volunteer resource represented by retirees, the self-employed, and non-working parents with time to spare.
  • One-off walk-away projects do little to cultivate longer term engagement with Rotary.
  • Hands-on projects provide opportunities for members to develop their leadership skills.
  • Fund raisers are an important part of what we do, but there is much more to being engaged in Rotary.
  • Rotary is more than being a member of a single club.
  • Club 501(C)(3)s are important to capture individual tax free donations in the USA. Setting one up is not expensive, and within the ability of club leaders.
  • Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, and Rotary Leadership Institutes are important to our present and future.
  • Most of us learn by doing.
  • We need to watch out for the threat of status quo and board inertia.
  • We need to say “yes” to good projects promoted by one or more of our members.
  • Our ability to serve is proportional to the number of available volunteer hours.


With this in mind, we suggest any great project should have these seven attributes:

  1. Involve several of the six Areas of Focus. Our most recent project dealing with eye care for underprivileged children relates to basic education and literacy; maternal and child health, and disease prevention.
  2. Be interesting to as many professions as possible. For example, our latest project is of particular interest to medical professionals, educators, and community and political leaders.
  3. Benefit as many people in the community as possible. The bigger the better, as larger efforts will attract more media interest. By collaborating, you can engage small clubs in bigger issues.
  4. Be affordable and grant eligible and pursue international partners. Collaborating with other clubs on district or global grants opens up opportunities for members to step into leadership roles and experience Rotary on an international scale.
  5. Involve multiple age groups, including InteractRotaractRYLA participants, and all generations from Baby Boomers on.
  6. Address a major community issue and include a public image component that will stimulate local media interest and build relationships with media outlets.
  7. Involve a long range vision for sustainability and focus on long-term relationships. A series of related projects is a great way to develop ongoing relationships and retain membership interest. Small projects grow into larger efforts this way.
We believe doing all these things develops a “Service Centered Leadership” culture which results in a sustained and sustainable membership growth environment.



Hurricane Matthew Relief and Ways to Give Important Documentation
Special Message from District Governor Haresh L. Ramchandani
Friends, I know we have all been watching, and in some cases, been directly affected as Hurricane Matthew has made a devastating impact across Rotary District 7020. We are grateful that most of us were spared, however as we know South Western Haiti and the Bahamas took direct hits.
A Hurricane Matthew Disaster Committee headed by District Disaster Chair Jacqueline Heyliger, a disaster planning professional based in the USVI, and a number of district leaders have met, assessed the needs currently coming out of Haiti, and have decided on 2 components. One – An Immediate Response for Direct Relief needs and Two - a more medium to long term approach.
For the its immediate needs we will be focusing around Les Cayes, Jeremie and Aquin in Haiti. The Rotary Club of Les Cayes, a strong Rotary Club, along with DGE Robert, and many of our Rotary leaders in Haiti, will lead the efforts. Their assessment is unfortunately a bleak one: Many, many homes have lost their roofs leaving thousands of families unprotected and there has been a serious outbreak of cholera, putting further pressure on the already strained resources. They advise that the community’s immediate needs are materials (metal sheeting), to repair the roofs and water filters to provide clean drinking water. Fortunately, both are still available for purchase on the ground in Haiti, however there are naturally supply and demand issues which will affect cost, so it is essential that funds are made available to buy these items immediately. Currently, a sheet of metal roofing costs US$4 and approximately USD$200 to put a new roof on, and a filter plus bucket, which can provide just under 300 gallons of clean water per day, should cost around US$50-60. 
So if you want to help with immediate relief we are asking you to make your contribution to the District Disaster Relief Account, the information for which is on and will be sent to you via email as well. As a District we are immediately sending USD$27,500 approximately so it can help the Rotarians on the ground to get this relief to those affected.
I’m aware there are those that want to give in Kind, such as food & clothing. Now whilst we will accept these things there is specific way it needs to be sent to Haiti. That outline document is also available at and will be circulated via email. But I must advise you that the sentiments on the ground is that most items are still available there, and the last thing we want to do is kill the local economy. One of Rotary’s areas of focus is Economic and Community Development, and sending items readily available there is doing the exact opposite of that.
Now, if you wish to help in the more medium to long term effort, you can still contribute to the District Disaster Fund and specify how wish to have the funds used, but also we have setup a Donor Advised Fund at The Rotary Foundation, and we are also pursuing a Global Grant based on the needs that the Rotarians in Haiti are evaluating currently. The Information for the Donor Advised Fund at TRF is also available at and will be sent via email as well.
I am grateful for all those who have offered to help. This is indeed a time for us to come together and showcase that Rotary truly serves humanity. Thank you for all you’re doing and will continue to do as we Champion the cause to help those affected in their time of need.
Haresh L. Ramchandani
District Governor
Rotary District 7020


"We need to strengthen the local entrepeneurs
and community leaders... especially women"

DG Haresh's message for October 2016 from Rotary District7020 on Vimeo.


Hello my fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, and the Family of Rotary,
This is Haresh Ramchandani, District Governor for Rotary District 7020. This September was Basic Education and Literacy month, and from all indications clubs have really focused on this area.
I’ve now visited around half the Rotary Clubs in our District and truly – Rotary is alive and doing extremely well in our communities.
I want to Congratulate the Rotary Clubs of Portmore, Eleuthera, and Road Town for winning the Club of the Month for August.
This month we highlight, Economic and Community Development, another of the Six areas of Focus.
My Rotary friends, did you know that Nearly 1.4 billion employed people live on less than $1.25 a day. We need to promote economic and community development and reduce poverty in underserved communities through training, well-paying jobs, and access to financial management institutions. Projects can range from providing people with equipment to vocational training. We need to strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities.
October is also a great time to take stock of your plans thus far, revisit some of the strategies implemented and to see what’s worked and what needs to be tweaked.

Some more great news on the International Convention and District Cruise Conference. From our District, we have now 198 registered for the Convention in Atlanta and we have over 200 cabins confirmed for the Cruise Conference. These are 2 events you don’t want to miss.
Let’s continue to craft the member experience!
DG Haresh L. Ramchandani

This publication is intended to help you ask the right questions,

identify real needs, and make the greatest possible impact with the

time, energy, and resources you have at your disposal.

Click Above

Education Opportunites Go Hand in Hand
with our Future Generations Programs

DG Message for September 2016 from Rotary District7020 on Vimeo.



Hello my fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, and the Family of Rotary,
This is Haresh Ramchandani, District Governor for Rotary District 7020. It’s now been 2 months now since the start of the Rotary Year. This August was Membership Month and from all indications it has been a great month for exposing Rotary to the wider community and for membership growth. Several clubs participated in the Bring a friend concept. Rotary International had a webinar focusing on the new change and flexibility options available to Rotary Clubs titled: “Revitalize and Rethink your Club: Crafting the Member experience”. If you missed it you can go to
This month we highlight Basic Education and Literacy, one of the Six areas of Focus. My friends, did you know that Worldwide, 67 million children have no access to education, and more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. Rotarians are supporting educational projects that provide technology, teacher training, vocational training teams, student meal programs, and low-cost textbooks to communities. The goal is to strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy, reduce gender disparity in education, and increase adult literacy.
And I ask you to channel your energy this month in enabling your community to a better future; a brighter future. As a district we still focus on the New Generations during September. So we ask you to also spend some energy and time on EarlyAct, Interact, Rotaract, and even RYLA. These Rotary programs are so profound and impactful. And to me this goes hand in hand with Literacy. The next generation is our future so it is in our interests for them to be literate, knowledgeable and prepared for a successful life.
This month I will also be sending out invitations for Nomination for the position of District Governor for the year 2019-2020. So please be on the lookout for that invitation and I hope your club will made a worthy and qualified submission.
As a further reminder, by now you should have paid your Rotary International half yearly dues and Annual District Dues. If you haven’t then I urge you to do so poste-haste.
Some great news on the International Convention and District Cruise Conference. We have now 189 registered for the Convention in Atlanta and we have over 150 cabins confirmed for the Cruise Conference. These are 2 events you don’t want to miss.
My friends, we are truly part of a wonderful organization. I have now visited 26 Rotary Clubs as part of my official visit as Governor, and the impact they’ve had in their communities is nothing short of extraordinary. Be proud to be a Rotarian – I certainly am.
DG Haresh L. Ramchandani
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Go out there and tell everyone what Rotary is all about!


My Fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, and the family of Rotary: 

It’s been a month since the new Rotary Year. By now most of the club leaders have settled into their new role and plans have started being executed. 

I’m looking forward to seeing how these plans take shape and to see the fruit of all this labour. 

Since the new Rotary Year I’ve have a chance to visit a few clubs and I can tell you that Rotary is indeed alive and well. And the clubs are doing some incredible work in their communities. 

August is Membership and New Club Development Month. This month the focus is on strengthening and growing Rotary – by engagement & attraction. 

What a great time to encourage Rotarians to bring a friend or a guest to a meeting. Go out there and tell everyone what Rotary is all about; why Rotary membership is the most meaningful way to help their communuty & the world globally. Turn to social media and share worthy content. Do a quick video about why you love your club. Ensure that you’re providing value to your Rotarians and your club. Craft a better rotary experience. Do a fireside chat for new or potential members. 

Membership is Rotary’s # 1 internal priority - we need more willing hands, more caring hearts, and more bright minds to move our work forward. We have clubs that are becoming more flexible, so that Rotary service will be attractive to younger members, recent retirees, and working people. 

So go out there are share Rotary – People are starved for connection. For that feeling of doing something good for others. Rotary is the perhaps the best way to make a meaningful difference. 

Finally my friends, membership is a job of all of us, not just the membership chair or committee. We must be the change in how we share rotary with others – and let them know that indeed we Serve Humanity.


Haresh L. Ramchandani

District Governor, 2016 - 2017