November 20, 2020
Dear District Governor Lynne,
As a distinguished member of Rotary's global family, I am sure that you have seen in the news or even heard from contacts in the area, the devastating impact of two severe storms that have torn through different regions in the last few weeks.
On November 1st, Typhoon Goni made landfall in the Philippines as the strongest storm to touch the nation since Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. On the other side of the world, beginning November 3rd, Hurricane Eta and Hurricane Iota have torn through Central America.
These are the most damaging tropical storms this year, with almost 3 million people in their paths. Although the level of destruction is still being realized, ShelterBox is responding.
Our teams have been working with contacts both in Honduras and the Philippines to support families as quickly as possible.

This weekend ShelterBox aid will reach some of the areas worst affected in the Philippines and begin supporting those facing total destruction.   (Photo: Destruction from Typhoon Goni in the Philippines.
Rotary in the Philippines has been incredibly supportive, connecting us with local organizations including the navy, providing forklifts and trucking and potentially supporting with the upcoming distributions. 
In Honduras, we are working with local organizations and Rotary contacts to understand the situation, how we can help, and which emergency shelter items families need most to help them recover.
We have fully committed our aid in both Panama and the Philippines in reaction to these storms and know there is more need than we have aid.
Search and rescue continues in Honduras
ShelterBox needs your district's help to not only meet the needs of families devastated by these disasters, but to ensure that we can replenish our aid warehouses to respond quickly to the next inevitable disaster. 
How You Can Help
As the District Governor for Rotary District 7010 we invite you to take part in this year's ShelterBox District Challenge!
With your support, the Challenge dares every Rotary club in your district to support the shared mission of no family being left without shelter after disaster. By combining the passion, ability and drive for change of all the clubs in your district, we can support more families who have been affected by Typhoon Goni and Hurricane Eta on their journey of self-recovery.
So far this Rotary year, 40 Canadian clubs and 2 clubs from your district have ensured that at least one less family is left without home when devastation strikes.
District Challenge Champions will be featured on our website, Annual Report, Rotary Partnership Report, and be listed at RI Convention and International Assembly. The district and each Club President will also receive a certificate honouring their support.
We know that many Rotary clubs in your district might not have the funds to help right away, but we know the power of people in action to mobilize members and community leaders and that's why we offer online fundraising pages for districts and clubs. These pages allow clubs to set fundraising goals and accept online donations from supporters. To kick start your district's challenge, ask us to make a page for every club in your district! 
We also know that giving might look different this year. We have created Stock the Box to inspire community support as well as our virtual fundraising ideas for clubs that are stuck with their digital transition. District Grants can also be a great way to inspire clubs in your district to follow in your footsteps.


Did you know we also have Rotarian volunteers in your district who would love to help you support ShelterBox? In District 7010 your volunteers are Bryn Styles from the Rotary Club of Barrie-Huronia and Jeff Celentano from the Rotary Club of North Bay. I have CC'd them on this email to ensure you can contact them for any support you need.
Without Rotary's support, ShelterBox would not be able to ensure so many families receive the emergency aid they need. Take care in these trying times and keep making change in your community and around the world.
Yours in Service,
Allison Kingston
Member, Rotaract Club of Toronto
Community Fundraising Coordinator
ShelterBox Canada

Visit Our Action Toolkit
ShelterBox is proud to be Rotary International’s Project Partner in disaster relief, further strengthening a global circle of friendship. The Action Toolkit is designed to provide the information and tools you need to support the partnership between Rotary and ShelterBox in your communities.
ShelterBox and Rotary are official Project Partners in international disaster relief. ShelterBox Canada is a registered charity independent of Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation. Charitable Registration # 84628 3208 RR0001