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Hello Fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors!
The RI theme for March is Water and Sanitation and as such, I would like to share with you an exciting opportunity that will be happening in our District in April. April 22 is Earth Day and this year; our District will be asking your clubs to take the environmental challenge. As the environment has been chosen by The Rotary Foundation as the 7th Area of Focus, our District has struck an environmental task force to develop strategies that will help your clubs get involved with environmental projects in your areas. The task force has developed the District 7010 Water Stewardship Initiative which will focus on cleaning our water systems. The first project that this Initiative will undertake is to partner with about 7 other Districts that surround the Great Lakes and their watershed in an effort to focus attention to the Great Lakes and to all the great work that is being done to clean up our lakes, streams, and waterways. Through the coordination of many associated clean up events, to be held around the week of Earth Day, (April 17th to April 24th), our goal is to make this the single largest series of linked clean up events ever planned in Rotary and held during this one period of time on the Great Lakes. This initiative has been shared with and fully endorsed by RI President Holger Knaack and RI Director Valarie Wafer. So, keep your eyes on your emails as you will hear more about this as the project develops further. We hope that all clubs in District 7010 will embrace this new environmental initiative.
Congratulations DGE Steve Meadley

On February 20th and 21st, District Governor Elect Steve Meadley hosted a District Team Training Seminar via Zoom. While this training usually occurs over a weekend in North Bay, due to COVID and its restrictions, it was the first virtual DTTS training held on-line in our District. Under the very capable hands of Trainer PDG Lise Dutrisac who helped plan the sessions, DGE Steve shared with the District leadership team for 2021-2022 the RI theme for the incoming year as well as his own theme. He and the leadership team worked on the District strategic plan for the coming year, and I believe that they have a very exciting and well thought out year ahead. I want to congratulate DGE Steve as he takes on his new responsibility and I look forward to what he and his team have planned for District 7010 starting on July 1st.

What is The Rotary Foundation? 
The Rotary Foundation is the economic engine for Rotary International. It is a non-profit corporation that is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of Rotary who share its vision of a better world. Its sole mission is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, good will and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty. We accomplish that through our local and international humanitarian and educational programs.
Many clubs in our District apply for and receive both District and Global grants to augment their clubs’ contributions to a particular project. Our District Foundation team encourages and supports clubs that are interested in utilizing these grants and we thank our members for doing so. But while we all love to receive these funds from the Foundation, the Foundation isn’t a bottomless pit, it does need to be replenished on a continuous basis. If you are considering contributing to a charitable cause, please consider making The Rotary Foundation your charity of choice. Remember that the money you contribute today will come back to our District in three years and will be available for our clubs in the way of District and Global grants. This process further helps Rotarians to continue to do good in the world. It’s a win-win situation for all!
Time Flies!!!

There are four more months left in this very unusual 2020-2021 Rotary year. Where has the time gone? I want to commend all the clubs for their determination to make sure that this year offered as many opportunities as possible to ensure that Rotary stayed involved in service in our communities throughout our District. It hasn’t been easy as we had to stretch our imagination to find ways to make this happen in this new pandemic world. It has been a challenge to say the least, but I am very impressed to see all the projects and fundraising opportunities with which the clubs have been involved and all performed within the safety guidelines. My thanks go out to our Club Presidents who are the inspiration to their members and show great encouragement to help the members to remain engaged. I can’t wait to see what the next four months have in store for District 7010! Grow Rotary!!!!


RI President Holger Knaack’s theme for 2020-21, Rotary Opens Opportunities, asks Rotarians to create opportunities that strengthen their leadership, help put service ideas into action, and improve the lives of those in need.

Download 2020-21 theme logo materials


Club engagement letter from RI President Mark Daniel Maloney and RI President-elect Holger Knaack