Unfortunately, registrations for the children’s program and media camp have fallen far short of the critical numbers we would have needed to run these programs ourselves.  Children are still welcome and registrations for them are available, but will only cover the cost of food.
If you are bringing children, there are a couple of options to consider. We will explore each option with the resort once we know the number of children in each age category.  If your child is of legal age to be left unattended while you attend conference sessions, it is possible to have them present at the resort. The J.W. Marriott Resort does offer a supervised children’s program and you can contact Linda Brouillette at lgbrouillette@vianet.ca for the details.  The cost of these programs would be borne by you.
Again, there may be critical numbers required to run these programs so we cannot guarantee at this point that they will be available.  We will ascertain your interest and get back to you once we discuss the running of the program with hotel staff. 
If you do decide to register a child, please let Jean Polak at ejpolak@polaklaw.com know so she can open up some spots for you in the RegOnLine program.