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Friday, October 28th - 9:30 AM
The Scavenger Hunt will end at 5 pm on Saturday.
Friday, October 28th - 9:30 AM
Register for the 2017 District Conference - Purchase Rotary Swag >>> downstairs, 1st left as you leave the Rosseau Ballroom.
Monday, October 24th - 11:30 AM

We have confirmed with the resort that they will have the Cottages buffet and a la carte open for breakfast on Friday morning, and on both Friday and Saturday the Lakes Lounge will be staffed and have a “featured menu” 11am-5pm and a regular dinner menu 5pm-11pm.

Monday, October 24th - 11:00 AM
We are now locked in to numbers with the hotel, so if you wish to cancel your registration we cannot guarantee a refund.  We do still need to know in advance if you are cancelling so if you do wish to do so please contact our Registrar Don Watkins ( or 705-743-7693).  We will consider how much can be refunded once the conference is ended.  There will in any event be a cancellation fee of $25.