Where do I send my Vulnerable Persons Police Record Check?  

  1. Go to your local police agency in your community and apply for a Vulnerable Persons Record Check. (NOTE: you will need 2 pieces of ID with you.) 
  2. Once you have received the original VPRC back please SCAN the document  and EMAIL a copy of it to
  1. Originals are not required.  Keep yours to reuse for any other volunteer positions!
  1. Once you are certified to work with vulnerable persons in our district you will receive a letter of certification from the district office to keep in your files.  That letter will tell you the length of certification you have.
  1. Forward that electronic document, Letter of Certification, to your club leadership for their record
  1. Remember to mark the expiry date of your certification on your calendar so you know when to reapply
For more information on process and policy Click Here!