Rotary District 5370 membership is actively working to improve the lives of vulnerable persons in our communities.   Youth, Seniors, Disabled persons all benefit from our Rotarians who work tirelessly to make their world a better place.  We are proud of our membership and the hard work they do.  Rotary International requires that  all who work with vulnerable persons complete a Vulnerable Persons Record Check (VPRC) at their local Police station. Once you have received your vulnerable persons record check from your local law agency please scan it and email it to  Your VPRC is confidentially viewed by our District Abuse Prevention Coordinator (DAPC) .  Once your VPRC has been viewed you will be sent a certification letter from the District office to confirm your participation in this process.  CLICK HERE FOR A STEP BY STEP CERTIFICATION PROCESS LIST.


We appreciate all you do and our work as your Rotary 5370 District team is to ensure that all of our work is completed within the regulations of Rotary International which is in the best interests of all involved and fair to all concerned.   Any questions?  please email


What is a vulnerable person?

Vulnerable people are those which are temporarily or permanently dependent on others because of their disability, age, and other factors. These people may also be exposed to a greater risk of being harmed by those whom they are entrusted to or those in authority.