Rotary International is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all who participate in Rotary activities. It is the responsibility of every Rotarian to safeguard the welfare of every person with whom they come into contact during their activities as a Rotarian. Special attention is to be given to children, elderly, disabled and other vulnerable persons. 
Rotary District 5370 requires that Rotarians (including family members, spouses and partners) have a valid certification letter from the District Office before participating in an event, program or interaction with vulnerable persons. It is the responsibility of each Rotary Club to maintain an accurate list of members who have District Certificates and their expiry dates. 
Click here to review the District 5370 Youth Volunteer Security Policy.
Click here for details on how to acquire District Certification to work with Vulnerable Persons. 
If you have questions about VPRCs and District Certification, please email the District Office at