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Posted on Mar 17, 2024
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Howland Rotary is On Instagram!

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Howland Rotary Picnic

Posted on Oct 02, 2018
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Howland Rotary Picnic
Our annual picnic will be Thursday, August 8 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Rotary pavilion in Howland Township Park. About 20 people have signed up so far. A signup sheet is available. See Ken Abell.
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November Meetings at Leo's Ristorante

Posted on Oct 02, 2018
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November Meetings at Leo's Ristorante

Howland Rotary is taking the November meetings on the road to Leo's Riostorante in November!  We will meet in the banquet room in the front of the restaurant and lunch will be $10.00 per member/guest.  Upon arrival, please choose from one of the following items:
  • Sirloin Steak or Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Chicken and Greens Sandwich with Fries or Onion Rings
  • 1/2 Sandwich and 1/2 Soup or Salad (Reuben or Turkey Reuben Sandwich)
  • Spaghetti or Ziti
Join us and enjoy our locally owned Leo's Ristorante!
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Your Smartphone Connects to the Rotary World!

iPhone and Android Apps to Keep You Connected

The most important app you need as a Rotarian is the ClubRunner app (search "ClubRunner").  This app is your direct link to the Howland Rotary Club website.  You will have the up-to-date calendar with speakers and events, stories, and Rotarian contact information at your fingertips!  Once downloaded, all you need is your website use name and password (if you forgot, you can request assistance).  Let's get every Howland Rotarian connect on the ClubRunner app!
Rotary also offers several additional apps to keep you connected.  Visit the Official Rotary App information page here:
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2021-2022 Howland Rotary Club Officers

Posted on Feb 03, 2018

2018-19 Howland Rotary Club Officers

Congratulations to the following elected Howland Rotary Club officers for 2018-19:
    • President: Ken MacPherson
    • V-President:  Chris Williams
    • Asst VP: Cindee Mines
    • Treasurer: Dick Lytle
    • Secretary: Marilyn Titus
    • Sgt. at Arms  – Bob Tucker
    • Vocational Service  – Bob Sincich
    • Membership Service - Chris Zwitwich
    • Community Service – Ken Abell
    • Club Service – Jeffrey LaFuria
    • International Service and Foundation – Ruth Reble
    • Interact Club – Howland/Mathews High School - _________
    • Public Relations – Kevin McGee
    • Spaghetti Dinner Chair: 
    • At-Large:  ______, Dave Lowman, Gordon McLean, Don Mumford (Newsletter) 
    Members at Large
    • Dr. Jeff LaFuria
    • Dave Lowman
    • Gordon McLean
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    Subscribe to the Calendar

    Posted on Feb 01, 2018
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    The Howland Rotary website calendar is up-to-date with speakers, events, and more!  You can link your Outlook, Google or Apple calendar with the website calendar so every update synchronizes with your calendar...and then you, too, will be up-to-date!

    Using the URL below with your calendar software, you can stay up to date with events from this website.

    Help me add this subscription to my:

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    Rotary Global Rewards

    Posted on Oct 01, 2017
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    Rotary Global Rewards
    Have you used Rotary Global Rewards — our member benefits program of special offers on travel, hotels, dining, entertainment, and more? Rotary Global Rewards makes your Rotary membership even more rewarding.
    With Rotary Global Rewards you can:
    • Get discounts on products and services in a number of categories.
    • Give a portion of your purchase back to Rotary.
    • Rotary and Rotaract club members can add special offers from their businesses.
    Use it on your mobile device by downloading the Rotary Club Locator App.
    To learn more, sign in to My Rotary and go to the Member Center. If you don’t have an account, create one now at
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