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An Ambassadorial Scholarship, magnanimous Rotary members, and a chance encounter helped a Peace Corps volunteer establish her green goals.

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At the intersection of liberty and language, Ukrainian writer Andrey Kurkov contemplates his literary identity.

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Donors honored at 2023 Rotary International Convention

Donors honored at 2023 Rotary International

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Welcome to our club!
Fort St. John

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We meet In Person
Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Northern Grand Hotel
9830 - 100th Avenue
Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y5
(250) 785-1972
Home Page Stories
Fort St John's Northern Strikers win silver in Edmonton at the U10 Memorial Soccer Tournament sporting some very attractive uniforms.
Another great day to be a Rotarian. Sherry Marshall and Amanda Trotter receive a $9,000 check from Rotary presented by Julie Ziebart and Harold Goodwin.
The money was raised through the Mother's Day Run (see below). Amanda was very informative sharing her passion of how much help they do for families in Fort St John. Sherry also shared a very touching success story of a single mom with three children and the years of commitment Dave and Sherry have devoted to see this family get the helping hand they so badly needed and deserve. Awesome Story!! 
On September 10 during our visit from the District Governor Tim Schilds, our the Fort St John Rotary Club donated $50,000.00 toward the North Peace Senior Housing. This is half of a $100,000 pledge started in 2013 during Julie Ziebart's year as president and carried forward during Michael Elphinstone's year in 2014. We are now enjoying the fruit of all the hard work of all our fund raisers and projects to fulfill our commitment to the project of creating lovely homes for our seniors.
The meeting was held at the Quality Inn with over 40 people as we were joined by our spouses to celebrate this great event. Thank you to all our Rotarians for their hard work and commitment to see us achieve this amazing donation. The second $50,000 check will be presented in 2016. We have sponsored the Dining/Meeting Room of the facility and it will be named "The Dudley and Gayle Wagner Rotary Room". This was another great day to be in Rotary!
From left to right: District Governor Tim Schilds, NPSH resident Bill Stevens, NPSH director Tony Zabinsky, Past President 2014-2015 Michael Elphinstone, President Harold Goodwin, Past President 2013-2014 Julie Ziebart. 
With a very much appreciated breakfast the riders from Cops for Cancer headed out at 8:00AM Sept 16, 2015 from the Fort St John to ride all the way to Chetwynd through Hudson's Hope. They extend much appreciation and gratitude to the Rotary Club of Fort St John. Thanks Darlene Hamre for making it happen!

Fantastic Event for Rotary at the RV Park. A massive and amazing undertaking by 27 University of Texas students to go from Austin TX to Anchorage AK in 70 days. So on day 50 they were at Mile 50 on the Alaska Highway. Many heart touching stories were shared both from Rotary and from the students. Cancer touches us all somewhere. Pat's dad was actually treated in Texas in the same hospital as many of these student's family members.
Thanks to Michael and Lynette for organizing a much appreciated excellent meal. They were so grateful it was a pleasure to serve.
Cooked by Raven, Neil, and Moira. Awesome job.
Thanks to Julie for arranging media to be there. CJDC, the MOose FM, and Alaska Highway News.
Thanks to Beth & Steve, Marva & Randy, Moira & Paul, Neil & Donna, Julie & Kelly, Harold & Pat  they all had a great nights sleep and a good breakfast before leaving at 8:00AM for a 12 hr 120 Mile ride. Many thanks to all who came. These students really were a "Gift to the World" and we had an opportunity to share in that.
Thanks Brad and Moira for getting the RV Park a fantastic BBQ. 
This is the Pancake People for the Rotary Breakfast on May 10, 2015. We cooked about 1,000 pancakes to a very large and happy crowd! 
Weather was perfect so a big thank you to Julie who ordered that. Well done!
Many thanks to Shirley for making us all look good. Good pancake organizing. 
Prize goes to Raven for the best demo pancake and largest pancake proudly shown in our group photo!
Special Huge Thank you to Clayton for setting and taking down the big Rotary tent. It was greatly appreciated by all.
Note: Next year we need a water sponsor! Running out of water bottles at a 5 and 10 km run was less than exemplary. No complaints though. 
All was good. 
Congratz to new member Mike, Julie and Clayton on making us Rotarians look like stellar athletes. 
Here are the proposed speakers and activities for our upcoming meetings. I will try and update more often.
(Special Meeting) April 30th at 7am - Quality Inn - Joint executive meeting with Sunrise Club to discuss City Spray Park, all members welcome to attend
April 30th - Voting on proposal for sponsoring soccer jerseys and induction of new members
May 7th - presentation on City Spray Park by the City of FSJ (to be confirmed)
May 14th - our exchange student Luuk will be presenting on his home, the Netherlands
May 21st - LOCATION is Pomeroy Hotel - Set up meeting for Lakepoint Joint Fundraising event
Saturday May 23rd is Lakepoint-Rotary Joint Fundraiser
Join us for our 2015 Mother's Day Run

Clubs from the Mega Lottery were present to receive their cheques from the 2013 Mega Lottery.


Donna Greenway inducted into Rotary.



Please note the following dates:

  • Thursday, October 24, 2013 - Presentation with North Peace Justice Society
  • Saturday, October 26, 2013 - Guess Who's coming to Dinner?
  • Thursday, October 31, 2013 - Halloween lunch meeting ~~ Bring your spouse~~
  • Thursday, November 7, 2013 - Business lunch meeting - President-Elect Michael Elphinstone will be chairing the meeting!
  • Thursday, November 14, 2013 - Rotary Day lunch meeting - AT THE FSJ FIELDHOUSE (formerly Kids Arena)
  • Friday, November 22, 2013 - Christmas party at the Lido
  • Thursday, November 28, 2013 - Business lunch meeting
  • Thursday, December 5, 2013 - Rotary Community Mega Lottery Early Bird Draw 1!

Please join me for a dinner meeting, with our spouses, on Wednesday, August 7, at 6pm, to welcome District Governor Betty Screpnek, and her spouse, George, to Fort St. John. We will be joined by the Sunrise Rotary Club that evening. This dinner meeting is taking place at the Quality Inn Northern Grand, and will replace our normal Thursday noon meeting.

The Executive Committee will be meeting with DG Screpnek earlier that day, to provide insight on our Club's successes and challenges, as well as the goals and opportunities we have for our local, national, and international service.

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening!


Thanks to Executive Committee Member Michael Elphinstone for this update!
Thanks to Executive Committee Member Michael Elphinstone for this update!

At yesterday's meeting, I referred to the message of our incoming president for Rotary International, Ron Burton.  Here it is, embedded in my Induction Speech.

Have a great day!

At next weeks meeting we have made arrangments  to have the Salvation Army in to discuss the changes to that organization.

His official reply. 


All dandy. Please count Jan and I in!!



Kevin D. Hilgers

Great meeting was held at the Rotary Park at lunch time today.  Thanks to Dave Marshall for bringing his beautiful barbecue trailer out and cooking up the burghers.  The singing of "Oh Canada"  was the best ever.   We should maybe tape it for our meetings at the Northern Grande.   Guests included Betty Pimm, Jim Friesen plus Ric's two incoming members.

It appears it is time for great celebration - our club has achieved its 50th anniversay.    We need you to take a minute and register on clubrunner for the event or send me a quick email at  


June 27th 4:00 - 5:30 we will be raising and dedicating a flag out at the Ross H. MacLean Park and will be endulging in chamgagne & appetizers.   The formal part of our evening will take place at the Northern Grande and start at 6:30.   

If you would like to take your camper.tent.motorhome out to the park please reserve a site by calling 250-785-1700.




ImageJoin the Rotary Club of Fort St. John on Sunday May 12, 2013 as we celebrate Mother's Day as a community.  Take part in our 5k Run and Walk!


Today we had some food for thought from Bruce Christensen about attending a Regional Conference and the value it brings to a Rotarian.

We also had Moira Green touch on the Guess Who Coming to Dinner Event (at my house it's me and my cat) 

Mr Ric Hamre also put out to the club the need for host families for our inbound student ambassadors, so if you can put your name in fellow Rotarians. 

Until next time

Take care my friends

We all bid Gerry Gorek a fond farewell from our FSJ Rotarian ranks, you will be missed dearly (and keep in touch :)).

We also congratulate President Elect Julie Ziebart on her Paul Harris Fellowship (is there anything this person can't do?).  Good job Julie!

Congratulations to the lucky winners!!!