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The Salvation Army hosted an "appreciation lunch" for its recent Christmas Kettle Bell Campaign, and some of our club members who took shifts at Southgate Mall to help fill the kettle attended.

The Edmonton campaign raised over half a million dollars to provide social services to the capital region's vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Here we are with Rotarians from other Edmonton clubs that also "rang the kettle bells."

There's Chris (far left), Paul (next to Cliff), and Raemonde and Darcy holding the certificate of appreciation.


We're delighted to announce our club's newest international project, spearheaded by long-term member Lora Lee Peaslee. Please consider supporting this project that will change the lives of low-income and no-income women in a village in Belize.

We've set up a GoFundMe campaign to tell the story and to make it easy for you to give if you can. Click here or click on the photo to learn more.


At this morning's weekly meeting, club member Stephen Lau, President and Founder of Edmonton Home Pros, gave us a fascinating crash course on the current status of the real estate market here in Edmonton mainly but also in other parts of the country.

Get ready for more “skinny homes.” Understand that millennials have a huge effect on the market because they’re doing everything later in life—including buying homes. If you live in a huge house, think of downsizing soon because demand for big homes is dropping. Modernize/renovate your home if you plan on living in it for another 5-10 years; otherwise, don’t bother. Expect the real estate market to remain flat because of the uncertain economic and political situation. Etc. etc. etc.  

Stephen, who organizes speakers/presenters for our weekly meetings, had to figure out how to cover the last-minute cancellation (due to illness) for this morning. He stepped up in a big way to be the speaker himself and outdid himself. Tons of info, a heap of insights, and an excellent handout to boot.

A few club members headed out to the Alexander First Nation on Thursday, December 20th to hear the YONA students perform at the Kipohtakaw Education Centre's annual Christmas concert. These students have been in the YONA program for a year and a half and gave a smashing performance for burgeoning violinists. Our club has been a long-time supporter of the YONA program, which was largely the impetus of our former club member, Carl Simonson. 

Watch the video!
Thursday, Dec. 13th was delivery day at Operation Friendship Seniors Society. Santa presented the surprised and delighted seniors with presents purchased by generous shoppers through the Stocking Stuffers for Seniors program held in partnership with London Drugs and other organization. Our club's own Sandra Bayrock and Leslie Cleary were there to help. This is a program that our club has taken to heart; several of us volunteered for different stages of the program this year.

Riverview Rotary served Christmas dinner to over 200 at the Operation Friendship Seniors Society a few days before Christmas.
Riverview Rotary served Christmas dinner to over 200 at the Operation Friendship Seniors Society just a few days before Christmas. Chris Gowers was the evening's maitre d'. Under his stewardship was Mrs. Gowers, Brent, Wayne, Roman, Sandra, Leslie, Darcy & Raemonde and others. Dinner was topped off with a Christmas orange, Christmas cookies and well wishes. We "did a fine job", according to Chris and together with the Center's help, raised the spirits for all.

At our meeting this morning, Dr. Mark Joffe, Vice President & Medical Director for Northern Alberta with Albert Health Services, walked us through the history of polio, from when it was a mysterious and misunderstood disease that afflicted thousands and killed many, through to the discovery that polio is caused by a virus and can be vaccinated against, and finally to today when immunization programs have almost wiped this dreaded disease from the planet, the only countries with polio cases being Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan--and the numbers of those cases being very small. Joffe pointed out that the barriers to wiping polio from these three countries are both political and social. For example, the Pakistani Taliban have banned the polio vaccine.

Joffe gave us incredible insights into how polio affected life in Edmonton through the years, and how medical professionals here stepped up to cope with the epidemics of the 1950s. He told a moving story of iron lungs and lives destroyed. It's a story that Rotarians embrace and pay attention to because the fight to end polio is a fight that Rotary will not walk away from until polio is no more.

You can help Rotary and its partners in the fight to end polio. 




Cliff Neufeld, our club's president, thanks Dr. Joffe for an informative, insightful, and powerful presentation.

What a great club meeting we had this morning! Too much for one story, so there will be two today. This one's about service . . . one of the pillars of Rotary. We gave and we thanked.

First, there's Edmonton's Food Bank. Our director of community services, Leslie Cleary, handed a cheque for $5000 to Tamisan Bencz-Knight, Manager of Strategic Relationships & Partnerships for the Food Bank. The money will help augment the Food Bank's food hamper program through the provision of shelf-stable milk for the hampers handed out to the Edmonton's families in need.


Second, there's Alberta Honda. Club member Roman Bayrock presented Glen Lewis, Shop Foreman at Alberta Honda, with a plaque in appreciation of Alberta Honda's work on servicing our donated ambulances and fire trucks to get them ready to go to places like Belize and Honduras--places that are in dire need of emergency services vehicles.


Third, we have Operation Friendship Seniors Society (OFSS). Long-time club/board member Dean Wood loaded up his vehicle with items collected by our club members for the disadvantaged seniors who use the services of OFSS. Winter clothing, coffee, mugs, a blanket/afghan or two . . . we hope these items help the seniors stay warm this winter.


Club members, partners, and friends donned their Christmas finery and gathered at the Faculty Club on the evening of December 4, 2018 to celebrate the season at the annual club Christmas soirée. Thanks, Nelson, Lindsay, John, Lora Lee, and all those who played a role in making the party a success. Thanks, Darcy (our club's president-elect), for being our witty MC. And of course, thanks David for delighting us with your looking-back-on-a-year-at-Riverview version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. The party's "white elephant gift exchange" organized by John was a blast, but there wasn't enough "stealing." Darn us polite Rotarians!!

The Rotary Foundation enables Rotarians around the world to undertake humanitarian service projects that change lives. At Tuesday morning's club meeting, Vicky Grabb, who is a governance consultant by profession and a Rotarian at heart, reminded us of that.

Donations to the Foundation come back to club members so they can carry out work in the Rotary's 6 areas of focus:
• Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
• Disease prevention and treatment
• Water and sanitation
• Maternal and child health
• Basic education and literacy
• Economic and community development

Rotarians donate to the Foundation, but so can anyone--everyone. Read more about the Foundation, and . . . well, why not consider donating

Our club president, Clifford Neufeld is thanking Vicky with a gift--the gift being a donation to the Foundation, specifically to the fund to eradicate polio from the planet.

Professor Gordon Houlden, Director of the China Institute, explained China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to our club's members and guests this morning. Consisting of a “belt” of overland routes based on the ancient "Silk Road" and a maritime “road” of shipping lanes connecting numerous ports, the BRI is, as Houlden explained, the "biggest infrastructure project in history," with over 100 countries involved. (Learn more)

While China--a country that has been on the rise for a few decades--is the driving force behind the initiative and will reap substantial economic and social rewards from it, the goals are multi-fold for all involved countries. Houlden identified them in his presentation: 1) policy coordination; 2) facilities connectivity; 3) unimpeded trade; 4) financial integration; 5) people-to-people bonds.

This is an initiative you can expect to hear much about in the future.


On November 15th, 2018, we lent a hand to write gift tags for the Stocking Stuffers for Seniors initiative, spearheaded by Operation Friendship Seniors Society (OFSS), operated in conjunction with London Drugs, and with many other partners involved. Our club was proud to participate this year, and here we are, at Stingray Radio in West Edmonton Mall, preparing the tags that will appear on Christmas trees in London Drugs stores very soon. Take a tag, buy the gifts listed, hand them to the customer service folks at London Drugs, and those gifts will be wrapped and given to our city's disadvantaged seniors at Christmas. If you're still not quite sure how the program works, click here

On November 8, 2018, some dedicated members of our club and some friends of our club met at the Emmanuel Foundation's warehouse to load a shipping container that is now on its way to Belize. In the container . . . well, there's literally a ton (or more) of donated items. Thanks to our club members Roman and Sandra Bayrock for working with the Emmanuel Foundation to collect items and spearhead the loading of this container.

3 playgrounds
6 boxes EMT (emergency medical technician) uniforms
5 desks
30 hospital mattresses
2 bundles of garden tools
4 handsaws
10 chairs (for a sewing project that our member Lora Lee is organizing for 2019)
6 tables (for Lora Lee's sewing project)
14 sewing machines (for Lora Lee's sewing project)
2 boxes fabric (for Lora Lee's sewing project)
30 wheelchairs
10 walkers
10 spinal boards
37 bicycles
600 soccer balls & pumps
20 boxes soccer uniforms
2 hospital gurneys
. . . plus so much more (4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree--well, not really, but 'tis the season)




District Governor Ingrid Neitsch met with our club’s board on October 29th and spoke at our club meeting on October 30th, to deliver some advice and inspiration.

Ingrid (front centre), Marilyn Mucha (Assistant District Governor) to Ingrid's right, and our hard-working board.
Animated discussion!
Ingrid with Stephen Lau, our speaker organizer, who is not looking jet-lagged at all after his recent trip to China.

This past week, club member Sandra Bayrock spent some time with Stanice Tokio Markham at Operation Friendship Seniors Society (OFSS) making Christmas lists for disadvantaged inner city seniors in Edmonton. This is part of an amazing program--called Stocking Stuffers for Seniors--developed by OFSS. Actually, it was OFSS Community Relations Supervisor Jimmy Morrison, who came up with the idea, and it makes one's heart sing.

For each senior, Sandra and Stanice created a list of 3 items--could be something like toiletries, socks, throw blankets, cookies, chocolates, etc.--that would make Christmas special for that person. Those lists will be taken to London Drugs, written on ornament-shaped tags, and hung on a Christmas tree.

Then it's up to Edmontonians to pitch in. How? When you're doing your Christmas shopping this year, pop into a London Drugs store, look for the tree, take a tag, buy the items and leave them with the cashier. The gifts will be wrapped and given to the seniors at Christmas.

The Edmonton Journal wrote an article about the program last year.

It truly is better to give than to receive, and this program brings that home.

Back from a month-long journey in Russia, Paul Dusseault presents our club president, Cliff Neufeld, with "flags" from two Rotary clubs (a St. Petersburg club and a Kazan club) in Russia. When you're a Rotarian, you're welcome--in fact, more than welcome--to attend meetings of clubs in other countries. The exchange of flags is a token of friendship, and each club's flag is representative of some feature or aspect of the club, its city, or its country.

About that journey, Paul Dusseault and his wife (Cynthia, also a member of the Riverview club) travelled independently (not on a tour), learning a great deal about Russia, its people, and its history. Two members of the Kazan club even took an afternoon off work to show Paul and Cynthia some of the historic sights near Kazan, which is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. That's Rotary fellowship!

Paul Dusseault says, "Visiting clubs anywhere in the world is a great feature of Rotary. We think this type of people-to-people relationship building contributes to peace building by reducing mistrust and misinformation between people and nations. And by the way, go to Russia, it is amazing."


Andrée Vincent,  MD/MBA candidate of the class of 2019 at the University of Alberta and co-founder of Starlight  Performance Camp, told us (at our club meeting this week) how children affected by chronic illnesses and disabilities have the unique opportunity to feel like a star for a day at this free performance camp that teaches cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, and fashion. Created and led by U of A medical students, the camp gives children confidence and self-esteem. At the end of they day, children perform for their families--and they literally shine!
Andrée Vincent is receiving a heartfelt thanks from our club president, Cliff Neufeld. 
District Governor Ingrid Neitsch and the Rotary Club of Edmonton West hosted a mighty fine district conference this past weekend. There was music. There were outstanding speakers. There were countless opportunities to connect, network, engage, and learn. We had excellent attendance by the members of our club, and no doubt all of us left inspired and energized--ready to take "Service Above Self" to a new level. 
If you were unable to attend this year's district conference, plan to get inspired at next year's, which will take place in Grande Prairie.  If you register before November 30th, you'll get the early-bird rate. See you there!
Our members who attended the last day of the conference.
The students, families, and teachers of Delton School enjoyed a "Welcome Back" barbecue on September 13th. Thanks goes to our club's Community Services committee for organizing this event, and thanks goes to those who cooked and served. Here's the crew that came out on a very cool fall evening.
At Tuesday's meeting, one of our newer members, Dr. Denis Vincent, delivered his "classification talk." In the world of Rotary, this is a requirement of Rotarians. The talk showcases who you are, what you do, and helps your fellow members get to know you--all geared to enrich the fellowship aspect of Rotary. 
Denis spoke about his background, his family, his practice . . . what makes him tick, what makes him who he is.
And speaking of fellowship . . . left to right, there's Stephen Lau, Denis, and Club President Cliff Neufeld.

So, at Tuesday's meeting, Karen Unland and her daughter Elizabeth Spencer gave us some insights into podcasts and why we should make them part of "our media diets." Check out Karen and Elizabeth's podcast, "That's a Thing." (https://thatsathing.transistor.fm/) And if that's not your thing, check out the Alberta Podcast Network (https://www.albertapodcastnetwork.com/ for more great podcasts by Albertans. Then go even broader, and check out Time's "the best podcasts of 2018 so far (http://time.com/5275708/best-podcasts-of-2018-so-far/).



Induction!! At Tuesday's meeting, Jessy Nerval became our first new member in this Rotary year. Jessy launched the Seva Food Truck not-for-profit (see Seva YEG) a project of Edmonton’s Sikh community. Seva Food Truck provides meals to Edmonton’s hungry, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Welcome Jessy!


Today’s speaker was our own Roman Bayrock, who, with his fiancée, our own Sandra McDonald, enjoyed a unique boating adventure this summer, through the many locks of Canada’s Rideau Canal. The Canal was opened in 1832. It was designed to defend Kingston, Canada’s capital at the time, from an American attack. Thankfully, that attack never happened.












We had great speakers at our last 2 meetings!
On July 31st, Dr. Mikolaj Raszek, the founder and managing director of Edmonton-based Merogenomics Inc., delivered a fascinating talk on the medical benefits of genome sequencing and how it can be used in the areas of cancer screening, the study of hereditary and infectious diseases, prenatal screening, and much more. This is medical science as its most advanced, and the good news is that genome sequencing is available to the general public. Learn more at https://merogenomics.ca/.
On August 7th, Bean Gill, who, in 2012, suddenly became paralyzed by transverse myelitis, spoke about her journey to rebuild her life and regain her strength and also to become the cofounder of the ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre, where individuals with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders engage in neurorecovery--exercises that retrain the nervous system and foster mobility. Check out Bean's story  https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/bean-gill-wheelchair-spinal-cord-exercise-recovery-1.4006521 and the ReYu Paralysis Recovery Centre:https://www.reyu.ca/.
On July 24th, it was far from our typical Tuesday morning meeting. Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder of F.R.E.E. Fitness and Personal Trainer, got us off our chairs, made us work some of our under-worked highly-in-need-of stretching muscles, and gave us some great exercise tips--which we should all take to heart. After all, a healthy, fit Rotarian is much more capable of working to make the world a better place.

Andrew Otway, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation delivered an eye-opening and highly informative presentation to our club on Tuesday, about the hospital that many of us know well. This busy hospital runs 28 operating rooms, can provide complex care for 66 babies at a time in its neonatal intensive care unit, delivers hundreds of babies every year, and so on and so on.


But, the hospital needs help to carry out necessary upgrades and renovations. If you can find it in your heart to give back to the hospital that does so much for so many, well . . . give a little or give a lot. Here's the link: https://www.royalalex.org/
 Andrew Otway (left) and club president Cliff Neufeld. 

A few weeks ago, our club had a "handover" event at the Faculty Club, at which the reins of the club were handed over to a new president and a new board. Past President Paul thanked those who served on the board and served in key roles during his presidential year. Thanks again, everyone!


John, Jason, and Tamisan couldn't be at the event, so Paul thanked them at this week's meeting. Thanks, John, for another year of serving as Club Secretary. Thanks, Jason, for arranging our weekly speakers and handling our ongoing grocery card fundraiser. Thanks, Tamisan, for scheduling us all for meeting set-up and take-down.




As our club embarks on a new Rotary year, we invite you to learn about Rotary (https://www.rotary.org/en) by coming to a meeting. Head over to our website (https://portal.clubrunner.ca/454) and learn more about us. Send us a message and we'll let you know about our upcoming meetings, our meeting format, what Rotary does, and how Rotary can become one of the most meaningful aspects of your life.

At Tuesday's meeting, one of our newest members, Dr. Denis Vincent, spoke about ezReferral (http://ezreferral.org), a must-have service for health care professionals and their patients.


The service (Dr. Vincent is the founder and CEO) makes it possible for health professionals to send referrals easily and securely through the cloud, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, including the patient. The system automatically notifies and reminds patients of what's up, which means patients don't have to wonder what's really happening with those referrals their physicians said they made.


The ezReferral system means no more faxing. Faxing is an archaic, inefficient method of communicating, and as Dr. Vincent points out, lost faxes can and do put patients' lives at risk. A referral that's acted upon in a timely manner can save a life.


Dr. Vincent and his innovation partners built ezReferral as a social enterprise. It won the Canadian Medical Association’s top prize for innovation last year.


Ask your health care professional if he/she uses or knows about ezReferral. If the answer is "no," then forward him/her this article about the downfalls of old-fashioned faxing: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/…/article-why-are-fax-mach…/ and encourage him/her to advocate for a change. Some health professionals are already on board, but bureaucracy is an impediment. Advocacy can make a difference--and save lives.




On May 31st, we enjoyed a lovely "cinq à sept" farewell party for long-time club member Mary McLean. We gathered at the home of member Lindsay Robinson to celebrate Mary's years with our club and to wish her well as she prepares to move far away from us, but closer to her family.

Good-bye Mary. We are going to miss you. We thank you for your many years of stellar "service above self." (And here are just a few photos of the delightful evening.)






Another great meeting on Tuesday. Induction happened first. Meet our newest club member, Dr. Denis Vincent, family physician and innovator (http://www.cbc.ca/…/ezreferral-alberta-denis-vincent-1.4248…). Welcome to the Rotary family, Denis! And thanks, club member Stephen Lau, for inviting Denis to our meetings to learn about Rotary and now embrace it.

We were also treated to an informative presentation about University of Alberta’s High School Model United Nations (HSMUN) 2018 Conference (https://hsmun.org), of which our club has been the primary sponsor for the past six years.

Thanks, Perrin Michalyshyn (HSMUN 2018 Secretary General), Abdel Tayem (HSMUN 2019 Secretary General), and Azan Esmail (HSMUN 2020 Secretary General), for telling us about the issues/debates and how students solve world problems.





On May 22nd, we welcomed Reverend Mark Bayrock (Всечесніший о. Марко Байрак) as a member of our club. Yay!!! His classification: Minister of Religion. We're delighted that he has chosen to become part of the Rotary family. We're sure he'll find many ways to put his skills and expertise to use as he helps us in our projects and endeavours.
Our Scotch Mist 2018 event took place on Friday, May 11th. It was a lively event and raised funds to help support our inner city school programs. Thanks to all who helped with the event and all who attended. 
More pics . . . . 
At Tuesday's club meeting, Dr. Tom Greidanus gave a presentation about Operation Esperanza 2018, and some members of the Operation Esperanza team joined him to tell stories about the patients and volunteers, and how lives are changed. Our club, of which Dr. Tom is a member, received a Rotary Global Grant to support the mission. 
Here's Dr. Tom with some team members. Left to Right: Cynthia Dusseault, Paul Dusseault, Dr. Tom, Sharon Litchfield, Mary Knight, Suzy Depledge
Dr. Tom with Paul Dusseault, who has been handling the mission's finances for the past 5 years.
We welcomed another new member into our Rotary club on Tuesday. Lola Ibraimova, born in Uzbekistan, is a licensed immigration consultant, fluent in four languages. She has a resume that’s nothing short of impressive, and we are delighted she has chosen to join our club.
Our guest speaker at the meeting, Reverend Mark Bayrock, gave us a fascinating presentation about his sabbatical year, during which he embarked on a road trip through Canada and US, one highlight of which was attending the Fiat Club of America’s annual gathering in Michigan. He also spent a few months at a monastery in California and studied for a semester at the Pontifical North American College in Rome, Italy. Quite a journey!
At our meeting last Tuesday, Svetlana Pavlenko was inducted into our club. We are delighted that she has chosen to join the Rotary family--and our club in particular. Svetlana is the Executive Director of the JDIC (Jewish) Seniors' Centre and has a wealth of expertise to draw upon as she takes part in the endeavours of Rotary.
We also want to thank Gem Munro for delivering a passionate talk about the Amarok Society, which he founded with his family. The Amarok Society teaches uneducated mothers, in the poorest areas of the world, so they, in turn, can teach their children and the children in their communities. It's not about building schools and libraries; it's about sustainable, cost-effective education. The teaching happens in houses, on rooftops . . . wherever the teachers and students have a space to teach and learn. Check out the website of the Amarok Society, and learn about its work and its impact--on mothers, on children, on the world. You'll see that, as the society's motto states, "If you teach a mother, you teach a family. If you teach five mothers, you teach a neighbourhood."

At Tuesday's club meeting, Raemonde Bezenar, Executive Director of the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Society of Canada, donned her gorilla suit and gave us an impassioned talk about her work with the endangered gorillas of Africa.


In May of this year, to raise money for students pursuing careers in veterinary medicine--and who will potentially become "gorilla doctors" for these great apes--Raemonde will be spending 12 days trekking to Everest Base Camp and then participating in the 60 Km Extreme Ultra Everest Marathon. Please consider supporting Raemonde in her efforts by donating to her GoFundMe campaign.




University of Alberta’s High School Model United Nations (HSMUN) 2018 Conference!


This year marks the 16th anniversary of HSMUN, and for the past 16 years the University of Alberta campus has been transformed for three days of each year into a realm of negotiation and intrigue. High school students from across the province had the opportunity to work together through real life scenarios. Riverview Rotary is pleased to continue to support the HSMUN financially each year.


HSMUN 2018 will took place from Thursday, February 22 to Saturday, February 24, 2018 at the U of A north campus. The conference  commenced with opening ceremonies on Thursday night and wrap up on Saturday afternoon with closing plenary.


The mission is over. Sixty-five volunteers from Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba travelled to Cuenca, Ecuador early this month to take part in Operation Esperanza, the orthopedic-dental mission that provides much-needed surgeries and dental treatment to disadvantaged individuals. Here's the team enjoying an evening of food and entertainment provided by our partner club, Club Rotario Tomebamba. There was good reason for the team to celebrate this year. A record number of surgeries were performed (44 hip and knee replacements for adults, 17 surgeries for children with a variety of orthopedic conditions), and 381 adults and children were provided with dental treatment. Kudos to Operation Esperanza team leader, Dr. Tom Greidanus, a member of our club, for another successful Operation Esperanza mission.
The snow didn't stop the show, and what a show it was! Here's to the organizing team, the judges, the performers, and everyone who attended "Rotary's Got Talent!" Proceeds are going to the Emmanuel Foundation, to help hurricane victims rebuild.
Here are a few pics from the event. Go to our Facebook page to see more.
Our judges: Bryan Hall, Ingrid Neitsch, Rob Christie, and Frank Reitz
MC Miles Gibson
Brent Collingwood, singing a sea shanty
Duff Robison, who closed the show in style
Congratulations to club member Dr. Tom Greidanus, who received his Paul Harris x2 pin at this morning's club meeting. Paul Harris pins honor donors to the Rotary Foundation, which supports life-changing projects around the world. Dr. Tom Greidanus will soon be heading to Ecuador with a large team of volunteers on the orthopedic/dental Operation Esperanza mission. A grant from the Rotary Foundation supports this mission.
Here's Dr. Tom (left) receiving his pin from club president Paul Dusseault.

We live longer than ever before, and life is indeed a gift. But, along with that longevity often comes chronic illnesses, dementia, and a host of other conditions and issues. Dr. Jean Triscott (https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/about/people/jean-triscott), Professor and Director of the Division of Care of the Elderly, spoke at our Tuesday morning club meeting about the work being done to improve the care of the elderly and make life better for us in our twilight years.

Read more about the work of the Division of Care of the Elderly here: https://www.ualberta.ca/…/a…/division-of-care-of-the-elderly.

Here's club member Chris Gowers thanking Dr. Triscott for taking the time to talk to us.

Thanks and thanks again to the Honourable Stephanie McLean, Minister of Service Alberta. Through her efforts, the Alberta Government was most gracious in responding to our request for surplus wheelchairs, tables, and chairs.

Our club partners with a few charities, especially the Emmanuel Foundation https://www.efoundation.ca, which ships containers full of playgrounds, medical equipment, and educational materials worldwide. In the extra spaces of those containers, we stick our tables, chairs, sewing machines, and other donations. Off they go to countries like Nicaragua, Uganda, and Belize.

Here are some photos of our work parties loading up wheelchairs and disassembling and loading up tables for delivery to the Emmanuel Foundation's distribution centre. Way to go, Riverview Rotary!
























At Tuesday morning's club meeting, Cynthia Dusseault gave her classification talk, telling the story of the career journey (from radiation therapy technologist to elementary school teacher, and including a little dabble in the travel agency business) that led her to become a freelance writer. Her 20-year writing career encompasses magazine articles, blogs, marketing materials, web copy, a picture book for children (published by Scholastic Canada), video scripts, corporate history projects . . . you name it.

Cynthia considers herself to be the least photogenic person on the planet, so instead of a photo of her, here's a photo of the portfolio pieces she brought to the meeting.

What better way to start 2018 than with a fundraiser? And a fun fundraiser to boot! Everyone is welcome--Rotarians and non-Rotarians. Bring your family. Bring your friends.

Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview
Invites You To

The First Annual

Rotary's Got Talent!

With proceeds to be donated to hurricane relief efforts.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Be "wowed" by the talent of Rotarians
and friends and relatives of Rotarians.

Enjoy the commentary of a panel of "celebrity" judges.
This is purely entertainment. Performers won't be awarded prizes.

Tickets: $45 per person
(includes buffet dinner and show)

Dinner starts at 6:00 pm.
Show starts at 7:00 pm.

The Carvery Buffet Royale
3318 Gateway Boulevard
Edmonton AB T6J 6V1

Click to buy tickets!
Or copy and paste this url into your browser: https://goo.gl/EqCUwR
This morning, at our weekly breakfast meeting, club members and guests were treated to a presentation by our own Miles Gibson, long-term Rotarian, our club's current membership director, and (as of October of this year) Ironman. Miles talked about the rigorous training he undertook to prepare for the Ironman competition in Cambridge, Maryland this fall, and also about what it was like to spend 12 hours and 31 minutes completing a 2.4-mile (3.86 km) swim, followed by a 112-mile (180.25 km) bicycle ride, followed by a 26.22-mile (42.20 km) run. 
What a story! What an accomplishment!
On Saturday, Dec. 2nd, our club sponsored and served a hot meal at the McCauley Senior’s Drop-In Centre, operated by Operation Friendship Seniors Society. This society provides a range of services to disadvantaged inner city seniors. It's cold out there, and the drop-in centre is where seniors can come to warm up, have a cup of coffee, get some socks and mittens and toques (donations are always welcome), and have a hot meal. The OFSS also operates housing facilities for seniors, and it works with the city's landlords to help find long-term housing solutions.
Such stories of hardship lie behind the faces of the seniors who come to the centre. There are many opportunities for volunteers to help.
So . . .
Getting ready to fill plates in the kitchen . . .
Our kitchen crew . . . 
Our serving crew . . . 

On December 1st, several of club members headed to Southgate Mall to volunteer for The Salvation Army's Christmas Kettle Campaign, which helps support those in need at Christmas and year round. Thanks to the busy shoppers who took the time to stop, say "hi," and put something in the kettle. Every little bit helps to make the holiday season brighter for those who have less. 

There is no greater joy than giving. 


Here are Norm Johnson and Paul Dusseault, who took the last shift at the Christmas Kettle.


Thanks to Wayne Kauffman (on the left), our district's Rotary Foundation Chair, and Wayne McCutcheon (right), our Grants Chair (District & Global), for once again providing us with insight into The Rotary Foundation--the foundation that funds life-changing projects around the world.
Through district and global grants, our district's clubs are able to make a difference in the lives of our fellow human beings. Our own club has obtained several grants, most recently to dig a well and bring clean water to a community in Uganda, and also to support our international orthopedic/dental mission, Operation Esperanza, to Ecuador. 
Congratulations to Dean Wood (left) on receiving his Paul Harris x 4 pin from Wayne Kauffman. Dean is a committed donor to The Rotary Foundation. 
It's easy to donate. Head here: https://www.rotary.org/en/donate

Rotary news from the District Governor

We had the good fortune to have the Rotary District Governor, Frank Reitz from Fort McMurray, at our meeting this past week. Thanks so much Frank for attending and sharing the latest Rotary news and vision to our members.

We need your help to feed hungry Edmontonians!


Riverview Rotary heard that Edmonton's Food Bank is experiencing a shortage of donations -- food and funds. We have committed $5,000 to this wonderful organization and the cheque is already making its way there now.

We're asking your help in matching our donation and sending another $5,000 to Edmonton's Food Bank that does so much for so many.


Our club has a long history of serving meals to Edmonton's needy, whether they are the children and families who belong to our inner city school communities, or they are disadvantaged seniors struggling to meet their basic needs. But, on a daily basis, people in our city are hungry, and Edmonton's Food Bank is there for them. Visit the website of Edmonton's Food Bank to learn more.

Riverview Rotary's newest member - Shayan Jalali

Riverview Rotary is pleased to welcome Shayan to our club and the big world of Rotary. We are looking forward to getting to know Shayan and helping make our world a better place for all.

Ambulance comes from the Latin word "Ambulare"

"Ambulare" in Latin means "to walk or move about" which references the early medical care where patients were moved by lifting or wheeling. An important and essential item for any community to help provide medical care.
Club member, Roman Bayrock, and Riverview Rotary friend, Sandra McDonald, were able to acquire another ambulance to share with a community in Belize. After a thorough mechanical inspection and it loaded with donated medical items ... it is ready to go and will be heading down to Belize within a couple of weeks! Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.


Riverview Rotary is pleased to welcome Cynthia Dusseault to our club. Cynthia has helped at countless events, fundraisers, and community service activities side-by-side for a long time. We are pleased that Cynthia will be taking her "service above self" to the next level working with us as a fellow Rotarian. Thank you Cynthia!

Judy & Ron!

Judy Harcourt-Brown and Ron Brown were the successful bidders at our Operation Esperanza fundraiser to send Dr. Greidanus to Ecuador for hip and knee operations last October.  They bid on an fun filled adventure packed jet boat trip down the North Saskatchewan river  from Edmonton to Devon. After a stuffed salmon BBQ ,  a quick zip back and a great time was had by all.   We even got hung up, unintentionally I might add, on a gravel bar.  Kudos to Judy and Ron for being gracious outdoors people.  Can’t think of nicer people to go boating with.
On June 20, John Williams, Lindsay Robinson and Roman Bayrock were presented with Paul Harris Pins in recognition of their support of the Rotary Foundation! What great examples of Service Before Self!

Rotary International Convention

Paul, our incoming President, and his lovely wife, Cynthia, attended Rotary International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia to experience the hospitality of the American South and share with fellow Rotarians from around the world.

Operation Esperanza Expanded

It is amazing the friendships that has been built spanning thousands of kilometers from Edmonton, Canada to Cuenca, Ecuador as we work with the Tomebamba Rotary Club. A couple of years ago we met with the local orphanage, Hogar Miguel Leon, that the Tomebamba Club was helping to see how else we can support their work.

An Elegant Evening of SCOTCH MIST!

Come and enjoy a unique experience of pairing fine scotch whiskies featuring Flaming Heart with a three course dinner.
All funds raised will support inner city youth programs.
Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
Doors: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Royal Glenora Club (11160 River Valley Road)
Tickets on Sale soon...

How many Rotarians can you fit in an Ambulance?

Only actually one - the driver with his trusty co-pilot volunteer. A 5 week odyssey from Edmonton to Miami, then a barge to Belize City. Then the ambulance is off to the Southern Regional Health District to be commissioned and sent to work.

All you need to know to nominate ....

Nomination Form and Criteria
Integrity is defined as a moral soundness, uprightness, and honesty. The District 5370 Capital Region Rotary clubs annually present Integrity Awards to promote high ethical standards and raise awareness of Rotary ideals. The purpose of these awards is to honour adult, non-Rotarian members of the community for their integrity as citizens. Each participating club recognizes one such individual at an annual Dinner.
Also, we are looking for 3-4 people who would be interested in volunteering for an hour or so to discuss nominees and make a selection on behalf of the club. If you are interested in this role, please let Karen know by end of day Tuesday, March 14.

A Riverview Rotary 2016-2017 Update

There is always a missing piece to my puzzles at home. I often try to fake it with a new piece I just drew on a post-it note, but I always get called out. Below are some points and information about the work at Riverview Rotary to help share the knowledge. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or simply seeking clarification.

The Rotary Foundation: "To Do Good In The World"

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
A monthly donation of $15 (CDN) to the Rotary Foundation will allow you to fulfill $100 (US) per Rotarian each year and then some. Join the movement to make a difference.
The Rotary Foundation (Canada) is a Canadian federally chartered corporation and Canadian registered charity supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of The Rotary Foundation who share its vision of a better world. Join the millions of Rotarians giving to Our Foundation and know that you are doing good in the world.
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Executive Secretary
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Rotary Foundation
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