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We held our Annual General Meeting  on Wednesday November 28, 2018. We heard reports from the directors then resolved;
  1. Incoming executive will be;
Executive Committee
•        President – Shannon Troke
•        Secretary – tba
•        Treasurer – tba
•        President Elect – Cindy Davis
•        Past President – David Keam
•        Club Services & Sergeant at Arms – tba
Board of Directors
•        Membership & Vocational Services – tba
•        Community Services – tba
•        Youth Services – tba
•        Public Image/Relations & Foundation – tba
•        Fundraisers and Club Social Activities – tba
  1. Audit Committee will be;
    1. Tony Thibaudeau
    2. Peter Elder and;
    3. Dave Dorcus
  1. Financial statements approved as read
  1. By Laws amended to more accurately reflect the procedure we follow to select our President and board.
Lorne reported that plans are underway for another Club trip to Mozambique to visit our school. If you are interested please get in touch with Lorne.
No  Breakfast on November 21 2018
We did not have a breakfast meeting this week but our Club was very busy.
On the evening of November 21 we gathered at the Faculty Club on the U of A campus for a great meal then the  Honourable Anne McLellan spoke. Anne was the chair of the Cannabis Committee, she spoke about the Committee’s hearings, it’s findings, some of the initial observations from legalisation and her predictions. It was a great evening and we all learned something.
Then, on the weekend we assembled to ring the bells and man the Salvation Army Kettle at the Superstore on Calgary Trail. An opportunity to do some good, be seen in the community and enjoy a little fellowship.
Upcoming Events

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President Elect
Services - Club Sergeant at Arms
Community Services
Youth Services
Fundraise & Club Social