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We had a great meeting on Wednesday January 20.
Joan Coyle recently had back surgery, she  is recovering from her surgery. That is good news. We are all thinking about you Joan.
Our Speaker this week was Kent McMullin  Kent is one of Judy’s co–workers and she describes him as “on of the good ones”
Kent is with the Department of Economic Development. Kent gave us a very interesting presentation on the City structure and efforts that are being made to attract and keep economic development in Edmonton and the Edmonton region. He talked about
  1. The recent change of focus to attract business to the region and reduce completion between neighbouring municipalities and counties (Edmonton metro regional board)
    • regional transit
    • Waste energy
    • Climate change
    • Economic development
  • Breakdown of City Departments and their roles
  • Annexation negotiations
  • Calgary has 8 satellite municipalities while Edmonton has 13. This gives the Calgary region a significant competitive advantage when marketing the region to potential businesses.
  • A large Hydrogen plant that is planned to be constructed in Edmonton  ($1.5 billion project)
Great presentation. Interesting things that our City is doing.
Up Coming Events
Jan 26 - at 5:30 p.m. Pub Night in Memory of Agnes - at the Faculty Club (upstairs room).  All are welcome.  Please RSVP to E_bonkink@hotmail.com and note that proof of vaccination will be required.
Feb 2 - Speaker needed.  Please let Gary know if you have a speaker to fill this spot.
Feb 6 - Sleighride atIron Horse Turtle Ranch (51222 RR#224 Sherwood Park, AB T8C 1H3) at 2:30 p.m.  Cost is $10/pp.  Please RSVP to Deb at kojakjack245@gmail.com
Feb 9 - Cherise Frederick, Pediatric Nurse - speaking about what it is like to be on the frontline.
Feb 16 - Speaker TBA
Feb 23 - Pub Night
Mar 3 - Speaker TBA
Mar 9 - Connie Varnhagen from Alberta Helping Animals Society
Mar 16 - Speaker TBA
Mar 23 - Pub Night
The zoom link for all of our speakers will be:
Our club has provided scholarships to graduating high school students each year.
Our Youth Director, Jamie Pallett, has conducted a reviewed and revised the criteria we will use to select recipients .
This year we will be providing three scholarships to high school students.  One to a student attending a public high school (Harry Ainlay this year), one to a student attending a catholic high school (to be determined) and one to a student (20 yrs +) completing high school through some sort of support agency.
We will attempt to set the annual scholarship financial amount as $1000.  
The recipient criteria is as follows 
1.  Historical GPA range of 50 to 75 percent
2.  Perceives education positively, is in good standing with the school and is enrolling in University in September 2021.  
2.  Has experience (within the last 16 months) of organizing or participating in some type of voluntary community service work (can not be an experience related to school course requirement).
3.  Is an active participant in a sport and/or arts and/or theatre   
4.  Is dealing with a personal challenge that stems from a situation that is beyond their control (i.e.: health, family, etc)
5.  Is able to indicate how the financial support will help them move closer to a personal goal or achievement.
Nominations will be accepted until April 30th.  Recipients will be chosen in May and the scholarships awarded in June.
I am attaching an email that Lorne received from our contact in Mozambique. As you can see they are dealing with Covid there too but they have been able to proceed with the construction. It is a piece of good news for the new year.
Thank you for sharing the news Lorne.
Good to hear from you. From this side we are doing well hope you are too.  
The Macambacuine School reopened in November the 2nd and closed for short break of two weeks that is from December 21st to 03 January 2021.  The headmistress Mrs. Henriqueta told me that the 2020 school year will be closed on February. On March 2021 will begin a new school year. The school maintenance balance enabled the school to set up new system of washing hands.  Also we set up the water tank behind the boys washrooms. Thus, the school was reopened after the inspection from the government authorities. 
After placing water tank and testing to see if the water enters, we found that the pump doesn't work. We asked someone who works on pump repair to help us. He told us that some parts of the pump had damaged because it has not been used for a long time due to the closure of the school by Covid-19. After repairing, he charged 7500 Meticais, which with the current exchange corresponds to 110 to 115 USD. So we have a debt of 7,500.00 Meticais. We apologize for not having communicated in advance. 
We appreciate for your precious support to Macambacuine school kids. May God continue blessing you. 
Find the attached Mambacuine School pictures and the treasurer financial report. 
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! 
Filipe Macaringue 
Our speaker this week was our own Dr. Lorne Parker.
Lorne talked about his recent trip to Mozambique and his plans for further school development in that country.
Lorne had a rocky start to his presentation. His laptop had “upgraded” software so, of course, his carefully prepared presentation would not work. However, being an ex military man, Lorne was able to “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.
Lorne visited our school in Xia Xia and reported that the enrollment is up further and the bathrooms have been completed. The wall had been damaged in the recent typhoon but, otherwise, the school is in great shape.
Lorne also talked about his visit to the Canadian Embassy in Maputo. He told us that the Ambassador had visited a school in the Maputo region and been dismayed by the conditions. Over 2500 kids were being educated in the outdoors under trees. The washroom conditions were so poor that they were a health hazard to the students and staff. The Embassy had heard about our school in Xia Xia and they invited Lorne to meet with them and asked him to help them with a project to construct new washrooms and a school on that site.
The Embassy has negotiated with the local government so that they will match our construction on the site and he is reaching out to other Clubs to assist with our funding.
Hopefully we will have our new charitable society, Steven’s Hoe for Mozambique”, in place to assist with fundraising for the project.
Thanks Lorne for all of your good work. You make our club look good.
Official opening of the last washroom block at Macambucuine (Edmonton Gateway Rotary Club) School in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. Additional support for the washrooms from the Yellowknife Rotary Club. Our school has grown from 378 students to over 1,700 today...and growing. Starting our third school in Matola, Mozambique on Monday.

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