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We had a good turnout back at theDelta Hotel this week. We met in the grand ballroom on the main flor this week. There was a little more room than we needed and some of our members (including yours truly) wandered around the second floor looking for the meeting room for a while.
I remind you that the U of A Rotaract Club is hosting a fundraiser “Rotaraction for Change” again this year. This year the proceeds will go to the Dogs with Wings organisation. It will be at the McKay Avenue School on the evening of March 28. Our Club sponsors the U of A Rotaract Club and we should do our best to get enough members out to fill a table.
Irene Cetinski was a great supporter of the Mustard Seed and we are hosting a Mustard Seed dinner in her honour on April 2nd  name. . Stay tuned for more information.
Our speaker this week was  Anne-Marie Kallal. Anne-Marie is executive of CCILEX – Cultural Connections Institute - The learning Exchange.
Anne-Marie talked about the important work that her organization to help newcomers to our City learn the language, learn our culture and engage.
Since 2003, CCI-LEX has been changing the lives of thousands of newcomers to Edmonton by promoting the personal growth of adult learners through English language instruction and the exchange of cultural knowledge.
CCILEX’s vision is that all English language learners are able to engage and contribute to their communities in a way that is meaningful to them.
Week of Feb 26 2020
We did not have a regular meeting this week but five of us got together for an informal gathering over breakfast. We shared fellowship. While we were there we spotted a note that had been posted on the wall in remembrance of David Winfield by one of his many other Clubs.
 On Thursday evening many of us gathered again at the Lions Head Pub for a Pub Night. There was a power point “slide show” pf Dave Winfield phot0s, great British atmosphere, adult beverages and lots of stories about Dave shared by our members, people from other Clubs, people from Rotary District and other friends of Dave. It was a great event. Thank you for putting it all together Elizabeth.
Our speaker this week was our own Dr. Lorne Parker.
Lorne talked about his recent trip to Mozambique and his plans for further school development in that country.
Lorne had a rocky start to his presentation. His laptop had “upgraded” software so, of course, his carefully prepared presentation would not work. However, being an ex military man, Lorne was able to “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.
Lorne visited our school in Xia Xia and reported that the enrollment is up further and the bathrooms have been completed. The wall had been damaged in the recent typhoon but, otherwise, the school is in great shape.
Lorne also talked about his visit to the Canadian Embassy in Maputo. He told us that the Ambassador had visited a school in the Maputo region and been dismayed by the conditions. Over 2500 kids were being educated in the outdoors under trees. The washroom conditions were so poor that they were a health hazard to the students and staff. The Embassy had heard about our school in Xia Xia and they invited Lorne to meet with them and asked him to help them with a project to construct new washrooms and a school on that site.
The Embassy has negotiated with the local government so that they will match our construction on the site and he is reaching out to other Clubs to assist with our funding.
Hopefully we will have our new charitable society, Steven’s Hoe for Mozambique”, in place to assist with fundraising for the project.
Thanks Lorne for all of your good work. You make our club look good.
Official opening of the last washroom block at Macambucuine (Edmonton Gateway Rotary Club) School in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. Additional support for the washrooms from the Yellowknife Rotary Club. Our school has grown from 378 students to over 1,700 today...and growing. Starting our third school in Matola, Mozambique on Monday.

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