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The Rotary Club of Langley Central

Langley Central

Service Above Self

Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday At 12:15pm. Buffet opens at 11:30am.
Newlands Golf & Country Club
21025 48th Avenue
Langley, BC  V3A 3M3
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What a fabulous night. The food was outstanding and the company even better, coupled with a host like Terry and Judy Smith it had to be a recipe for success. Thank you everyone for all the preparations you undertook. A big surprise was Claudia's husband Mathew who prepared a plate out of a Paris magazine, only wish I had taken a photograph. In all the food choices were so well blended that if you were to try and prepare a full menu with dishes that compliment each other, this would have been hard to beat.
To the guests that made the evening special. Thank You.
For years, nurses and midwives at the Mwituria Dispensary would dread women going into labour at night. The clinic initially had a solar power system to meet their electrical needs. However, over the years, wear and tear and lack of proper maintenance led to collapse of the power system. This plunged the clinic into darkness, which meant torchlight deliveries were the norm. Any complications were made ten times more difficult to treat under low light conditions.
Meet our newest member Karla Barton. We were fortunate to have Rotary International VP Dean Rohrs available to do the induction ceremony. I have the feeling that Karla will be a huge asset to the club, already she is eager to join a committee. Welcome aboard Karla, it may take a while to adjust but when you do you will find we are one big family. 
Vivian Smith and Craig Goulet paid a visit to the club to talk about the new expansion to the emergency department of LMH. The expansion will increase the number of treatment spaces in the emergency department to 49 from 31, and will also have a separate pediatric waiting area for children. There will be separate entries for walk-in patients and ambulance arrivals to increase privacy, and the number of trauma bays will increase from one to two. To minimize the risk of infection, additional hand washing stations, utility rooms, a decontamination area, and an isolation room will be added. Mental health and substance use patients will also benefit from a secure, separate treatment area so their needs can be addressed privately and in a way that best supports the care they require.
Jeff Morfitt gave us the rundown about a new project that's available namely a Ribfest. Jeff pointed out the opportunity would be available to Langley only if we jumped on board now. If Surrey were to take the event then we would be left in the dark owing to the distance between boundaries set by the organization. Happy to report that all four clubs are on board and we have a go. Now we have to make this a major event for Langley. On a side note I noticed the clubs who took the bull by the horns and held their first Ribfest returned for a second kick at the cat. (northeast terminology) some clubs doing third and forth events. Looking forward to next year already. 
A great presentation from Leanne Cassup of ICBC and Sergeant Patrick from the RCMP. We think of distracted driving as texting and phoning while driving. Not true, there are a hundred reasons to become distracted. Appyling makeup, reading a book, eating Chinese food while steering with your knees are but a few. Main point about phone use, if you have it in your hand while driving or standing at the lights, it's an automatic fine. No excuse will get you of the hook. Watch out for that guy on the corner or a long distance camera (1.2km) before you make that choice to use your phone. 
This weeks meeting saw the induction of three new members into the club. The names were Tab Buckner, Claudia Lingkost and a transferring member from Chilliwack Jackie Smith. 
Many years ago we had the opportunity to go to Mexico to deliver and disperse wheelchairs. It will bring back fond memories for a number of members in the club. Due to one of our speakers having to decline the appointment to speak at the club, a young lady by the name of Christiana Flessner stood up to the plate. Christiana is the Executive Director of the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation and gave a wonderful talk about the need for the foundation. Many of those with disabilities in third world countries rely on the family to transport them by physical means. A wheelchair can make a great difference to the life of one person. Maybe it's time for a revisit.
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    September 11
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    September 29
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