The Rotary Club of
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Chartered 1974
March 23, 2018
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Edmonton Strathcona
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We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
German Canadian Cultural Assoc.
8310 Roper Road NW
Edmonton, AB  T6E 6E3
(780) 466-5566
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Jewish Senior Citizen's Centre - News


A new feature on our website and newsletter (e-Strathconian) will be occasional news items from the Jewish Senior Citizen's Centre.
The full bimonthly, Mar-Apr, publication can be seen HERE  
Upcoming Events
YESS Volunteer Opportunity
Caesars BINGO, West Edmonton Mall
Apr 01, 2018 – Nov 25, 2018
Casino, Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona, 2018
Casino Edmonton - Argyll
May 23, 2018 9:00 AM –
May 24, 2018 3:30 AM
Arch Casino
Casino Edmonton Argyll
Jul 04, 2018 9:30 AM –
Jul 05, 2018
Ken Sutley, Classification Refresher
On Tuesday we heard from long time member, Ken Sutley, who gave us a refresher since his last classification talk, given shortly after he joined our club in 1994. Ken’s classification is Chartered Accountant, Consulting.
Ken was born and raised in Edmonton, as the youngest of three children. His family was quite musical and they all played instruments or sang together as a family. Ken also loved to spend time with his father fixing up old cars. He attended Delton Elementary, HA Gray Junior High and Queen Elizabeth High School in Edmonton. He then went on to get a B. Comm. from the U. of A. in Edmonton. Ken loved bowling and belonged to the bowling club at the U. of A. He articled at Deloitte and wrote the very challenging four day exam to become a Chartered Accountant in 1976. During this time Ken also married and had two children. Ken worked as an accountant for a while but then decided that he would like to be able to teach accounting. He worked for a while at the U of A as a sessional instructor and then looked into going back to school to earn a PhD. He had a choice of several different pathways and Universities. He chose the University of Chicago, as they had a highly respected academic reputation and also because his sister lived just outside of Chicago. In retrospect, he said that this may not have been the wisest choice for him and his family.
In 1982 he and his wife took their two small children and moved to Chicago. Ken had obtained a five year student stipend (in Canadian dollars) that would support them while there, so they went on student visas. This meant that neither he nor his wife were allowed to earn income in the US. Unfortunately, the value of the Canadian dollar dropped every year and it soon turned into some very tough years financially. In addition to this, Chicago was a very tough, violent place to live.  As he soon found out, the working culture at the University of Chicago, was also not the best, with most professors being very unsupportive, and more often than not, outright nasty to most of their students. His only moments of sanity came when his family visited with his sister, or when he sang with a local choir that she had encouraged him to join.  
He received his PhD in 1984 and moved back to Edmonton with his family, just in time for the Klein government cutbacks to nearly everything. He spent five years in a tenure track position at the U of A, but left in 1992 to start his own accounting practice. Ken joined Rotary in 1994 and has held many different positions within our local club and district and still continues to do so. In 2001, Ken and his wife divorced and Ken returned to teaching on contract at the U. of A. His father soon became ill and he spent the next six years caring for his father and then his mother.
In 2006, Ken joined Grant MacEwan, to help them build their accounting program. He taught there until his retirement in 2016. He has never looked back since. Ken now enjoys being able to do the things he loves. He has returned to singing and playing bridge. He belongs to the Cosmopolitan Choral Society and has recently earned a bridge Life Master milestone. He also enjoys travelling and spending time with his two children who are now both married with children of their own. We would like thank Ken for this insight into his life, and also for the many contributions of talent and time that he has made to our club over the years.
Tanis Munro, Amarok Society Update

This past Tuesday, Tanis Munro, from the Amarok Society gave us a short update and showed a short video on what they have been doing recently. The Amarok Society’s ‘Teach a Mother’ program is based in the slums of Bangladesh and Pakistan. It gives women a basic education for free, on the condition that they then go home and teach five children of both genders what they have learned each day.


This program fills a need for the many families who can not afford to send their children to a traditional school. It also helps to empower women and girls by helping to change gender relations within families and communities. She also said that it gives these children an entirely new path in life, as they will now have access to many educational and occupational opportunities that would otherwise be closed to them.

In closing, Tanis said that she would like to thank our club for our ongoing support for this program.

JPP Interactors in action at RMH
Rotary Interact Club of J. Percy Page High School Provide The RMH Home For Dinner With An Italian Feast & a Danish Twist
The Rotary Interact Club of J. Percy High School made their third trip of the school year to Ronald McDonald House for the Home For Dinner Program. They served up dinner for 100 people. An Italian feast of meat and vegetarian lasagna’s , dinner buns, veggie platters, potato salad, fruit plates, juice beverages, and a lovely Easter cake.
The large contingent of Interactors did a great job of preparing, serving, and cleaning up the dinner. In addition, they were busy, including they had a tour of RMH, cleaned, and artistically decorated paper lunch bags for the RMH Lunch Program, while meeting the resident families and staff.
The Danish Twist was not the dessert, it was Andreas , our favourite Rotary Exchange student from Denmark. He is currently being hosted by the Downtown Edmonton Rotary Club. He is attending grade 11 at McNally High School, is a Rotary Interact member at Victoria Composite High School, and has been very active in our Rotary District, including being the guest speaker at a lunch meeting of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona. Andreas will be the guest speaker at the Rotary Interact Club lunch meeting on Thursday April 19th.
Thanks to our J. Percy Page Teacher Rep, Karen, and newcomer Tuso, the Social Studies teacher who wants to help with the Rotary Interact Club. Also thanks to our great Rotary Drivers, Hans Granholm, Rose Marie Basaraba, Vi Hughes, Dennis Freeman, and Ken Germain.
The Ronald McDonald House residents, out of town families who have sick children receiving major medical care in Edmonton were very grateful, and send a special warm thank you to everyone who helped make this first day of spring special.
Rotary Best Regards,
Eric Germain
YESS volunteer opportunity
Hello,  We are in search of volunteers to help work at a Caesars BINGO  in West Edmonton Mall.   YESS has been selected as one of the charities of choice.  They require at least 2 volunteers at any of the following dates:
Sunday April 1st – Evening Shift
Friday May 25th  - Evening Shift
Saturday September 8th – Afternoon Shift
Thursday October 4th – Evening Shift
Sunday November 25th – Evening Shift
Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be willing to volunteer a shift in support of YESS at the Caesars BINGO hall in West Edmonton Mall.   Thanks you so much.
YESS—Youth Empowerment & Support Services
T 780-468-7070 Ext. 234  |  780-466-1374
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Hockey Pool For Polio Eradication


The final trading week is over. Teams are now locked down.
Good luck!

Welcome to the Rotary Hockey Pool For Polio Eradication, Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona



Here’s some interesting facts about THIS hockey pool!!

Pool is limited to 330 participants, Entry fee is $30, Every entry automatically make a donation of $15 to PolioPlus, Every entry automatically adds $15 to the prize pool, Each team will consist of 3 goalies, 8 defenceman and 12 forwards for a total of 23 players, get rid of those underperforming or injured players during the 2 trade weeks incorporated into the schedule.

Test your hockey knowledge by building your own team from scratch!


To register click here: CLOSED

After registering you will receive an email with a link to the online pool.


Hockey Pool Rules are as follows:


Pool is limited to 330 participants

Entry fee is $30  Registration closes November 30th 2017 11:50 pm

Every entry automatically make a donation of $15 to PolioPlus

Every entry automatically adds $15 to the prize pool

Each team will be made up of 3 goalies, 8 defenceman and 12 forwards for a total of 23 players

** Teams that exceed the above player allocations will be deleted by Admin**


January 1-7th 2018 is a trade week, teams can trade up to 3 players

March 1-7th 2018 is a trade week, teams can trade up to 3 players


Prize Pool is allocated as follows:


40% of accumulated prize pool is paid to the participant with highest overall team score

20% of accumulated prize pool is paid to the participant with the highest performing group of 12 forwards

20% of accumulated prize pool is paid to the participant with the highest performing group of 8 defenceman

10% of accumulated prize pool is paid to the participant with the highest performing group of 3 goalies

10% of accumulated prize pool is paid to online transaction fees.

**Ties in any of the above categories will be split evenly among winners**


AGLC Raffle Licence# 477118
    No tax receipts issued for this event.
Patrick Gibson, New Hope School Fundraising Presentation

New Hope School

Our Rotary group has partnered in a joint venture with the Rotary Club of Pretoria to help raise funds for the New Hope School in Pretoria. Patrick Gibson has put together a presentation that he will be making to the other rotary clubs in our area to encourage them to help us with this venture. Our goal is to put enough funding in place for us to be able to apply for a Rotary International matching grant.
Patrick gave us the same presentation he will be making to other local rotary groups. It included a short introduction on the New Hope School, followed by a video that has been prepared by the New Hope School. The New Hope School has been one of the projects of our club for some years now, and most of our members are well aware of the work they do in schooling for handicapped children in the Pretoria area. They provide many services above and beyond the usual schooling activities, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and many others, as needed by their students.
They receive only basic funding from the local government, so must fundraise to provide these other services. Some of the specific projects our funds could be used for would be a specialised playground, or programs to provide technical skills such as kitchen skills, nail and hair salon skills and sewing skills.  Patrick has also put together a ‘Go Fund Me’ page on the web, on which people can get more information, view the video and make contributions. We will also be adding a link on our Rotary web page to this site.
4-Way Test
RI link: 4-Way Test
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