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Troy Fritz and Executive Committee
Apr 23, 2019
Summertime By George! Lineup
Jim Loria
Apr 30, 2019
St. Cloud Rox - Corporate & Community Partnerships Director
April 2019
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Preliminary Overview: Greater El Corozo Water System Project

Project Summary

This project will provide consistent and sufficient clean water in seven communities in the Greater El Corozo area, located in the Monte Plata province of the Dominican Republic.
The two primary project objectives are:
1.                To increase the total number of households served by the water system;  and,
2.                To significantly increase the consistency and quality of water supplied via the  system.
We will add an additional stream source via pump to a central water storage tank in El Mate. A sand filter will be constructed at the stream source to provide first-stage water treatment.
Training for three groups will be conducted to ensure the communities are able to maintain and sustain the system long-term:
1.       Water management committees and local leadership
1.       Water management and security
2.       Running effective meetings and record keeping
3.       Accountability and transparency measures
2.       Technicians
1.       Operation and maintenance of rural water delivery systems
2.       Residential plumbing in rural households and water treatment  technology
3.       Households and schools
1.               Water, sanitation and hygiene practices
2.               Water treatment at household level
3.               Water efficiency at household level
350 households (about 1,500 people) will benefit from the Greater El Corozo water system. Seven communities will be served: El Mate, La Finca, Corozo Arriba, Lajas, Rincon, Ligo, and Corozo Abajo. These communities are located in an agrarian part of the Monte Plata province of the Dominican Republic, 30 miles northwest of Santo Domingo, at the heart of the country's cocoa bean production and processing  activities.

Project Partners:

1.       Santo Domingo Colonial Rotary Club
2.       Fundación REDDOM (Rural Economic Development Dominica)
3.       Granite Rotary Club of St. Cloud
4.       Great River Rotary - Sauk Rapids and Sartell

Project Budget and Funding:

1.       Project budget: $75,400 USD; $3,719,303 Dominican Pesos
2.       Project Funding:
1.       St. Cloud Rotary Club - $15,000 ($12,000 matching funds eligible; $3,000 for volunteer team in-country transportation expense)
2.       St. Cloud Granite Club - $2,000
3.       Great River (Sauk Rapids-Sartell) Club - $1,000
4.       Santo Domingo Colonial Club - $100
5.       District Designated Funds - $26,375 ($20K standard formula (2:1 up to $20K) plus additional $6,375)
6.       Rotary International World Fund - $33,925 (1:1 match of DDF, .5:1 on Club cash)
August 23, 2018                                                     Greater El Corozo Water Project                                                         Page 1
From a recent St Cloud Times News Article:

From a recent St. Cloud Times news article:

CentraCare Health and St. Cloud State University announced recently a partnership to open the Center for Health Outcome Policy Research. 

The center is believed to be the first research center at a public university that doesn't have an affiliated medical school.

Research is expected to begin in January and will eventually be housed in Eastman Hall. 

The center will include CentraCare employees and St. Cloud State faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. 

Faculty from St. Cloud State's School of Health and Human Services and School of Public Affairs will support the program

Join us for an Evening of Erudtion in the de Tocqueville Tradition.  Tuesday, October 30 - 6:00 - 10:00 pm.  At the home of Tarryl and Doug Clark (2511 15th Street North).  We will be reviewing and discussing two books, Separate and Unequal, the Kerner Report and Between the World and Me, by Coates.  For more information, contact Michael Mullin (michaelallenmullin@gmail.com) or by phone at 320-224-4492.
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