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Welcome to our Valley; unique within the vast area of District 7815 !

What's Happening: Our Stories

March 1st is World Wildlife Day - celebrate all the worlds wild animals and plants and the contribution they make to our health.
March 18th Global Recycling Day - Be aware of your contribution to make sure that all waste is recycled correctly. If you are not sure contact Valley Waste Management, here in the valley.
March 12th - National plant a flower day!!    
March 22nd - World Water Day - Are you conserving water?  You are lucky that we live in a country that has 20% of the world's fresh water!!
The Ecology Action Centre is a member-based environmental charity in Nova Scotia taking leadership on critical issues from biodiversity to climate change to environmental justice.

           Ecology Action Centre <>


What do you know about Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA)?

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) is an invasive, aphid-like insect that threatens Eastern Hemlock trees across North America -- even here in Nova Scotia.

For such a small species, HWA has a huge impact! Feeding on the Hemlock tree’s critical nutrient stores, it causes defoliation that can kill mature trees in four to ten years. Hemlocks are important for several reasons: their dense, evergreen branches create wildlife habitat, their roots stabilize riverbanks, and their trunks act as carbon stores. They also shade brooks and rivers, creating cool-water environments that salmon rely on. Without the threat of HWA, Hemlocks could live for centuries.

The tiny insects originated in Japan and were first reported in North America in Virginia in 1951. Moving north from there, HWA was first spotted in Nova Scotia’s Yarmouth County in 2017. It has been recorded in Shelburne, Digby, Annapolis, and Queens counties. It spreads naturally by wind and bird movement, but also by human activity, like moving infected firewood, logs, and nursery stock. Hemlocks of all sizes can be impacted, and associated mortality is extensive.

The Nature Trust is currently working with the province and several other partners to address the threat of HWA. Visit for more information on the status of HWA in Nova Scotia, and stay tuned for our upcoming HWA info sessions you can attend in the coming months!

The theme for Rotary for March is Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Month. 
You can read more about how Rotary helps to provide clean water and more here:
Austrian Rotary member Anton Zeilinger wins Nobel Prize in physics

Austrian Rotary member Anton Zeilinger wins Nobel Prize in

Watch World Polio Day 2022 and Beyond

Watch World Polio Day 2022 and BeyondThe livestream of Rotary International and the World Health Organization’s

The human touch

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Olena Morhun fled with three of her children and made her way to Puławy, Poland. There they were welcomed by Krystyna Wilczyńska-Ciemięga, one of many Rotary members who have opened their homes to refugees.

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