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We meet Mondays at 12:15 PM
Rosie's Restaurant - Celtic Room
42 Aberdeen Street
PO Box 85 (or Email: info@kentvillerotary.org )
Kentville, NS B4N 2N1
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We had a wonderful visit with our Rotary visitors
from Australia  -  Sept. 27-30, 2019
   Around the Campfire at the Denyars
It was a beautiful evening overlooking the Bay of  Fundy Shore as many Rotary Members and guests participated in a Potluck Dinner to welcome our 2 Exchange Students.
Left - Constance Vandenberge - Belgium and Right Chiara Galizia - Italy
Thanks you very much to John and Heather Lohr for hosting us at their home!!
    Our Rotary Year wind-up celebrated with Lobster and Steak and thanking our President Rod McMahon!!
Excellent crowd this year with support and attendance from the New Minas Sunrise Club, past club members, and guests of Rotarians.
            Cutting of the Rotary Cake by President Rod
Our emcee for the evening was Sue Ueffing, and well done as always!!  THANKS SUE!!
Rod thanked the Rotary Club members for all their support this past year, we did many projects through our various committees including the new INTERACT CLUB, THANK YOU to Ways & Means committee who plan and prepared this event along with all our other socials during the year.
As tradition dictates Sue sung us a song regaling Presidents Rod's year, followed by a Standing Ovation as tribute and thank you to Rod!!!
Of course there are always some  left over and these were quickly "snapped" up through the terrific Auctoneer talent of Peter Muttart as displayed by his lovely assistant Martha!!  
Thanks again to our event organizers and servers, our BBQ team of Ross and Greg and especially HENNIGAR'S FAMILY FARM for providing the barn venue!!
Kentville Police Bicycle Training:
The Rotary Club Kentville supports our community in many areas. Recently we received a request from the Kentville Police who are combining with the Town in holding a bicycle rodeo for 200 kids (all grade 3-5) at Kings County Academy.  The Police Chief was looking for assistance with securing helmets for at risk kids who don't have a helmet or the ability to purchase one. From a children’s safety perspective this would also support children’s safety at the skate park. Through Community Services we were able to support the initiative to the sum of $ 800.00 and the Rotary Logo will be prominently displayed on all forms of community & parent communication. In fact, our logo will also be on the course completion certificate. The event is taking place on June 19th.
Recently I had the pleasure of delivering the Cheque to the Kentville Police Department and was asked to pose for a picture with the Deputy Chief, and it is not a mug shot due to a transgression of any type. 

May 6th, 2019 celebration included the Club's 95th anniversary, Past President and years of service recognition, new INTERAC club at NKEC and presentations to New Paul Harris Fellows. 
NSCC  students (with the leadership of Di Best) participate and receive thanks from the Kentville Rotary Club as they once again go out and gain hands-on exeprience in Selling.  As part of their Sales/Adminstration Program students visit and contact renewable and new advertisers for Valley Faces of Business.   Total sales for their efforts was $21,000THANK YOU!!
Update submitted by Larry Stillwell!
As Rotarians we are always presented with opportunities to help others. Our Kentville Club is no different from those around the Globe. As a relative new member I felt there was a lack of introduction to the various contributions being made to the local area, it seemed to be a learning experience from one Club meeting to another. So today I thought I would write a note about one of the projects which I have enjoyed participating in, and it is the Breakfast Baking Program for a local school.  

Initially I thought the need for this program was for a specific School in a particular geographic area, however as I time goes by and I readjust to the Valley Area, from whence I was born, educated and matured. However, as my tenure at the club, as well as the time spent reconnecting to this area growing , I have learned a lot about the Valley and some issues with which many are dealing.

The Valley Area has a population of 81,200 people (2016 Census) and have the prevalence of lowest income in the total province. Recent studies by the Public Health Services also show that throughout the valley area one-third of primary students and two thirds of secondary students go to school without a nutritious breakfast. In fact, the issue exists Nationally and there is a movement to establish a National School Food Program not unlike many other countries and where all students would have access to affordable or free healthy snacks or meals while they are at school. This would be beneficial to all families and would reduce the burden on families living with food insecurities.
In the near future, you will learn that there will be many local initiatives throughout which are focused on addressing this issue and some could be green schools where produce will be grown, and they connect ecological innovation with education, equity and community engagement.

Thus in this area of Kings County the Rotary Club of Kentville is providing the school baking service, and is assisting in addressing the requirements with which many communities are presently struggling. You should recognize that you can also bring your significant other, neighbours’, relatives and or friends.
The program is basically held on the first Tuesday of every month while the schools are in session and the total compliment of positions is eight.  The next event will be on the evening of February 5th. Unfortunately having enough participants seems to be difficult. Please consider signing up when the next email notification is issued. 
The picture shows the wonderful team from January 8th, 2019.
The People of Action campaign is the new Rotary public image campaign. It is designed to build understanding of Rotary by answering:
• What is Rotary?
• Who are Rotarians?
• What impact do Rotarians make in my community and around the world?
• How is Rotary different from other organizations?
Through a variety of creative materials, the campaign shows Rotary club members as people of action.  We know that Rotarians share a unique perspective and a passion for taking action to improve their communities and the world. Where others see despair, Rotarians see hope. Where others see problems, we see solutions. Where some might see challenges, we see opportunities. This is our chance to show others how Rotary club members see what’s possible in their communities and to highlight what we can achieve when we join together to bring those ideas to life.
        ...........and fun was had by all!!
            Ho Ho Ho !!!                     
                             Ho Ho Ho !!!
                             Ho Ho Ho !!!