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January 2019
Weekly Food Collection
Collect food behind Trader Joe's to deliver to Impact of Southern Arizona
Every Saturday from 8 am -10 am. Click below to sign-up: 
For directions, click this link:
Taste of Oro Valley
DG Kirk Reed
Jan 24, 2019
Rotary Update from our amazing District Governor!!
Evening Club - Ragazzi Restaurant
Jan 28, 2019
TOV Restuarant appreciation
RYLA Delegate Speakers
Jan 31, 2019
Steven Kaonig
Feb 07, 2019
Evening Club - Pete Reiners PhD.
Feb 11, 2019
Unraveling the Geology and Evolution of Antarctica's Mountains
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What is Rotary
Improve people's lives locally and globally, through service
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the 
Service of Others"
- Kirk Reed, 2018 District Governor
Welcome to Our Club
Morning Club
Day and Time:          Every Thursday at 6:45 AM
Location:                   Oro Valley Hospital, Classroom A
Address:                   1551 E Tangerine Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85755
Mail:                         P.O. Box 68227, Oro Valley, AZ 85737

Evening Club
Day and Time:            2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 5:45 PM
Location:                    Oro Valley Hospital, Classroom A
Address:                    1551 E Tangerine Rd, Oro Valley, AZ 85755
Venue Map:      
Check speakers and events on the left of this page for meeting locations

Home Page Stories
Speaker - John Koprowski, Director, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, U of A
Professor Koprowski (Director of SNRE) discussed the extensive work done by the SNRE at the U of A on conservation world-wide; 23 countries in six continents and in collaboration with 30+ universities and NGOs. He discussed in more details four conservation projects underway; Ganges river dolphins, Andean bears in Ecuador, Rhinos in Swaziland, and Mount Graham red squirrels. He elaborated on the new building for the SNRE and its conservation oriented design.
Our speakers were Julie Evans and David Fife with the Casa de la Luz Foundation
Casa de la Luz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to acquire and dispense funds in support of end of life care. The Foundation is managed by an all-volunteer, caring, committed Board of Directors who oversee the disbursement of funds that are donated, bequeathed, or acquired through fundraising activities. Julie is always looking for new individuals who would be interested in joining this board. Please contact her if you would like additional information.
This Foundation is committed to providing supplemental support to hospice patients of limited means and their families. Examples of supplemental support include household cleaning, clothing, personal items, food, utility payments, music and books, and transportation arrangements.
Dr. Judy Huch - Audiologist
Dr. Huch started a Non-Profit division, Grace Hearing Center to provide a model of excellent hearing healthcare to the under-served and under-insured of Southern Arizona in 2016. She participates in Hearing Missions with Entheos Audiology Co-op around the globe each year, some of which she brings her husband and teenage boys in helping to Give Back and provide Audiology services to those who do not have access. Dr. Huch was appointed by the Governor of AZ as a State Commissioner for the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in 2016 for a three-year term. She was also chosen to be the representing Doctor of Audiology for the Audiology Project to bring Diabetes Educators, physicians and other Allied Healthcare Providers together to increase the awareness of hearing loss with many chronic diseases.
Dr. Huch gave us a ton of great ideas on getting used hearing aids and things that we can do to help with our joint ventured grant.
Jim Lamb presented the club with a special award for participation in the End Polio Now fundraiser (top left).
Pat updated the group on foundation and how to allocate your funds; Club Foundation, EREY, Polio, RI Foundation.
The group had had a brainstorming session on goals for the club and service projects. One immediate project is to support a homeless mother with two young boys 9 & 11, without a home and virtually no other means. The club is working on providing the family with furniture, kitchen/bathroom supplies, beds, linens, clothes, shoes, toys, etc. IMPACT Southern Arizona is trying to locate a home for the family.
Our speaker was Carianne Campbell, Restoration Director at the Sky Island Alliance. She spoke about the many programs that the alliance carries out in Southern Arizona and into Mexico. Carrianne highlighted the diversity of the species of mammals, birds, insects and plants that live in the area as well as the spectacular scenery. The organization utilizes the service of volunteers for their projects in protecting open spaces, keeping wildlife connected, restoring land and waters, and responding to climate change. This is an opportunity for Rotary members to participate in some of these projects.
Our Speaker Today was Sa’ad Allawi who spoke on The Unfortunate State of Yemen covering the history, geography and demographics of Yemen. Yemen was the poorest country in the Middle East even before the outbreak of war in 2015 between Houthi rebels and government forces. The conflict has heaped devastation and poverty upon the population. Sa’ad also updated us on their current situation and the new invention of “Green Cake” which is a creative cheaper alternative to cement blocks for construction. The blocks were developed by Majd Mashhrawi, a Palestinian female engineer from Gaza, utilizing ash from restaurants and factories combined with war rubble. The blocks are half the weight and cost of traditional concrete blocks and have better insulation factors. Check out Sa’ad’s books at Amazon under Grassroots Metamorphosis:
Top row. Rick presented Paul Harris Fellow Awards to John & Pat.
Bottom row: Al invited his friend Rex Smith to come out and speak about Astro-photography in Oro Valley.  it was a fascinating presentation on astronomic objects, celestial events, stars, nebula and how colors work. He also shared his telescope and camera equipment set up that he enjoys in his home office. Mr. Smith shared some amazing photos with us and explained the layering process it takes to capture these exceptional shots.         
Evening club members plus visitors from the morning club (Dave and Bruce) meeting at Noble Hops. The meeting was to support Noble Hops for its participation in the Taste of Oro Valley.
A small amount of Rotary business was conducted with the rest of the time spent in merriment - as you can tell from the happy faces.
Four Oro Valley Rotary riders; Barbara, Linda, Marc and Dave, rode in the Ride to End Polio, joining a much larger group of Rotarians from different clubs. Our riders covered a total of 175 miles.
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