Speaker Date Topic
Evening club - The Keg restaurant Sep 24, 2018
TOV restaurant appreciation.
Special Agent Michael Foster, FBI Sep 27, 2018
Online/email scams

Michael is a Special Agent with the FBI



Dennis Breen Oct 04, 2018
Club budgeting
Evening Club - Tom Kral Oct 08, 2018
All about butterflies

What I will do is discuss the topic of butterflies that can be found in Oro Valley, using 2 drawers of a synoptic collection I have of mounted butterflies representing 82 species found in my yard.  I can relate this to how butterflies fit into the local landscape and ecology of Oro Valley.  I can also bring in some live butterflies that can be observed and held in small screened cages, and also probably some larvae and pupae to show life cycles.  Also will give a few lines on how to best plant a butterfly garden and how anyone can observe or study them at a casual level, as I always go for an interactive and participatory audience.

Member Spotlight-Christopher Peterson Oct 11, 2018
Thom & Kathy Mansur Oct 18, 2018
Honor Flight


Jim Lamb Oct 25, 2018
Polio Plus program.
Oro Valley Police Dept Rep. Nov 01, 2018
Police use of drones
Barbara McClure Nov 08, 2018
Impact of Southern Arizona
Evening Club - Oro Valley Hospital - Saad Allawi Nov 12, 2018
The Unfortunate State of Yemen

Saad will present on the Yemen - History, Geography, Demographics and the current situation

Dr Jonathan Tait Nov 15, 2018
Alternative treatments to surgery using natural methods
Vesta Abel Dec 13, 2018
Handwriting Analysis