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Dictionaries were distributed to Soda Creek 3rd-grade students by Cam Boyd, Loretta Conway, and Dos Crow on Nov 2.

Welcome back to The Grand, where we anticipate meeting through the end of the 2018.  Our meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four Way Test, followed by the introduction of our guest.  Thank you, Gillian and Kathy, for greeting our members and guest on Tuesday.


Mark Fitzgerald provided our Thought for the Day, some comments on Excellence, well done Mark and thank you.


Our return to the Steamboat Minute provided us with a glimpse of the occupations of Kathy Elliott and PJ Wharton.  Even when we think we know our members, we always hear something a little new.


Nominations are being accepted for Board positions and for President Elect for the Rotary year beginning July 1, 2019.  If you are interested, please do not hesitate to nominate yourself or if you know of someone that might be interested, please contact Steve S., Randy R., a Past President or me and we will take it from there.  The nominating committee will be meeting very soon so please get those nominations in.


Cam B. has chaired our dictionary committee for several years and he made a brief presentation about what the dictionary project is all about.  He also passed around a sign-up sheet for members who are willing to distribute the dictionaries in 3rd Grade classrooms across our school district.  If you missed the sign-up, please contact Cam and I am sure we can fit you in.  For those that have not participated before, it is a very rewarding project.

Asst. District Governor Jim Moylan attended the Literacy Conference put on by the District up in Cheyenne at the beginning of the month.  He presented a summary of the conference, what he learned and some possibly ideas for our Club to consider in the future.  Ellen has taken the lead on investigating the possibilities of applying for a Centennial Grant to contribute to a literacy project.


Dan Bonner inducted two new members to our Club, Nancy Smith Beste and Chancie Keenan.  Please show Nancy and Chancie (no one should have problems remembering their rhyming names!) a warm welcome to our Club.


We enjoyed Classification Talks on Tuesday and as usual, it was a program not to be missed.  Brett and Joanna Allison, presented “HIS”, “HERS” and “OUR” lives.  It was interesting, funny, touching, insightful and much more.  Thank you, Brett and Joanna, for being a part of our Club and for participating in so many activities this first year.


Randy hosted GOOD NEWS and we were wrapped up shortly after 1pm to get ready for our photo session.  Our annual Club photo was taken out in the foyer of the ballroom and I am sorry for those that were unable to attend.


Next week we will learn more about our Exchange Student’s homeland and about our RYLA student’s camp experience.  Look forward to seeing you at THE GRAND!


Share the Rotary experience, bring a guest to lunch,


We, once again, met at Olympian Hall this past week.  The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, then we were treated to a “Toast to the Flag” presented by Harvard Holden, a visiting Rotarian from South Brunswick Islands, North Carolina. 


Mel and Michelle greeted our members, panelists and guests, thank you to you both.


Jeremy provided our Thought for the Day.  He asked us to think of a few of the most influential people in our lives, how we learned from them and to remember that we too, are teachers.  Great thoughts Jeremy, thank you.


Tara passed around a sign-up sheet to help with meals for Dr. Meg Holpuch.  She and her husband Morgan, welcomed a new baby girl, Henley Brynn, into their family last week.  If you would like to help out, please contact Tara.  Congratulations to the new family!


Scott Marr presented several certificates to new Jack Black Fellows:  Karen McRight, Carol Johnson, Jody Corey, Loretta Conway, Rich Gloor, Otis Wragg and Susie Wilkinson.   There were also members that received their multiple Jack Black fellows and I apologize for not having a complete list.  To become a Jack Black Fellow, a member must contribute at least $1000 to our local Rotary Endowment Fund.  Thank you to all for your support to the Fund.


I shared a brief recap of the Board meeting from October.  The Board did accept the final financials from the Rotary year 2017-2018.  New member applications were presented for Nancy Smith Beste and Chancie Keenan.  Both have had two readings and will soon be inducted into our Club.  A resignation was accepted from Bill Kennedy as he is moving back to New York.  Leave of Absences were approved for Margit Watts from November 1st to December 31st and for Steve Hitchcock from October 1st through November 31st.  A clarification for recording make-ups was made.  All members will receive one make-up for attendance at a committee meeting, work session or other make-up worthy event.  There has been some confusion as to whether a make-up would be offered for each hour that is volunteered.  We do need to keep track of the hours of volunteers, but we cannot offer a make-up for each hour.


Geneva Taylor introduced the participants in the final political forum of the season.  She invited representatives on both sides of the ballot issues, but unfortunately, not all representatives were present at our forum.  The following were in attendance:  Tim Corrigan spoke to Propositions 109 and 110, Bernie Boescher presented Amendments Y and Z, Scott Ford and Barbara Robinson (a last minute stand in volunteer) debated 2A, Kathi Meyer presented Amendment 74 and Proposition 112, and Roger Good and Gary Peterson presented Amendment 73.  Thank you Geneva for your hard work on organization of our political forums this year and we all need to study hard and fill out those ballets.  No need to emphasize we are ALL looking forward to Election Day, November 6, 2018.


Thank you to Tiffany for hosting Good News and thank you all for helping pick up chairs, tables and trash.


Next week our meeting is back at The Grand.  Come learn about some of our newer members, Brett and Joanna Allison, as they present their Classification Talks. 


See you Tuesday,

Carol Johnson

In a nearly full room, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Four-way Test.  In keeping with the weather, Michelle Freckleton shared some quotes with the theme of “snow” for thought for the day, thank you Michelle.


Thank you to Chris Stillwell for greeting our members and guests today.  We welcomed three visiting Rotarians and several guests, in addition to our members.  Sheets were passed around to sign up to be a greeter.  New members, please sign up as it is a great way for members to meet you and you them. 


Holly Rogers did the first reading of two potential new members, Nancy Smith Beste and Chancie Keenan.  If anyone has any objections, please put it in writing to either Holly or myself.


Tiffany Leeson also announced that Steamboat will be hosting the ski trip for all of the District 5440 exchange students in January.  She was looking for host families that would be able to have exchange students stay with them for the weekend.  I believe that she was close to getting enough hosts, but if you are interested, please email her in the event she still has openings.


Steve Sehnert is organizing the Nominating Committee and asked that any member interested in serving on the Board next year to please submit an application, available on our website.


Our program was the second, in a series of three, political forum.  Geneva Taylor made the introductions of our candidates and went over the rules which included an opening statement not longer than three minutes, answering questions from our members, then a two minute wrap up.  Almost all of the candidates wanted to respond to the questions, therefore, the program took up the remainder of our meeting time.  The following were the candidates and/or surrogates in attendance:


     Routt County Clerk & Recorder – Kim Bonner

     Representative Colorado House District 26 – Democrat Dylan Roberts and Republican Nicki Mills

     Lt. Governor State of Colorado – Representative Lang Sian

     United States Congress District 3 – Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush and Dist. Attorney Brett Barkey, surrogate for Congressman Scott Tipton and also surrogate for Secretary of State, Wayne Williams

     Additional candidates were contacted and some, although confirmed, did not show.


Thank you, once again, Geneva for organizing and contacting all of the candidates and representatives for our political forums and election issues.


No time for GOOD NEWS this week, which was very unfortunate, because Angela Catterson had baked a fresh apple pie (still hot out of the oven) from apples left over from our lunch a couple of weeks ago.  Her intention was to auction it off and from the looks of it (PERFECT), it would have brought a very good price!  Thanks Ange for the attempt….


NEXT WEEK’S MEETING IS AT OLYMPIAN HALL – The program will be the final political forum and will cover the ballot issues.


Don't forget all of your GOOD NEWS, bring it to share next week,

Carol Johnson

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Nov 13, 2018
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Nov 27, 2018
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