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Thanks to everyone who participated in Tuesday's meeting. In total, 39 members participated in the meeting, either in person at the Rodeo Grounds or via Zoom.  We also had 2 guests, one in person and one via Zoom!  The overall feedback was that everyone felt good about meeting at the Rodeo Grounds so we will likely have more meetings there later in the summer.

Thank you to Angi Wood for providing our Thought for the Day!

Happy birthday to the following members - Cam Boyd (7/12), Melissa Gibson (7/18), Tiffany Leeson (7/19), Jeremy Behling (7/24), Mark Fitzgerald (7/24), Steve Hitchcock (7/27) and Kerry Shea (7/30)

Happy Rotary Anniversary to Melissa Gibson (3 years), Filip Boelen (3 years) and Hazel Hoff (2 years)! 

John Weibel is preparing for his Moonhill Dairy Farm to Table Dinner on August 1st, beginning at 5PM.  There are only 30 spots left and they are filling up quickly.  Please email me if you would like to reserve tickets to the dinner.  Ange will add the tickets to your bill.  Tickets are $150 each and John is generously donating all proceeds from the dinner to Rotary.

With about 30 people at the Rodeo Grounds, there was lots of good news participation.  Good news raised $565!

The program for Tuesday was the 2020/2021 board of directors update.  Below is the speech.\

2020-2021 BOD Retreat Update

First, let’s start out with recognizing the 20/21 Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs Board of Directors - if you are here please stand and give a wave.

Mark Fitzgerald - President Elect

Karl Gills - Treasurer

Holly Rogers - Secretary 

Randy Rudasics - Past President

Karen Schneider

Tara Weaver

Loretta Conway

Joanna Allison

Brett Allison

Kris Hammond

Ashley Kane

Stacie Fain

Thanks to the entire board of directors for taking on their extra responsibilities this year!

3 things we want to convey today as the focus of this year (and years going forward) are 

  1. Membership engagement
  2. Inclusivity 
  3. Retention

Mark Maloney, RI President 19/20

“Business as usual will not work for us anymore.  Bringing in more members to replace the ones we lose is not the answer.  It is like pouring more water into a bucket full of holes.  We already know what the barriers are to an engaged and diverse membership.  It is time to act on what we know: creating new membership models, opening new paths to Rotary membership, and building new clubs where current needs are not met”

1,254...Does anyone know the significance of that number?  That is the number of years that our current members have been Rotarians.  We have 96 members...17 of those members (roughly 20%) that have been Rotarians for longer than 25 years!  

Suzanne Schlicht - 28, Kris Hammond - 33, Paula Cooper Black - 26, Rich Gloor - 44, John Holloway - 28, Bill Leeson - 38, Geneva Taylor - 32, Chris Stillwell - 27, Jim Steinberg - 35, Marje Tracy - 27, Jeff Swoyer - 36, Dan Bonner - 37, Kit Paulin - 30, Rod Hanna - 38, Jim Nowak - 33, Alice Klazuer - 26, and Steve Sehnert - 39

Rotary International has rolled out a new outlook on membership (one that I think the Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs is already quite good at - thank goodness RI finally is catching up with us).  The goal is to focus on retention of current members and recruiting quality not quantity.  In years past, RI has asked that club presidents set a goal of a number of members but has never focused on the quality of members. You could give us 500 new members and I know they could not accomplish what this club does!

This club is yours, and it is our goal, the Boards goal, to make sure that the club is working for you!  We want you to know what is happening, how to get involved, and that your involvement and contributions are what make this club tick.  YOU are the club’s most important asset and we want everyone here to be a lifetime member, and know that this is where you go for fellowship, support, and a sense of belonging.  We hope you get as much from this club as you give!

Johrita Solari 20/21 RI Director 

Asked “If you could create a club today, what would it look like?” and challenges us to “Disrupt what people think of Rotary”

“Lucky” for us, COVID happened.  This disruption is making us change, like it or not.  We are having to get creative in order to continue doing what we do!  For a group that 4 months ago thought we needed to meet in person every week, we adjusted.  We introduced virtual meetings to stay connected.  We had virtual happy hours that had over 20 people on them at times! The scholarship committee put together what might be the most memorable scholarship  presentations to date.  The flower barrel committee adjusted their fundraiser to be more of a community raiser and successfully sold and delivered all flower barrels.  The Cornhole committee, well into their planning process, recognized that the event was going to be too difficult to pull off in a pandemic and agreed to postpone it.  The Lobsterfest committee took on a raffle fundraiser challenge, changing the whole format of their event.  Why stop at these?  We have so many opportunities to show ourselves as leaders, creators, and innovators, let’s take this momentum and run with it!  

  • BUDGET - We are great fundraisers and we prove that year after year with Cornhole Tournaments, Lobsterfests, flower barrels, and Barn Dances, but we can expect money to be scarce in the coming months.  As a community focused service organization, we do not want to compete with non profits for limited available funds.   The budget has been adjusted this year to reflect reduced fundraising.  As of now, there are no plans to have a Lobsterfest this fall and budgeted income from the Cornhole Tournament is drastically reduced.  Flower barrel income is also minimal.  All of our Program Services rely on income from our fundraisers, so our financial support this year will likely be minimal.  What does that mean?  It sounds dismal, but I promise It is ok
  • SERVICE ABOVE SELF - The Rotary motto!  This is our opportunity to really show everyone what SERVICE ABOVE SELF means.  Let’s be creative and proactive in our service efforts and show the other organizations in this town that we have a lot to give, even when money is hard to find, and find new ways to support the efforts of others and their needs.
    • Please, when you hear of needs, bring them to the club and let’s find ways to support them.
  • The benefits of our time of change could be endless, though it may not feel like the benefits are easy to see.  With our club really focusing on service, we will see:
    • Increased ENGAGEMENT 
      • FELLOWSHIP - One of the top  hear  from Rotarians is always fellowship - and we often hear that lunch meetings do not offer the best opportunity to get to know people.  Relationships happen in committee gatherings, small group settings and get togethers outside of regular meetings.  Service is prime opportunity for building relationships!
    • Rotary Brand recognition- how often do people ask “What is Rotary?”
      • Ellen Kendall is working with Mainstreet Steamboat to get Rotarians as the hosts for the day at the Farmers Market
      • There is a PR committee working to find ways to increase the visibility of Rotary around town.  Shirts, hats, and benches, to name a few, are in the works.  Let’s get our bodies, our service and our brand all over town!
    • Long term recruitment of new members - Rotary is like a garden.  The seeds we plant today are the ones that turn into our deep rooted trees of tomorrow.  So while we are getting out in our community time and time again, we are planting seeds all over town.  The best example I hear of this on a regular basis is when it comes to exchange students and scholarships.  How many times have you heard “I am a Rotarian because I got a Rotary scholarship” or “I am a Rotarian because I went on exchange when I was in high school”  That Rotary seed was planted years ago!  Service projects are where we build our roots!  Building the Rotary boardwalk and Peace Pavilion, putting dictionaries in the hands of every 3rd grader for years, Rotary bike trails...these are our seeds that form our roots!
    • Flexibility in meetings: In July, we will have 2 in person meetings and 2 virtual meetings.  All live meetings for the time being, will be offered on Zoom so everyone can participate in a way that is comfortable for them.  While lunch meetings as we know them are important, we will look for opportunities to add more social time to lunch meetings, add more social events and service opportunities, and look at different meeting options.  If Tuesday at noon does not work for you, what does work for you and how can we get you involved!

Holger Knaack, RI President 20/21

“Rotary is not just a club that you join; it is an invitation to endless opportunities...The world needs Rotary now more than ever.  It is up to us to make sure that Rotary Opens Opportunities for generations to come”

RETENTION: The Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs is a little like the Yampa Valley.  Once you have experienced it, it is near impossible to get it out of your system!  Let’s keep focused on our members and Rotary working for them so we always have 25+ year members!

The next two weeks will be Zoom meetings.  Next weeks program is Elaine Hicks, the Executive Director of the Routt County Humane Society presenting the Yellow Dog Project.

Also, on Monday, July 13, the BOD meeting will be held at the Rodeo Grounds.

Have a great weekend,


Dear Rotarians:

Hope your enjoy a wonderful and safe 4th of July Holiday.  On Tuesday we held our annual Changing of the Guard at the Peace Pavilion.  It was great to see others in person, despite our masks.  As outgoing Club President, I shared gratitude for all of the hard working and dedicated people that have contributed to our clubs success over a very weird year. Please feel free to review my talking notes.

 Special thanks to Gillian for offering a very cool framed concert poster of my favorite rock/jam band, Widespread Panic as a thank you gift.  Also to Jim Moylan, Gillian and Mark for nominating me for District 5440 President of the Year.  Happy to share this nomination with all District wide leaders who successfully kept their clubs functioning at a strong level and it means a lot that you cared enough to advance me as a candidate. 

Changing of the Guard Notes- June 30, 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Changing of the Guard

What a year.  How many of you have gotten a little crazier?

I don’t need to remind you about all that has happened on our community, country and world.

We are still standing and looking forward to better times.

This service club and our franchise with RI are grounding forces in a rapidly spinning world. 

Your fellowship and generosity make this club very special.   Our service and financial support make our community stronger and the world a little better.  Think about a few places we have left our footprints in the last year

  • North Routt Charter School
  • Aqua Prieta
  • The lives of several Exchange students
  • Good News Scholarship recipients
  • Holiday Tubing party families
  • Many local not for profit grant recipients
  • Lift Up and YV Community Foundation COVID relief fund
  • RI and District grant recipients

We have found a path forward through radical disruption to continue to meet and serve.  I am very grateful for all you have done.  Serving this club has been a personal and professional highlight for me.  Thank you!

 Committees are the building blocks of a strong club.  Offering to chair a committee is a responsibility to lead and facilitate a group of busy, active people to accomplish a common goal.  Let’s take a few minutes to thank and recognize our committee chairs for stepping up and serving:

  • Membership                      Dan Bonner
  • Grants                                   Tara Weaver
  • Foundation Cmt                Scott Marr
  • Public Information           Ellen Kendall
  • Program                               Joanna Allison
  • Scholarships                       Tiffany Leeson, Brian Harrington
  • Nominating                         Carol Johnson
  • Flower Barrels                   Chancie Keenan
  • Interact                                Ashley Kane
  • International                      Winne DelliQuadri, Kris Hammond and Paul Hebert
  • Fellowship and Parties   Steve Hitchcock and Alice Klauzer
  • Youth Exchange                Karen Schneider
  • Student of the month     PJ Wharton
  • Rotarians at Work            Tara Weaver
  • RYLA                                      Ian Engle
  • Web and SM                      Steve Sehnert

And lest we not forget our fundraising and event committees.  This is where the rubber meets to road:

  • Lobsterfest                         Ashley Kane and Suzie Wilkinson
  • Cornhole                              Loretta Conway. Brett Allison
  • Flower Barrels                   Chancie Keenan
  • Holiday Tubing Party       Ian Engle and Andy Booker

I sure I have missed many but please know how much you all are appreciated.

Organizations like ours run on strong leadership and that starts with great board.  Please join me in thanking the following outgoing members of our Board of Directors

  • Dan Bonner (done it all and come back for more)
  • Carol Johnson, finishing up a very successful run through our executive committee
  • Jeremy Behling. 
  • Suzie Wilkinson (more on Suzie later)
  • Eric Rabesa.  If you hear a pounding heart at meetings it is probably Eric’s

Thanks for your service.  These wine and olive oil gift packages from Elevated Olive are a small token of our club’s appreciation

As Club President, several people have roles and duties that you cannot do without.  These folks fulfill critical roles in maintaining our information, financials and compliance with Rotary’s administration. 

  • Karl Gills, Treasurer.  Away attending to the passing of his father in VA.  Brilliant, consistent, kind and amazing leadership skills.  We are lucky to have him serve our club
  • Holly Rogers, Secretary.  Very hard working and skills administratively and the best first contact/front door person any club could ask for.  Holly know how this club works!
  • Angela Catterson is our club accountant.  Although paid, she contributes far more than we pay her and is a President’s best friend for key information and advice.  I am so thankful for your quick responses and guidance the last year. 

The plaques and the beautiful photograph, were pulled together by our own Jim Steinberg are a thank you for your dedication to making the club work.

One of the harder roles for a club President is picking key award winners for the last Rotary year.

I believe not for profit leadership is a path to personal growth and professional development.  Leading people you aren’t paying demands the best of us and offers many rewards.  These two leaders exemplify volunteerism and have exceptional skills working with other people;

The Rotary award for Service above Self goes to Suzie Wllkinson.  Susie is the soft spoken powerhouse who always moves a project forward with a firm but gentle hand.  In addition to her co chair role with a very successful Lobsterfest committee, Susie has been an active contributor to the board and recently offered to help with a raffle committee to offer funding to displaced workers on our community.  Congrats Suzie

Rotarians of the Year is Tiffany Leeson.

Tiffany led the Scholarship Committee in the darkest hour of the COVID crisis while taking care of a family member with Covid.  She organized the volunteers and students (no easy task) to review and approve a generous package of scholarship to several very deserving students.  She has been there for many of us throughout the year and we are most grateful for your service to the club.  Tiffany is in Maine currently and I will share this with her upon her return in late July.

One of the most successful things I have done as President is to recruit Gillian Morris to become your next President.  A huge heart, a talented leader and desire to evolve our club for the needs of a new generation of Rotarians, Gillian will bring our club closer together to continue to serve the community.  In March, when many of us were in a state of shock, Gillian was thinking ahead to ways for people to engage.  She organized dozens of social hours and has engaged with members and club leadership extremely well to prepare for the next year.  Congratulations Gillian and we look forward to working toward your goals.  You will make a great club President. 

 Randy out!

  1. Changing of the Guard                                  
  2. 5:30 next Tuesday at Rotary Park. Short presentations at 6:00
  3. 40 people max. Sign up sheet coming out via Meghan Holpuch asap             
  4. May be some sharing of extra beverages.                           
  5. Please wear a mask. Spread out.   Bring bug spray                     
  • Will be streamed over Zoom. Email link later this week.                                      
2              All Flower barrels were sold. Thanks again to Rotary community                                                                                                                                                                                                       
3              Paula reminded us that she needs more people to walk the park through the summer.                                                                                           4              John Weibel - Moon Hill Dairy Farm to Table Dinner August 1st at 4PM. All proceeds will go to Rotary. Tickets are limited to 50 and will cost $150 each. BYOB. Seating will be dependent on county rules on 8/1. He is in need of 4 chafing dishes and servers. Also, if anyone wants to help cook, he would take help there too!                                                            
5              Stacie Fain thanks everyone for singing on Memorial Day. Although she is not here on 7/4, she will gladly organize again. Jim Nowak has expressed interest in playing the accordion. Email her if you are interested.                                                                    
6              Ellen Kendall reminds us that Pavers are for sale and open to the public on July 1                                                                                                                                                                             
Program: Lisel Petis from Advocates                                                    
                Advocates has seen a rise in child abuse and domestic abuse but has not seen a rise in calls because victims are locked up with the perpetrator. New position at Advocates is Child/Youth Advocate. Three legs of position are teen primary victims (impacted by sexual violence or teen dating violence), youth secondary victims (for youth living in the homes of violence) and prevention. Also working on a child advocacy center to serve 80 people per year, promote coordinated response between police, social services, mental health, medical and victim advocacy, provides skilled forensic interviewer specific for children. Of 22 judicial districts, we are one of four that does not have a child advocacy center. Task force came together in November. Who is going to run this is a main question with new center? Reorganization of Advocates. Two programs under non-profit corp. Advocates on one side (similar program that will continue to offer the same services as is) and the new program will be the Brighter World - Child Advocacy Center - offering forensic interviews, forensic exams, and advocacy. "It is important for people to know that no matter what lies in the past, they can overcome the dark side and press on to a brighter world". Looking for facility space - in need of four rooms. Working to find a place where many nonprofits can move to coordinate together.               
Good News        $250                                                                           
Attendance        40                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Click on the image below to view the PowerPoint Presentation given today by Lisel Petis.
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