Rotary International has two youth exchange programs that the Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs participates in - these two programs are the Summer Youth Exchange and the Year Long Youth Exchange Programs. Application materials are found on the District website:  then click on "Youth Programs" in the header bar.  Please let us know if you intend to apply for a youth exchange program.

Year Long Program:  The Rotary International Academic Year / Year Long Youth Exchange Program sends students to another country for the school year.  Students live with host families, attend school in their host country, and become integrated in the language and culture of their host country.  Students aged 15 - 19 are eligible to apply - applications are generally due to the club by the end of September for the following school year. 

Summer Program:  The Rotary International Summer Youth Exchange Program is a family to family cultural visitation program between a student in this District and a foreign student.  A student from this District will visit a student and family in another country for approximately 3-6 weeks and the foreign student then visits the student and family in this District for approximately 3-6 weeks, during the months of June to August.  This exchange can occur in reverse order.  Students aged 15-19 are eligible to take part in the program.  Initial applications are generally due to the club in September.  The club can sponsor as many students are are interested and qualified in the program.