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Rodney Gullatte
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October 29, 2020

Join us tomorrow on zoom from 12:15 to 1:30 pm where you can hear our main man, President Rodney Gullatte Jr! 

  • He's fun!
  • He's fancy! (Look at that tie!)
  • He's positive!
  • He's kind!
  • He's a great leader!
  • He's a singer! 
  • He's super cool!
  • He's super tall!
  • He's a family man!
  • He rocks!
Now, do you really want to miss this?? See you tomorrow at 12:15 pm! 
This Week's Program 
Oct 30, 2020
"Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control District"
"Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control District"

Bill Banks was named Executive Director of the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District in March 2020. He began his career as a hydrologist in 1987 at the U.S. Geological Surveyheadquarters in Reston, VA., then moved to Baltimore where he led numerous local and regional projects in and around the Chesapeake Bay. Banks worked on local and national issues such as the fate and transport of agricultural chemicals, bacteria and viruses in groundwater, as well as studying volatile organic compounds in public water supplies.

In 2015, he moved to Colorado to manage the southeast Colorado office of the USGS water-science center. Banks has a Bachelor of Science degree in geology and a Master of Science degree in business administration. For the past 15 years Banks has focused on sediment, both its source and movement in rivers and lakes.


About the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District:

The District's work, through a collaborative effort between many organizations, focuses on protecting, preserving and enhancing our waterways for the benefit of citizens and our natural habitat throughout the region for today and future generations. We care about clean and safe waterways, water quality, and enhancing the ability to fish and recreate in our waterways for improved quality of life for all. 

Learn more at:

Nov 06, 2020
"Today's Native American Indian"
Nov 13, 2020
"United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum"
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Our club is hiring!
Club members, if you know someone who might love this position, please pass it on!
Non-Profit Executive Assistant
We are a large, active Rotary Club and are seeking a part-time Executive Assistant to assist our volunteer officers and board members in coordinating the multitude of projects and activities that our club undertakes monthly. The successful candidate will be responsible for the administrative details of the club.  This position reports directly to the Club President and will coordinate with other board members as needed.  The successful candidate will support our mission to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders.  The candidate will also be committed to following our 4-way test: 1.  Is it the truth? 2. Is it fair to all concerned? 3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4. Is it beneficial to all concerned?
Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Providing administrative assistance, such as writing, and drafting emails, drafting memos, and preparing communications on behalf of the Board and the Club President.
  • Performing accounting and bookkeeping duties
  • Organizing meetings, including scheduling, sending reminders, meeting set-up, and organizing catering for our weekly meetings
  • Set up and operate the sound system for our weekly meetings
  • Using various software, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software and virtual meeting applications.
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Time management and ability to meet deadlines
  • 2-3 years of administrative assistant experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to multitask
  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to treat confidential information with appropriate discretion
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite
Hours and compensation:
Will work 20 hours per week.  This position requires the successful candidate to work 10 am to 3 pm on Fridays and from 11:45 am to 2 pm on the 4th Wednesday of the month.  All other hours to be coordinated with the Club President.
All resumes should be sent to: 
NFL Sweepstakes Fundraiser!


***This event will end on October 31!***

***Please email Charlie Brown at to purchase tickets for this fundraiser***

Community Service Committee Updates:

Updates on Community Service!

We are still looking for volunteers for the following events:

Planet Walk – Saturday Oct. 31st

2 Rotarians to Set-up (8:00 – 10:00 AM)

2 Rotarians to Clean-up (12:00 – 1:00 PM)

Email Samantha Chapman if you would like to sign-up at



Mark you calendars for Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army – December 12th, 13th, 19th, & 20th

Sign up will be shared in November.


We will be taking pre-orders for cookies from Boonzaaijers for World Polio Day that can be picked up on Friday,  Oct. 23rd. An electronic Pre-order form will be sent out shortly. A portion of the proceeds from each dozen cookies sold will be donated to PolioPlus this year and your order will bring awareness to the eradication of polio across the world.

International Committee News!
Check back here for news from our International Committee!
This Week In History


1825: Erie Canal opens.

1873: Joseph Glidden applies for a patent on his barbed wire design.

1881: Pablo Picasso was born.

1904: The New York City subway opens.

1980: Australian rock gods AC/DC earn their first Top 40 hit with "You Shook Me All Night Long."

1984: Infant receives baboon heart at Loma Linda University Medical Center. 

1985: Whitney Houston earns first #1 with "Saving All My Love For You."

1986: Red Sox first basemen Bill Buckner lets ground ball roll through his legs.

1994: The US prison population exceeds one million.

2001: President George W Bush signs the Patriot Act.

2004: Red Sox win first championship since 1918.



Rotary Giggles



Someone said to me at a party once, 'Oh, yeah, you're a comedian? Then how come you're not funny now?' And I just wanted to say, 'Well, I'm just going to take this conversation we're having and then repeat that to strangers, and then that's the joke. You're the joke later.'

Mike Birbiglia

Kathleen's Korner
Hello to my beloved Rotarians!
One of my favorite parts of Rotary is the 4-way test. What an amazing way to weigh issues within business and personal relationships! The first few years that I was in rotary, I would keep copies of the 4-way test on my mirror at home and somewhere on my desk at work. Now, thanks to years of repetition of saying this every week, it's VERY ingrained in my head. I really believe that when you measure nearly any relationship issue with that gauge, it becomes pretty clear pretty quick what's right. I've failed at this miserably at times. I'm so grateful to the Rotarians and other people in my life who still see me in a positive light despite those failings. 
So today I'm grateful for forgiveness of those people I have wronged and allowed me the grace to apologize. I'm also grateful for the smarty-pants Rotarian Herbert J Taylor for creating the 4-way test in 1932. How brilliant and insightful he was to create something that is still so very relevant and applicable 68 years later! And we know that it will continue to be for so many years ahead.
May your coming weekend and next week be filled with honesty, fairness, building goodwill & better friendships and being beneficial to you and all concerned!
In humbled Service Above Self,
Kathleen Saltmarsh-Voss
Rotary of Colorado Springs President-Elect
Extra! Extra!
If you have bulletin announcements, please email the EXACT WORDING of your announcement to by Wednesday at 5 pm. I don't write your announcements but I do make them nice 'n' fancy!
Amazon Smile in 6 steps!
As you're doing your shopping online, did you know that you can support our Rotary Club with every Amazon purchase? Here’s how:
  1. Go to (not Amazon Smile is the same company, same account, same password, but the Amazon Smile program gives one half of one percent of every purchase to charity. No, it’s not a lot, but it’s also not nuthin’ (to be exact: about $150 for the Club so far). So again, go to
  2. Sign into your Amazon account as you normally would
  3. On the very top left of the page, next to the AmazonSmile logo, are three horizontal bars. Click there for the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll ALL the way down to “Your AmazonSmile”; it should be the last option right before “Sign Out”; Click on “Your AmazonSmile”
  5. On the right side of the page, click on the “change charity” box under Your current charity (Note: If you are currently supporting another charity, that’s awesome! These instructions are for those who are not doing so. Also, if you have not previously selected a charity, your default option will be St. Judge Children’s Research Hospital.)
  6. Type in Community Service Fund of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs; click Select
  7. That’s it. You’re all set. Just remember to go to when you shop from now on.
*Originally written by Past President Caryn Adams
Get to know your club members!
Stay tuned for more Rotarian spotlights!
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