Paul Clarkin

1.       Where were you born and where did you grow up?  Born and raised in Denver, CO, attended West Denver HS.  B.A. in Economics from Dartmouth College, night school MBA in Finance from U of Denver.

2.       Have you lived outside the US? If so, where and for how long?  No

3.       Coffee or tea?  Tea, iced. 

4.       Do you currently or have you ever played a musical instrument? Yes – the piano.  Took lessons from age 6 to age 14 when sports and girls interfered.  Still play for personal enjoyment – classical, and songs from Burt Bacharach, Andy Williams and Sammy Davis Jr.  I particularly love Sammy Davis’ “On a Wonderful Day Like Today”, and George M. Cohan’s “Over There”. 

5.       Favorite sport to watch? Favorite sport to play? Favorite sports teams?  Watch: College football and pro golf.  Favorite sport to play – golf. Play twice a week when the weather permits. 

6.       Do you speak any languages besides English?  No – took French in college, and our daughter-in-law is French-Swiss who is fluent, but still won’t represent myself as proficient.

7.       What is one item from your Bucket List?  Take the new tram to the top of Pikes Peak – coming soon!

8.       Do you have pets? Please describe! Include a picture if you'd like!  Most recent – brother and sister Bichon Frise’s – wonderful pets and friends.  They both have passed, and at this stage of our lives, it doesn’t work for us. 


9.   If you had to give up one of your five senses for the rest of your life, which one would it be: sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell and why?  Oh my gosh – I can’t even think about that.

10.   What was your first job?  Mowing lawns and paper boy for The Denver Post.  Had two careers in my working life – the first was CEO of American Federal Savings & Loan Association until that industry crashed in 1969; second was financial advisor for MetLife Financial, a wonderfully satisfying job.  Retired 7 years ago.

11.   How long have you been in Rotary? Have you ever been a Rotarian in another club? If so, where?  Joined Pueblo Rotary Club #43 on May 1, 1970, so I’ve been a member for 50 years (coming up on 51).   We moved to COS in 1985, and that’s when I joined our club.

12.   What is your favorite community service activity that our club has participated in?  The $100,000 Hole-in-One golf tournament was a lot of fun, and I love our Flight of the Butterflies.


13.   What program have we had at our weekly meetings that you’ve found the most interesting? The Remount Foundation program at the U.S. Air Force Academy for wounded warriors , and some of the military history talks.   We’ve had so many great programs, it’s hard to pick out the best.

14.   Who was your rotary sponsor?  My good friend, Harlan Ochs. 

15.   What board positions have you held in our club or in prior clubs?  Served as president of Pueblo Rotary Club #43 and president of our own Rotary Club of COS.  Also served two years as chair of our Rotary Community Service Fund.

16.   We do a lot of good things in our club. In your opinion, where is an area that we could do better and how?  At my age, I’m kind of on “cruise control”.  I appreciate all the young talent and energy we have in the club. 

17. What is something else that would be interesting or entertaining for our club members to know about you?  I met and married the love of my live, Sherry, in 1961.  On October 12th of this year, we will have been married 60 years!  (we married young – Sherry was 9 and I was 10 .  The first 10 months of our married life, I was on active duty at Ft. Carson, CO while Sherry worked as a legal secretary in the trust depart of First National Bank of COS.