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Dad's Hat founder, Herman Mihalich, wearing his father's fedora and holding a bottle of his company's award winning rye whiskey. Herman told us that rye whiskey has its roots in Pennsylvania, but that "rye" came to mean a low quality product, due to blending with corn whiskey and other spirits in Kentucky and Canada. At one point during the Prohibition, Turkish prune juice and coloring was marketed as "rye whiskey". Thanks to rekindled interest in re-creating the cocktails of earlier centuries, a market for the original PA rye whiskey (80% rye with 20% malt) emerged and in 2010, Herman and his co-workers were ready with a product. Dad's Hat has won awards for its fine taste, which is 100% PA derived. From the rye fields in Riegelsville to the barrels of PA oak, this whiskey makes us happy to say we're Pennsylvanians! A visit to the distillery at the Grundy Commons Complex in Bristol would be a well-attended social event.....
Jeane Vidoni Coyle
Jack W. Schmidt, PhD
Joan B. Parlee
Sharon Fleck
Thomas W. Smith, Jr.
Mira Nakashima
Lawrence L. Woodson
Two Doylestown Rotarians attended Rotary International President Ian Riseley’s first ever Peacebuilding Conference on “Peace and Environmental Sustainability”. The conference was held in Vancouver, BC, Canada on February 9-11, 2018. Attached is a link to the presentation they gave to the club at the Wednesday, February 14 meeting. 
Thank you to John and Gail for attending and sharing their learnings with us.  

Good attendance albeit poor weather :)

  • Angela, our exchange student from Spain, recently moved to a new host family. Amanda and Scott Fisher.
  • She is braving not only the Eagles parade, but also trying our for track and field.   
  • Peace Conference - Gail is currently attending this in Vancouver.  Cant wait to hear about that.  
  • End of March - the last Wednesday, we'll be hosting a special program with Doylestown Hospital and VIA. 
  • Dues are due! :).
  • There is a significant backlog - please open the email from Peter and go on the website to pay the bill. 
  • Don't just check your current balance, but go back to see if you have any back dues.
  • Not fun but not that hard really.
  • We really don’t want to perp walk anyone out of the Country Club ;) Unseemly. 
  • Our club is close to winning a Governor's Citation, Allen share per news from  John Ortolf. 

Lindsay’s Classification Speech

  • We have to applaud Lindsay's diligence, with her finding a Rotary template on classification speech topics to address. Well done!
  • Born at home on Halloween at Keystone farms, which her great grandparents started In the 1800s. 
  • Family recently restarted the farm at Wycombe Vineyards a few years ago. 
  • First job was at a think tank in Pittsburgh. Very cool first job.  
  • Worked at a design agency briefly but started her own business at 22.
  • Not a 9-5 profession.  Creative work.  Need to love it.  CLuckily she does.  
  • A lot of SMB clients supported by a 30-40 person agency.
  • She still does her family’s farm’s ads, site and marketing :). 
  • Side note - she brought the rum her family makes to the Michener and it was quite good.



  • Allen shared that a Native American Mobile Health Clinic project has been approved by  the BOD.  Of note is that Joann’s family has donated to that effort given her mother’s deep interest in Native American culture. 

180131 Wednesday Meeting at the Michener

  • Wow!  What a room!  Stunning backdrop.  See pictures below. 
  • Plus museum tours to boot 
    • The dog and horse paintings at the country club are nice, but this was quite a nice aesthetic change of pace ;).

The museum's art director welcomed us

  • She wanted us to spread the word throughout the community and bring in business sponsors
  • "Art is good for business."
  • There will be a business partner membership event on May 5th.  

Allen then kicked off the meeting for the group.  


  • Lyndsay. Carolyn Sorossi.  She and her husband own the CGR Games boutique.  
  • Gail. Michael Markowitz. Owner of Hickory Kitchen.  
    • Whereas I am apparently now Michael Marks(not-owitz).


  • Max: $1000 cash prize for bringing in a host family for exchange student from Thailand.  
  • Designer house is set for May 3rd.  8 people maximum is confirmed. 
  • Interact dog biscuit sale the Saturday from 10-2 at the pet store by the Acme.  

Museum (Speed) Tour featuring the works of Henriette Wyeth.

  • Tour guide did a lovely job albeit at 3x her normal speed.  Art history in 20 minutes...go. 
  • Henriette (on-rhee-ette to those in the know ;) was apparently a child painting prodigy.  Talent ran in the family certainly, but...
  • She made a living painting portraits of local aristocrats at the tender age of only 15!  That is impressive.
  • Not a particularly happy family seemingly.  Portraits are quite good but every face has the same grim countenance.  Bit of a stretch but your are is an expression of your soul, and their souls seemed quite stoic and serious.  My two cents albeit worth maybe half of one cent at best... 


  • Tasty finger food.
  • Interesting option for future meetings versus a larger and more expensive full course meal.


  • Ooh that was good. 
  • Cookie tray as a Rotary meeting norm? 
    • One vote for yes!

The Room

  • More, please. 
  • I'd like to live there.  Drafty but worth the view.
  • Yes I am talking to their event specialist to see how we can frequent there more often! ;)
  • Goodwill, culture and beauty.  What a combination...

Events Calendar

  • I need your help...
  • If you know of an upcoming participatory event (Car, Show, 4WT, Interact, Volunteer, Home Building, etc), please forward the date and details to me.
  • I am trying to put together a comprehensive events calendar beyond the T/W meetings.  
  • I may email you this same message, though I know this group, and given past history the Reply All's will approach infinity and push my levels of sanity beyond the point of no return.

Great seeing everyone last night.  Looking forward to seeing you next week.


Big Turnout for the january 24th meeting!

  • Gail presided.
  • Speaker - Erik Fleischer - Jon Fitch Museum


Event Updates

  • Car show meeting on 1/25 at 7pm at CB Ambulance on East St.
  • First two February morning meetings will be held at Altomonte's, not Coach's.
  • One big day in March:  the 17th.
    • Borough dam cleanup March 17th. 
    • District gala at Pine Crest March 17th
    • Also Allen's 60th birthday !!
    • Rotary leadership institute also March 17th . 
  • Ro Molyneux. Designer house early May.  Date tbc.  Only 8 people can attend - I believe she mentioned arm wrestling or MMA cage fight elimination for those final eight spots, but I may be mistaken.


Member Announcements

  • Inge's daughter has been in Rawanda since 2016. In the Peace Corp focusing on education. She is a boarding school teacher there. She is there trying to raise money for a community basketball court and also to create a communal effort to make the court more gender neutral to allow girls to play as well. They are trying to raise $7200.  Always lovely to hear young folks with such generous outlooks.
  • Karen.  Switched banks! Note her address change on the Rotary website. 
  • Linda. 4WT committee has chosen its invitees, who have been notified.

John Fitch Presentation

  • John Fitch, for reasons unknown, ended up in Warminster (although that sentiment seems to be held for the next 200 years as per local Warminsterians...)
  • John was apparently a brilliant ne'er do well 
    • His apprenticeship fails
    • He tries surveying.  His three years of work covering a very large area is rejected by the government. He is however given 1600 acres instead of money.
    • John is captured by Indians on his way to New Orleans to sell flour. 
  • However, his steam boat idea struck him, seemingly randomly, while walking with his friend in Warminster from the Neshaminy Meeting house.  
  • He finds that the Newcomen steam engine was already invented in 1712 for mine clearing. 
  • Presents his first steamboat model to Ben Franklin in 1785 at the American Philosophical Society. 
  • Fitch raised $300 from fellow craftsmen. Craftsmen had not access to upper echelon contacts or wealth.
  • Launched his first steamboat in 1787. Used a paddle mechanism to mimic canoe travel. 
  • He raised no money beyond that, but did get himself a six state monopoly for 17 years.  
  • Ironically the day he tried to patent the steamboat after years of successful trips, he finds three other interlopers saying they also invented the patent (human deviancy never seems to disappoint).  All four parties are granted patents.  
  • Still he owned 1600 acres earned from his surveying.
  • He predicted that steam powered boats would cross the ocean and eventually power cars.  He was well over 200 years ahead of his time. 
  • First successful steamboat launched in 1807.
  • Well done.  Interesting presentation.  Thank you Erik
The Riders presenting Erik Fleischer with a Mercer Tile, following his presentation last night. 

CB East and Kenyon College graduate, Kevin Magee, spoke to both meetings this week about his adventures as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic. He works as a Spanish educator in a village at the DR border with Haiti, in the north of the island. Coincidentally, the Engineers without Borders Water Project that we agreed to help fund is located nearby, in Machete. Because Kevin attended a Sunrise Rotary meeting last year and learned about the water project, he decided to visit it and give us a report. The day he arrived for his tour was the day RI awarded $60K for the project. There is a pipe already installed where the water pump will be located and he learned that water will be piped to the top of a nearby hill for distribution via gravity to the towns nearby. He told us that this project will be life-changing for the people involved, who currently travel to a local river for water. Kudos to Kevin for making the trip to bring us news of our Rotary Fundraising at work!

Scholarship recipient Kelly Cyliax spoke to us about her first semester at Mary Washington University. She is active on the college softball team, having captained the CB West team last year. Her coach encourages the team to connect with the community for social good, which Kelly is really enjoying. There is no Rotary Club at MWU, but Kelly has reached out to local clubs in Vicksburg and -who knows - she may just start one!


Club President Allen Childs  and District Governor Rick Gromis present Nick Molloy with commendations from Rotary International President Ian Riseley and a celebratory Rotary cake for Nick's 50th anniversary with the Rotary Club of Doylestown! 

Nick joined our club Dec 7th, 1967 and for 32 years, he never missed a weekly Rotary meeting. For some time, three generations of Molloys were in the Doylestown Club at one time - surely a club record! He started as Sergeant at Arms and progressed through almost every role, including Club President in 1972. During his Presidency, the club started Walkathons for the March of Dimes that raised $150K over a five year period. The club ran a chicken barbecue to raise money for the VIA and held a Christmas party for deserving children. He continues to serve as the Memorial Day Parade organizer, arranging for 10 new Fred Beans Mustangs to showcase our Veterans every year.

Nick was know for his skills with sticks and little white balls, bringing the District Golf Trophy back to the Doylestown Club, time and time again. The "Molloy bounce" described his good luck on the course, in the club and in life, with his wife, Bert, and his children.
A great evening was shared with his family, club members...and past club members such as George Kennedy!  Great laughs with stories shared, and a good time had by all!  And a wonderful celebration of Nick's leadership and contribution to our community and club!
The Rotary Club of Doylestown is requesting nominations for The 2018 Four-Way Test Award.
Do you know someone who deserves it?
Nominations are due January 12, 2018! 
We hope you will consider nominating a friend or colleague for the Rotary 4-Way Test Award, which will be presented by the Rotary Club of Doylestown at a breakfast on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.
The Rotary 4-Way Test:
  • Is it the truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  • Is it beneficial to all concerned?
The Rotary Club of Doylestown strives to honor students and people in our business community each year that live by these principles.  We accept nominations from members of the community as well as members of the Rotary Club. 

Categories for nominations are:
  • For profit business
  • Not for profit
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Community Volunteer
Regardless of the category, people should be nominated for their volunteer contributions to the community and for their consistent adherence to the Four Way Test in all aspect of their lives.
Please take a few minutes to consider who you work with or know of in the community that has the 4-way test principles in mind in everything they do.  We would appreciate hearing from you with a nomination.
Please send your nomination on or before January 12, 2018 to Linda McCrillis at
E-mail Linda or call her at 267-614-5514.
 Lyndsay Fraser has joined our club as the first "Young Professional" since we added that Membership Category this autumn. Her induction ceremony took place during our Holiday Festivities on December 6th and the cell phone camera apparently fell into the drinks.... However, more photos of this soon-to-be-very-active Rotarian will be forthcoming, because Bob Tessier would love to have her on his Membership Committee! Welcome to our club, Lyndsay!
Our local university, DVU, asked for volunteers to help sort 10,000 lbs of seed packets for revitalizing Puerto Rico and Haiti, after devastating hurricanes and flood damage to agricultural lands this year. Rotarians Amy Parenti, Inge Karlberg-Stannik with her parents, Interact Member Amanda G, and (not pictured) Gail Linenberg and her son joined in the fun. The sorting was over before the Saturday morning gang of Rotarians could get in to help. Great to know that our community has so many who are willing to jump right in when help is needed!
At the Tuesday, December 5th Sunrise meeting, Club President Allen Childs honored two Doylestown Rotarians for their ongoing support of Rotary efforts with Paul Harris Award pins.  Congratulations to John Ortolf and Carol Ferguson for their generous contributions to Rotary efforts locally and globally!
The Rotary Club of Doylestown is pleased to announce that its 2018 Request For Proposals for Community Grants is now available online! 
You may download an application packet here.
Completed proposals and should be e mailed to no later than January 31, 2018.
The Doylestown Rotary seeks funding proposals from local organizations providing services to the citizens of Doylestown and Bucks County. The Doylestown Rotary will evaluate all requests and award grants up to $5,000. Each organization may submit only one request. Projects between two organizations can receive up to $10,000.  The grant funding for nonprofit organizations should meet a current need that focuses on:
Promoting Peace, Education related to addiction and expressions of hate, Families at Risk, Victims of Abuse, and/or Capital Projects (supporting 1-4).  To learn more, download and review the application packet.

Our mission is to reduce poverty and partner with our community to promote economic self-sufficiency, explained Erin Lukoss, Executive Director of Bucks County Opportunity Council at our 11/29/17 club meeting. 
Erin stepped a full house of Rotarians and guests through the work of BCOC in connecting people in poverty with the resources to thrive, and the opportunity to leave poverty - permanently!  Graduating over 300 hard working people and families in their Economic Self Sufficiency Program! 
BCOC fills in the gaps, as Erin explained.  From supplying food, emergency housing, transportation, weatherization, training and education through partnership with BCCC, this agency is the designated community action agency of Bucks County.
More information about BCOC can be found at or click here to read their impact report:
We also welcomed a new member, Gene Houck, who was inducted by our Membership Chair, Bob Tessier!  Gene is married to Christine Houck, and works at NJ Lenders Corp.  Please join us in welcoming Gene to our club and we will anxiously await his classification speech!  Gene's membership brings our total to 82 Rotarians!
We look forward to seeing everyone at the Club Holiday Party next Wednesday at the Cock & Bull Restaurant in Peddler's Village.  The pre-party gathering will be at the newly opened Lahaska Bookshop at 5:30, then moving to the Cock n Bull at 6:00 pm!  Please RSVP Kim Arnold asap if you plan to attend.
Our always entertaining Sunrise Rotarian and CPA, Ray Minich, gave us a report on his favorite book - one he's been reading since 1980. It's not that he's a slow reader, it's just that the book is ever evolving and completely relevant to current events. Figure out the book yet? Yep! The Federal Tax Code!  Not only did Ray tell us what changes in taxation are probably headed our way, but he fielded questions and gave advice. We all left the meeting feeling very well informed, but our "Ray" of sunshine, he was not! Thanks for the laughter with the bitter medicine, Ray.

Dr. Andy Johanson and Dr. Wendy Axelrod, a husband/wife team from the Bluebell Rotary, traveled to Venezuela with a Rotaplast Team recently.

Andy has been fundraising and volunteering for Rotaplast since he was inspired by a presentation he saw in 2010. Their photo-journalistic presentation was riveting- with before and after photos of cleft lip and palate repair that left us cheering -and we applaud their dedicated service!

Rotarians are just awesome.

It was a spook-tacular time in the Historic Doyletown Cemetery on Halloween Morning!
Led on a very informative tour by Doylestown Rotarian (and local historian) Mike Kendrick, the Sunrisers learned about the cemetery's many notable residents and their contributions to Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the United States, and the world.   
Mike shared anecdotes, facts, and wealth of local trivia with the group. The tour highlighted the importance of honoring our past while living in the present and preparing for the future.  
Our time spent discussing the important contributions of Doylestonians past helps us to better understand our role as ambassadors for Rotary and Doylestown today!
Rotarians making a difference!
Hair nets and all! 20 Rotarians, CB West Interact students and friends from The Doylestown Rotary Club helped pack 86,700 meals at Friday night’s Feed My Starving Children event at Del Val University!  Enough for 247 children to eat for an entire year!

Amazing work to change the lives of children around the world! Way to go Rotary!
Thank you Inge for inspiring us to join with our Interact Students for this great opportunity to make a difference!
Doylestown Rotarian Carol Ferguson shared an AMAZING presentation about the work of the Pennsylvania Polio Survivors Network.  The network, run by volunteers, encourages polio awareness, advocates for survivors, raises funds for vaccines, and provides a forum for survivor networking.  The club was amazed at the success of the PA Polio Survivors Network in its short existence!  Congratulations to Carol and the entire team for your courage and tenacity in raising awareness and ensuring that no survivor feels alone!
What is Rotary? We are ordinary people working together to accomplish the extra ordinary.

The Rotary Club of Doylestown is a volunteer service organization whose members donate their time and resources to help others in the community and throughout the world. Join us and discover the spirit of Rotary.

Kristen Bell - This Close to Ending Polio
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Of the things we think, say or do …
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all Concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to All Concerned?

The Four Way Test is the key to being a Rotarian. It reminds us that we practice high ethical standards in our everyday lives. We believe that if we can promote The Four Way Test to our community it will benefit all of us.

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