The Hamilton AM Rotary Club welcomed new City Manager, Janette Smith as guest speaker at the club's first meeting of 2020.  Janette started with the City of Hamilton in last May and "hit the streets running" it appears.  She explained her top 3 priorities were ensuring that the many aspects of the City operation was running as expected, working effectively with her new City Council members and "building partnerships".  These topics resonated strongly with club members who wanted to immediately accept her as a new member of the club!  After a considerable period of time in the new job (18 months, I believe) she did promise to give that strong consideration.  

In this picture, Janette is thanked for her presentation by President, Anne Bermingham and Past-President, Mark Ewer.  She was given a certificate indicating that the club would provide funds to Rotary International for the immunization of 25 children against polio, in recognition of her contribution to our meeting.