Hamilton AM
McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Rd. South
Hamilton, ON

Today's Guest Speaker is Mark Stewart.

Mark is the Director of Operations at McMaster Innovation Park, which is a research and technology incubator for start ups and research companies. Started in early 2005, this was a facility that helps move research ideas to viable businesses. The early success of MIP attracted larger initiatives such as the canmetMATERIALS research centre and the McMaster Automotive Research Centre, with more planned in the future as the site expands.

At this meeting, we will hear about the history and mandate of MIP, it's unique role in the new technology shaping Hamilton's economy. Mark will also profile one of the new technology tenants of MIP.

Connecting the dots of Mark Stewart’s career path does not create a straight line; it does however form a tidy knot. Strands from each of his previous positions have come together to equip him to be Director of Operations for McMaster Innovation Park.

After studying business administration at Bishops University in Lennoxville Quebec, Stewart had a job with Cadillac Fairview waiting for him. He rose quickly over his five years with the company, gaining business knowledge that can’t be taught in a university lecture hall. Running progressively larger shopping malls took him from a very hands-on approach with a smaller staff to directing and delegating.

When he felt it was time to move onto different challenges he joined Environmental Bio-detection Products Inc. as general manager of eting. It was an exciting time as the company worked to develop a home testing kit for water-born e-coli. In the late 1990s, the product went on to sell nationally at large chains stores.

He moved on to be general manager with Culligan’s Western Ontario franchise, overseeing 70 employees and finding success in increasing the company’s value. The allure of working for himself and exploring the worldwide web drove him to create his own website development company.

The next dot on his career path took him back to the water business, this time as vice president of UV Pure. The company produced ultra-violet light water sterilization units, mostly for home use. The long commute to this job prompted Stewart to find something closer to home. That brought him to Metro Recycling in Guelph where he worked as special projects manager. When that contract ended, McMaster Innovations Park was looking for someone to help guide its growth and development.

With McMaster Innovation Park he has tied together his property management and leasing knowledge along with his grounding in company management and growth.