Posted by Cheryl Wakefield on Jul 22, 2016

Club Service Note: We order 7 sandwiches for each meeting, unless specified otherwise. If you'd like to secure a sandwich, please be at the meeting early so you can get one while they last.

Dec 5                  ***Dark*** Lunch at Embassy
Dec 12               Baked Honey Cured Ham/7 Turkey on Wheat & Green Salad/2 veggie/1 vegan/Apple Pie
Dec 19               Deli Buffet /2 non-pasta veggies/1 vegan/Coconut Cream
Dec 26               ***Dark*** Christmas
Jan 2                 ***Dark*** New Years
Jan 9                 Santa Maria Style Buffet/ 2 veggies/1 vegan/Banana Cream
Jan 16               Chicken Caeser Salad/7 BBQ Beef & Potato/2 veggies/1 vegan/Champaign Cake
Jan 23              ***Dark*** Social
Jan 30              Monterey Salmon/7 Chicken Salad on Croissant & Fresh Fruit/ 2 veggies/1 vegan/Apricot
Feb 6                Thyme and Basil Chicken/Mediterranean & Pasta Salad/2 veggies/1 vegan/Apple Spice
Feb 13              Chicken Parmesan/7 Tuna on Wheat & Green/2 veggie/1 vegan/Chocolate Cream
Feb 20              ***Dark*** Vocational Meeting
Feb 27              Mediterranean & Green/3 veggies/1 vegan/Toffee Crunch
Mch 6               Italian Lasagna/7 Ham on Wheat & Cole Slaw/2 veggie/1 vegan/lemon Coconut
Mch 13             Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad/7 BBQ Beef & Potato/2 veggie/1 vegan/Berry Pie
Mch 20             Roasted Sirloin/7 Chicken on Wheat & Pasta/2 veggie/1 vegan/Banana Spice
Mch 27             ***Dark*** 4H BB