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Membership Monday: Meet Steve Harding
Steve Harding became a Rotarian in 1981, and joined Rotary de Tolosa in 1988.  He appreciates that Rotarians provide service to others, and promote integrity and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through fellowship of business, professional and community leaders. Over the past four decades, Steve has had a successful career in community banking, and been recognized by the Pacific Coast Business Times’s “Who’s Who is Banking” multiple years in a row. He joined American Rivera Bank in 2020 where he is EVP and Regional President. 
Thank you, Steve, for your years of service to our community through your work life and Rotary!
Registration is now open for Encore: 2020-2021 District Awards & Year-End Celebration!  This FREE virtual event will be on Friday evening, June 25, 2021, at 6:00 pm. Information and the link to register can be found at this link: []
Membership Monday: Meet Ed Harris
Ed Harris joined Rotary de Tolosa in 1988 and feels that Rotary is a great way for people of diverse backgrounds to join together to create new friendships and accomplish great tasks, from ChildSpree to eliminating polio. Ed made a career switch 10 years ago, from newspapers and publishing to becoming a substitute teacher for grades K-12. Ed is well-known for his passion for music, playing bass as a member of the San Luis Obispo Symphony (since 1975), as well as with many other classical groups. Ed and his band Oasis can often be found playing at festivals, weddings and parties.
Thank you, Ed, for supporting the club’s connection to our community’s youth!
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Membership Monday: Meet Marti Lindholm
Marti Lindholm joined Rotary de Tolosa 12 years ago, but has a longtime connection to the club through her late husband, Jim, who was a beloved de Tolosan. Marti has served as a counselor to Rotary Exchange students and changed people’s lives as an I Care ambassador, traveling to Peru and Guatemala to provide prescription glasses to those who did not have access to them. She says that people should know that Rotary does good work in our community and abroad, providing for children’s and families’ needs. Thank you, Marti, for bringing your ever-present smile and joie de vivre to our club!
Join us this Wednesday for our Virtual Open House from noon-1:30pm!
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Membership Monday: Meet Steve Lombardi

Steve “Lombo” Lombardi joined Rotary de Tolosa 27 years ago and says that Rotary is “better than a hot fudge sundae.” Steve has been in the ad agency business since 1977 and is the famed author of the tongue-in-cheek da Toloosa Lip publication that he publishes annually. Thank you, Lombo, for quick wit and ongoing contributions to our club.



Membership Monday: Meet Steve Lerian

Steve Lerian joined Rotary de Tolosa in 2010. He believes in Rotary, and attributes this to equal parts “the people” and “the good things we do.” Steve has been the Executive Director of Cal Poly Arts since 2008 and is retiring in mid-July this year, and looks forward to traveling, spending more time with his grandkids, and volunteering for the many important causes he supports. Thank you, Steve, for your years of guiding our successful fundraisers, and for all that is to come!



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Membership Monday: Meet Bernadette Bernardi

Bernadette Bernardi joined Rotary de Tolosa in 2009 and appreciates that Rotary is filled with people with good hearts. Bernadette has served as the executive director of Literacy for Life, formerly the SLO Literacy Council, since 1998. Thank you, Bernadette, for your important work in the community and for being part of Rotary de Tolosa!


Do you know the history of "Service Above Self"? 
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Membership Monday: Meet Lyle Meek
Lyle Meek joined Rotary de Tolosa in 1992 and appreciates that our membership really cares about community service and that we do great things when we make a commitment to something. Lyle has worked in financial services for more than 35 years, and recently launched Cerro Pacific Wealth Advisors. Thank you, Lyle, for your many years of leadership and support in Rotary, and for offering your home and hospitality to our club!
Meet Donna Lewis
Donna Lewis is Branch Manager/Senior VP of Mortgage Lending for Guaranteed Rate. She joined Rotary in 1998, and her involvement has run the gamut, including community service project, membership and community grants, leading her all the way to VP and then Rotary President in 2009-2010. She says she’s met the most amazing people in Rotary, and formed long term friendships with people who share a common interest to make our community and world a better place. She adds that the fact we like to have fun and laugh a lot has also added to her great experience at Rotary de Tolosa.
Thank you, Donna, for bringing your go get’em attitude to our club and being a standout leader in the community!
Meet Jeff Buckingham
Jeff Buckingham is President of Digital West Networks, which has recently joined the Wave Broadband team. He joined Rotary de Tolosa in on the Rotary de Tolosa Board of Directors many times, including as Treasurer, Membership Chair and Program Chair, then moving up as VP, President Elect and was President in Rotary Year 2010-2011. Jeff feels strongly that Rotary is an inexhaustible source of good for the world. He loves to connect with people, and Rotary is one way he can do that – even in this virtual world.
Thank you, Jeff for your many years of service to our community, and to Rotary, and for teaching us the importance of “assuming good intent” in our interactions with others.
Rotary is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever. Rotary International has long supported six main causes: Promoting peace; Fighting disease; Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene; Saving mothers and children; Supporting education; and Growing local economies.
Recently, protecting the environment was added as a priority, expanding Rotary’s focus to seven causes.
More than $18 million in Foundation global grant funding has been allocated to environment-related projects over the past five years. Creating a distinct area of focus to support the environment gives Rotary members even more ways to bring about positive change in the world and increase our impact.
Home Page Stories
Meet Denny D’Autremont
Denny D’Autremont is a Registered Field Representative for Guardian Life and was Rotary de Tolosa’s first member in 1984, after the club was chartered. And he has maintained perfect attendance in Rotary, even during these times of virtual meetings. He has served as a stalwart volunteer on the BBQ crew, and as Sargent-of-Arms for two past presidents. His message to others about what they should know about Rotary is simple: Rotarians do good in the community, and we raise money for charities.
Thank you, Denny, for being part of the history of our club, and exemplifying what commitment to Rotary is all about!
"Rotary believes in developing the next generation of leaders. Our programs help younger leaders build leadership skills, expand education and learn the value of service."

The Rotary Club of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa has a focus on youth, and we have several ongoing programs that we sponsor, including 4H Judging, Teen Track and ChildSpree, to name a few. We also sponsor the Interact Club at Mission College Prep.

Learn more about Rotary's commitment to youth here:
Meet Jon Pollock
Jon Pollock is an Employee Benefits Advisor at Morris & Garritano and joined Rotary de Tolosa in 2015. He has served as the club’s Program Director and supported our activities by participating on a number of different committees. Jon is perhaps best known by his fellow Rotarians for his performance as Freddie Mercury during a club meeting when our fundraiser “One Night of Queen” was being promoted to members.
Thank you, Jon, for donating your time, treasure and talent – and dancing skills – to Rotary de Tolosa!
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Meet Pat Mullen
Pat Mullen is PG&E’s Director of the Los Padres District and joined Rotary more than 30 years ago. He was first a member of the 5 Cities Pismo Beach Club, then after leaving the area joined Rotary de Tolosa upon his return to SLO in 1995. He has held the positions of Secretary, PolioPlus Chair, and Fundraising Chair, and has participated in exchange programs many times, now with seven “adopted” former exchange students. He feels that Rotary’s reach is broader than any country or government, and can help people locally and worldwide, like no other.
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Meet Amy Kardel
Amy Kardel is co-owner of Clever Ducks in San Luis Obispo, which has been providing IT services to businesses since 1992. She joined Rotary de Tolosa in 2010 and has served on the board of directors for seven years as New Generations Director, District & Global Grants Chair, Youth Services Director, and currently as our International Service Director. Amy enjoys the connections she has made through Rotary De Tolosa, and she casts a bright and powerful beacon, demonstrating how Rotary Connects the World. Thank you, Amy, for your tireless contribution to our international programs and the youth of both the local and global community!
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Meet Ermina Karim
Ermina Karim, who has recently joined fellow Rotarian Donna Lewis in the mortgage lending business, joined Rotary de Tolosa in 2011. She has served as Sergeant-at-Arms and International Service Director before becoming President Elect Nominee and now President Elect in preparation of becoming de Tolosa President for Rotary Year 2021-2022. Ermina finds the Rotary motto, “Service Above Self,” to be incredibly inspirational and a powerful reminder to integrate helping others into all dimensions of our lives.
Thank you, Ermina, for bringing your life experience and desire to push for more to Rotary de Tolosa!
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Membership Monday: Meet Santa Claus
Santa Claus works tirelessly all year to bring joy to children around the world on Christmas Eve and during the early hours of Christmas Day.
Santa has always espoused Rotary values and abides by the Four-Way Test. He honors the importance of truth, fairness, and goodwill which in turn makes a positive impact on all he crosses paths with – though most never see him.
Leading up to Christmas, Santa Claus works closely with his elves. His team is incredibly important to him so he always treats them with grace and respect. He lives his passion everyday by bringing happiness and joy to children around the globe.
When Santa is not preparing toys for Christmas, he is taking care of his reindeer or baking cookies with Mrs. Claus.
Thank you, Santa, for bringing joy, unconditional kindness, and generosity to our community. If you and your family want to track Santa this Christmas Eve, visit
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Meet Chris Miller
Chris Miller is the Managing Director of the Performing Arts Center, and joined Rotary de Tolosa in 2017. He has enjoyed serving on the Community Grants Committee for the past two years and appreciates that Rotary provides an opportunity for fellowship and service both internationally and locally, and he is gratified to see Rotarians living the motto “Service Above Self” every day.
Thank you, Chris, for bringing your talents and skills to the Central Coast, and to Rotary de Tolosa!
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Meet Charmaine Peterson
Charmaine Peterson joined Rotary de Tolosa seven years ago and likes that, as Rotarians,we take on projects and find solutions that will better our local community. We support youth programs to help our community’s children grow into strong, kind, respectful leaders of their generation. Thank you, Charmaine, for being such a caring and warm part of our club!
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Meet Mike Chellson
Mike joined Rotary the first time in 1996, then after several years of not being in the club and missing being part of the great service Rotary offers to the community and the world, he rejoined in 2015. He is the owner of ESPN Radio and K-Jewel, and an active participant and supporter of our club’s activities. Thank you, Mike, for your service to our community, and for bringing our club to new heights! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist....)
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