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Tracy Rubestello visited us again to update us on the current activities going on at Bridge Receiving. Tracy has visited our club in the past around 2018-19.  The last time Tracy visited us, Bridge Receiving was a vision, idea, and a concept but now it is a reality. Her father was a Rotarian in the downtown Seattle club.  Bridge Receiving opened in August 2020.  Bridge Receiving is a healing start for children entering Foster Care.  Children coming into Foster Care for the first time.  Bridge Receiving avoids these new Foster Care children going into a hotel or other facilities before going to Foster Care.  This is the only facility in the United States with hopes for more being built in the future.
Last week's guest speaker was Captain Joshua Menzel, Commander of Naval Station Everett. Captain Menzel arrival at the Station July 2021. This is his first time to Rotary. The Captain said that Naval Station Everett assignment is a sailor's choice. The base is a beautiful location and the newest base in the country which opened in 1996. In Lake Stevens, Constitution Park is naval housing where he lives. Captain Menzel was first deployed here in 2001 aboard the Abraham Lincoln. The Captain appreciates the community. He is also a ship guy so this assignment is confined to the base rather than on a ship.
John Smarge is the Rotary International President's Representative at this year's District 5050 Celebration. He joined the Rotary Club of Naples, FL 40 years ago. He asked attendees if we wear a Rotary pin every day. He asked because initially wore his pin only on meeting days. But he often had to buy one each week at the check-in desk. He quickly learned that was cheaper than to be fined for not having one. John shared how he was having reservations about continuing his membership since no one talked to him at the meetings. His Club was made up of the movers and shakers in town, but John was this young (23) guy who had only recently moved into the area and opened a business. He shared that he was telling his wife this and she "In her infinite wisdom" suggested that perhaps John volunteer for something. So, he did the week and ended up talking two very quiet high schoolers to the nearby RYLA Conference. John ended up having to go get those students the following weekend and, he said, "they were completely different." They wouldn't stop talking all of the way home. John wasn't sure which ride was worse: The one to the event when the kids didn't talk at all or the ride back when they wouldn't stop talking! He shared this story because it began a change for him in how he perceived Rotary.
Smarge talked about the very first service project Paul Harris did when Rotary was founded. It wasn't public toilets as every thinks. More on this in a minute. The first project was the purchase of a horse so a local doctor could get to his patients. The public toilets came about because someone figured out a way to keep customers in stores in the downtown area but, the few places that had inside toilets were generally bars that only allowed men. John added that was one of the first economic impact things that Rotary has had a hand in. He continued that we should stop running Rotary like a non-profit and run it like a business. There has to be a return for the members. Smarge asked "Why does a Rotary Club exist?" "To answer the needs of its members."
Business relationships are important to members but, for many, Rotary becomes so much more than that. Smarge also encouraged us to invite younger people to join, but make sure they get engaged right away. Younger members need Rotary just as much as Rotary needs them. And, with every member are they committed or are they quitting? This is a task for the Presidents and Presidents-Elect. Retain your members by getting them engaged. 
Our program on Friday, May 6th was a video of Rotary International-President Elect Jennifer Jones talking about the power of relationships and Rotary as she and her husband moved to RI headquarters for the next two years.   
Shortly after moving into her office at RI headquarters, she received a message from a Rotarian in Hamburg, Germany who mentioned that they had met during a previous visit. He was asking for help in getting a scholar in Kabul, Afghanistan on an evacuation list as soon as possible. Working through several Rotary contacts, the scholar was added to the evacuation list and headed to a European country in a very brief period. The power of Rotary in action.
The President-Elect talked about her experience as a journalist, grabbing history was the Berlin Wall was being torn down and 25 years later, November 09, 2014, meeting a reporter who was reporting on the anniversary of the Wall being torn down and sharing the experience of world peace.  Removing barriers, highlighting inclusion, and referencing Paul Harris, comments at the 24th RI convention in 1933:
Although the picture quality lacks, the message is important as referenced by President-Elect Jennifer Jones referencing the comments in 1933 at the 24th Annual Rotary International Convention. The message she delivered was clear: Engage all our members in our daily activities and projects carrying the message of Rotary into our communities around the world. The importance of Rotary is diversity, equity, and inclusion which she referenced often during her video.
Here is the link to President-Elect Jennifer Jones video:
Here is the link to our YouTube meeting recording:
Gloria Martin takes our Club through deep breathing exercise prior to speaking to our Club on Friday, April 29th about the Lake Stevens Health and Wellness Festival. The festival will be on Sunday, June 26th from 9 am to 4 pm at North Cove Park. Events include a Fun Run/Walk; Push Up Contest and Plank Challenge. Health and wellness vendors such as local fitness trainers and healthcare practitioners will be available. Local dance and martial arts schools will perform on the Main Stage. For the kids, there will be face painting available and plenty of guest speakers. 
Here is our meeting, YouTube link:
The Rotary Clubs of Arlington and Lake Stevens celebrated Earth Day 2022 by planting trees as part of a Native Growth Protection Area (NGPA) restoration project at Stormwater Wetland Park. Everyone enjoyed the tree planting, camaraderie between the two Rotary Clubs, followed by lunch. Cub Pack 29 participated in the tree planting ceremony as well. Both Clubs had a good turnout of members and guests.
Our guest speakers on Friday, April 22nd were Joy Ingram and Annie Landis. Joy has spoken to our Club in the past and is a member of the Rotary Club of Arlington. Annie is involved in the Prevention Department. Annie describes her position as the easiest job she has ever had. She enjoys playing and working with teenagers every day affected by domestic violence. The biggest part of prevention is understanding domestic violence. A key message is to create a safety plan for the mom and her children. The Domestic Violence Prevention Act allows victims to get legal protection without an attorney.
Former State Senator Kirk Pearson who is currently the Vice President of External Affairs for the Volunteers of America - Western Washington, was our guest speaker on Friday, April 15th. Senator Pearson was substituting for Brian Smith, Chief Operating Officer and a resident of Lake Stevens. Now there's a potential member of our Club. VOA will celebrate its 125th Anniversary next year. VOA has several resources starting with Food, Shelter, Behavior Health, Community Resource Centers, Disability Services, Dispute Resolution, Preschool and Senior Centers.

imageThe program on April 5th was a presentation by our Scout Troop Senior Patrol Leader Grace W.. We have sponsored the Troop now for three years. In that time, we've had a 600% growth in members! 
The recent textile drive was successful with 1,000 bags being distributed by the Troop. There are 26 girls on the roster with three recently joining the Troop from the our Cub Scout Pack. Future activities include Mt. Pilchuck hike at the end of May, and more monthly camp out. The Troop will be going to Camp Easton in Idaho on the east side of beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene for summer camp.
In October, the Troop will participate in Scouting for Food, going door-to-door to collect food and delivering it to the Lake Stevens Food Bank. One of the presenters from the Troop is within six merit badges of being eligible for the coveted Eagle Scout award. She still has to complete a service project and a leadership role for the Troop. Currently their meetings are at LifePoint Church on Wednesday evenings. However, soon they will be meeting in the very room where we hold our Club Meetings. In response to a question, you must be 11 years of age or in the 5th Grade and be a Cub Scout earning the Arrow of Light Award.  Great work by our Scout Troop 88!
Important news
Our special program this past week was our Lake Stevens High School "Interact Club" with a presentation by Noah Fontenot, the Interact Club President who was joined by Lauren Ruble, Secretary, Piper Finley and their Advisor Kristin Odegaard. Over 800 total Service Hours as a Club this year!!!  Last year, they received the PACER Together Against Bullying Award 2021, Most Participation in School's Club Fair Booth, local recognition, and Club attendance is rising. Club attendance is an average of 30-40 students each week.
Visiting Ashley Point is one of their monthly projects. Painting rocks and Street Cleaning are some of the other project the Club does as well as helping clean up the gardens around the school. Interact adopted the road in front of the High School- 113th Av NE from 28th St NE to Hwy 92.  Broad experience for each of our members.  The residents at Ashley Pointe are happy to see the Interact Club members visiting them.
March Madness was a Club affair with 175 high students visiting the booth to ask about the Interact Club. Lauren made cupcakes to be given away at March Madness. Piper talked about the Green Bag Food Project in partnership with Snohomish County Rotaract. Donations go to the Lake Stevens Food Bank.  So far in two weeks, the Interact Club has five plus full bags of food.
Things that they want to do in the future include an April Run, Walk, and Roll with Pacer and the plans are already in motion. Another is school beautification such as painting rocks and placing them around the school for anyone to pick up, continuing to go to Ashley Pointe, Club T-shirts, and a park bench.
Wow, what an amazing group of young men and women dedicated to serving the community through their high school experience.  This is "what" Interact is all about. Service to the Community. And I was told Noah, Lauren and Piper's presentation was heard throughout high school. Way COOL!

​Interact is a service club for youth ages 14-18. The name is a combination of the words international​ and action​. We join Clubs in over 120 countries around the world. The global youth network is dedicated to community and international service. Every Interact Club project, great or small, has a lasting impact on society worldwide.
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The Interact Club does not meet during the summer. ​Find out the latest at our Facebook site.
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