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Recently, we began  recording our regular Friday morning meetings and upload them to our account on YouTube each week following the meeting. This has opened up a number of opportunities for club members and potential members to view a specific meeting date and time. Likewise, within the past two days, Angie Hein, club member and IT expert uploaded the Skatepark story for everyone's viewing pleasure and the history our club played in its development over the course of 15 years. The entire meeting on Friday, February 19th was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.  
You can go to Once you are on site, type in Lake Stevens Rotary and you can visit any of the meetings that we have posted since our January 29th launch.  
If you missed the meeting, this is a great way to do a make up.  We had two really great programs for your viewing pleasure which are part of our weekly bulletin for February 19th and  on our website.
Last week we wrote about our two newest members. Both teachers and this week, they were asked to give their Classification Talks to the Club as part of Friday, February 19th program which maybe a new record for such as request. Connor and Kyle were approved for membership  at the Board meeting on February 11th. 
Kyle went first. Family is important to him. He is a triplet. Married with two children. He came into teaching through encouragement from his wife. His sister-in-law is a teacher as well.  Kyle started out in law enforcement but it took him over 7 years  because he lacked the educational requirements. But that didn't stop him. He graduated from WSU with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and went on to get his Masters Degree in Emergency Management from ASU.  Injured on the job.  Always wanted to be a School Resource Officer.  Started at Mt. Pilchuck Elementary School as a para educator  working in the Life Skills class. Moved from there to Glenwood Elementary to North Lake Mid-School.  He has does worked with Randy Celori on Emergency Management issues for the District.  Kyle likes to golf and going on driving excursions with his family. Kyle also enjoys volunteering.
Connor followed with his Classification Talk. Grew up in the sunshine city and state of St. Peterburg, Florida. Started getting involved in community service through Interact in high school. Involved with Habitat building 10-15 houses a year. Continued working with Habitat through college.  Got involved in housing policy and onto politics. From there got involved in politics on the legislative side and in 2010 went to work for a member of Congress who served on the Energy and Healthcare Committee. Very challenging and critical time. Returned home and talked to his wife about his future plans because of the time taken away from his family. Connor went back to work for Habitat who at the time was building 30 houses per year. Seconded largest homebuilder in the area. His wife is a teacher. Supportive of his career choices. Returned to his major which is duo-major in Education and Political Science. Worked with foster care kids. Did some substitute teaching.  After two hurricanes, decided it was time to move away from Florida. Since they had a lot of family in the Pacific Northwest. After coming out here decided he needed to get his teaching certification. After 1 1/2 years started at North Lake Middle-School. So much of his interest revolved around his time with Interact in high school. Moved here over 2 1/2 years ago. Enjoyed his Rotary service in Tarpon Springs, Florida. 

David Levitan, City of Lake Stevens, Senior Planner in the Planning and Development Department, gave our Club an overview of Land Use and Zoning in the city. The city is expanding the permitting process along the lake shoreline. The planning framework starts at the State, Regional, County and City level which provides the context for undertaking the planning process/
A comprehensive plan to manage growth was adopted in 1990. Cities must also designate natural resource lands and critical areas such as streams, wetlands and steep slopes. There are a number of growth management acts that cover a variety of topics. Within the Comprehensive Plan there are several elements that require the city to undergo. The City can amend the plan once per year. The annual docket is opened up each January and was just closed. Local plans must be consistent with: the Puget Sound Regional Council Vision (2050 Plan adopted in October 2020); Countywide Planning Policies (update scheduled for adoption in late 2021); Countywide growth targets as well as other state laws.
George Bowden of the Rotary Club of Everett visited our Club on Friday, February 12th to thank us for partnering with their Club and others on the greenhouse garden project in the Dominican Republic. Pictured above is a garden gathering: Manuela Rodriguez, the first garden owner in La Vigia, speaks with (left to right) Ed Petersen of Everett Rotary; Ana Carrasco, Dajabon Rotary Project Leader; Dr. Jose Luis Garcia, agriculture specialist at Washington State University; and Anthony Gromko, WSU microloan specialist.
Our guest speaker last Friday, February 5th was Matthew Bennett, Founder and President of ( Matt is an author and innovative marketer who has bowled a perfect 300 game. Matt commented that the latter is a rare occurrence.  Matt has sold over 5 million books and been in this business for over 33 years in the publishing and self-publishing business. Getting into the publishing world is extremely difficult. He is disturbingly transparent telling his clients what they need to hear. His goal is to get aspiring authors published and current authors more sales of their books.
There is a strong trend towards non-fiction books. Print is not dead by any means. According to Matt physical books still out sell ebooks by a wide margin. Less than 10% of all books purchased are read cover to cover.  And over 60% of books printed are never sold. Over 70% of people polled indicated they wanted to write a book. A new book is published every 20 seconds. Usually selling just a few copies. Only 3% of writers sell over 500 copies. Matt commented that it is the easiest time in history to knock out a new book. A writer must focus on marketing, distribution and execution to be a successful.
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​Interact is a service club for youth ages 14-18. The name is a combination of the words international​ and action​. We join Clubs in over 120 countries around the world. The global youth network is dedicated to community and international service. Every Interact Club project, great or small, has a lasting impact on society worldwide.
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The Interact Club has resumed their weekly meetings each Wednesday, 10 am. Contact Mrs. Odegaard for login information. ​Find out the latest at our Facebook site.
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