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January 6, 2020   

Opening :

Absent a gavel, President Cathy opened the meeting ringing the bell with handle of a knife (perhaps a dangerous proposition). Welcoming all attending Rotarians to 2020 and a new decade- She encouraged those making a New Year’s Resolutions to make a realistic goal, write it down and commit to the goal with friends and family.   Radical Kindness and curiosity are her personal goals especially with those in times of conflict or disagreement.

Jennifer Moehl gave our invocation and mentioned the passing of former member Jerry Main for a total of 50 years.  He was a Paul Harris Fellow and very active member of the club.  His service was Monday, January 6th.  Click here for his full bio


Committee Announcements:
  1. Youth exchange:
    1. Exchange student Arimis Melgarejo is in need of third session host family  April-July.  (Word has it he’s a hoot to be with)
    2. Rotary Youth Leadership Program is gearing up for camp May 7-12. Club members have an opportunity to host/mentor some participants. If interested, contact Jen for more information.
  2. Music committee John Dunne announced the ukulele group will perform—and sing-- at our next meeting!!!
  3. Take a vet to lunch Meeting next week after luncheon meeting for a brainstorming session.
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Guests of Rotarians:  
John Harris brought his wife Patricia
Shauna Naf introduced Exchange Student Aramis Melgarejo from Lima, Peru  and  Emma Starke from Beckum, Germany
1.  Whatcom County North Rotary President Bryan Hennessy promoted their fundraiser, a benefit concert, occurring Friday night, January 24. Greyson Chance will be the performer.   Club is looking for assistance with promotions.  If interested contact 360.441.2918
2. Paul Harris Award given for the first time to John Dunne.  A standing ovation recognized John’s generosity.
BP Energy Transition presented by Ariel Brinn. BP wants to address growing energy needs while achieving smaller carbon footprint at Cherry Point and internationally.   Ariel’s position at BP is optimizing productions using sophisticated computer programs.  The program today, Advancing the Energy Transition, gave an overview of BP’s approach to these challenges.
BP knows there is a climate crisis, that science is real, and that climate change is not new.  BP is a supporter of the Paris Climate Accord and the agreement of member countries to keep emissions in check.  Pace needs to be faster.  Current plans not sufficient.
BP’s climate commitments are established at highest levels of the organization.  Ariel admires BP’s leadership on this issue.
The future poses a dual energy challenge: Global energy demand rising by 1/3. Currently 8 million people don’t have access to electricity.  So there is a need for growth to support quality of life, but it must be sustainable growth. 
She shared BP’s 2040 projections for world energy use and how that growth might be addressed with various energy sources.  BP is projecting 38% growth in consumption 2017-2040.  It has a rapid transition model that would expand renewable energy and reduce coal.  Oil and gas will continue to play a role.  Plan is dependent on developing more carbon capturing technologies and more efficiencies. Nuclear won’t grow significantly.
Corporations and individuals will need to be make changes during this time period and BP intends to support them with new processes, products, and low carbon businesses.
For example, to reduce methane emissions in processing, BP uses drones and infrared cameras.  BP will not take advantage of reduced federal regulatory standards if those happen.  They believe in Paris accord targets.
BP is developing products and services to help consumers reduce their emissions: Diesel fuels.   Biojet fuel. Recycled cooking oil.  Lots of this work is being done in Europe.
New businesses are being launched, often in partnership with existing international companies in wind, biofuels, biopower, and solar.  BP is one of top wind producers in US.  They have key partnerships in Brazil and Europe (Light Source).
BP is supporting new low carbon ventures and start ups.
For example, they are expanding charging stations for electric cars, monitoring wind farms,  and creating jet fuels from household waste.  Sustainability is requirement for all these businesses.  Safety is important too.
Keys to success
  1. Reduce emissions rather than promoting one fuel as answer
  2. Improving energy efficiency
  3. Carbon pricing
Tom Wolff, BP governmental liaison, clarified BP’s positions regarding regulation.  BP is supportive of regulations, as long as they allow for predictable/stable pricing.  He believes Washington will have a carbon pricing system in place by 2021.  BP likes the carbon pricing solution as it allows each company to address the targets in their own way.
Wolff says Whatcom County Council and BP agree there needs to be regulation that is balanced to allow safety as well as expansion/innovation in Whatcom County.
In response to a member question about “range anxiety” with electrical vehicles, Wolff explained BP is considering expanding stations in US, like they’ve done in Great Britain.
They’re not thinking right now about installing at their gas stations--20 min to sit in a gas station to charge up is not attractive to most folks.  Watch for stations at theatres and shopping centers.
Another member question, this time about where the crude processed at Cherry Point comes from, yielded this information: Alaska, South America, Canada, Bakkan Oil fields in North Dakota

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