Bellingham Legal Center
805 Dupont St.
Bellingham, WA 98225
United States of America

Stay tuned for instructions and link on Zoom.  

Go to your app store and download Zoom (no cost to you) on your preferred computer, ipad or phone. 

How the virtual meetings will work. We send out an invitation, if you have the Zoom Ap, just  click on the hyperlink enbedded in the invitation and it will take you to the site, so when it is time to meet you can join the group, if you are a little early you will be placed in the “waiting room”, when the host is available, you will placed in the meeting.  It is pretty slick. If you don’t have the Ap yet, just download it to your phone it should be free.  Then proceed to click the hyperlink.  A number of our members are quite adept at using Zoom, we will have them give us some feedback and instructions.    Everyone please have patience, this is a new technology for me, and it may be a little rough right off the bat.  We are hoping to have some fun with Happy Bucks and some general lighthearted fun.