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November 26, 2018   

On a windy Monday afternoon, President Sandy greeted us with a hat wrapped around his neck. The explanation he gave is that from this country the scarf is used as head covering, scarf, baby sling, and other uses too numerous to mention. The country in question remained a mystery until he dropped the name Angkor Wat, which ruled out South Carolina. The venerable past President Chuck Snyder correctly identified Cambodia.
The Rotary Brass provided the music, sounding vaguely Souzaesque.


President Sandy announced the results of the Nominating Committee ( Teri Treat, Cathy Buckley, Sandy McIntire, John Pedlow and Doug Cole) and the following members have been selected for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year:  Elections will be held next week, December 10, 2018

President: Cathy Buckley

President-Elect:  Gary Goldfogel

Vice-President/Program Chairman:  Peter Theisen

Treasurer:  Steve Gray

Board of Directors:  Bruce Clawson and Lisa Saar

When the question, “Are there any nominations from the floor?” the response was a deafening silence.

President Sandy reminded members to submit their donations for the major project (Galbraith Mt. parking-remember?). 

Members are encouraged to make their major project pledges as soon as possible. Cash or stocks are two options for contributing.  You can go to to make your payment or mail a check payable to The Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation, 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa.  98229 and/or email  your pledge amount to Scott at

Save the Date - Vegas Night will be February 9 and that tickets can be bought on line at or call the box office at 360-734-6080 for $100 each. The lineup includes the Up Front Players, lounge singers and more!  You can also fill out the attached Ticket Order Form and bring it to a Monday meeting and we will process it for you.

Brad Burdick announced that he will be arm-twisting at the entry for Vegas Night tickets. He also asked for donations to the silent auction – a new addition to the night.

Jim Wakefield has reported that Thirty one Rotarians have signed up to participate in the annual  Salvation Army Bell Ringing event.  It is always a fun and rewarding event.  We need five more Rotarians to sign up to ensure no one is ringing bells by themselves and it’s always good to have 5 to 10 alternates.  People have last minute emergencies or get sick, so the alternates are often used. I would like to issue the roster next Monday so everyone has time to plan.  If you can spare 2 hours for a good cause December 15, please e-mail me.  Jim Wakefield

Guests of Rotarians:  (No visitors or guests)
Past Pres. Teri Treat spoke first about the Club’s Foundation. She reminded us of the many ways that we can donate to the foundation, and a little bit about what the foundation actually does.
Then she turned it over to Susie Thomson who showed the financials. But first Susie went over the history of the foundation, when it was “founded”, and by whom, and who is running the show now. She shared that there is, in round figures, 1.5 million dollars in the foundation. (If you want the actual figures talk to Susie, she like most CPAs is painfully accurate. The majority of the money, about $860,000 is in a scholarship endowment fund. Another major chunk is dedicated to named funds, which to her credit, Susie named.
There are the scholarship fund and Millard fund, of course, along with Mischaikow, operating, endowment, and others that I am forgetting.
The special project fund is what funds the yearly “big project” the Club takes on. This is what helped the Food Bank into its new building, among other projects.
Teri and Susie ended the presentation reminding us how we can help the foundation, giving it moolah in various ways. As well as writing that all-important check, you can designate it to receive part or all of your IRA required distribution, make it a beneficiary to your trust, or estate and designate your happy bucks to the foundation.
                    RCOB Fdn Financials 09.30.18
                    RCOB Foundation Survey  Please return to Kathy Hughes by December 1st at
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