Mar 18, 2019
Austin Huang
Bellingham Grown Composer - A colorful Musical Journey


Austin Huang started his  immigration from China in 1984 for graduate school majored in Geological Engineering in Madison Wisconsin and has lived in Bellingham since 1990. He started his music theory and composition study in 2005 with Roger Briggs, professor of composition at WWU and former conductor of Whatcom Symphony Orchestra.

He started composing in 2007 and has since composed nearly 20 pieces, which have performed in both the US, Canada, and China. His works were performed by Whatcom Symphony Orchestra in 2011 and 2012. He debuted his composition works 2013 in Seattle’s Benaroya Hall. China Symphonic Development Foundation (a non-profit organization under the Ministry of Culture of China function similar to American’s National Symphony Orchestra Association) presented Austin Huang’s composition works in a special designated concert in Beijing Music Hall on Jan 21, 2016, performed by China Broadcast/Film Symphony Orchestra.

Austin Huang is an engineer and composer, currently fellow of American Society of Civil Engineering, Diplomate of Geotechnical Engineering with Academy of Geo-Professionals.  Rigorous training in engineering has helped him tremendously in music composing and he sees many similarities between writing a dissertation and composing a concerto.

He is a “native Bellingham grown composer” since his formal musical education began from and nurtured growing up in Bellingham.