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2nd. & 4th. Thursday. First 7:15 am, 4th. 6:30 pm
Ricky's All Day Grill
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Two very active Rotarians from India joined us for breakfast on February 14th.
Husband and wife rotary members Sukhi and Harinder Mahal members of the Rotary club of Indore Meghdoot in District 3040 visited with us and told us of their personal and Rotary history.They are planning to move to Surrey in the near future. We donated to the Canadian Eyesight in their name to honour their visit. [Photo with Anup Jubbal President and CEO (Founder) Canadian Eyesight Global]
 Judging by the eMail we received we made a good impression.  
Dear John,
Thank you for inviting us to your club meeting today morning. It was so good to see & meet you all the members of a wonderfully active club. We appreciate the zeal and energy of all members. 
As we are now in the process of settling down in Vancouver permanently, we look forward to meet you all again. We also thank you all for the warm welcome extended to us and invitation for the membership of RC of Surrey. We will take a little while to decide on it. Also thank you for the sumptuous breakfast. 
Look forward to see you soon.
Warm Regards
Sukhi and Harinder
Our best meeting of the year....We were firing on all 12 cylinders.
Inducted 2 new[returning] members.
Two Rotarians visiting from India
and a great presentation by Dan Gallant on Rotary World Help
More detail in separate stories
President John visited with Anup and his wife on the weekend. Anup who heads Canadian Eyesight Global
has been hospitalized for a few days but is now back home and on the road to recovery.
His guidance of  Canadian Eyesight Global over many years has benefited many people in Canada and India.
When he started this program in 1989 thousands of People in his native India were suffering with cataracts.
Since that time tens of thousands have benefited from his initial request to begin the project.
Welcome back Anup....  
Outline of Parveen Goel’s Classification Talk at Surrey Rotary Club, Nov. 15th 2018
Parveen is our newest member so we would like to introduce you to him in his own words.
Family back ground
Wife is also an Engineer, currently running a business in Surrey, Kumon franchise near Surrey city center mall on King George St. Two kids; son in 10th grade and daughter in 8th. Also taking care of parents who live with us.
Why you chose your particular business or profession:
Engineering was a natural choice for me due to my interest in math and physics.
Career Progression and the path:
Started my career in academics as an Asst. Professor in India decided to pursue Ph.D. in the USA at WSU, Detroit. This being an Auto capital of the world provided me with an opportunity to work at Ford. This was my first job in North America, later I moved to a different automotive company, TRW/ZF an auto parts and systems supplier. After 14 years in Automotive and working in the USA I decided to move to Canada Post Corp. as Director of Engineering and Programs.
Career Highlights and Challenges:
Technical problem resolutions, such as noise issues in Automotive, Reliability and quality problems with automotive components. Managing large transformative projects such as the opening of a new processing plant and revitalization of a mail and parcel distribution network for the entire province of BC. Some of the challenges I faced were around communication, stakeholder management, and dealing with the impact of downsizing and cost saving on employees.
Forecast employment opportunities in Engineering:
Nature of employment will change, lots of fields are merging together. For example, Engineering is blending with the health sciences. Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics will dominate however need for primary engineering field will always remain there.
The advice you would give persons entering your career field:
Focus on developing soft skills as early as you can. Keep pace with changing technology and advancements in areas such as AI.
How your profession is being impacted by technology, & government regulations:
Some of the changes in both auto and supply chain are driven by environmental consideration such as electric and hybrid cars. Some are motivated by technological advances that include autonomous vehicles, AI-based predictive forecasting for demand, big data analytics.
Ethical issues you face at work, and how the Rotary 4-Way Test helps you deal with them.
Impact of productivity initiatives, and automation
Passion for Education and a potential project:
I am very passionate about education and would like to develop a project to provide STEM education to inner city children in Surrey and potentially beyond with the help of technology.
Our Annual Inclusive Employer Awards brought out a gathering of luminairies in the Rotary Community along with Supporters of Inclusive employment.  From left to right; Edwina Jeffrey, Chair of the IEA committee, Master of Ceremony Marco Pasqua and John Edwards, President of the Rotary Club of Surrey and past member of the IEA committee. Edwina and Marco are friends of Rotary and are proud to wear their Paul Harris pin.

Hello Rotarians and visitors, how is everybody?  I see Alf Marchi is in the house, please welcome our Assistant Governor who has a very important job to do tonight and that is to install another member. Dr. Parveen Goel will be suitably introduced later by his sponsor Dave Hayer. Dick and Dean send their regrets for not being here tonight.
I am sure that if you were asked what kind of a year we had since the last AGM, there would be some but not full consensus. For me, we had some scary moments not knowing what the future of two clubs would be. I am sure that some of you would admit that you weren’t sure if you wanted to remain a member and again all of us probably thought what we are getting ourselves into by merging two clubs with different cultures. I am pleased to say that we are here because you saw the value of being a Rotarian and the positives of coming together as one club. It reminds me of a saying by William Arthur Ward and I quote “Do more than belong: participate. Do more than care: help. Do more than believe: practice. Do more than be fair: be kind. Do more than forgive: forget. Do more than dream: work.”Close quote.
  • Bryce, Art and their team of six worked through the summer on the merger of the two clubs. We received unanimous support to merge. The new club is called the Rotary Club of Surrey and the new board was installed in July by past RI representative Dean Rohrs.
  • A special thank you to you the members who are the backbone of the organization. Without your commitment and belief in the Four Way Test, we would not be here today.
  • Frances, Norman, Duane and Lynn Juliet said goodbye to the club. Yeen may be back in 2019.
  • Membership: We started the new year and the new club with our first and newest member for the new club; Sam Sangha. Our intrepid community liaison Dave Hayer sponsored a new member who will be installed tonight
  • Programs: Fusion Fest was held and at some point, we will decide if we will participate in the future, thanks to Bryce and his team
  • Starfish is growing and I would be remiss if I failed to thank Lynn Spence and her team for the incredible job they are doing with this program. Rose McKeen is no longer a member, but she continues to support Starfish and I cannot thank her enough for her efforts
  • The Booksale was completed- thanks to Charlie Molnar for the work he and his team did to organize and execute the book sale
  • Under the guidance of Anup Jubbal, Canadian Eyesight Global continues its work in restoring sight to people in India and as you know, CEG sponsors free eye camps around the Lower Mainland.
  • The Inclusion Awards Event is just around the corner, thanks to Dick for representing Rotary.
  • The Seniors Christmas Dinner which is being organized by Dianna Sears will be held on December 8th and the Starfish Packing event followed by the club’s Christmas dinner will be held at Vlassis Greek Restaurant on November 22nd. Again, thank you all for the work you do for Rotary.
     Today we started a new series in our meetings by having members introduce themselves to the club.
     President John Edwards 
John started the introduction ball rolling by telling us about his history. Here is the Coles notes version:
Born in Barbados and graduated from high school in 1966 was known as “Inches” as he could not qualify for the basketball team, (A height deficit). Despite that, he was a leader in school becoming a monitor, prefect and Head Boy and president of the students’ union.  John was the student that first reported to the headmaster that president Kennedy had been shot in Dallas.
John left Barbados to go to nursing school in England where he earned two nursing diplomas.. In 1974 John and thousands of other UK trained nurses were recruited by the British Columbia Government to fill a chronic nursing shortage in BC  where he worked as a psychiatric nurse at Riverview Hospital resigning 1n 1978.
John’s goal was to start a career in the pharmaceutical industry and in 1978 he went to work for Merck and other pharmaceutical companies retiring in 2012. John held several management positions in the industry including Western Regional Manager, National Director, for Government and External Relations and Business Unit Director for Quebec and the four Atlantic Provinces based in Montreal.  
He then switched his talents to promoting synchronized clock systems in the healthcare, educational, law enforcement, government and a cross section of the business markets on a global scale. While in the position of Senior Director-Global Healthcare Solutions, John authored several articles which were published in healthcare engineering journals in twenty-two countries including Canada, the USA, UK and Australia (I understand it will be a new century before he uses up his stock of Air Miles and he is a member of the Aeroplan/Air Canada 1Million Mile Club).
 John dabbled in federal and local politics running for Mayor to further health care solutions for the residents of Surrey. In 1983 he contested the nomination to run federally in the former Mission-Port Moody riding.
He currently manages a small Medical facility in Surrey and does some humanitarian work in the Caribbean. He is also completing an online  degree at Douglas College. John Joined Rotary on June 29, 2010 in the Classification Healthcare-equipment. He is a double Paul Harris Fellow and now on 3rd term as President. In 2013, he chaired a committee to bring Rick King, one of Rotary’s International Past Presidents and international speaker to Surrey in July 2013. In 2016-2017, he served on the district membership committee and was the District Governor’s Representative and Membership Co-Chair for the Canadian clubs.
Back to school fast approaching and the time for our Annual Rotary Cares Grade 3 Dictionary Program.
 Just picked up the books 450 all 1,170 lbs of them.  Luckily we have a CR-V as they would have never fitted into the Grand Prix.
Now we need to plan a project night to add the labels into each Book. If you are up to the task let me know it is a painfully detailed          project (No Wine till we are complete)
Next step is to get final numbers from the School District and set up deliveries with the 8 schools. Planning towards end of October.
Returning for another term Francisco Manalo has accepted our nomination to continue as the clubs sergeant at arms .
We hope to have fun with this plus adding some dollars to our club funds.  Fines and happy bucks are back again
Oh and  late is an automatic $1.00 (Subject to appeal)
The first Rotary club in had a public washroom as their first community service project. The newly formed Rotary Club of Surrey
as the Muskoka Chair project. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adirondack_chair
Thanks to the efforts of Garry Sass and Dianna Sears Five Muskoka chairs were acquired for the Guildford Resource Centre all that was needed was assembly. Gary constructed chair #1 and tested it .A work party was created for Friday July 6th.  Charlie Molnar and Bryce McElroy joined in and Voila 5 Muskoka chairs were created for the Guildford resource centre.
Here is the crew at the end of their project testing out the finished chairs
The Awards Night is set for October 25th.2018 at the Surrey Arts Centre 13750-88th.Avenue,Surrey.BC.This is a headline event in co-operation with the City of Surrey, Community Living BC, Milieu Family Services and WorkBC Employment Services Centres.
we are presenting our 4th.Awards Event where we recognize innovative business leaders and employers in Surrey-Delta-White Rock who promote inclusive hiring and meaningful employment opportunities for persons with diverse abilities.
Thursday March 22nd 2018 will be noted as a significant date in the history of the Rotary Club of Surrey.
The night representatives from the Rotary Club of Surrey and the the Rotary Club of Surrey-Guildford got together to explore a joint relationship.  
A total of 10 Rotarians met.Four from Surrey (John Edwards,Bryce McElroy,Deane Gurney and Dick Wareham)and 6 ,members from Surrey-Guildford. (Norman Gluck -President,Art Claxton,Ashok Bhagnari
We exchanged notes on our current club projects ,Active Membership numbers and meeting schedules.
The group concluded it would be in both clubs best interest to proceed to explore a joint relationship and between now and July 1st work in tandem meeting together and working on projects as One. A 6 person committee three members of each club would continue to flesh out a meeting Schedule and programs for the balance of this Rotary year.  John Edwards,Bryce McElroy,Deane Gurney would represent our club.
It was agreed that initially we would hold all general and business meetings at Ricky's All day Grill 8958 152nd Street. It was further agreed that we would have 3 scheduled meetings a month. One Dinner,One Breakfast and One Social event. 
The initial schedule is as follows: 
Social Night   Thursday March 29th. 6:30 pm at the  Big Ridge Brewing Co. 5580 152 St, Surrey 
Joint Business meeting  Thursday April 5th. 6:15 pm at Ricky's All day Grill 8958 152nd Street,Surrey
General Meeting Thursday April 19th. 7;15 am at Ricky's All day Grill 8958 152nd Street,Surrey
More to come from the committee.. Stay tuned.
We have now re-structured our Meeting schedule to better fit our membership.
First phase in December we moved to Thursday Night Meetings as Noon tuesdays were
not working. 
Final phase at our last Board meeting  January 11th.2018 we set 2 fixed meetings per month
with other meetings to be called as needed for Socials or Projects and Special events.
First Thursday of the month will be a joint Board/Business meeting.
The 3rd Thursday of the month will be General Club meeting with Speaker/Presenter
Since we last reported Starfish is back in full form with 25 packs being distributed to 2 schools
Lena Shaw and KB Woodward. We will be expanding to 35 packs this month.
Our Christmas Social on December 19th.was a resounding success with great member participation Good food at 
Vlassis Greek Taverna 
Several of our members attended the Guildford Rotary Club Seniors Dinner .. A tremendous event very well supported by North Surrey Secondary School. 
Now preparing for our Annual Grade 3 Dictionary project (ROTARY CARES) to take place in February

Polio this week as of 10 APRIL 2018

Year-to-date 2018
Year-to-date 2017
Total in 2017
- in endemic countries100
- in non-endemic countries


Case Breakdown by Country


                                                       2018                                2017

                                            WPV             cVDPV           WPV               cVDPV

Afganistan                                6                     0             14                       0                 Last Onset (WPV) 2 March 2018
Pakistan                                   1                     0               8                       0                 Last Onset (WPV) 7 March 2018
DR Congo                                 0                    3               0                      22                Last Onset (cVDPV)  30 January 2018
Syrian Arab Republic                  0                    0               0                      74                Last Onset (cVDPV)  20 September 2017       


No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week,Onset was Dec 28 2017
The total number of WPV1 cases for 2018 is seven
No new case of wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases reported in the past week.The total number of WPV1 cases for 2018 was 0. Total for 2016 was 4
No new cases since 2016
No new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) cases were reported in the past week.  The total number of WPV1 cases for 2018 is One.
Central Africa
No new cases of cVDPV2 in the past week .Total number of cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo(DRC)   is 3 for 2018
The Middle East
In Syria- No new cases of cVDPV2 in the past week. No cases reported in 2018. Total for 2017 was 74
We are now into our 2017-18 Rotary year. Many thanks to Ed Landry for stepping in and guiding us through 2016-17
New Board was  installed on July 4th.  Our Governor Lynda Gene Coyle did the honours. Nice event at the Guildford Golf Club
So now under the leadership of President John Edwards I understand this year may have a caribbean flavour!
We have two new active members to our club  Yeen Chin and Frances Logan. Yep no longer an all male club.
The two ladies bring a breadth of experience and new abilities to enhance our club.
Yeen will be completing a make over of our Marketing and Social Media presence.We need to let others know the opportunities that Rotary provides.
Frances will be replacing John on the IEA(Inclusive Employer Awards ) committee and bring her knowledge from the
employment and enabling area to add to the abilities of the committee. We have taken the past year to re evaluate 
the scope of the group with a Strategy and Visioning exercise hence the Awards are in Hiatus for 2017 but will return bigger and better for 2018. 
We have had guests visit the club most recent was July 11th.when we had a group from Amritsar India.
We have now added a monthly social/net working event to our calendar .On July 18th we visited the Central City Brewers and were given a tour and learned how they made their Beers. See happy members in the Keg room getting ready for the tasting.
Coming events - Yep Caribbean night August 22nd at the Caribbean Spoon.. 
On Wednesday May 10th.we had an official presentation of a check for $6650.00 from the Co-operators . Fellow Rotarian Ray Moschuk Started the ball rolling by initiating a call to his district and National Offices and just like the Rotary Foundation Grants leveraged his donation to Provide funding for 10 backpacs for One year.  We had representatives from 3 Clubs - Surrey, Surrey-Guidford and Surrey-Newton, The Principal from Lena Shaw Elementary who receive the Backpacs, Serg the captain from the Salvation Army who provide storage for the groceries
Here are some photo's from the event.Watch for article in the Now-Leader and more photo's to come .
Monday March 20th we hosted a multi-club Social meeting at the Knight & Day. 
WhiteRock -Semiahmoo and Central City joined us to Socialize and finalize plans for our Earth Day Project set for April 22nd. 
A great success we had 37 in attendance. 7 members of Central City,12 members of White Rock-Semiahmoo,6 from our Club
12 Guests including ADG Lynn Spence,DG Elect Lindagene Coyle,Past ADG Pat Bond and Lesley England from Serpentine Hatchery.
John Koropatnisky footed the bill for the food.(Many thanks John) Ray Pacquet provided the dessert (Yummy Cup cakes)
Ray Pacquet from WhiteRock Semiahmoo will co-ordinate the program and advises all is under control program and Duty list to
be sent out shortly.
Bryce McElroy Presented a check for $2,000.00 to Lesley England (Serpentine Hatchery) from Gaming funds to assist with upgrades at the hatchery.
Lindagene Coyle (DG Elect) Inducted 3 new members into Rotary. 2 for Central City and one for White Rock-Semiahmoo.
Bryce presenting check to Lesley England 
Lindagene Coyle (DG Elect) Inducting 3 new Rotarians
Some of the group
Planning started last July when contact was made with the School District to confirm we were good to go for 2016. In September I confirmed the enrollment and proceeded to order the Dictionaries. Unforeseen printing delays pushed our usual pre-Halloween delivery to February. This year we delivered 408 dictionaries. in the 6 years we have completed this project we have given out 1576 books.This year we expanded the number of schools to 8 . A total of 6 members(42% of the club) formed the teams for the presentations.
Special thanks to Duane Buchanan and John Campbell who attended 7 of the 8 schools.
On January 31st. Our featured presented was Paul Linza from the ACT Foundation.
He told us about a program working in partnership with BC Emergency Health Services to bring a high school CPR and defibrillator training program to all of the public secondary schools in BC. With the support of community partners, they donate the training mannequins and automated external defibrillator (AED) training units to the schools and the Gr. 10 P. E. Teachers are trained as CPR and AED Instructors for their students and in turn teach CPR to all of their students. 
He demonstrated how the AED works. The cost is $3000.00 per school for the set up. Unfortunately our funding has been determined for this Rotary Year.So we will review the request again in the 2017-18 year.
We have confirmed with Gaming that we cannot qualify it under Gaming
Just reminders.
Please register or decline for Meetings and Events so we can plan for numbers.
You may not receive an invitation/reminder but log into our Webpage and you can see the schedule
in right hand column and respond by selecting date. Good Practice is check at the start of the month
and match with your personal calendar.
I know this will not win any design awards but I felt we needed to get the Bulletin ball rolling..  

The Association of Fundraising Professionals has recognized The Rotary Foundation with its annual Award for Outstanding Foundation.

The award honors organizations that show philanthropic commitment and leadership through financial support, innovation, encouragement of others, and involvement in public affairs. Some of the boldest names in American giving — Kellogg, Komen, and MacArthur, among others —are past honorees.

“We are honored to receive this recognition from the AFP, which gives us even more reason to celebrate during our Foundation’s centennial year,” says Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Kalyan Banerjee. “The continued strong support of Rotary members will help us keep our promise of a polio-free world for all children and enable the Foundation to carry out its mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace. We look forward to another 100 years of Rotary members taking action to make communities better around the world.”
  At our Meeting on November 8th.We had the pleasure of being educated in the Myths and Facts of Mental Health. ADG Lynn Spence gave us the benefit of her wealth of knowledge from her years in the Mental Health Field.  This is another one of the Benefits of being a Rotarian the access to information and knowledge from the presenters at our weekly meetings.
Dennis fierbach is wrapping up our Benin Water Well project and has prepared a DVD of the events at each well that he will be placing on line for members to view.  In addition a shorter version will be placed on of FaceBook. At todays meeting he presented president Ed with a plaque from Gain(who actually installed the wells and provided the training) thanking the Rotary Club of Surrey for our Funding of  5 water wells.
At our Inclusive Employer Awards Night Sept 29th. we presented the MC Marco Pasqua with a Paul Harris Fellowship.
He is a great role model to persons with disabilities showing that they have many abilities and can be included.
President Lakhjit Sarang presented a truly worthy Paul Harris Fellow.