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Club Information
Welcome to the
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC V3H 5H1
If you would like to join our virtual meetings on Wednesday mornings, please contact us and we will make sure you are 'on the list'...
Our stories
Reminder:  Wednesday August 4th, we will have our Rotary meeting at Rocky Point Park at 5:00 PM.....  Please bring a chair/blanket and a snack and beverage if you like.  Will be great to see all that can make it
President Coreen's thought for the day:
Thank you to Gary for once again leading us in O'Canada.  Please remember to 'stand' when he is singing the anthem.
A reminder to get your Police Check done:  
Happy 49th Birthday Frank
Ken Kuhn was our Guest speaker and spoke about the effects of Covid on our Seniors.  Sounds like we have a few people who are wiling to go out and visit with a senior so maybe we can get something going.
Aziz took this photo......I don't think anyone is smiling [except the photos of members]......BUT NEXT WEEK you will be because we will meet in person at Rocky Point Park at 5:00PM for our regular Wednesday meeting.
Dan Gallant says HI to everyone.  They are enjoying their summer
Past member and soon to be member again, Steve Gable says HI.  He is moving back to the 'hood'
President Coreen's thought for the week....
Thank you to Gary for singing our O'Canada.  I only saw a couple of us 'standing' for the National Anthem .....we can do better than that next week. Thanks Mike P for leading the way.
Happy Birthday to: Yvonne and Katy ....
Brian talked about Westhill and the project is almost completed.  A huge thank you to Brian for leading this project and doing a very large amount of the work.  Meghan and Cleone are getting the 'signage' underway, and will be done in September.  We did have some bad news about this project, after all the work that was done when Brian arrived the fence had been broken done.  You just have to ask WHY????
This was Brian's comments:  Just heartbreaking after the community came together to bring the park back to life.
It is fixable and I will do that later this week.  None of the cedar is broken but will need to be reassembled. I have a post hole digger to re-seat the posts and will bring a cordless drill to re-pin the rails to the posts.   All good, it should be fixed by the weekend.   You have the best attitude Brian....
Darrell was our Guest Speaker and talked about one of my favourite Rotary programs. -
Here are a few of his slides to explain the program.....If you are interested in becoming involved in Youth Exchange, please contact Darrell and Steve.  [either on the committee and or becoming a Host Family]. You will love it, I promise you that...
LET'S GET INVOLVED.....  Photos of some of the students are in our Photo Album.....
2021 Youth Exchange 
Belize connection:  Cisco was giving out bikes yesterday to needy kids. 
Gary opened the meeting with the singing of O'Canada......so well done !!!!
President Coreen's thought for the week
Jeannie's photo - Mundy Park
This week was Kirsta Burnham's birthday
Dr. Wally Temple - Calgary Guatemala Project




Dr. Temple spoke to us about Cervix Cancer and how it can be prevented
Some Stats
Here are some of the women who line up to get tested.
Colourful country
Thank you to Frank and Alistair for helping with the breakdown of the many optional fundraisers that were brought to the Club.
They did a lot of work and now we will break it down from 11 to what will be manageable for our club along with SFPP and RIBFEST.

John Saremba, at the Rotary Trail at Westhill Park

He took us on a walk to show us the bat boxes, trees that the bat might inhabit, talk about the ecology of the bat and then 20 minutes after sunset use his equipment to help us hear and discover which bats are flying about. Katie York, a terrestial ecologist will be joining us as well. 

John, is an environmental scientist whose passion is to share his love and understanding of nature with others. He created the BMN Bat Team, a citizen-science based program to promote the conservation of bats who regularly monitor bats, signs of white nose syndrome and he does bat programs as well. He had a career with the Federal and Provincial Governments working on major indurstrial projects and now does environmental consulting.

It was a special night!





The Old and the New Board got together on Thursday night and apparently had such a good time, no photos were taken......
Thank you to Meghan again for a great year and congratulations to Coreen for the coming year.  Thank you to Gayle for all the years she has been on the board and will continue to help wherever needed.  Also thank you to Mike & Claire for the contributions to the Board and they will also continue to help with Membership and PR.  We missed them as well as Paul & Glen.
It was wonderful to see everyone in person again.  
Gayle & Bob, Susan & Jim, Ian, Cleone, Michael & Coreen, Alan, Brian, Steve, Meghan, & George & Linda.  
Coreen's first Rotary meeting as President.
  •     Gary WigginsO'Canada and OH MY GOSH it is so good to hear his voice again!!!  Thank you Gary....
  •     BirthdaysCindy Cuthbert 
  •     Anniversaries Brian W & Kelly 18 years 
  •     Patty Klassen.  We all send our very best wishes and we miss you Patty.
  • Bat Day – Cleone – July 14th 8:30 to 10 pm
  • Board get together - July 15th 5:30 pm
  • Book Club – Susan/Bill – Where the Crawdads Sing – every 2nd Thurs Aug 12 5:30pm
  • Madelyn Lawson – 10 year old – Rotary Paul Harris Award Winner - Vida
  • Ian MacPhail – District 5050 Vocational Training Team Chair
  • Fundraising ideas – Top 3? And – Trish
President's Coreen's thought for the week:
Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation  held their Ryan and Lucas Golf Tournament at Swaneset and it was a huge success.  Fun to volunteer there and run into folks we haven't seen for a long time.  Past member Peter Tudhope was golfing [at 92] with the Westwood Honda Group. [and some other visitors]
Beautiful visitors
Thanks to the crew who cleaned up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. on Saturday.  Missing from the photo are Trish and Glen.
Beautiful day on Sunday and so good to see everyone 'in person'.  A wonderful picnic at Old Orchard park.
Thank you to Cleone for organizing......
Photos are in our photo album.
Happy July 4th to all our American Rotarian friends and to our family and friends in the U.S.A.   We are proud to be a Rotary District of 1/2 Canadians and 1/2 Americans and grateful for our USA neighbours .
Grad 2021 - Port Moody Secondary School
Thank you SO much for the use of your tents on Friday. It was such a hot day, and we could not have done the event without the use of them. The grads loved the drive through ceremony and the staff were so appreciative that we had shade that day. I have attached a few photos from our day, but wanted to sincerely thank you for your generosity and kind spirit.
Have a great summer and hope you are staying cool!
Mr. Jesse Meredith
Student Services, CLC 12, and Drama Teacher
Port Moody Secondary School
Thanks to Peter for arranging the pick up of tents and to Alan K for getting them after Grad.
Everyone has to do laundry so this is an easy fundraiser for the club.  Works well, eco-friendly and cost effective even takes up a lot less space than laundry powder.
This fundraiser gives us 20% of sales to the club.  They have quite a range of environmental friendly products you may want to also check out!
The link to order product is 
President Meghan's last meeting in her Rotary year - thought for this week
Steve's photo:   Sunset over Swan Lake in Vernon. 
BEST News of all:  We have a new website.....
Thank you to Alistair for making it possible and to Micheal for having it go LIVE......If you would like anything added please contact Alistair......Fantastic job, we are very proud of it.
July 11 - BBQ at Old Orchard Hall.....
4:30 pm
Bring:  chairs, beverage of choice, what you would like to BBQ and something to share.
July 14 - Bat program at Westhill - time to be announced
July 15 - New and Old Board get together  5:30 - Balzer's 

President Elect Coreen went over the many fundraising ideas that were sent to her for this coming year and beyond.  There are so many great ideas and hopefully everyone got a chance to fill in the form she sent out.  Once again, the Rotary Club of Port Moody never fails to come up with great ideas and people to volunteer for them.  Great job.
Meghan for leading our Rotary Club in a successful year. 
Happy Canada Day to each and everyone of you .....
Installation night
Thank you all for coming to our Virtual Installation night.  Oh what a night !!!!
Glen you were an 'outstanding' MC and that video will go down in our Rotary Club of Port Moody's history.  Thank you
Micheal, thank you for your Invocation and for your 'speech' to your lovely wife and our new President.  You always have a great sense of humour and last night was wonderful. 
DG Bev and AG Al worked wonderfully together to 'install' our new Board and did it with class.  Thank you
Meghan you did a fabulous job giving a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your year.  Your choice for the Paul Harris was 'perfect'.  Dan Gallant never says no to anything anyone asks him to do, plus all the Rotary World Help that he does.  Such a deserving person.  Well done !!
AND Coreen, what can we say about Coreen, you had us all crying with your 'acceptance' of taking on the role of Presidency.  We all look forward to our upcoming year with you at the helm.
Thanks to all Rotary Club of Port Moody members and we look forward to working with the new Board of Directors.  AND next year our Installation night will be 'in person'
Meghan's thought for the week
Jeannie's photo this week
Lori Travis President Elect for the Coquitlam Sunrise Club was our Guest speaker and she had a very emotional talk on the Impact Residential Schools
Everyone thanked Lori for her bravery as we could all tell how difficult it was for her to speak about her family and the impact this has had on her life.
The Westhill project just keeps getting better.
Putting up nesting boxes....
This is the surprise that Meghan came home to after her trip up country......Thank you to Cleone, Coreen and Michael
Steve:  Thank you for all you do for the youth as the New Generations Director .
Dear Steve,
I would like to sincerely thank you for sponsoring me to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2021. 
During the weekend, I was able to listen to stories from many individuals and learn about their life experiences, many of which are very inspirational. I was able to engage in group activities and participate in the indoor project where we came up with a way to safely dispose of surgical masks in community grocery stores and hotspots (possibly even at home!), which is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.
What I will take away from this weekend is the positive energy and commitment to being a better leader in my community!
Thank you once again for this amazing experience. 
Innervisions BBQ - photo from Innervisions.....
President Elect Coreen and Michael, AG Al and Cleone went to support the Haney Club for their Installation night.
The three amigos golfing
Thank you to AG Al for organizing the Bike/Walk/Beer get together......It was so great to see everyone.  Next time we can all sit together.  Sorry Alan & Lisa, we didn't get your photo.
President Meghan's thought for the week
Another amazing photo by Jeannie of Inlet trail
Our Speaker last week was Robert Murray
Very informative and he had lots of questions from us.  
The Book Club met and discussed the book 'The Golden Son'.  Thanks to Cleone for picking this book
On Thursday, June 24th, is our Rotary Club of Port Moody Installation night.  The zoom meeting was sent out on Sunday, so please 'zoom' in at 5:30 PM.  Have your beverage of choice ready to 'toast' Meghan for a great year and to welcome Coreen as our new President.
Next Shred-a-Thon is on October 2nd, 2021 and we have a brand new poster......Thank you Alistair.
Interact's Fundraiser and what a success!! :
What’s missing is the 9 bags Jeff McLellan collected from the upper Coquitlam area.   This amount was all collected in one hour and took the students 2 hours to sort and deliver to Return It.  We are all excited to see how much was raised. 
They are planning on continuing this every 3-4 weeks
President Meghan's Thought for the Day
Jeannie's photo
Anthony had great news for us.....our Gaming Grant came through.  Thanks for all the hard work.
Thank you to Alistair, and his committee, Stephanie, Michael, Mike, Ian and Linda for all the work.  It is truly amazing.
It will be launched soon......Thank you Alistair......
Innervisions BBQ......thank you Ian for the write-up
On Thursday July 10th RCPM once again gathered up its utensils, aprons
and BBQs and with a COVID friendly group of volunteers set about
cooking lunch for the InnerVisions crew. In between cloud bursts the
sky cleared long enough to have a rain free event and as you would
expect a good time was had by all.
The InnerVisons BBQ is one of those things, that, like pie days and
Christmas decorations at the manor, is a staple "feel good" service
for our club. It's an inspiration to see a group of young men from all
over BC (PG, Cranbrook, Ft St John, Van Island as well as lower
mainland) that have taken the courageous step of admitting temporary defeat; of
admitting an addiction problem and setting about making it right. It takes
a lot of courage and perseverance to stick with it.. something to
be admired.....they in turn sincerely appreciated the efforts of our
club..a good win win. Hats off to this team of volunteers to make it happen:
Linda, Frank, Danne, Navid, Bill, Ian, Terry & Dan and the club
support behind it.
A great team came to clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  Thanks to everyone who came to help out.  Many hands makes light work.  
We got everyone in the photos except Susan.  Thanks to Alan, Bill, Dave, Terry, Cleone, Coreen, Susan, Aziz and Linda.
Information Session
June 16th at 7:00 pm
Pop in for an open house style Q and A about Rotary Youth Exchange!  We will be online to answer your questions from 7pm-8pm on Wednesday, June 16th.  Join us any time.
We put together this packet to share a little more about the Rotary Youth Exchange program and how easy it is for your Club to get involved. 
What’s inside the attachment?
  1. Meet five of our local students who went on Youth exchange!
  2. How much will Youth Exchange cost our club/students?
  3. What does our club need to get started? 
One of the benefits of being in Rotary is our international reach. Whether we are bringing water to communities in Central America or Africa, providing technology and innovation to provide equality, or vaccinating against Polio, our reach spans mountains, oceans, and borders. 
That is why our Rotary District 5050’s Youth Exchange program is so important. By bringing today’s youth into our international Rotary family, we are teaching the next generation the importance of thinking beyond your own backyard when it comes to sharing resources and planning for the future. The program also promotes peace - one of the cornerstones of Rotary. 
You might be amazed at how much your Club can benefit from Youth Exchange. In fact, there are likely potential members in your area for whom an Exchange changed their lives decades ago and who are ready to become champions for the program - and new Rotary members. 
We put together this packet to share a little more about the Rotary Youth Exchange program and how easy it is for your Club to get involved. 
Note:  As with any email list, the one we used may not have the correct recipient for your club.  I would most appreciate it if you could forward this information to those people in your club.  All members are invited to join our Q and A and our program!   Thank you for your help. 
Felicity Dye
Chair-District 5050  
Group Email:  rotary5050ye@gmail.com
SHRED-A-THON......and why we do it 
It was such an exciting day and it seemed to just fly by.....so much work by so many people.....Our Rotary Club is amazing.  It was great to see everyone in person to laugh and talk to each other.  Thanks again to everyone who helped in one way or another.
We could not do this without our partnership with The City of Port Moody, Tri-City News and BEST SHREDDING who once again went above and beyond the call of duty.  Coquitlam Signs, Canadian Tire and Port Moody Foundation also helped make this a huge success.
BUT most of all.....this is why we do this.....
Just a couple of photos......look at our photo album [2021 SHRED-A-THON] and when I figure out how to turn those photos around we will be laughing.....
Stephanie :Our bin 'diver'.....AND she will never go to Dental school
Everyone took turns breaking down the cardboard... Here is Danne & John
Guess who is collecting bottles?  Thanks Bill
The only time that they rested - Christine & Mike, Dan, Alan & Ian
Peter & Michael collected all the donations......well done
Gayle dumpster diving too.
Trish our happy money counter......
There are loads more photos.  Thank you everyone for working so hard. Sore muscles, sore backs, nails broken, voices strained, a little blood, but Happy Happy Hearts. 
Rotary International sent out this message.
We would like to extend our deep condolences and sympathies to the Tk'emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation on the discovery of 215 children on the site of a former residential school in Kamloops British Columbia.

The discovery of these children is a powerful yet painful reminder of our history. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission research indicates that at least 3,213 children are reported to have died over 140 years of operation at over 150 Residential School locations.

No words can describe the scale of pain and trauma that First Nations peoples have, and are experiencing at this moment.
June is National Indigenous History Month, we ask that you support this national time of mourning to honour these children. HIP (Honouring Indigenous People) is asking everyone to wear orange. Let’s walk together and show our support.
May we all keep this part of our history as a reminder and a beacon in front of us as we work with our Rotary ideals to bring peace and equality to all.

Valarie Wafer                                           Dean Rohrs
Rotary International Director                   Rotary Foundation Trustee

Rotary Zones 28/32
President Meghan was unable to attend our meeting and so we had PP Ian take the meeting.  Great job Ian.
Jeannie's photo:
Soon will be the unveiling of our new website.  So much gratitude to Alistair, Stephanie & Michael and Ian  for all their input......SO EXCITING
Our Police Chief David Fleugel was our guest speaker and he gave us so much great information about the Port Moody Police Department.

David Fleugel

Chief Constable

Chief Fleugel has been in the field of policing for over 28years. Chief Fleugel has 25 years of experience with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Chief Fleugel spent all of his career in the RCMP in metro Vancouver arear performing municipal policing at all levels. The last position he held in the RCMP was at the rank of Superintendent as the Officer In Charge of the Ridge Meadows Detachment. In the spring 2017, Chief Fleugel proudly joined the Port Moody Police Department. Chief Fleugel has a bachelor's degree from Carleton University, as well as certificates in criminal justice from the University of Virginia and incident command system from the Justice Institute of British Columbia. He is also a proud graduate of the Canadian Police College Executive Development Program and also the FBI National Academy.

Chief told us about their Public Safety during Covid times
Strategic plan for a Safe and Engaged Community
IT changes for the Police - Digital evidence management program, body camera's, street check and evolution of policing in regard to mental health.
We had 34 members in attendance and questions were flying for our Chief who answered them all.  
We are so fortunate to have our own Police force in Port Moody.  'No call is too small' is their motto.
Time to get together.......Thank you AG Al for leading this.

Mix an outdoor activity  with having a drink together in a safe manner.

June 19th from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. 

Looking to support all levels of engagement.

1) "Feel the burn" - a 26 KM bike ride around the POCO trail
2) "Smell the flowers" - a medium duration walk on a part of the POCO Trail
3) "Smell the Beer" - just drive over to our meet up spot and have a beer

If you are interested and able to attend on the 19th please sign up.

We will flesh out the details on start time/starting points and where we well meet for a beer over the next week or so.

Open to members and their families.
We will setup it up so we are outside for our beer portion of the day.
We will respect safe distance and personal boundaries as we slowly move forward with the opening guidelines.


Yes it is that time again.......This Saturday June 12th.....9:00 AM meet at Gallaghers to Clean up Heritage Mtn Blvd.  Thank you Alan for heading this up.


President Meghan's thought for today
Jeannie's photo
PDG Denis Boyd and DG Carol Tichelman presented the Ron Goldfinch MVR award to our very own AG Al
Very well deserved......
Our Guest Speaker - Eugene Au
Their vision:  To rescue millions, protect half a billion and make justice for people wo are poor unstoppable.
Where they work: 
For further information :
And Rotary information:
Another way for us to earn money is if you purchase Tru Earth 'on line' our Rotary Club will get 20% of money purchased.  Our Rotary Club is signed up.....you just need to login and purchase product.
President Meghan's thought for the week
Jeannie's photo. - Jellyfish
President Meghan gave out Rotary of the Month pins to:
Gayle:  For all the work she does in the club and for the Community Grants
Brian:  for Leading the Westhill project
Alistair :  Stepping up as a new member offering to do our website and help with Westhill
Peter:  Leading the Westhill 'roof' project
Stephanie:  Again stepping up as a new member, helping with website, clean up and Westhill
Susan:  Starting the book club
Linda ......just cause [thank you]
District Awards
June 5th - SHRED-A-THON - Port Moody City Hall at  9:00 - 3:00 pm
Volunteers start at 8:15 am
June 10th - Thursday  - BBQ for Innervisons at Prairie Ave.
June 24th - Virtual Installation night. 
Westhill Loop Trail -
Peter is going to put the cap on the roof and came for instructions on the safety belt.....
AND Peter was 'on the roof' [ with Danne's help] and it is now completed
The entrance-way is now totally finished. I installed the Satin-Coat Cap Flashing, with Danne’s help.,
this morning. (Satin coated S/M will protect the cedar shingles from a moss build-up). AND as always there is a story to be told:  lol. 
Claire interviewed Brian at Westhill and posted on Facebook.  Great job both of you.  Claire has a real talent for this.
Our New Number is:  
123 1234567
Should be easier to remember. Write it down and keep in your wallet.  Please pass it along to friends. Please do not use the old number any more.  Thanks Mike and Al for changing this.
President Elect Coreen ran the meeting 
Michael - Sweet Magnolia
RYLA is coming soon and if you know of anyone who is is 18 - 30 years old and would be interested in Leadership Training please have them contact Steve or Coreen.....
AG Al gave us an overview of our District & Area D
Our District 5050 has 53 Clubs
2200 members with 14 Assistant Governor's
Al is responsible for:
Rotary Club of Coquitlam 
Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise 
Rotary Club of POCO Centennial
Rotary Club of Haney
Rotary Club of Meadowridge
Rotary Club of Golden Ears
This will be the end of Al's term as DG and he asked if anyone that might be interested in taking on this role, to contact him for more information.  Gary, Aziz and Darrel would all agree that you learn a lot, meet so many people and have FUN doing this District job. 
Westhill Trail has started and Danne, Peter, Brian and George have been the guys who have put on the 'new roof'.
A huge thank you to College Park community, the Scouts and Innervisions for coming out to 'move that gravel'.  Phase two coming soon. !!!!
Instead of 'this'
We had 'this'
Babies and more babies
Cleone became a Grandma once again to a beautiful baby girl.  She can't wait to go visit and hold her.
Meghan became a Grandma for the first time......Congratulations to this new chapter of your life.  A beautiful baby boy....
Thanks to Gayle and the Board we have approved several grants.  One of them was for the Grade 5 students at Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  We were asked to 'add' something to the basket that each student was receiving. We chose to add the 4 way Test Coin [ Words to Live by ] and a poster about Interact as they are all the age that might be interested.
Thanks again to Gayle for helping to put the gifts together.
Please spread the word for our SHRED-A-THON on June 5th, 2021 at Port Moody City Hall.  Our partners each year are
BEST SHREDDING,  City of Port Moody and Tri-City News.
Shredding is by donation to the Rotary Club of Port Moody.
 Please wear your mask and please do not get out of your car.
President Meghan's thought for the week
Jeannie's photo this week
One of the favourite meetings we have, is when one of our Club members does their 'classification' talk and this last meeting was one of the BEST.  Our newest member Stephanie did her 'what makes Stephanie tick' talk and although most of us have not met her in person 'YET', we all got to know her through her talk and can't wait to meet in person.  
Stephanie's slide show was so well done and I think one of the first ones that used 'Rotary' as an example of how her life and career are similar.
We also now know why Stephanie's hand is 'alway up' for new adventures.  We are so grateful you are in our Rotary Club of Port Moody Stephanie.
Thank you......
Stephanie's career
Interactors are recruiting new members and doing a great job.  Thank you Steve for all the work you do with these young people.  Steve needs help.  Please contact him. http://steve.witiuk@gmail.com if you are interested in working with young
The 'Spirited Book Club' has begun and our first 'zoom' was on Thursday.  Great turnout and quite amazing to hear all the different responses to the 'same' book.  Love it!  Thank you to Susan for starting this. Cheers !!!!
Clean up of Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  Well done group !!!
Westhill Trail has begun........
Happy Cinco de Mayo. 
President Meghan's thought for the week.
More Computer info from Micheal......
Clean up of Heritage Mtn. Blvd. Saturday May 8th, 2021.....Meet at Gallagher's at 9:00 AM
Thank you to Alan for once again organizing this.
The more the merrier and the faster it gets done.....
The 'Spirited Book Club' book review on Thursday, May 6th  at 5:30PM. Thanks to Susan for heading this up.
President Meghan's thought for the week.
Jeannie's photo of Kits Beach
Cleone - Rotary Gives a Ham......for Share
Great job -TEAM......the rest of the slides will be in Photo Albums
Brian:  Westhill park project 
Day for Girls packing for Beirut.....
WEBSITE Changes will set us apart......Great presentation by Michael and Alistair
The 'Spirited Book Club' is underway reading 'My Name is Leon'.
Thank you Susan for getting us started......
Please attend our meeting on Wednesday as it will be very informative and they would like your feedback.
Apr 21, 2021 7:00 AM
Alistair Henry and Michael Berrisford
Our club and Technology - The how, why, where and what - In English we can all understand

Join Alistair and Michael for a inertactive discussion on how they are proposing to move the club forward with the use of Technology with regards to Websites, Communication and shared data 

President Elect Coreen held the meeting this week and she was the Speaker for Community Service and what we will be doing this next year.  Well Done!!!
Thought for the week:
Jeannie's photo of the week.  Always beautiful - Spring time in Port Moody.
Condolences to Michael and family for the loss of his Dad.  
Coreen was the speaker this week and talked about the upcoming year and Community Service
Our Vision Statement:
 Upcoming Club Interests and more:
Glen sent this. 
If you're in the club and you are on Twitter, you can help promote our Twitter Account.  We have 180 followers and could sure stand to grow that number.  Here are some things you can do from your Twitter Account to help us grow:
  1. Follow us @PortMoodyRotary
  2. Like a tweet
  3. Retweet or Share a Tweet
  4. Share and comment on a tweet
  5. Reply to a tweet
  6. Retweet/Share a tweet with a #hashtag
  7. Retweet/Share a tweet with twitter influencer you are connected with @Rotary  @BradPitt @Hettburn
Thanks for your support and Happy Tweeting.
Steve sent photo
Happy 97th Birthday to Steve's Dad:
We have supported Innervisions Recovery House for 20+ years and they are celebrating their
30 year Anniversary.  We are so proud of all that they have done to help people in recovery.  Congratulations Billy & Kim and Max.....
April 15th
Today marks the 30-Year Anniversary of InnerVisions Recovery Society. We are so grateful for everything we have been able to accomplish over the past 30 years. What started as just the dream of two recovering addicts has become a reality, and has helped countless people to start their lives over. We hope you enjoy taking this trip down memory lane with us, and celebrating our 30-Year Anniversary. 
Here is the YouTube VIDEO.....
Please copy and paste this link and the end of the video will just warm your heart.  For those of us that know Billy, this will make you smile, for those that don't, you will now know why we support Innervisions.......
Stephanie:  This is my dog, Rudy, making a very careful selection of a stick at the Noons Creek Hatchery near the inlet. 
I took this from 'I love Port Moody' FB site.....Thank you Jeff
In an effort to help local restaurants, pubs, cafes and coffee shops this post is a list of all the Port Moody places with patios! This is because we know that there are a bunch of newer residents who are members of this group and share info.
Please comment adding missing patios or any specific information you might have on hours, capacity and if they are pet friendly if you wish.
Saint St Grill
The Boathouse
The Canteen (opening soon)
JJBean Coffee
Brown’s Social House
Beanery Coffeehouse & Eatery
(101-2591 Panorama Drive)
Me-N-Ed's Pizza
on Austin
Fairways Grill & Patio at the Westwood Plateau 12 Hole Executive
Big thank you to all  in helping to remove, the requested Christmas Lights at The Manor
Thanks to Bill for dropping off and marking the plastic tubs he kindly donated.
Thanks to Stephanie for stepping up and marking the location of the various light strings.
We all got stuck in, working as a team, which meant we were finished in just one hour!!!
Great Team work…….. Thank you!
President Meghan's thought for the week
Jeannie's photo of the week - Thistle and the Bee
President Elect Coreen encouraged us to join Fiesta.
The Club Training Fiesta is here through the Month of April. For more information and to register CLICK HERE.  https://www.district5050.org/stories/online-training-opportunities

Training for Clubs

Training Fiesta - replacing what was the District Learning Assembly

It’s a Fiesta! Launching March 31st!
Yes; all through April we are celebrating learning and development for Rotarians in District 5050 with our Club Training Fiesta.  It all kicks off March 31st with a special presentation from Dr Kent M Keith, Rotarian and author of The Paradoxical Commandments speaking to us about Servant Leadership and the 4-Way Test.
This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Rotary and is geared to incoming or existing Club Board Members as well as those new to Rotary who want to get a better idea of the scope and breadth of our organization. Watch for information coming soon on the District 5050 website about sessions such as:
April 12, 2021            Club Training Fiesta - Michael Caruso
April 12, 2021            CTF - Understanding your Fellow Rotarian
April 13, 2021            Club Training Fiesta - Public Image Workshop
April 13, 2021            CTF - Role of the Club Foundation Chair
April 14, 2021            CTF - Membership Innovation
April 15, 2021            Club Training Fiesta - Youth
April 19, 2021            Club Training Fiesta - Fundraising Online
April 20, 2021            CTF - Club Runner Communication Tools
April 21, 2021            CTF - Understanding Paul Harris Recognition
April 21, 2021            Club Training Fiesta - Role of the Club Secretary
April 21, 2021            CTF - New members
April 22, 2021            CTF - Presidents-Elect - District Budget
April 22, 2021            Club Training Fiesta - Club Runner Event Planner
April 26, 2021            Club Training Fiesta - Fundraising - Jesse Sidhu
April 27, 2021            CTF - Understanding your Fellow Rotarian
April 27, 2021            CTF - Hybrid Meetings - Mitty Chang
April 27, 2021            CTF - Scholarships & Peace Centers
April 28, 2021            CTF -  Networking Plus 
April 29, 2021            CTF - The Rotary Foundation Endowment Fund
April 30, 2021            Club Training Fiesta Closing Session

Clubrunner Training Webinars

Clubrunner provides Rotarians ongoing training by webinars, below is a list of webinars scheduled . If you are interested,it is a good idea to register in advance due to limitations on participants. 

All webinars are scheduled for noon PST.

Here is a link to a list of all Webinars: https://site.clubrunner.ca/page/webinars  Recorded webinars also get posted for those who want to see them again or can't attend live.

Darrell had two guests today, his beautiful wife Krista [ no video of her] and Tom Dutta

And as always Darrell had an amazing guest speaker who I'm sure had more questions asked of him than any other guest speaker we have had.  
Thank you Darrell for always bringing great speakers to us.
This week we had the privilege of listening to Michael Geller.

Michael Geller is a Vancouver-based architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer with four decades’ experience in the public, private and institutional sectors. He also serves on the Adjunct Faculty of Simon Fraser University. He is a regular contributor to the Vancouver Courier and Vancouver Sun and a frequent commentator on urban issues across Canada.

He is president of The Geller Group which specializes in planning and real estate consulting for a variety of large and small-scale residential and mixed-use projects. He also undertakes small property developments on his own, or in partnership with others. 
Michael has been honoured as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners and Life Member of the Architectural Institute of BC.

    Another good crew for clean up of Heritage Mtn. Blvd.   - Ian took photo
    Yvonne, Cleone, Bill, Micheal, Coreen, Darrell, Ian and Alan.
    'The Spirited Book Club' has begun -  Thank you Susan for getting this started. This month's selection is:
    'My Name is Leon' 
    President Meghan's thought for the week.
    Jeannie's photo this week - Sunset in Port Moody
    Dr. Jim Lane - visiting Rotarian from the Coquitlam Club 
    Jim came to tell us of their fundraising event.
    Rotary Rush......
    Thank you to Glen who saw this on FB......We all remember Past President Nick.
    President Meghan spoke to us about her trek on the Camino......So interesting and beautiful. We knew she had determination, but this was amazing.!!!!!
    This is where Meghan walked......for over a 'MONTH'.
    The different routes you can take..
    The sign you look for to make sure you are on the correct route.
    The people you meet along the way.......friends and strangers who become friends.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and I think you have motivated some to take their own Trek.....
    Rotary Gives a Ham foodraiser was this past weekend.  Thank you to everyone who bought hams.  Photo album is at the bottom of the Spike.
    This is a FB write up from one of our past outgoing Exchange Student's MOM who is always a great supporter of our Rotary Club.  Thank you Cathy.
    Cathy wrote:
    Heading home with our package from the “Port Moody Rotary Gives a Ham” promotion. Our purchased package includes a Chilliwack ham, cranberry mustard from Fort Langley, tulips from Langley, a pumpkin pie from Thrifty’s and chocolates ... best of all the promotion allowed Rotary to contribute a large donation to our local food bank. ♥️ No one takes care of logistics better than Rotary volunteers ... this was one smooth process! Tomorrow I’ll make scalloped potatoes and roasted vegetables for a great Easter dinner.
    AND looks like Glen's family received their Ham package too !!!!  Such beautiful children !!!
    WAYS to make $$$ for our CLUB....
    Port Moody Liquor Store - ask for your purchase to go to the Port Moody ROTARY CLUB
    Take your bottles to RETURN-IT with 6047899849 on the bag and our Club will get the credit
    Fundscrip - Sign up and save money on all purchases at supporting stores
    Remember to sign up for Fundscrip to start ordering gift cards for all your gift card needs! 
    You may be planning to give gift card for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, etc. Or you might have regular everyday purchases like groceries and gas that you could pay for with gift cards. Someone just mentioned to me that they are planning some big gardening projects - pay at Canadian Tire or Home Depot with gift cards and get some money back for the club! 
    Use this link to register as a supporter of our club, and all your purchases will automatically send proceeds back to the club. 
    You may have some questions about how to register or the ordering process; please send me an email and I'm happy to help while we all get comfortable with this process!!! 
    Mark this  Saturday April 10th on your calendar to help clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  Everyone meet at Gallaghers in Newport Village at 9:00AM.
    Thank you to Alan for once again organizing this.  Cleaning up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. is a great way to get out and get some fresh air, and show the Community that our Rotary Club cares.....
    President Meghan thought for the week.
    Jeannie's photo of Foggy Day on Inlet Trail
    Guest Speaker - Gavin Keeton - Nizika School Ablution blocks replacement in Grahamstown
    Photo of Michael presenting the money from the Rotary Club of Port Moody to Gavin in Grahamstown for this project.  Our Club was one of many to help with this Global grant project.
    Before and after photos of just what can be done together 
    Always another chance to go visit South Africa......Thank you to Isy who always organized the trips there.
    And what better than to support one of our own......
    Berrisfords IT Services
    There is an Afrikaans saying ‘Local is lekker’ and while there is no definitive translation for ‘Lekker’, the closest in this context is probably ‘Local is the Best’ and that is what I offer you, the best technology advice and service in the Tri Cities and beyond.  It is always better to use one’s own device when learning something new or technologically challenging but we have had a few different challenges over the past year which means that I have had to perfect the remote control service as well. From Apple to Microsoft, from IOS to Android, BITS is the answer to you better understanding this new world we live in.
    Have a look at my website to see what others have said about Berrisfords IT Services – www.BerrisfordsIT.ca or send me an email at michael@berrisfordsit.ca
    Another Favourite of ours:  SAINT ST. GRILL...
    Ross wrote:

    From the moment you walk in the door, Saint St Grill is a place both familiar and yet unlike anywhere else.

    Sitting on bustling Saint Johns St. it is an oasis of calm in Moody Centre. The relaxing eclectic interior welcomes you with soft romantic colours and an array of unique decor spilling from every corner.

    The superbly crafted menu from our highly talented Executive Chef Juraj Dado offers an ever changing array of seasonal creations as well as regular favourites.

    Whether for a memorable romantic dinner, or a group celebration, attentive and gracious service awaits you from our experienced and professional service team.

    Welcome . . . .
         Relax . . . .
              Enjoy !

    District 5050 Club opportunities for learning for new members and 'old'

    District Fiesta - District training for club officers and all members 
    March 30th to April 30th.
    Sessions during the week
    1 hour 6:30 and 8:00 PM
    Registration for information session on March 30th - https://district5050.org/event/club-training-fiesta-opening-session/
    Registration for other sessions on district5050.org

    District Conference
    May 14-15
    Registration and information https://district5050.org/50004/Page/ShowSitePage?ClassCode=SitePage&Slug=district-conference-2021


    Exciting News.  Dan Gallant has been selected as brakeman on Canada’s national bobsled team. 


     "The Spirited BookClub"

    President Meghan's thought for the week
    AG Al's photos from Golden Ears Park
    Dr. John Higenbottam spoke to us about the Vision for the Riverview Lands
    A beautiful piece of property owned by the people of British Columbia
    If you are interested:
    Please join us for a virtual Community Information Session (CIS) to kick off the master planning process.

    When: March 30, 2021 from 6:00-7:30 pm
    Where: Online via ZOOM. Please register for the event at sumiqwuelu.eventbrite.ca
    When you buy your 'beverages' at Port Moody Liquor store, remember to tell them to put the REBATE to Port Moody Rotary Club.
    and.....when you return your bottles to Return-It put them in a clear bag with this number on it 6047899849 and our Rotary Club will get credit for the bottles
    This is an easy fundraiser for us.....Thank you for participating.
    Tri-Cities Dispatch.....
    Tri-Cities News has always been so supportive of what we do as Rotarians.  If you are interested you can get the Tri-Cities Dispatch on your email.  Jeremy is a great writer and I think you will enjoy.
    Here is their note:
    Awesome news - 

    On behalf of our team, I wanted to thank you for supporting local news. 

    We'll be launching our Friday email very soon.

    By signing-up for Tri-Cities Dispatch, we've entered to win one of two $75 gift cards to Morning Tide Eatery, a local Tri-Cities brunch restaurant. We'll draw the names at the end of the month.

    Any by recruiting one additional person, you've doubled your chances of winning the prize. Every new person you refer increases your odds of winning.

    Here’s your unique referral link again: https://tricitiesdispatch.com?rh_ref=ebe03991&utm_source=email

    Thanks again and feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions.

    — Tri-Cities Dispatch Team

    Restaurant to support.....
    Willy's Galley is a great place to have breakfast or lunch.  Bill was just there and said they have increased the size of the deck.   Please support local business.
    Belize container packed on Saturday - these are some of the items collected from Club members.
    See at the bottom of Spike the Photo Album of Belize container....
    Westhill project is going to start.  Needed:  Strong backs & lots of smiles.......
    Thanks Peter for the photos.....
    Cleone thanks for the group photo
    Rotary Club of Port Moody should be very proud of all the good work being done in our Community and around the World.
    Please consider attending the RYLA Information Night on Mar 24. 
    President Meghan's thought for the week
    Jeannie's photo of the Inlet Trail......just beautiful
    It is always a good day when we Induct a new member into our Club.  Welcome Stephanie and we all look forward to meeting you in person and working on projects with you.
    Our Guest Speaker was Dr. Jack Taunton
    Paul was dressing up to feel good this week.....Made us all smile.
    Belize container needs the following:
    Printers - Wireless
    Printer Paper
    Large TV 48 or 55" TV with HDMI cable
    Please contact Glen or Dan.
    What a great turnout for Cleaning up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. [11] Rotary Club of Port Moody you ROCK
    And so nice to see Stephanie already helping out......
    Vice Admiral Charles Munns spoke about National Security at the Rotary Club of Oro Valley meeting and he said this:
    It would be wonderful  if we all lived by these values:
    Mom's Rule - If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all
    Golden Rule - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
    Rotary's 4 Way Test
    Is it the Truth?
    Is it Fair to all concerned?
    Will it build good will and better friendships?
    Will it beneficial to all concerned?
    Are you remembering to buy your spirits & wines at Port Moody Liquor Store and telling them you want the benefit to go to the Rotary Club of Port Moody.....
    AND The Rotary Club of Port Moody was well represented as a 'team' for Quiz Night fundraiser for Douglas College, along with the Sunrise Club.... We came in 4th.....Perfect, just perfect.....
    President Meghan's thought for the week
    Two of Alistair's photos of Inlet Trail.  We live in a beautiful part of the world and Alistair has captured that of our own home town.
    Guest Speaker this week: Dr. Ray Baker
    Dr. Ray Baker spoke about Addictions and how they can be overcome.
    With Everyone's help this can be overcome.....
    So much going on in our Rotary Community.  If you can help out these clubs please do.

    Here are some of the links to online events for March/April

    Coquitlam Chocolate sales - https://fundraising.purdys.com/1208806-83886

    Port Moody Give a Ham - https://www.rb.gy/pc3yx2

    Last chance to get your order in:

    Coquitlam Sunrise Quiz night - http://douglascollege.ca/quiznight

    Coquitlam Sunrise Auction (part of quiz night) now live - https://www.32auctions.com/quiznight2021

    Haney/Meadow Ridge Duck Race - http://Rotaryduckrace.ca


    Past member Terry Peachey and her husband Walter sent this photo in after a trip to Chile in 2019

    Very cool Public Art.


    Good news for Belize........Another container full of hospital supplies will be going to Belize.  Thank you to Dan and RWH for asking clubs from District 5040 and 5050 for help.  If you can help we need the following as soon as possible as container leaves very soon.  Please contact Glen and he can arrange either pick up or where to drop off:

     -  DVDs
     - a 48" or 55" TV with HDMI cable
     - wireless printer
     - scanner
     - computers
    (Please ensure electronics are in good working order.  If you have questions check with Al, Mike B. or I about suitability).
    If you are out shopping and would like to add items we could also include:
     - toiletries
     - computer paper


    Peter has our Rotary Store open for business.....he will deliver to you if you would like anything.....Please let him know.

    Peter Cuthbert:  plcuthbert6@gmail.com


    Next clean up date for Heritage Mtn. Blvd. is scheduled for this Saturday March 13th.  This is such a great way to show our Community how much the Rotary Club of Port Moody cares....

    Meet at Gallaghers, in Newport Village at 9:00 AM sharp






    We have extended the deadline for a few days to order your ham and give one to SHARE our food bank.
    Please tell your family, friends and neighbours to pass this along and order now.
    Thank you....

    Tell me more!

    Join the Rotary Club of Port Moody and the SHARE Food Bank in providing needy families with a delicious holiday meal and you get a great ham package!

    Your $50 Ham Package

    You receive: 
    • 1 kg ham,  a pie, cranberry mustard sauce, chocolates and daffodils (over $42 value)
    • The  great feeling that a needy family was able to enjoy a holiday meal too!
    SHARE receives:
    • A 1 kg ham and monies that will amount to over $52
    Pick up your ham package from Port Moody Middle School on Saturday, April 3rd from 10 am -2 pm, just in time for Sunday Easter dinner.

    How do I take part?

    Order before March 18 as we only have 200 Ham Packages available!

    To Order

    1)  Open your banking app and send an e-transfer payment to Treasurer@PortMoodyRotary.ca

    2) Make the payment for $50 and in notes section include only your name, phone number and email address

    It is important you include your contact information with your eTransfer otherwise we won't be able to get a hold of you. 
    3) Within 48 hours of receiving the payment, we will call you to book in your pick-up time and will email you a receipt
    If you do not hear from us, please send an email to Events@PortMoodyRotary.ca with your full name. 

    Our Sponsors

    Our partners helped us multiply your $50 purchase to a value of $94!
    President Meghan's thought for the week.....
    Jeannie's photo from Oregon coast
    Stephanie joined us for her third meeting....
    Our Santa for 15 years Hugh Mitchell from the Coquitlam Sunrise Club came for a visit
    Also from the Sunrise Club - Co-President Greg Garrison
    Douglas College, along with the Coquitlam Sunrise Club is putting on a Fundraiser and we should put in a team or two......AG Al has signed up and when YOU do, put the Rotary Club of Port Moody on the sign up and we will all be together.
    Jim Watson has been in Rotary for many years and came to 'check us out'...
    Our Guest Speaker this week was Joe Calendino and his wife Dory.
    Joe is the founder of Yo Bro and Yo Girl Youth Institute and his talk is about Keeping Kids out of Gangs.
    To contact Joe directly:  joe@byg.ca or at the YoBro Yo Girl Institute:  ybyg.ca
    Joe's wife Dory
    Joe Calendino
     Joe has written a book that is available.
    Bill sent this and so true.......
    After this pandemic, be sure to start 
    hugging again! 

    Why? Because hugging is practically 
    It helps the body's immune 
    It cures depression.     
    It reduces stress.    
    It's rejuvenating.      
    It has no unpleasant side effects.        
    It is all natural—contains no chemicals, artificial 
     ingredients, pesticides, nor 
    There are no parts to break down, no monthly payments; 
    it's non-taxable, non-polluting, and best of 
    allit's fully 

    Gayle's Camellias are in bloom. - Spring is coming
    Brian got new babies & a house for them to play on.
    Evan wrote:
    Happy World Rotary Day!!! 🎉
    Today, the 23rd of February is not only the day we celebrate the 116th Anniversary of the foundation of the very first Rotary club, the Rotary club of Chicago. But it's also world #RotaryDay, a day where we can be proud and celebrate the achievements and successes of all the Rotarians and the extended Rotary family around the world who do great things in their community.
    Be sure to spread the word about why you're in Rotary and why today is a very special day for our great organization. You can do this by wearing your branded Rotary club shirt or other Rotary branded apparel out in public today and start a conversation.
    President Meghan's thought for the week
    Jeannie's photo - The Rose
    Belize update.......Thank you Al for the update on the Belize prison and how much the inmates are enjoying learning.  Our Rotary Club should be very proud how we have helped this country. 
    Send your favourite RECIPES I know you are all cooking at home.  We have some good ones.....Check them out.
    Don't forget.......
    When you go to Port Moody Liquor to buy your favourite beverages tell them to give credit to
    Port Moody Rotary Club.
    THEN take your empties to Return-it with this number on it 6047899849 and our Rotary Club will get credit for the bottles
    Al sent this:
    We were issued a Corp membership number, but when you go in to use the express kiosk you need
    to enter in the following number 6047899849.
    Sorry for any confusion.
    The kiosk will print labels that you attach to the bag. Dead easy and low touch.
    I have attached a poster you can print out to remind yourself and share with your contacts.
    100% of recycle fees are returned to our club.
    Here are a few tips:

    No Sorting Required

    Simply bring your labelled bags filled with unsorted containers to an Express Depot and we'll do the rest.

    Use Multiple Bags

    Heavy bags can break open and are difficult to handle. We recommend mixing in no more than 12 glass bottles along with your other containers in each Express bag.

    Bag Containers in Clear Bags

    Transparent recycling bags or clear trash bags are available for purchase at many grocery stores, drug stores, or hardware stores


    Pass this along to all your friends and family.......We can make a difference for SHARE
    A huge THANK YOU to those that came out to help Clean Up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
    Thanks to PP Alan for organizing.
    And a big THANK YOU to Dave Cooke who posted on the Port Moody Community Group FB page.  We had 15 comments and 1 share.  Way to go Rotary Club of Port Moody and thank you Dave Cooke.
    Thank you to Micheal for the Ntsika project in Grahamstown, SA.  It is now finished.  
    Malcolm Kennedy
    Aug 11, 2021 7:30 AM
    Polio Plus Society and Foundation Recognition
    Kathi Camilleri
    Aug 18, 2021
    First Nations Territorial Recognition - Why, What and What Not
    Rotary projects around the globe August 2021

    Learn more about the projects that Rotarians and Rotaractors are bringing to life in their communities.

    Meet Rotarians who are finding fresh ways to connect

    Learn more about the projects that Rotarians and Rotaractors are bringing to life in their communities

    Africa’s Agents of Change

    The arrival of the first peace fellows at the new peace center in Kampala, Uganda, heralds the beginning of a new era for Rotary and the continent.

    Rotary 2022 International Convention to be held in Houston

    Rotary 2022 International Convention to be held in HoustonThe event will bring more than 20,000 participants from around the world and deliver $30 million in local economic

    Rotary projects around the globe

    Rotary projects around the