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Welcome to the
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC V3H 5H1
If you would like to join our virtual meetings on Wednesday mornings, please contact us and we will make sure you are 'on the list'...
Our stories
Happy Valentines Day to everyone 
We welcome back Clayton Anderson as our only guest this week.

Peter M said very member received a message this morning informing those who are assisting with Ribfest that it is the best time to apply for your police information check.  The email contains instructions and the letter needed for the application.  Please send your clearance letter to volunteers@portmoodyrotary.ca. When the general volunteering is opened the required volunteers will be information at the time of registration.

Vida informed the club the Thirfty's Glassware coupons provided 36 sets of glasses. for Bea's Kloset

Cleone, from Kenya, give at toast to Alan for packing a tent and it was used as a medical tent by the doctors. She did a Rotary presentation at the local club. Planned a children festival for next week. Purchase compressor and tools from the Rotaractors. The car purchase got the car working and the kids have been driving it around until it ran out of gas.

Glen gave an update of Toastmaster & Rotary with an open house on Feb 8 , 9 to 10:30 am at KW Training Room, 111-2099 Lougheed Hwy, PoCo.

Alan... Search for the Perfect Pint, May 5, and has the liquor licence.

Thank you to the Coquitlam Sunrise for the donation for the South African Project.

Alistair is setting up a portal for Protecting our Children…from Sextortion, Human Trafficking, Gang Recruitment, in cooperation with the other Rotary clubs.

What a guy !!!!
Dan's the Man for sure.  Thank you for your Classification talk Dan.  You are an amazing human being and we are so grateful you are a huge part of the Rotary Club of Port Moody.

Dan give his classification talked for us new members. Grew up on PEI and had an extensive career with TD bank across Canada.  Each moved became a member of the local Rotary Club. Has been involved with Ronald McDonald House & was the President of the local Chamber of Commerce. Now retired. He has visited South Africa, Belize & the Philippines all related to Rotary World Help. Now RWH is working with Ethiopia to deliver beds and related items for the new hospital, & with a Winnipeg group on the delivery costs. Dan has been to 5 International Rotary conventions.  

Alan added Dan about his perfect attendance for 42 years.

Valentine cards were created and will be delivered next week to the seniors at Eagle Ridge Manor.
Once again this year our Rotary Club made Valentines for Eagle Ridge Manor Residents.  Thank you to Susan, May, Vida. Trish and Lorraine for make these.  We know that the residents will be thrilled with them.
February 9 - Wine & Book Club
February 11 - Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  - leaving at 9:00 AM at Gallaghers
February 12- Super Bowl Party - if you haven't signed up already, please do so.
February 20 - Board Meeting - 7:15 am - Coquitlam Grill
May 5 - Search for the Perfect Pint
June 3 - Shred-a-Thon
June 22 - Installation night
July 21-23 - RIBFEST
Up coming District 5050 events
  • March 11 Grants Management Seminar Bellingham
  • March 25 District Assembly
  • May 5-7 District Conference
  • May 27-31 World Conference 
Thank you to Peter M for writing the notes from the meeting.
Thank you to Peter Muir for the notes from this meeting and to Gayle, Brian & Yvonne for the photos.
With Starbucks' coffee and Divano's muffins Ian presided over our off-site meeting at Brave Brewing - Site B and was well attended.

Amber Miller, Engagement Specialist at Traction on Demand provided us with an overview of Brave Brewing - Site B operations.

Site B was to be their brewery location but with the purchase of The Bakery Brewery, now called Brave. The future is bright for Site B as it will be an open concept location for events and office rentals for community associations, local businesses and the public.

They are community oriented. One initiative is working with the City and PoMo Arts on future endeavours. They have a trailer with two meeting rooms, a food truck and a coffee/beer trailer.  Site B is still in the planning stage but is available for special events.

Amber talked about the company's exciting vision going forward.

We are planing to make use of the space for Ribfest bar training.
Thank you to Ian for setting this up.

More photos in 2023 January Random photos album
Last Mile Project - update from Ron from the Coquitlam Rotary Club.
I wanted to provide you with an update on the Last Mile Program in Ukraine with regards to the latest fundraising campaign for Generators.
I received this information this morning from Dmytro in Kyiv, including the photos that I have attached below.
The $29,730 Canadian that we raised in this second fundraising campaign was transferred to the Rotary Club of Oberstdorf Germany in mid December and converted to 20,494 Euros.  The Rotarians there managed to buy 2 generators, one smaller 11 kwt generator for 5,434 Euros (see upper left photo) and one larger 14 kwt generator for 9,989 Euros (upper right photo and lower right photo).  They have just over 5,000 Euros left for purchase of a further generator.
The two purchased generators are now in Eastern Ukraine where the largest one is being used in a kitchen (lower left photo) providing meals for homeless refugees. The other one is more mobile and is being used to provide power during unexpected power outages.  
Thanks again for all your generosity, as it is providing warmth and comfort to some Ukrainian citizens.
Coquitlam Club - Bottles & Bites fundraiser - 
Glen reported: 
Event was a success - about 150 in attendance.  Great Food from the spring street common Kitchen. Fabulous wine selections by Coquitlam Rotarian Jason Ocenas - who was also a good MC.  Good Food. Good Wine. Good Fun.
Well done Rotary Club of Coquitlam....


January 25th is an 'offsite' meeting......Please go to


3012 Murray Street, Port Moody 9 same building as Casadia Sports Group

7:30 AM   - Cost $10.00 CASH please

Amber Miller will be our host


Gayle took notes & photos from Peter M. for the Spike.  Thank you 

President Paul opened the meeting
Great turnout today, with one visitor, Peter Roundhill from the Rotary Club of Lions Gate

Vida picked up the last stickers to get glasses from Thrifty’s, to give to the Soroptimists for lady’s in need of kitchen supplies. Gayle also received a box of utensils and plates from Rick.

Linda reported that our Rotary Club received over $1,300 from Port Moody Liquor store. Great going everyone.

Susan asked us to do Valentines Cards for Eagle Ridge manor, a group is getting together on Friday to make these cards. 

Ian and Susan will attend the District Grants Training on February 4th.
March 25th is the District Assembly in Surrey. Please register for this.  We need at least 8 members to go.
Brian D donated a new speaker for our Club to use , thanks.


Some of the BEST meetings we have are Classification talks and May did not disappoint us.  Thank you May..  Well done.

May Luong was our Guest speaker today with her Classification talk.

May learned about us by volunteering at RIBFEST.
She also would like to volunteer with Shred-A -Thon.
May can speak 4 languages. English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
She does a lot of Volunteering along with Lee her husband.
May is a Certified Dental Assistant, and currently is a Integration Support Worker.
Thanks so much May, for all the involvement you bring to us.

We did happy $’s today which is always fun with Darrell as the Sgt. at Arms.

Ian announcement about the fundraiser on the day of Super Bowl for  the kids in Tanzania for $10.00. So let’s support a great cause.

Also don’t forget to get a Criminal record check from the Port Moody police so you can volunteer at RIBFEST.  Peter M has sent out the CRC to everyone to fill out.  Please do so as soon as possible.


Rick brought kitchen utensils and plates for Soroptimists.

Nice to see everyone at St James Well and on line


Belize - It is so rewarding to know that the medical supplies that we send through RWH are being useful to them.  Thank you for sharing this Glen and Al.







Blueberries are sweet, nutritious and wildly popular.

Often labeled a superfood, they are low in calories and incredibly good for you.

They’re so tasty and convenient that many people consider them their favorite fruit.


News from the Abbotsford Rotary Club

Blueberry Blitz
Please note that we have two days coming up in February when you will have your last opportunity to purchase blueberries (at a reduced rate) before the summer season.
The price is still $30/box, if ordered in advance. If you show up without having pre-ordered, the price will be $35/box.
You will find all the details, including a link for online ordering, at the following web site:
Hope to see you on either the 4th or the 11th of February, and please let your friends and family know. 
Thank you for your support of Rotary projects in our community!
Rotary Clubs of Abbotsford

Cleone has sent photos from Kenya of the car that our Rotary Club donated the money for so that these young men may learn to work on it.

Kenyan Students Thrilled!

The Rotary Club of Port Moody donated an old car for environmental automotive mechanic students to learn from. 

They live in a Kenyan village and need practical skills to thrive.

Musembe Technical and Vocational Institute is piloting it's first courses to help achieve that.

Watch to see how the Interactors are working to bring in tools.

Yay Rotary!


Random photos found in Photo albums '2023 January'



Bring you Thrifty's stickers in today please.......
Last chance to redeem your stamps! 
Vida is collecting all the stamps and will go and purchase glassware for 'Bea's Kloset'.  Thank you Vida for organizing this.

Susan read a wonderful letter that she received from Rick about the coming Rotary Year.  YES Susan you will have a 'handle' on this.
It was so nice to meet Tim from Tanzania and Hildegard [6] and Joseph [7]
We found out that Hildegard wants to be a doctor, and Joseph wants to be a pilot.  We will once again this year support these two children for $500.00 each so that they can go to school, have a uniform and get fed at school.  Remember when we have our Super Bowl party, this is where the money will go.
Thanks Ian and Trish for putting this party on.  Mark Sunday, February 12th on your calendars.
Cleone gave us an update from Kenya, but had to leave in a hurry to go milk a cow !!!! Always fun to see her on line.
Lots of Happy Dollars and most were because we are happy to have Gary back to Rotary.  We sure laughed at Gary's story of his drinking problem.  Oh my goodness !!!! 
Best wishes go to Danne's Kerry's son, for a speedy recovery.  Lots of people going away to the sunshine and we are all happy that RIBFEST 2023 is on the way.
Great turnout to clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. on Saturday.  Thank you to all who came and thanks to Alan who organizes this.  Glen, Marcia and Claire also showed up for coffee.  8 Bags of trash was collected.  Well done group !!!!
AG Glen reports !!
Our neighbour clubs have some events coming up over the next few weeks and they look like a fun way to survive the remaining weeks of winter.
Do you like wine?  Rotary Club of Coquitlam has an upcoming social event called 'The Perfect Pairing.' This inaugural event is taking place on Saturday January 28 at the All Saints Parish Hall in Coquitlam. The event consists of 7 local wines each paired with a food dish. You will learn about each wine and how the dish and wine compliment each other.
Tickets are $95.00 and the proceeds support the SHARE Food Bank
Our friends in Rotary Club of Port Coquitlam Centennial have a pub night coming up. Thursday, February 23 at the Cat & Fiddle Pub. Tix are $25 including burger and beverage.
https://www.eventbrite.ca/.../rotary-club-of-port....   To make things easier I too have some tickets which I will bring to our next meeting.
Thanks for connecting with and supporting Rotarians in the
Up coming District 5050 events
  • February 4 Grants Management Seminar Surrey
  • March 11 Grants Management Seminar Bellingham
  • March 25 District Assembly
  • May 5-7 District Conference
  • May 27-31 World Conference 
Up coming Rotary Club of Port Moody events.
May 5th, 2023  - Search for the Perfect Pint
June 3rd, 2023 - Shred-a-Thon
June 22 - Installation night
July 21-23 - RIBFEST
Guest this week was Dr. Jim Lane from the Coquitlam Club
They are doing a fundraiser called: the Perfect Pairing - Bottles & Bites.  
Let's get a table of 8 together to support.
President Paul presented Danne with his 1st Paul Harris Award.  Well done Danne and Congratulations
What Rotary Month is January?
Glen explained that it is Vocational Month and gave us some suggestions on how we could utilize this in our Rotary Club.
District 5050 District Conference coming up in May 5-7th 2023.
Sign up now for discount
Click on the QR code to register
Travel to Belize with your fellow Rotarians.  Direct flight from Seattle to Belize City on Saturday March 4, and then return flights on Sunday, March 12.
Contact Glen for more information.
Andy did a great presentation on the Island House.  
Ian introduced Andy and explained more about this project and others that we have on the 'go'
An International project that our Rotary Club of Port Moody has supported is Island House - Helena Bay - in South Africa.....
International Project to Assist the Severely Disabled
Here is a video about this house:
Thank you to Andy and Yvonne for bringing us this worthwhile project.
RIBFEST 2023 is underway.  Al ran a great meeting and good time was had by all.
Thank you Al for all you have done for our RIBFEST and we are grateful that you will be a consultant this year.
Alan asked for 'chairs' for the different areas and most are now filled.
A reminder about Steve Gable's Memorial: 

January 7th - Memorial for Steve Gable - Saturday from  1:30 to 3:30 at Glenayre Centre, 492 Glencoe Dr., Port Moody

Good to see so many at our last Rotary Meeting.  We missed those that couldn't attend and we all that were there wished Gary the very BEST. xoxo



Glen & Marcia, Al & Cathy's, Alan & Nadine, George & Linda 

Birthday's:  Susan


Dan did an update on Rotary World Help and all that is being done for the Ukraine. If you have blanket's or warm jackets that can go into the next container, please bring to this coming meeting.  Dan will take this week only as everything has to be cataloged to go into the container.  

Belize trip is March 4 - 12th, 2023.... from Glen

Letting folks who have expressed an interest in Belize, Al and I are booked.  Decided on a direct flight from Seattle to Belize City on Saturday March 4, and then return flights on Sunday, March 12.
We've not made any accommodation bookings at this point, but this gives you a reference point for your air travel, if you are able to make it.  
It will be a wonderful experience that you will never forget. 

Let's get a group together and go to District Conference......It is always fun.


Cleone talked about her upcoming adventure to Kenya and told us all about Khayanga Wasiki.  What an incredible woman who has overcome so very much.  Thanks Cleone for your update.


Happy New Year everyone....I hope that this year brings you Health, Happiness, Love and lots of Adventures. Make each day special....Hug those you love....Make memories. All the very BEST in 2023.....xoxo
I read this and it really hit home how precious life is:
365 DAYS,
8760 HOURS,
525,600 MINUTES,
31,536,000 SECONDS….


We hope you had a fabulous Christmas surrounded by those you love.
This says it all......
All the very BEST to each and everyone of you in this coming year.  Our Rotary Club will be very busy again this year with fundraisers to help our Community. 
We are looking forward to:
Search for the Perfect Pint - May 5th, 2023 - 6:00 - 9:00 PM  Port Moody City Hall
Shred-a-Thon - Saturday, June 3rd - 2023 - 9:00 - 3:00 PM. Port Moody City Hall
and of course RIBFEST - July 21st - 23rd - Rocky Point Park
Thank you to our community for volunteering to make our RIBFEST a huge success.
Our AGM was well attended.  The new Board for 2023-24 will be:
President - Susan Bell
Past President - Paul Mitchell-Banks
Vice President of Rotary Club of Port Moody Foundation - TBA
President Elect -TBA
Treasurer - Jim Bell
Secretary - Neil Nyberg
Club Service - Gayle Carter,  Linda Balzer & May Luong
Community Service - Peter Muir
Membership - Mike Clay
New Generations- George Broderick
International - Ian MacPhail
Environmental - Cleone Todgham
Vocational - TBA
If you would like to be on the Board for 2023-24 please talk with Susan.

Innervisions Chili Lunch

Our Annual Innervisons Chili lunch was such a great success once again.  We have been doing this for 22 years and every year is so special.

This year Danne, Gayle and I went to Thrifty’s to do the shopping and we were very speedy.  Thanks to Thrifty’s for their donation of $500.00 and the bags that were packed with gifts for the men.  We had so much was donated this year.....Lots of socks, toques lovingly made by Bill's Jackie,mugs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pens, scarves made by May and umbrella's.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  You made many men very happy.

The men of Innervisons helped carry all the groceries and presents up the stairs and within moments the chopping started and the ground beef was cooking.  Can’s were being opened and Bill of course was cleaning in the kitchen too.

We had Danne, chief cook, with Frank, Jim, Lee, John & Brian helping & Bill washing dishes all afternoon.  Leslie and her daughter Nyah, Leslie W, set the tables & Gayle & I  and put the presents together on the chairs.  Great turnout…. All the guys chipped in to help make the chili the best ever.  

The Chili was smelling so good by 11:00 and when the men came up at noon they were excited.  Something these guys like the best is the ' Pies & Ice cream'.  Thank you to Lee for going to get a couple of extra ones.  We needed 6.  We have some amazing ‘chefs’ in our Club and as Brian said ' we have a great team'.  Thank you to everyone who came.  It is so very rewarding and such a great way to start our Christmas Season.

Thanks to Brian for the photos. - 2022 Innervisons Chili lunch

Thank you everyone for supporting this project.  
Gayle & Linda xoxo

Lots of great photos that Brian took in our 2022 Innervisions Chili lunch photo album.  Have a look.

Coquitlam Rotary Club is doing a great fundraiser and what a great Christmas present for all.

Find The Perfect Pint Tour is back!  This year you’ll have a chance to pick up some booklets in time for that perfect Christmas Gift. $40 gets you a pint at 10 participating breweries in the tri-cites area and 20% off a food item at the John B Pub.  And enjoy a Spring beer as the vouchers have been extended and can be used immediately and now expire on May 31st for your beer loving friends and family.  You get 10 beer for $40…wow!
Tickets can be bought on their Eventbrite page:
Tickets are limited, so get them now. 
Stephen can take care or your orders for you, just let me know how many books you would like this year.
Stephen Niven
Look at the Rotarians we saw and that support 'live Music' in Port Moody -
Marcus Mosley was a fantastic concert.
Our Rotary Club of Port Moody's Christmas party was a great success.  So many members came and the food was a plenty.  I guess when we said 5:30 start, the food went out.   Thank you to all that came and a SPECIAL thanks to Trish and Ian for hosting.  It was very fun.  Good food and great company.
Thanks to Brian for photos.
Nice to see prospective member Leslie W, Alistair who we miss at our meetings, but is always involved, and Marcia and Sam Wise who loves people.   Lots more photos in the photo album - 2022 Rotary Christmas Party
Don't forget to buy your Christmas cheer supplies at the Port Moody Liquor Store on St. John's street.  Tell them that your purchase is to go to
Port Moody Rotary and our club will receive 4% of your purchase dollars.
AGM is Wednesday, Dec 14.  
Please attend
The new Board for 2023-24 will be announced as well as other business.
Our Thoughts and Prayers go out to Meghan & her family for the passing of her Mom xoxo
TriCities Rotary Christmas Breakfast.
Full house at the TriCities Christmas breakfast, and everyone had a wonderful time.  All the Presidents gave reports of what their clubs are doing, and have done.  President Paul, did a great job talking about our Rotary Club and what we do.  
We all had envelopes on our tables with one day of the 12 days of Christmas in the envelope.  So much fun !!!
12 Days of Rotary Christmas.

One the 1st day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, a meeting that ended on time

2nd Day of Christmas, Rotary Gave to me,  2 Starfish programs

3rd Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me,  3 ribs

4th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 4 vibrant clubs

5th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 5 golden wheels

6th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 6 new members

7th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 7 areas of focus

8th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 8 vans to Ukraine

9th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 9 fines for Leo

10th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 10 service projects

11th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 11 loaded containers 

12th Day of Christmas, Rotary gave to me, 12 months of meetings



December 14 -Innervisions Chili lunch. We have lots of volunteers, thank you for helping.

December 17 - Rotary Club of Port Moody Christmas Party - Ian & Trish's home.  Thank you for hosting.  

December 18 - Share Christmas Train - Let Peter know if you want to help

January 7th - Memorial for Steve Gable - 1:30 to 3:30 at Glenayre Centre, 492 Glencoe Dr., Port Moody


Remember !!!! 
Our meeting this week is at the Vancouver Golf and Country Club.  7:00AM  - For our TriCities Rotary Christmas Breakfast.
Wear your best Christmas outfit or come as you are comfortable.  It is always a great opportunity to meet the members of the other Rotary Clubs.  
Hope to see you there.
'Twenty 21' of us were on zoom this past week as there was a 'bit' of snow.
Guests were Graham and Mike Jennings from the Men's Shed
Leslie Watt - potential member
December 14th - Rotary Club of Port Moody AGM.  Please try and attend.
December 14th - Innervisions Chili lunch
December 18th - Christmas train -serving hot chocolate
Birthday's were Gayle & Dave
Anniversaries - Glen & Marcia
It is with a heavy heart that our own Steve Gable passed away after a very lengthy illness and a long hard fight.  We send our love to Erin.  RIP Steve xoxo
Our speakers this week were from Port Moody's Men Shed.
Men's Shed..
Great presentation by Graham about the Port Moody's Men's Shed.  He gave us the history of Men's Shed that started in Australia .
Port Moody's Men's Shed was founded in 2021.
They meet and all are welcome on Thursday's at 10:00 AM at the Port Moody Museum.  One of the projects they would like to have completed by this Spring is the Purple Martin & Osprey nesting areas in Rocky Point.
Men Helping Men
Contact name
Chris Staddon

The new Port Moody Men's Shed is located at the Port Moody Station Museum. 

Scheduled weekly meetings are at 10am. on Thursday mornings. Feel free to drop by.


Port Moody Rotary raised $968 during Poppy Tagging 2022

Thank you Neil for the update.


May was not feeling well so she will do her Classification talk another time.
President Paul opened the meeting
We missed Brian and Gary starting us out with O'Canada, but we ended up doing a pretty good job of singing.....Well done Rotary !!!!
We are very happy to say that our Guests this week were:  
Leslie Watt on Zoom and a prospective new member
Leslie Courchesne a prospective new member
Our President Elect, Susan has registered for Pre-PETS and will learn a lot from that experience.
If you are interested in being on the Board for 2023-24 please contact Susan as soon as possible.
December 7th - Joint Christmas Breakfast at the Vancouver Golf Club at 7:00 AM. This is the opportunity to wear that Ugly Christmas Sweater or your BEST Christmas outfit.  You are more than welcome however you attend.  Please let us know if you will be attending as they need numbers for the Golf Club.  Cost will be $25.00.  An invitation has gone out to you.
December 14th - Innervisions Chili lunch
We have collected most everything we need.  A few more scarves would be helpful as well as some mugs.  Check out your kitchens and see if you have any 'mugs' you don't use or don't need and bring them to the next meeting.
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated items.  The hand knitted toques that Jackie did are wonderful and she may be getting orders now from Rotarians. ;o)
December 17th - Our Rotary Club of Port Moody Christmas Party at the MacPhail's.  An invitation was sent out so you can sign up.  Please bring your beverages of choice and an appetizer to share.
December 18 - Christmas Train will be arriving in Port Moody just behind the Rec. Centre at 4:45 PM.  The guest entertainers this year are MacKenzie Porter and Virginia to Vegas.  Our Rotary Club gives out hot chocolate and all the donations go to our food bank, Share.  If you are interested in helping out, please let Peter know.
March 3-11, 2023 - Trip to Belize.  For anyone who is interested please get a hold of Glen or Al S.  Book your flights as soon as possible and whether or not you would like to spend the first few days on the beach and then get to work helping in Belize City.
We have some World Cup Soccer Fans in our Rotary Club and Peter leads the pack.  Go Canada Go !!!
President Paul was collecting Happy Dollars and we all had lots to be Happy about !!!
Powerful talk today from Navid  - Women's Right to Fight for Democracy 
I can't even begin to write about how powerful Navid's talk today was on the women of Iran.  The courage the people of Iran have to stand up to the government to fight for Democracy is beyond what we will ever know.
We would all like to thank Navid for this presentation and for informing us about Iran and what the media does not tell us.  
FREEDOM is essential in our lives and we must all watch that it is not taken away here, in our very own country.  
SUSAN is our President Elect and everyone is more than happy.  Congratulations Susan, you will be an excellent President in 2023 - 24
The Foundation dinner was well attended Dan, Glen, Rick, Paul and Susan.  Well done Rotary Club of Port Moody.
Birthday singing for Cleone & George
Vida - When shopping at Thrifty's please save the stamps for Bea's Kloset.
The decorating the Manor was a huge success.  Thank you to Cleone and Peter for organizing yet again.
Peter wrote:
We have been so lucky with the weather this morning, a bit cold but sunny.
We took down and installed brand new lights. We installed over 300-400 ft  of new and old lights.
Thanks to Cleone for organizing the inside decorations..... yet again!!!!!
Thanks to Lori Carlisle  for suppling Hot Coffee and Doughnuts too.
Amazing support from our Club. Big thanks have to go to the following:-
In no particular order:-
George Broderick
Darrell Burnham
Gayle Carter
John Crowther
Dan Dunlop
Brian Dunne & his Son
Allan Kabatoff & Lisa
Bill Lawrie
May Luong
Paul Mitchell-Banks
Neil Nyberg
Aziz Saleh
Alan Schmelzel
Cleone Todgham
Steve Witiuk
Big thanks also go to LeeMo Navid & Larry Smith & Gail Bishop 
Please forgive me if left any one out 
Thanks to to Paul Droulis of The Canadian Tire Company for donating over 200 ft of new lights!
Thank you all!  It is always fun working together, and a great way to get to know each other better.
Pic: The start of the lights project
More photos in photo library: 2022 Manor Christmas decorating
Cleone wrote:
Manor Christmas Magic!

It is wonderful to watch the eyes of the residents as they see their home being transformed by a myriad of twinkling lights outside, ceilings decked with boughs, warm wreaths cozying up the hallways, colourful Christmas trees bringing back memories, and a spirit of Christmas magic welcoming all throughout the manor inside and out. 

We make a great team - staff, volunteers, manor residents, Rotarians and their families. 

Thank you for adding Christmas sparkle to the Manor for those who live, work and visit there
Merry Christmas!
November 23rd Tonight - at the Balzer's 
5:00 pm - Public Profile & Media 
6:00 pm - Board meeting.
Bring something to share if you like and President Paul is bringing the red and white beverages.
And speaking about Public Profile, thank you to Glen for this ad he put on Facebook.
Well done Glen....and if you see this on Facebook, please 'like' and share with your FB friends.
Guests this week:
Krista Burnham - Passport club
Birthday's:  Peter & Steve & GB
Nice to see Alan K at our meeting
Thank you to Susan for representing out Rotary Club of Port Moody at the Remembrance Day service in Port Moody...
Heritage Mtn. Clean up was last Saturday - Reminder to be there at maybe 8:45 as we leave right at 9:00 AM
Small group but 6 bags of Trash .  Thank you to all who showed up.  Gail, we are sorry we missed you.
November 16th, -District Foundation Dinner will be well represented by our Rotary Club.  GlenDan, Rick & Paul
November 19th - Decorate Eagle Ridge manor  9:00 AM - noon.
November 23rd - Marketing meeting at 5:00 PM and Board meeting - Balzer's 6:00 PM
December 7th -    Christmas Breakfast - Vancouver Golf Club  7:15AM
December14th -   Innervisions Chili lunch. - Please bring your socks, scarves, toothpaste & brushes to Rotary this week.
Cleone  is the Chair of our Environmental Service this year.
We have done many environmental initiatives over the years and Cleone gave credit to Brian W. for heading this up.
Mossom Creek [Audio Visual equip, mounted salmon, pond liner, partnered in cougar mount, handicap door access]
Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd., RIPS, RIBFEST recycling, Seaview School [ zoo is microscopes] , Manor Ivy pull.
Cleone has many more ideas for this coming year.  Well done Cleone & Club.
Donations to the Foundation are essential to securing and expanding our programs throughout the world. We recognize with gratitude clubs that make extraordinary contributions.
• 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club: These are clubs in which all dues-paying members are Paul Harris Fellows. The club receives a banner. This is a one-time recognition, but the intent is that the club will maintain its status. • 100% Foundation Giving Club: This banner is given to clubs that have an average of US$100 in per capita giving and in which every dues-paying member donates at least $25 during the year to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, the Endowment, or approved global grants.
• Every Rotarian, Every Year Club: This banner is awarded to clubs that have a minimum Annual Fund contribution of $100 per capita during the year and in which every dues-paying member personally contributes at least $25 to the Annual Fund in that time period. Will you help our club be recognized by the Foundation this year
And speaking of Poppies....thank you to Neil for organizing our Rotary Club to sell Poppies last Saturday.  We had lots of photos and I will add Neil's humour that we all love.
Poppy People

Caution…content may include cute animal….


Starbucks bucks Nov 05

Three canvassers …and a bush

one more
Yes we were all on ZOOM and we had a few guest.
Thank you to Michael Berrisford from the Chilliwack Club, Malcolm Kennedy from the Sunrise Club and Patrick and Tanya I 'think' from Chilliwack.
Happy Birthday to :
Kerry and both Peter's ....Peter C & Peter M.   We decided to save our birthday 'singing' until we meet again.
Thirsty Thursday looked like fun and thank you to Peter C for the photo.  Peter said:  'Good time with Bill, Jackie, Neil. Great to see Alistair and catch up with his news. He brought two friends, Shawn and Gail with him which made an even better turn out on a cold rainy Thursday.
Al did an outstanding presentation on our Port Moody RIBEST 2022
He gave thanks to Frank & Alistair & Mike for the weekly meeting since January.  AND we all know that those meetings paid off for a very successful year.  Also huge thanks to Mike P for putting together all the financial statements and reports.
2022 was our year 6 and we had 465 Volunteers !!!!  WOW.....thank you to our amazing community for coming out to make this very special community event a HUGE success.
Al also gave big thanks to all the leaders of the Committees....
Well what's next?  Who is going to step up to be the Chairs on RIBFEST 2023?
Alan S will be having a meeting very soon with anyone who would like to be a part of our RIBFEST 2023.  Please let Alan know where you would like to volunteer.  We have members who have already stepped up to be leads but we will need many more.  
Thank you to the other Rotary Clubs also for all the hard work they did to make this event the BEST...
Brian & George were out at Rotary Westhill park putting up the new sign.....
Thanks GB for your help.....
More photos in the gallery at the bottom of Spike.
November 19th from 9-12 -  Decorate the Manor......Sign up to help please.  If you have a ladder, please bring along.  Peter  & Cleone would like to know who will be helping.   

Bea’s Kloset is a Soroptimist free “store” for girls and women who leave foster care and transition homes.  Bea’s Kloset provides new or gently used household items such as linens, dishes, small appliances, etc., to assist in setting up their new home.  

Bring your 'stamps' in from Thrifty's for Bea's Kloset so we can donate Glasses to these women.
December 14th, 2022 - Innervisions Chili lunch. - 
Gayle is collecting - Mugs, Socks, Toothbrushes and paste, toques, gloves & scarves.  Please bring to the meeting.  This is a fun event and please sign up to help.  Notice has gone out to help.
Thank you to Peter for reminding us to purchase your 'beverages' from Port Moody liquor store - 2929 St. Johns Street, AND ask that your purchase go to PORT MOODY ROTARY CLUB......  We get a 5% rebate if you mention the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Peter has the 'secret' amount to date and we will be announcing at the end of December what the total amount will be.  Shhhh.....but keep purchasing, & guzzling as Peter says.
RI Foundation
The Paul Harris Society recognizes people who commit to contributing US$1000 or more each year to the Annual Fund, PolioPlus, or an approved global grant. 
The Society’s purpose is to honor and thank people for their generous and ongoing support of The Rotary Foundation.
Paul Harris Society contributions count toward several different kinds of individual recognition, and members receive a chevron-style pin and a certificate.
Members are also registered in the Paul Harris Society Report.
Ask Neil for a Paul Harris Society membership form to provide this ongoing support to the Foundation!
Remember ZOOM ONLY tomorrow.....
You can wear your PJ's and nobody will know.
It's all about RIBFEST !!!!!
President Paul sent his greetings from Japan and Susan stepped in to chair the meeting.  Thank you Susan for always doing more than required.  
Noemi Victonno was our guest speaker from Low Entropy.  
Their tag line is 'New Approach to a Changing world.
Noemi explained that they give all their services for 'free'.
They are having a Pub night at the Cat & Fiddle on November 29th from 6-9.  This is one way we could support them.
November 5 - Selling Poppy's at the Well and Starbucks by the IGA from 10 - 2 - Please volunteer for this as well.  Neil has the sign up sheet
November 16th - Foundation Dinner- 
Clarion Hotel & Conference Centre
5:30 PM – 9:00 PM 
December 7th - Combined Christmas breakfast for TriCities Rotary Club. - Vancouver Golf Club
December 14th - Innervisions Chili Lunch - Please volunteer for this....Promise it will make your Christmas.
December 18th - Christmas Train - Hot chocolate by donation.  Please volunteer to help
May 5th - 7th - District Conference 2023 - Sheraton Hotel, Guildford
The 'bin' has been 'wrapped' with Jeannie's photo at Westhill park.
Thank you Brian for continuing to make this a very worthwhile project for Rotary.



WOW what a presentation by our Newport Village 'Little Butcher Shop' Taryn Barker
Taryn did an excellent job telling us who she is and how she got involved with 'butchering'
She is the President of Shop Local and a true entrepreneur who we are so fortunate to have right here in our community.  
She started her business in 2012 with a partner and then in 2017 bought the business and has been on her own ever since.  Taryn has travelled many places in the world looking to make her shop 'up to date' with that of Europe and Australia and New Zealand.  She was on the Canadian Butcher Team and is looking to start a BC Butcher competition.  With the amount of questions our Club had for her, I'm guessing more of our members will be shopping at "The Little Butcher' from now on.
Celebrating birthdays were Susan, Terry's better half , Mike C and Andy B
On zoom this week was Al S., Cleone, May and Michael B from Chilliwack ;o)
Ian gave a short presentation about what happened at the International meeting, and Glen showed the 'Congratulations' video that they did for the Prison inmates that have passed their exams.
Well done video..!!!!
Here are a few 'still' from that video
Marketing and Public image meeting and Board meeting was held at President Paul's.  Lots of wine and the ideas were flowing !!!!
It was great to see Alistair, Rick & Bill there, along with Gayle, Neil, Susan, President Paul, and Linda.
It's a date !!!
October 28th.....Friday at 4:30 Parkside Brewery
Get in on the ground floor of a new tradition - Monthly happy hours with members of the 4 Rotary Clubs of the Tri-Cities - Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Coquitlam Sunrise and, of course, the Rotary Club of Port Moody.
Our first get together will be Friday, October 28 at 430 PM.  The idea is that we will, over time, explore some of the many fine establishments in the area.  We begin this month, at Parkside a place we all know and love...  
Reconnect with our friends and colleagues in the other clubs.
Feel to bring some friends or colleagues, especially if they have an interest in Rotary.
I hope to see you there.
AG Glen
Just want to say Hi to a few members we haven't seen in awhile and want you to know we are thinking about you and miss you at our meetings.  Alan K, Wolf, Patty, Steve W, Alistair & Steve G.
Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.....
Cleone & her gang organized a wonderful celebration 'Remembering Jeannie'.
We received this the next day from Cathy Morton
So after my run today, I picked up some litter along Bedwell Bay Road. I’d been thinking about Jeannie and what she said about feathers and dimes being a “sign” from her.  I even said to her, in my head, OK Jeannie, if you’re out there, send me the sign.   
And guess what I found? 

I will keep it as a memento, and a reminder that there may be more to the universe than we realize. 

We have BIG NEWS that all of you know by now.  Our very own member and 
PP Meghan Lahti is now the MAYOR OF PORT MOODY.  
PP & Past AG Al lead the meeting and did a great job.  Thank you Al.
Deep in concentration !!!
Estate planning - Guest speaker via zoom - Elaine Reynolds
Elaine is a retired Lawyer specializing in Estate Law.
You could have heard a 'pin' drop while she was explaining what to do to plan your estate.
It is best to have all of this planned ahead of time.
Questions had been sent in prior to the meeting and Elaine did a great job answering them.
Thank you for your time Elaine, I'm sure a lot of our members went home to do some homework.
Please remember to bring mugs, socks, toothbrushes and paste and toques to Gayle for this Chili lunch
Thank you to May for donating scarves for the Innervisions men for our Christmas Chili lunch.
We had a couple of guests on zoom last week.
Susan & Jim
Peter and Oh how I wish I had my camera ready for Peter's surprise guest for us all. ;o). Cindy you may never live this down !!!!
Guest's in house were Marcia and SamWise
Vida reminding us to not forget to get the stickers from Thrifty's when you shop there so we can give glassware to Bea's Closet.
October 22 - Remembering Jeannie - please send a message to Cleone if you are going.
Happy Birthday to Mike
Nice to see Cleone back..
Lots of fun Happy Dollars this week.  Thank you to Sgt.at Arms Darrell for always doing a great job.
Sounds like Brian W. and Peter M. will be meeting up in Australia .....
Brian D. has done the Grouse Grind 20 times this year......FANTASTIC
Thank you to Rick for bringing books for our Little Lending Library....
Another good turnout for cleaning up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. on Saturday.
Thank you to Sean & Gail, May & Lee, Frank, Alan, Paul, Dave, myself and Dan who came for coffee.
Great job everyone.  Shawn & Gail it was great to have you help us out.  We hope to see you at our other volunteer opportunities xo
Middle section had 3 bags, the bottom only 1 and 2 at the top section.
Had to post this:  Just makes me laugh out loud.
Environmental Service started this year with a BANG.....
Congratulations to Cleone for a job well organized.
This is what she wrote....
Rotary RIPS Rocked!
We pulled out 77 bags of ivy and blackberry this year.
There were 60 volunteers that worked on this sunny Thanksgiving weekend:
5 - Innervisions
4 - School
3 - Interactors
2 - Burke Mountain Naturalists
1 - City - Angela Crampton
8 - Friends of Rotary
7- Rotarians
A special thanks to our club members:
Brian W, for picking up the tools from Noon's Creek, food and organizing.
Gayle, for managing the volunteers and food. 
Bill, thanks for helping me pick up the Rotary stuff and working like crazy.
Aziz, for managing people and taking pictures.
George B, for taking care of the volunteers.
Mike C, for pitching in with a smile.
Angela Crampton, from the City for the ease with which she is to work with and all that she does!
Noon's Creek, for supporting us with your tools.
Juliana, from SUCCESS, for delaying her retirement for two weeks so that she could organize her group for this event!
Pulling invasives makes a difference to the biodiversity, aesthetIcs and the safety of the park and  a fun community building event.
Cleone Todgham
Guests were:
District Governor Raj
Moti Bali - Honorary Member of the White Rock Rotary Club
DG Raj was our guest speaker this past week and it is always a pleasure to have our District Governor come to visit.  
DG Raj was born in India and came to Canada in 1973 and has worked around the globe on large scale water resource projects.  
Thank you for your important message to our Rotary Club of Port Moody and we all look forward to seeing you again at the District Conference in May.
DG Raj gave past AG Al a most deserving award as the Outstanding member of the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  He also gave Al a much deserved compliment as the BEST AG in the District.
We celebrated lots of Birthdays
Rick, Alan, Darrell, May & Linda
Have YOU paid your dues?  It's overdue......
October 15th - Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  
Meet at Gallaghers at 9:00 AM
November 16 - District 5050 Dinner
May 5- 7 - District Conference in Surrey at the Sheraton Hotel
Vida - Bea's Closet -Raise a Glass !!!!  Save your Thriftys' coupons for Glassware for Bea's Closet.  Drop off to any Rotarian or to the Well.  Poster is on the post as you enter the Well.
The Rotary Club of Port Moody is sending Congratulations to the people serving sentence in the Belize prison.  We are so proud of the accomplishments you have made with the programs you signed up for on the Rachel devices we sent.  Happy Graduation day !!!!
Please keep Susan and Jim in your thoughts and prayers.  Susan's Mom passed away.  
Susan took over for President Paul and did a great job.  Well organized and can she ever 'hit that bell'.
Don't forget that DG Raj is going to speak at our Rotary Club this week.  Let's have a full house !!!!
Thirsty Thursday has been changed to Wednesday October 5th for just this week.  Come to the Well at 5:30 to share a pint or two with fellow Rotarians.....
RIPS is this weekend - Saturday October 8th.  Come on out to help.
Innervisions Chili lunch will be on Wednesday, December 14th.   Thrifty's have given us a gift certificate to purchase the food.  Thank you Thrifty's.  
Gayle has asked to please bring, socks, mugs, toothbrushes and paste, toques for gifts for the men
Every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM. 
Contact Al S for more information.  Everyone invited.....
Guest speaker this week was our very own Terry M.  Terry and Susan took a trip to the UK, Ireland and Scotland this summer.  Terry did a slide show of the places they went and the drinks they drank.  lol....
They were in Scotland when the Queen passed away and we front row centre to see the hearst drive by, both there and in London.  They witnessed History for sure.  Well done Terry.  
Thank you to Peter for organizing a fun night for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.....
Participants were:
Host:  Peter & Cindy [Called the Wellies Gang]
Guests:  Danne & Kerry, Terry & Susan, Gary & Hazel
Host:  Gayle & Bob
Guests:  George & Yolanda, Neil & Donna
Host:  Ian & Trish
Guests:  May & Lee, Susan & Jim, Linda & George
After all the work Peter did his night started out with a 'little car' problem.  This is what happened the next day.....
A community grant from years ago.  We just received this thank you with plaque:
Please keep Ann Hulbert in your thoughts and prayers.  She is in the hospital.
Summer Sundays Christmas Show
Get your tickets for Eagle Eyes - Saturday December 10th, 2022
Matinee - 3:30 pm - Inlet Theatre
Another good day for the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  President Paul inducted Peter Muir as a new member of our Rotary Club.  Peter helped us at RIBFEST and we knew then he would be an excellent member.  Welcome Peter.
A very well deserved Paul Harris was awarded to Clayton Anderson by Glen Brown.  Brian Wormald, George Balzer and Peter Cuthbert spoke about all the good that Clayton does.  Clayton has for a few years been instrumental in helping with the Parking at RIBFEST.  He also helps George for Summer Sundays set up and take down along with monitoring the parking for the bands.  Peter spoke about just what a good man Clayton is in everyday life.  Although Clayton is not a member of our Rotary Club he is definitely a Rotarian in his heart.
Our Guest Speaker this week was Fraser Renard from the Port Moody Police. 
Fraser spoke passionately about his roots in Port Moody and Port Moody Police Department.  He talked about our inlet and how the PMPD does not have a boat to access emergencies on the water.  A Police boat would cost about 90K.  His talk was very informative and thought provoking.  
Terry & Susan - 43 and Dave & Cathy - 32 celebrate their Anniversaries.
John, Wolf and Alistair's Amy celebrated Birthdays.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is almost here.  Friday, Peter will be handing you your 'envelope' at the Well, to tell you where you are going.  It is always a great time and thanks to Peter for organizing.  Thanks to the hosts & guests and please remember to take photos that night.
It's a good day at Rotary when you induct 3 new members.  We are grateful to have
May Luong , Rick Fisher and Jim Bell as new members of our Rotary Club of Port Moody. We look forward to working with them all.
President Paul did a great job with his own special induction presentation.  
It was great to see Dave Stone back at Rotary.  They have been crazy busy with guests all summer.
Brian Dunne has been with our Rotary Club for 30 years.  Brian is our IT guy and is always available to help when he is asked.  
Classification Talks are always a favourite and Andy Berrisford did his and he didn't disappoint us.
What a guy !!!
Andy told us about his life in South Africa and his Engineering career.  They moved to Canada in 2000 and then to Burnaby in 2004.  Andy is a Specialist Engineer in Load Research.  I'm not sure if anyone had any idea of what that was, but Andy is one intelligent man with a great sense of humour.  
Thanks Andy, we all know you a bit better now.
Thirsty Thursday will be a Wild Wednesday, October 5th,  this time at 5:15 - ?  At St. James' Well.  Will be great to see everyone there at the new time.
Thank you to Peter for organizing the Guess Who's Coming to Dinner on September 30th.  Peter will let you know if you will be bringing, an appetizer, a salad or dessert and for how many people.  This is always fun and if you haven't already signed up, please do and let Peter know asap.  
President Paul wants to have a 'Public Image' meeting.  Please let him know what dates are good for you.  It will be an evening meeting. 
Have you paid your Rotary Dues for this year?  This is a gentle reminder to please bring your visa, cheque or cash to Rotary on Wednesday.
Thank you
September 8th, 2023
Phillip came to me today,
and said it was time to go.
I looked at him and smiled,
as i whispered that "I know"
I then turned and looked behind me,
and seen I was asleep.
All my Family were around me,
and I could hear them weep.
I gently touched each shoulder,
with Phillip by my side.
Then I turned away and walked,
with My Angel guide.
Phillip held my hand,
as he lead the way,
to a world where King's and Queens,
are Monarch's every day.
I was given a crown to wear
or a Halo known by some.
The difference is up here,
they are worn by everyone.
I felt a sense of peace,
my reign had seen its end.
70 years I had served my Country,
as the peoples friend.
Thank you for the years,
for all your time and love.
Now I am one of two again,
in our Palace up above.
Not sure who wrote this......
At the meeting our Rotary Club made cards for teachers to wish them well in this year ahead.  Thank you to Cleone and Susan for delivering them.
President Paul and Daisy lead the meeting.
Peter & Jim and Rick were guests this week.  Soon to be members...
Happy to see Dan back with us after his summer down east.
And our Cleone is back for a short time then back to Grandma's visits and also nice to have Mike at the meeting.  AND Gayle, you are always beautiful 
Susan did a wonderful power point on Community Service.  If you didn't know what we do all year long, you sure do now.  We are one busy Rotary Club with so many good projects.  Thank you Susan for your presentation.
Past AG Al presented our Rotary Club with 2 awards from the District
We are so very proud of our Rotary Club of Port Moody for the Best Public Image award due to the website that Alistair did for us.  So well done.  Thank you Alistair !!!
AND to our Rotary Club for getting the Rotary Citation award from the District.  Coreen was a great President and leader and made sure we had all the requirements.  Thank you Coreen.
Peter & Gayle will be organizing a Guess Who's Coming to Dinner on Friday September 30th.
If you are not sure how this works......here goes.....
If you would like to be a 'host', please let us know that and how many people you can have at your table and what time you would like your guests to arrive.
As a host you are responsible for the 'main course'
If you would like to be a 'guest'.....
You will be asked to bring 'one' of the following..... an appetizer, a salad or dessert. [and you will be told for how many people]
All will please bring your 'beverage of choice' for the night.
Peter will put all the names together, draw who goes where.  On Friday, September 30th, you will receive a call or an email giving you the address of where you will be going.  Your 'host' will not know who is attending until they come to the door.  
This is always a very fun event, and a great way to get to know our fellow Rotarians.
Thanks for your participation....
Are you going to help with RIPS?
Clean up Crew.....Thank you to all who came to clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  President Paul, Darrell and his students, Mike, Neil, Alan and Peter M.  
President Paul opened the meeting with Daisy watching
Guests this week:
Rick Fisher 
Peter Muir
May was also in attendance.
Thank you's again to Atharva, Saam, Brian, Danne, Alan, Bill, Peter & Lee for the BBQ at Innervisions.  Everyone had a good time and they cooked 36 hamburgers & smokies on 2 very small BBQ's.  Great job everyone.
Remembering Jeannie will be on October 22nd, 2022 - Details to follow
Youth Exchange !!!  Will we or won't we???
Would you and your family like to be a 'host family' for a Youth Exchange Student.  I can tell you that it is a wonderful experience.  We are still in contact with lots of our Exchange students.....here is one of our exchange sons after 30 years.  
Darrell gave us the 'history' of the Downtown East Side and all the problems.......When will it ever be better.
Downtown East side is the poorest postal code in Canada
There are over 260 agencies working in the east side and well over a million dollars a day goes there......AND look at the mess it is.
1900 Main and Hastings was the centre of the business world.  Rooms for rent for the local business men and workers.  Those buildings are still there and you can just imagine what they look like inside a 10 x 8 room.
40% of the people on the streets are Indigenous.
5 people die each day from overdose
The story goes on and on but the 'fix' doesn't seem to be there.  The housing projects that have been built seem to be working well.
Thank you Darrell for a very matter of fact report on what is going on.
Belize container arrived ......Our Rotary Club should be so very proud of all we have sent to Belize and what has been done in the Prison there.  Looks like a trip to Belize will be in March.....eveeryone is welcome.
Rotary World Help - Dan Gallant......Look who is unloading the container.  Thank you so much from Belize
President Paul was back.  Gary led us in O'Canada in style and Danne read the invocation.
President Paul acknowledged Past AG Al [who was on zoom] for all the hard work he has done for our Rotary Clubs and to AG Glen who has taken over the position for this coming year.
Nice to have Gayle back from her vacation.
Guests this week were Peter & Jim & Daisy.  We have 4 new members in the wings and we will be inducting them all soon.
Our thoughts going out to Mike, May, Rick & Frank who are under the weather.  We wish them well soon.
Cleone has organized a 'Remembering Jeannie' on October 22nd and further information will go out later.
October 8th will be our Rotary RIPS.
Thank you to all the guys who helped out with Innervisions BBQ.
Frank could not help as he was not well, but Bill took over and did the shopping.
George Broderick and myself, lent out BBQ's, and thanks to Alan for taking them and the coolers to Innervisons.
May's husband, Lee came to help as well as a couple of Interactors.
Danne, Brian & Peter were there to help out too.
Thanks for the photos Brian.
Darrell once again did a great job as Sgt. At Arms
Gary ended the meeting with a great explanation !!!!  That's all I will say.....Ask him to send to you.
Does this belong to YOU?????
Nice to see The Rotary Club of Port Moody out front and centre at Summer Sunday Concert's....
We are sending healing thoughts and prayers to Mike C.  Get well soon Mike.
President Paul was away and Susan did an excellent job of playing President.  Sgt. at Arms Darrell taught her how to 'ring the bell' and Neil decided we will now call her Susan 'Bell'. lol
Nice to see our guests again this week.
Rick Fisher
May Leung
Peter Muir
Jim Bell
Rare photo, Thanks to Yvonne and to Susan to ask me to read the Invocation
On line was PP Mike, Gayle back from her cruise, Cleone with her Grandbabies, Brian talking about the PoCo car show and Glen who told us about the Kenya project.
Gary led us in  O 'Canada and as usual was fabulous.
There was a great turnout to clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. [about 10] but no photos to prove it.   Thanks to all who came to help.
Innervisions BBQ is Wednesday, August 24 and we have lots of guys helping out.  It will be a fun event and the men at Innervisons will be very grateful.  They helped us 'set up and take down' for RIBFEST and I'm sure some of those same men will be there for us to thank.
We did not have a guest speaker but Darrell did send out an email to ask for specifics on the speakers you would like to have speak to us.  Please reply to him as it makes for a more interesting meeting with Guest Speakers.
Sgt. at Arms Darrell went around the room and everyone is pretty happy.  Lots of good news from all.
Again we finished the meeting in record time.
The whole meeting was on our Legacy Project.
Thank you Ian for a very informative presentation.
Thanks:  Mike P, Ian, Neil, Alan and Darrell for all the work that has been put into this.  
Approved in principle by the Board and as of today's meeting,  by the Club as a whole......
Now is the STARTING GATE.  
Let's see where this takes us.
Nice to see guests again at the meeting today:
May Luong 
Peter Muir & Jim Bell
Rick Fisher - Thanks again for the books and good feedback on the Legacy project
As much as Ian doesn't like to celebrate, we all love to sing Happy Birthday.  
The BBQ for Innervisions next Wednesday seems to be under control with many helpers.
Thanks to all who will volunteer to help show these men that we are proud of them for changing their lives.....one day at a time.
President Paul looked pretty spiffy at our meeting this week with Brian helping with the Zoom.  Brian is showing us all up doing the Grouse Grind twice a week.  Way to go Brian.!!!
Guests this week were:
Rick Fisher
Thank you Rick for the books for our Little Lending Library.
Krista Burnham
Thank you Krista for bringing the Passport Club to Summer Sunday's to see Powder Blues
Peter Muir  - Always happy to see you at our meeting.
Ian talked about our Legacy project and will be discussed further at the Board meeting.  A decision should be made soon and will be the discussion at our next meeting.
Thank you Danne for doing Pie Day.  You are so good to do that every month.  If you are interested in helping, please talk with Danne and see what needs to be done.
Innervisions BBQ on August 24 at Prairie house.  Invite has gone out and please sign up if you want to help.
If you have a portable BBQ please bring as we will need at least 2.....Thank you.
Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. on Saturday August 13th.  The more the merrier.  Come on out and help.  Meet at Gallaghers in Newport at 9:00 AM sharp and then have coffee and conversation after.
Our Sgt. At Arms, Darrell,  is doing a 'fine' job.  No fines, but questions about 'who would you like as a Guest Speaker'.  Lots of Happy Dollars and good laughs.
So great to see Gary at the meeting again.  Wow, O'Canada was sung in style.......
Thirsty Thursday looks like fun.....
And that was it !!!!
8:05 and we were out of there.  Oh my gosh !!!!  Fast and Furious it was.
RIBFEST, Legacy and Fun 
Guests this week:
Rick Fisher
May Luong
Birthday's celebrated were:  
Yvonne & Frank......We of course sang the appropriate songs......
Looks like a cheque is being handed over.....Alan who is our cashier and Andy our Treasurer.
The winner of our RIBFEST 50/50 winner arrived to pick up his cheque.  Congratulations Don !!!
Nice to get together for lots of fun this past week.  Thank you to Mike for the trip up the 'arm' to see Camp Jubilee.  I think all who attended agreed that the Camp is very well run and all the staff and campers love it there.  This year, an unusual year because of a grant, we sent 30 kids to camp.  After hearing the stories from the staff we were all convinced that we are spending our money wisely.  
Here are a couple of photos and the rest are in photo album for Camp Jubilee at the bottom of the page.
Another fun night was at the Bandit's game.  Thank you to Al for introducing us to Cameron and to Mike who ended up taking the calls.  Exciting game and the Bandits won !!!!  
Fun night.  GB missing as he took photo
Great Summer Sunday's Concert again as there were two bands.  This is what the guy who organizes does for 1 hour before the concert....  Coming up this Sunday is the Legendary ' Powder Blues Band'.  Come on down.  Our Rotary tent with shade is up in the centre of the park for you to sit and enjoy.  Come early to get your spot.
Our first Board meeting is on Monday, August 8th, 7:00 AM
Well we did it......It's over [for now] and we are already thinking about how to make it better next time.  Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make our 2022 RIBFEST the best ever.
At the end of RIBFEST everyone is exhausted, but that does not stop the work that needs to be done on 'take down'.  Everyone who came to help, Thank you......We will do better next year....
Alan, Al, Ian, Clayton & Alan son, put all the 'stuff' back in the lock-up and did a great job.  On Saturday, Paul, Alistair and myself went in to 'tweak' it a bit.....Paul and Alistair were 'very happy'.
BUT look at the results !!!
Thanks guys !!!!
Some of our Rotarians wear more than 1 hat, and Brian Wormald is of those people.
Brian helps put on a Car Show for the Seniors at Eagle Ridge Manor along with Lori from the Manor.  Our Rotary tents came in handy for sure and thanks to Steve for helping pick them up.  There was a record amount of cars this year....45. Well done Brian.
Here are a couple of photos and the rest will be in the Photo Album for July at the bottom of the page.  You will see Danne's truck in there too.
Brian wrote:
Our little car show at Eagle Ridge Manor today for the elderly residents. They loved it! Thank to all those who brought their mostly vintage and classic cars out to brighten the day of our seniors. You all made a difference today................
Thank you to the Rotary Club of Port Moody for supplying some of the tents for the day. Community partners working together for the benefit of our most respected residents.
RIBFEST 50/50 Draw bunch......The results are in. Frank and Malcolm are on the phone notifying Don Preston that he is our Ribfest 5050 winner. His share $24,550. Congratulations Don.
Our Rotary Club is a sponsor for Summer Sunday concerts and this week was amazing.  Thank you to Laurie Morvan Band from LA....FABULOUS !!!
Guess where Michael Berrisford is ?  Sahara Desert or?
Feb 08, 2023
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