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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Port Moody

Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC  V3H 5H1
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KIDS ZONE painting & building party.....that's what our club is all about!!!
We Did It!
The Foosball walls and supports are built,  we have over 2,000 blocks painted and two wooden containers were built for the the blocks! It was a really good team day with music,  a Bar-B-Q and lots of good conversation.
The plans are to finish assembling the foosball at ribfest and to paint it there. The interactors will be taking care of it.
Thank you soooooo much to Dan Gallant for letting us use Rotary World Help Space, and helping all day after a long week.  You are AMAZING! Thank you also for storing the blocks, reading castle panels, looking for shelving for the lock-up and getting and storing a pallet of books!
Danne (Bro), thank you for getting painting supplies and food, bar-b-q, music, figuring out the painting and setting it up and building the foosball.
Ian thank you so much for leading the foosball project. Getting your engineer son to do the design was brilliant and it looks like it will be really solid. Thank you for getting all the hardware and arranging the building team and the tools.  George you were brilliant! You have the know how, the tools and even skipped a wedding to be there.... Sorry Linda and Gayle.
Alan Schmelzel, thank you for arranging to get the sponsorship for the foosball and arranging to get wood and supplies.
Okay, now for the painters who painted and painted and wore some of the paint: Trish who even brought coffee!
Glen, who isn't even a member of the club yet [ but is transferring now]
Linda Mross, who was from the Langley club, we had a mini Ribfest training session
Bill, who wore just a little paint setting up all the blocks
Vida, who had trouble initially with the blocks not being painted perfectly but got over it
Joanna, who was her usual entertaining self
Heather, who was there even though she was sick!
Al for painting, counselling Linda, setting up the music, bar-b-quing, transporting the foosball and getting it into the lock-up!
Everyone that helped get the foosball fit into the lock-up! I hope your backs survived
Thank you all to everyone that wanted to be there but couldn't, we felt your support!
Yay! Team
The Coquitlam Club is putting on a Luau on June 9th.....and after our
SHRED-a-THON we may need a Luau.....
Please contact Maureen Boyd at:  maureenelizabethboyd@gmail.com
On June 9th they will be holding a luau! It is held in partnership with the Kalaya Dancers who will offer a one hour presentation. Their own Kathleen Ross, who happens to be an accomplished Hawaiian dancer, is holding this event to raise funds for one of their international Projects in Kenya.

The tickets are $50 and $25 for children under 16 years of age. There will be a luau feast to enjoy as well.

Please spread the word…this will be a wonderful festive event.

This week our very own Mayor Mike came to the meeting.  Always great to see him.
We are happy to announce that Glen Brown will be transferring his membership from Sunshine Coast-Sechelt to our Rotary Club of Port Moody.  
Fire Chief Ron Coulson was our Guest Speaker

Our guest speakers this week was Fire Chief Ron Coulson. He started by thanking our Rotary Club for all the good work we do in the Community. He handed out, hot off the press, copies of the 2017 Community Report. It is the first time Fire-Rescue have prepared a formal report and this was given to Port Moody Council the night before. Inside there is a Department Structure graph, Mission Statement, a breakdown of 2017 by the numbers/types of incident responses (2pm is most common call time; Monday is most common day; July is the month with most calls),  hours of training, community service, and what they do. Briefly Chief Ron explained they “train like crazy so they are prepared to have their best day when a resident is having a bad day”. The new Firehall was built to be as disaster proof as possible and designed as the Emergency response Centre for the city in Times of disaster.  He will be preparing a grant request for later this year hoping to acquire portable “RAD Monitors” that allow monitoring of CO2 in the bloodstream on site.

Cleone was 'very' red, when she told the story of  showing Yvonne what a 'Smore' is.... Chief Ron Coulson was not impressed.....a good laugh for sure.

Birthdays: George Broderick


  1. SFPP what a great event! Serving beer at 9:05 all cleaned up and out by 9:30. Hope to have totals at next week’s meeting.
  2. Yvonne and Ian reported on the District Conference Boat cruise. Apparently the Sedro Woolley Club is claiming to be the BEST Rotary Club in the World—we know that’s not true. May require a road trip to clear up their confusion
  3. Haney Club have their Golf Tournament this week (May 23rd I think)
  4. Thursday May 17th Seaview Elementary hosted a Pancake Breakfast to thank community supporters. We also wanted to see their Nature Room.
  5. Tuesday May 22nd the 4 Tri-City Rotary Clubs are Chartering a new Interact Club. It will be held at Fairways restaurant at the Westwood Plateau Academy 12 hole golf course. These will be Rotarians of the future.
  6. Rotary World Help loads their next container for Africa on Saturday May 26th.
  7. We will be looking for volunteers to help “person” the Rotary Tent on Saturday June 23rd at the 1st ever Port Moody Community Fair. It will be an opportunity to tell people all the great things our Club does for the City. A time to celebrate our community and connect with people, services and organizations.
  8. Saturday, June 30th we will also be calling for volunteers to help us with a tent we will be setting up at the PCT facility to talk to guest visiting the Terminal as part of Golden Spike Days. Again a time to talk about Rotary, promote RibFest, sell 50/50 tickets, etc. Bill will issue a call for volunteers.

President Mike gave out 2 pins for 'Rotarians who make a difference'....Congratulations to Joanna and Ian


Visitors:   Glen Brown, Rotarian from Sechelt, Trevor Schmidt, Firefit

George Balzer.

Birthdays:   Gary celebrates his 74th birthday on May 15th, Heather has her birthday on May 13th and this week is the 13th anniversary for Al Stjernegaard joining our Club.

Alzheimer’s Walk was held Sunday May 6thBill thanks everyone who volunteered to help us register the walkers. Al Stjernegaard, Dan Gallant, Coreen and Michael Berrisford, Yvonne Berrisford, George Broderick and Bill Lawrie registered almost double the crowd they thought they would have! Great job everyone.

Cleone has a work party scheduled for preparing the blocks (painting) sand building a plywood and steel pipe “human foosball” arena. Work will take place

Saturday May 19th at the Rotary World Help facility. It is the long weekend but the only weekend that Rotary World Help isn’t loading containers and we need a lot of room to spread out the arena and the blocks.

Shred-a-thon coming Saturday June 9th.  Please print this poster off and give to your friends , neighbors and family.  And please sign up to help for the 4 hours.  Always lots of fun meeting the Community.  We will be giving out cards for

PORT MOODY RIBFEST 2018 - Volunteers that day as well.  Great opportunity to talk to the residents of Port Moody.

Saturday, May 12th was the PoCo Club’s Port Coquitlam Days May Days Parade. Bill volunteered and guess what he was doing?  YEP, picking up Trash.....Bill you are amazing !!!

Tuesday, May 22nd, at 5:30 we will be 1 of the sponsoring Clubs chartering a NEW Interact Club. The event will be held at the Academy Golf patio. It would be great to have lots from our Club attend.

Tuesday Night Meeting, May 15th for RIBFEST at Aria in Suter Brook at 7:00 pm. Discussion Bar, Rib Running, VIP, Recycling, Donations, & Judging.  Everyone welcome.

Trevor Schmidt from the Port Moody Volunteer Fire Department was with us. Showed a video of the challenge each contestant had to do for those who weren’t able to make the event. We presented them with a cheque for $1864.00 proceeds from their beer tent. Unfortunately it was cold and damp all weekend or the proceeds could have been higher. Thanks to our 4 Port Moody Brewers for donating all the beer to a worthwhile event. Great work everyone.

Rotarian making a difference—Terry Miller – congratulations Terry and welcome back.

Steve Witiuk introduced us to Brian Wormold and proposed him as a NEW MEMBER. President Mike did the honors and we all join in saying a great big WELCOME to Brian. I know he will be a great member and active in our projects

June 14th is our Installation Dinner at Saint Street Grill.  Please sign up on line and bring your $$$ for your spouse.  Thank you.  It promises to be a fun night, welcoming Ian as our new President for 2018-2019 and THANKING Mike for a fantastic year.

Speakers were from our Club reporting on their trip to Belize where they assisted the Rotary Club there distribute the goods inside our Club’s last container. Belize is very small and mostly poor so in addition to distributing our goods they also helped finishing and painting a new house for a needy resident as supported by Rotary in Belize. It seems they also had time to snorkel, explore and they managed to find some local beer and some high quality Rum. Thanks to Al Stjernegaard, Dan Gallant, Linda Balzer for representing us proudly in Belize.  


Gayle filled up our Little Lending Library at Old Orchard Park again.  If you have any Children's books you would like to donate, please bring to her.  
We clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. once a month and Saturday was our time. 
Thanks to all that came and helped.  With many hands we get lots of work done quickly.  A great way to show the Community that Rotary cares.....
I found a quarter and Terry found a 'pound'......lucky day.
What a night it was !!!!  Great job done by the SFPP committee with all the planning that went into the 2018 SFPP.  Peter and Alan K were 'spot on' with everything !!!
A Community event like this could not be done without the help of the whole club and once again the 'whole' club pitched in.
Set up - no rain.....perfect timing - thank you weather man...
Alan, Bill, Dave, Mike, Brian, Joanna, Peter, Patty & Don Cleone & Dan G & Al S who picked up all the goodies from our lock-up, were all on the 'set-up'
It was so great to see Trudy out and taking charge of the raffle prizes & bring her friends Lorene and Bill to help out.  They come to help at RibFest as well..
President Mike, Terry & Heather also worked that table that looked very hectic at times.
The guests had a wonderful time....hugging Claire was a highlight for lots of them for sure.  Jeannie was carrying the 'bucket' of tickets while Peter & Claire were busy collecting money for hugs.
Cleone's idea of 'People's Choice Award' was great and YELLOW DOG was thrilled to win. Cleone & Lisa wandered around talking to everyone about Rotary, RibFest & Shred-a-Thon....great exposure for what Rotary does.
Gayle, Naomi, Linda Boileau, Jeannie and myself at the door did a great job.  So nice to have the City there for the 'will call' tickets too.  Had so many people say 'we are a well oiled machine'.
Handling the cash was Michael and Paul & David and they were very busy..... 50/50 was a record this year.  The simulator prize was donated by Isy and the winner was thrilled.
Ryan was at his first SFPP and looked like he was having fun.
Danne was selling tickets for the 'lotto board' and again a record amount
Dan Gallant, after being on the truck 'all day' came out to help pick up the ice with Dave, then worked helping our Re-Cycle King Bill.  Brian was also picking up food and trash to be re-cycled.  Bill - The GREEN MACHINE - just HAD to re-cycle.  
The City will be very happy Bill....
Clean up crew worked hard - Ann, Heather, Joanna, Trudy, Alan K, Alan S, Al S, Bill, Brian, David, Mike & Ryan.....at the end of the night it is always hard to 'clean -up'.  
Chapter 11 and what a great job they did.  I had many people say how good they were.
President MIKE, you did a great job as our MC.....You always make it so much fun for the guests.  Great job.
I hope I did not miss anyone.....Rotary Club of Port Moody you should be VERY PROUD !!!
We have been invited to join Yolanda Broderick for HIGH TEA for the Catholic Women's League big fundraising event, a Mother's Day High Tea (in an English garden) featuring harpist, Mehlinda Heartt on Saturday, May 12th at All Saints parish hall (821 Fairfax Street) from 1:30 to 4:30 pm.  
Mark your calendars and please let Yolanda know if you can attend.


Rain Hampered the Fire Fit event on this past Saturday and Sunday.  There seemed to be more participants than spectators but a good time was had by all that were there.

Search For the Perfect Pint Committee did a brewery visit last Friday to talk to the patrons, promote the event and sell tickets.  Another one is happening this Friday and volunteers will meet at The Well at 7:00 pm.  Ticket sales have been going well.

District Conference is May 8 – 12.  Check District 5050 website for details.

May 19 there will be a work party at the RWH warehouse on the Riverview site to build an Foos Ball court and paint blocks for the Kid`s Zone at RibFest.

Our club donated $2500.00 to help the Conference on Girl’s Empowerment.  Cleone and Yvonne represented our club and reported the event was a great success.

May 22 a new Interact Club is being installed.  Check with Patty for details.


RYLA will be held at the end of May.  Check with Patty for details.

We are sorry to lose Trudy Gallant as she moves away from our area and wish her all the best in her new location.  David Woollven will be taking over the Secretary duties.

Michael Berrisford will be taking over as Treasurer as Coreen steps into the role of  President elect.

Michael and Coreen had a great announcement at Rotary:  Congratulations.....we wish you many many years of Health & Happiness together.

Seaview School is hosting their annual thank you breakfast for our club on May 17.  This is to thank our club for sending kids from their school to Kids Camp.  Please let Isy know if you are going to attend.  Would be great to have a few members  from our Club attend.

Shred-A-Thon will be held on June 9th in front of Port Moody City Hall. Volunteers needed.  Please let Linda know if you can help out that day.

Installation dinner will be held on June 14th at the Saint St. Grill. Please sign up now and if you are bringing your spouse, please give your money to Linda.  This is a fun event....We say THANK YOU to MIKE and welcome IAN as our new President.

President Mike gave 2 pins this week to Rotarians 'Who Make a Difference'.

Steve Witiuk and Heather Oleskiw...Congratulations.


  • Volunteer list has been put on the internet so we need you, your friends and family to get signed up.
  • 50/50 tickets will go on sale after the SFPP.  This year we are going to sell as many as possible before the event.  The Rotary Club of Coquitlam Sunrise and the Port Moody Soccer Club will be helping with the sales.
  • A media package has been prepared with C-FOX, Global and Tri-Cities Newspaper.  Facebook is started and we need to get connected and share with our FB friends.  Thank you to Scott.
  • Music, Ribbers, Beer Garden and Kids Zone, Re-Cycle, Donations, VIP area,& Judging are organized...George Balzer, Ian, Al & John, Cleone, Bill, Gayle, Jennifer & Terry....for leading the charge.
  • VOLUNTEERS are needed – get signed up ASAP.   We need lots of help.  Thanks
Visitors this week were:
Brian Wormald who has been proposed as a new member by Steve Witiuk. 
So nice to see PASSPORT members Keith and Heather Vernon out to visit our club.  Sound like we will be seeing more of them which is fantastic.

Guests: Molly Miller and Mandy Chan from U-bicycle, Brent Murphy from the Port Moody Dragon Boat Regatta and Brian Wormold (3rd meeting) who has been forwarded by Steve Witiuk for membership.

Birthdays this week—Brian Dunne and Danne Dunlop—were serenaded with the added special ending for our members.

We presented Brent with a cheque for just over $2900.00 from the beer garden we ran for them last weekend. Their Regatta had 36 teams with almost 1,000 paddlers, supporters, Physios plus there were lots of spectators—kids and adults—enjoying the weather and the racing. The money will be used to support their charity of choice which will be giving some at risk kids 6 lessons on paddling and team work then sponsor them in a regatta on Burnaby Lake.

Cleone gave a recap of the Kid’s Zone plans for Ribfest and requested help for painting 2500 blocks so the kids in the Kid’s Zone can paint their patterns on them PLUS we are going to build a wooden FoosBall court. The only available dates are the Saturday (May 19) and Sunday (May20) as there will be new container shipments going out May 12th and May 26th so the area we need will not be available.

Firefit Games was this weekend April 28-29th at Inlet park. We ran the Beer Tent again for both days. 

Search For the Perfect Pint (SFPP) is 2 weeks away. Need to get busy and sell, sell, sell. We will have a ticket sales drive this Friday April 27th on Brewer’s Row. Meet at Moody Ale at 7:00 and we will canvass for ticket buyers at each Brewer.

Remember June 14th is our Installation Night. 5:30 at St. Street Grill. More info to follow.

Thursday, May 31st there will be a full day seminar (8:15-4:30) at Coquitlam City Hall. It will have experts (police, child services, welfare department, etc.) to discuss issues around “Child Exploitation” Looking for attendees from our Club.

John Crowther presented with pin for a “Rotarian Making a Difference”. John will be leading the team managing the VIP tent (Lexus VIP Zone) at this Year’s RibFest. Ian handed out sample Table cards for sponsored tables that we can use as sales tools for potential sponsors. 

Molly Miller spoke about the potential new program, U-bicycle, Port Moody Council is looking to try out  this summer. Their program is “dock less” removing all the space required for bike racks and which removes the need for returning bikes to a station which may not be close to the rider’s destination. Bike rentals started in Amsterdam in 1965. By 1998 all of Europe had some type of bike program. 2008-2013 the bike rental concept spread to almost all large major cities around the world but almost all with fixed “docks”. In 2015 China led the “dockless” movement which is now started to spread (Sign that it will be part of the future going forward is that UBER has just purchased JUMP a Bike share program company—they want to be part of every trip you take. Initially all bikes were traditional pedal type but now some companies are featuring electric assist bikes, now some have electric scooters.

Interesting fact—in many cities 80% of the public spaces are roads. This means in most large cities for 2-4 hours twice every day most of the public space is covered with a traffic jam. U-bicycle started in China and now has moved to Canada. They started in Victoria City in the Fall of 2017 and have now expanded to cover Oak Bay, Saanich (Uvic) and Esquimalt. Bikes feature GPS, 3 speeds, integrated bells, carbon belt drive, and foam flat free tires on the wheels and all come with helmets. They have presented a proposal to both Richmond and Port Moody councils. Bikes can be left where your trip ends and the GPS on the bike will show it’s location so the next rider can find the closest bike to where they are. Plan for PoMo would be main stations in Suter Brook and at Rocky Point Park. Fees—pay as you go $1.00 for 30 minutes, --day pass $10.00 for 24 hours, unlimited rides, --annual pass $150.00 (no hourly or daily additions)best deal for locals (add a $50.00 refundable deposit to start). 

50/50 draw—Brian Wormold’s ticket was drawn. His pull was not the ACE of SPADES—tooo bad Brian



Last week at the Inlet Regatta I spotted this on their T-Shirts.

Guests: Molly Miller (speaker next week)on U-bicycle program in the Tri-Cities,

Brian Wormold (2nd meeting), Ryan Edgington (being inducted into Club) and

Preet Pall (Assistant Governor) our guest speaker on Rotary Friendship Exchange

It's always a great day at Rotary when we induct a new member and this week was GREAT.....

President Mike  presided over the very happy task of inducting a new member into our Club. Ryan Edgington works for RBC/Dominion Securities, he is married with 2 kids and we all joined in welcoming him to “the Best Rotary Club in Canada”.

Ryan Edgington was inducted and we all look forward to working with him in the coming years. Welcome Ryan 

Upcoming events:

1)Dragon Boat Regatta Sunday Apr. 22nd Rocky Point Park. We ran Beer Tent.

2)Meadow Ridge Wine Festival April 28th 

3)Fire Fit Games at Inlet Park April 28/29. We will run a small Beer Tent both days

4)Eagle Ridge Hospital Hike for Hospice May 6th morning. We have not been asked to do registration this year

5)May 10th SFPP at the Galleria. Foodies are signed up and more brewers this year than last. NEED TO SELL TICKETS

6)May 12th May Day Parade in PoCo. Our PoCo Club still needs volunteers if you are available. Times are from 8 am through 1 pm. 

7) District Conference Cruise is coming up—Ian and Trish plus Yvonne are attending.

8) Gayle talked about installation dinner coming up Thursday June 14th  

Directors - please bring your 'directors pins' to Rotary this week and please let Linda know if you will be attending and if you will be bringing a guest.  Your guest cost will be $50.00.  Thanks

9)April 24th 7pm Aria RibFest meeting featuring updates on Kid’s Zone and Volunteer recruitment [ please let Linda know how many volunteers you will need if different from our Ribfest website.

10)May 6th we will be doing the registration  for the alzheimer’s walk at the Galleria. Will be from 2:30-3:15.

11)June 23rd (Saturday) we will be taking a booth/table at the 1st annual Port Moody Community Fair. A chance for residents to find out about community groups, what they do and possibly volunteering. Runs from 10am-4pm and we will be soliciting volunteers to work the booth.

12)June 30th (Saturday of Golden Spike Days) PCT will be ferrying folks from Rocky Point to their Terminals for tours and we have been offered space for a table/tent at the PCT site to talk to interested guests about our Port Moody Rotary Club and sign up volunteers for RibFest as well as possibly selling raffle tickets for RibFest prizes. Signup sheet to follow.  

13)Cleone announced the Tri-Cities Rotary Clubs will be holding a joint information session on Human Trafficking. She will follow up with more info later this week.

President Mike presented Jeannie with his “Rotarian Making a Difference” pin for all she does for our Club.

President Mike presented Past President Patty with a “Make it Happen” pin and the certificate for the Club Citation our Club achieved in her Year PLUS she received her Paul Harris PLUS 5 pin—Congratulations Patty.


Our guest speaker today is not a stranger to us, Preet Pall is our Assistant/Area Governor, and she was here to talk about this year’s District Friendship Exchange which went to a District in Thailand. Locations are established each year based on friendships that develop between District Governors. The district selects a chair whom requests volunteers and supervises the selection of travelers. It is a physically taxing trip so if you are going on one of these 2week plus trips you need to be able to walk for up to 3 hours at a time. 98% of the Thai population is Buddhist so there were lots and lots of Buddha statues, music, great food and friendships made. The Thai flag has a wide horizontal blur band in the centre with 2 smaller white bands on either side and edged with 2 red bands 1 each at the top and bottom. The Blue band stands for the Royal family (Everyone in Thailand loves the Royals), the White bands represent their Buddhist faith, and the Red bands represent the blood the citizens are willing to spill to protect their country. The trip was planned to coincide with their District Assembly so they could meet the most Rotarians so when the 12 person Thai group come here April 25th they will be centered with an American group for the 1st week then with the Mission Club for the 2nd week then will be attending our Conference on the cruise.

Our 50/50 draw is over $800.00, Ian’s ticket was drawn but no Ace of Spades! TOOO Bad Ian!!


Thank you to Al & Daryl and Dan for coming to Belize.  To me it was a very worthwhile trip to see all the good work that our Rotary Club of Port Moody is doing in Belize.  We couldn't have had a better host than Cisco Woods and we were all very grateful for the time he spent with us.  It's hard to explain the feeling you get when you actually do a 'hands on project' in an other country....Ian can attest to that also with the project we helped with in Equador.  Rotary Club of Port Moody should be very proud of all the International work we do.  Thank you so much on behalf of BELIZE.  More to follow.....






It is hot, humid, and enjoying the hard work AND we are having a BLAST !!!
More to come next week.....just a sneak peak.
Guests this week were:
Sasha Gordeeva & Rohan Naicker
An exciting meeting with a student from Heritage Woods as well as one from CABE.
who gave their talks on the value of the 4 way test and how it can be used in day to day decisions. Sasha is grade 12 at Heritage Woods, her councilor, Deralyn was there in support; Rohan from CABE secondary on Foster in Coquitlam was there with his sponsor Shelley and the Vice Principal Gord.
Joanna celebrates her birthday this week and we sang to her in our own way
We also had Ryan Edgington as a visitor for the last time—he will be joining our Club as a new member next week! YEAH Welcome Ryan.
George Broderick was given the 'Rotarian that Makes a Difference' pin from President Mike

Alan had his 50/50 ticket drawn again and still no ace of spades—TOOO Bad.

Alan Schmelzel attended the Passport Club after and reports there were appr. 30 members in the new club

Rotary World Help had their AGM the night before. It has been in operation for 21 years and hs delivered 368 containers in that time. Our Ann Hulbert finished her term as President at the AGM and Dan Gallant reported on all the work the group still does. He also was given a very big award too for his years of service—WELL DONE Dan

Reminders of the Beer tents at the Dragon Boat Regatta Sunday April 22nd at Rocky Point and at the FireFit Games April 28th and 29th (Saturday/Sunday) at Inlet Park.

Maple Ridge Club’s Wine Fest on April 28th 

SFPP confirmed 8 Foodies and 22 or 23 brewers on Thursday May 10th. Now we need to get busy and sell tickets.

Sasha, who is interested in studying Political Science and Law in University, gave her speech on the 4-Way Test in relationship to the 19th Amendment to the US constitution passed in 1920 giving equal rights to women. If the Founding Fathers had an early version of our 4 way test they may have had this amendment much earlier. Very interesting interpretation.

Rohan’s talk was based on the value of volunteering. He has been volunteering since he was 9 years old when he started making peanut butter and jam sandwiches for the DTES residents and has been volunteering regularly at food kitchens for folks in need. He related the joy that comes from volunteering to the 4 way test.


Coreen chaired the meeting this week.
Our Guest Speaker, David Jonsson who talked about LOVE MY CITY

Our guest speaker, Dave Jonsson, was introduced by Yvonne. He is a youth pastor at a church in Coquitlam and is a motivational speaker and Life Coach. His website is planecrashsurvivor@gmail.com and he stressed he is using his “second chance” at life to make a difference. Dave attended 1 of our meetings a couple of weeks ago and was inspired by the efforts we make to make a difference. Born in Reykjavik, his family moved to Port Moody. He thanked our Club for building the skate park where he spent many hours boarding with friends. After school he returned to Iceland then came back to the Pitt Meadows area with a friend who wanted to learn to fly and it was far more reasonable in Pitt Meadows. The plane crash he survived happened when he and his friend took 2 friends for a run up to the Squamish area but never made it. His friend, the pilot was killed, his 2 friends were injured and he was severely wounded but managed to survive. He has committed himself to use his 2nd chance to stress “Life is Precious—do something with it”.

The week of July 16-21 in the Tri Cities has been designated as “Love My City” week. He will be mobilizing over 200 youth from their church and with their friends to do random good deeds throughout the Tri Cities and will be promoting for more folks to join in. All 3 cities have committed to do what they can to make it a success.


Announcements: Steve thanked everyone who has contributed to his fundraising events.

Reminders—Sunday, April 22nd we will be running the Beer tent at the

Dragon Boat Regatta at Rocky Point, Saturday/Sunday

April 28/29 the FireFit Games in Inlet Park we will be running the beer tent on each day.

SFPP tickets we need to sell, sell, sell as we are behind last year’s sales at this time.

We have new giveaway cards promoting our Rotary Club plus a listing of the distribution of funds we have made in 2017/2018. The Port Moody Police Department Trailer with funding shared from our Rotary Club will be taken to events at schools, festivals, RibFest etc., in addition it will serve as an emergency office/head quarters in case of states of emergency—fires, floods, earthquake.

A 'sad announcement' for all of us—Trudy announced she will be leaving our Club as she is moving to Steveston to be close to her family and her new grand baby. This past week she’s sold her house in Coquitlam and bought a new place in Steveston. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of all the work that Trudy does, behind the scenes, but she is REALLY GOING TO BE MISSED.....  We wish her the very best in this new phase of her life.

Gayle’s 50/50 ticket was drawn but no Ace of Spades—“TOOO Bad” next week it will be approximately $750.00

A group from our Club went to District Assembly to learn more about Rotary and about the position they will be holding in the next Rotary year.


POCO Club is looking for volunteers to help with the May Day parade as Course Marshalls
Time 8 am until about 12:30
May 12th
Meet at Leigh Square
Young people are the BEST and this week we had Devin Ryan and Claire Song speak to us about their experience in YAIL.
Along with Devin Ryan and Claire Song, we had Karly and Gaye Simms from the Port Coquitlam Centennial Club and Clive Evans from the Coquitlam Sunrise Club, visit us.
This week President Mike presented Vida Peterson the 'Rotarian that Makes a Difference' pin.  Thank you Vida for all you do for Rotary & Days for Girls.
PP Alan's ticket was drawn, BUT.....
Thank you to Yvonne for the photos
The AGM for RWH humanitarian container project which our club is an integral part of is scheduled for April 10th at 6PM at Burnaby Mountain Golf Club. Tickets are only $25.00 each for a full buffet dinner and the guest speaker is Dean Rohrs the VP of Rotary International and a member of the Langley Central club. If any of you would like to attend for what will be our very own Ann Hulbert's last meeting as President please let me know so I can get you registered. You can pay at the door.
Let's go and support RWH and especially Ann for the work she has done.
It's all about March Madness here......BUT in Port Moody it looks like we had a jam packed meeting.
We had a big crowd this morning.
Guests this week were:

President Mike’s wife, Christine, celebrating obtaining her Master’s Degree in Nursing.  Christine is an RN and has been teaching Licensed Practical Nursing at VCC.  Her Masters is from SFU in education focusing on Curriculum Design.  We are so proud of her. 

Guest Speaker Markus Fahrner from our Museum.

Port Moody Museum was founded by the Port Moody Historical Society in 1967 and established in the Station Museum in 1983. There are 3 full time staff and over 17,000 historical items. The mission is to preserve the history of Port Moody. 

Tunnel project was built in 2014 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1st WW. It has been a great way to teach school kids about the horrors of trench warfare.

This note is from our Guest Speaker Markus Fahrner

The Port Moody Heritage Society owns and operates the Port Moody Station Museum as part of their effort to promote increased awareness and knowledge of Port Moody’s heritage and history. 

The Port Moody Station was built in 1908, it was the second railway station in the area. In 1945, the Canadian Pacific Railway moved the station closer to town and it operated at this Queen St. location until it was officially closed on September 25th, 1976. The Port Moody Historical Society (now the Port Moody Heritage Society), who were operating a museum on Kyle St., bought the station. In 1978, it was moved to its present location on Murray St. and refurbished to serve as a museum facility. The Station Museum was officially opened on July 1st, 1983.

Also on the property are various railway pieces, including a 1921 CPR sleeper car, the Venosta. Restored in 1987 with assistance from the West Coast Railway Association, 

Behind the station building is the Great War trench display and to the sides are the meditation and the Heritage garden.

Maintaining the  sizeable collection is a big part of the the museum’s operation.  However the museum is very much aware of the importance of out-reach into the community. There are on average 30 events a year, which the museum organizes or participates in. The most popular one is our Ioco Ghost town days, Easter Egg hunt and Mother’s and Christmas day teas.  The museum holds teachers ProD day events focused around the Great War display.
Not a week goes by with a school or day care group booking a program at the museum. In the summer month the museum offers summer camps in partnership with various day care centres.
The museum frequently partners with local schools for various projects. The latest was the unpacking my suitcase project, which talked about immigration.
Currently on display are the works by Rudolf Koch. A famous German typographer who created sketches of every day life in the trenches of the Western front. However the Koch exhibit allows the museum to also look at typography and book design. The museum welcomes Andrew Hoyem from the Arion Press in San Francisco on April 21 totally about books and calligraphy, followed by David Spence’s talk about Christian signs. In May 24 the curator from the Klingpsor museum will talk about Koch and the Klingpsor brothers type foundry.

Denis Boyd from the Rotary Club of Coquitlam was visiting to remind us they will have their 2nd annual Sports Dinner fundraiser April 4th at Westwood Plateau Country Club. $95.00 for tickets. Visit www.coquitlamrotarysportsdinner.eventbrite.ca 

Let's get out and support their Sports Dinner Fundraiser
Proposed member Ryan Edgington  from Dominion Securities 
Girl Guides who helped us with Ribfest and will be there again this year.

Girl Guides—leaders Lisa Gard and Ginger Nasser plus 2 guides Teagan Gard and Alynah Nasser.  We presented them with cheque for $2,000.00 which will be used to help fund a trip to Switzerland in 2019 to the Girl Guide Leadership Centre.

There seems to be a lot of renovations going on in our Club as well.....

Announcements this week:

1) Gary and Hazel’s 52nd anniversary. Hazel must be a Saint.

2) April 28th will be the Maple Ridge Club’s Wine Fest.

3) April 10th Rotary World Help AGM at the Burnaby Mountain Golf Course. Cost $25.00 

4)  3 thank you letters from Y.A.I.L attendees.    

5)  June 14th our Installation Night at Saint Street Grill.  Planning meeting at Gayle's at  5pm Apr. 23rd

Bill’s ticket was drawn but the “Ace of Spades” remains elusive. TOO BAD


It's that time of year again when we 'SAVE THE DATE' for our Installation night on June 14th, 2018 at Saint Street Grill.
That is the night that we thank Mike for the 'Fantastic year' he and our Rotary Club had and for welcoming our new President Ian.  It is always a wonderful fun night for our Club.
On April 23rd at 5:00pm Gayle is having a meeting at their home to organize Installation night.  If you would like to be on the committee, please let us know and attend that meeting.
The Rotary Club of Port Moody had an off site meeting and tour of Pacific Coast Terminals.
Thank you to Yvonne for the photos....please go to the Albums to see all the photos.
Fun for me.....hope you are enjoying
We have a lot of people away for the winter, and off for work etc. so I thought would be 'fun' to have photos from them.
...."March 14 is National “Pie Day”. I have 150 pies to make."
we are so happy you are busy with your business !!!
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