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Welcome to the
Rotary Club of Port Moody

Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC V3H 5H1
If you would like to join our virtual meetings on Wednesday mornings, please contact us and we will make sure you are 'on the list'...
Our stories
Meeting notes: Quote "Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?" Martin Luther King
Megan gave us an update on Paul's condition: He had been having some problems breathing since August but worked through them. Coming home from Dock Diving championships he began having more trouble. Stopped for a break in Sicamous, had trouble walking, went to hospital and they discovered "multiple pulmonary embolisms. Home now and on road to recovery.
Jim Lane joined our meeting to advise Fraser Health is looking to run a "drive through" flu shot vaccine program in the TriCities in November. They are looking for volunteers to provide logistical help with parking lot management, etc. Each day will involve  full day,12 hour shifts-- volunteers will book into 4 hour increments. Targeting to provide 100,00 flu shots over the month. It is following a format done in Australia during their "winter season".
Coreen announced:
1. Nov 21st we will be doing a EagleRidge Manor outdoor decorating event.
2. E/R Manor Christmas Party will be held December 1st and
3. We will be doing our Innervisions Chili Lunch on December 9th.--More info to follow.
Paul updated on our C.A.B.E. project. They are looking to provide either backpacks or suitcases clothes and toiletries included for some of the young men who are basically on their own and homeless or couch surfing with friends. He will keep us updated. Possibility we will also solicit some gift cards from coffee companies or quick food places like Subway, etc.
2023 will be their 50th anniversary. 
They provide services to help people with mental health issues. Community Health providing and promoting recovery through a friendly,  safe, environment.
United Way has reduced funding for "operations costs". They are fundraising to set up an endowment fund of $1.5 million dollars to cover unfunded general operating costs. They currently have 51 housing spaces and are looking to double this number by adding 50 more (50 beds for 50 years anniversary campaign). In addition they are developing a therapeutic sensory room ($70,000), and there most used and valuable asset is their "Community Van" which allows them to transport members to various events they attend and some of them volunteer at. They have annual maintenance cost s of $5,000 and are looking at needing a replacement vehicle ($70,000) in the near future. 
Current fundraising due to COVID 19--$3000.00 to expand the outdoor patio area for safer distancing for more people. Also expanding the online programs to make available as much programming as possible to happen from  home and reduce size of in person meetings. Also upgrading HVAC system to provide germicide filtering--$3,000.00.
COVID effect--"routine is the thing that gets them through life--COVID is a disrupter of routine." The peer support and staff support is key. little things like having to wear a mask interfere with their ability to read facial expressions and also, for some, their ability to lip read.
Tiffany acknowledged in these trying times we are all experiencing some difficulties in creating fundraising opportunities but asked if we could think of possible ways to involve some of our sponsors to help in non-financial ways.
We DID RIPS type event at the Westhill Park Trail. We have received a Community Grant to allow us to refurbish the short walking trail.
Photos by Brian & Jeannie
On Saturday Oct 24th, an intrepid bunch of raging Rotarians headed to West Hill Park off Glenayre Drive in Port Moody to unleash havoc upon some unsuspecting and intrusive invasives.  No, this wasn’t a clandestine operation with local law enforcement to corral and capture some ‘cross-border’ COVID fugitives, but more an effort to rid the park of non-native and invasive flora!
Under the guidance of Past President Cleone, we assembled at the trail-head at West Hill Park on thankfully a gorgeous, cloudless and sunny day, albeit a tad cool! There to meet us at 10:30 was Angela Crampton from the City of Port Moody – our amazing partner in the ecological endeavours. Being very happy with our regular Shoreline Park invasive removal in conjunction with the Noons Creek Hatchery a few weeks ago, everyone was keen to undertake more of these events.
With none of us being very familiar with this particular location, we walked the site and identified an number of large but isolated English Ivy infestations as well as a few patches of Holly. Shortly after this Angela had to leave and left us to do our thing! So who were ‘us’?  The ‘Rotary Rippers’ were Cleone, Jeannie, Susan, Coreen, Michael, Bill, Alan and Brian.
For the next almost two hours, we ‘ripped and snipped’ like trojans. Testament to the voracity of effort were the two large heaps of invasives left on the grass verge of the park, with arrangements having been made for the City to pick them up over the next few days.  Now warmed up from all that work, hunger started to set in, so an almost obligatory sojourn was made to the St James Well for a ‘well’ deserved lunch. 
Thanks to Cleone for organizing the volunteers and coordinating with the City; thanks to Angela for making herself and City resources available – and thanks to the Port Moody Ecological Society (Noons Creek Hatchery) for providing the clippers and snippers for the job!

Steve would like to set up a committee of members who would be interested in helping him with the

YOUTH Committee.  If you are at all interested or would like to know more about this committee please contact Steve & he will call a meeting in early December to discuss ideas of how to help with Interact and Rotaract and any other youth activities you would like to see happen.  steve.witiuk@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in Committee


Yvonne being her beautiful self...

Nothing keeps Gayle from her Hike
Vida:   Cleone and I got together and did some acrylic pours.  This is putting the paint directly onto the canvas and you never know what you will get.
Very messy and lots of fun!  Looks like Christmas presents for many.....Well done.
New View Society:
Join us today for round 21 of New View Virtual Trivia! The game will start at 1 PM. Please use the following link to access the live feed: https://tinyurl.com/nvtrivia21
After you click the link, you may 'join anonymously' or 'as a guest', and it will take you to the feed where you can play for a chance to win a $5 gift certificate to Tim Hortons! The gift card will be presented based on participation, not out-right winner. Basically, if you participate, your name will be put in a small draw for a chance to win the prize 🙂

Oct 24th is World Polio Day and we are having a Virtual Polio Party.

It will start at 6:00PM and go until 7:30pm (or longer for whoever wants). Or just drop in at anytime just to say HI .....

Cleone will send the invite. Have your beverage of choice ready, you dinner or appies and if you like you can eat and dress in the fashion of one of our international projects - South Africa, Kenya, Belize, Peru. Please register so I have an idea of how many will be there.

If you would like to make a donation to Polio Fund then please e-transfer that to Michael. 

See you soon! Call me if you have any questions. 778-223-2357.


Thank you to Alan for organizing the Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
Thanks to Alan, Susan, Cleone, Coreen, Bill, Ian, Dave, Terry & Paul.  A great group of Rotarians who are helping to show the Community that we care.
Two weeks ago we learned what made TRISH tick.......Oh my goodness what a full life she has already lived and we can't wait to hear about more adventures.  We are blessed to have Trish and Ian in our Rotary Club.  What a great team they make !!!!  Thanks for a fantastic presentation Trish.
Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for:
Claire:  Grateful for the Granville Island Turkey Trot 10km with Sophie! 
Linda :Grateful for family and friends - Thankful Jill & Kate came to visit in AZ & for the Shutterfly book Jill made for us:
Steve & Lauralea :  Grateful for their 5th wheel......
Trip to Hicks Lake. Lexie has lots of play time with our neighbours who were camping there as well. She was so tired from playing with the girls for 3 days that she couldn’t hold up her tail.  She has almost recovered from the wonderful time she had there.  Our pizza oven works so well and it was a great idea as an anniversary gift for us. 
Cleone:  We are all thankful for Jeannie's photos.
Bill:  Pumpkin pie with rum and orange zest at the Lawrie Thanksgiving table!
Linda:  Thankful for this beautiful poem


By Tabasom Eblaghie

Today is the oldest I have ever been

And the youngest I will ever be

I will move ahead with these words of promise

An agreement to move towards the best version of me

I promise to be gentle with my younger self

And to leave the past in the past

Decisions made and paths taken are forgiven

I did the best I could with what I knew back then

I promise to be kind to my older self

To make small choices today, tiny little steps

To lead to a healthier, wiser version of me

I am each choice I make, and I will choose well

I promise my soul to live an authentic life

Not one filled with apologies, excuses and anxieties

Nor one led by seeking the approval of Perfectionism and others

But rather one led by pursuing the approval of my Creator

I promise my heart to move towards Love

Towards the crossroads where Justice meets Kindness

Where logic of a wise mind can agree with the radiance of a loving heart

Not just for others, but to protect my most noble self

I will gaze upwards with my feet firmly grounded

In the knowledge of who I am and what I stand for

Today is the oldest I have ever been

And the youngest I will ever be.

If not today, then when?

Rotary Meeting October 7, 2020 - Thank you to Bill for taking notes....

Meeting chaired this week by Michael Berrisford

Quote: “A good head and a good heart are a formidable combination but when you add to that a literate tongue and pen then you have something very special”

Westhill Park Rehab discussed.

Glen gave an update on International containers for Belize and Kenya

Anthony is following up on gaming grant application.

Aziz reminded us that October is POLIO Month and Cleone, who was just driving home, advised she will have a fundraiser plan for our next meeting.

Our guest speaker Lois advised Meghan she would not be able to make our meeting so has been re-scheduled to November 4th.

As “guest conductor” Michael filled in with his “what makes Michael tick” talk.

Born in 1957 in South Africa. Loved hiking from early on and showed pictures of his first hiking boots with screw on cleats. In those days in S.A. young me had to serve for 2 years in either the military or police--he chose to serve with Police and stayed on as a career for 22 years..

Married, had 2 sons, built his own house, went hot air ballooning. Milk was delivered by a milkman with a horse drawn cart. Spent the next 22 years discovering himself enjoying wine, classic cars and nature. Instrumental in 2 hiking clubs. He “worked to hike”.

Working for the police overlapped with the introduction of computers to policing plus constant upgrading. He loved the computer side of things and turned it into his ongoing career.

His son Kyle died in August 2015. Kyle was involved with brewing and selling mead at a number of breweries and he was pleased to advise us it is still being sold in pubs.

Good news came into his life when he met Coreen and they married in 2018. Thanks, Michael, for a great talk. We all learned a lot more about you.

Port Moody Arts Centre
Mirna Gallery Assistant. The Winter Treasures event and exhibition is coming up on Nov.12th.
You may find more information on the event here: https://pomoarts.ca/exhibitions/winter-treasures-2020

Membership Renewal Earlybird Draws are happening. 

  • Oct. renewal Draw $75
  • Nov. renewal Draw $50
  • Dec. renewal Draw $25   
If you are not a member yet - why not?

It is true that Club 119 is open to the Public now - and anyone can use the facilities.
BUT did you know that........
  • Members get 10% discount off regular Menu food items
  • Members get discounts and perks at several local and online businesses (for travel, insurance, eye care, and many more..)
  • Members find fulfillment in knowing that all Legion Gaming, Meat Draw and Poppy net funds are directed BACK into this community in the form of assistance to Vets and their families, to Senior programs, Student Bursaries, Hospital Foundations, and other worthwhile charities. These programs - run by Member volunteers - result in positive benefits for all. 
Sign up today !!! Help keep our Legion open !!!
World Polio Day.....October 24, 2020
Bill sent:  Home Covid Test
Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd this Saturday, October 17......
Come one come all......the more the merrier.
Meet at Gallaghers at 9:00AM and have coffee after.....
Thank you Alan for organizing
Rotary RIPS -
Thank you to Angela for organizing on behalf of the City, Bill, Cleone and Coreen for Rotary and Dave for PMES.
A small but dedicated turnout……..great to see both City stalwart Mike Clay and new member Susan and husband Jim out to see how we like to ‘get our hands dirty’ in the PoMo Rotary Club!  Thanks to Bill, Coreen & Brian also.
We also had a couple of Noons Creek Hatchery volunteers pitch in – thanks Cate and Hannah!!  Looks like we will have some sore bodies after that.
Photo credits to:  Brian and Judy Taylor-Atkinson.
Her and Jim were walking by on the trail and noticed us.  They wanted to take some pics……………………..
It's clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. again this weekend.  Everyone meet at Gallaghers, on Saturday, October 10th at 9:00 AM.  The more the merrier and then stop back and have coffee together......Thanks for taking care of our Community.
Fall has arrived and it Looks like we will have a fantastic week of weather....
Thank you to PDG Denis for a very informative meeting last week on how to handle stress during 'this time' 
1.  Talk about how you feel
2.  Journal
3.  Exercise
4.  Laugh
5.  Give back
I'm not sure if that is the exact order, but you get what he means !!!!  
AND it looks like others are keeping busy.....
Patty's puppy is keeping them active and happy.....
Steve & Lauralea:  Lauralea’s sewing room getting a fresh coat of paint and getting ready for new sewing/cutting tables and wall cabinet for organizing all of her material. 
Coreen & Michael out hiking
Terry & Susan & friends out to Jug Island
Terry sent this photo of 'no log booms' in the Inlet
News from Oro Valley Rotary Club......most of you met Marc Snow when he came to visit our Club.  They could not have picked a finer gentleman.....


Marc Snow

Our District Governor Nominee Designate  DGND


Please send your best wishes and congratulations to Region 6 Assistant Governor Marc Snow. Marc will become District Governor of District 5500 in the year 23-24. snowarizona@gmail.com


Marc is a past president of the  Oro Valley RC and has been a Rotarian for over 11 years. Marc also serves as the Board Secretary on the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ ( TRVFA ) and is a board member of Healing Arizona Veterans.  His passion for Rotary shows through in all his Rotary work and endeavors.

Marc has a 32-year career at Hughes Aircraft and Raytheon Companies spanning Subcontract Manager, Contracts Negotiator, Program Manager, Functional Organization Manager, as well as a Mergers and Acquisitions Director.


As the Governor of District 5500, I  would like to personally congratulate Marc,  who has shown to be an outstanding Assistant Governor in his region and a leader in our District.



Peter:  Sad end to my week end in Whistler...
I don’t know the damage to the engine yet
Gayle:  Bert Flinn park......
It's FALL !!!! One of the most beautiful times of the year !!!
Steve & Lauralea had smoke in Mabel Lake too.......can't really see the lake.....
George has been a speaker at our Rotary Club many times....
George Garrett—Co-Founder of VCDS—Retires;
Launches Legacy Giving Program for Cancer Drivers

Lower Mainland, BC. George Garrett—award-winning reporter, beloved community champion and a co-founder of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society has announced his retirement from the Board of the Society, effective August 31st, 2020.

Since February 2016 when the service launched, the Society has recruited close to 200 drivers and dispatchers to drive cancer patients to and from their appointments with free, safe and timely transportation. In total, the Society has facilitated 58,886 patient trips and driven 1,730,941 kilometers: an astonishing amount given its humble but ambitious beginnings as an idea launched by three friends.

“Put simply, it wouldn’t be possible for us to have supported so many cancer patients if it weren’t for George Garrett,” explained Bob Smith, President of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society. “His bold vision for a level of care and support for those facing this debilitating illness, combined with his passion and energy, enabled us to grow rapidly to meet the needs of cancer patients for access to care. We will always be grateful for the legacy George shares with us and wish him the best as he steps down from his day-to-day commitments.”

Garrett leaves the Board with parting gifts: a substantial transfer of securities will benefit the current drive for funding operations now and a Legacy Pledge in his Will to lead the Society’s launch of the Legacy Giving Program, designed to assist the VCDS in the creation of a sustainable financial future. Donations such as these ensure that cancer patients across the fifteen communities in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley will continue to have access to free, reliable and safe transportation to their cancer treatments.

Of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society’s services, one cancer survivor shared, “I had no way to get to my treatments and no money to take a taxi. Before hearing about your wonderful service, I was very depressed. You relieved an enormous burden. All my drivers were wonderful and caring. You helped save my life.”

Garrett says working with Founding President Garth Pinton and the late John MacInnes was a challenge in the early stages but cancer patients and their families as well as the general public became aware of our service and it began to grow. As well as providing free rides for hundreds of patients our volunteer drivers and dispatchers developed a bond with patients, providing them with the assurance that we would always be there for them. Garrett added, “Thanks to donations from many sources in our first five years we know we’ll be there for cancer patients for years to come.”

For media inquires please contact us at media@volunteercancerdrivers.ca


The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society

The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society is a free service that lessens the burdens of cancer patients in the Lower Mainland. Founded in 2016, and entirely volunteer-run, the Society drives patients who otherwise have no access to private transportation to and from treatment appointments, providing both essential support and peace-of-mind. Volunteers make more than 20,000 trips every year, in addition to supporting more than 25% of the Society’s overall annual budget through donations. 

Areas served are North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, the Tri-Cities (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody), Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Mission.


You had better BELIZE it !!!!
Belize container loading......Oh my gosh so many good items going to Belize......Thank you Dan for organizing....Thank you to everyone who came out to help.  Belize will be very grateful.
Well it was supposed to be a rainy day but turned out to be absolutely perfect.  Thank you so much to Ian, Michael and Cleone who organized this 2020 Pig Roast at Belcarra Park.  On Club Runner you will see the 2020 Pig Roast photo album......
It was great to see everyone and thank you to President Meghan for giving out her Rotarian of the month awards along with Paul Harris + 1 for Ian
Anthony received an award for the Grant writing he did for us.
Jeannie received an award for the photos she sends each week for our meetings
Vida received an award for the 'mask' making project.
We celebrated Navid's birthday and it was great to see his Mom join him.
All in all the food was fantastic, the weather was great but most of all the 'company' was the BEST.  We really needed to all get together and thank you to everyone who came.  We missed the members that could not be there, but hope they will be able to join us for the next gathering.
Look what we found in the forest
Thank you to Dave Stone for 'What makes Dave tick'.  We learned some new facts about this guy.  Great job.
Happy Dollars.......
The Oro Valley Rotary Club has a great idea and wonder what you think......everyone has a jar beside them when they are at the 'zoom meetings'.....When it comes time to do our Happy Dollars......we can actually put in our 'happy dollar money' in the jar.  It will be a reminder that we do 'give' either to our Paul Harris for EREY or for the Clubs operating costs.  Thoughts?
PP Mike & Christine:  We went to the sunflower festival and sailing in Indian Arm with neighbours
We went up to Green Lake last week. Had a wonderful time.
Steve & Lauralea:  Made a trip to Castlegar via Rossland and Trail.  Stopped to look at the  historical buildings that are still standing today.  Didn’t realize how much history Rossland has.    Lexie found a new friend to play with for the weekend.   Wow we are having so much fun.
Claire out with the family....
Photos from the fun Belize computer builds!!!  Belize container gets packed on September 19th, 2020.
Thank you to Michael, Al, Brian, & Terry for loading the computers with Windows.  Great job.
Great clean-up Heritage Mtn. crew on Saturday....Thanks to all who participated.  
Oh my gosh......look at all those Chrome Books
Ian wrote:  updating and re-packing the Belize Chrome Books.....to a new home on the 19th of September.  Look at Trish's smile xox
This is what Claire posted on our Rotary Club of Port Moody FB page.  
It’s that time of year again!
With things being a little bit different this year and social distancing etc. we will not be able to register participants for the annual Terry Fox Run event that takes place at Rocky Point Park.
We have decided to make a team where you can donate to anyways! If you’d like to join our team by donation, here’s the link! Thanks very much for your ongoing support to our amazing community.
If you would like to make your own team, or your own separate donation to Terry Fox foundation that would also be a lovely thing to do.
Stay safe and healthy.
Rotary Club of Port Moody. 

Never forget 9/11
Gayle in the Park
Jeannie's happy place
Gayle enjoying lunch at John B
A huge big thank you to Frank, Bill, Ian, Danne & Navid for volunteering for the BBQ at Innervisions.  Thank you to Michael for lending his BBQ. and to the whole club for always supporting Innervisions. The men love it and are grateful that we care.
Frank wrote: It was a great day and everybody really enjoyed themselves. I stopped counting the number of times they thanked us 😊
Here’s some pictures of the motley crew and all the smiling faces.
A huge big thank you to Pete & Cindy for organizing the Poker Run Car Rally.
Peter wrote:
First of all thank you for participating in this FUN Rally
by all accounts everyone had a good time!
Big thankyou to the Marshalls —Brian Dunne----Kerry Foley—Danne Dunlop, who waited patiently for all the 7 teams to come to their stations.
This is the complete break down of the results.
Those of you who may have some serious misgivings on your scores and answers, please go to this email address were  your
general grievances will  be handled in a fair and judicial way. ……….. LOL
1) CLEONE                    ACE HIGH + pair.  Cleone, Yvonne & Jeannie
2) ICOO  LOCOS               3- 2 twos.            Gayle, Bob, Melissa & Rusty
3) MATTHEW                    3 FIVES               Matthew & Scott Brewley   [Coquitlam Club]    
4) BROWNLES                3- 3 KINGS.           Glen & Marcie       
5) VICTORIOUS                3-ACES.               Linda, George, Kari & Darren
6) CANAUSSIE                3 JACKS                Brian & Kelly
7).THE ACES                    3- ACES              Michael & Coreen & Henry Berrisford and Kayla
Linda, George, Kari & Darren
2ND PRIZE. MOST POINTS = possible 425.
1) THE ACES            402.50        Michael
2). VICTORIOUS        387.5        Linda
3). BROWNLES        385             Glen
4). IOCO LOCUS        370           Gayle
5). CELONE            327.50          Cleone
6).MATTHEW            310            Matthew
7). CANAUSSIE        265.            Brian
2ND PRIZE WINNER…………….Michael $30.00 gift card………..THE ACES,
3rd. Prize Lowest mileage/Klms.  My count was 48KLMS.
1). CANAUSSIE        62.6 klms
2).IOCO LOCOS        62.7
3). MATTHEW            53.9
4). BROWLES            47.5
5).CELONE            48
6).VICTORIOUS        45.3
7).THE ACES            45.3
Glen :  Jamie and Yvette from Rocky Point Ice Cream watch as the amazing mural by Ola Volvo nears completion.  
Dave & Kathy hiking in the 'hood'
Aziz and family in Whistler and at home
Pictures from our first family Kayaking experience with the family at Rocky Point in Friday.  Also, our first family trip to Whistler on Thursday. 
Birdie for Bill....Birdie juice
Crew out golfing - Alan, Terry, Bill and Al 
Sending healing thoughts & good wishes to Steve Gable, Ann Hulbert and Dan Gallant.
Heritage Mtn. Clean up this Saturday.........MEET at Gallaghers at 9:00 AM....The more the merrier....
The sunset's have been amazing......Thanks Gayle
Yes I finally did it!!!  After all those years of getting away without doing my 'talk'.  
This week we will hear about another long time member of or Rotary Club.
There is lots going on for the Rotary Club of Port Moody this fall. I can't believe I said 'fall'.
Please join us in these activities.
Innervisions BBQ - September 2nd.  - Thank you to Frank, Bill, Ian, Danne & Navid for volunteering 
Car Rally - September 5th.....Peter has the information
Pig Roast - September 20th - details to follow
RIPS - Dates to be announced
Fundraiser - Surprise
Thanks Navid for the DVD's for Belize
Gary: Went to Saint St. Grill for the installation dinner last night but nobody from the Club was there. So we stayed and had a nice dinner anyway. [don't scare me like that Gary] ;o)
Glen:  I was trying to count some of the DVDs headed for Belize Prison. Have figured that 1 Glen = 100 DVDs. Our container leaves in late September and are still looking to add toiletries and hygiene supplies.
Alan K - riding the trails at Pinecone Burke Provincial Park
Steve & Lauralea - The Campers
WOW - our Summer has been amazing. !!!!
Thank you Gary for telling us what makes you 'tick'.  Great job.
This week will be the last charter member of our club telling us what makes her tick.......Guess who?
Navid got some time off and did some biking.....Looks like we should have a Rotary Club of Port Moody cycle club?
Do Las Vegas Churches accept gambling chips?

This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas but there are more catholic churches than casinos.

Not surprisingly, some worshipers at Sunday services will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed.

Since they get chips from many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings.

The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in.

This is done by the chip monks.

Dave Stone:  Two people he met on the trail at Bert Flinn Park
Peter & family - Whistler
Look what happens when you ask your neighbours and friends for DVD's for Belize
Thanks Dan for picking them up.
Coreen's office has a face lift.  Great job Coreen & Michael
Cleone finding otters under the wharf in Pender Island
Days for Girls packing for Beirut
Ok it's been 12 years now, I'm starting to think I'm not bloated !!!!
Innervisions BBQ on September 2nd.
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered for the Innervisons BBQ.  This will be a fantastic event for the men who are changing their lives, one day at a time.
Thanks to Frank, Bill, Navid, Danne & Trish who will be there cooking and serving the men.
Thanks to Michael for his BBQ, to Dan, Jeannie, Kay, Meghan and Gayle who volunteered but we had too many people so will put them down for the chili lunch.  We have such a great club and I for one am grateful for all who help for these events.
Please send this to all your neighbours and friends.  We can arrange pick-up or drop off.
Thank you Alan for your presentation last week.  Well done
This week we find out more about another Charter Member
Reminder please - a couple of things
Port Moody liquor store will give us a community rebate if you remember to tell them that your bill be marked as Rotary Club of Port Moody.
Easy money for us....and we have no idea who is buying all that alcohol :  lol. 
Please drop off your DVD's to Dan Gallant's home or contact Linda and we will arrange to get them.
President Meghan was in Quesnel with her pups.....DOCK DIVING....
Here is:  Lassie at Dock Diving Western Cup
And here is:  Annie Oakley Western Cup Finals Dock Diving
Michael & Coreen's upside down tomatoes
Look at that smile !!!
Claire and family at Whistler enjoying the beautiful weather
Rotary Helps Lebanon
All of us were shocked by the brutal destruction caused by the recent blast in Lebanon.  As you can imagine Rotary clubs around the world are part of the response. 
This evening Ian brought to the attention of International Committee some of work being done by the Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford (in Ontario). (Associated with the orthopedic surgery department at McMaster University.)
Through Rotary connections Global Logistics, a shipping company in Mississauga, will ship donations via both air and container to Lebanon.  Presently, there are 5 skids of urgently needed medical supplies gathered and ready to go. 
You can follow the work this Rotary club is doing by searching "Rotary Helps Lebanon" on Facebook or clicking here.
If you want to donate directly - online donations for medical shipments to Lebanon are now being processed by Woodstock-Oxford Rotary at: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/12109  CRA tax receipts available.
Dave Stone:  Never in the photos :  Hike on the Pitt River Dike with Cathy, Tony, and Lynda.  
Gary Wiggins sent this in:
Ian celebrated his birthday this way !!!!  Congratulations 
Dave posted this and I thought it was beautiful
Steve and Lauralea camping....who is their favourite subject?
Brian took this on one of his early morning rides
 Directors meeting.......So nice to be at Rocky Point Park at 7:30am for a Directors meeting.
Great job President Meghan
Coreen & Michael took this photo before the meeting.  We do live in a beautiful part of the world. 
Innervisions BBQ early September......who's in to help?  Outside....safe...
For some of us COVID has escalated binge viewing to new heights.  We started a few years ago with Netflix, added Amazon Prime and maybe Disney Plus.  For the most part this switch to "streaming" has rendered your classic and pretty comprehensive DVD collection obsolete.
When we toured the Belize Prison we learned that the primary means of "entertainment" in the prison was the use of small portable DVD players and a small library of DVD movies that circulate in prison.  Inmates do not have access to TV in their cells, and don't have access to cable television.
As part of the Belize project we will be sending a container to Belize in September.  It will contain the educational supplies for our project, as well as medical and other supplies collected with the assistance of Rotary World Help.
We would like to place a collection of used DVD movies on board as well.
If your DVD collection is gathering dust, or if somehow you ended up with two copies of "Forest Gump" I'd be happy to take them off your hands.  Please get in touch with me and I'll make arrangements to "safely" pick them up.  Please ask your friends and neighbours too.
Last weeks speaker:  
Steve Rutledge  -Adopt A Village in Laos

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Steve anytime and feel free to forward his contact information.  Meanwhile, here is a link to the youtube video that he presented last week.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0PDnQHbPR8

Campers:  Steve & Lauralea
We have arrived at our new pad for the next two weeks.  Awesome summer weather with great views of the lake and lots of privacy with our campsite.

This is a fun event where each Team/Car will be given a Task/Route Sheet where you will have to solve various clues.
At various check stops each Team/Car will draw a playing card until you have a poker hand.
Ist Prize --------The Best Poker hand
2nd Prize-------The most points
3rd Prize--------The lowest mileage/klms
We will all meet at Rocky Point Park at our Rotary Tent
This event is ideal for respecting Covid-19 guidelines
DATE :                 SEPT 5th. Saturday
START TIME:      12:00PM.   (All cars/teams away by 1:00pm)
TEAMS/CARS:     2-4 people
COST:                     $5:00 per person.
Please get back to Peter by Aug 17th 2020
You will have a good time!
Most people are!!!
SHARE and Blueberries
SHARE was very happy to receive 45lbs of organic blue berries for their clients from our club today (Aug 4th).
The sun was shining, the berries were being popped into the bucket and into the mouths, and Gladys was thrilled at being in Blueberry Heaven (apparently we have bigger bushes than in Newfoundland). 
It was a GREAT morning!
Thank you sooooo much to Jas Thiara for letting us glean their organic blue berries from their family farm on 431 A Prairie Ave to give to the SHARE food bank.
Thank you so much to  Ava ( Jeannie's grand daughter& the picker of berries, bringer of drinks and berry collector), Jeannie, Gladys, Brian W., Bill, and Maureen Crocket (of Martini Mama Fame) & Cleone for your being official Blue Berry Gleaners.
Sorry this was short notice. It was an opportunistic event and one that  could be repeated in the future if we have pickers. 
Vida and Cleone
Trish & Ian:  Here are a few photos of the Allan Block wall we built in the back yard. I say we, but Ian really did most of the work. A lot of very heavy lifting. Now the fun starts. Next we will be leveling the yard and putting in a lawn. 
Patty & Don have a new edition to their family.  Angie 
Terry picking Blackberries
This is a brand new month and we will be meeting in person at St. James' Well.  7:00AM.  Those of us that do not feel comfortable yet, please go 'on line' and join in via ZOOM.
Thank you Bill:
August 8th, 2020 - Heritage Mtn. Clean-up
Meet at Gallaghers at 9:00 am
Always a fun time and shows the community we care.  Wear your Rotary Shirts and we meet for coffee after.
Steve: In prepping for our upcoming holiday completed a few items on the honey do list:
New bread board for the trailer to gain counter space over the sink area
Put in a couple of shelves in the cupboards beside the bed
Trailers almost packed and ready to go for pulling out this weekend.  
See you sometime after Sept 15th. 

Have fun you two......
Another one from Bill: can't you just hear him laughing?
Brian's photos in Poco
Never thought this would be sooo much work, but it is DONE!!
1. This is what our bedroom looked like during RENO
Please don't forget to ask for your liquor bill to go to the Rotary Club of Port Moody program.   You will be surprised to hear how much money we have in our account since May 11th, 2020.  WOW !!!!  Also please ask your family and friends to also request that the bill goes to our Rotary Club.  The more the merrier.
Port Moody Liquor Store 
4 – 2929 St. John’s Street 
Port Moody, BC. V3H2C2

Blueberries for SHARE. - 

Who doesn't love fresh blueberries! Vida and I thought some of SHARE's clients would love them as well and so did one of the blueberry farmers. 

So come on out and let's clean up what is left of her field, and then bring them to SHARE on Tues morn. Wed they will be in boxes for SHARE's clients to enjoy.

Tues Aug 2nd - 8:30 am - 10:30 am (or earlier if there are lots of us)

431 A Prairie Ave

Please register or let me know. Thanks!

Bring a bucket and a smile!

Vida and Cleone

PS The short notice is because it was an opportunistic idea at the end of that farm's season. If this pilot works there may be more in the future.

Hope you had a wonderful July - Can you believe we are almost at the end of the Month?
We are going to do something new, copied from the Oro Valley Rotary Club.  Something like our Classification talks, but we will call it......What makes ....????  Tic?
This week it will be Gayle Carter telling us what makes her 'tic'.
David has been busy building his deck...
Bill :  Here's our RIBFEST dinner. Sticky ribs, potato salad and fresh corn on the cob.
This is the only time you will see Bill eating on a RIBFEST weekend.  
Harrison Hot Springs has been spectacular......
Mike is eating ribs, golfing, and hiking in Wells Grey Provincial Park!
Thanks for the post PP Al
Terry:  Part 2 of the Jug Island “biathlon”.  Hike in from Belcarra and then paddle back.
PP Al - Papa's happy place with Dasha and Olenka
Steve:  Fresh blueberries from our bushes!! The grapes are coming along great for their first crop. 
Have YOU been telling the Port Moody Liquor Store that you would like your purchase amount going to the Rotary Club of Port Moody?
Don't forget please.  We get 4% back from your purchase.
We are so grateful for all our members and how much we all care for each and everyone of them.
Our Yvonne was making rusks right after her first radiation and then the next day headed for eye surgery.  You are 1 amazing woman Yvonne.
For those not in the know, rusks are kind of like biscotti, and a much loved South African treat. And crunchies
Eye surgery prep....
Bob & Gayle came to Harrison to visit and go for a hike & lunch.
Do YOU remember?  This is so much fun for 'some' of us !!!
Terry & Susan Hiking Buntzen Lake
RIBFEST weekend
GaryOur Saturday RIBFEST dinner. A nice thick T-bone steak from Thrifty. Soooooo good!!!
Linda:  Mess on my face - RIBS
Alan:  Rib eating
Michael & Coreen's RIB dinner
If you would like to join our virtual meetings on Wednesday mornings, please contact me and we will make sure you are 'on the list'...
This would have been RIBFEST weekend......Next year the Community will enjoy again

Recon of Westhill Park

Nice to see such a good group come out at clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  Thanks to Alan for organizing each month.
Look what Bob & Gayle found in Bert Flinn park......Very poisonous
Alan K enjoying the ocean.
Dave took this photo after the Clean-up of Heritage Mtn. on Saturday.  Beautiful flowers.
Another beautiful Sunday and no Summer Sundays concert.......next year.
Our Installation night party will be on August 27th, 2020 at Saint Street Grill.  5:30pm.  This night is a get together without 'many' speeches.  PP Cleone will give out her Paul Harris award and President Meghan will give us her vision for this coming year. We have already had the Installation of directors virtually.   Jay will make sure we are following the guidelines for his restaurant.  I will be sending out an invitation to you and please let us know if you are comfortable going to this party.  We will need numbers for Jay so please let usknow as soon as possible.
Thanks.....will be fun to see everyone again.
Linda & Gayle
Coreen is growing Strawberries
Steve:  Week 2 of Lauralea’s retirement
Pics from Golden Ears
Lexie’s napping after her walk to the Lower Falls and back
We just got home today and will stay put for 2 weeks until we head out in Aug 3rd for another 2 weeks.  Cheers
Summer is here.....Enjoy each day
Happy 4th of July to all our American family and friends.
Coreen getting ready to make up our BBQ Canada Day Packs ……
Heritage Mountain Blvd. Clean-up
We are restarting the cleanup of Heritage Mountain Blvd.
July 11th
Start at 9:00 am
Meet at Gallagher's coffee shop
Usually takes less than one hour - meet up again for a social distanced coffee after completing the clean up.
Everyone is welcome - the more the merrier
Great way to get some exercise and interact with fellow Rotarians
Thanks to PP Alan for organizing us.
Steve:  Staying Safe on the water with Lexie and enjoying Lauralea’s first week of retirement.  Police Boat rescued 2 paddlers who were out in rough water conditions.  Lucky to have been picked up before something worse could have happened.  
Cleone thanking Bonnie for space in Kenyan container
Cleone's son's wedding.....Dressed by the hospital staff for a drive-by surprise honking, balloon filled parade of hospital staff the eve of Cleone's son's wedding.  Everyone got cupcakes.
Cleone:  Jasper was so beautiful as I drove to son's wedding.  I remember hiking up the the top of the cliff face on Roche Miette
 PP Al:  11.5 hours on the bike Sunday (Kathy stayed home)
Duffy lake loop

Pictures are Fraser River lillooet
Our first Board meeting of the year at Rocky Point Park.  Thank you to Glen for taking the photos.
President Meghan did a great job chairing the meeting.  Would be great to have more meetings in the park.  Thoughts?
Happy Canada Day
Aziz and family were the Canadian Flag fairies this year in Treetops Complex.  Thank you Aziz and to MP Nelly Shin for providing the flags
Walter Peachy originally built our Little Free Library and it needed to be refurbished. Walter built a new roof with new shingles and Michael Berrisford sanded and painted. Gayle Carter keeps the library full of books on a regular bases. Thank you everyone that helped with this project and uses the library. It is just along shoreline trail by Old Orchard if you ever need a destination. Please feel free to take a book or bring one - for any age and reading level.


Every year at this time we meet at the Saint Street Grill to celebrate the outgoing President and welcome the new President. 

Thank you to Bev Harrington DG 2021-2022 for doing such a great job Inducting Meghan as President and Inducting the new Board as well as giving 'all' members a responsibility to help in all ways that they are able.

And to Raj Rajagopal - DG 2022-2023 for his kind words

And to Carol Tichelman - DG 2020 - 2021 for always being so supportive of our Rotary Club and for her very kind words.  Carol is looking forward to working with Meghan this coming year.

The New Board is:

President: Meghan Lahti
President Elect: Coreen Berrisford
Treasurer: Michael Berrisford
Secretary: Alan Schmelzel
Vice President/Port Moody Foundation: Mike Clay Rotary Foundation/Past President: Cleone Todgham Community: Coreen Berrisford
Membership: Gayle Carter
Youth: Steve Witiuk
International: Glen Brown
Club Service: Linda Balzer
Vocational: Paul Mitchell-Banks
Public Relations: Claire Lambert

Thank you Cleone Todgham for your year of service as president. Welcome Meghan Lahti as our new 2020- 2021 President. 

Thank you everyone that served on the board for 2019 - 2020
- and welcome all of the board members for 2020 - 2021 to support Meghan and the Rotary Club Port Moody. 

Some of the things that were achieved in 2019 to 2020 term were:
Monthly pie days at the Eagle Ridge Manor, Bi weekly readings to the patients at Eagle Ridge Manor in the evening, a Christmas party hosted by the club and decorating the outside and inside of the Eagle Ridge Manor as well as supporting their music program. 

Hot chocolate stands, cookie decorating and face painting at the Christmas train which supports Share 

Sewing 2500 masks during the Covid pandemic for locals.

Sewing 50 Days for Girls kits. 

A Remembrance Day wreath. 

$21,000 to send kids to camp.

$48,000 in grants to local groups, Schools or nonprofits.

Rotary Club Port Moody also donated Internationally…

Currently to the Belize educational project, Ecuador medical and educational project, Kenya educational and medical project and South Africa feed the people event and also a school project. 

There is so much to be proud of of all of the accomplishments from the Rotary Club Port Moody.

Thank you everyone for continuing to support our club without you, we would not be able to do what we do.

If you are interested in joining the Rotary Club Port Moody, please reach out to us and send us a line! 


We are looking forward to our annual Shred-a-Thon this September 12th from 9 am till the truck is full.

And although we have had to pause our Search for the Perfect Pint and our RIBFEST this year, we are more than ready to have you all back enjoying this community next year. 


Anthony:  Enjoying the pool!
What a great Husband !!!
Bill:  This was our little Father's Day meeting with our Daughter's family in Pioneer park
Terry's Happy Place
Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
Kenya Container loaded and on it's way.  Thanks to Dan, Cleone, Bill, Ian, Michael &  past member Jim McGrandles  and anyone I missed.  Well done.
Steve and his beautiful 'retired' wife Lauralea
Spending next week in Porteau Cove.  This will be our evening sunset each night while we are there. Glamping at it's best:
We’ve opened our second YMCA this week so I’m here helping the team welcome back our members and helping members learn the new health and safety systems. 
Steve:  Celebrating Lauralea’s last day of work
One of Jeannie's photo's
WOW it is almost the end of June......Where did that time go?
It is with a very sad heart that I inform you that Louise Thorburn passed away on June 17th, 2020.  Louise was a very active member of the Coquitlam Sunrise club and she will be missed by all that knew her.
Louise was the lady that 'coined the phrase':  'Rotary is where my friends are'.  On a personal note, I followed Louise as President of the Sunrise Club and she was a fantastic mentor.  
RIP Louise.....xoxoxo
This Thursday, June 25th, is our virtual INSTALLATION NIGHT.  Please log in and welcome Meghan as our new President for 2020-2021 and THANK PRESIDENT CLEONE for leadership she has provided for this past year.
We would love to have everyone 'on line' for this night at 5:30 pm.  Have your beverage of choice ready for a toast.  Thank you !!!!
This is the login:  

Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 932 039 7759

See you then.....
Yvonne has been baking:  Peanut Butter Biscuits
Eagle Ridge Manor Music program
Currently anyone can view all the videos on the Health Arts Society YouTube channel and  their website:  https://www.healtharts.org/british-columbia
A new video is posted each Wednesday, and one will be uploaded later this morning.
Here is a recent comment from the contact at Eagle Ridge.  Her reference to Azrieli Foundation is because I mentioned to the homes that the Foundation made a contribution to the video series:
These videos do not come from the funding the club and Paul provided, these are in lieu of the live performances which are on hold.  Our funded performances will continue once we get a handle on Covid-19.
Thank you Raymond – these are fantastic and so very well received and appreciated…Every one of these have made a positive impact to improve the life of our residents here.   Please send a huge thank you to the Azrieli Foundation – that’s so wonderful of them. 
Take care Raymond! 
Warm regards,
Lori Carlisle, Recreation Therapist, ERM  
Do you remember making these for school books?
 Container going to Kenya.   Thank you ROTARY WORLD HELP......
Our Little Lending Library will be up soon.  Thank you to Michael for staining and for Walter Peachy for the new roof.  Looking very 'spiffy'
Wild life in Port Moody
In Alan's back yard:
And Michael & Coreen's home - 
Ladies night out......Lobster feast. - Cleone, Jeannie and Gladys and friends.....
Gary & Hazel:  On our walk to Rocky Point. What a beautiful place we live in ...Port Moody 
Al & Kathy hiking Manning Park
Great hike in Harrison with Steve & Lauralea & Lexie
Dave:  Cathy at Romer's on the deck.
Now we all know just how romantic Darrell is:  What a beautiful Anniversary dinner.  Happy Anniversary Darrell & Krista

Anniversary dinner - Covid style - great take out from Rosa's and table with candles at Rocky Point presentation stage. Listening to soundtrack from A Good Year and awaiting the Solstice!

Peter & Cindy

We had a fun and different time, enjoying this new experience for us, celebrating Fathers Day at Cultus Lake, with Martin, Mika & Kai. 
We played a 18hole mini golf at the beautiful Legends Golf course.  WE DID Camping “stuff” :- paddling in the lake, camp fire, and of course, roasting marsh-mellows, singing, good food and  great company————generally a  fun time with our grand kids.
Thank you Valentine....so very thoughtful of you.....
The Good Life
Jason:  When I’m not sleeping or sitting in front of my computer 10 hours a day, I try and get out for hikes with Sue and our dog. 
Dave : Hike up Sugar Mountain with Tony and Cathy
Bob & Gayle in Bert Flinn
Glen:  Here are some of the folks working on a potential GG to support sanitation at 6 schools in rural Kenya.  Clockwise from top left - Glen; Terry Umbach (Sechelt);  James Musyoka (Wumunyu, Kenya); Sharon Runge (Kenya Connect, Baltimore, Maryland).
Aziz - Congratulations for being on the Board for Treetops Community
The on going Reno at the Cuthbert's....Pete the Plumber
Michael:  Whyte lake
It's always a Beautiful day in the Neighbourhood 
Guess who's camping?  Steve and Lauralea
Rotary's Grand Auction
Please pass this along to all your friends and family either on Social Media or via your contacts.
This is a 'month long' auction and will be one of our only fundraisers this year.
You can still donate to our Auction.  Please contact us today.
Bob's garden
Located in: Port Moody Centre
Address: 2929 St John's Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C2
Our Port Moody Liquor store has offered us a great opportunity.  Every time you go to the Port Moody Liquor store on St. John's Street [by the 711]and purchase something our Rotary Club of Port Moody will get 4% back of the sales.  This is a win win for everyone.  Doesn't cost us anything [very similar to Thriftys card but you don't have to 'load it']. AND you can start 'today'.  When you make a purchase, please just mention that you would like the VIP REBATE to go the 
Port Moody Liquor Store has been very supportive to our Rotary Club in the past, giving us gift certificates for our Fundraisers.
Good turnout for our virtual meeting  27 members and guests.  Just a few shown here.
Rick Chimblo from Oro Valley joined us and then had to leave to go for their hike at 7:00 am because it was already 90 degrees in the morning. 
Rhian Piprell - Guest Speaker and PP of Coquitlam Club.
Rhian Piprell was our guest speaker this morning talking about her 2 year stay in Myanmar.
Very interesting.
Past Member and Director of the RWHN Steve Gable is in hospital and we send our prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery.
Get well soon Steve.
Claire:  My Mum beside me and my step mum beside her.
Coreen:  Best tomato plant
Al & Kathy have been busy hiking
Dias Vista
Vandusen gardens
Walking by Fraser river
Pitt Meadows Rotary trail
AND golfing with guess who?
Isy has been busy baking.  Looks like we all know where to go for coffee and treats.
Dave & Cathy hiked to Jug Island with Tony and Lynda Spence.
Too Close
Patty and Don are expecting a baby girl - Angie.......soon she will be home
It's always a GREAT DAY !!!
Peter & Cindy renovation of Main Bath
Big job Peter !!!  
Al & Kathy hiking in Golden Ears [we do live in a beautiful part of the world]
Peter & Cindy :  My en- suite gone!
Mike Poznanski 
Here’s a photo of me working at the office on this lovely Monday morning.
I spent much of Saturday afternoon watching the rocket launch on tv while facetime was on connecting me with my nephew and niece.  They had a Lego rocketship built and some artwork showing “Bob and Doug on the moon”.  Pretty cute.  My nephew Roman rode his bike without training wheels on Sunday!

Lots of members hiking in the Forest
Michael & Coreen and President Cleone
Notes from Bill:
A place where women curl up and dye.
The only animal you eat before they are born and after they are dead. 
A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.
Mud with the juice squeezed out.
Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation. 
Cold Storage. 
Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.
An insect that makes you like flies better. 
A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority.
A grape with a sunburn. 
A story you tell to one person at a time.
A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.
The pain that drives you to extraction.
One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.
An honest opinion openly expressed. 
Something other people have....similar to my character lines. 
I very quietly confided to my friend that I was having an Affair.
She turned to me and asked, "Are you having it catered?"
. . . and that, my friend, is the definition of 'OLD'!!!
In youth, the days are short and the years are long.  In old age, the years are short and days long.
A new week with new possibilities 
Meeting guests:
Cisco Woods - Rotary Club of Belize 

I am so proud to be able to introduce you to a man that both George and I have great respect for.

Francis Woods is his birth name but we met him at a Rotary meeting in Belize City nearly a decade ago as CISCO and I’m proud to say he and his wife Jacky have become very good friends of ours.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Cisco Construction Company and founder of the Old Belize recreation center, located on the outskirts of Belize City.

Under Cisco’s leadership, Cisco Construction has evolved into a responsible corporate citizen, offering humanitarian social services to and within communities where the company has worked. In fact, at the locations where its projects are based, the company provides employment for Belizean residents and also provides valuable assistance to nearby villages.

He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Kolbe Foundation, which seeks to successfully rehabilitate and integrate individuals, who have come in conflict with the law, back into society. Through his company, Cisco and Kolbe established a program which offers employment to rehabilitated persons as an opportunity to transform their lives and become productive citizens.  It is through Cisco that we as a Club have put together with other clubs in our Global Grant.  Glen and Al have worked very hard to make this possible and Cisco has been instrumental with helping us put this together.  This GG will have 7 or 8 of our members going to Belize and seeing first hand what this amazing man is capable of in the country of Belize. 

Marc Snow - AG 5500 and PP of Rotary Club of Oro Valley
Rick Chimblo - Rotary Club of Oro Valley
Kristina Murray - Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation 
Aultrust Financial + Rotary =  Tilt/Comode Chair for Manor Residents 
A Rotarian and managing partner of Aultrust, called to see how the $5,000 they wanted to donate for RIBFEST could best serve Port Moody. We had received a request from the Eagleridge Hospital Foundation that the tilt/comode chair would help ensure dignity and safety of the Eagle Ridge Manor residents. The chair cost $6,181.28. With our major fundraisers cancelled, Aultrust's donation was a perfect complement!
Kristina Murray, from the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, was able to attend our virtual May 20th meeting and accept the cheque with a smile on behalf of the residents of Eagle Ridge Manor at a time when the residents are facing Covid challenges. 
Rotary helping people help people!
Claire:  We can always count on Claire being out first thing in the morning for a hike.
New View Society gets Rotary Masks!
Donna, the Manager, employment for the New View Society accepts our donation of 50 cloth masks with a smile! Their slogan is "Community Health Through Mental Health". Port Moody Rotary Club is happy to inspire them to smile at a time when the Covid Virus is creating so much stress for this vulnerable population.
There is a Gnome in the woods - oh no, it's President Cleone
Pads Denim is a Poppa!   Here is a photo of the Helicopter Litter.  The Mom is Pads Reece.   Unfortunately Denim looks to be a deadbeat Dad, no interest at all in parenting responsibilities and disputes whether the puppies are his .... but the DNA didn't lie!! 
Dave photo of Crystal Falls
Peter is collecting for the Auction........What have you found to help out.  Please call Meghan if you have a bottle of wine to donate.
AG Al & Kathy really need to get 'out'
Kathy and I have been visiting with the couple in the window 😃

Ian & Trish :Bit by bit we are adding to our house...this painting by my cousin Don in SA...little bit of my family story..pretty excited to put it up!
Such a beautiful piece of art and keepsake.  Beautiful Trish & Ian...
Bob & Gayle:  More of Bert Flinn magic....
This young couple go out hiking everyday.....
Alan K has been busy !!!
A little gardening and landscaping a stone path and mulched a new sitting area. Whew...
 David & Jen
Jen and I out for a walk today on our 23rd Anniversary with our puppy Camper. 
What a great week.....
Great meeting again.  It is so good to see everyone's faces.
Located in: Port Moody Centre
Address: 2929 St John's Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C2
Our Port Moody Liquor store has offered us a great opportunity.  Every time you go to the Port Moody Liquor store on St. John's Street [by the 711]and purchase something our Rotary Club of Port Moody will get 4% back of the sales.  This is a win win for everyone.  Doesn't cost us anything [very similar to Thriftys card but you don't have to 'load it']. AND you can start 'today'.  When you make a purchase, please just mention that you would like the 
VIP REBATE to go the 
Port Moody Liquor Store has been very supportive to our Rotary Club in the past, giving us gift certificates for our Fundraisers.
I will have the cards for you to hand out to your friends and family in about 1 week but in the meantime, when you go there, please just say you would like the rebate to go to our Rotary Club.
Glen:  This week I was invited (as a past President) to the 20th anniversary of the chartering of the Rotary club of sunshine coast - Sechelt.  Lots of ZOOM fun and memories.  PS this club does an amazing scotch tasting dinner every October. 

Cleone dropped by and said not to worry about having staples out....this will work.....
Thank you President Cleone.
Yvonne playing pinball
My husband purchased a world map...gave me a dart and said "throw this and wherever it lands I'm taking you for a holiday when this pandemic is over". Turns out we're spending two weeks behind the fridge. 
I've returned to one of my favourite hobbies/pastimes of my youth. I've made 5 and have 5 more to go.

From Navid:
Here are some updates:
We’re hosting a webinar on Thursday 21st, at noon.
It is an interesting topic of COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate. (I think we can share it with the members 😃)
also calendar attached.
For Childcare we have created over 150 videos, providing our families and communities with some circle times, children songs, reading time and many activities that can be done at home with children. All these are on our youtube channel of Parkland Players.
I think botht he webinar and childcare video channel can be informative and usefull to our memebers and community.
Other than working 24/7 if there is time I go for a rides to UBC & Deep Cove.
See you on Wednesday,
Navid Morawej
Mask making kit workshop at President Cleone's home
Yvonne & Jeannie
President Cleone
Please mark your calendars, tell your friends and neighbours.  We have a date:  September 12th, 2020 is our SHRED-A-THON.  We will need your help that day.....always fun.  Thanks to Peter for already signing up.
Steve and Lauralea had added more to their deck.  Let the party begin!!! Well done
Today is a good day....
Coreen & Cleone dropped off masks at Community Ventures.
Thank you for the beautiful orchid ....My favourite flower
I am not sure how to express my love and gratitude for each and everyone of you.  I am humbled but forever grateful for all the prayers, good wishes, calls, texts and emails.  This is my journey and you have all come along for the ride and I couldn't have faced it without you all.  GOD is good and HE has answered all our prayers. I am anxious to see what is in store for George and I in this next chapter.
Thank you all for being in our lives.  Rotary is truly where our friends are.  
Love & Hugs to each and everyone of you.
Linda & George xoxox
Thank you so much.  Yes I'm crying !!!
Pretty wild how we used to eat cake after someone had blown on it...
Good times
Meghan has a green thumb.....Looks amazing
Peter sanding deck so we can have Happy Hour soon.
Dave Stone's amazing photography
Steve & Lauralea have been busy with their back yard.  Looking FABULOUS
Every day we hike we build one
Mother's Day Brunch, Social Distance style
Dearest Cleone put it together, then invited Jeannie, Gaye Simms, Maureen and myself to the lawn out front
It was so good to actually see people, even from 6' apart.
A new opportunity for some money for our Club
Located in: Port Moody Centre
Address: 2929 St John's Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C2
Our Port Moody Liquor store has offered us a great opportunity.  I will be giving out 'cards' -[when I get them we will set up time and date to get them] and every time you go to the Port Moody Liquor store on St. John's Street [by the 711] you will show them your card and our Rotary Club of Port Moody will get 4% back of the sales.  This is a win win for everyone.  Doesn't cost us anything [very similar to Thriftys card but you don't have to 'load it']. AND you can start 'today'.  When you make a purchase, please just mention that you would like the
VIP REBATE to go the
Port Moody Liquor Store has been very supportive to our Rotary Club in the past, giving us gift certificates for our Fundraisers.
I will have the cards for you to hand out to your friends and family in about 1 week but in the meantime, when you go there, please just say you would like the rebate to go to our Rotary Club.
Thanks everyone.
Linda ;o)
Hope you have a great Cinco de Mayo  - share your best Mexican recipe......
Guest Speaker : Edina Mehovic

Edina Mehovic from RI headquarters in Chicago who was kind enough to review what the foundation was all about how her life has been impacted through support from the only recognized 4 star charity…. The Rotary Foundation.
 Annual Giving Officer, Zones 28W & 29 | The Rotary Foundation
 Tel 847.425.5612 

Pretty timely given the impact that COVID has had globally…certainly as our club now meets virtually and our fellowship is more along the lines of virtual hugs than physical how are able to contribute is important. As we all know the funds we contribute allow us to qualify and receive matching grants from the district, RI and in some cases other agencies like the Gov’t of Canada. 

As an FYI..our club over its tenure has contributed $180,101 US!

 That was exactly how we were able to leverage a 12,500 USD club contribution to the prevention and screening program in Ecuador. Our 12,500 in addition contributions from Oro Valley, Calgary, Sedro Woolley Rotary Clubs and the Gov’t of Canada turned into 178,580 USD..a significant amount that is now making a difference in 2 key health issues in Ecuador. It is also a significant contributor to our Belize project headed up by Glen and Al.

Times are indeed challenging…but as we are not currently contributing for a weekly breakfast if you are able why not contribute directly via myrotary.org? That way we can stay the course for “every Rotarian every year” (100 usd goal/person per year), gain Paul Harris recognition and contribute to any number of directed areas within Rotary ..perfect trifecta.

To check it out go to:  my.rotary.org  (sign in)…go to either “Profile” or “Donate”



In the profile area…under your name and to the right click on “Donor Self Service”

If you want to set up a recurring transaction, simply hit the “ADD button” ..that will take you to 

A “Choose what you would like to support page”…have a recce / explore and pick what works for you….

“Enrollment Details”….followed by Personal Information & Payment Details…a great way to bleed your bank account…AND feel good about it!

SUBMIT…and you are done…but not COOKED..-😊

Great to have 31 at our Virtual meeting on Wednesday.....Great turnout...
Here is the link to the Ventilator Project that Navid's sister is heading up.
It is pretty wonderful seeing all the ways that people are helping with the Covid Challenge.
The children in Port Moody thank the 'front line' workers....
Look what is happening in Port Moody - Rainbow alley Klahanie.
Chrome books arrived for Share. - thank you Michael & Coreen
Dave & Cathy did the loop in Bert Flinn Park. Thank you for sharing your photos 
PMOHA  - Jason Lyne. [fellow Rotarian]-  Way better than they thought.  So proud of our Community...
The results are in... 
You, our players and sponsors, raised a whopping $12,470.00 for the Share Food Bank in the month of April!!! 
This amount is truly hard to believe! The Executive Team thanks each and every one of you for giving in this monumental way. We crushed our original goal of $2,500 by adding another $10,000 to it!!!!
The power of generosity by this group is truly something special and will be felt by those in need in our community right away.
Well done boys! Above and beyond expectations and this is appreciated more than you know.
Humbled by all of this, many thanks...
Your PMOHA Executive Team
From Paul:
I wanted to thank the club for the lovely gift and card with quotes. 
Dear Friends and Fellow Rotarians
Thank you so much for all your support during what has been a challenging time.  My mom, in the space of 28 hours, decided to move on to the next place, and we all hope that it is far better than the world of Alzheimer’s she left behind.  One dad and two siblings are also Rotarians, and they received support from their clubs as well – we are a global family.
It has been a scramble to deal with the grief and the practical actions that needed to be taken, but I believe my head is now above water, and I look forward to seeing you at this Wednesday’s meeting.
Yours in Rotary
Gayle & Linda
We make an  Inuksuk every day that we hike Bert Flinn.  These are 2 that are 6' apart  
Getting fresh air in our great Community Bert Flinn Park
Rock came from where?
The Mistletoe Tree
Steve:  Our science lesson:
Working with my mason bees, they’ve filled 17 tubes over the past 10 days.
The mason bees are very effective pollinators!!! Just a couple or 3 females can pollinate a mature apple tree.  They will also work on cool and rainy weather days whereas the honey bee are more likely to take the day off. The females also lay larvae. In between each larvae they seal it in with a mud wall and do this until the tube is filled.  They can have sometimes 5-7 larvae in each tube. However there are fly larvae that try to get into the tubes and then over the fall and winter feed off of the bee larvae so by spring you could only have 1/4-1/3 larvae remaining.  That’s why in October you’re supposed to take the larvae out of the tubes and clean them and put them into an incubator and store them in the fridge until spring.    
Great Zoom meeting on the 22nd.  Thanks to Frank for setting it up.  We had 30 of our members on Zoom.
Thanks to Aziz for the photo

Danne and Kerry joining the parade to Eagle Ridge Hospital

President Cleone sent this
Just a short note to let everyone know that all went well and I am at home.

love you all
Just a short note to say thanks for the lovely  flowers, love and support
I am feeling much better

Yvonne in hospital and a thank you for the flowers that our Rotary Club of Port Moody sent to her.
Paul we are all thinking about you.  We are so sorry for the loss of your Mom xoxoxo
Paul wrote:

More than seven decades together, my mom and dad are the real deal. Last night we said 'see you later' to my mom. My dad and sister Sara were there, and were courageous, and loving and simply magnificent. The rest of us kids got to say 'goodnight and we love you' by phone. Thanks mommy for loving daddy so fiercely and all of us so tenderly. Thanks for all you gave to community. You will always be in our hearts.

Guess Who's Calling for Dinner?
It was a fun night and was made extra special having past president Trudy with us.
An avocado has 234 calories. A mimosas has 144. Choose wisely 🥂
ClaireStanley Park Seawall 
WOW we have good people in our Rotary Club .....and in our Community
Thank you Jason Lyne for sharing what the Port Moody Old Timers Hockey Club did for SHARE.
This is the letter they all received.
WOW!!!! Just passing along our complete amazement at the generous and giving nature of the PMOHA brotherhood!
We have just gone over $7,000 donated to the Share Food Bank this month! This is SO HUGE and reflects so well on us as a group here in the community!
With so many of you able to give in the way that you have, we want to send out our most sincere THANK YOU!
And of course if there is anyone out there who would still like to contribute, please see the email thread below on how and what to do… We will be tracking this to the end of April. Can we get to $8,000? Maybe even $10,000???
Again, from our Executive team, the Share Food bank, but most importantly, from the people who need this the most right here in our community, THANK YOU!!! What an amazing group.
Your PMOHA Executive Team
We might not be having RIBFEST 2020 but we have RIBFEST masks.
Thank you Trish
Thank you from our Community
My name is Camila from Walton elementary and I am in grade 4.
I would like to thank you for lending me this laptop so I can do my online schooling. It has been a great help for my litter sister and I.
We received the computer through our great friend Karen.
It’s very kind of you to lend this to me and my sister.
It is always a great day in Rotary when we induct a new member.  We inducted Trish MacPhail who was already a Rotarian in her heart.  It was wonderful to hear her husband PP Ian praise her for all the good she has done for their business and for our Community.  He is a very proud husband.....  We are so lucky to have Trish in the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Welcome and hugs to follow......
Guest Speaker this week - Vanessa Wideski - Low Entropy
Thank you to Vanessa Wideski for a very inspirational talk this morning.  Vanessa was our guest speaker and gave a 'real life' accounting of her life and how we can all make the World a Better Place, by changing ourselves first.  Vanessa is with Low Entrophy......
A New Approach to Changing Our World
For as long as anyone can remember people have been trying to change the world. They have seen numerous problems they want to solve. They want to create safer places for people to live. They want a better future for their children. It’s a tale as old as time. 
But despite all these efforts, have we really made the progress we so desire? 

Looking at the past and the multitude of ways that people have tried to reduce chaos in the world, there’s been something missing in their approach. So many of these approaches rely on changing culture, changing groups of people, changing societies. What they are missing is starting at the level of personal change. 

We believe changing the world starts with changing ourselves. Since our founding, Low Entropy has been equipping people with tools for transformational self-change. As people go through personal change, it has a ripple effect out into their communities and the world. Our intention is to inspire people towards personal growth. This is how the world will change for the better.

Remember when you wanted the weekend to last forever?  Happy now?
I'm sure no one in our Rotary Club is just sitting around.  Get out and get some fresh air.  So good for you.
6:30am walk at the seawall in Vancouver - Claire and family
As a Mom of a Dancer - this is perfect.
PP Ian and Trish .....Lots to do in the garden...so far we’ve removed about a dozen stumps, a ton of ragged bush...
All so we can plant those beautiful granite rocks...should grow nicely -:)
Maybe add a small maple tree or two ??
Glen & Marcia :  Visiting hours
Checking in on the Poco club
Wash and wax the RV
Wash and wax the bike
Support the BC wine industry 
Hope all is well, miss you guys 🤗
PP Mike working from home......He really is a great lawyer:  BTM Lawyers LLP

Prez Cleone dropping off mask materials

Working from home. With my tablet for video conferencing, and all my supplies. 
Cheers. David
Glen posted this:  Made me laugh out loud

As part of our physical distancing effort folks have recommended to us that only one person do the shopping. ( I guess it eases congestion in the grocery stores.)

I thought I would take that on. Who knew it was going to be such a perilous experience, shopping by myself with another persons list. Honestly, I think I have good reasons for not getting things exactly right...

- this brand was on sale
- Is there really a difference between regular and vanilla?
- When you think about it, isn't everything organic?
- but the airmile bonus on ice cream was awesome
- I was pretty sure that 100g meant the large size
- I had to buy 6 to get the sale price
- I have no idea where the list went
- my cell phone doesn't work in Safeway, so no I didn't get the text

Gayle asks.....Michael made sure it happened.  Thank you Michael 


Please think about Yvonne as she goes through her surgery on Wednesday.  We are 100% behind you Yvonne.....You can beat this GIRL!!!!


No words needed


After the last Golden Spike Gary wrote: 
What a great club we have. Thank you to everyone for all you do. Looks like the Guess Who was a great success, much to my surprise because I can't get my head around all this technical stuff. Kudos to the organizers. 
Keep safe all. 
Wheelchairs -  Help someone in need.
Gayle donated her District Conference money to the Wheelchair Foundation.  

The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation/ Fondation Chaise Roulante Canada (CWF) is an independent Canadian registered charity dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities
  • Delivering mobility into the lives of children, teens and adults in the world who have no means to acquire a wheelchair
  • Transforming lives through mobility, and with it giving to all those deprived of it by war, disease, accident, natural disaster and advanced age, independence, dignity, hope and opportunity

With the support of our Canadian and international partners and the generosity of independent sponsors CWF is transforming lives throughout the world -- one wheelchair at a time.

Their website is:  https://www.cdnwheelchair.ca/index.php. if you would like to do the same.  Way to go Gayle !!!


More photos of making masks: Coreen

How many people does it take to install a dishwasher?  Michael & Andy

Great smile .....Enjoy your new dishwasher !!!!

I just wanted to greet you and let you know Hazel and I surviving this epidemic quite nicely and trust you are too.  We still like each other.  I do miss the weekly physical contact and am patiently awaiting the time when can meet again. 
Also, please know that my cell phone is not working. I dropped it in a bowl of water, I’m too embarrassed to tell  you what bowl, but suffice it to say after attempts to dry it out it still does not work. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the Apple store to open until I can get a new one.  

Here is a challenge for you to do.  Let us know how you are doing.. Come on I know a few of you will do this.....
OK President Cleone, where are you with this Challenge !!!
Found a great spot to camp for the weekend with self isolation. 

79 Years Young - Bob after their 2 hour hike
Brian is working it these days.....Way to go Brian
Peter and Cindy have been busy too:
Peter changing his lights out on the deck
They added 2 glass doors - look great.
Coreen & Michael - Enjoying the view
We have a few people in our club struggling with health issues. If you have time to reach out, send a note or make a phone call.  That is what our Rotary Club of Port Moody is all about.
Please think of these members and I hope I have not forgotten anyone .
Gary, Jeannie, Yvonne, Patty and Ann, Isy & Vida.  [Peter's hip is doing well]
Bob & Gayle found these Dogwood blossoms on their hike
Let's play another game !!!!
Summary of fun to Date:
 * Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem.
  *   I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I'm cracking a safe.
  *   I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator.
  *   Still haven't decided where to go for Easter ----- The Living Room or The Bedroom
  *   PSA: every few days try your jeans on just to make sure they fit. Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom.
  *   Homeschooling is going well. 2 students suspended for fighting and 1 teacher fired for drinking on the job.
  *   I don't think anyone expected that when we changed the clocks we'd go from Standard Time to the Twilight Zone
  *   This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house, told my dog..... we laughed a lot.
  *   So, after this quarantine.....will the producers of My 600 Pound Life just find me or do I find them?
  *   Quarantine Day 5: Went to this restaurant called THE KITCHEN. You have to gather all the ingredients and make your own meal. I have no clue how this place is still in business.
  *   Day 5 of Homeschooling: One of these little monsters called in a bomb threat.
  *   I hope the weather is good tomorrow for my trip to Puerto Backyarda. I'm getting tired of Los Livingroom.
  *   Classified Ad: Single man with toilet paper seeks woman with hand sanitizer for good clean fun.
  *   Day 6 of Homeschooling: My child just said "I hope I don't have the same teacher next year".... I'm offended.
  *   Better 6 feet apart than 6 feet under
Port Moody Rotary Club  and Friends To The Rescue!
The Rotary Club of Port Moody produced 300 hand-made Olson face masks for Coast Mental Health for their staff and clients.
Darrell Burnham, CEO of Coast Mental Health stated his need for personal protection for his staff and clients at his Rotary meeting on March 25th. Luckily Vida Peterson, Rotarian, professional seamstress and past president of “Days for Girls” Canada had the skills, connections and resources to act.
She chose the Olson cotton mask which has a pocket in it for a filter and a nose bridge. It helps provide some protection for others as well as for the wearer from the Covid Virus. 
A cottage industry of 30+ Rotarians and volunteers washed, cut, sewed, inserted stiffeners, shopped, ect.   A  special thanks goes to Yolanda Broderick  and all her friends who are volunteering with gusto!
To help volunteer email: pmpresident@gmail.com .  
Remember not to touch the masks when they are on and to treat used masks as if they are contaminated.  Continue social distancing and washing your hands. 
Note: We are not taking requests for masks.  
Stay safe!
Cleone Todgham
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Coast Mental Health is supporting thousands of people with Mental Illness and Substance use disorders in over 50 sites across the Lower Mainland.  Most of these clients have underlying health conditions would make them extremely susceptible to adverse reactions to Covid-19.   These masks will protect staff and residents from disease transmission.   #spreadcouragenotfear @coastmentalhealth  
We committed to 700 masks and we are almost half way done. We want to do one for everyone in the club with the RIBFEST bandanas, thanks to Linda's idea. We have other request from the hospital, seniors club etc. But I will send some articles and pictures when we are different stages. First we will finish with Darrell's project. We have fantastic volunteers!
Thank you everyone.....Cleone
Our virtual meeting went well.  Thank you to Coreen & Michael for all you do for our Rotary Club.
Here are just 3 of us:  Thanks Yvonne for the photos
It is great to hear from everyone.  Stay positive, this will not last forever.  We can make phone calls, Face Time calls etc. to keep in touch.
Darrell was extremely grateful for all the masks that our Rotary Club and friends of Rotary made.
We are looking for ideas to help out in the community. One of the ideas is to partner with a company making hand sanitizers..  Do you have any suggestions ?  Please let President Cleone know.  
Thank you Bill.  When you order from any of the resturants that have helped make our FUNDRAISERS a success, please let them know that you are grateful for the help they have given Rotary over the year.
St. James' Well
Saint Street Grill
Pasta Polo
Rocky Point Ice Cream
Brewers Row
Westwood Golf
Taylight Brewery POCO
Foamers Folly Pitt Meadows
Browns Port Moody
Patina Brewing - Port Coquitlam
Woking Dragon
Giggle Dam
Me & Ed's Pizza - Port Coquitlam
John B Pub
Hard Rock Casino
Cobb's Bread
Danne has been busy.....very cool 
No this isn’t Mexico (clothes might give that away). Its the beach on shoreline walk from Rocky Point to Pleasantside…marvellous! About 3.6 miles round trip…challenging here and there but mostly flat…great way to some fresh air! Port Moody should be proud! We parked the car at the Rec Centre.
Andy playing Pin Ball
Funny & True
Working on spelling our names! 
Stamps first then writing.
Guess Who's Calling for Dinner?
These are the groups.....

1. Coreen & Michael

a.      Patty and Don

b.      John and Cheryl

c.      Bill and Jackie 


2.      Trish & Ian

a.      Paul

b.      Yvonne and Andy

c.      Gladys

d.      Jeannie


3.      Cleone

a.      Mobina 

b.      Kay and  Roy (couldn't get on)

c.      Brian and Kelly

d.      Peter and Cindy

Looks like everyone had a good time.
We are all trying to be creative in these terrible times of social distancing! Last night our Rotary Club had a Guess Who is Calling for dinner on zoom! I had dinner with a great group where we chatted about many topics which I will not divulge here ha! We also played a fun game and we learned a lot about each other! Thank you all for spending time with me, it seemed like we were in the same room! I wore one of my fascinators and Ian wore his tux! Such fun! Thank you all!
Bill said:  
Sorry we couldn't seem to connect properly this time--hopefully we will have another chance maybe next month.
Just so you know, our menu was/is
Caesar salad with freshly grated parmesan cheese
Braised short ribs in red wine sauce with Yukon Gold potato/cauliflower mash and oven roasted asparagus
Eton mess dessert Meringue with a raspberry sauce, strawberries and whipping cream.
Tooo bad you're not here!!
PS lots of BC red wine too
Sounds like a fantastic meal !!!!
This is so true
Hockey Pool - Peter
and the winners are: 
The result is to END THE HOCKEY POOL
 PRIZES are TOP POINTS (8080)    
CROWJO- John  Crowther.                          = $350.00.
        2nd PIRZE           (79450 )   BURNHAM BRAWLERS-Darrell Burnham.      = $125.00
        Booby PRIZE.            (6445)    THE ISYGO'S -  Issy Beane                                         = $  29.00
Thanks Peter for all your work on this.  Always fun !!!
Glen reports:
Yah!!  I got my first Rotary E learning certificate.
Rotary now has a number of online courses and I thought a couple might be helpful for our Belize Trip (still hoping).  I just completed a course on "adult learners" and plan to take the one on group facilitation - both of these might be helpful to us.  I've attached my snazzy certificate of completion so you can all be envious....
The course was pretty straight forward (pretty simple), but the content is good.
Check it out at 
Alan K.
I’m still working, safe mountain bike rides and hanging out with Daisy.
Steve Witiuk
The sundeck is already for another year of relaxation 
[looks like a great place to party, just saying!!!]
Attached are some recent photos. Just baking some oat chocolate chip cookies!  
Also went out for some fresh air in the neighborhood trails.
Finally, Cooked some veggie biryani in our instant pot.
Bob's & Gayle's garden
It’s like being 16 again
Gas is cheap and I’m 
Daily hike in the fresh air.....beautiful
Gayle, Bob, Linda, George and Kari
Enjoying the home office while remembering the Humboldt Broncos.
It's so great to hear from a lot of you.  Please send your quarantine photos to share.  Thanks
Linda ;o)
Gayle & Bob are troopers,  sun, rain, sleet, snow or hail you will find them in Bert Flinn Park.  Fun times staying 6' apart.  Kari, George and Linda 
GB's project headboard.....Love it
Our Treasurer Michael at work.....Berrisfords IT Services
PP Mike is very busy......Here is what he is up to and we all wish you well too.
I’m in the office about 90% of the time now, 10% at home.  Can’t get away from the office because of things that still need face to face signing – wills, powers of attorney, real estate closings, cheques.  Missing Rotary but business has entered a very challenging phase right now with coordinating distance working for 30 staff and all the quirks that comes with, plus dealing with the shift in business needs at the moment.  Hope everyone is doing well.
BTM Lawyers LLP
530 – 130 Brew St
Port Moody, BC  V3H 0E3
Dave Stone.  Sounds like he and Cathy are very busy too.
Cathy reads a book a day.  I have been spending my time fixing some of my old photographs now that I’m housebound.  Cathy has several projects going including editing that she does professionally.
Here’s my latest photo.  It’s a photo I took as I walked along Shoreline Trail last year.   Great photo Dave !!!
Stay safe.
Michael working on computers at RWH
Dan helping with the Kenya project after he went for another pick up run and before he went back again to help Darrell. AMAZING MAN
Cleone singing with her niece Sandra, who now has no worker because of the virus.
Jeannie editing photos while walking the dykes in the sunshine
Yvonne wrote:  
On Tuesday Night we send a lovely night together, we had supper and then we played a games of yahtzee
Rotary World Help had a significant inventory of scrubs, gowns and other linen. Today working with Darrell input I delivered two skids to two of their facilities - one at Riverview and the other in Maple Ridge. This now exhausts our inventory after providing some to St Pauls and VGH.
from Peter: 
I too miss our clubs camaraderie and the Hugs.
Here are some pictures. Cindy has been doing lots of baking and making bread from our new “Bread Maker”
Plus reading lots of books
I always wanted to sort out our “EarthQuake Kit” to know what we have stored in it, so there is the list.
Lastly I have installed two glass doors between our Dinning room and Kitchen and Family room and Hallway
Need to finish caulking etc. so they are ready for painting. Hope these pics help?
We stopped by to say hi to Gary 
Not a picture of me.  But adapting in Port Moody.  Curbside delivery. Getting our crostata fix.  

Now we know that Michael does way more than sit at his computers....


Linda, great job on the positive Spike.  Kindness is contagious! 

Social distancing is really critical right now and we need to lead by example but we can have fun doing it. My kids are making me laugh as they joke around while we do a 30 day plank challenge with our cell phones on the floor. Walking with Jeannie and waving each other off as we get excited in our conversation and start approaching the 2 meter mark. Coreen sent me a great 21 day meditation challenge on abundance that is inspiring and we can send it to you if you like.

 Our club is planning to have a virtual “Guess Who is Calling for Dinner”.  Invitations will be sent out later this week.

We need to support the health care system and try to flatten the curve by not meeting with more than 5 people but that does not mean we have stopped doing the Rotary work! Meghan and Coreen hosted our first Wednesday video conferencing meeting. Alan K and Peter have been doing the work to postpone Search for the Perfect Pint. The 4 M’s and team are setting things up for RIBFEST for July but if it needs to be postponed or cancelled a lot of work will already be done. Ian and team continue to work on the Legacy Project.

We have to think creatively how we can help in the community. Vida is busy sewing masks. Peter and Danne can’t read at the manor or bring them pies right now but we did lend them the lap tops from the Belize project that they can use to keep in touch with their loved ones. We lent the Purell stations from RIBFEST to the Food Bank. They were verrrrry happy!

We are continuing our international work as well. Al S, Glen and team are preparing for the Belize trip that has been moved to November. Danne and I packed up educational toys to go with the books, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and piano that will go to Kenya. Meanwhile Michael B is preparing the computers to go with them.

Now those are the things that I know about….. Send Linda and I the project or project ideas that we have missed. Send in ideas as well on how to make the most of these times and support our loved ones and the community

 Have a few members reach out to those in need, especially your older members, and offer to pick up essentials from the grocery store and deliver to them as well as prescriptions if needed, etc.

  • Take a look at your social networks to see where people are seeking help.  For example, a manager of a senior living center posted a simple plea for help with toilet paper.  A Rotarian texted him back and 10 minutes later a case of TP was left at his entrance and he asked what other shopping he might provide. These are the acts of kindness Rotary should be doing.
  • Start a dialog between members about things needed.  For example:  I have plenty of T.P., bleach, etc.  Encourage participants to ASK if they are in need of something by simply hitting reply all on the email, to encourage people to stay home as much as possible.
  • Students are home, younger parents have to work, if they are not telecommuting.  Consider a helping hand or just a simple voice of support.  Healthy older youth might be available for sitting or taking children outside to provide breaks while still practicing safe distancing.  Young parents are stressed with work and family obligations confronting them.  We can help reduce that stress through our acts of kindness.  They are not alone in this journey.
  • Stay connected by posting Club news on the District Facebook page (@rotary5050) and keep members in your club and other clubs update to date.
  • Consider donating blood as health care systems in BC and WA need blood.  Platelets can only be stored for 7 days and are needed to stop bleeding and are essential for those fighting cancer, disease and traumatic injuries.
  • District Leaders are meeting regularly to help develop the latest information on Rotary to pass along to your club presidents on where to help, different options to meet virtually, projects to consider.  

Supporting each other and  but that does not mean we can’t have fun doing it! 

Tonight at 7 different high rises are going out onto their balconies to make noise for the health care workers. We need to help protect them.  This is going to be done at 7:00pm every night for the next while.  Get out your pots and wooden spoons and make some noise

We are lucky that we live at a time when we can are able to do video conferencing.

Right now is it the time to keep in contact and keep each other’s spirits up.  We are sooooo lucky to have the ability to so.

You are amazing !!!!


THANK YOU to Alan K for Chairing the Committee for our Search for the Perfect Pint.  Many many hours have been put into organizing this very successful event and we are grateful for all Alan K and his committee have done.  
As you may have heard, SFPP 2020 has been cancelled.
The decision was made based on timelines and needing time for the community to recover from the current Covid situation.
Also, I was recently informed by the City and the Liquor Branch that they were cancelling SFPP as well. Just in case their were some thoughts that we could extend our decision timeline. We have no choice.
Thank you everyone for helping us get this far in the organizing for SFPP.
Keep you posted on the future date for SFPP.
The Bert Flinn Gang - waiting on the log for the bus.....  Everyday out getting some fresh air. and some information about Coronavirus and Sun...
As the situation continues to unfold around Coronavirus, I wanted to take this chance to give you some tips that I found on the internet.  It read:

Over the weekend, I had two really smart doctors visiting me, and we talked all weekend about the corona situation, and brainstormed all the best tips that people can follow right now. Here's what we collectively wanted to recommend to help out with this situation...

1. First and foremost, please get outside and GET SOME SUN... whatever you do, please DON'T stay locked up inside your house...that's the WORST thing you can do for your immune system right now. You need to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Now that we're in mid March, most areas in North America and Europe are getting warmer and sunnier, and getting sun on your skin is the biggest thing you can do to boost your immune system right now.

The aspect of vitamin D production in your skin from sun exposure is just one aspect of how sunshine boosts your immune system. There are other reasons too, such as how the sun improves your mood, serotonin, balances hormones, etc.

So whatever you do, please make an effort to get outside for daily walks in the sun (without having your skin fully covered, since you need skin exposed to get the majority of the benefits), or get outside and do some gardening or other yard work. Or even just lay out in the sun if you have a deck (without getting burnt of course).

Remember, getting outside doesn't mean you have to be around a lot of people. You can still get outside and stay safe all while significantly boosting your immune system. You won't catch coronavirus by breathing outdoor air. The virus only concentrates in indoor areas when you're around a lot of people. Being outdoors is safe.

Pete & Cindy - out for a walk at Rocky Point and enjoying the sunshine
PP Al delivering Purell - Thank you
Small Business information about the VIRUS - Thank you Coreen
COVID-19 Information Resource for Small Businesses:
Small Business BC and the B.C. government Small Business Branch have prepared a joint informational electronic resource that provides a checklist of considerations that small businesses can use to help minimize the impacts of COVID-19 to their employees and operations. We invite you to share the attached resource with your clients and networks, and to share Small Business BC’s social media posts (Facebook and Twitter) to help distribute this timely information where it’s needed. 
Versions of the resource will soon be available in Punjabi, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. We will send a follow up communication when these versions are ready to share.
Small Business BC is also maintaining a webpage with links to current information and relevant private sector articles on COVID-19 considerations for business. Small Business BC advisors are ready to answer entrepreneurs’ questions about implementing or updating business continuity plans, accessing the Talk to an Expert program, or finding online training to help them take the next step.
The key links for business continuity planning are in the resource, but we are also seeing many sector organizations provide similar information, such as the BC Economic Development Association and even Facebook for their business community.
We are getting questions related to financing and access to EI/support for those not eligible for EI. Here are a few links we’re sharing:
COVID-19 Information Resource for Small Businesses:
Small Business BC and the B.C. government Small Business Branch have prepared a joint informational electronic resource that provides a checklist of considerations that small businesses can use to help minimize the impacts of COVID-19 to their employees and operations. We invite you to share the attached resource with your clients and networks, and to share Small Business BC’s social media posts (Facebook and Twitter) to help distribute this timely information where it’s needed. 
Versions of the resource will soon be available in Punjabi, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. We will send a follow up communication when these versions are ready to share.
Small Business BC is also maintaining a webpage with links to current information and relevant private sector articles on COVID-19 considerations for business. Small Business BC advisors are ready to answer entrepreneurs’ questions about implementing or updating business continuity plans, accessing the Talk to an Expert program, or finding online training to help them take the next step.
The key links for business continuity planning are in the resource, but we are also seeing many sector organizations provide similar information, such as the BC Economic Development Association and even Facebook for their business community.
We are getting questions related to financing and access to EI/support for those not eligible for EI. Here are a few links we’re sharing:
What Daisy does, and the Houseboy working three screens consulting. 
Paul busy at work
AND Jason is working from home too:
We are isolating ourselves from coworkers as much as possible and minimize contact with clients. Trying to deal with all our client’s needs over the phone. 
And with all that going on, when I take my lunch break, I study!! LOL
Coreen also working from home.
Gary says:  I’m busy catching up on doing nothing as I didn’t get finished yesterday. Also doing a lot of reading.
Navid wrote:  Past few days has been out of reality, had to make some challenging decision with childcare operation as I have suspended the operation and moved all my staff to EI.
Otherwise, lot of working from home and often interrupted by our puppy “Popcorn” .
Steve and Lauralea are really distancing themselves....Beautiful at Golden Ears & sunny
Kay:  I am starting to setup my first online class room
I am social distancing and working online, which is a steep learning curve as it is over ten years since I did fully online instruction.  While we can be very glad to have our health, and I do very much support efforts to reduce or stop the spread of the covd-19 virus, these measures will have very negative effects on many people in our community, including many of the people with whom I work.  Many people in retail, hospitality and a whole range of other industries (where many of my student work, including those with families) are losing their jobs for what looks like a prolonged period.  Their employers are without customers which may cause them to shut down and they are in the same shape as their employees if not worse.  I hope that, in addition to the much needed support for our healthcare system and those who work in it, we can, remember and support those who may be fortunate enough to not catch the virus but be very needy in spite of what the government can do in this situation.  
Not many ideas on what to do right now but just a thought.
Take care and stay well,
Self test:
The BC Ministry of Health has developed a self-assessment tool to help determine whether you may need further assessment or testing for COVID-19: https://covid19.thrive.health/

You can complete this assessment for yourself, or on behalf of someone else, if they are unable to.

Please share this widely with your networks as it will assist in diverting calls from 811 as much as possible.

Please note:  This message is for all our FRIENDS of Rotary and Past Members.  We will not be holding weekly meetings for awhile.  I will be sending out a Golden Spike each week to our 'members' and to those of you who request that you would like to stay in touch.  Please let me know if you would like to still receive our Golden Spike and I will keep you on the list.  Other than that, stay safe, stay home and enjoy all the good that we have.
We had our Board meeting on Monday morning via phone conference......It went well......
Everyone gave their reports and discussion on whether or not we should have our 'weekly meetings' was the main focus.  The decision was made that we will NOT hold our weekly meetings and we will discuss at our next Board meeting [ April 20] when we will start up again.  We will have conference meetings every week and we will see how that goes.  
We will miss each other so please 'stay in touch'.  We will be sending out the Golden Spike each week to our members so we can keep 'in touch' that way.
Because we will miss all of you very much, I would like you to please send me updates on your lives [as we would for Happy Dollars]. Send photos, updates etc on what is going on with you.  I will only be sending this to our Club Members Friends of Rotary and past members who request that they want to 'stay in touch'.   How is your family handling this Virus?  Send photos of what you are doing to keep life 'as normal' as you can.  
We are a very strong Rotary Club and we would like to make sure that our members are well taken care of.  If you need 'anything', please let me know and we will make sure you are taken care of.  I really mean that......We have so many people that are willing to go out and help, so PLEASE let us know when you need something.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like in the Spike, please let us know.  We are 'in this together'......
Remember this is what is we DO have.
Don't forget to send your photos.
This is what we do every day....Enjoy the forest and fresh air.
With the opportunity for face to face communication diminished over the next several weeks we are all looking for ways to stay in touch, feel connected and to advance the work of Rotary.  Social Media can pick up a tiny bit of that slack.  If you are connected on Twitter, or are thinking about getting connected Twitter then follow us @PortMoodyRotary  We can talk about Rotary, Port Moody, our Rotarians, our friends and the work Rotary does around the world.  
Thanks for the follow...
by the way:
Guests this week:
Josh Karis
Stephen Carr
Our guest speaker Christine and Darrel's lovely wife Krista.  We love when Krista comes to visit.
Leah Coss from Build a Biz Kids
Cleone's sister Lynette,who is a huge help at RIBFEST and very supportive of her President Sister.
New Member social night – Al reported event @ Pasta Polo –  Was about 30 , we had a good session enjoyed by all.
RLI Michael B, he and Coreen went.
Membership MeetingGayle March 12 at President Cleone's home.  5:00 PM. We encourage all to come, new members especially input is wanted.  An 'event' has been sent out, please mark 'attend or decline' so we know how many people are coming.
Navid Presentation – Navid on behalf of his Company Aultrust Financial, presented sponsorship cheque to Cleone for Rotary - $ 5000 !!  for RIBFEST sponsorship
Ecuador Ian – Ian has returned from Ecuador and will have many stories to tell us.
Belize bon voyage party – April 8 – at the Legion '
PLEASE NOTE THE DATE & VENUE CHANGE'   COME DRESSED IN BEACH WEAR TO SEND THESE MEMBERS OFF ON THIS ADVENTURE.   -Al mentioned they have become aware there is lots to do and little time to do it 😊
Search for the Perfect Pint Alan K is the chair.– We are looking for sponsors – 20 breweries, 4 food vendors and growing confirmed.
RIBFEST – will be report at next meeting on where we are at with planning
Kid entrepreneur's need help: 
Leah's note is:
We are looking for lead and assistant facilitators for our upcoming Spring Kid Entrepreneur programs around the Tri Cities and surrounding areas. I was wondering if you would be able to put it out to your club to see if anyone would like to help out for a couple hours a week for 10 weeks to inspire kids as they learn to launch their own business. We need to solidify our BBK Teams in the next 2-3 weeks. 
The lead facilitators need to be adults, however, the assistant volunteer facilitators can be Grade 11 or 12 students in case any of your Interractors would be interested in participating and gaining awesome experience. 
Here is a link to our Team page with more information on both roles. 
If you can help, please contact them on the above link.
Build a Biz – Leah Coss – she talked for quite a while – about their growth and new activities, things are going very well.  Goal to have at least 100 students this year, they are half way there now !  Organizing a build a biz takeover for ribfest – kids will interview random people. They are providing a link to their may event.  Doing events with SHAPE the owners of Lougheed and brentwood to get kids involved.
District Training ConferenceMeghan – calling it training and encourages everyone to go, everyone on board for next year NEEDS to go, is in Surrey, paid for by club, lots of fun and informative, can carpool  April 4 – Saturday
Anyone can go.  New members and veteran Members are welcome.  This is a very fun event and you will learn a ton.
Please let us know if you are going to attend.
Presentation – Cleone to Meghan for all her hard work ! 
Cleone to Navid for all he is doing with 'US' and his other club in Vancouver 
Canadian Wheelchair Foundation – Christiana Flessner 
She talked about what they are doing and told stories about some of the clients (very touching stories about enabling people !)  IF you see a red wheelchair, its them ! Working around the  world costa rica , Guatemala, eastern Europe, etc.
Accept donations of cash but if you have wheelchair donate through Dan G (rotary world).
Soroptimist 'Give her WINGS' gala brunch was on Sunday and President Cleone and Jeannie went to represent our Rotary Club.

Rotary Meeting February 26th, 2020


GUESTS: Kalpna Solanki (Our speaker), Mobina Hasan and Ehsan Chisti (parents of a Heritage Woods student. They were part of the team of adults listening to the Student talks on what they’ve learned and what they want to accomplish. Also have shown interest in possibly joining Rotary.

BIRTHDAYS: Isy and Paul

ANNIVERSARIES: Ann 20 year with Club. Yvonne and Andy plus Megan and Paul.

- Danne spoke about the Heritage Woods students’ transition talks were and how inspirational.


- New Member social for the 5 Clubs was held at Pasta Polo and was a great turnout.  Thank you to all our new members that attended.  Glen, Michael, Anthony, Aziz, Mike, Frank and I hope I haven't missed anyone else.  Oh Mobina Hasan and Ehsan Chisti were there and we will be very lucky if they decide to join our Club.  DG Brad, AG Al, Past DG Denis & Carol  did an excellent job presenting at the meeting.  The first question that was asked was 'Why did you join Rotary'?  a great thought provoking question that we should all reflect on.  Well done !!!


- There will be a membership meeting on March 12th at Gayle’s place. Car- pool if possible as parking is at a premium. After the new members meeting, we will have a great start at what to talk about.  Everyone welcome.

- Brief Board meeting update. NOTE we will have a semi-regular “Club Runner” update this Spring highlighting all the features and changes available on Club Runner.

- There will be a meeting on RIBFEST at Cleone’s April 13th. Will be for leadership team only.

- Report on PETS weekend.

- Thrifty’s has a net out looking for volunteers to help pick/deliver food orders to Seniors or folks with a disability that makes in store shopping difficult.  This is the email we received.  If you can help that would be fantastic.


From: Lynanne Smith [lsmith@thriftyfoods.com]

I am looking for your help in getting the word out for a few volunteers needed - three to be exact. Sendial is a shopping and home delivery service for individuals unable to shop in-store without assistance. The program has been in operation for 33 years. More than 500 volunteers make the service possible throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. There is a small but mighty team of 14 that support our program in Port Moody. We are running very short on volunteers on Monday & Tuesday mornings. Since the shifts fall on weekday mornings, retired people are typically the best fit. Perhaps a Rotarian, or someone they know would be interested in exploring this opportunity. I’m hopeful you will consider putting out an e-mail to your members, or scheduling a representative to speak at an upcoming meeting. Over 150 of our volunteers have been volunteering for 10 years or more – they love their Sendial! More information about the program can be found at www.thriftyfoods.com/Sendial. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience.


- BON VOYAGE Party April 9th at Legion. More to follow.

- March 14th Belize Training. We have a large contingent of volunteers going to work on our International Grant project. Great work by Glen and Al S. organizing participation from several Clubs in our District, plus other districts, plus international support plus support from our Canadian Government. 

And speaking about Belize look at what is already happening at the Belize Prison.

This is the new kitchen for the female section. First batch of cookies. We hope to make it sustainable by making items they can sell at the prison shop. So we can train sustainably. Teaching to make stuff that can sell will help them when they get out. They are so happy and proud.


 - RLI coming up one Saturday in March.

 Darrell was awarded a service pin for all the work he does securing guest speakers for our meetings. He is open to ideas from anyone in the Club--If you hear someone speak that you think would be good for our members to hear get the contact info to Darrell and he will follow up with them.

Guest speaker Kalpna Solanki from “Operators Without Borders

--Born in Zambia, High School in Britain, and University in B.C. She is now CEO of Operators Without Borders.

--Kalpna uses the term OPERATOR to cover any of their trained workers involved in a) water treatment, b) water distribution, c) waste-water collection, or d) waste- water treatment.

-- Operators Without Borders is a Registered Canadian Non Profit NGO. It was formed in 2017 in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria which struck Dominica. It presently has over 50 volunteer workers who work where and when needed.

--It is not a “first responder” agency. They are called on to help “recover” after an emergency with teams of operators who. 

  1. Mentor and train utility operators

  2. Provide post-disaster recovery for water and waste-water utilities

  3. Provide recycled equipment.

  4. --in most cases they leave the area with better services than they had before the storm. As in Dominican Republic

--In Bahamas (2019) the problems have been with contamination of their aquifers so their work has been in drilling new source aquifers and working to desalinate water to drinkable levels. 

--For first time they have also been called in to help in some cities in  the US after hurricanes in the south.

--Part of their expanding mandate is to supply volunteers to help in poor countries especially around the Carribean but also looking at in Africa. They want to send teams to help the water/wastewater sector anywhere. Natural disasters like the earthquake in 2010 in Haiti can decimate infrastructure. Their goal is to be able to send teams to help the water sector anywhere help is needed.

  1. They had a project in Belize in 2019 where they were helping to upgrade and replace part of their supply/treatment systems. $ volunteers worked to train “operators” in Belize.

More information available at their website https://operatorswithoutborders.org




Guest this week were:  
George Balzer & Clayton AndersonClayton is our parking Guru at RIBFEST and volunteer at other events.
Claire MacLean CEO Share Society (guest speaker]

Claire MacLean has been involved with SHARE Family and Community Services in the Tri-Cities for 4 Years. She and her husband are raising their family in Port Moody. SHARE Family and Community Services exists to Connect, Engage, and Strengthen Individuals and Families.

--Here for the entire community helping folks with vulnerabilities--

  1. Food Bank, Housing Services

  2. Services for parenting and children/youth services

  3. Around aging and social connectedness

  4. Newcomers, ESL, etc.

  5. Mental health, Substance abuse, etc.

--Thank you Rotary for help with fundraising (Christmas Train Hot Chocolate) and food Bank at Thrifty’s

--SHARE will be involved with the new YMCA facility being built as part of the Burquitlam developments. It will include affordable housing (43 housing) and 100 apartment units below market value PLUS 30 fully accessible units.

--working to transform the FOOD BANK to be more accomodating.

--program to react to urgent mental health issues--within 48 hours and appointment within 2 weeks. 

--working on ways to assist family health Dr.s -- not enough time to spend with patients, reduce burnout, nurse practitioners.

--New Children’s Centre under construction due to open end of 2021. Partnership with Saint Andrew’s United and Kinsite.

--Foundry is a new concept B.C. program offering 1-Stop Hub for Youth 12-24 years old. Provides counselling, mentoring, Doctors, and other services. SHARE has applied to be the lead agency for a Hub in   the Tri Cities during an upcoming second phase where there will be 6 new Hubs spread around the Province. 


--March 7th they will be holding their ‘Imagine” Fundraiser, their 15th annual. At the Hard Rock.  

President Cleone thanked Vida for all the good work she does for Day's for Girls and what an amazing mentor she is:

Rotary Areas of Focus: 

  1. Peace & conflict prevention/resolution

  2. Disease Prevention & Treatment

  3. Waste handling & sanitation

  4. Maternal & child health

  5. Basic education & literacy Economic & community development

 Gayle and Bob’s 57th anniversary. - Wishing you many many more Healthy & Happy years together!!!

  1. Club Installation night  June 25th (Thursday)

  2. Cleone thanked Glen for covering 1 week of her absence.

  3. Board Meeting was on  Feb. 24th at 7:00am

  4. New Members “meet and greet” Wednesday Feb. 26th at Pasta Polo. Our Club has 11 folks attending. Great way to meet new members from other clubs

  5. Rotary Leadership Institute March 7-8 Mt. Vernon.

  6. Cleone spoke about a new program to collect old I-Phones and tablets to send to Kenya. More info to follow

  7. Busy times coming up--preparing for Belize trip in April, SFPP (May 29th) and RIBFEST (July 17,18,19). Try to keep track of hours we spend to include in a yearly tally of hours volunteered.

  8. Our thoughts to Linda and George and to the Berrisfords

  9. Vida has been involved in Rotary since 1984 and is still actively involved with the “Days For Girls” in Africa and around the world


President Cleone is back at the helm this week after a few weeks travelling.
Guests: Andy Berrisford (considering becoming a new member), Chantelle Burga (from New View Society in PoCo), and Frank Marchand (last meeting as a guest)
Welcome Frank to the Rotary Club of Port Moody....AG Al introduced Frank to our Club and we look forward to working with Frank on our projects.
It's always a good day to have a new member join our Rotary Club.

Mike Poznanski reviewed the voting on our Legacy Project. There was a clearcut winner by vote (66%)but we are not announcing it until all of the details are confirmed and the plans have been finalized. Mike will be asking anyone interested in fundraising and promotion for this event to join a committee to make this venture  extra special and successful. 


This week is the anniversary week for Brian W, Gladys, and Michael B. What great members they have turned out to be and involved in so many of our fundraising projects. Great work all.


  1. February 26th 7 PM there will be a “new members” social at Pasta Polo. It is open to all.

  2. RLI (Rotary Learning Institute) March 7-8 will be held in Mount Vernon. It is a 3 session learning program about all we do in Rotary.

  3. District Training Assembly April 4th will be held at Kwantlen College in Surrey. There will be more than a dozen “breakout” sessions to choose from, you will choose from 3 that interest you, lunch supplied and a keynote address in the afternoon. We will be car-pooling from the rec centre normally leaving appr. 8 am and returning by 4 pm. A great day to meet other Rotarian from around our District.

  4. District Conference will be held in Harrison April 30th-May 3rd. Sign up soon.

  5. Rotary International Conference will be held in Honolulu the first week in June. 4-6 folks are attending from our Club more welcome to attend.

  6. Club Service is the Board position that includes planning social events, parties etc. PLUS organizing the teams that set up the Well for our meetings, putting it back ready for business, arranging for greeters, meeting minutes takers, and those who introduce/thanks guest speakers.

  7. Speaking of Guest speakers--Darrell organizes our guest speakers and he is always looking for folks to meet with us, speak for 20-25 minutes on interesting projects in the Tri-Cities, things we can get involved in, etc. If you know someone who would qualify or hear a presentation from somewhere else you think would be of interest to the Club let Darrell know.

  8. Brian Dunne was recognized for being here every week and always getting the speaker’s information work with our electronic system. Thanks Brian!

  9. SFPP (Search For the Perfect Pint) has been moved this year to the last Friday night in May--May 29th. Already have 16 breweries signed up PLUS 3 Cideries. Will have jobs to sign up for soon.

  10.  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly??) will be May 7-10. Open to school students.

  11. NOTE:  DATE CHANGE :Our Port Moody Club Installation Dinner will be on Thursday night June 25th at the Saint St. Grille. Dinner for members is included in your annual dues but guests will be approximately $55.00.


Chantelle gave us a short overview of her work at New View Society. It is funded as a Not For Profit venue which provides fellowship, some meals, entertainment and friendship for youth, young adults and some mature adults who need what they find there. My friend, Sean (who works with me every day at RIBFEST running a recycling station) attends a few times a week enjoying the company and helping them re-cycle. Plans are in the works to hold a meeting there and see the facility and learn what they do, then find ways we can work with them. She also told us of their big fundraising event being held Wednesday, March 3rd at the

Vancouver Rowing Club (transportation will be supplied) and tables of 10 sell for $350.00. We will see if there is interest in buying a table.



Meghan Lahti was our guest President this week
What a great meeting !!! Coreen who is our Community Service Chair did an outstanding job explaining all of the Community Service events that we do and do we do A LOT!!!
This is Coreen's summary:
Coreen gave a presentation on Community service with three goals in mind: 1) inform new members of what community service projects the club does 2) confirm interest and a lead for ongoing projects and 3) identify any new potential projects.  Successful projects have three criteria:  community need, club member interest/passion and club member and partner capacity.  Our club has four primary focus areas 1) building community, 2) youth leadership 3) senior engagement and quality of life and 4) enhancing our natural environment.  Ongoing Activities which happen monthly or seasonally were presented.  All the activities were confirmed and the lead for the Heritage Mountain Cleanup was changed to Alan Schmelzel.  While Gayle Carter will remain the lead for the Little Library, Mike Clay has agreed to take the lead in the refinishing project.  Our Annual projects were also presented, Kay was pleased to find that she has a venue in Vida’s building for her Chess/Games Night.  Coreen has agreed to lead the Terry Fox Run registration.  We still need to find a liaison for Eagle Ridge Manor to work with Lori and we need a lead for the Interior Christmas Manor Decorating.  These will be revisited at the September meeting as we head into the busy Christmas Holiday season.  As for new projects, a summer time BBQ for Innervisions is being proposed to the Board.
Guests this week were:  Frank Marchand.  Frank has been proposed as a new member of our Club.  We are looking forward to inducting him.
Alan's guest Byron Harper
George Balzer
Andy Berrisford
Coreen explaining all the events that we do and asking for 'leads' for some of them.
Alan reminding us to use our THRIFTY'S COMMUNITY CARD when buying groceries.  We get 5% back of all you
We would like to Thank Share for giving us some Children's books for our Little Library.
Also we now have a 'construction team', with Michael and Andy Berrisford and Ian who will re-stain our Little Library and spruce it up !!!  As you can see, it is in bad need of repair....
Thank you so much.

  1. No Birthdays or anniversaries. - oops we need new members for we have a Birthday to celebrate ;o)

  2. February 26th there will be a “new members” social. More to come

  3. February 12th meeting we will have a Legacy Project Reveal. Hope to see everyone there.

  4. Belize trip will happen April 14-22. First ½ working with the Rotary project and second half tourist/exploring time


Guest Speaker: Coreen Beresford speaking on Club Service 2020/2021

  1. Successful projects need Club interest, Club involvement and a champion

  2. Building the community

  3. Summer Sundays (Danne, George and Linda), 


  5. Heritage BLVD cleanup (monthly),  Alan will be the Lead now....Thanks to Darrel for all the time he has given

  6. Pie Day at Manor (Danne 4th Friday each Month), 

  7. Reading at the Manor (1st/3rd Monday each month Peter and Kerry)

  8. Little Library (Gayle keeps full and Mike C., Ian, Michael B. to refurbish) 

  9. RIPS Bill and Brian W.

  10.  Terry Fox Run Mike Clay runs the Port Moody Run and Coreen will lead the 'volunteers' again this year.

  11.  Eagle Ridge Manor Outside Christmas decorating-Peter and his team,   Looking for a leader for the inside decorating team

  12.  Manor Christmas Party 

  13.  Christmas Train (now doing Hot Chocolate only inside and outside) Peter  and his team 

  14.  Inner Visions Chili Lunch Linda and Gayle. (exploring a BBQ lunch for summer as well this year)

  15.  November 11th Wreath laying (Club President plus members)

  16.  Games nights being planned this year Kay ++

  17.  New ideas based on member’s passions

  18. ****Committee will conduct a “Community Needs Assessment” to identify projects that would fit our vision 


This morning’s meeting was chaired by Peter Cuthburt as Grandma President Cleone is “on assignment” in Colorado.

Peter provided us with an update on the hockey pool.  Although this was exciting news for Peter, Darrel and John – it was mostly injury, insult and regret for the rest of us.  We are encouraged to keep track of the injuries in our line-up, but for most of us, that’s just more bad news.


Frank Marchand has returned as a guest of Al Stjernegaard for his second meeting.  

Jason invited 7 representatives from the Port Moody Old Timers Hockey Club, many of whom will be active partners and volunteers in RIBFEST.  There may be some potential members in this group.


Jerry Glazier, President Elect of the Vancouver Club joined us this morning.

Voting continues on our Legacy Project.  You have only a few days left to evaluate project materials and submit your vote.


The District  Grants Management Seminar  took place at Rotary Field House (Surrey) on Feb 01, 2020 , 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.  This was a good opportunity for a new or veteran club member to learn more about Rotary, and ensure our club remains qualified to apply for district and global grants.


International Meeting was held on Wednesday at 7 PM at St. James Well.


Steve W invited club members to come out and listen to Neetu Garcha, a News Anchor and Reporter from Global News! She will be talking to Interactors about her career as an anchor and reporter.  Catch all this at the Coquitlam Public Library (City Centre Branch) on February 5, 2019 in Room 137 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.  It’s a good opportunity to promote interact. If interested email your name and contact information to:tricitiesinteract@gmail.com to attend



David W. brought together a jam-packed agenda of important updates from the team planning this year’s RIBFEST this year is July 17, 18 and 19.


The big change this year is to reinvent the operations of the beer garden and rib running.  In recent years rib running has presented logistical challenges and requires almost half of the volunteers need to run the entire event.  This year the plan is to fence (control entry) to the entire festival site, allowing beer and wine to be consumed throughout the site (the whole site will be licenses).  The “rib running” service is no longer a requirement.


The planning committee is responding proactively to changing food choices and has taken note of activism at other “rib events”.  We want to include everyone in our community, and so more food (vegan, vegetarian options are being added).


David W. and Linda B. are coordinating our expected 750 volunteers for this years event.  Area managers should reconfirm their volunteer and scheduling needs.


Mike P. updated on the “year round” financial management plan and activity for the event.  Last year’s net proceeds were more than the previous years.  Sponsorship receipts, pre-payment of services and payment of invoices is ongoing.


Ian confirmed that 6 ribbers will be in attendance as well as a return visit by “Rusty”.  Tragically, Justin Kyllo, Smoke N’Bones was killed on Kilimanjaro last year.  Two “Vegan” vendors have been identified. 

Alan Stjernegaard confirmed Planning is underway for a successful beer garden and that successful consultation has been completed with Port Moody Police regarding the licensing change.

Coreen advises that planning is underway for the “Corporate Hospitality Area” (name change from VIP, and that various food service options are being considered.


Bill is again responsible for our “gold standard” recycling program.  It is operated 100% on site by volunteers.  We get great cooperation from the city resulting 6 metric tons of garbage going from waste to energy; 6 metric tons of organic waste going to compost; and 0 tons going to the landfill.

David W and Cleone are responsible for the Kids Zone.  There are plans to include a VR (Virtual Reality) component this year. [Kay & Vida will also help in Kids Zone]


Gayle and Steve W are responsible for donations.  Primary collection will be at our entry points.

Mike Clay is coordinating sponsors and all sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Mike.  Onni and Open Road are entering into the 2nd year of their 2-year sponsorship agreement.  Mike would like to encourage more involvement from local business and encourages club members to make sure that local businesses are aware of the benefits that flow from a RIBFEST association and sponsorship.

Claire is responsible for promotion.  Everyone involved in the event should consider opportunities for “stories” and ways to promote the event (in social media and mainstream media) and share ideas with Claire.  Empty Desk Solutions will coordinate the social media campaign involving the web page, Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

Acting President Glen Brown officiated the meeting – at least some of it. 
Notable Guests:  PDG Denis Boyd Coquitlam selling tickets for Caledonia Night on January 31st and Greg Garrison – Coquitlam Sunrise – selling tickets for the club’s Quiz Night later in February.
 Michael Berrisford announced there was new “tech” for the cashier’s – Tap n Pay feature now available at the cash. 
 Al Stjernegaard reported on the plan to visit Belize and conduct training sessions for inmates they have raised, including matching funds, $90 K US raised.  The trip will be just after Easter and be planned for 8 or 9 days.  The plan is to work for 3 to 4 days and play for the rest of the time.   So far 10 members have volunteered for the trip.  Please contact Al or Glen for more information.
Peter Cuthbert reported that the Rotary Store was open, but failed to update us on the Hockey Pool! 
Steve reported on Interact.  He’s set up guest speakers once a month beginning Feb 5th .  He’s looking for club volunteers to either help with programs or just to attend with the Interactors.
Coreen reported that the Club meeting will focus on Community Services on Feb 5th .
Mike P reported on the Legacy projects.  Club members can view the presentations on line and he’s looking for the vote on the favourites to be completed by Feb 1st
The Jan 29th meeting will focus on RIBFEST 
Paul was Sgt. At Arms today and collected happy and sad dollars from the club members.   Gayle reported on the health challenges that our beloved Charter President, Linda Balzer is facing.
Our guest speaker today was Dr. Julian Somers a research psychologist with Simon Fraser University.  Dr. Somers spoke on the ample research on the appropriate response to homelessness, particularly to those with mental illness and/or addictions. 
15 year old research indicated it cost society $55,000 per year for someone who is homeless – looking at all costs – health, social services, corrections, etc.  At that time it cost $37,000 a year to provide the appropriate support for homeless individuals.   Future research, including the National At Home/Chez Soi study which was the largest in the world, supported the economics of intervention with appropriate housing and support in order to help people transition effectively from the streets.   He also spoke of the approach to addiction treatment indicating that one should expect sobriety and that often homeless people have less “recovery equity” to help them turn the corner.   Very interesting talk.  
Past ADG Preet has a project that she helps run.
This is a very good project. They are holding a fund raiser on the 22nd of January.
What a great meeting to start off our 2020 Vision -  Happy New Year everyone !!!!  I am guessing at what the photos were that Yvonne took as I have no notes.  See if I am correct ;o)
President Cleone presented this fine group of Gentlemen accolades for all the work they did for our Legacy Project.  They received the recognition for their vision and the work they have done to make our community an even better place to live. 
Glen - Seniors proposal
Mike - IOCO land proposal
David - YMCA proposal
Mike - managing the Legacy process
Paul had the 1st presentation at CABE  and he received a Paul Harris plus 1 for his contributions.
Great to see Jason back after a busy few months.  Always great to see his smile and enthusiasm.
We are so happy to have Aziz now a member of our Rotary Club.  Aziz and family have moved to Port Moody and we welcome him and the knowledge he has of Rotary.
Steve announced he is running in the Diabetes run again this year and would like our support.  He also brought Lexie and now we are not only the 'hugging club' but the 'doggy club'  
Guest speaker is fellow Rotarian Navid - Sorry Navid I am sure your talk was amazing but I have no idea what it was about.....lol. 
They are all clapping so I bet it was for Navid.....  oh and Gayle is in a different chair.....
Gary is checking his stocks
Michael is just looking cool and so is Mike behind him....Coreen is wondering what they are doing....
PUB night at the Legion.
Look out the Rotarians were there and they made out like bandits on the 'meat draw'.
Alan S. won the big one, Michael one 2 and John one 1......way to go and support the Legion.
Everyone please keep Ann and Vida in your thoughts and prayers......
Great excitement in the air at our last meeting.
Nice to see so many guests this week
PP Ian's wife Trish MacPhail
Yvonne's husband Andy
Past member and Rotarian from Langley - Steve Gable [with Steve Witiuk]
George attended to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas
Always great to see past member Jim McGrandles come visit.
Three great projects presented today
Rotary Centre for Aging and Health - Glen
Rotary Sea to Mountain Trail - Al via Alan
YMCA - David
Share Christmas Train
IT DIDN'T RAIN!            We took in donations of $1, 156.20. !! !!
From the moment our Urns where hot, right on our scheduled "Go Time" (4:45pm), it was GO GO GO!
It did not stop until we actually ran out of Chocolate Mix.!
Thanks to Dan & Danne replenishing our 4 Hot Water containers from Browns S/H. They made several trips!
Thanks to Mike Clay, John Crowther for re- mixing our Urns, (I don't know how many times they did that?)  which were very quickly empty, due to hundreds of served Hot Chocolate cups that Kerry, Dan and I, gave to the long line of people patiently waiting to donate. 
Run by Steve Witiuk, Anthony, (our newest member) and Bill Lawrie , was less crazy, but they received
An amazingly generous donation of $100.00!!
AGAIN THANKS TO :Special Thanks to Kerry who suddenly turned up and started serving to the very end 
Dan G. Danne D.
Mike C. John C
Steve W. Bill L
Anthony & Ian  McPhail for taking Photo's of the action 
SPECIAL THANKS TO: "Rylie"of St. James Well for supplying both the Chocolate Mix & Cups
                                          "Chris" of Browns Social House Restaurant for the supply of Hot Water
                                          "Chris Leon" of the City of Port Moody, who organized the whole event!
Dan Gallant  & I were trying to remember how many times we have held this event, it has to be over 10??
Giving this fact, it is why we all became ROTARIANS, making some families Christmas a little bit Happier
Gayle & Gladys have become face painters - Vida you are a good teacher.
President Cleone was away and PP Mike ran our meeting.
Nice to see Fellow Rotarian Navid out to our meeting.
Legacy Projects are the subject of our meetings for a couple of weeks.  This week. PP's Ian and Alan presented the 'Inlet Park Expansion project'
And Mike presented 'Rotary Village'.
We have two great projects to think and ask questions about.  Please go to these members with any of your questions or comments to help us all make the correct decision.
Please keep Yvonne and her family in your prayers.  They lost their son Byron and now is no longer suffering and is in a better place.  Yvonne will need our support for the months ahead and especially during this Christmas season.
Heritage Mtn. Blvd is cleaner now.  Thanks to Darrell for organizing and for the team that showed up.  7 bags of Trash...
Just have a look at our President Cleone.....She is having a ball in Bangladesh !!!!
AGM was very well attended.
Great to see Clayton Anderson out again and Navid Morawej
This is the newly elected Board for 2020-2021. Paul & Mike 'are there' and Alan & Glen are missing.
President - Meghan
President Elect
Foundation Chair - Mike 
Club Foundation Chair - Cleone
Past President - Cleone
Secretary - Alan
Treasurer - Michael
Membership - Gayle
Club Service - Linda
Community Service - Coreen
Youth - Steve
Vocational - Paul
International - Glen
PR - Claire
Another fun Joint Christmas meeting
Our very own Yvonne won a present for the ugliest 'Christmas tights'. Fun times
Look what happens when you shop with these 2 - Santa calls you in for a photo
Shopping for Innervisions and the Chili lunch cooking
See album for all the photos of our Chili lunch.....What an amazing group of men that we cooked for this year.....
"meat man' he is now called.  Thanks Alan
Danne the 'chopper', John chopped too and Cleone opened many tins....
The group
Guess who is in the Trash?
Summer Sunday's Eagle Eyes Concert had a great group from our Rotary Club.  Thanks to all that came to enjoy.
Christmas Party at the Manor.....
Share Christmas train December 17th.  Thanks to Peter & Coreen for organizing the Hot Chocolate and Face Painting and Cookie Decorating.
There are tons of  'opportunities' to help with Rotary.....guess what ?  This week is a ROTARY week for sure.
Tuesday - December 3rd is our Joint Rotary Christmas Breakfast at the Vancouver Golf Club.  7:00 AM
Wednesday -   December 4th is our Rotary Club's AGM
Thursday - December 5th is the Innervisons Chili lunch for Christmas 
Sunday - December 8th is the Manor Christmas Party.
Summer Sundays Christmas Concerts 'Eagle Eyes' are on December 7 & 8 - both SOLD OUT...
This weeks guests were :  Fellow Rotarian Navid Morawej
Clayton Anderson
Speakers this week were Michael & Coreen Berrisford and their Bird's Eye View of South Africa
Board meeting at Cleone's was fun. After the Board meeting, Cleone prepared dinner.  It was Gayle's Birthday and BOB brought the cake  !!!!

Guests this week were:
Elaine Robinson
Julie Knisley & Cindy Paddington 
Celebrated Decorating the Manor. Interactors joined 

Danne and Cleone anniversaries with Rotary. 

Hockey pool update. Pete shared the race for first, remember your games played, some teams are behind in games played, still room for others to climb the standings. 

Guess who is coming for dinner was a huge success. We had an Italian theme and everything was perfect.  Thanks to Gary for organizing.  
Darrell & Krista Burnham were hosts:  Gayle is missing from the photo.
Gladys Mercer was host:
 Peter and Cindy Cuthbert hosted
and Glen & Marcia hosted Alan, & Kay.  Our organizer was not feeling well and could not attend, which is a real shame.  Gary you did a fantastic job organizing.

Belize teaching session went very well.  Glen ran a great meeting with 2 people from the Haney Club, 1 from Port Coquitlam and the rest from Port Moody.  Well done.

RIBFEST Rotary Clubs from BC met Monday. 8 running in BC now. 6 Rotary. 2 external, maybe a new one from Chilliwack Rotary. $60 left over from meeting at Pasta Polo, to Polio Plus. 
Speaking of Polio Plus, here is an article sent to us from Marc at the Oro Valley Club.

Grant meeting Monday Nov 25 at Gayle’s house. 5pm. Followed by wrapping for Innervisions, approx 6pm start.
District Grant approved. Curriculum project with Build a Biz.  


Cancer prevention and hip dysplasia funding came in for the project in Ecuador. Ian our liaison. 

Board meeting 5-7 on Dec 2 at Cleone’s.
Joint Christmas Party, 7 am Dec 3rd at Vancouver Golf Club. 

We wrapped mugs, socks, etc... for Innervisions. We have been doing this for each year since we started the Club.

Dec 15, 2-4pm, Manor Christmas Party. 

SAVE THE DATE.......This is always a great event to come to.  The Manor residents love that our Rotary Club puts on a Christmas party for them.  Everyone is welcome and you can bring your family also.  Rotary serves cake and punch along with tea and coffee.  There is usually entertainment and of course the man with the 'red suit' always shows up so that the Manor residents can have their photos taken with him.

Please sign up to come and help.  You will have a great time seeing the smiles on these seniors and their familites. 

Christmas Train coming up too. Dec 17, train in Port Moody 5:20-6:15

Legacy presentations Dec 11 and 18. Cleone will ask Mike to send out the details in advance.
Rotary World Help shipping a container to Philippines.
President Cleone presented Yvonne a pin.  Yvonne is the first one to help someone and as a Club we really need to support her now.  We are one big FAMILY !!!

Soroptimist - Speaker this week was Julie & Cindy came along as moral support.

Thank you for our gift to their programs, Warm place for women. 100 guests, more than a soup kitchen, a social evening, crafts, doors prizes, center pieces thanksgiving theme, big meal. 
Bea’s Kloset, our donation rents the locker for a year, a free store for women referred by a social worker, women’s aging out, 
These are some of the programs that they do as a club.
CABE lunch and learn. 
Walk a mile in her shoes, promoting gender equality, April 17, 2020
55 career women shared their careers with 120 teen girls, Dream it be it. 
Serving here for 20 years
Support women in many initiatives. 

Next week, Coreen and Michael. 
Rotary Christmas Magic at the Manor
The Manor magically transformed into bright Christmassy warmth. 
The building and grounds were wrapped in twinkling lights. Peter, Danne, Al K., John, Ian, Dan G., Alan S. and Mike C. were balancing on stepladders, reaching, bending, carting around lights, dealing with getting more lights, and the power going out…. and all of it in the rain!  Thanks Peter for leading the team and getting everything organized. 
Inside the ceiling, hallways, nurses’ counters, entrance way, and foyer burst into colours, sparkles, snowflakes and Christmassy cheer. 
The Interactors were everywhere. They hung wreaths in the hallways with Brian D., giant snowflakes in the windows, and little snowflakes on the pillars. A highlight was watching 4-year old, Maddy, with his dad, Anthony. He had the biggest grin as he helped his dad and Cheryl Crowther decorate the main dining hall tree. Jeannie put a perfectionist touch to it with her granddaughter, Mia, on the lobby tree. Hopefully, Gladys will forgive me for stealing her swag from the entrance way. She did a great job on the sitting room as well. Lisa K. got not one but two trees decorated and they looked so pretty. Brian W. and my cousins, Janine and Dave, added giant snowflakes and a couple of garlands in the dining room. It looked spectacular!
Lorie, her assistant, and hospital volunteers did so much that we finished by noon and had a wonderful lunch together. 
The Manor sparkles with Rotary Christmas Magic once again!
Thank You Everyone! YAY Team!
We had a 'no show' speaker this week, but that didn't stop Darrell from making this an excellent meeting.  Darrell you are amazing !!!
Thank you to PP Alan, Dan G and PP Gayle for sharing  'quick' classification talks.  Now we all know you much better.
Alan - 29 years in Rotary
Dan - Just completed 39 years. Joined in Saskatoon in the fall of 1980.
Gayle - sorry Gayle I didn't take your photo at Rotary ....Plus  Congratulations to Gayle.  Again President Cleone is wonderful acknowledging members for the good work they do.  Gayle received a pin today for taking care of the 'Heart of Rotary'.  A card went around at the meeting to wish past member Steve Gable health.....  Thanks Gayle.  20 years in Rotary
It was great to see fellow Rotarian Navid out again
And of course we love to see Ann'e' with an E come to visit with our Ann.....
We have lots of opportunities to volunteer this Christmas Season. Sign up 'on line' through Club Runner.   Please come out and help with the Inner Visions Chili lunch, December 5th, The Christmas Train, December 17th, Peter has the list & the Manor Christmas Party, December 15th
Also sign up for Guess Who's Coming to Dinner on November 22nd.  What a great way to get to know your Fellow Rotarians better. [Gary has the list]
President Cleone is so good at recognizing our Rotary members and this week she recognized a newer member for always showing up.  Jason Lyne comes to Rotary, even though he is a very busy guy and always has the best smile.  Congratulations Jason, we are grateful you are in our Rotary Club. 
Foundation dinner was a great success and thank you to all the members of our Rotary Club who attended.  Thanks to Brian & Anthony for the photos.
Ian's year - These are the Presidents from Ian's year [and the photo bomber]
Great group from our Club - Darrell, Anthony, Ian, Cleone, Brian, Dan & Alan.  Gary is not in the photo...
We were presented with 2 awards.
1 for the Polio Fundraiser we did for 'End Polio Now'
And the other one for having 100% participation for Foundation giving
Lots of fun Happy Dollars.....
Mike told us about his 'singing' at the Belcarra Remembrance Day service.  Apparently he thought he was Gary Wiggins.
Brian said the car show raised over $24 K
Claire reminded us that it is World Kindness Day
Gary had a sad dollar because he couldn't remember what he was happy about
Happy Birthday song to Cleone and to GB
Eagle Ridge Christmas Decorating
Have a look at the photo album for 2019 Christmas Decorating at the Manor
Thanks to Peter for organizing and to all those who came to help out.
Cleone our President, her friends, Rotaracts and lots of Rotarians and partners did an amazing job of making the  Manor rooms and hallways truly festive.
The lights on the Back Patio"s Trestle look great after Dan Gallant and Crew replaced several strands with new ones.
The garden area now has new lights on the small christmas tree in the centre flower-bed and on the pagoda supports.   Thanks to Bill Lawrie  and Crew
The front of the main building was more of a challenge this year, due to replacing several strands of non working lights. 
But after Ian MacPhail and Mike Clay got new light rolls, we were able to add more to the Trees by the entrance and the entire length of the Manor building. Thanks Alan K. for setting up all the timers.
Thank yous go to the guys working in the rain:-
Our Club should recognize DAVE THORPE from CMJ S/M for the many years of delivering and picking up the ladders for us.
Additionally CANADIAN TIRE in Coquitlam for donating a 100ft of new Christmas lights etc.
The Annual General Meeting will be at our regular meeting on Dec. 4th at St. James Well at 7am on Dec 4th, 2019.
Following is the agenda.
1.0  Call to order
2.0  Approve Agenda
3.0  Approve Minutes
4.0  President's Report
5.0  Treasurer's Report
6.0  Nominations/Elections of Directors for July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021
There will be a presented slate of candidates and then it will be open for nominations
7.0  Adjournment
Looking forward to having as many members as possible attending.
Cleone Todgham
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Meeting ran by President Cleone - 3.5 Mins late starting and she heard about it

- Guest Navid Morawej visited us again

- Pete Cuthbert, Stephen Witiuk  - We sang HB to Peter and Stephen & George Balzer

Happy Bucks

Meghan Off to Mexico for two weeks
Alan K just back from Maui, looking tanned and sad to be back
Al S heading away to Palm Springs next week
Steve W heading away for a week or two in his 5th Wheel
Ann back healthy, her friend Anne will be joining us for a meeting or two soon

Hockey pool presented by Peter, doing well, just a few more members to pay up

Cleone looking for a co chair for RIBFEST Family Fun Zone
About 8 people have signed up to go to Foundation Dinner
3 People went to RLI last weekend. Ian, Meghan and Gladys

Great signups for Guess who is coming to Dinner on November 22nd, if you are still interested reach
out to Gary

We need personal items to give to the guys for Innervisions Chili lunch. Bring Socks, Toothbrush, soap etc and
give to Gayle over the next few meetings

No Speaker - Shared stories of remembrance
Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. group. 7 bags on a soggy day.... Thank you Rotary



In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
        In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
        In Flanders fields.


Meeting was chaired by P.P. Alan Schmelzel

GUESTS: Navid Morewaj (member of a Vancouver Club but has a number of businesses in our area so will be visiting us often), Julie Knisley from Soroptimists (Julie will co-chair volunteers for RIBFEST) and Greg Garrison from Coquitlam Sunrise)


  1. RLI was Saturday Nov. 2nd
  2. Foundation Dinner Friday November 15th
  3.  Lots of Volunteers needed for Manor decorating Saturday November 16th   
  2. Belize planning meeting with some training for educational software. Glen will chair. Will use meeting room at Claire’s building.
  3. November 22nd, - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - Sign up with Gary
  4. November 25th Legacy grant discussion.

PP Al Stjernegaard led the meeting with a recap of RIBFEST 2019. 

This year will be our most successful RIBFEST so far. BIG thanks to Mike Clay for bringing in more sponsorships than ever before.

Our Community contributions grew again, over 100k. and 100% will be used by Rotary to invest back into the community.

2020 will be the first time our “Big 3” (Al S., Alan S. and Ian) will not be serving as co-chairs. Some big successes this year:

  1. VIP was successful
  2. POG sales were up
  3. We served more beer and wine/cider than in previous years
  4. 5,293 hours of volunteer hours
  5. 3,033 Rib Valet orders (Note many of the orders involved multi meals)
  6. FACEBOOK records that we reached 312,000 people. Well done Claire.

We need to continue to focus on:

  1. Ways to reduce expenses
  2. Focus on Revenue
  3. Reduce volunteer expenses
  4. Simplify the event

Discussion Points for this year’s organizers are many and a meeting will be set up soon 

A number of our members have stepped up to take on oversight for 2020’s event—David, Meghan, Michael B., Mike Clay, and Ian will serve as a steering committee.  We are still looking for area managers to confirm  if they will stay on to do the same areas as they looked after this year.

Thanks to everyone for work done over the past 5 years and for your future volunteering.

Polio Pub Night
What a good night and for such a good cause!
99.9% of polio cases have been eradicated from the world by Rotary and its partners, but almost is not enough. If we don’t eradicate polio from the last couple of countries it could spread once more and cripple sooooo many!
Our club switched our 7am meeting to a Polio pub night on Oct 23rd and raised $637 to help eradicate polio. We have registered our event with Rotary International and it will be put on a map with all the events that are being held worldwide during Polio Awareness month.
34 Rotarians and friends joined together for a brew and a burger and laughed and chatted. Al Stjernengaard cruised the room with his donation cup and the John Crowther won the pooled total of $229 as a tax donation. Thanks Al! Thank you Jeannie Trasolini for taking money and then pictures. Thanks Gay and Carly from the Port Coquitlam Rotary Club and everyone else for coming out. 
Yay Team!
Watch out for the 'little ones' on the road Halloween night, Thursday October 31st..
Please remember that we have no 'morning' meeting, but will see you at the Well, Wednesday night for our Polio fundraiser.

RIBFEST City Council Submission


Ian and Alan (supported by a strong and good looking contingent of club members) made a submission to the Port Moody City Council Committee of the Whole.  All council members present expressed the view that RIBFESTwas a very positive community event which they supported.  Council agreed to review our request for a renewed (continuing) agreement for the city to assist with items such as the use of Rocky Point Park, policing, and garbage removal.


International Committee Meeting


The International Committee met October 8 and reviewed all of international plans and commitments.

  • We anticipate a total budget of $35K in available funds for international work this year. 
  • Good progress reported by Ian on the Ecuador Global Grant.  A mid project review has been completed with good results.  Work continues in Equador with surgical missions and education. 
  • With a $3000 contribution from the club to Days for Girls, another shipment of supplies has been sent to Africa.
  • Belize update - Global grant ready to submit, pending submission of required MOU’s from the Belize club.  - Funding in place for a total budget of about 89K US - 7 International clubs are participating, 1 host club in Belize.  A training and planning session is scheduled for our Club on November 23 – intended for anyone interested in travelling to Belize or otherwise supporting this project.
  • The committee recommends $3K Funding for South Africa NTSIKA project – this is part of a global grant to install and renovate toilets and sanitation systems in a school.  Work is coordinated by the Grahamstown Rotary Club. If approved by the board Michael B will present our $3K to the host club when he travels to South Africa later this month.
  • A funding request for a Nicaragua Medical education project, (global grant, Calgary Rotary).   The Calgary club have supported our Ecuador project and are requesting we support their project.  Voted to sequester these funds $7K until next year when they will likely be needed. 
  • Cleone updated on Kenya - Planning to send more books and computers to Kenya, cost zero, piggy backing on another RWH container - Will look at other potential short-term projects 
  • Glen updated us on his trip to Kenya, visiting and reviewing a Global Grant initiative by the Sechelt Rotary Club.  Glen was particularly impressed with the work of https://www.kenyaconnect.org  - and NGO supporting education in rural Kenya.   Glen and Cleone will be meeting as a follow to identify possible connections between these Kenyan initiatives.



Rotary Learning Institute (Parts 1, II and III)

RLI provides an opportunity to enrich Rotary learning through sharing experiences and ideas with other Rotarians throughout our District. RLI is provided in 3 levels. Information gained at RLI will greatly enhance your Rotary journey.   Sign up on the District 5050 website.  Training will take place:

Nov 02, 2019 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Sunrise Banquet & Conference Centre

5640 188th Street

Surrey, BC        


District Foundation Dinner

Several club members will be attending the Foundation Dinner in Abbotsford.  More are welcome.  Dan Gallant is driving and may have extra room for a passenger.

Nov 15, 2019 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Quality Hotel & Conference Centre

36035 N Parallel Road

Abbotsford, BC    

Guest Speaker:

Rotarian Lee Harman, Peking to Paris.

The story of how Lee, Bill & Miss Vicky Crossed the Finish Line.

Cost: $60 CDN

No Host Bar 5:30PM  Full Buffet Dinner 6:30PM

50/50 Draw

Dress: Business (Jacket & Tie)


World Polio Day

World Polio Day will be celebrated on Thursday, 24th October 2019 globally, to generate awareness towards eradication of polio as well as to commemorate the efforts of thousands of employees of WHO and other volunteers committed to the eradication of Polio.

The Coquitlam Sunrise Club is holding a breakfast meeting on October 22th at the Poirer Rec. Centre.  ICBC will be there to inform everyone on the changes that ICBC have made to our car insurance for this year.  



RSVP $20 includes breakfast, presentation and donation to World Polio Day 24/10. Email:  rjmoody@shaw.ca to register.


We will have NO CLUB Meeting on the morning of Wednesday, October 23.  Instead we will have a Club Pub night on the evening of October 23 at the St. James Well.  Burger and Beer with proceeds to End Polio.


Other upcoming dates:

  • October 21 –   Board Meeting
  • October 21 –   Fireside Chat at Cleone’s
  • November 11 - Remembrance Day
  • November 15   Foundation Dinner
  • November 16 – Decorating Manor
  • December 15 – Manor Christmas Party
  • December 17 – Christmas Train
Classification talks are always the BEST meetings.  Thank you Anthony for your great presentation.  It is always so good to get to know our fellows Rotarians better and we are lucky to have you in our Rotary Club.



Classification Talk – Anthony Sandler

The club was able to get to know Anthony much better.

Anthony hails from Ontario, moving to Port Moody two years ago as his wife, Katy, wanted to return to her roots in the lower mainland.  Anthony met Katy in Toronto in 2008, they were married in 2011, and have a 4-year-old son, Matt.


Anthony spoke about his deep roots in music and in investment management.  His Grandmother, Ruth Lowe, is a renowned songwriter.  After the death of her first husband she wrote the song "I'll Never Smile Again", first heard on the CBC.  Ruth passed a copy of the tune to a saxophone player in the Tommy Dorsey band. Dorsey thought the tune had much merit, and arranged it for his very young singer, Frank Sinatra. It was Sinatra's first hit, and launched Sinatra on his phenomenal career. Later she wrote the lyrics for still another Frank Sinatra hit, Put Your Dreams Away.  (Frank's 'signature' song, which was also played at his funeral).

Anthony’s paternal grandfather, Nat Sandler, was the first Jewish Canadian with a seat on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Father, Stephen Sandler, had a near 50-year career as one of Canada most successful Investment Advisors.

Anthony has pursued music and investment management/wealth management as his vocation.  He has a degree in music from McGill University, played in a band for 25 years, recorded and album and briefly owned a recording studio.   Eventually, he came to work with father and brother in the Wealth Management business.  He now works as an independent dealer with Mackie Research in Vancouver.

Anthony was motivated to join Rotary through the life of another Grandfather, Ed Jackson.  Ed was a long-time member of the Vancouver Fire Department and a Shriner.  He devoted his life to community service which was a source of inspiration to Anthony

President Cleone thanked Gary Wiggins for his many years of leadership and support from within the club, and for his big voice and ability to open our meetings and our minds with energy every Wednesday morning.

President Cleone also thanked Claire Lambert for her ongoing support for the club “behind the scenes” and ability to put our club into the public eye with effective media and social media content and strategy.

Alan K talked about Search for the Perfect Pint
Legacy Project - PP Mike

Submission of Legacy Projects ideas is now closed.  The committee will now review.  Mike P. anticipates that an overview on each idea will be provided to the club between now and Christmas.

Guess what?  PP Pete is starting the Hockey Pool

Hockey Pool

Peter encouraged everyone to participate in the hockey pool.  He provided some advice for picking players – but agreed that it may, in fact not help you at all.  Do your best and have fun. See his email for further instructions.

Guess who and where?


President Cleone was back in the chair after visiting her new grand baby in Colorado.

Meghan is back from her extended holiday which included hiking through both Spain and Portugal. 

Ken Kuhn, retired teacher and champion for vaccines and elder health.  Ken is our guest speaker today 

Taylor Davies joins us for the first time.  He has sought out Rotary as an opportunity for community service.  His grandfather was a Rotarian in Burnaby.  Taylor works with Moneris (electronic financial transactions).

Rotary RIPs

Rips was a great success.  Thanks to Bill for co-ordinating with the city.  Glen, Gladys, Anthony, Bill and Jason joined 38 others in ripping out all sorts of nasty invasive species (mostly English Ivy).

Legacy Project

Deadline for project ideas is October 16.

Cleone recognized Brian Dunne for his quiet constant service to our Club 

Brian Dunne is the quiet silent type.  President Cleone doesn't let him go without honouring him.

Michael played President last week and President Cleone thanked him for that and all what he does for Rotary. Michael's ongoing help moving our Club into new technologies at RIBFEST and our day to day transactions is so much appreciated .


Haney Rotary – Casino Theme Night – October 16 (@Meadow Gardens).  

Buffet and Casino Games


Rotary Learning Institute (Parts 1, II and III)

RLI provides an opportunity to enrich Rotary learning through sharing experiences and ideas with other Rotarians throughout our District. RLI is provided in 3 levels. Information gained at RLI will greatly enhance your Rotary journey.   Sign up on the District 5050 website.  Training will take place:


Nov 02, 2019 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Sunrise Banquet & Conference Centre

5640 188th Street

Surrey, BC        


District Foundation Dinner

Nov 15, 2019 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Quality Hotel & Conference Centre

36035 N Parallel Road

Abbotsford, BC    


Guest Speaker:

Rotarian Lee Harman, Peking to Paris.

The story of how Lee, Bill & Miss Vicky Crossed the Finish Line.

Cost: $60 CDN

No Host Bar 5:30PM  Full Buffet Dinner 6:30PM

50/50 Draw

Dress: Business (Jacket & Tie)


World Polio Day

World Polio Day will be celebrated on Thursday, 24th October 2019 globally, to generate awareness towards eradication of polio as well as to commemorate the efforts of thousands of employees of WHO and other volunteers committed to the eradication of Polio.

The Coquitlam Sunrise Club is holding a breakfast meeting on October 22th at the Poirer Rec. Centre.  ICBC will be there to inform everyone on the changes that ICBC have made to our car insurance for this year.  

RSVP $20 includes breakfast, presentation and donation to World Polio Day 24/10. Email:  rjmoody@shaw.ca to register.

We will have NO CLUB Meeting on the morning of Wednesday, October 23.  Instead we will have a club Pub night on the evening of October 23 at the St. James Well.  Burger and Beer with proceeds to End Polio. This will be considered as a club meeting for those who aren’t able to make the Sunrise Club’s morning meeting. NOTE this fun night will be opened up to other Clubs and is open to any and all family and friends—more the merrier!!
Decorating Eagle Ridge Manor for Christmas Nov. 16th


Guest Speaker – Ken Khun – Vaccinations


Guest speaker was Ken Kuhn who has been a Tri-Cities resident for 40 years. He’s taught in SD43, at BCIT and UBC. In retirement he is deeply involved in improving the lot of Seniors in the Tri-Cities. He wrote a UBCM grant for the City of Port Moody for Age-Friendly Community research and initiatives which is being conducted by Kate Milne (Last week’s guest).

As we age our immune system weakens (immunosenescence). This means we become less able to resist some diseases on our own. New research is bringing on new high dose vaccinations which are covered in some provinces but not others.

Ken remined us that although were a good looking group there are few of in the crowd who actually get a year older, each and every year.  With aging comes a few changes.

Most importantly our immune systems start to weaken – immunosenescence

Immunosenescence refers to the gradual deterioration of the immune system brought on by natural age advancement. It involves both the host’s capacity to respond to infections and the development of long-term immune memory, especially by vaccination. This age-associated immune deficiency is ubiquitous and found in both long- and short-living species as a function of their age relative to life expectancy rather than chronological time. It is considered a major contributory factor to the increased frequency of morbidity and mortality among the elderly.


Ken is involved with a number of groups that promote vaccines to protect against certain illnesses, particularly those that create significant health risks for older persons.


Ken focused on the following illnesses and vaccines.  Talk to your Dr. about them.


  • Zostavax – Cost $175, 55% efficacy and decreases over time. [5 years] recommended to start at 60 years, with 55% efficacy.
  • Shingrix – Cost $300 and is long lasting.  It is given in 2 doses 2-6 months apart, costs $150.00 per dose, can be started at 50 years old, is  approximately 95% effective.


Pneumonia (consider both shots)

PNEUMONIA: Prevnar 13 administered as a single dose in the arm or leg muscle helps prevent pneumonia, bacteraemic pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis. Costs $125.00. Pneumovax 23 free flu shot helps prevent pneumonia caused by 23 different strains.

  • Prevanar 13 – Cost $125 - administered as a single dose in the arm or leg muscle helps prevent pneumonia, bacteraemic pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis.
  • Pneumovax 23 (publicly funded) helps prevent pneumonia caused by 23 different strains.



For those age 65+ a High-Dose Flu Vaccine is available with 4 times the antigen of  a standard dose to help off-set the weakening of our immune system as we age. Effective for those with pre-existing underlying chronic conditions. Costs $75.00. NOTE National Advisory Council on Immunization (NACI) recommends High-Dose TIV for adults over 65 years. ***Also be aware the flu shots will be in limited supply early this season due to high demand. It will be late October-early November for regular free shots and into December for High-Dose.

Thanks to Glen & Bill for the notes....



Port Moody Rotary has wrapped up 5 years of hosting RIBFEST in Port Moody. Thanks to everyone for their support. This community event has been a great success.

Our 3 year agreement/partnership with the City of Port Moody ended in 2019. 

The Rotary club will have a delegation presenting to council on October 15th at 7PM. We will be asking council to extend their partnership for another 5 years with Rotary so RIBFEST can continue in 2020 and beyond. 

This meeting is open to the public, if you would like to show your support for RIBFEST going forward please attend this meeting from 7-7:30 to show your support.
Guests this week:
Khayanga Wasiki
Michael was standing in for President Cleone
Coquitlam Sunrise Club
This is a great opportunity to see what ICBC is doing and for you to ask questions.
PP Ian
In the next couple of months we are hoping to collect used clothing and non-perishable items so that we can host a homeless drive in November, hopefully in a soup kitchen where we can have non-perishable items and used clothing available for people to take what they need, as well as offer anyone who come through with a warm meal. We would really appreciate any donations people could offer, as well as any possible contacts that you think may help us towards our goal.
Thank you on behalf of interact,
Addi Bell and Tylers Owens
Rotary RIPS was a great success.  Thank you to Glen and Gladys for the photos.  Looks like everyone had a great time.  Good job Rotary
Happy Group
Vistors this week were:
George Balzer -Summer Sunday's.  A few tickets still available for Eagle Eyes Christmas concert on Sunday December 8th, 2019.  Inlet theatre.  www.summersundays.ca
Yolanda Broderick & Gene Vickers - founding member and Past President of our Rotary Club
Kate Milne from the City of Port Moody
Kate Milne spoke about the Age Friendly Community Survey during your meeting.  Please complete their survey by going to : https://www.portmoody.ca/en/business-and-development/age-friendly-communities.aspx
As part of the Age Friendly Steering Committee, we want to reach out to as many residents 55 plus and over as well as caregivers and ask for their ideas and suggestions, as we develop an Age Friendly Plan for our city.  
The deadline is November 1st.
Aziz Saleh - soon to be member of our Rotary Club
Our guest speaker this morning was our own Reza Jafari
Classification talks are the best way to get to know our fellow Rotarians and I think we just scratched the surface this morning with Reza. Reza is  motivated to succeed and help others and that was very evident while he was speaking.  He is an immigrant from Iran and of course when he arrived he did not know English very well.  He struggled to 'fit in' to this great 'Canadian life' that he had heard of before he arrived.  He tried out for the basketball team in High School and although he had never played basketball in his life, they took him on the team because he was tall.  Reza then went to the school everyday at 6:30am to practice and he won the 'most improved' basketball player that year.  That is just one of his stories.....Thank you Reza for sharing your very young life with us and we are looking forward to working with you on our Rotary projects. We are very lucky to have you in our Rotary Club.
The Coquitlam Sunrise Club is holding a breakfast meeting on October 26th at the Poirer Rec. Centre.  ICBC will be there to inform everyone on the changes that ICBC have made to our car insurance for this year.  This will be a very informative meeting and if you would like to attend, please register so they will know the number of people for breakfast.

Want to know more about the upcoming changes? Join us October 22nd for our morning meeting with ICBC. DM for RSVP $20 includes breakfast, presentation and donation to World Polio Day 24/10. Email:  rjmoody@shaw.ca to register.

RIPS is coming up.....please register on line with the City of Port Moody.  
Also Bill spoke about the seminar coming up for Aging Adults.  
Sgt. at Arms Darrell brought it to our attention how nice it is that the 2 Dan's /Danne sat together and even dressed the same Dan G gave us our monthly Rotary Minute.

Rotary is very active in our Communities.
Check this out:
Interactors Car Wash. Events such as a car wash fundraiser are fun and a great way to give back to our community.  They raised a total of $173.50 from this event.  Thank you to everyone who came.
Poco Blues Brunch
The Rotary RIPS event is Saturday October 5 starting at Noons Creek.
Interact has a food drive and clothing drive going on, if you can remember to bring in your items and a food donation each week that would be great.
Thank you MIKE  for organizing the Port Moody TERRY FOX RUN and thank you to all the volunteers.  Funds raised just shy of 20K!
12k of that was online donations!
Claire asked for everyone to please send her anything that they would like posted on Social media directly so she can do a better job with posts.
Mike P spoke about getting in your submissions for our legacy project.
Steve was recognized for his help with the Interactors
Kay Woo was recognized for her organization and help with RIBFEST and the Toy library.  We are so lucky to have them both!
Dan G. spoke of 404 Container leaving for the Philippines and was focused on Literacy. 
(Also thank you Kay, Cleone, Linda, Danne, Michael & Bill for cleaning up the lockup!, )
Coreen reminded us of a few things we need:
A lead for the Halloween Blood Drive - Would YOU like to do this?  Please let Coreen know
Face painting help needed for the Christmas train - Vida is a great teacher 
Little Library Varnish Volunteer - Who has a paint brush?  and would like to help out?  
Our Guests were plentiful today - Lots of young men from CABE as well as 2 advisors and Cindy Seddon.  Amazing Program and looking to expand their Kitchen into a working kitchen as well as a mentor mens program like they have for the girls.

We presented Cindy a Good Citizen award in 2001.....
After the Terry Fox Run, Rotary went to the Legion to support the Gallery Bistro.  What a party !!!
2019 Port Moody Terry Fox Run
Our very own Mike Clay was once again the organizer of the Port Moody Terry Fox Run.  Well done Mike and well done Rotary Club of Port Moody for showing up to help set up and do the registration.  There was a great crowd and the rain held off.
Brewer's Row is a huge supporter of the Terry Fox Run and donated to the run.
And they are off.....
We had a moment of silence for remembering 911
Guests this week:  Douglas Dunn from SOS Children's Village
Douglas spoke about his experiences with SOS Children's Village.
From their website is this information: 

We provide homes, a supportive community, and programs to help foster children and youth in need grow into caring, self-reliant adults.

SOS Children’s Village BC is one of 559 Villages around the world, and is the only SOS Children’s Village in Canada.
We provide a unique and proven model of foster care separate from the provincial system.

We support foster children and vulnerable youth because we believe every child should belong to a family and grow with love, respect, and security.

The statistics show that we as a society are failing our children.
SOS Children’s Village BC effectively meets the needs of those at-risk youth who are the key to our future.


In British Columbia there are over 10,500 children who do not live with their biological parents


Of youth in care, only 40% will graduate within 2 years of expected graduation date; at our Village we have a 100% graduation rate


In British Columbia 61% of children in care are Indigenous, but only 9% of the general child population is Indigenous


A child in foster care in Canada faces the following hardships on average: they will move 7 homes (7 families, 7 schools, 7 neighbourhoods, 7…)

More Facts:

SOS Children’s Village BC is part of SOS Children’s Villages, the largest non-governmental, non-denominational child development organization in the world. SOS Children’s Villages has existed for 70 years with a presence in 136 countries and 559 Villages, with a seat at the UN to be the voice for the rights of children everywhere. SOS Children’s Village BC was founded in 1986 as a grassroots response to deficiencies in the provincial foster care system characterized by frequent placement breakdowns and moves for children and youth, and the separation of siblings into different homes. Even today, the state of foster care remains a “North American epidemic”, as described by local former foster child Tom Watson.

Foster children are frequently at risk of emotional disturbances, delayed social development, and poor educational performance. Foster parents who raise these children require ongoing special resources and support. SOS Children’s Village BC enhances the development and healing of foster children with a holistic framework that addresses their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. We ensure long term stability with a strong focus on transition to adulthood programming and aging out of care.

He also talked about the 4 pillars
   Mom is the heart of the home 
   Keep siblings together 
   A safe home 
   A village 

Very emotional talk, thank you Douglas.

Register now:  https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50004/sitepage/district-conference-1, for the District 5050 Conference at Harrison Hot Springs.

Will be a fun time.  We have registered for the Thursday night BBQ and the Friday morning Breakfast and sail on Lake Harrison.  Lots of options for sure.  Come join us:

Al & Alan swam in the BC Summer Games.....Way to go you guys.  We have true athletes in our midst.  Between Alan and Al they brought home 2 Gold, 5 Silver, 2 Bronze Medals.  Way to go guys !!!  We are proud of you both.

Bill talked about RIPS.....sign up on line please 

Linda thanked everyone for coming out to the 20th Anniversary party for our Rotary Club.  

Get your Eagle Eyes tickets soon : https://summersundays.ca/tickets/.....

Sunday December 8th, 2019 at Inlet Theatre from 4-6 pm - First concert is sold out.

Eagle Eyes’ are a Tribute to one of the most legendary Rock & Roll Bands of all time ‘The Eagles’. When the fans and soon to be fans witness an “Eagle Eyes” performance it is quite evident that the love and respect that the members of Eagle Eyes have for the band they pay tribute to is first and foremost and is the core reason they love to perform the vast catalogue of hits that the Eagles have produced over their Rock N Roll Hall of Fame career.

The four members of Eagle Eyes have over 120 years of combined experience as professional touring musicians honing their musical and vocal skills.




We did it.....We cleaned the lock-up.  Bill, Danne, Michael, Kay, Cleone and I tidied up the lock-up and threw away 'stuff'.  Please DON'T BUY
Please ask someone when you need something, before you buy it.  We could start our own store !!!  
All the IT stuff has a place, everything has a place now.  Looks great.  Well done.
 Favor is:  We need a 'broom' and someone to take a rug to the dump.   Thanks to all.
Cowboy Danne
New Shelving - Thanks to Bill for picking it out and to Michael and Bill for putting it together.
It is going to fit?
We did it !!!
David spoke to us about the upcoming YMCA in the Tri-Cities.....You can really hear the passion in his voice. Thanks David for telling us about your work and the work of the YMCA.  Great job.
Rotary and the YMCA share common values, long histories and are both sustained by people of action, looking outward across local and global communities to solve problems and take action to create lasting change. 
In his presentation David shared a list of commonalities between the two volunteer led organizations, some history of the YMCA, and the issues the YMCA is working to solve. He also shared the plans to begin to serve the Tri-Cities in a much bigger way from a new YMCA facility to be built in Burquitlam. He supplied this text for the newletter.
"Today's families are vulnerable, facing more barriers to success than previous generations, the high cost of living, and lack of affordable programs and services prevents them from reaching their potential. The health of people is also in decline, with kids less and less active and chronic disease on the rise. Isolation is affecting 50% of those living in the lower mainland, preventing them from thriving and creating a hardening of attitudes that disrupts community. 
The YMCA is here to address these issue and give everyone an opportunity to reach their full potential and thrive. 
The YMCA is perhaps the one charity with a mission for Children and Youth that supports the whole community. Beginning at a young age we provide activities, socialization, swim lessons, camps and sports to kids, and building connections between kids and families. As youth grow and develop they need a place that welcomes them, connects them with others and give them the skills they need to thrive in a changing world. Through their good and difficult times the YMCA is there for youth providing meaningful connections and growth opportunities. We are often the first place youth find volunteer opportunities and first jobs; volunteering and working as children’s program instructors, day camp counsellors, swim instructors and lifeguards provides responsibility and leadership skills that transfer easily into their chosen careers. 
Like Rotary, the YMCA is a worldwide movement to fill needs in communities. Through the YMCA World Alliance YMCAs in developed countries help YMCAs around the world to have great impact in their communities. In recent years our YMCA has had partnerships with YMCAs in Ethiopia and Ecuador, launching training programs, delivering computers and health equipment, building schools and fighting AIDS.
Locally, in the Tri-Cities we host community based, medically supervised programs for people recovering from heart attack and stroke, we give students an opportunity to solve the issues that see them suspended or at risk of suspension from school, and we have trained high school counsellors to lead a YMCA developed program to reduce anxiety and address emerging mental health issues in teens and youth.
A YMCA “Centre of Community”, the facility we will open in Burquitlam, will be an open, welcoming, shared community space that will become the YMCA's Hub from which to serve. Whether new to Canada, a single parent, a senior, or someone who was born and raised in the lower mainland – people of all ages, abilities, income levels, races, genders, sexual orientation and religions will be welcomed to come together to create a supportive community, and to give back to community. 

The YMCA is led by volunteers, serving both at a board and day to day programming levels, where volunteers lead and serve in children’s programs, adult programs, and around the community.
Locally the YMCA serves at over 200 locations from Sechelt to Hope, with programs to improve the lives of many. These include:
• Health, Fitness and Aquatics
• Child Care
• Summer Camps and Outdoor Education
• Child & Family Development
• Health Management
• Youth Engagement
• Education and Training
• Employment Services
• Immigrant Services
• Global Initiatives

Since its inception in London England 175 years ago the YMCA has sought to be innovative and fill needs in community. We continue this approach today, with YMCAs creating and sharing countless programs that other YMCAs can adopt to address needs unique to their local communities. 
Wasn't that a party?  WOW, our Rotary Club is 20 years old and we had a great party.  Thanks to all who helped put this together.  President Cleone who along with Dave Stone put the slide show together.  Patty, Gayle, Cleone and myself had fun going through all those photos.
Gary, you did a fantastic job as MC, kept the night flowing as you always do. AND thank you & Hazel for all the name tags....it worked perfect.
Thanks to Michael for our IT equipment at the door....that makes life so much easier and thanks for taking the photos of everyone. 
One thing I am sorry for was that I didn't recognize, Alan Schmelzel, Gayle Carter and Gary Wiggins as Charter Members.  I meant to do that and did not......
It was great to see Past Presidents attend: Ron Baker came from the Island, Keith Vernon and of course Gene Vickers who started it all and Honorary Member Bernie & Flora Pregler.
In the end we had 88 people attend.... thanks to Greg Garrison for helping us get the Vancouver Golf Club as our venue.  They did a great job.
Thanks to everyone who attended.....it was FUN....
Hugs to all
Linda ;o)
PS. Thanks to PP Gray Giovannetti for the wonderful words you sent....
I hope I didn't forget anyone !!
These are the Charter members still active in our Club.
President Cleone's Thank you...
Thanks everyone for coming out last night. It was a happy chatty celebration with friends where we watched the slide show of smiling faces through the years on the screen and heard about some of our accomplishments.
We have a lot to be proud of whether you just joined or have been in this club that has been happily contributing to our community locally or internationally for 20 years!
I would like to give a special thanks to the committee:
Gary who was Master of Ceremonies
Linda and Gayle for going through alllllll those photographs and who searched out what we could find (where is the capsule???) for the memorabilia table
Patty for going through photographs 
Dave Stone for putting together a program with the photographs
Michael Berrisford for of course being there when we needed him and helping with the slide show, tablets and cash box etc 
Al Schmelzel for brainstorming
This committee was just an example of a team that we have in our club that makes everything work with a smile!
Another good day at the Rotary Club of Port Moody when we inducted Reza Jafari .  Welcome to our Club Reza and thank you to Gene Vickers for introducing us to him.
David Woollven spoke about the new and exciting YMCA that should have shovels in the ground this year.  
Guests were:
Former Rotarian and Past President. Gene Vickers
Bill spoke about RIPS... Save the date and sign up on line.
AG Al has tickets for 'FIND THE PERFECT PINT'.....Let's get out and support the Coquitlam Club.
PP Gayle seems to be our 'Librarian' and is taking good care of our Little Lending Library.  These are Gayle's comments:
'The little lending library is doing really well keeping books and trading. I went today and put some kids books in and it was almost full. I think people are really using it well.
Great project started in Trudy ‘s year as President.
Summer Sunday's was rocking when the Powder Blues Band came to Rocky Point Park.
Our Rotary Club of Port Moody is very visible there.
Look who's dancing up a storm !!!
It's always a good Rotary Day when you have the District Governor come to visit and he 'inducts' two new members.  Thank you DG Brad Whittaker !!! and WELCOME to the Rotary Club of Port Moody, Anthony & Jason.
Guests this week were:  
DG Brad Whittaker
Fellow Rotarian and guest from Oro Valley Rotary Club - Marc Snow

DG Brad did the Member Induction for Anthony Sandler and Jason Lyne.  He told them to get to know the people of your club quickly,  he encouraged them to immediately get involved in club and district events, don’t wait to be asked to get involved, brag about your new status and bring guests participate in youth exchange.  Wear your Rotary pin everywhere.  Check out Rotary clubs at all locations and know that you make Rotary stronger by bringing your talents, skills and passions.

He suggested to let the 4-way Test be your guide.

Anthony Sandler and his family, Katy and Mathew Sandler
Jason Lyne
Steve's Dad, Joe Witiuk whom we all aspire to be like at 95 years young
DG Brad gave away 2 Paul Harris Fellows this week for People of 'action' 
AG & Past President Al Stjernegaard 
and Past President Linda Balzer [grateful, thank you so much]

Speaker District Governor Brad Whittaker

Brad Whittaker gave a brief history of how Rotary has changed since 1905 with new technology but not in our core values.  Rotary International undertook a consultation and have a new vision statement

“Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” 

Rotary started in 1905 – change and the pace of change has increased especially with new technology but the need for core values has not changed.   Rotary International did a consultation process and have a new vision statement – unite and take action to create long lasting change across the globe in, our community and ourselves.

Action plan

  1. Increase our impact Polio – 350K cases to start, now only in areas where Rotary has not had a chance to work - Afghanistan and Pakistan are where these remaining polio victims are there are local residents working with Rotary although it is very dangerous.  residents– as of last week Nigeria declared polio free.  The model works well.
  2. Expand our reach – get more people involved.  Stories show people why to join Rotary.
  3. Enhance participant engagement – have great time – make a difference.  Last year lost more than any before in Rotary.  Ensure new members they get the experience they expect.  
  4. Increase our ability to adapt – try new ways of doing things, give new Rotarians what they need, opportunities for leadership, diverse voices and simplify how we operate.  Zones, districts what structure do we actually need?  Leverage partnerships to connect the world and deliver on goals like Polio Plus.    Presidential Citation is now renamed as the Rotary Citation for the Club Strategic Plan.  

Rotary Connects the World

  • Grow Rotary, Membership, Public Image and Foundation (Rotary Foundation – Charity Navigation rated 100 out of 100).  Give to annual or share fund half comes back to District grants the other half for Global Grants.  Global (10K to 35K) August 31 is the deadline this year.  Connect with other clubs – District can be local or International.  Adjudication committee, remember as it is a competitive process there is more demand than funds. The Port Moody Belize project is a global grant potential.  
  • New membership models.  Agricultural producers in one area have only  10 to 12 meetings a year.  Each club decides what the membership should look like.
  • Build new Rotary and Rotaract Clubs – Where there is Rotary there is less poverty, disease and improved literacy.  Rotarians break things cycle of poverty through microloans contributing to economically sustainable communities.  90% of loans go to women to get things done.  They break the soil to increase sanitation and provide clean water.  Break the seal on polio vaccines and break through impassable roads to get to a village without electricity with solar panels.  They Break barriers for girls education – sanitation barriers removed.  
  • Bring your Families into Rotary – 4 way test, integrity, diversity, 
  • Provide a Viable path to Rotary Leadership – 
  • Rotary before United Nations – UN has 75th anniversary– Honolulu special day

Brad encourages us to:

Strive to help each Rotarian and club to have an impactful and fun rotary year.

Put more into Rotary

Learn more about Rotary

Become Involved beyond the Club- Rotary Events 

  • Big West Rotaract Conference
  • Foundation Dinner – Abbotsford Nov 15th
  • District Assembly Surrey April 4
  • District Conference – Harrison Hot Springs – April 30 to May 3
  • Peace Conference – California Jan 17 & 18
  • International Convention Honolulu June 6-11

Rotary Action Groups

  • Literacy
  • Hearing
  • Malaria
  • Microfinance
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Peace
  • Endangered Species
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Polio Survivors
  • Health Education

Fellowship Groups – Rotary connects the world

  • Home Exchange
  • Motorcycling
  • Hiking
  • Rv
  • Wine


Re-discover passion to Build Rotary – take on larger projects, get our hands dirty by being actively involved, impact in what we do and bring our families along – lets have fun doing it. 

Video – Harrison Hot Springs District Conference – Join the adventure – white water rafting, cruise on the lake canoe or kayak – historical tour, Sandpiper golf course before the event.  Explorer, MS traveller, Dean Roeurs, Rwanda Genocide survivor and peace scholar.  Paul Chappel – Alabama, West Point tour in Iraq – Peace Fellow.

$325 CND  will have great music and drama

Let's see how many people from our Club will go.  We know we have 2 campers for sure and I'll bet more will camp.  It will be a fun time for sure!!!  Who's in??


Did you know this?

How can we determine if we are making right decisions? A proven guide we can follow is something called the 4 Way Test.

Originally conceived by Herbert J. Taylor in the early 1932, it was a part of a plan to save the Club Aluminum Products distribution company from bankruptcy. He felt the first job was to set policies for the company that would reflect the high ethics and morals God would want in any business. During some time in prayer, the following 24 words came to him.

  1. Is it the truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

It was later adopted by Rotary International in the 1943 when Taylor was International President and he offered it to the organization. It remains today a central part of the permanent Rotary structure throughout the world, and is held as the standard by which all behaviour should be measured. The test has been promoted around the world and is used in myriad forms to encourage personal and business ethical practices.

As for Club Aluminum Products, after introducing the 4 Way Test to each of it’s employees and setting it as the company standard of operation, in 20 years it went from a bankrupt condition to paying its debts in full, paying its stockholders over one million dollars in dividends and a value of over two million dollars.

Brief, simple and easy to memorize, the 4 Way Test is a surefire guide for making right decisions.

Coreen was acting President this week. Her quote was:

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change” Wayne Dyer

Guests this week were:
Clayton Anderson - First time guest but not new to Rotary - He has helped us for 2 years with the Parking at RIBFEST.
Dave Stone's 18th Year with our Rotary Club
Reza Jafari - Proposed member and Reza's 4th meeting
Guest Speaker - PDG John Anderson from District 5040

John Anderson  spoke to us about the Africa projects he has been involved in with clubs in District 5040. The 2 districts covered were Mchakos and Kitui about 6 hours outside of Nairobi. The Vocational Project included bringing computer equipment to the districts but it seems some of the teachers are not comfortable enough to actually use the new equipment in their classes so the project was increased to help training the teachers to be more confident.

Team included 6 teachers from Richmond, Burnaby, Smithers(2) and others didn’t know each other ahead but settled into a well-oiled machine as soon as they got together. March this year they went to Nairobi and on to their target districts. Very remote. They were named the “Zebra Team” because they brought black and white together. Worked at 4 schools. S.E. Kenya University was involved in the grant and involved in the followup job making sure the program is sustainable. 2 teachers from each of the 4 schools are being trained to be comfortable setting up and trouble-shooting the computers. The Canadian teachers practice team teaching—observe 1 day then work with the teachers then go to the rooms to team teach.

Kenya is in the process of changing their curriculum throughout the country but the teachers on the ground are getting minimal training. Most of the kids board at their school. They are given a bed but they are responsible for bringing their own mattress plus bed linens. S.E. Kenya University has over 800 teacher candidates. In many schools, as Cleone told us, there are up to 100 students per classroom. Planning seems to happen on the run.

This Fall (November) there are 11 teachers coming to exchange to the schools the Canadian teachers came from. It will be a great shock to many as some will need to go to schools in Smithers and it will be very cold and snowy.

PDG John's walking stick that was gifted to him in Kenya.  They said the Zebra was like his team, they brought the Black & White together.
Nice to see PP Al S back from his vacation
Car Free Day was a great success.  Thank you to all who came out to Volunteer.  Thanks to Alan K who once again 'led the charge'.  Great job everyone.
And guess what Bill was doing?
Summer Sunday's going well....Rotary is very visible

--Vida’s Packing Party August 28th 6pm everyone welcome there will be a number of stations where Days for Girls Kits will be packed.

--20th Anniversary party for our Club will be held on September 5th at the Vancouver Golf Club on Austin Rd. from 5-9PM.  Sign up for your tickets today.

--Looking for volunteers for registration tables at the Terry Fox run on Sunday morning September 15th. It is a short commitment—arrive about 8am and done by 10ish.

--Afternoon on the 15th there will be a “thank you” party for the owners of the Gallery Bistro at the Legion. They were burned out during the fire and will be retiring.

--Received a thank you letter from the Soroptomists who use the grant money we gave them this year to help them support Bea’s Closet.

--RIBFEST 2019 review meeting Thursday 29th. Linda’s House, 7:00 pm., Section head reports, Discuss problems/possible changes.


Thursday is our 20th Anniversary Party.  We would love to see you there.  
If you have not yet purchased your tickets, please do so today.  
'Click here to purchase your tickets' .  You can get your tickets at the door too.
We hope to see you on Thursday, September 5th, 2019
Vancouver Golf Club
771 Austin Avenue 
Coquitlam, BC V3K 3N2
5:00 - 9:00 pm
Mark your Calendars for these dates to help support our Tri-Cities Rotary Clubs.
The Coquitlam Sunrise Club is putting on ROTARY'S AMAZING RACE...  OCTOBER 5TH, 2019.  
Guests this week were:  Proposed members Anthony Sandler and Jason Lyne.
Aziz Saleh from Markham Ontario has just moved here, 9 year member of Rotary and presented our club with his Banner
Richard and Carol Hobson
Danne & Peter came up with a great idea, and Danne presented Bill a plaque as our GREEN TEAM LEADER for 2019

Vida, DAYS FOR GIRLS packaging party. - Lebanon, Afghanistan refugees camp, Kenya are where these are going
Wednesday 28th @ 6pm
BYOB Sinclair building

Isabella- South Africa global grant looks like it’s going ahead for a Hospice in Grahamstown.
We sang Happy Birthday to Mike today......why was he?  We all know why....because he is a great guy.

Mike - legacy project submissions deadline date: October 16, 2019 submission form on ClubRunner.  Put down all your ideas for this Legacy Project.  
'The sky is the limit. ' 
Whatever you believe would be a great Legacy for our City of Port Moody, tell us about it, so we can consider the possibilities.  The more submissions the better.

Car Free Day - Was Sunday August 18th.

Paul will Co-chair Vocational Service with Meghan

Steve has got a bank account for the interact club
Coquitlam Library is where the Interacts meet.

Global grant is being submitted for Belize.  Glen and Al have done an outstanding job putting this Global Grant together. 

We are looking for President Nominee.  If you think that you would like to be the President of our Rotary Club of Port Moody in 2021-22 please let us know.  We would love to talk with you about it.

Cleone spent the day with the Inspiration Bob Blacker from 'Right to Read'.  Bill and Cleone were picking up shelves to put all the toys in the lockup in Burnaby.
Toy library

Yashar, was our Guest speaker educating us on Cuba and the medical equipment and resources they need.
Truly incredible and inspirational.

Darrell will send an email in youth exchange in the very near future.

Rotary RIPS will be Saturday October 5. Bill is coordinating.

Can you believe that it is the 20th Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Well it is, and we are having a party, AND we would like you to join us in celebrating this milestone as we gaze at the past 20 years and look to the next 20 years of serving our local communities with big smiles.
Come re-connect with former Rotarians and some of the people we have helped in the past 20 years and people who have helped us.
We hope to see you on Thursday, September 5th, 2019
Vancouver Golf Club
771 Austin Avenue 
Coquitlam, BC V3K 3N2
5:00 - 9:00 pm

Guests:  Krista Burnham, &  Jason Lyne


Random Acts of Kindness –Linda - $67 - nothing yet?

Ticket Activity – Peter Cuthbert final results were $32 won and Alan Kabatoff had the closest guess to the amount and won the gift basket.

Speaker:  Darryl Burnham International Exchange Student Program

Rotary Youth Exchange – Hosting students – need a decision quickly to start contacting schools and organizing for next Fall.

Start with Fall’s outbound student selection – 2020 and inbound student at same time.

Purpose – to increase international understanding

The students we have sent out have done very well and were excellent ambassadors for Canada.  They become fluent in 2nd language.

International Student Exchange first began in 1929 in Copenhagen – initiated in North American 1939.

The Port Moody Club has been quite active and has sent 16 students from Port Moody

Late June early July – hosted by Rotarians ideally or sometimes outbound student’s family.  Attend club – high school.  It’s a District to District exchange, the District has final approval of inbound and outbound.  Each host family has a student for 3 months or so we need 3 to 4 host families. Sunrise Coquitlam is interested in participating as well.  There is a summer program as well.  

If you send a student you must host a student.

A Club Rotary Counsellor will be assigned to support the student and host families.

We have had to send a couple back. (Open ticket).

Grade 10 to 11 when applying, it takes quite awhile to get into place.  

Host clubs pay Rotary fees, monthly allowance, bus passes and incidentals about $5,000 a year.  Families also pay about $5,000 for travel etc.

Students must have own bedroom, become part of the family including the rules, participate in Rotary meetings, follow Code of Conduct.

Goal is to get the youth engaged in school and community – Thomas won outstanding athlete of year in grade 11 – participation,  and Marlene played girls Rugby.

Sometimes Rotarians get to connect with them back in their homes.  Darrell shared many warm and special experiences of visiting with previous students at their homes in Europe. Linda also shared the ongoing connection that she has with some of the exchange students.

If you are interested in 'hosting' a student, please let Darrell know as soon as possible.  This is an outstanding program with many many rewards.

The Rotary Club of Port Moody's tent is very well used at Summer Sundays.
Club Service & Membership Meeting at the Legion....

“Yay Team!” 

This is this year’s theme for the Rotary Club of Port Moody and we so deserve this celebratory cry.

We just treated Port Moody, Metro Vancouver and beyond to RIBFEST from July 19-21st.  What a party! The music was fantastic, the ribs were delicious, the beer was cold and plentiful and the kids had a blast in the Family Fun Zone. 

With over 60,000 people having fun, it is our biggest free community event and our biggest fundraiser at the same time.

Here is the amazing team that made it such a success! 

  • RIBFEST Manager – Al Stjernengaard
    • Logistics – Alan Schmelzel
    • Music – George Balzer
    • Sponsors – Mike Clay
    • Volunteers – Linda Balzer
    • Marketing – Claire Lambert, Phoenix
    • Cash/Finances – Trish McPhail, Steve Witiuk and Mike Poznanski
    • Wrist Bands and Donations & ID Checkers – Gayle Carter
    • Green Team – Bill Lawrie & Rhonda Russell
    • Bar-  Rob Bodner Meghan Lahti
    • VIP area – Paul
    • Rib Valet- Coreen and Michael Berrisford 
    • IT Support - Michael Berrisford
    • Ribber  Liaison – Ian McPhail
    • Rib Judging – Terry 
    • Corn Hut – Rotaractors
    • Pop – Coquitlam Club
    • Raffle – Coquitlam Sunrise Club
    • Parking –  Glen Brown, Brian Wormald  & Clayton Anderson and Port Coquitlam Club
    • Family Fun Zone – Cleone Todgham
    • Photography - Terril Bodner & Ann Hulbert

The amount of planning, problem solving, creative thinking, inspiring others and number of meetings that Al Stjernegaard and Alan Schmelzel accomplished exemplifies Rotary dedication! 

The rest of the team put in crazy hours and I could go on and on for each one…. For example…. Linda… how many calls did you make for volunteers and still smile?  Bill… how may steps did you take to ensure we composted as much as possible? Michael and Coreen, do you have any hair left sorting out the technical rib running process? etc…..

And those were just the directors! The whole club worked hard and I would like to congratulate you on your team spirit!

OUR SPONSORS - ONNI, Open Road Port Moody, Port Moody City of the Arts were our major sponsors and were so generous.  We would like to thank all of our other sponsors both those that donated money and those that made in-kind donations. Without you we could never have enjoyed such a success. 

Thank you also for all the community groups and businesses that hosted activities in the Family Fun Zone.  It was great working with the Tri Cities Rotary Interact Club to host activities.

Our VOLUNTEERS – We had over 1,100 volunteer shifts covered by over 500 volunteers. You were amazing.

YAY Team! We did and there were a lot of happy smiles! 

Today's guests were:
Our guest speaker:  Leah Coss
support of our non profit FB page Build a Biz Kids. We teach kids how to start and launch their own business. http://buildabizkids.com

We would love it if you could like the Build a Biz Kids Facebook page

Build a Biz Kids is 100% a passion project for it’s founders & operators. The most common comment we hear is, “I wish we had a program like this when we were kids”, and we couldn’t agree more. 
BizKids Practical Education ASSN, or Build a Biz Kids, is focused on bringing practical skills to as many children and youth as possible. If in 20 years, our students can say, “I’m so glad I had a program like that when I was a kid”, then our mission has been accomplished. 

Jason Lyne - Jason volunteered at RIBFEST and came to 'check us out'.  Welcome
RIBFEST relief party was a success !!!
We missed everyone who could not make it.  Thanks for all the food and good company.
Deck & dining room were full
Living room was full
Kitchen was full
The men who did all the work.....Danne & George
Sorry for those who were not in the photos....We have a great group that is for sure !!!!
Great Photos that Ann Hulbert took are in our Club Runner photo gallery.  Check it out
Very intense study
Smiling all the time
Never a dull moment
VIP area volunteers - What a team !!!
Guests were:
Sean Sexton our  Sorter for the GREEN TEAM
Anthony Sandler who has been proposed for membership by Meghan Lahti.  Anthony volunteered at RIBFEST
Reza Jafari was here for the 2nd meeting and volunteered at RIBFEST too.
Jonathan, Rotarian from South Africa came to RIBFEST and volunteered with his wife.
To all our RIB-A-TEERS.

Where do we start to thank you? There are so many moving parts in putting on an event like the Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST and one of the most important parts is YOU.

We could not put on this huge Community event without your support and your time. Many of you arrived early and stayed late and then came back the following day to help again.

We have estimated that over 60 thousand people came to the park over that RIBFEST weekend and you all helped make their experience the very best.

We hope you had a wonderful, FUN experience this year.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were large, and the atmosphere was electric !!!  
If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can make the area that you worked in better, please email us and let us know.  We want our volunteers to have FUN and enjoy themselves.
Thank you again, and we look forward to your feedback.
AND if you would like to get involved with the Organizing Committee for 2020 Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST, please contact us.

See you next year!

Your Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST Team

The Coquitlam Sunrise Club sold tickets until they no longer had voices.  These are the winners:


The choice is yours - either a 2019 Mazda3 or a 2020 Toyota Corolla

​$4,500 Value


Your next destination is waiting. Flights for 2 anywhere WestJet flys.

​​$4,000 Value


Fuel up this summer with the chance to win gas for your next adventures!

$3,000 Value


From restaurants to experiences, discover the Tri-Cities like never before.

$1,920 Value
West Jet Winner:
Gas Cards:  Meiyu
One Year Free Lease:  Irving
Tri-City Experience - Ron Porszt,
We did it !!!!
Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST 2019 is over and it was a huge SUCCESS !!!!
Everyone pulled together and we got it done.  THANK YOU Rotary Club of Port Moody.
We filled 1133+ volunteer shifts.  We had 522 + volunteers with 5,292.5 +  volunteer hours
We should be so proud of our Community that came together to make this event possible.    Thank you to each and everyone of you.....
We are running a BAR with a constant of 900 people, a RESTAURANT that serves over 10,000 meals in a weekend with tables to be cleaned, a VIP area, a MUSIC Festival, a KIDS festival all in one weekend and
AND ....we are also running a Waste Reduction Centre that no other group does as well as we [BILL & RHONDA] do  
AND ....we have a Judging contest on top of everything else.....
PROUD you bettaca...
...... Yes that is what WE pulled off.
GREAT JOB everyone.

Weather:  Rain!!   Oh Joy!!   

Cleone gonged the meeting in declaring that the bell was in the perfect key for O' Canada!   Sadly it was in the Key of O for “Ouch”. 


Mr. Linda (George) Balzer – forgotten by the Prez, but not by us!

Heloise – Pad’s Puppy

Callaway Lambert

Anthony Sandler

Reza Zafari 

Important announcements:   

  • That it is not Michael Poznanski’s Birthday  so we didn’t sing
  • Cleone attended the Area D president’s meeting with our exalted Assistant Governor Al Stjernegaard.   The other clubs are recruiting our support for their particular fundraising activities.
  • On a serious note, Cleone announced that Jeannie has had her surgery and is in for a rough recovery and will need our club to come together to support her through her ongoing treatments. 


All about RIBFEST Al Stjernegaard convened a discussion of the plan for the next two days of setup and the various key stations. 


They talked about lots of stuff, but I don’t know, I think I dozed off! 

Pray for sunshine and no “glitches”   AND your prayers WORKED !!!!

Quote from CAN:  'If you have met one person with Autism, you have met one person with Autism'.
Tina Chiao and Stephanie Jull – Canucks Autism Network
Ted MacCormac- Vancouver Sunrise Club
Laura MacCormac 
Gene Vickers Past President & Founder of our Rotary Club
Reza Jafari - Guest of Gene and interested in our Rotary Club
Eloise Pads Dog
Isabella took the Pay it Forward bag to give out this week.
Exploring our District Grant this year:
Cleone told us they are looking at 2 projects this year:
KinStart- Help development of Children with Disabilities.
Share- With new building could help with room that they need equipment for helping those in need.
Cleone will bring the proposal to the next Board Meeting as they are still at the information gathering stage.
Organization needing funds could take the empties at the end of the day at Ribfest.
Please refer to Allan Schmelzel.
Guests Speakers Canucks Autism Network
Founded in 2008 by Paolta and wife Aquilini
Guest Speakers
Stephanie Jull- Fundraising
Tina Chiao- Development
Our Vision at Canucks Autism Network is for every individual with Autism to be understood, accepted and supported in all Community spaces.
Design Custom Solutions:
1.Individual consultations
3.Accessibility Resouces
Programs held in 109 communities in BC
Revenue $4,100,000.
Only 8% go to Administration: 92% goes to programs.
Children with Autism have difficulties with Social Communication, sensory and repetitive behavior.
Programs are in most urban centres of BC
Mainly in : Skating, Swimming, Hockey, Gymnastics, Music , and Camps.
Still more demand than enough spots for all children.
Rob Flugle of our City Police force is training officers to deal with Autism clients.
Congratulations on a great program.
President Cleone's first meeting.
Visitors today were Anthony Sandler, his second meeting
and George Balzer here to support and remind us of Summer Sundays.  
Our Rotary Tent was well used at Summer Sunday's first concert.  Thanks to Danne & friends for helping put it up & to Cleone who came early to rake up 'goose poo'
We had RIBFEST final meeting ARIA 2.  This meeting was for Logistics and Planning.  Volunteer training will be Saturday
July 13th at Port Moody Rec. Centre, Arena 1 from 2:00 -4:00 PM.  All Bar volunteers, VIP Bar, ID checkers, Cashiers, RIB VALET are invited to learn our new system.  And this is what happened after the meeting !!!
Volunteer recruitment Brewery Walk next Friday, July 12th starting at Moody Ales, 5:30 pm If you can make it, and wear an old RIBFEST shirt if you can!!!
Camp Jubilee visit was this past Sunday.  Several of our members went up to see what the camp is all about.
August 17 ,The Rotary President will be at Kwantlen College in Surrey 4-6pm.  A great opportunity to meet the President!
A container was loaded and shipping to the Philippines last week.  This container is full of books to start libraries all over the country.  A past member Dale Shae was instrumental in collecting these books.
This year's President is Mark Daniel Maloney and is the Theme "Rotary Connects the World"
Please mark your calendars for August 12th..... there is a Club Service/ Membership meeting at Linda's
Dan is going to continue monthly with our "Rotary Minute" each month. Thanks Dan!
OOOPS what is he cleaning up now !!!  Our Green Machine - Bill
Darrell Burnham is in charge of Speakers.  Please help him find amazing people to highlight!
April 30 - May 3 is the District Conference in Harrison Hot Springs - book your RV spot now.....& maybe your hotel room too.
District Grant applications that we can give up to 10k US must be submitted to the end of Aug.  So if you have any suggestion please advise!
Cleone did a great power point showing what everyone in the Club is doing and where YOU can help.

Cleone hosted her first meeting as President on time!!!  Well done!
We are proud to be Canadian
and very grateful for our American neighbours.  Happy Independence Day U.S.A.
Our meeting was at Eagle Ridge Manor and oh my gosh what a spread they put on for us.  We are grateful for the partnership we have will ERM and you can certainly feel the gratitude that they have for our Rotary Club of Port Moody.
We have donated over $227.000.00 over the 20 years of our Rotary Club and we are very proud of that.
This was President Ian's last official meeting and we all gave him a huge applause for his hard work this past year.
President Elect Meghan Lahti was not at our Installation night to receive her pins.  Meghan will be President Elect for 2020-2021 and she is also taking on the role of Vocational Service.  AG Al S. presented Meghan with her pins.
ERM showed us the equipment we have purchased for them, and The Hospital Foundation gave a short talk about what our new Emergency ward will look like very soon. Construction has started and the whole Community will all benefit from this improvement.
This Wednesday, JUNE 26TH, our meeting is at EAGLE RIDGE MANOR.  
Same time but 'at the MANOR'.

Tri-Cities Interactors are Amazing!

The Interactors were the Block Painting Party Heroes! They were busy setting up, inside the bin passing up blocks, painting the blocks and bin, photographing, interviewing, planning the lunch, prepping and serving the lunch, cleaning up afterwards.  It was just fantastic! 

Children delight in painting blocks and then stacking them in an ephemeral art display at our RIBFEST Fun Zone. We paint the blocks white each year and give them a fresh canvas. The Interactors liked that this saves on paper waste and trash and also simply want to help us.

In fact this year for their YMCA grant they actually catered an environmental lunch for the 28 volunteers. They bought locally, used compostable plates and cutlery took care of the green waste. They will be creating a video of the event and we are looking forward to seeing it at one of our club meetings.

We would like to thank everyone that came and helped - the 10 Interactors, their wonderful support team of – Maria Baez, the YMCA Provincial coordinator for YCan (YMCA community Action and Network part of Canada Service Core), Carly the president of the Port Coquitlam Rotary club, Patty and Don. We also had Linda Mross and Alex from the Langley club. 

Danne Dunlop and I would like also to thank everyone from our club – Dan Gallant, Ian and Trish MacPhail, Coreen and Michael Berrisford, Vida Peterson, Glen and Marissa Brown, Al and Kathy Stjernengaard and family, David Woolven and Emma and Brian Wormwald!

We were cleaned up and finished lunch by 11:30!!! Most of that was the amazing volunteers but also our blocks are proving to be too popular and we will have to cut some more.

Thanks Everyone! It was a great day!

Cleone Todgham and Danne Dunlop

Can you volunteer a few hours of your July 19-21 Weekend?  It will make our Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST a huge success.
Thank you
Guests today were Anthony Sandler, checking out Rotary. He is an Investment Advisor.
Youth Outreach Services Society, Mark Lindsay & Karen  came to receive their $2500 cheque that will help fund the mobile drop in centre for youth and youth at risk for just over a month.  They were very grateful.
Don't forget to tighten your LUG NUTS.  Thanks Paul !!!
Franesca Anastasi, Founder of Shimmymob.com 
joined us to educate us on what it is, creating change for domestic violence.
 Vida had a face painting class  in Sinclair building.  Looks like fun !!!
Peter reminded everyone to please actually open and respond to his email asking for Captains and Co-Captains for our club.
This is an important job each week, and if everyone does their part, the meeting will go very smoothly.  Peter would like 2 more team 'captains'.  That job is just reminding your team each week for 1 month [that's only 4 times] what their responsibility is.  If you can't make it that week, please find someone to take your place.  
Installation night at Saint Street Grill was to Celebrate Ian and Cleone.
Community News
You might recall that Talitha Koum Society president Mary O’Neill made a presentation to our club several months ago, in advance of TK’s gala. I though you and your members would like to know that TK has another event coming up soon, and we would be very pleased to see some Rotarians there; it’s the Set Her Free (Summer)—Butterfly Release taking place 1-3pm on June 29 at Blue Mountain Park. Buy/Reserve your butterfly for just $25 plus a small service fee. A family-friendly event featuring activities, entertainment by Tony Prophet, and a mass release! More info and tickets at www.talithakoumsociety.org. Thanks
Rotary Club of Port M​​​​​​oody Community Grant Thank you
Camp Jubilee invite:
  • Sunday July 7, 2019
  • Depart 10:00am from Rocky Point in Port Moody, return approximately 2:00pm
  • Lunch is included
Please RSVP and include names of each guest (we will need a head count for the boat run and lunch).
AND when you return around 2:00 you can stay at the park for the very first Summer Sundays Concert of the year.
Our Rotary tent will be put up for you to sit under.  Great way to support both events.

A great day at the Port Moody Community Fair.  Cleone did so much work on a Power Point and then we couldn't get it to work.  Thanks Cleone for trying and the good news is we can use it for the 20th Anniversary Party.  Cleone also went to the lock-up and got our banners.
We had a good turnout.  Thanks to Reena for organizing us all:
Cleone, Gayle, Gladys, Peter, Bill [who wore 2 shirts], Jeannie and myself.  We talked to many people and most new about RIBFEST and can hardly wait to come.  We asked for volunteers and handed out Summer Sundays cards.  All in all, very successful.
Gayle and I went to CABE to present the awards that the Soroptimist's gave out.  What an amazing day.  If you ever wondered about the money we have given to CABE, wonder no more.  It was truly a wonderful afternoon.  Thanks to the Soroptimist's for inviting us.
Our Guests this week were: Camp Jubilee
 & Christine Poznanski
Here is a great photo of a good friend to the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Bob & Pat  Knight.  They were in Hamburg for the RI Convention and a man from Poland took the photo.  
WOW what a day.....Beautiiful weather, great turnout for the Rotary Club of Port Moody, AND very generous people in our Community.  Another record year......GREAT JOB.
We know we can't direct TRAFFIC very well, so our very own Paul will set up guidelines for next year.  Thanks for all the great suggestions from everyone.  
Santa came by to see us !!!  He is so good to support our Rotary Club in so many ways.  Thanks Santa !!!
We would like to invite you and the Rotary Club of Port Moody to join us at the Longest Day 5K Run/Walk in support of West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation (www.wckfoundation.ca). West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation exists to create joy, community and exceptional experiences for kids and families tackling childhood cancer and blood disorders. This summer, WCK will run its first ever City Camp program in Surrey and Vancouver. City Camp has been developed specifically for kids receiving cancer and blood disorder treatment and gives them the opportunity to play all day and get cozy in their own beds each night. The second annual Longest Day 5K Walk/Run is coming up on Saturday, June 22nd at 7pm. This event is put on by Dragonfly Racing and $5 from each entry directly supports the WCK City Camp program. The run starts at Trasolini Field behind Port Moody Recreation Complex, and finishes at Rocky Point Park. It only costs $25 to register as an adult or $20 for 19 and under. There will also be lots of prizes available from local businesses! You can sign up for the run here: http://www.freestylefitnessbc.com/dragonfly-racing.html We also encourage you to create an individual or team fundraising page. All funds raised will directly support the WCK City Camp program. You can create a fundraising page here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/west-coast-kids-cancer-foundation/p2p/WCK-longestday-run/ We would be delighted to see you there! If you have any questions, please contact me at taylor@wckfoundation.ca.
All the best,
Taylor Lawrence
Shred-a-thon was on Saturday  and we had another RECORD year.  Thanks to all who came out to help.
Block painting Party - June 23 @ 9am with a bbq at the Rotary World Help Building (Interactors will be helping too)
Vida - spoke of Rotary International Conference June 6-10 in Honolulu 2020, please give her your name if you have interest in going.
Eagle Ridge Manor sent us a Certificate acknowledging the 9k we have given recently in support for their community.
Pacific Scout Group came in to receive a grant of $1500 to go to their projects and will help again with Ribfest.
June 25, Bard on the Beach.  Vida donated 2 tickets to be auctioned off.  Glen is the proud recipient.
Community Fair Date is Saturday June 15 for those of you helping.
There was an International meeting last night that went well
Installation dinner is June 20, 5pm? At the Saint Street Grill.
Please remember to register yourself and your (paying) guest if you can make it!
Guests today were Speakers from Rotaractors speaking on behalf of RYL, Hector and Brayden, who spoke of how RYLA has helped them be better versions of themselves, helping others and want to continue with this for their journey's.  
They explained what the 4 days entails though the steps to help others understand their potential. They also help at Ribfest.
Interactors, Devon, Nathanial and Anaya spoke of what the interactors do (12-18) and how they contribute through their learnings from Yale and being around each other and us!  Many of them met at Yale.  They also help at RIBFEST.
Some of their accomplishments are Random acts of kindness at the skytrain station, Garden project at Eagle Ridge Hospital, Shoreline Cleanup, Christmas Breakfast, Thanksgiving Breakfast and Rotary Rips.  Also a donation of $500 to the Guatamala project!   Amazing people!!!  They would love to see some Rotarians attend their meetings at the Coquitlam Library on Wednesdays in the boardroom, they usually meet around 4pm.
Please ask Linda for posters if you can put some up around town, or towns you attend...your partners work or kids schools etc.


Count down for RIBFEST - 7 Weeks to GO

Today's Guests were:  Alan McBride, Granddad with a cause, Autism BC,  Becs Brocken, Fund Development Manager, of Autism BC, & Grant Rigsby

Nice to see PP Alan back from their Adventure.


It is the 20th Anniversary of our Rotary Club of Port Moody  and we would like YOU to please -


September 5th, 2019 , Cocktail Party at- Vancouver Golf Club.....6:00 - 9:00pm

Ticket price to be announced.


Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST 2019 

Please remind your friends and neighbours that we need their help to make this year's RIBFEST bigger and better than ever.


SHRED-A-THON June 8th, 2019  - Please come out and help.....tell you neighbours, friends and relatives that all the shredding is done by BEST SHREDDING 'on site'.






Lots of Happy Dollars today.....Lots of happy people in our Rotary Club of Port Moody

Meetings and lots of them !!!

Tuesday - June 4th - Moody Ales - International Meeting - everyone welcome

Wednesday - June 5th - Scanning meeting for the 20th Anniversary at Patty's home

Saturday - June 8th - SHRED-A-THON

Monday - June 10th - Core RIBFEST trial -  4:00pm Balzer's - Bring appetizer and beverage of choice

Monday - June 10th - Joint Directors meeting at Balzer's, this year's & next year's Board - 5:00 pm 

Bring appetizer and beverage of choice

Thursday - June 20th - Installation Night at Saint Street Grill - 5:30pm - Please bring your money for your guest on Wednesday


Our speaker today was Becs Brocken, Fund Development Manager, of Autism BC.  Autism BC  is a parent based and directed society that has been working to provide information and support to individuals and families affected by autism since 1975. They are a non-profit, registered charity and acknowledge the financial support to the Province of British Columbia. 


Their MISSION is, “To enhance and improve the lives of those affected by autism in BC”.


Their VISION is, “An inclusive society where people on the autism spectrum reach their full potential”.


Autism is a development disorder that affects communication and behaviour.  It is known as a spectrum disorder because there is a wide variation in the type and severity of symptoms people experience.  There is no one cause as it is a combination of genetic and non-genetic risk factors. Vaccines has been not shown to affect the risk.


People with autism have difficulty with social communication and interaction and have restricted interests and repetitive behaviours.  Some of behaviours that are common in people diagnosed with autism may include:

    • Making little or inconsistent eye contact
    • Having a tendency not to look at or listen to people
    • Failing to, or being slow to, respond to someone calling their name or to other verbal attempts to gain attention
    • Having difficulties with the back and forth of conversation
    • Having  facial expressions, movements, and gestures that do not match what is being said
    • Having an unusual tone of voice that may sound sing-song or flat
    • Having trouble understanding another person’s point of view or being unable to predict or understand other people’s actions
    • Repeating certain behaviours or having unusual behaviours, such as repeating words or phrases
    • Having a lasting intense interest in certain topics, such as numbers, detail, or facts
    • Having overly focused interests such as with moving objects our with parts of objects
    • Getting upset by slight changes in  a routine
    • Unusual responses to sensory stimuli


For over 40 years AutismBC has been making a difference in communities across BC for families impacted by autism. Today autism impacts 1 in every 58 families in BC.


Rotary World Help sending another container.

Dan Gallant reported:

We loaded container number 400 destined for Kiev, Ukraine and following loading celebrated the event with a party, photo ops, etc. I estimate we had 50/60 Rotarian's and friends join us for the occasion including our very own Ann, Brian, Bill, Michael and Corinne for which I am very grateful.
#400 marks an incredible milestone with containers to 65 countries, assisting an estimated 12 million people and an estimated replacement value of $140 million.
And thanks to our club for their ongoing and unwavering support.



Now that's the way to sing 'O Canada'   Gary W was happy with everyone !!!  
You could have heard a 'pin' drop
Our Guest Speakers were Vanessa Wideski  & Rob Thornton from Low Entropy
They shared Luau video that some of our members went to.  Save the Date for next year:  May 2nd, 2020
Robert’s presentation was passionate and real. 
[in point form this is what we learned.]
Personal story, came to Canada, difficulties with divorce, welfare, gang life. 
Always had soccer, learned to be happy for others success
Metro Ford teams, Canadian teams, invited to Capilano, all Canadian athlete, professional tryouts, accepted, world champions, 22 yrs old, 
When his Father took ill, Robert went home & took care of him. His Father passed in 2010
Continued education, now working on masters
He made it through all these trials,
Robert is here to advocate for youth. 
Youth Empowering Youth, division of low entropy
Working across LM to help youth. 
We have all been invited to:
Buntzen Lake BBQ June 1, 10:00 am -4:00pm
Community, Connection, Fun -
You could have heard a 'pin' drop 'during his presentation.  Thank you so much for sharing your story Robert.  You WILL be a role model for our youth.  
Nice to have Laura Adema from the Coquitlam Club come and tell us about her fundraiser for ALS
We hope it was a great success.
Shred-a-Thon is coming soon.  If you would like to come out and help it would be great to see you at City Hall at 8:30 am.
We need people to move & direct the traffic, break down the cardboard, ask for donations, and help unload the vehicles & put the papers into the bins.  We will be talking to people and asking them to come and volunteer at RIBFEST, and then when the 'truck is full' off we go to lunch at the Well.  It is always a fun day.....please dress for the weather because you 'never know' what it will be like.
RIBFEST - only a little more than 8 weeks away.  Please ask everyone you know if they could please help us by volunteering.
Installation night is June 20th, 2019 at Saint Street Grill at 5:30pm.  If you are bringing a guest, please bring your $55.00 to Rotary this Wednesday....
Installation promises to be fun.  We will be welcoming our new President - Cleone and Thanking Ian for a great year.
Search for the Perfect Pint had a record year.  Thank to Micheal, who with his 'tech' experience allowed us to sell tickets at the door. And thanks to Alan K. who led the team.
Raffle, doors sales, 50/50 all successful
Community Fair June 15, need 2 volunteers for 1-2pm, Sat, share ideas for what to share with public. Please let Reena know if you can help out.
PMFD, city wide fire smart presentation May 29 630 HWSS, interface fires. 
Patty, Dan G, Bill birthdays this week - 
Rotary minute, Rotary Foundation Int’l, 1916, 1917, doing good in the world. One of world’s leading humanitarian foundations. https://www.rotary.org/en/about-rotary/rotary-foundation
Reminder you can make donation towards your account w RIF, with for happy bucks
Our Rotary Club of Port Moody Community Grants Committee will be meeting soon to go over the 'grant applications' that we have for this term. 
Here is a great story from one of our recipients from last year who always come out in full force to help us with RIBFEST.
Here is a letter from:
Pacific Storm Water Polo Team
 It's been a very intense few weeks with our teams traveling to Calgary for Western's and now 2 of our teams heading there again for Nationals next week! We will definitely have our crew at RIBFEST again, we love you guys!  
At this moment in time it is hard for people to pick their volunteer times as there are summer Waterpolo choices that are pending for a lot of our families. Storm will represent!
On another note, please know that some of our players that have volunteered with the Rotary Club for the past few years have had some exciting achievements.... one of our players is playing Waterpolo professionally in Greece, one of our players is heading to Harvard to also play Waterpolo, we've had one player (might be my son :) ) has been invited to the Senior National team in Montreal and a few more are heading down to the USA to Universities to study and play Waterpolo!
Thanks again for helping these kids play Waterpolo!!
What great accomplishments.....Rotary should be proud we played a small part in helping them.

Guest: Mark Saunders - Port Moody Library Director

-   Provided update regarding Port Moody Library

  • ‘moving Towards Libraries 4.0’
  • Revealed the new branding for the Library
  • New Logo
  • Shared information about the library
  • ‘4.0’ is the idea that technology will be imbedded into humans
  • Discussed key values of the library - intellectual freedom, collaboration, literacy, lifelong learning
  • Libraries have evolved into areas that embrace our values - they are about community building 
  • Libraries are about more than books - they are about community



*Rotary Club of Coquitlam - would like assistance on their community project. May 27, Townhall Pub, tickets are $25. Pilot project to provide employment services. Funds are being raised for the eradication of polio.

*Gayle - reminder about 20th anniversary - date is still to be determined. Meeting May 27 @ 5:00 at Gayle’s house.

*Reena - Community Fair June 15 - looking for volunteers to help out on 2 hour shifts from 11:00-3:00. 

*Search For The Perfect Pint - all records broken. Total fundraising TBD!

Here is the great group that came to clean up Heritage Mountain Blvd. on Saturday.  Thanks everyone !!!

*Al S - RIBFEST- we need prizes for the draw. The basket of the ‘TriCity Experience’ - ask for gift cards where you go.

*Al S- June 4 @ 7:00 International Meeting at Moody Ales

*Dan Gallant - 400th container being loaded last weekend 

Birthdays - Gary Wiggins (75)


Guests: Peter Tam Haney Club President and Ron Warneboldt Rotary Club of Coquitlam

Meghan was acting as President and did an admirable job keeping everything on track. Yea Meghan!!


Rotaract fundraiser May 17 @ Vancouver Golf Course. $60.00

May 18th we will be doing an early street cleaning on Heritage Mountain [and it will be a lot warmer than the photo above] PLUS it will be the day Rotary World Help loads their 400th container. Since shipping their first almost 22 years ago to the Ukraine containers have been shipped to more than 60 countries and this 400th container will be going to the Ukraine as a perfect bookend.

Friday September 20th will be Coquitlam Club’sFind the Perfect Pint”

Speakers—Glen and Al S. gave the Club an update on our Belize International Project:

You Better BELIZE it !!!!

Why Belize: We have had a relationship with Cisco who is President of 1 of the 8 Rotary Clubs in Belize. He also is contracted to run the prison (with help from the non-profit Kolbe Foundation) as well as his own business. He also works with other Clubs—Edmonton, and Britain. Belize population is appr. 350,000 with 1 prison (appr. 1200 inmates) mixed men and women plus some adolescents. Cisco has focused on skills training with the aim of job placements as the inmates are released. They have government financing but subsidize with programs from other Rotary Clubs—RACHEL, loaded with how to programs and basic training. They’ve set a goal for literacy levels and they are achieving SPE success (Student Placement Exam) which is their High School graduation equivalent.

Global grants are a great way to parlay our Club International contributions into 3-5 times the amount with matching grants. The community Al and Glen visited (St. Martens) is a poor neighbourhood. There are 800 students in 1 school K-8th grade. Parents at home lack literacy so can give little support to their kids. St. Marten’s Goals are improved educational achievements (currently measured at grade 4 levels, improved literacy, improved/increased use of the Library/learning centre, and better family support for education. 

They need a RACHEL server, chrome books, implementation support, monitors/projectors. Etc. Our Club can help financially with RACHEL content acquisition and development. Also implementation support in class rooms, facilitation training of program staff etc.

Our next International committee meeting is going to be Tuesday June 4th  7:00pm at Moody Ales. If you have a passion for any project, in any part of the world, bring your ideas and passion to the meeting. We currently have ongoing projects in Ecuador (Ian’s passion) Kenya (Cleone’s passion), South Africa upcoming (Isy’s passion) and Belize (Linda and George plus Al S and Glen’s passion). 


Search for the Perfect Pint is over for another year and this year was another success for the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Great job done by all who helped and especially by Alan K. who led the team.
Here is Alan's letter:
Wow, I can't believe the SFPP is done for another year. 
I am also amazed by how the members of this club work so hard to pull these events off.
I want to thank you all for doing a fabulous job in making this event a success once again.
Big shout out to Michael Berrisford for his computer wizardry and acquiring the lotto licenses. He did so many little things behind the scenes to keep things rolling.
And of course, thank you to Peter Cuthbert, for reeling in the sponsors and food vendors. Without the contributions from the sponsors, this event would not be as profitable as it is.
Awesome job to all those working the ticket lines and raffle areas. We were down some veterans in these areas but you all pulled it together. Stephen Witiuk, thank you for tracking tickets and keeping us on the rails. Especially when you scared the heck out us with the raffle money.
Please, if you have any photos of the SFPP, please share them on social media. You can also pass them on to Claire or myself. The photos are great marketing tools for us to use to promote for next year.
Did I say next year...???
Thank you all so much.
PS - if you have any feedback from customers or from your experience working the event, please let me know. Always looking to improve the processes and event for everyone.
Thanks to all our Sponsors.....we can not do this without you.
MOODY ALES is the winner - Congratulations.
And the winner of the 50/50
These helpful guys were a huge part of our' Before I Die 'Wall
Well the time has come !!!  
Thank you to the whole Search for the Perfect Pint team, especially Alan K. who lead the team.  Thursday is the day and everyone who will attend will be 'over the moon happy' with the results of all your hard work.
Have fun Rotary Club of Port Moody and be so proud that we pulled off another successful event for our Community.
Wish I was there......
President Ian is : 
Because President Ian was away PP Gary led the meeting and he is carefully looking at his notes

The meeting was chaired by our Past President (from many years ago) Gary who ably kept us on our toes and on time. Well done Gary!

Our guest this week  Aziz Saleh who is moving to the area from Markham Ontario and testing out different Clubs. 
PP Al and Chair of RIBFEST stops for a coffee
Terry is back, and Darrell is our trusty 'speaker' booker...[Is that a word?]
Patty is checking on Don....we wish him a speedy recovery [As you may tell, I am making all of this up]
Get your tickets 'today'
Please let Jaymee  know by this Wednesday the names of who will be attending from our Club. They would really love our support at this event They have been working really hard to see it be a success. They will have live music, great silent auction items, lottery board, toonie tosses and an excellent Italian buffet served by the golf course.

Birthdays: Danne had his birthday before he and Kerry leave for their holiday to Europe.

Gayle (with Linda) , Gary & Alan have struck a committee for an event to celebrate our Club’s 20th Anniversary in October/Novemer. She also has (and will have at this week’s meeting) RIBFEST volunteer cards.

Bill reminded the Club our cousins in the PoCo Club are again sponsoring the PoCo May Day parade on Saturday May 11th. Anyone who can volunteer contact Bill or Gaye Simms.

Alan K. reminded everyone to keep selling SFPP tickets we are 2 days out.

Gayle addressed our Installation night dinner coming Thursday June 20th. Members dinners are included in our annual fees. Plus 1’s are $55.00 per person.

Patty advised us the Rotaractors replaced plants/flowers in the big planters outside the main entrance at  Eagle Ridge Hospital—well done you Guys and Gals!!

Happy dollars: thanks from EVERYONE to Claire who did an amazing job organizing and making happen the “Before I die Wall” and to Mike C. and Danne for painting lines etc.. It was opened to the public Saturday morning April  27th. Full coverage by both the Sun and Province. GREAT JOB CLAIRE!

Dan announced that Rotary World Help would be loading their 400th container on Saturday May 18th going to the Ukraine (which is significant because the very first container sent also went to the Ukraine) . There will be a short celebration after and anyone is invited.

Our Guest speaker was Cleone who was there to give highlights of her trip to Africa. This project connected with the WHISCA agency, Lugari School District, Days For Girls and other Rotary Clubs. It was to expand the opportunities for E-learning with computer labs but also to explore new opportunities for future trips. She was a c-planner of this project with her friend Kaiyanga and K’s brother on this trip who are the onsite coordinators for the ongoing projects. 

Delayed flights, racing to catch connectors, and living without her own clothes (delayed) for a few days.—the joys of international travel.

In the E-lab to be set up they first had to work with a local handy person to build 42 tables with drawers to hold the equipment etc. (desk building 101)then, thanks to modern communication, they were able to access expertise from Michael B. from Vancouver and a  Vancouver District Specialist to get the computers up and running. Gave hands-on training but the students were knowledgeable with E-Learning not RACHEL. 

Books sent from our Club included stories, novels and text books from SD43 (weren’t sure if the kids would use them but they dug right in)

The school districts are all over crowded—too many students wanting to find a way to get ahead, with not enough facilities or staff. The trip included 1-3 days of training for teachers on the new I.T. Launch day was very busy. Cleone also took  some hand held microscopes like the 1’s our Club supplied to the Natural Science Lab the teacher in Seaview which opened the eyes of kids and teachers.

Worked with School Districts too introducing the “Days for Girls” re-usable menstrual pads program designed to allow the girls to continue attending class during their periods. It is part of the reason the girls have difficulty keeping up with their school work as they have traditionally had to miss school for up to a week a month. The most important way to change the 3rd world dynamic is to educate the girls and women. 12 new schools signed up for the program going forward.

Cleone also worked on a water program which is something our Club can hopefully contribute to in future trips.

She also explored a potential Forestry Project . She found a space the district was prepared to donate and opened discussions on how the area could be developed—part with a Forest plantation (including exotic species), some as grassland, some bushland and a large portion to be teaching centre with buildings and market gardens to produce food for the communities use and to sell excess to fund the program. 

Cleone worked with the Rotary Club of Eldoret  

THANK YOU Cleone for your hard work and passion for the world’s ecology and for the people in Africa who really need and appreciate your work. It looks like you will have a potential for many other “missions” to Africa. Hopefully we can add some helpers to your Team for future trips! 

Hurray, Hurray the 1st of May......Cleone is back

President Ian’s Quote from Rabindranath Tagore in memory of 3 climbers lost in an avalanche in Banff:

Guest: Chris Boyd

I slept and dreamt that life was joy, I awoke and saw that life was service, I acted and behold saw that service was joy!

Brian Dunn’s birthday


  1. Remember Rotoactors fund raiser May 17th
  2. Danne reminded everyone he organizes the “pie day” last Friday of every month at the Manor and asked for a volunteer to cover for him as he and Kerry are away in May
  3. Reminder PoCo Club are major sponsors of the Port Coquitlam May Day Parade which is coming up on Saturday May 11th. If you are available and want to help out please let Bill know. 
  4. The launch of the "Before I die Wall' was a great success, the actual wall writing area looks fabulous and the memorial plaque identifies it as a Rotary Club of Port Moody  project tying in with Rotary International’s year of “Be the Inspiration”  WELL DONE CLAIRE!! 

Guest Speaker Chris Boyd is a member of the Coquitlam Club, son of Maureen and Denis Boyd also Coquitlam Club, is a clinical psychologist and part of a team which has put together an on-line program called “Mental Health Boot Camp”. (Ian’s prep for having Chris at our meeting revealed he has been identified as one of the co-founders of the Original Ugly Christ-mas Sweater Party 17 years ago which has raised over $225,000 for various charities. And if you remember the Skittles promo around Seattle Seahawk’s running back Marshawn Lynch—his favorite treat was Skittles and his early coaches and his parents would reward him with bags of Skittles when he scored or had a good game, etc. Seems Chris dressed up in the end zone in a “Bag of Skittles” costume to encourage Lynch to score TD’s which encouraged others, and Skittles used the TV shots of he and his buddies to promote their products which won him a “Skittles For Life” reward from the company.  WHO KNEW?)

The on-line program features an holistic approach--a comprehensive and varied curriculum designed to boost your awareness, self-control and well-being. Each day clients will participate in 4-5 activities which should take approximately 45 minutes. They don’t all need to be done at the same time, recommend reading the daily list first then fitting them into your own schedule. The activities will include:

  1. Thought provoking articles to read.
  2. Inspirational videos
  3. Soothing meditations
  4. Stimulating activities to experience, reflect upon, and integrate into your life

The various strategies used in the program have been shown to decrease feeling of anxiety, sadness and anger.

More information at www.mentalhealthbootcamp.com   



Our Bill had a very busy weekend.....I am sure Bill can't say 'no'...This was his account of weekend.....


At the 'Before I Die' wall opening, we had about 10 or 12 Rotarians and a person from the Vancouver Province, with an article in todays paper. The Plaque looks great and the wall is outstanding.Saturday was a monster day in the area--our wall unveiling, 20-25 food trucks at Inlet Park, Plus the dragon boat regatta. Unfortunately although it was generally dry and sunny there were a few squalls of rain and gusty winds (up to 70 KM) which blew straight down the Inlet so the regatta only managed to get their opening heats done before having to cancel the afternoon, final races so the beer garden was somewhat curtailed, however Dan G and I managed to represent our Club--Dan as head draught's person and me mostly doing cleanup/recycling. A good time was had by all.


A huge big thank you to Claire for spearheading the 'BEFORE I DIE' Wall.....Just another great project that the Rotary Club of Port Moody has brought to our amazing City of Port Moody.  Moody Ales gets huge kudos as well.
Thanks to everyone who came out to help and to support.
Photos compliments of Jeannie...

'There are many of these around the world, the first was in New Orleans and now we will have one and you will be welcome to write on it Thanks Moody Ales & The Port Moody Rotary Club and Dave Geneve (from Inlet Cabinets/ Room Renew) for help making this happen. We all need to reflect on our dreams and goals, here is a fun way to remind ourselves of this! We hope you love it!'

Our Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST is a fantastic 'community' event.  To put an event this size on we need SPONSORS, MUSIC, and VOLUNTEERS.
Please ask your friends and neighbours if they could please give us a few hours of their time on the weekend of
July 19- 21st.
It is so easy to sign up and everyone will have a great time.
Get your confidential documents shredded 'on site' .  We have once again partnered with Best Shredding,  Port Moody City Hall as well
Tri-City News.
Please share this poster with your friends and neighbours.
Please get out and sell our Search for the Perfect Pint tickets.  
This is a huge fundraiser for us and we should be sold out soon.  Steve has tickets as well as St. James' Well and Moody Ales.  They can also be purchased on line.
Another fun meeting at the Rotary Club of Port Moody.
President Ian lead the meeting about the Road Map for our Rotary Club.  A meeting will be held on Tuesday at his place to discuss the ideas brought forward.
Looks like Calloway has become our Rotary Club Mascot....So sweet !!
Great shots of our members - Thank you Yvonne
Mike & Claire
Micheal & Correen
Money Mangers - John & Bill
Gayle and Vida
Before I Die Wall - This Saturday, April 27th, at Moody Ales.  Go on down there and share a 'pint or two' with your Rotary friends and the Community.
Interact did a great job at Eagle Ridge Hospital.
So excited - just had to share
This is the quote that Kay Wu started her Classification talk with. 
Life is Full of Surprises
Just enjoy the Ride
Classification talks are always a favourite with our Rotary Club and Kay's was no exception.  
Just a brief look at her life and what a life it is.  
She was born in Guangzhou City in China and at the age of 8 years old she started playing Chess.  The school Kay went to had a 'Chess Cup' and she was 'hooked'.  At school she learned to play chess and did so as a major subject, which means she went to school to play Chess and the academics were secondary.  Kay became a Champion and at the age of 20 retired from Professional Chess Competitions.  
She married and has 1 daughter who is going to University here.  Kay and her husband owned Corlac Equipment.  
Kay teaches Chess in Burnaby now and we are so happy to have here in our Rotary Club.
The Before I Die wall is going to be 'unveiled' on April 27th, 2019.  Please come down to Moody Ales, enjoy a pint or two and write down your 'wishes'.  Thank you to Claire for spearheading this wall.  This will be great fun for all people in our Community.
The wall looks like this right now:  More photos to come !!!
We cleaned up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. and pulled weeds ERH   Great job everyone.  Rain or Shine we go out to help keep our Community beautiful.
Dan gave us an update on Rotary World Help Network.  We are so fortunate to have 3 of our Rotary Club of Port Moody members on the Board of RWH.  Ann, Dan and Ian are all on their Board.  Great job you three.
Calloway came to visit again.....
Please print this out and put up in your building or place of business.  
ALSO, please print this out and put up in your place of business, your building or on any Bulletin Board coffee shops.  Thank you
Another great event that the Soroptomist's are doing is 'WALK A MILE'
I hope we can get a group from Rotary together to go out and support them.


“You can’t really understand another person’s experience until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” This Walk a Mile event asks the men in our community to literally walk one mile in women’s shoes. It’s not easy walking in these shoes, but it’s fun and it gets the community to talk about a very timely topic…Gender Equality. The theme this year is #womenatwork.

Date: Friday, April 26th, 2019
Event Kickoff: 11:00am
Where: Coquitlam Centre – Northeast Plaza off Pinetree Way in Coquitlam.

$20.00 entry fee

YES it was all about RIBFEST !!!
Guests this week were:  
Kay and her beautiful daughter Shea
Vanessa Wideski & Rob  Thornton from Low Entropy
Rob & Vanessa will be our Guest Speakers in a few weeks, but let's get out and support their fundraiser.  Looks like we have a table of 10 and just need a few more people
Always great to have fellow Rotarians visit us:  President Elect Gay Simms from the Port Coquitlam Centennial Club.  They will be taking donations for parking at Inlet Field for RIBFEST 2019.
Port Moody '05 Select Soccer Club received a Community Grant from us.
And Bruce Cornish from the Coquitlam Club who is helping with RIBFEST in the POP stand.
Search for Perfect Pint......Get your tickets now.  Steve has tickets, as does the WELL,
Moody Ales and 'on line' sales.  Also, please ask Alan K what you can do to help out the night of the event.
Before I Die Wall will be unveiled on April 27.....More details to follow
Clean -up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. April 13 - time change to 8:30am at Gallaghers and then we go Gardening at ERM at 9:30 to pull out all the ivy that is choking the plants.....need lots of help please.
Rotaract is putting on a Pub Night on April 16th at the John B.  Tickets are $25.00  Looks like a fun night & their GALA for Guatemala is on May 17th at Vancouver Golf Club. Tickets are $60.00
Now back to RIBFEST....
Al is a GREAT chair person and has kept everyone 'in the loop'.  The communication is wonderful and if you have any questions at all, please ask.
NEW this year is a  LOCALS DAY on Friday July 19th, at RIBFEST this year.  More information to come.
The VIP Beer Garden tickets are on sale on line for only $35.00.  We have a limited number of seats so get your tickets for your clients and friends early.
Mike C is doing an outstanding job with our Sponsorships. Thank you Mike.
George has all the music under control, all the bands have been hired and YES Al, there is more ROCK this year.
Michael B is out IT man, and has been working very hard with Coreen to make our new Squirrel system work for the RIB Valet.  Michael would like someone to help him that RIBFEST weekend.  Michael thinks to have just one person is not good business practice.  If you would like to help, or if you know of anyone please let Michael know.  Training dates TBA
All the 'signs' have been counted and Al sent out a list to all supervisors.....PLEASE read that list for your area....if you need any 'new' signs, let us know ASAP so we don't have to order last minute.
Meghan is the BAR MANAGER - Date of the Bar Training will come out soon.
VOLUNTEERS are NEEDED  We need YOU and all your friends and family and neighbours and everyone to come out and volunteer. PLEASE...... To make an event this size be successful, we need GREAT Sponsors, GREAT music, and VOLUNTEERS.  We are a long way off to our goal, so please be proactive and ask everyone you know if they could please give up 4 or 5 hours of the weekend to help make Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST 2019 the best ever.  Our website is:  www.portmoodyribfest.ca. Go to the volunteer tab on the right hand side, click on that, It will say 'interested in volunteering', and scroll down to 'Sign up Today'.  It is as easy as that.  
Thank you to Michael for putting 'Robbie Ribber' on the volunteer site.  Is that what we should call him?  Maybe we should have a 'contest' to name him???
We didn't get to all the supervisors, but if you have any questions, suggestions, anything, please let Al know.  If you are in charge of an area at RIBFEST please before you go to purchase anything, go to the 'lock-up' to 'shop' there first. We have lots of 'stuff' !!!

Kenya Report- April 7, 2019

Launch day on the 5th was a great! It was the last day of school and we had 60 principals, teachers, forest reps and stakeholders. Rotary was well celebrated and Khayanga and I are thrilled

We took everyone on a tour and an introductory power point so that they could get a feel of what goes on at the Lugari Community Resource Centre. It is known for its agriculture and youth leadership programs but they also got acquainted with of some of the other programs like Mother’s Day and Days for Girls (DFG). In fact 12 schools booked for Women’s Health Presentations and a new Boys Leadership and a sport’s program are being initiated.

We had done several workshops with the District Curriculum Officer and 5 teachers who did a super job of introductory training. It was fun to watch how keen everyone was. We also got lots of interest for the computer courses as well.

The work that we did to get the 17 lap tops and 34 tablets set up on their new tables complete with anti-theft drawers and benches paid off. Though I did learnt more about computers and security than I ever wanted to know! 

We were amazed at how many books fit in a palette! The app that I brought for cataloguing the library books only worked on 1/3rd of the books so we photographed the rest and will use another cataloguing system. Some of the teachers were pretty keen to borrow the text books. 

The forester and crew did a brief presentation and I had a blast using the hand held 55x-microscope on flowers and people’s faces! 

The week before we went to Uganda and worked with the DFG office for Africa and an enterprise unit that Khayanga had set up. Oh… and they gave us the most AMAZING traditional dresses that I will happily model if I can figure out how to put it on.

See you at the end of the month!

KoKo Cleone


Our meeting today was held at the Hillside Building (part of the Traditional Cottage Program for Recovery and Rehabilitation) on the grounds of the Riverview complex. We were welcomed to a great breakfast by Beata Zaleska who is the Program Director—Ethics Committee Chair/Privacy Officer.

The sun was shining, we did get a 'little' lost, but what an inspirational meeting.  Thank you Darrell for organizing and to past member Beata for hosting us.

There were only a couple of announcements:

  1. Al S reminded us that tomorrow's meeting is to highlight where we are in planning for our Year 5 Port Moody Rotary RibFest.... LET'S SEE WHO READS THIS.....WEAR YOUR RIBFEST SHIRT TOMORROW IF YOU HAVE ONE. 
  2. Bill announced we are organizing a work crew for Saturday morning April 13th at EagleRidge Manor at 9:30. It seems the garden beds are being taken over by ivy and we have been asked to help them pull out and bag from both the front entry area and from the courtyard sitting area. We will provide pruners, loppers, gloves but if you have your own you prefer using feel free to bring them along. Signup sheet at our next meeting.
  3. NOTE this date was picked by the Manor and is the same day as our Heritage Mountain cleanup so we will schedule to start Heritage Mountain a little earlier—see announcements & times from meeting this week.

Our members met with a number of the Lodge clients in their “great room after the meeting. Beata gave a brief introduction a) 2003 started for clients from Colony Farms, now for clients with drugs and alcohol dependency, b) started with 15 clients now for 40 people. She introduced us to 2 of the key personel.

Lena—Manager of Rehabilitation.

Melanie—Councillor, therapist she is responsible for how programs are implemented. She explained we would get to hear from 4 different speakers who are all part of the program run at the Hillside. These 4 speakers told us their personal stories and how the programs at the Centre have brought them to what we see today:

Stacy: has a husband and family in the Fraser Valley. Has been in care for 8 months with anger issues. Stigma is the hardest part to get over. She has been taught CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) a form of Psychotherapy that treats problems and boosts happiness by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. Practice S.T.O.P.—Slow down, Take a deep breath, Observe what’s set you off, Positive thoughts (replace I can’t or I won’t with I can and I will). They wear an elastic band on their wrist they snap to remind them to STOP.

Shawn: Has a family, former pro athlete, suffers from Schitzoaffective Disorder which is a chronic mental health condition characterized by symptoms of schitzophrenia (hallucinations or delusions) and symptoms of mood disorder like mania and depression. He stressed people here genuinely care. Learning to be the “driver in their own car” and using his spirituality to aid in his recovery.

Fraser: Also suffers from schitzoaffective disorder. He’s very high strung and nervous. Cognitive dysfunction. Both he and Shawn are part of a “Cognitive Remediation” program at UBC twice a week. It is a new non-pharmaceutical program based on using simple games as a way to give the brain a work out to strengthen the circuits like strengthening the body muscles in the gym. It has made a huge difference for both of them.

Sari: Suffers from manic depression and schitzophrenia. Put up for adoption at 4, attempted suicide at 18. Cognition issues, problem solving, couldn’t cope with crisis. Now she is using the STP process and has reached a point where she will be going back to society.

All are at or near a point they can leave but the system for them will allow them to come back regularly each week so not just a cold turkey leaving. Some will be coming back to be mentors for new attendees. 

Thank you to the Clients that told their very personal stories
And thank you for the amazing breakfast.....
Wear your RIBFEST shirt  this Wednesday as our whole meeting will be about Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST 2019.
The Maple Ridge club is having a fund raiser on April 27th.
Lets get out and support our local Rotary Clubs.
President Ian returned from Equador and had great stories to tell about the Global Grant and the 'climb'.  We are all happy he & Trish returned safely.
Guests this week were Rotaract members Jaymee, Eric & Carter, who were also our Guest Speakers.
They will be going to Guatemala in August for 10 days building and installing 65 stoves into the homes of Villagers in Cementerio Jolomtaj. Guatemalans in this village make an average monthly income of $55, $27 of that is spent on firewood alone. Installing these stoves decreases cooking time by 29% and firewood consumption by 53%. More then 50% cook on open flame making them susceptible to respiratory and cardiac diseases, especially women and children because mothers will often cook while their baby is swaddled against them.
The Tri-Cities Rotaract Club needs to raise $8000 to get three of our members to Guatemala and to pay for our portion of the stoves. Any support the Rotarians are willing to give us is amazing and we thank you all greatly!
Attached is the file with the donation information but if it is easier for our members to donate in Canadian funds you may write cheques directly to  “The Tri-Cities Rotaract Club” and we will be sure the money is put towards our clubs goal.

February 5, 2019

Re: Request for Sponsorship Guatemala 2019

Dear Port Moody Rotary,

The Rotaract Clubs of District 5050 are excited to bring “Service Above Self” internationally as they embark on the first joint district project. In August 2019 Rotaractors will be building 65 Aler Stoves in the city of Cementerio, Guatemala.

In order to make this project a reality, we are tasked with raising $15,000 USD to fund the cost of the project. Additional financial support is also needed to support Rotaractors to go down and see the project through.

We, the Tri-Cities Rotaract Club are looking for financial support from The Port Moody Rotary Club. There are several ways you can support our goal financially. Please see the next page for more details.

Thank you for your continued support with Rotaract!

Jaymee Lynn
President 2018/19
Incoming President 2019/20
Tri-Cities Rotaract
Incoming District 5050 Rotaract Representative

(778) 387-4552


With the expansion of clubs comes the opportunity for collaboration and partnership amongst each other. It is exciting to see clubs come together and work towards a common goal of making a difference Internationally. As Guatemala 2019 marks the first joint international project the clubs of District 5050 take on, it’s heartwarming to know the difference each Rotaractor will make.

Your support to this endeavour is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

About Aler Stoves

Designed to reduce smoke from open fires, Aler stoves have greatly decreased illnesses, injuries, and deaths. Aler stoves burn 65% less wood, are designed to greatly reduce the risk of burns, and are built right in Barillas, which provides jobs for the local economy

Here is a fundraiser we can all support to help them with their goal.  Save the date:  April 16th, 2019

AND Rotaract is doing a GALA on May 17th for this trip also.  Please save the date....more details to follow.
April 9, 2019 - AGM for Rotary World Help.  6:00pm at the Blue Mountain Golf Club. - Tickets are $25.00. Please let Dan know if you will be attending.

The guest speaker for the evening, Jamie McIntosh, CEO of Mercy Ships Canada.

“Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to provide free surgery, training and dental care in developing nations. Founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $1 billion, with more than 2.35 million direct beneficiaries.

Each year Mercy Ships has more than 1,200 volunteers from over 40 nations. Professionals include surgeons, dentists, nurses, healthcare trainers, teachers, cooks, seamen, engineers, and photographers, writers and more, all donating their time and skills to the effort.”

Alan K spoke about the upcoming SFPP.....Thanks to everyone that is helping make this annual event a Huge Success.


SFPP tickets are now available on line, at Moody Ales or at the Well.  Please tell your friends and family to get their tickets early.  Steve Witiuk has tickets also. 
Hawaiian Sunset from guess who?
Karla was a beautiful young girl suffering from hip dysplasia. She was so cheerful and an absolute delight for everyone. The solution for her was a peri-acetabular osteotomy- which should /will improve her quality of life substantially!
This project is a RI International Global Grant project.
On the hip dysplasia side is that this is what we are trying to prevent..... Hip Dysplasia Prevention / Treatment - TNM


Kenya Update March 17, 2019
This week I met Mary Coulson and felt inspired, pampered and cried. She has taken in 120 children that are mostly not orphans but many of their parents abused, neglected, abandoned or sold them as prostitutes. The Coquitlam club is planning to bring ARES (upgrade from Rachel) to the school that Mary set up and so we dropped Terry Colson off and learnt lots. 
We travelled to a desert village where the RACHEL project made a 0.36 school mark upgrade after a year. We will hire an enthusiastic teacher from there to help with our teacher workshop. We promote Days for Girls wherever we go.
Lumber yards, paint places and hardware stores visits help us get ready for next week’s set up of the computer and e-learning labs. Yesterday, I proudly got open office installed on 18 lap tops only to find out that the 17+year old xp computers can’t play the videos from RACHEL. JoAnne (from here), Festus (K’s brother), some advice from Al Stjernegaard, lots of help from Michael Berrisford and now a computer tech will make this tech team successful. Whewwww...today's challenge… can we get programs from ARES onto RACHEL?
I also got to spend time with monkeys, saw some ostriches, zebras and lots of birds. Khayanga is inspirational, fun and gets things done in a place where there are lots of challenges. I am happy!


Guest: Ross Thomas from Viaduct Foundation

Filling in for President Ian this week was newly retired Steve Witiuk—great job Steve!


June 15th City of Port Moody Community Fair. We will take a table to talk up RIBFEST and all the things we do plus look for new members. Time 11-3 so 2 shifts of 2 people each.  Please sign up with Reena 


Birthdays—Terry March 17th , Meghan and Alan K on the 18th—none of them in attendance   We wish you all the very best.

Linda: reminded everyone of Installation Dinner Thursday June 20th at Saint Street Grill. Members dinner cost is included in your annual dues but +1’s are $55.00.

Also to please sign up for RIBFEST....There are lots of slots available for volunteering.  Please pass along to your family, friends and neighbours.  We have 1098 slots to fill to make our 2019 the huge Success we know it can be.

April 3rd  is District Training Assembly. Those attending will carpool to event in Surrey.

District Grant project was moved to the weekend of June 1st and 2nd. at City Hall. High School students grades 9-12 will get sessions led by leaders in government, education, science learning by Socratic Method.


SFPP- volunteers will be needed for set up, take down, selling raffle tickets, helping with ice distribution, etc. It is a great 1 day event and very raises a lot of funds for our projects. Tickets (650 guests max) will be $45.00 again this year.  Please tell all your friends to get their tickets before we sell out.


Dan G’s Rotary minute reminded us this is World Rotaract Week. Reminded us of the Rotary Intl. President’s article in the latest magazine and all the projects Rotaractors do in their communities. Make them feel welcome, include them  in our projects, welcome them into our Clubs as they age out of Rotaract.

Ross receiving the GOLDEN SPIKE from Dan.

Guest speaker Ross Thomas, is a 30 year resident of the Tri-Cities. Their organization, Viaduct Foundation, (Ross went to school in Toronto and was working there at the time the Bloor Street Viaduct was being re-purposed to include being a rapid transit carrier; so he saw a “viaduct” as being a way to be creative and flexible) works on education projects in the poorest 10% of the countries in the world. Some issues in Education can be solved with money but not everything:

  1. Described a school in Honduras destroyed by an earthquake that took 7 years to be rebuilt—kids were without a school for 7 years, almost ½ a generation lost.
  2. In El Salvador they drove a building behind an 8-10 foot razor wire barricade in a residential neighborhood—it was a school and the fencing was to protect their computers. 1st time the equipment was stolen before the wall.
  3. Guatemala a Rotary project they worked with was to supply RACHEL computers but parents had to sign and attest they would pay for the electricity so they would work.

The UN has set 17 targets for “Sustainable Development Goals” to eradicate poverty. Several involve education: 

  1. Not enough teachers. In some countries class sizes are up to 100 kids. Projected number required = one half of all kids graduating each year.
  2. Quality of teachers is a problem. In Sub-Saharan Africa up to 60% of the teachers have just High School education themselves and they are paid below poverty level.
  3. Attendance. Kids are required to work for a wage or to help on the family farm
  4. Focus on girls. Some projects enroll girls in private schools. For these girls they sleep 3 high on bunk beds and have all their clothes, toiletries, etc, in 1 small locker for a year.
  5. In the poorest 10% of the world they calculate 400 million kids who HAVE gone to school can’t read, do math, or spell. 

What can we do: a) sponsor a student, subscribe to their semi-annual newsletters, donate an android tablet.

Rotary Cleaned up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. once again.  The snow was gone, the sun shone and a total of 8 bags of trash was collected.  Thanks to Gladys, The Berrisford's, the Burnham's, PP Alan & Bill.  Great job everyone.


The presentation to our club from our very own Port Moody Police Department.
Kenya Update
It is wonderful to be out here again and the project is coming along great!
On Monday we presented to the Education Officer who is in charge of 175 (k-gr8) primary schools and 34 high schools. We were thrilled when she invited us to speak to a meeting with 60 of the elementary schools principals and administrators on Wednesday. We got a great response to the E-learning project (Project Rachel) and Days for Girls! 
My luggage was 4 days late so I wore Khayanga’s clothes but the great thing is that we didn’t have a hassle at customs to get the 8 tablets, the education equipment and 6 lbs of snaps for Days for Girls reusable menstrual kits that Vida generously donated. (Yay Vida)
We shopped, benches and tables are being built and strategies are being figured out on how to manage the E learning lab, computer lab and library. We also pulled out our hair doing the technical stuff with the older tablets….  We were soooo lucky to have Terry Colton from the Coquitlam club to help and to make us really laugh. He took some fantastic pictures with his drone and so the boys had fun with the toys. 
On Thursday we went to an extremely productive meeting with the Rotary Club in Eldoret. They were excited about our being able to produce Days for Girls kits because they need it for one of their projects. They will be coming with us to a community where they set up Rachel and we will learn firsthand how to really implement it and see if we can get some on the ground training for our staff. 
We are now in Gil Gil (5 hours from Musembe) and getting a chance to talk with Mary, another Rotarian, who is setting Terry up with the Rachel project here….. 
I feel very lucky to be here and I wish you all were here as well!

Meeting was ably presided over by Past President Mike.

Guests: Mark Lindsay (our speaker) and Ruth Foster (Mossum Creek)

We celebrated birthdays for 4 folks who had birthdays recently but were away so we sang our traditional song for Brian W., Kay, Jeannie and Isy.


District Assembly is coming up in 2 or 3 weeks

Mike also thought there might be an RLI 3 meeting later this month.

Gayle is hosting a meeting at her house on Monday to help plan the Installation night for Cleone and the Thank you to Ian for his year.

Cleone managed to get storage space in Burnaby from her contact and Danne moved all the Lending Toy Library stuff from our lock up to the new BBY locker. Thanks Danne.

Saturday was our Heritage Mountain cleanup and it was cancelled due to the snow.  Stay tuned for the next time.

Alan K gave an update on SFPP. Riley has again signed up as a main sponsor plus will BBQ something for food. Posters have been delayed but due shortly. **remember we will be needing volunteers for set-up and take-down as well as at raffle tables, running ice to the brewers, etc. THURSDAY MAY 9th.

Thanks to Meghan for organizing the transitions event at Heritage Woods Secondary School. It was very inspiring by all accounts from our members who attended

Ruth spoke to us about a project she is working on with the City of Port Moody to organize a documentary of the life of 104 year old Maryanne Cooper. They are already filming interviews with Mary at home and around the City. Her life begins (1915) just after the founding of Port Moody (1913) so it will document the changes she’s seen in our Cities growth. Ruth has organized a Fundraiser Dinner at The Club Senior’s Centre (ground floor under the Crossroads Hospice) which will be catered by Fred Soofi from Pasta Polo Restaurant. The venue is small, only seats 40 people, so tickets will be in short supply. Their cost is $104.00 with a tax receipt given for $60.00. Tickets can be purchased at the finance counter at City Hall.

Our guest speaker, Mark Lindsay, spoke about the group he is executive director for—Access Youth Outreach Services Society. Their vision—No youth left behind

Born and raised in St. Mary’s Ontario. 12 years ago he became addicted to opioids, took him 2 years to overcome (it was before the days of fenenyl) and has been 10 years sober in April. He moved out to Vancouver and began volunteering on the DTES helping out and telling his story.

Mark is passionate about working with at risk youth, building relationships with this community—‘Youth are the leaders of tomorrow”   


  1. Project Reach Out Bus is fitted out for kids. Out every Thursday and Friday evening from 4-11 pm. Staffed by 2-3 OutReach staff and 2-3 volunteers. No magic to outreach—just personalized 1 to 1 support. 1600 contacts in 2018 covering Tri Cities and sometimes to Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.
  2. They have an OutReach office in Coquitlam Centre mall also Thursday/Friday from 3-9 pm staffed by 2 people. They work with Douglas College students as intern-like helpers. The Mall also supplies gift cards for the bus to hand out so kids can get food and clothing
  3. They have 1 Youth Empowerment worker full time to give 1-1 support for 12-23 year olds—act as advocates, take to appointments, etc.
  4. They have a new 5 year contract starting this spring with the YWCA for the Tri-Cities—teach kids about budgeting, living on their own, goal setting, finishing school, learning about career choices, etc.

They have their big fundraiser/Gala coming up September 29th. More info to follow when it is finalized.


This is the final weekly Conference email going out to all Rotarians in District 5050.

Thank you to all of those who have already registered for the District Conference - we have a great lineup of speakers and events for your enjoyment!
If you haven't registered yet, you have two days left for the discount registration rate. You also have the option or registering for the entire Conference, or the special Saturday Only registration.  CLICK HERE TO GET MORE DETAILS AND TO REGISTER.
This was also the final Weekly Prize Draw!  Congratulations to the winner of the Mystery Rotary Bling:  Peter Tam of the Haney Rotary Club!  
Golf Option:  Bill Murray (favorite of Governor Linda) is organizing a golf tournament for Thursday, April 11 at the Battle Creek Golf Course.  Bill has negotiated the cost down to a mere $23!  There are only 20 spots available so if you are interested, email Bill at bill@billandlindamurray.com

There's just over one month left until the Conference kicks off on April 11.
Join us and enjoy!  

Sean Hogan
Winner of the coveted No-Prize!


Gayle & I attended GIVE HER WINGS and it was wonderful to experience first hand what our Community Grant to the Soroptimist has done.  Well done Rotary !!!


Guests this week: 

Ingrid Taylor
Sandra Horton
Craig Hachey

Port Moody Soccer cheque presentation
Craig Hatchey


The Soccer Club gave a THANK YOU Presentation.

Craig gave a Short video on what they did with the funds received from our Community Grant.
U16 Port Moody Soccer Club
Portland College ID camp last year with Rotary grant, 
Players gained confidence, friendships, it was an experience like on a college team
Would like to do something similar this year. 
The Team volunteered at RIBFEST last summer, will be back in summer ‘19.....YEAH !  We couldn't do it without them.

Preet looking for hosts for April 18-May 4 for Friendship Exchange

Quiz night ?

District training coming up soon

Cleone - attended PETS in Seattle, 500 people, great speakers, humbled, inspired honoured, to be come President of the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Remember to 'save the date'......June 20th, 2019 is our Installation night at Saint Street Grill.

Cleone goes to Kenya, digital library, book library, days for girls, preplanning forest ed centre,   We wish her an exciting journey.  Cleone has 'arrived'.  We are happy she is safe and happy.  We will be getting weekly updates and photos from her.  
Mike P.  - Attended Port Moody City Council last week & gave an update on our Rotary club.  It was well received.

Ann H. - 19 year member of the Rotary Club of Port Moody
Ingrid Tyler was our Speaker

Medical Health Officer
Opioid Overdose Update

Community based response in PoMo now for the opioid crisis
#1 cause accidental death in BC
Over 1400 deaths in 2017 and also in 2018
Tri-Cities relatively lower than other communities 
71% of deaths took place in private residences, in Fraser Health region
Fentanyl related deaths are the reason for the spike, otherwise flat illicit drug deaths, unregulated drug supply is polluted 
Naloxone is a band-aid solution to an overdose, blocks receptors
Opioid Agonist Therapy is the real solution, using suboxone
OERC grant to develop community based action plan, Sandra Horton is the Project Facilitator for TriCities
Let's support ROTARACT......PLEASE save these dates.
Here are 3 events they would like Rotarians to support by attending.
  • Mar 20 – Rotaract            All clubs in area D to send Youth Director and Prez Elect to Rotaract meeting at Leigh Square in PoCo. - Maybe Meghan could go in Cleone's place....
  • Apr 16 - Rotaract              Pub Night at John B. - fun night for a group to get together and go to support.
  • May 17 - Rotaract            Gala at the Vancouver club. - fun night for a group to get together and go to support
President Ian's thought for the week:
Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energy for the big worthwhile things.
It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out, it is the grain of sand in your shoe.
Guests - Gladys’ daughter Vanessa Gauthier/Tim Delayne - future son-in-law; Darrell's beautiful wife Christa Burnham; Patricia Lee; Merick Gillam
It's always a good day when we induct a new member into our Rotary Club of Port Moody.
Induction - Gladys Mercer.
Gayle proposed Gladys as a member of our Club and Gladys has already won our hearts with her enthusiasm and willingness to work hard.

Reminders - Rotary Minute at Port Moody Council meetings - Mike will be presenting next week.  
Michael announced that we will be using a New system for Rib Valet through Squirrel;
Feb 28 -Heritage Woods Grad Transition 
March 2- Deadline Feb. 21 @$45/ 
March 11- meeting at Gayle’s regarding Installation Dinner at 5:00; Installation Dinner is June 21at Saint Street Grill; 
March 23- District Training Assembly - Kwantlen Polytechnic Uni - Surrey Campus
March 25 - International Meeting at Parkside Brewery - 5:00 pm

Classification Talks are always a favourite with our Rotary Club and Reena's talk was fantastic.  
- Reena Venkatesh; certified interior designer; born in India, Calcutta; multicultural upbringing; educated in a Catholic convent school; moved to Canada January; has lived in Canada for 20 years; first snowfall was experienced; two children; married; family back home in India - Mom, Dad, brother & sister;
Reena loves nature, people; LOVES lighthouses;
She received her BCIT certification in Interior Design; & her company is called Seasonal Leaf Designs; formal name is translated to ‘seasonal leaf’; loves social media;  Reena joined Rotary because she met Al at a Chamber event and when she came to the Club she really liked the welcoming atmosphere.
PP Al and his girls

First Nations Toy Library Super Helper!
First Nations Toy Library Super Helper!
Valentina Doostdar is 9 yrs old, from Heritage Mountain, and chose the toy library as her change maker school project. She helped clean and put together toys for the First Nations Toy Library with the Port Moody Rotary Club. We were lucky to have her energetic and smiling spirit and she was much better than us at assembling the toys. 
We have completed Phase 1 of the project and the toys are on their way to a Rotary Right2Read lock-up. The first nations community will be assessing the toy catalogue that we assembled and we start Phase 2 in the spring. Shelving, bagging, labeling, completing the toy collection, transporting and assembling will keep us busy then.
Thank you Valentina for all of your help!
Good news:  we're getting many new registrations for the District Conference and we've got six draw winners to announce - congratulations to Roger Kelley, Eric Mollema, Janet Chalmers, Elaine Wolfe, Aaron Starkovich and Peter Boekhorst, all of who get VIP Saturday lunch seating with one of our guest speakers.  Roger also won the autographed book!
Next week's draw is for Rotary Bling!  What's that?  We don't know yet - Governor Linda will be picking up something special on Friday from the Rotary vendors at the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar (PETS) in Seattle.

To be eligible to win Rotary Bling and be entered for the remaining weekly draws (including two nights free stay) all you need to do is register and pay to attend the Conference.  CLICK HERE for more information and registration.

The last email gave you information on our great speakers.  This email is about all of the events we have planned!

Thursday, April 11 is pre-Conference celebrations including the Irish/Caribbean night and options for a Boeing VIP tour or an Art Museum Tour. 
The Conference kicks off on Friday with the Opening Ceremony.  In addition to our speakers, enjoy the House of Friendship, a panel discussion on Inspirational Club Projects and finish off the day with Home Hosting & Dinner!
Saturday continues the fun with events including a hands on activity, the always popular Rotary Youth Exchange presentation, receptions galore - including special receptions (1) for Major Donors and other Rotary Foundation supporters, (2) for Presidents-Elect hosted by Governor-Elect Brad, and (3) for Club Presidents along with those of you who were recognized by your Club President and Governor Linda as "Inspirational Rotarians" and (4) for everyone!
On Sunday, we will celebrate the Pioneers of Rotary (those who have been Rotarians for 20 years or more).  I love the pledge they take, which includes this line:  
Having survived one thousand Rotary lunches,
I agree to absorb in the future whatever form of
food is offered me without beefing.
All this plus meeting friends and making friends!
Kenya Pub Night!
What a Great Night! We had fun!
56 people came out even though the roads were snowy, we made $1,148 and we needed $1,150, the pub staff told me it was the easiest fundraiser they ever held and I didn't fall off the stool I was speaking from nor did Khayanga and I talk too long! (in our opinion!) Tables of friends were grouped together and there was a lot of laughing and the burgers, beer and wine seemed to go down just fine.  
This project should make a big difference. The computer lab and library were destroyed by fire a couple of years ago and the Lugari Centre was rebuilt. We will be putting in a computer lab, library (first phase), digital library, helping the Days for Girls enterprise unit, and looking at the feasibility and initial planning for a Forest Education project. Terry Colton will be coming with us on school visits because the Coquitlam Club is looking at putting in a global grant for a digital library (Aeries project) in some Kenyan schools including Musembe. The Port Moody Rotary club has committed $7,000 to buy all the things we need like generators and this pub night was for in-country transportation.
I will be leaving to work with Khayanga on Feb 28th and leave there on April 19th. I think we will be busy!
Thank you to everyone that helped to make the pub night a success in particular Al Stjernengaard and to everyone that has helped to get the Kenyan project to this stage.

We are Strong !!! & BRAVE

22 members braved the snowy road conditions and made to Rotary this morning.

Ian brought a bottle of Kahlua as a treat to add to our morning coffee.



  • Cleone Todgham thanked the club for the successful pub night that raised enough money to cover the ground costs for the Kenya project. 
  • There will be 1 more workshop to get laptops ready to go to Kenya.
  • Cleone now has two spaces for the toy lending library, one for storage and one for a workshop.
  • Michael Berrisford is looking into a system to enhance the rib running at Ribfest this year.
  • A vegan menu will be available at Ribfest.
  • RLI Part 3 on March 2, 2019 at Shawn O’Donnell’s American Grill and Irish Pub.  Must have attended Parts 1 & 2.
  • District Training Assembly March 23, 2019 at Kwantlen Polytechnical College,  Surrey Campus.
  • District Conference April 11-14, 2019 at Tulalip Resort.
  • Our Club received  a Certificate of appreciation and a letter from the Police Chief. 


Mike Poznanski reported on the proceedings of the Legacy Project to date.  A committee has been struck chaired by Mike Poznanski and includes Bill Lawrie, Gary Wiggins, Alan Schmelzel, Linda Balzer and Meghan Lahti.  The committee will be looking to the Club for project ideas.  Forms for input were handed out and can also be found on the Club’s website.  Things to consider when thinking about a project are:

  1. It should have a large presence.
  2. It should be something that would have continuous Rotary involvement.
  3. It should focus on the local community.
  4. It should have a high Rotary visibility.
  5. It should have a long lasting effect.  
  6. It should contribute to several areas of service. 
  7. It must be sustainable.


The members were encouraged to put on their thinking caps and return their ideas to Mike in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

President Ian's quote for the week:
 In Honor of Chines New Year:
'By three methods we may learn wisdom:  first by reflection, which is noblest;  second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is bitterest'
Confucius circa 551 BC
Guests this week were:

Terry Coulton - Coquitlam Noon Club
Khayanga - Guest speaker

Gladys Mercer - perspective new member


Brian Wormold’s Birthday - 
In recognition of 1 year anniversary and appreciation a special pin for Mike Beresford - congrats!

 Rotaractors are going to Guatemala and they are asking for donations.
Al S inviting members to join the team in Belize
 Loads of help loading the container for Equador - thanks to everyone who came out to help

 Remember Rotaracts is coming up on Feb 27

 Heritage Mtn. Blvd. Street cleanup this weekend.  Great job everyone......

 Musical performances start on Feb 26 @ 1:30 at Eagle ridge Manor
 Vocational Chair Meghan Lahti presented with 4-Way test medallion 


Re: Kenya project

Monday, Feb.11 - pub fundraiser at St James Well @ 7:00 pm

Vida talked a bit about Days For Girls - makes personal hygiene kits for girls around the world
This project is being brought to Kenya. Enterprises and workshops are set
up all over the world. 

Cleone and Khayanga did a presentation on their Kenya Project. They shared about:

*Lugari Community Resource Centre
*Women’s Group
*Water Project
*New Mother’s Group
*Days for Girls
*Rotary Library and Computer Lab
*RACHEL - Plus
*Forest Education - environmental appreciation
*Pro D Days School Visits

This is a great new event put on by 2 of our Community Sponsors.
Please mark your calendars.

Electric.....the meeting was ELECTRIC !!!

President Ian’s Quote of the week: 

“Words are our most in-exhaustible source of magic, capable of inflicting great wounds or mending them.” 

Albus Dumbledore

Gladys Mercer back for her 3rd. Meeting.  We are looking forward to seeing more of Gladys.

Thank you Reena for bringing your guest Sandra D'Souza.

President Elect Cleone with our Vida who received a Paul Harris plus 4 .

Guests: Mary O’Neill (guest speaker) and her husband Terry O’Neil

It was great to have Terry’s rich voice added to Gary’s at our National Anthem this morning—we had the rafters ringing!

Ian also presented Paul Harris to Patty (Plus 6)

Ian gave service pins to Yvonne, Cleone and Claire for all their hard work for our Club.

Belize project update - Our Club should be very proud of this partnership with the Prison in Belize.  Great leadership Al and Glen

Belize update—planning a road trip to Belize for 1 week April 5-12. Get a chance to re-assemble a modular home for a family in need, visit the prison our RACHEL initiative is helping, meet other Rotarians, see the sights and beaches in Belize and get to know our club members better.  Let Al and Glen know if you would like to go to Belize.



Pub Night Fundraiser

 Please join us for a fun night to raise funds for one or our international projects.


--Cleone reported on where we are with collecting, cleaning, photographing, and cataloguing toy for our RIGHT2READ Toy Lending Library.


Al S announced Mike has been working with the OPEN ROAD Auto group and was able to announce they have signed on as the Platinum sponsors of the Music , our VIP Tent and other areas for 2 years!! Great work you guys!

Reminder of the 2019 Rotary International Conference in Hamburg—it’s filling up quickly. Will be in early June.

Saturday, February 2nd, we sent a container to Ecuador. Seems RWH had a large amount of medical supplies in the warehouse and the next 2 months are their busiest pickup time so we are able to send some much needed supplies to our on-going project in Ecuador.

RLI 3 will be held on March 2nd in the States. More info to come.

Speaker today Mary O’Neill who spoke to us about the “Talitha Koum Society” women’s recovery homes (there are 2 in Coquitlam). It is termed a Spiritual House of Healing and talitha koum comes from the gospel of St. Mark and translates as “rise up little girl”. They started in 2000 in Vancouver and are in Coquitlam since 2016 and 2nd house added in Fall 2018. They work with addicts as half-way house when out of prison to “recover and live the lives they were meant to”.  

There are 9 people in each house (some include kids) for a minimum of 6 month up to 2 years. There are 6 Part Time and 6 Full Time employees and 28 volunteers.  Alumni are critical.  Programs are based on the 12 Step program and everyone attends a session every day. Education includes, job search, household finances, as well a focus on chores, cooking, housekeeping together plus parenting classes.

Elements are: Food and nutrition, environment, community, celebration, graduation and commitment

7 member Board. Always looking for volunteers—educationalists, gardening, maintenance, children’s activities, financial skills training etc.  

Their annual gala is on March 2nd  check it out www.talithakoumsociety.org


Heritage Woods Secondary is asking for help again this year with the GRAD Transitions.  It is an easy day and so very rewarding to go to the school and listen to the 'goals' of these Graduating students.
If you can help, please let them know.
Linda ;o)
Here is the letter we received:

Greetings from the Woods!

On Thursday, February 28th each of our senior students will be demonstrating his/her accomplishments in a presentation to complete the Graduation Transitions requirement.  We have approximately 370 students who will be ready to speak about their proudest accomplishments from their school and community experiences and their future aspirations.  We would like a member of our community to participate in each of the presentation panels.  This is the reason we’re writing to you!

We would love to have you, and any of your staff who wish to take part, be a panel member for all or part of that day.  We plan to have about 30 students presenting at a time, with six presentation sessions in the morning and six in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided.

We’re confident that our students will amaze you and we’re pleased to invite you to share this positive experience with us. 

Would you please extend this invitation to any staff members you feel might want to take part in this activity?  

Please email me (igay@sd43.bc.ca) by Friday, February 8th with the names and email addresses of the people in your organization who would be willing to participate on this day.  

Thanks for considering this!


Ingrid Gay/Marilyn Nunn

Grad Transitions, Heritage Woods Secondary

President Ian’s quote “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘what are you doing for others?’”

Martin Luther King Jr.

So many guests and the room was 'electric'.....
Past members Steve Gable and Jim McGrandles came to visit from Langley
PP Trudy Gallant came all the way from Steveston to visit
Gladys Mercer and Dave Tang are guests 'checking' out our Rotary Club.  This was Gladys' 2 second visit.
Thank you to Yvonne for the photos.

Help Needed :  Al S’s trailer will be in Winnipeg this July so not available for us to use as a Cash counting office for RIBFEST. If anyone has one we can use contact Al S.

Cleone announced she was holding a cleaning, sorting, photographing, cataloguing party at her place to prepare donated toy for our Toy Lending Library.

Steve Witiuk will co-chair the New Generations committee with Patty.

Claire announced she is exploring a location for “Before I Die Wall”. Moody Ales are a possibility. Great initiative Claire.

Mike P gave an update of where we are on the Legacy project.

SFPP planning meeting January 23rd at Alan K’s home.

We are planning a Pub Night for a Monday or Wednesday night in early February. Proceeds to go to offset costs for those going to Kenya this winter.

President Ian announced 2 recipients for his Service Award for this week—Brian Dunne for his work getting our guests presentations on our screen

and Peter Cuthbert for all his readings to the Manor residents. Thanks to both of you.

Pie Day  was last Friday at the Manor—Thank you to Danne for distributing pies on the last Friday of each month.  If anyone would like to help Danne, please let him know.

Mike Clay talked about having a preview of the new Port Moody Legion. It should open this March and Mike suggested we all join.


Guest speaker: Our own President Ian MacPhail gave us an update on our Club’s International Ecuador Project dealing with “Preventative screening program for cervical cancer and developmental hip dysplasia in infants”. It was 2 years in the planning stage and the Team is working with 3 groups representing Hospitals and Universities.

--First visit was July 2018. Introduced everyone, developed comraderie, explained new technologies and mission. The area covered covers a large area and only 6 Doctors so working with Post Graduates and Medical Students. Initially they screened 100 infants for hip dysplasia (Now over 600) and nearly 50 for cervical cancer (now over 100) the added patients with the Graduates and medical students.  They use a video conferencing system called 2-Zoom which allows for consultations with the Doctors at home in Canada. Ian explained the clinics are set up close to the churches as all residents attend church regularly so staff can reach more patients easily without travelling all over the back country.

--Next visit is scheduled for November 24-28. Mission will be to expand lectures, revisit examination techniques, patient data and ensure the project is on track to sustainability. 


 Loading a container to Equador this Saturday . 

Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 9:00am, at Riverview.   We could really use
your help.

This shipment is going to Ecuador and is being sponsored by the
Rotary Club of Port Moody.....so we need your help.!!!

PP Alan S. ably filled in for President Ian who was away in Calgary.

Guests: Meghan’s husband Paul Lahti,

Emily Astren was Steve Witiuk’s guest (she worked at CIBC with Steve and she will be a RYLA participant this year, 

and Gladys Mercer joined us interested in volunteering in her new community (from Newfoundland originally). 


Paul gave an update on our Club’s Community grant project which will focus on teaching 10-15 high school students some of the principles of the Socratic method of learning. Originally the plan was for 10 -12 1 hour sessions over the 2019 Winter/Spring school year but it is morphing into 2 5-6 hour sessions over 1 or 2 weekends.

PP Al S. updated on an exciting new fundraising project being considered by the 6 Rotary Clubs in Area D.

Isy  announced she is officially retiring August 31st this year but will continue to arrange trips for a select number of her favorite clients.

SFPP planning is progressing. Alan K will schedule a meeting shortly for those looking to volunteer for tasks on the night of (Thursday May 9th) and for those wanting to volunteer for tasks leading up to the event as well.

Rotary Leadership Institute Level 2 (RLI) will be held Jan 23rd at Meadow Gardens Golf Course.

“Returning” a documentary film premier presented by Mossom Creek Hatchery was on Friday January 18th at 6:30 at Inlet Theatre.

Thanks to everyone (10 folks) who helped with the Heritage Mountain litter cleanup last week.

PP Al S gave an overview of current International Grant projects our Club is involved in over the next 1-2 years: 1) Ecuador project (President Ian as lead) has funding of $180,000 over 3 years. Canadian Doctors working/teaching local students/medics to identify early cervical cancer and provide early treatment with ongoing video conferencing/mentoring between actual visits.


2) Kenya project (President elect Cleone as lead) working with Kenyan volunteers to expand reading/education initiatives particularly with young girls.

3) Belize project (Al S. as lead) began as an educational project to provide accessibility to computer service/training/education to prisoners. Intent is to rehabilitate prisoners and provide them with tools they can use when they are released.

Al gave a report on his trip to Belize to bring the first batch of equipment to the prison last November. There are approximately 375,000 people in Belize which was originally called the Colony of the British Honduras in 1862, granted self-government in 1964 when European nations were freeing their colonies around the world. In 1973 the name changed to Belize and full independence was granted September 18th 1981. The only prison in Belize is managed by Rotarian, Cisco, and supported by the international Kolbe Foundation. Focus is shifting from incarceration to education trying to prepare inmates for freedom. 

Al and Glen’s report included:

Murders at the prison have dropped to 0 and escapes to only 1 or 2 (usually inmates from Guatemala trying to get home).

Prison has a farm teaching how to grow their own food, they raise pigs (but found out prisoners didn’t like pork so now they sell the meat to locals), they have 17,000 chickens used to feed the inmates meat and eggs.

They’ve built a school with 8 classrooms—to teach how to read, how to write, how to cope—country is poor so kids don’t always finish the mandatory years of free education.

They also have a wood working shop to teach carpentry skills. Highest volume items are the coffins they build and sell for funerals, also prefab homes, kids’ toys and furniture on spec.

Our grant is based on using RACHEL—Remote Area Community Hotspot for Educational Learning—technology that holds selected internet content on a wireless hub. The units we supplied were pre-loaded with 100 areas of education and training to be used in the inmate education program. 

Cisco, the prison head told Al it was the “best thing you can give to a developing country”   

Next steps: 1) add 30-60 chrome books, 2) more servers, 3) add the program to the women’s prison area.

Trip planned for late April (5-7 days) looking for new opportunities in Belize—is there a way to expand the program into the Elementary Schools.


Gayle has been taking care of our Free Little Library and we have had a great 'supplier' of books from 'Kenny" and Share.....
We would like to thank Kenny for supplying the books for all these years and we hope he will find a new supplier.  If you know of anyone who has any children's books, please let Gayle know and she will make sure they make their way to our Little Free Library at Old Orchard Hall.
This is the letter Gayle received from Kenny......
Well it was a good ‘run’. Just a little too short. Your last box of books from ‘Kenny’ is at my front door. My intentions were good. I wont give up. I’ll keep looking for a new source. Share’d Treasures Thrift Store is closing. They are not taking anymore donations.
I  will never forget how I felt that day when I saw a mother & her daughter approach the Little Library at Old Orchard Park. I was standing on the balcony of Old Orchard Hall, taking in the beautiful view. As the girl got closer to the library I heard her mother say ‘Just one.’ She gently opened the door, made her choice and they were on their way. She held that book with such passion...
I took my grandsons with me one day & we refilled three locations. I want them to enjoy that feeling of sharing & giving. 
Then, of course, we left a few pennies on the track for the train to squash for us. Lots of fun. 

Wanted Toys for First Nation’s Toy Library!
The Rotary Club of Port Moody and the Right2Read Society are gathering toys to create a toy library in one of the First Nation’s Right2Read libraries. This is your chance to clear out the closets and help!
Gently used toys should be:
  • For 0-5 years old
  • Educational
  • Durable
  • In Good Condition
  • Quality is better than Quantity
  • Please no stuffed animals
Call Cleone Todgham (Clayon Todjam) at 778-223-2357 to discuss drop off or pick up by Jan 27 (Jan 23 is even better!) 
A toy library lends out toys the same way a library lends out books. 
The benefits of the toy library are great! They include:
  1. Educational
    1. Toys are selected with the help of professionals to help build the skills that they need for school, including reading, mathematics, scientific thinking and skills that support first nation’s values.
  2. Financial
    1. Parents spend less on toys, storage and shopping.
    2. Children have the ability to play with a bigger variety of educational toys.
  3. Social :
    1. It is a great equalizer because children from all economic levels are able to play with a variety of educational toys.
    2. Children have an opportunity to interact and learn sharing, taking turns, and choosing what they want as well as giving it back.
    3. Parents have a chance to interact with other parents.
    4. Gives opportunity to help others and teaches children sharing.
  4. Environmental
    1. Saves the environment by reducing and reusing.
  5. FUN !!
Thanks for the help!

Ryan Edgington was given the Donald J. Langill Memorial Award for 2019. It is presented each year to one Investment Adviser from across Canada by RBC Wealth Management. Congratulations Ryan, well done!!

What a great accomplishment Ryan.  Congratulations from all of us.

President Ian’s Quote of the week 

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice, and to make an end is to make a beginning.”   T. S. Eliot

Darrell Burnham becomes our Guest Speaker and does a fantastic job.  Thanks for filling in Darrell.  AND if you get a chance to go on Face Book and 'join' the Port Moody Community Corner by our Claire, you will see a great interview that she has done with Darrell.
Guest's this week:
Danne's beautiful wife, Kerry
Claire's new member of her family Calloway 
Nancy Haynes (Girl Guides)from the Girl Guides came to receive the Community Grant we gave them.

We gave out a cheque for $1,500.00 today to the Girl Guides who helped us with jobs at the 2018 RIBFEST. It was accepted by Nancy Haynes who explained it would be used to help fund the trip they are taking with some of their Guides to one of the 5 Girl Guides International centres, this 1 in India. Thank you GG’s


Coquitlam Sunrise Fundraiser Friday January 18th Coquitlam Express Hockey Game funds go to their Starfish backpack program.

January 23rd RLI event

February 1st will be busy—YAIL event and Coquitlam Clubs Caledonia Night. It is their largest fundraiser—200 plus guests will try 6 different Scotch brands and an assortment of Canape`s

Saturday January 12th our Heritage Mountain cleanup—What a great turn-out.  Thank you Darrell for organizing and for everyone who came out to help !!!

Our SFPP will be held again this year with Alan K chairing the event. Date will be Thursday May 9th at the Galleria.

Sounds like good news is on the way—Mike Clay is close to finalizing a title sponsor for our RIBFEST—well done Mike!!

Darrell was awarded a new Paul Harris award for his over $10,000  given to the Rotary Paul Harris fund over the years.

Dan Gallant brought back his “Rotary Minute” back identifying some of the most prominent people in history who have been Rotarians—Neil Armstrong, Frank Borman, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Lester Pearson, Prince Philip, Prince Rainier, Orville Wright, Charles Walgreen (he had the Rotary “4-Way Test” hung up on display in all his Drug Stores in the US. Thanks Dan!


Darrell gave us an overview of some of the situations he deals with in his position with Coast Mental Health. 1 in 5 people deal with mental health issues which can be hard to diagnose which explains why approximately 50% don’t know they have an issue. 40-60% of homeless have mental health issues. The new initiative to build modular homes is allowing for more purpose-built housing to be built much faster but it is not overcoming NIMBY’ism or NIABY (not in anyone’s back yard). There have been over 2,000 new units committed and on their way to being built.  Their largest fundraiser each year are the “Courage to Come Back” awards.

Last year a group of us attended this event and had a great time.
This Scotch Tasting event is a great fund raiser for Rotary.
This years event is on Feb 1st. I have attached a copy of the poster.
I will be attending again this  year, anyone else want to join me?
If you are out of town, please forward to anyone else who may be interested.
President Ian has tickets.
Sorry I didn't write this sooner but we received a nice Christmas note from past member Chris Vowell. It reads......
Please pass on my fondest regards to you all at PMRC for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I enjoy reading your weekly updates and I miss you all
With lots of love
What a great way to start 2019
  • Mike brought a guest Mary Vellani, she is involved in the community and works for TD.  So great to have Mary come to our meeting.
  • Alan Schmelzel was presented Paul Harris Fellow +7
  • Ian Inducted our First new member of 2019- Renna Venkatesh
             Reena's classification is Interior Design and is very enthusiastic.
              Renna is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce and is looking forward to     
               being involved in our Club.
  • Cleone did a little talk on the new Toy Lending Library to be setup in the First Nations community. Please bring in any new or slightly used toys to help with the project.
PP Mike with the Presidential Citation....Great job Rotary Club of Port Moody
  • No Guest Speaker today, we just shared our Christmas/New Years fun for everyone.
Happy New Year to everyone.
The Rotary Club of Port Moody's AGM was on December 19th, 2018
The new slate of Directors for 2019-2020 are as follows:
President - Cleone Todgham
President Elect 2020-2021 - Meghan Lahti
Vice President - Mike Poznanski
Treasurer - Michael Berrisford
Secretary - David Woollven
Club Service - Linda Balzer/Peter Cuthbert
Community Service - Coreen Rodger Berrisford
International Service - Al Stjernegaard/Glen Brown
New Generations - Patty Klassen
Vocational Service - Meghan Lahti
RI Foundation - Ian MacPhail
Membership - Linda Balzer/Gayle Carter
Public Relations - Claire Lambert
Past President - Ian MacPhail
President Nominee - TBD [2021-2022]
Congratulations to all who agreed to serve.
WOW = $1,184.35 This is a Record!!           ( Last years rainy event =$589.00)
 The team work last night was phenomenal! 
We did not stop from the moment we opened.
Dan Gallant Danne Dunlop for making several trips to get more Hot Water
Claire Lambert for serving and being so gracious to the public.
Dave Stone in helping to set up and mixing
Mike Clay who made sure that the Hot Water was always available
Kerry Foley (Danne's better half) for keeping the cups coming and serving.
Steve & Lauralee Witiuk - Who all manned the Hot Chocolate Stand in the Galleria
Terry & Susan Miller
John Crowther
Bill Lawrie
Thanks to Ann Hulbert for taking pictures
Thanks have to go to Chris Leon from the City of Port Moody, who set up the entire event.
Thanks to Josh from"Browns Socialhouse" for the Hot Water
Thanks to Rylie from "The Well" who again supplied the Hot Chocolate Mix
Thanks to Miram from Thrifty's who supplied the cups & 2 Urns
and thanks to the people of Port Moody and Tri-Cities in general for their generosity
 Working together made it a Fun Night knowing that our efforts are going to help some families have a better Christmas
Thank you to everyone who came to Innervisions Chilli lunch.  The chefs were cooking, chopping and stirring.
Guess what Bill was doing?  Washing and re-cycling.....He is amazing.
The tables were set with Christmas table cloths, napkins and gifts.  The candy canes and poinsettia plant on the table. The pies were cut.....
We were ready for 25 men to arrive at noon to eat this amazing chilli [groceries donated by Thrifty's].  The house was filled with love and gratitude.
Thanks to Patty, Ann, Jeannie, Gayle, Ian, Al, Alan, Dan, Danne, John, Bill, Steve, & myself. We had lots of laughs and time to talk with the men who are in Innervisions, changing their lives, 'one day at a time'.  Merry Christmas everyone. !!!
Getting to the last drop......
Check out the 2018 Innervisions Chili lunch photo album at bottom of Golden Spike.
Trudy is keeping us up to date on Rosemary Hong.  Thanks Trudy.......come visit ;o)
Rosemary Hong, former Rotary Outbound Exchange student to Belgium has been living in Ottawa and working for the federal government.  She has been studying for several years for the exams to join the Ambassadorial service and just passed the final step!  Her first post will be Nairobi in early 2019.  She really wants to thank the Rotary Club of Port Moody for starting it all off with the exchange year! We always knew she was an amazing choice and it is wonderful to see the results of our exchange programme combined with her hard work and determination!   Good for you Rosemary!  We always knew you were headed for great things!
President Ian was away this week and President Elect Cleone did a fantastic job keeping everything on track.
Guests this week:
Soroptomist's Linda Kozina and Joan Zielke
Pacific Storm  Water Polo team – Laura Markez
Robert Simons - Port Moody Foundation-  The Centennial wall  will be unveiled at December 18th, 2018 at 5:00 pm before the Christmas Train and a book will be available on this country wide art project celebrating Canada 150 anniversary.  
Cindy Cuthbert the beautiful wife of Peter
George Garrett - Volunteer Cancer Drivers -  Our Guest Speaker 

 Executive Summary – November 2018

170 volunteer drivers, dispatchers and many others.   Their Mission is to provide safe, free transportation to cancer patients including those who live in Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and many other communities.  If interested in volunteering contact:    www.volunteercancerdrivers.ca


  • An all-volunteer Society providing free, reliable transportation for cancer patients to and from treatment throughout most of the Lower Mainland.


  • Started operations in Feb 2016 with 16 volunteer drivers and seed money from drivers.
  • The Need:
    • Many patients are elderly, frail and sick with scarce financial resources and limited support systems. Public transportation services are seldom a viable option. 
    • This service eases the physical, emotional and financial burden for cancer patients and their families and ensures patients with limited means can attend treatments.
    • Patients who miss radiation therapy sessions have an increased risk of the disease returning.
    • “Out of pocket” costs for cancer treatment, including transportation, are significant, despite having a universal health care system.


  • Defining facts as of October 2018:    
    • 170 drivers, 7 dispatchers and an 8-member working Board – all volunteers.
    • On track to complete over 8,000 round trips with patients, averaging 60 km. per trip with patients from 13 municipalities, ferries and airports.
    • Patients receive treatment  in more than 15 facilities throughout the Greater Vancouver area.
    • Forecast to drive about 485,000 km. requiring around 22,000 driver volunteer hours in 2018.
    • All operations home based, the Society has no owned or leased equipment or facilities.
    • Volunteer drivers use their own vehicles for patient transportation.
    • Annual growth in patient requests since inception has been 30-35% .
    • Patient requests are forecast to grow by 25% in 2019.


  • Key 2019 financial data:
    • All  funds are raised by Society volunteers soliciting municipalities, foundations, corporations, service clubs and the public.
    • Budget expenses are forecast to be $280,000.
    • Operating expenses (drivers vehicle stipend @ $0.44km.) account for 95% of budget; administrative costs about 5%.
    • ** Volunteer drivers will donate back about $58,000 to the Society from vehicle stipends. (about 22% of the operating budget)
    • Neither the Canadian Cancer Society nor the BC Cancer Agency support the Society.
    • BC government provided a one-time start-up $30,000 grant in 2016, the BC Gaming Commission awarded a $30,000 one-time grant in 2017.  



Jeff Morfitt - Langley Sunrise Club and Langley RIBFEST 
Darrell is babysitting -Pecan [PADS puppy] whom we all loved
Reena Venkatesh who has been proposed as a new member by Al  Stjernegaard
A photo of Gary, because I 'never' ask him if I can take his photo......lol

Kenya – Michael B.Racheal Project – 33 readers are ready for Kenya after workshop yesterday with Kay, Judy and Cleone.

Toy Lending LibraryCleone- Bring in your slightly used educational toys for a toy lending library that our club is working on for a First Nation's community near Merritt.  Bring them in January please.

December 18 -Christmas Train 5:00-8:30pm. Come and check it out....and the murals too.

There will be two hot chocolate stations this year as well as the cookie decorating and face painting that Jeannie and Vida will lead.

December 19 - Club's AGM 

December 19 - Gleneagle School Christmas Concert. 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Feb. 23 - Gleneagle School Jazz Gala 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Christmas at the Manor 2018

Joyful Manor Party

There was a lots of joy at Eagle Ridge Manor as the residents and their families enjoyed the music, cake, refreshments and best of all Santa/Hugh Mitchell’s wonderful smile as Jeannie photographed the seniors with him.

The pictures are the best ever this year! Terry came up with a brilliant solution to our poorer quality photos, timeline and productions frustrations, by suggesting that London Drugs print the photos. This gave Jeannie time to edit them. She wanted them to be special because she solemnly shared  “this might be the last time that the residents have their pictures taken”. 

Lisa and I had fun gathering up the supplies. Ask her about the cake walk! Gayle and her speedily cut and served cake and anything else that needed being done. Patty, Don and the Interactors were all busy being Santa’s Elves, making and serving punch, cake, oranges and candy canes. They were a delight!

The Christmas spirit was lovely as we enjoyed the residents, their families, the Interactors, the fantastic staff and volunteers at Eagleridge Manor and each other!


December 17 - Innervisions Chili lunch - Please sign up to help....if you have never been, please come it will make your Christmas very special.  Thank you to Thrifty's for their support to help make this happen

December 18 - Christmas Train 5:00-8:30pm. Sign up to help please or let Peter know

December 19 - Club's AGM 

December 19 - Gleneagle School Christmas Concert. 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Feb. 23 - Gleneagle School Jazz Gala 6:30 - 9:30 pm

A big shout out to KENNY from Share who has been instrumental in keeping us with books for our Little Free Library.  Gayle picks up books from him regularly !!!
Thank you Kenny & Gayle...
Our favourite time of year is when all the Tri-City Rotary Clubs get together for our Annual Christmas party.  This year it was hosted by the Coquitlam Sunrise Club at the Vancouver Golf Club, and President Greg Garrison did a great job running the meeting.
AG Preet gave a Paul Harris to Rotarian Brad Richardson, that she, and everyone who knows him felt was a deserving candidate.
The Rotary Club of Port Moody had a great turnout, with 31members & guests attending.  Great job Rotary !!!
All the Clubs gave a presentation of all the good work that each club is doing and President Greg reminded us to 'all' work together to make good things happen in our communities.
The Sunrise Club did a presentation on the Starfish Backpack Program they are involved with.  As Sharon Perry stated, no child should go to school hungry, or go home to 'no food'.
Thank you for sharing.  There is a photo of what they pack in the pack for the weekends for these children.
Here are just a few of our members
Bill, Cleone and Gayle attended SUCCESS " 2018  Champions of Success" and were thanked for our contribution to their Organization.
This program is their way of saying thanks for Volunteers and local Immigrant partnership programs.
Our Rotary Club of Port Moody gave S.U.C.C.E.S.S. a grant of $1500.
They sent a large amount of volunteers every year since we started RIBFEST.
This Organization is really doing wonderful work to teach English and find housing for newcomers to Canada

Robert Simons:
I suspect you thought that Port Moody’s Canada 150 Mosaic Mural had gone missing and would never been seen in public. Well the wait is over.
Finally the exterior wall of the Recreation Centre were the Mural will be installed is complete and we are now ready to make the reveal.
On December 18, yes the same afternoon of the CP Holiday Train event, the Mural will be unveiled 
Location: Recreation Centre: Cinder block wall on your left as walk towards the Main Entrance
Time: 5:00pm (before the CP Holiday Train arrives)

President Ian is away and in his place looking 'very' Presidential was Paul Mitchel-Banks
Lots of Guests today......
Steve Witiuk's sister Kathy Kovaltsenko
Reena Venkatesh - 2nd meeting.....So good to see her back again [with Darrell Burnham]
Judy  guest of Cleone - 3rd. meeting.....So good to see her back again
Igor Bjelac & Rihanna our Guest Speakers
Igor's presentation was on 'food waste' in Canada
Igor grew up in Serbia during the war and food was not available.  There were empty shelves and people would riot over bread
We live in a land of plenty and we 'waste' more than 70% of the food produced and it goes to land fill.
He gave us an example of 'Best Before' dates on Himalyayan Salt that is thousands of years old and we have a 'best before date on it.
Best Before vs EXPIRY date......
A small group have now started a Charity that is feeding 1500 people with 'best before' food that would be thrown away if they didn't get it from the Grocery stores.
Canada encourages 'redistribution'......France's law 'forbids' producers to throw away food.
Their website is:  www.ilcs.ca
How can you help?
They need drivers to help distribute the food, they need a warehouse to store the food, office space and a truck that they can use to drive the food to the needy [about 5 ton truck]
Thank you for opening our eyes to this 'waste' in our country that has so much.
Ali Okhowat & Sara Badiei & their beautiful baby girl.....It was not mentioned, but Ali was a Rotaractor.....and they are both very interested in Rotary.
And last but not least.....Anne [with an E].  We were so happy Anne is visiting from the UK with our Ann.  We look forward to seeing her next year.....
We sang our version of Happy Birthday to a very 'young' Gayle
December 5th - Combined Christmas Breakfast - Vancouver Golf Club. - $25.00 Meeting will start at 7:00AM
December 9th - Manor Christmas Party.  Bring your whole family 
December 17th - Innervisions Chili lunch - Please bring your socks & mugs to Gayle at the Rotary Christmas breakfast at the Vancouver Golf Club.
December 18th - Share Christmas Train
June 1-4 - Rotary International Conference in Hamburg
Operation RED NOSE
 If you would like to volunteer, please contact orn@telus.net to let them know what dates you are available.
This program would not be possible without that hard work volunteers put in to make our communities stronger and safer. With that, we’d like to encourage you to volunteer with us for another year of safe driving and supporting KidSport. 


Operation Red Nose 2018 campaign dates: 

 December 21st, 22nd, and 31st
Just a 'little' Reno on our Little Free Lending Library.  Not sure when we will have a few days of 'dry' weather, but would like a 'team' to go to the Little Free Library and put some clear stain on the walls.  This Little Free Library was built for our Rotary Club by Walter Peachey.....and we believe the BEST built house in Port Moody.  Thank you to Gayle for keeping our Little Library full of books.  If anyone has any children's books, please drop them off to our Little Free Library at Old Orchard Park.
        Yolanda Broderick
        Kay Wu

        Judy (Cleone’s neighbour)

        Dave Robinson - Past District Governor

        Ian Roe

Reena Venkatesh

Upcoming News/Events:

 Show Your Like for Mike - Was a great event !  We are so lucky to have Mike as a Rotarian.

Darrell Burnham let us know that Domino has been dropped as an assistance dog, but she will be assigned for the purposes of a VIP dog and this will be her last meeting.

And 'Chef' is going to miss him very much.  Every week, Chef comes out of the kitchen to give some love to Domino.  It was heartwarming to see him say goodbye.

 RLI Training  was on Wednesday, 21st at Aria
December 5th, 2018 - Tri-Cities Rotary Joint Christmas Breakfast at Vancouver Golf Club.  Tickets are $25.00.  7:00AM. Please register as this is always a great chance to visit with all the Rotarians in the Tri-Cities.

Innervisions ......Gayle has asked for us to bring in socks and mugs for the ASAP. - event will take place Monday, December 17.

Mike P talked about Foundation and how important it is to donate to. Funds we apply for though district grants are actually collected three years prior in the form of donations to Paul Harris. The more money we put in to this, the more we are investing in our future projects.

Christmas decorating was very successful. Lots of people attended and the place was decorated by 11:30 am. It was a ‘special’ day.  Thanks to all who came out to help.

New Member Induction:  It's a good day at Rotary when we add a new member...!!!
Steve W. introduced Kay Wu and she was inducted as a new member - welcome!  Kay we look forward to working with you on all our projects.  

Birthdays - George and Cleone 


Ian Roe -  BC Centre of Disease Control - working on a project with local SD’s to inform about vaccinations. His projects entitled ‘I Boost Immunity’, and ‘Kids Boost Immunity’. These are online programs that inform people about immunization and the main theme is global giving. The more people learn, the more vaccines get donated internationally. The CDC work with private donators, as well as the province of BC. THe programs are administered through Public Health Canada and they are coordinated by the CDC. They work to immunize internationally through UNICEF.

There are two vaccination programs globally - domestic and global. Domestic is provincial/state run, while global is WHO, Rotary, etc. His program brings both of these programs together so that they can ‘cross multiply’.

IBoostImmunity - Adult focused
KidsBoostimmunity - Student focused (newer program that has just been launched)

The goal is to raise vaccine literacy worldwide. There is a lot of misinformation out there about vaccines. Anti-vaxxers should not control the conversation - the ‘silent’ majority need to speak up.

The online platforms are a vehicle to provide vaccinations globally. It informs domestic group about the importance of vaccinations and at the same time helps globally. “Educational Labour”.  One right answer equals one vaccine earned. Vaccines are donated by London Drugs and Shoppers Drug Mart.

The Rotary was treated today as a ‘focus group’. Is there any interest in having a local school involved through Rotary. With this platform, is there an opportunity to have local kids/schools be ‘sponsored’ by Rotary to encourage participation.

Sponshorship would be $250/school. 


Magic at the Manor….

Christmas Magic graced Eagleridge Manor on Saturday with smiles on the faces of the residents, staff, Interactors, Success team, Rotarians and their families.

The sun was shining as Peter – Al S, Al K, Danne, Brian,John, Bill, Michael, and Andy set up all the lights. It is now a sparkly sight at night.

The entrance has never looked so welcoming with Kathy S and Lisa filling it with garlands, lights, and oh check out Lisa’s soldier beau.

Jeannie and Marcie did a fantastic job on the foyer and it glistens in gold and red. 

Gayle worked with the Interactors on the garden court tree and thanks to Jeannie sorting out the decorations on Friday it looks spectacular as does the tree at Forest View that Coreen, Amanda (Bill grand daughter) and set up. Success decorated the tree in Hillside, the wreath’s in all the hallways, and the snow flakes on the pillars and windows.

Eryk Polak was in high demand because of his energy and height. He was in the hallways as well as putting up the garlands on the ceiling with Patty, Don, Judy (Cleone’s friend) and some volunteers from the Manor. Yvonne was just busy!

We finished in record time at 11:30am with a wonderful lunch of soup and sandwiches set up by Lori and the recreational therapist from the hospital.

We all think that this year was the best in terms of decorating, number of volunteers and lunch! 

Yay team!

More photos to follow in our Photo Album





Action packed meeting......Lots of guests.
Kay Wu.....Proposed member of Steve Witiuk
Judy - Guest of Cleone
Build-a-Biz Kids - Leah, Brayden & Ethan Coss - Came to receive a Community Grant from us.
S.U.C.C.E.S.S - Ali Parandeh, Jackie Hong & Ryan Drew - Also came to receive a Community Grant from us.
Ryan, from the S.U.C.C.E.S.S. organization, gave us an update on the organization this morning.  Their goal is to build bridges through service and advocacy as they help immigrants to Canada get settled.  The organization is over 45 years old that offers 144,000 services with 500+ staff in 30 locations throughout the lower mainland, China, Korea and Taiwan.  They help integrate people immigrating to Canada into the community with orientation, housing, health and employment.
It is good to see James Robertson back for a second meeting.
Our Guest Speaker - Fatma Taha - Alzehimer's disease/dementia


Speaker’s Corner – November 14, 2018 


 Fatma Taha from Big Hearts Home Care, talked to us about Alzheimer’s Disease.  She is a Physician with a Master of Public Health degree as well as a Co-Founder and Executive Director of Big Hearts Home Care.

Alzheimer’s was discovered by Dr. Alzheimer in 1905 and is under the broad umbrella of Dimentia. It is the most common disease comprising 2/3s of the cases.  It is fatal and eventually affects all aspects of one’s life.  Alzheimer’s is a neurological brain disaster that affects each person differently and is progressive.  It affects the memory and is not a normal part of aging in that the forgetfulness is not just the forgetting the odd incident but the whole experience.  For instance, going out during the day and not remembering any of it.  Using notes does not help and dealing with money is very difficult. There are 35,000,000  people afflicted with Alzheimers and 546,000 in Canada with that number being 937,000 by 2013.

Risk factors are:

  • Age 65+
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Down Syndrome
  • Genetics

Symptoms include confusion, disturbance in short term memory and personality change.  Some of the warning signs are memory loss, hard to find simple things, difficulty with language (some revert to their mother tongue), poor judgment, can’t think abstractly, can’t identify objects, unable to learn, wandering and impaired motor functions.

BAD NEWS – it can’t be prevented and there is no cure. GOOD NEWS- can keep the brain sharp with mental exercise like crosswords, Sudoku and reading.  Eating healthy and physical exercise can help to prolong the diagnosis.

Please bring a MUG and some men's socks for our Innervisions Chilli lunch.
Sign up for Joint Rotary Christmas Breakfast - Vancouver Club - $25.00 - December 5th, 2018
Sign up for Eagle Ridge Manor Christmas Party - December 9th, 2018
Sign up for Innervisions Chili lunch - December 17th, 2018
Sign up for Share Christmas Train - December 18th - 4:30 - 8:30pm
All of these above events are on Club Runner for you to sign up for.


November 24, Saturday 
Noon until 4pm
Henderson Place Mall
17 KidPreneur’s are launching their businesses with new inventions, tasty treats and great gift ideas. 
We hope to see you there! 

December 19- Gleneagle School Christmas Concert. 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Feb. 23- Gleneagle School Jazz Gala 6:30 - 9:30 pm


The Rotary Club of Port Moody was invited to go to the Firehall so that Chief Ron Coulson and his men could thank us for the equipment we gave to them through our Community Grants.
We were also given a tour of the hall.  

This amazing tool, the Masimo Rainbow is for our firefighters and will assist them in a quick and accurate diagnosis of their vitals during critical incidents. 

This will help them with oxygen levels, heart rate, carbon monoxide in the body, temperature, and a few other things that are important for our members to stay safe well while taking care of our community in a matter of minutes. 

We are happy and proud to support the Port Moody Fire Department and thankful for all they do. 

A great team of Rotarians showed up to clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. on Saturday......Yes I totally forgot ;o(
Thank you Rotary for your commitment  to clean up every month.
It was a beautiful day to REMEMBER !!!  
Crowds and crowds of people......21 gun salute.....the only one in the Province....Fly over.....It was all perfect.
The BEST way to start a meeting is by inducting a NEW MEMBER and we are so pleased to have Mike Clay join the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Mike has been a long time supporter of Rotary and now he is 'one of us'.  Welcome Mike....We are excited to work with you on our Community Projects. (photo bomb PP Mike)
Guest this week were:
Proposed member Kai Qui
Ed Travato from Gleneagle Senior Secondary....Ed came to receive a cheque for one of our Community Grants.
Steve Witiuk's Dad Joe joined Steve for Breakfast.  Joe is a veteran ......
Anne [with an 'e'] is in town from the UK again staying with our Ann Hulbert.  It is always good to see Anne
George Balzer was also at the meeting to welcome Mike Clay into our Club.  GB is always supportive !!!

Speakers Corner – November 11, 2018

Our speaker today was James Robertson who after years of service in the military and a somewhat gypsy life was hungry to belong to a community where his heart belongs – the rugged west coast of Canada.  He and his wife discovered Port Moody in 2016 and settled here.  They have a 2 year old girl and a brand new baby boy.


James joined the military in his early twenties following his interests acquired in school. He was always a history buff and fell in love with strategic studies in university on the Asia-Pacific region.  Accordingly, becoming an officer in the Canadian Navy was a natural choice.  It quickly thrust him into leaderships which he has enjoyed throughout his professional life.  After numerous years of driving ships in the Pacific he became an officer within Canada’s Special Forces JTF2 and was honored to be accepted into this elite special forces team.  It was one of the most challenging and rewarding times of his career involving complex strategic challenges in highly complex environments.  His time in the military exposed him to numerous cultures, communities and leadership challenges while serving among many great Canadians.  After 16 years of service he decided it was time for a change.  James attained an MBA and now serves on a different front through strategic consulting with companies, public entities while providing leadership development through executive coaching.


Both of James’s great grandfathers fought in WWI and one of them also fought in WWII and his great grandmother was a military nurse.  During his time in the Special Forces James was involved in Black Ops in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban.


James reminded us that as we observe November 11th and think of all those who have served in the military and fought in wars over the years that we need to be thankful.  It is because of them that we have the freedom we enjoy today.  Freedom was not, and is not, free.  The opposite of war is not peace it is civilization.

Busy Season again.....Mark your Calendars please

November 17 - Decorating the Manor. 9:00AM - noon

November 19 - Board Meeting - Coquitlam Grill

December 5 - Joint Rotary Christmas Breakfast with all the Tri-City Clubs - Vancouver Club - Sign up please $25.00

December 9 - Manor Christmas Party

December 17 - Innervisions Chili lunch - Please sign up to help....if you have never been, please come

December 18 - Christmas Train 5:00-8:30pm. Sign up to help please

December 19 - Club's AGM 

December 19 - Gleneagle School Christmas Concert. 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Feb. 23 - Gleneagle School Jazz Gala 6:30 - 9:30 pm


The Belize Rachael Project is underway.  George and Al hard at work changing out the batteries on the tablets.
Thanks to Glen for the power point you have created for this project.
The Rotary Club of Port Moody will be 'behind bars' with a great educational project in Belize
  1. Cleone organized a “pop up” party at the Well. Hope everyone who went had a great time.

More Halloween Fun at the Well


Guests: Jaymee Lund (Rotaract)

Kai Qu (Guest of Steve Witiuk)

President Ian’s Quote of the week:   

“Hark! Hark to the wind “’Tis the night they say, when all the souls come back from the far away-- The Dead forgotten this many a day!”

By Canadian Poet/Novelist Virna Sheard from her 1910 poem “Halloween”


A huge Thank you to Peter for our “Guess who’s coming to Dinner” that happened Friday November 2nd. We met at St. James' Well at 5:30 where we were all given an envelope with our hosts’ destinations. A great time was had by all.  The food was wonderful, the company was better.    A huge thank you to Cheryl who helped clean up.....It didn't look like one person had been in the house by 9:00am the next day.  Hope everyone had a great time.  A BIG SURPRISE.....
  1. Some of the shoes, and some of the food and some of the wine.  FUN had by all.
  3. Saturday, November 17th is our morning to decorate Eagle Ridge Manor. Cleone sent out a signup sheet earlier this week and thanks all who will be there. I know it always feels like the official beginning of the Christmas Season for a lot of us.
  5. Tuesday October 30th Al S convened a meeting of the International Committee and they have come up with 3 different proposals they will flesh out over the next couple of months.—really exciting sounding opportunities!

Classification Talk: Brian Wormald

Today our new member Brian Wormald gave us an overview of his life before he joined our Club this Spring. Brian titled his presentation “Still Doing it My Way”

He was born in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia; was 1 of 2 kids (sister); wasn’t a particularly good student; went to work in the banking industry and was in a serious car crash before he settled down. He took to the banking industry, took extra training to finish his schooling, applied for transfers and moved up the ladder. When he saw how the banking industry was moving to embrace technology he threw himself into the computer age and became an “expert” in the banks’ systems. In 1997 he was offered a job in Australia with EDS (Electronic Data Systems) a Company owned by Ross Perot. At the time EDS was the 2nd largest computer Company in the world and he was involved with smoothing the systems through Y2K as Australia was the first developed country to have to face any glitches if they had occurred. In 2005 he was offered a job as the North American lead for his area but was able to negotiate a package allowing him to be stationed in Vancouver rather than their head office in Texas. In 2003 he met his current partner Kelly. He is active in 4 Vintage and/or Performance Car Clubs in addition to volunteering in a number of Ecological causes and other service organizations. We are very happy to have Brian as a new member of our Club.

We had a 2nd speaker today—Jaymee Lund from Rotaract—was here to speak to us about how Interact has changed her life. She showed 2 brief videos blending photos and videos from 2 different events over the past 2 years. She was invited to been at a RYLA Camp, has attended RIA as both a camper and a facilitator. When she attended her first camp she was very shy but the support, friendship and excitement made her feel supported and safe. She joined Rotary and has been inspired to assume a leadership role in her Club. She believes you can lead into the discomfort. She will be attending a conference in Hamburg, Germany in June next year as a delegate. Her message is that RYLA and RIA programs are more important than ever—today’s youth needs us to support their programs and by helping them now we are supporting them to become adult Rotarians as they move into the work force. With the different Camps Rotary has sponsored over the past 2 years we have seen new Rotaract Clubs in White Rock and 2 in Washington State plus 1 club that had folded has come back to life. We need to support our Rotaracters.



In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
    That mark our place; and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
        In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
        In Flanders fields.

Guests this week were:  Mayor Mike Clay
Lee Harman our Guest Speaker
Everyone loved Lee's Car


Arlington Rotarian Lee Harman will be driving “Miss Vicky,” a 1938 Model A Ford Victoria, in the 10,000-mile Peking to Paris Endurance Motor Challenge to raise $1 million toward eradicating polio.

Arlington Rotarian Lee Harman will be driving “Miss Vicky,” a 1938 Model A Ford Victoria, in the 10,000-mile Peking to Paris Endurance Motor Challenge to raise $1 million toward eradicating polio.

Arlington doctor preps for amazing race to end polio for good

Retired Arlington physician Lee Harman would travel around the world to see polio wiped out in our lifetime – and that’s halfway what he aims to do.

The longtime Rotary Club member, joined by his travel chum, retired Army Mjr. Bill Ward, will set course on a once-in-a-lifetime amazing race, the 7th Peking to Paris Endurance Motor Challenge. “We’re dedicating our 10,000-mile expedition to bring awareness to the public about Rotary’s grandest achievement – the eradication of polio in the world,” said Harman, who serves as PolioPlus chairman for District 5050 that extends from Everett to past the Candian border. The duo will make the journey in “Miss Vicky,” a 1938 Model A Ford Victoria, entered in the vintage car category, covering the race in 36 days. That’s 400 grueling miles a day.

Harman is already putting miles on Miss Vicky, visiting Rotary clubs and other speaking venues. Last week he dropped in at the Marysville Noon Rotary at a location where his stylish Miss Vicky looked right at home: the Marysville Historical Museum.

“We’re going to be going places where there are roads, poorly maintai