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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Port Moody

Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC  V3H 5H1
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Our stories
President Ian was away and we had our Club Secretary David “Woody” Woollven in the Chair 
Guests this week
Domino our PADS member and Happy Birthday Darrell

Darrell spoke briefly about opportunities for anyone interested in being a “raiser” for PADS dogs (like our honorary member Domino). There is going to be a huge requirement as their dogs have had 5 litters recently (1 mom had 12 pups). This means by early January there will be a great need. It is a 2 year commitment, they will do a home evaluation first to make sure you will be OK then they supply food, and support.

Glen Brown is a welcome addition to our Club.  

Our speaker this week was Glen Brown who joined us this year as a transferee from the Sunshine Coast. He was born in Kamloops and worked for 33 years in Corrections Services. Started in Criminology at Simon Fraser University, spent most of the 80’s as a parole officer, the 90’s as an Associate Warden mostly in intake, the 2000’s as a warden retiring in 2011. In retirement he has been teaching some courses in Criminal Justice at both SFU and Langara College. Glen joined Rotary in Abbotsford/Matsqui after becoming a warden.

Glen describes being a Prison warden as a "Jack of All Trades". There were over 50 job areas around the Prison he had to oversee and co-ordinate.
It is also like running a very large corporation as the operating budget annually is about $100,000,000 for the 3 areas he was responsible for. The 3 areas are Medium Security Men's facility, Institution for women facility and Regional treatment, Psychiatric Centre.

When he retired he and his wife Marcia moved to the Sunshine Coast to a place on Secret Cove, Half Moon Bay, Sechelt. 

While on the Sunshine Coast Glen was involved in community and Rotary events including sponsoring a Musical Ride event, a Dad and Me dance and a Scotch Tasting Event. 

They loved the lifestyle, the weather and their new friends but Glen was being asked to teach more courses and, most importantly, their family especially their grandkids were all back on the mainland. Glen and Marcia have 3 kids Sarah, Jordan (Amber), and Jeff (Jenna) plus 5 beautiful grandkids.  They moved back recently, Glen came to our Club as a visitor this Winter/Spring and joined us a few months ago in time to volunteer with Ribfest. He has become an active, valued member very quickly, and we are proud to have Glen as a member of the Rotary Club of Port Moody.



ANNOUNCEMENTS: Cleone’s 20th year in Rotary 

RLI is holding 2 Leadership forums this year—1 in Everett (October 20th) and 1 in Port Moody in Suter Brook (November 21st)

World Polio Day October 21st. See Pat Bond’s email with suggestions for informing your “followers” of all the things happening in the final days of the fight against Polio.

District Foundation seminar and dinner November 3rd 2018 in Bellingham. Seminar 10-3, drinks 5:00-6:30, dinner from 6:30

Heritage Mountain cleanup this Saturday October 13th. Meet at Gallaghers at 9 AM.

Vida’s group “Days for Girls” are aiming to produce 100,000 kits this year.

Just a reminder – our new immigrants still need help settling in to Canada. 


This is the article from the Tri-City News:
Grant Granger
 Tri-City News

OCTOBER 9, 2018 02:07 PM

Port Moody’s Dan Gallant spends most of his weekdays battling Metro Vancouver traffic in a used cube van. When he’s not navigating vehicular congestion, he’s busy loading and unloading the truck and making travel arrangements.

But the retired TD Bank executive doesn’t get paid for his patience, heavy lifting or organizational skills. Not a penny. He gets paid in other ways.

Gallant is the volunteer transportation master and warehouse manager for Rotary World Help (RWH), an organization that ships donated medical, dental and educational supplies to developing countries. He has been working out of an overflowing warehouse on the Riverview Hospital lands in Coquitlam for 15 years. 

“They offered me early retirement and I jumped at it,” says Gallant as he sits amidst stacks of hospital beds, boxes of medical supplies, IV stands, examination beds and much more, most of which he has picked up. “I needed something to do and this fills that need.”

Rotary World Helps began in 1992 after three Vancouver Rotarians went to the Ukraine to help get some Rotary clubs started there following the fall of communist rule. The trio realized there was a desperate need for medical supplies, so when they returned, they scrounged up enough to fill a shipping container and sent it to Kiev. That inspired the founding of RWH and the organization has been scrounging and shipping ever since.

Gallant said last week that when Rotarians seal the doors on a container bound for Siquijor Island in the Philippines (it was loaded Saturday), it would be the 390th container they’ve shipped to 60 countries. Just a few weeks ago, another container full of computers, books and medicals supplies made its way to Kenya.

Gallant, a native of Prince Edward Island, worked across Canada for TD for 35 years starting when he was 18 years old; his final stop was the Lower Mainland. He’s been a Rotarian since 1980 and, after he retired at the age of 53, he learned about RWH through some friends in the club. He thought he could make a difference. He certainly has done that.

“The more I got involved, the more I got hooked and wanting to do more and give more of my time,” says Gallant. “While I still volunteer my time for local [Port Moody] Rotary projects, this consumes a lot of my Rotary time because this has become a passion for me and how it benefits other people.”

In the beginning, much of his time was spent making contacts with hospitals, health care facilities and seniors' homes searching for medical equipment and supplies. But as it evolved, opportunities to broaden into dental and school equipment and supplies emerged, although medical gear still makes up about 75 to 80% of the donations. There are also some interesting odds and ends, like the boxes of slightly used tennis balls donated by the Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver, hosts of a pro tournament every summer, and soccer gear from Tri-Cities clubs that is eagerly gobbled up in futbol-mad countries.

“All equipment that we accept is on the condition it is in good working order and reusable at the receiving end,” says Gallant shortly before hopping in the van for pickups at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver and St. Paul’s in downtown Vancouver.

One of the rarest donations the organization received was about 60 specialty cribs of varying sizes from B.C. Children’s Hospital after it recently moved into a new building with new equipment. It took two weeks and 20 truckloads to get the cribs to the Riverview warehouse and a secondary one in Richmond.

“We rarely ever get any [cribs]. This was an enormous windfall for us. We’ve put a few on each [shipment] since depending where they’re going. We spread them around,” he says.

The donors like RWH because it saves them from forking out pick-up and disposal fees.

“Nowadays, there’s very rarely a need for us to be proactive contacting potential donors,” Gallant says.

The organization shipped 19 containers in 2017 — the average is 15 — and RWH expects to ship up to 20 in 2018, including to Guatemala and Sierra Leone later this year.

Gallant says operational costs are low because the 40 Rotary clubs in RWH sponsor each shipment and the receiving clubs are responsible for clearing customs and distributing the shipment at the other end. The biggest costs are the warehouse lease, the truck and packing supplies.

“It’s big bang for your buck — big time,” says Gallant, who estimates the average shipment costs about $8,000 U.S., although it’s a lot less if it’s going to the Philippines.

His own big payoff comes on trips he has made to South Africa, the Philippines and Belize to see the results of his and his clubmates' work.

“I saw people using beds that we had sent, walkers, wheelchairs, medical supplies, eye examining equipment; libraries stocked with books where otherwise they wouldn’t have had a library; computers to be used in the schools to help teach them to become more literate.

“I saw what we were filling them with — perfectly good stuff that was being disposed of in our system, yet it was given a second life for people in these developing countries.”

His most recent sojourn was to Belize in April, shortly after RWH, under the sponsorship of the Port Moody Rotary Club, had sent a container there.

“We went to the warehouse and helped other local Rotarians sort the beds and the mattresses and the stretchers, and on and on and on, for the local organizations, who had been invited to come to the warehouse later that day to help themselves,” recalls Gallant, 73. “It was like Christmas to them. It was unbelievable. They were hauling beds and mattresses out of there on little trucks. There was a nurse who came and was observing the boxed medical supplies and she said to one of our people, ‘We never get any of this stuff.’ She was delivering it to 11 clinics in her area.”

Then the Belize Rotarians took him to see a young man who could only crawl and lived with his mother in a shack with no means to get around easily.

“We took one of the wheelchairs that we had sent, went around to his house and put him in his own wheelchair to give him some dignity and mobility. That’s pretty powerful stuff,” he says before grinning when asked how the young man reacted to his new wheelchair: “A big, big smile. He was a pretty happy young man.”

There’s also plenty of smiles to go around on loading day. They put out the word for volunteers and more than enough show up every time to pack the container in no time. That’s when all of them, particularly Gallant, get paid. And last Saturday was pay day.

“It’s pretty satisfying to shut that door and put the customs seal on it and get it on its way,” he says Gallant with, of course, a smile.


We are all very proud of you Dan and all the Rotarians that make RWH such a successful operation.


Nice to see PP Al keeping his beer palate alive.
Guess Where? And Guess Who?
Fall has arrived !!!  
Guests this week were:  
Mayor Mike Clay
Yolanda Broderick who is not only the wife of our member George, but a Soroptomist and a member of the All Saints Women
Kay Wu (Kay’s 2nd meeting. She is a chess coach and a friend of our Steve Witiuk), 


Ryan Edginton did a fantastic job with his Classification talk.  Ryan is a fairly new member, and because of his talk, we all got to know him a lot better.  GREAT JOB RYAN!!!!

Introduced to us by Past President Mike. Ryan is an “only” child and was born in Maple Ridge. He has always been entrepreneurial even as a child. He used to build computers out of old parts. He chose to go to University in Prince George (UNBC), attended for 2 years, and moved to UVIC for his final 2 years (he was told when he couldn’t smell the pulp mills in PG it was time to move on). On his summer holidays during his time at Universities he spent his time in the lumber industry learning how to be a lumber broker. This involved a lot of traveling within BC checking availability and quality from different mills around the Province and selling to countries around the world like Japan and England. He and his wife to be, Ashley, met on a blind date were married (12 years ago) and have 2 kids (Mia and Nolan). When the amount of travel in the lumber brokerage business became too much he looked for another career and settled on Financial Planning. It has given him an opportunity to grow and provide for the family balanced with time to have fun and enjoy his young family. Outside of work he is a Scout Leader, in Toastmasters, trains for marathons and extended bike riding for fund raising and traveling whenever they can. His daughter, Mia, is taking up Irish Dancing and his son, Nolan, is learning the fiddle.

It is great to have Ryan part of our Club and we heartily welcome you and your family.  


This week we presented a Community grant cheque for $500.00 to Yolanda Broderick to help with the All Saints Catholic Women’s League Thanksgiving Day Dinner serving 500 people From the Coquitlam and TriCities area. Thank you, Yolanda, for all the good work your ladies do in our communities.

Birthday Wishes to PP Alan and PP Linda......-Alan S’s birthday October 5th and Linda’s the 'new 50th'  birthday October 9th
We had a great turnout of Rotarians for Oktoberfest and we all celebrated the Birthday's.
Thanks to everyone who came.


-Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Peter is organizing this year’s event for Friday November 2nd. Thanks for all your work on this evening event Peter.

-Brian gave a short report on the Rotary RIPS event held Saturday, September 22nd. It was the wettest day yet for this event so our volunteer attendance was down this year. Once again our volunteers worked in an area just east of the inlet and the path where we cleared 8 cu. meters of invasive plants to open up the area for planting more native plants. Thanks to Ryan and his family (more on them later) for coming out and helping us along with Yvonne, Coreen and Michael, Bill & Cleone.


Great meeting once again.  This time President Elect Cleone opened the meeting ringing the 'teeny weeny bell' that President Ian gave her
Our guest and Guest Speaker this week was Cathy McMillan.....Cathy gave us a very informative talk on Dyslexia.  She is the founding member of Dyslexia BC.  Thank you Cathy
Claire gave a great presentation on her ideas and how we can help her with 'marketing' and 'social media'.  The weekly video clips are amazing and please, 'like'  them and share them on Facebook.  It is a perfect way to let the community know what the Rotary Club of Port Moody is doing.  Also, if you are on 'Facebook', please 'like' our Rotary Club of Port Moody page, and ask your 'friends' to like it also.
This was the last meeting we will see Steve Witiuk in a 'suit'.  Congratulations on your retirement Steve.
Cleone & Linda cleaned up the 'lock-up' once again and now we 'really need' someone with a 'truck' to come and take away the trash to the dump.  Let us know when you are available to do this.  Thanks.  If you are the 'lead' on any event our Rotary Club is doing, please go 'shopping' at the lockup first.  We have so much 'stuff' for all events.
Don't forget to send in your Legacy Project ideas to PP Mike....
The Rotary Club of Port Moody teams in the AMAZING RACE......
We Ripped Again!!  Saturday we ripped out ivy, black walnut and holly from Rocky Point Park.  These invasive plants choke out biodiversity. 
We had a great team of 25 people.  We make a great team with Noon's Creek Hatchery and the City of Port Moody.  Brian wore the Rotary and the Noon's Creek hats and was really busy organizing advertising, setting up and taking down.!!
Angela was fantastic at getting the city side of things organized and Mayor Mike earned a well deserved bath for all his hard work.!!
Yvonne, Heather, Lisa and Michael B, to only ripped but also took care of the food.  Lisa we won't tell spider stories !!!!
Bill is our environmental super hero!!  Coreen, Jeannie and Ryan with his two kids were super. Ananya from Interact skipped her fencing class to help.  There were members of the public and hatchery.  What a great day.  Yay Team !!!  Thanks to all who helped.
Photos by Brian Wormald...who ran into a bear at the end of the day.

President Ian’s quote of the week: 

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

Thomas  Edison

Lots of visitors this week:
Mayor Mike Clay
SUCCESS:  Ali Parandeh, Juliana Shek & Jackie Hong

 Ali, Jackie and Julianna. Julianna have brought us countless volunteers over the last 3 years to work at our RIBFEST event. Thank you to SUCCESS.


SUCCESS: Ali is the Regional Manager for SUCCESS. They provide Immigrant Settlement and Integration Programs.—services to support immigrants in their settlement journey.

Last Year we donated $1,000 for their volunteer efforts at Rotary RIPS and RIBFEST. They used this money to secure a venue (Port Moody Inlet Centre Theatre) for their annual recognition ceremony thanking their membership for their efforts in the communities (Tri-Cities). All of their coordinating, organizing, training, etc. is done by volunteers for volunteers. Their “we volunteer here” program has over 90 active volunteers giving ove 10,700 hours of contribution which is the equivalent of $200,000+ dollars of work/time. They recognized their “Champions of SUCCESS”.

Darrell had a wonderful trip to France and talked about our past Exchange Student Pierre......would be great to have that program again in our Rotary Club.
PP Mike's Dad joined us from Sherwood Park, AB
President Ian gave out 2 pins this week for 2 Rotarians who are INSPIRATIONS...... Congratulations to Danne Dunlop and Bill Lawrie who both never say no.  Apparently Danne's truck is 'always' available and Bill is our GREEN MACHINE !!! and was recognized for our Rotary Green Team’s effort with recycling at this year’s RIBFEST.


Our favourite meetings are when our members do their Classification Talk and this week we were not disappointed.  Thank you to Heather for a great talk today . She met her husband when she was in grade 9 and he was in grade 13. She invited him to a Sadie Hawkins dance and he chose to take her out first and then invite her to the dance rather than be asked by a girl. When the kids came along (in Prince George) she became a Beaver Leader in their “pack and also volunteered at “Meals on Wheels”. She showed us some samples of “cross stitched pillows she has done. She worked at Toys and Wheels, a Shoe Store and the Holiday Inn (who knew Holiday Inn was where Stevie Wonder stayed whenever he traveled for concerts etc. and every one was set up with the amenities in the same place so he would be comfortable wherever he stayed. Her Mom and Dad were married for 73 years.  Heather moved to Port Moody and we are so lucky to have Heather in our Rotary Club.  
Mike will facilitate discussion re: Legacy projects for the money we put aside each year from our RIBFEST earnings. By the next Board meeting the committee will have established criteria/parameters. Everyone need to think about potential projects that will keep our name front and centre in the community.
Our Rotary Club came out do to the registration again at the 2018 Terry Fox Run.  Rain didn't stop Terry from running and it didn't stop our Club for coming out in full force.  Great job everyone.

 President Ian's Quote of the Week:

Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.     Theodore Isaac Rubin

Our DG Linda Murray & her husband Bill came to our Club today for her formal visit.
AG Preet Paul was also a guest today.  Preet is a member of the Coquitlam Sunrise Club.
DG Linda Murray was thanked by our President Elect Cleone.

Preet introduced our DG Linda.  She moved to Washington in 1980 from California. Started a security company “Evergreen Security”. Has been active in the South Everett community since 1989. This is her first time visiting our Club but well known to many of our long term members.

She spoke of the importance of growing the Club’s membership but also to concentrate on retention of existing members. LY our District had 2511 members and her target is to grow to 2575 members (1 per club as a minimum). District leaders consider they’re here to help us. Last year they sponsored 6 Membership seminars and plan to do another 6 T/Y

Make sure we use Social Media. It is the way to reach a younger demographic. Put stories on line “what/when was your Rotary Moment?” put action pics on websites—Rotarians at work, Rotarians having fun, etc. We have a tech team available to help expand our use of technology if required.

Learn about Rotary Foundation. Every Rotarian every year. Use Rotary Direct for payment.

Our new RI President would like to see twice as many Rotoactors this year. They are the future of Rotary. Invite them to participate in all fun activities and fundraisers. Help mentor them.

The last Saturday in April is Rotary Work Day—include Clubs, Interact, Public and family.

Use Peace Arch Journal—our District 5050’s communication vehicle—tell our other Clubs what we are doing.

November 3rd is the Foundation Dinner.

District Conference will be April 11-14th at Tulalip. Theme is Caribbean Inspiration.—Tour of Boeing, Art Tours, Cultural Centre. Irish/Caribbean night with Rotary Trivia. House of Friendship where Clubs bring/show what they are doing in their Communities. A big 3 day Caribbean Party. Lead by example, Serve with passion. Have fun while making the world a better place.



Announcements: This week is Darrell’s 15th anniversary with our Club and one of our new members, Glen Brown’s 26th anniversary with Rotary. ?

Rotary World Help has another project/container for Kenya that went on Saturday.

Rotary RIPS Saturday Sept. 22 9:30 to 1 PM Bring Family and friends

September 29th is the Coquitlam Sunrise’s Amazing Race. They are looking for volunteers to work stations and also to sponsor teams of 4. COST $50.00 PER PARTICIPANT INCLUDES LUNCH AND DINNER.

Our Club is looking at a new International project being led by Al Stjernegaard and Glen Brown focused on literacy in Belize

Remember Tuesday September 18th is our RIBFEST wrap up presentation to City Council.  Come out if you can, to support our Club and thank the City for their support of our big event.

Thank you to Dan G, Glen & Marcia, Coreen & Michael, Alan & Dave & myself for coming to clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. today.  We took about 1 1/2 hr. and collected 8 bags of trash.  Still loads of cigarette butts but didn't collect them separately.  
Good time had by all.
Orland Lee died peacefully with family by his side on July 18, 2018 in Port Moody, BC. Predeceased by his parents, Jack and Olive Lee, Orland will be dearly missed by his son, Dean (Melanie), his grandsons, Carson and Cooper, his sister, Arla Owen, his extended relatives and many friends. A loving father, devoted husband, caring neighbour and proud grandpa, Orland’s interests included fly-fishing, barbershop music, golf and giving back to his community through his local Rotary Club. His final wish was to have his life celebrated rather than mourned. Donations in his honour can be made at https://www.diabetes.ca
Orland Lee a past member and dear friend of our Rotary Club passed away and his
Celebration of Life will now be held
at 11:00 am, September 15th, 2018 at First Memorial Burkeview Chapel, Mountain View Room, 1340 Dominion Avenue, Port Coquitlam.  
The website is below if you would like to send a message:  
Great meeting.

President Ian’s weekly quote: 

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its’ ability to climb a tree, it will live its’ whole life believing that it is stupid.” Attributed to Albert Einstein 

Guest speaker and Mayor of Port Moody our very own Mayor Mike Clay



Mayor Mike began his talk by saying our Rotary Club does more for the City of Port Moody than any other group. Then he gave us a detailed overview of the City of Port Moody, its history, its growth, its structure and its projects. It was great to get a better overview of everything that goes on to make our City the best in the Lower Mainland. As Mike said he wanted to tell us what people think he does and tell us what he really does. In addition to showing us a sample of a 1 week schedule and knowing how much preparation goes into each and any meeting on the calendar it is hard to see where there are enough hours in a week to do the job. We have a very lean organizational chart for the City Departments but we get great production from the Staff we have. We do trend to be a training ground bringing younger specialists into our different departments where they get to do a lot of different things making them very attractive to other larger Cities when they need to replace retiring officials. It keeps everyone on their toes as there are always new people coming in, bringing their new ideas and getting trained in the Port Moody system. 


Guests this week were:  Sven Hansen - 95 years old and unofficial Mayor of Newport Village
Jennifer MacKinnon  & Chris Wilson  Coquitlam Sunrise Club members
George Balzer - the Mayor of Music for Port Moody 
Chris Wilson, attended on behalf of KIDS SPORT
President Ian presented a $1,000.00 cheque to Chris Wilson thanking  Kid’sSport for their volunteer effort helping with the Monday take down of tables and chairs.
Chris was also at the meeting to promote the Sunrise Club’s Amazing Race fundraiser on September 29th
  1. Birthday celebration—Ann’s on September 11th and our guest Sven’s (95th) on September 4th. Both got our traditional Club Happy Birthday song.
  2. Steve and Lauralea’s 26th anniversary.
  3. Reminder there will be an opportunity to sign up to help register participants for the Terry Fox Run on September 16th.  Please sign up on Club Runner
  4. Cleone and Brian W announced this year’s RIPS event will be held on Saturday September 22nd at Noon’s Creek Hatchery 9:30-1:00.
  5. Cleone is also organizing a Fall Social for Thursday September 20th from 6-9pm
  6. Cleone is looking for someone to replace her on the Community Service Portfolio as she will be moving into the President’s office in June this year. This will give her 9 months to mentor and prepare her replacement.
Thank you to Cleone for organizing a 'last minute' Summer Sundays get together at Rocky Point Park.  What an incredible day.  2000 plus people and the weather was outstanding.....
Thanks to all who came from Rotary......
Cleone, Vida, Ann, Danne, Ian & Trish, Terry & Susan, Keith & Heather, George Broderick, Bill, Jeannie, Joanna.....If I have missed you, I'm sorry.....seems it was a very busy day ;o)
Can't wait for next year.....and on a very personal note.....I am so proud of George for putting these concerts on....he has given our Community something to look forward to do each Sunday with family, friends and neighbors.  PROUD....

Gary led us in a rousing rendition of O Canada before our traditional meeting breakfast!

Our Rotary Club of Port Moody Mission Statement.   DRUM ROLL.......
Cathy Morton gave us a talk on 'BUTT OUT' today. 

This year President Ian would like to feature our guest speakers at the beginning of the meeting so they have enough time to give their full presentation so this was the first week we were able to schedule it this way. Our speaker was Cathy Morton,  our Dave Stone’s wife for 28 years. Cathy was a career Lawyer most at ICBC as Chief Counsel ending her career there as Director of Claims Legal Services until she retired 5 years ago. Cathy has always been interested in environmental issues which has led her into her new venture.

1 Year ago she started picking up cigarette butts in her walks around the neighbourhood and putting them in small baggies. Posting pictures of the butts on line resulted in discovering a community of others interested in finding ways to solve the problem. Did you know 38% of our street litter is cigarette butts (the paper and tobacco are biodegradable but the filters aren’t), filters are made of plastic which holds the poison and when it gets washed into the waterways through our storm drains it carries the toxins with it and that every year there are 4.5-5 Trillion butts discarded into the environment. “THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR ASHTRAY” Different Cities are taking different steps to try to mitigate—education, recycling, national events, volunteer butt pick ups, ashtray in public spaces, etc. . 

Port Moody has an Environmental Protection Committee and Cathy is a member. She has been working with Coquitlam City Councilor Bonita Zarrillo on a “Pocket Ashtray” project. The “Ashtrays” allow smokers to collect their butts each time they smoke and take them to a place they can be put safely into garbage disposal. These “ashtrays” can be private labeled, used by anyone even non-smokers , and currently available in Vancouver City at gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores. Richmond has City sponsored initiatives as does Vancouver, Nanaimo, Prince Rupert, Lumby, Pender Islands and others are exploring what they can do and the State of Illinois is fining folks who discard their butts on the ground.

It was suggested we could possibly support a possible proposed Port Moody “Butt Blitz” in early May, tying it into our regular Heritage Mountain cleanup project that month for sure.


Mayor Mike Clay was a guest, always good to see Mike at our meetings.
A significant Anniversary this week.  Congratulations to Bill & Jackie on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  

Announcements and upcoming events:  Mark your calendars please.

  1. Thursday September 20th “Murder Mystery Night” at the Train Museum 
  2. Saturday September 22nd  RIPS at Noon’s Creek Hatchery 
  3. Tuesday September 25th, Membership meeting - Linda's
  4. Saturday September 29th Coquitlam Sunrise’s “Amazing Race”
  5. Saturday September 8th Heritage Mountain Cleanup meet at Gallaghers at 9
  6. International Service committee is looking for projects our members can be doing “hands on” work in other countries.
  7. Claire is looking after our Social media image and is having interviews with members so we can talk about what Rotary means to us.
  8. Birthdays—Vida August 31st, Woody September 2nd and Glen September 3rd.
  9. Anniversaries: Bill and Jackie Lawrie 50th August 31st, Steve’s on September 2nd
  10. Congratulations to Ryan who rode  in the Ride to Cure Cancer last week, 


Karen Rockwell championed our first 'Summer of Sharing'.  Each week for a month we brought food/or money for the Share Food Bank. We had a donation of food and $265.00 generously donated by our Rotary Club.  What a wonderful idea Karen.  Thank you for reminding us that our Share Food Bank needs food all year long.
This is what we do.......FUN & FELLOWSHIP
Car Free Day....Thank you PCT for all you do in the Community
After a meeting
CAR FREE DAY - Family Bar by the Rotary Club of Port Moody

President Ian starts the meeting each week with a quote:

Visitors: Jaymee Lynn (Tri Cities Rotoract Club) and Twayson Laird (Scotia Bank Port Moody) it is Twayson’s 2nd meeting with us and is interested in possibly joining.

Announcements: Ryan’s Birthday. Dave Stone’s 17th anniversary with our Rotary Club (about 30 years total in Rotary)

Visioning Process:

Our last Vision statement was crafted about 7 years ago during President Nick’s term. Vision statements should be considered as a “short phrase describing the future you (we) are ultimately working towards” – Where are we going? What do we aspire to achieve?

Mike sent out a series of 4 questions for Club Member input and to start the thinking process for each of us. Our Mission needs to be desireable and achievable. Rotary International has its’ Vision which is the Backbone of all Rotary Clubs but each Club needs to determine why They exist? what They do? who They serve?

Question 1—What Qualities Do Our Club Members have? Most answers could be grouped into 4-6 main groups

  1. Fun, friendly, inviting, not judgmental
  2. Dedicated, committed, “doers”, goal oriented
  3. Compassionate, giving, caring
  4. United, diverse,
  5. Energetic, youthful outlook
  6. Integrity, accountable

Question 2—What are 5 words that define our Club (Note many will be the same as in question 1)

  1. Doers, motivated, driven, impactful
  2. Inclusive, welcoming
  3. Fun, friendly
  4. Caring, giving, positive
  5. Courageous, can do, lead with yes, never give up

Question 3—Who do we serve

  1. Our community
  2. Our Region
  3. World/International

As PP Mike recapped, most of us came up with very similar words and phrases to describe our members and our Club. Mike read out a number of Vision Statements from other Rotary Clubs and big corporations as examples. There were a number we thought were good but we do want ours to be unique to us. He gave a short 5 word possibility—“Serving Humanity Locally and Globally”.

Now we are under way it would be a good thing to “strike while the iron is hot”. Once the juices start to flow there will be new ideas we will all come up with so it was decided we would hold another meeting on Monday August 27th at the ARIA II (Suter Brook) at 7pm. 

Once again the card goes unclaimed—too bad Peter!


Rotary Meeting August 15th 2018

Guest: Lisa Barakzai last day as a guest joining today!

Birthdays: Mike P on the 18th and Ian on the 16th

Anniverary: Dan Gallant and Marion 50th on August15th

Claire Lambert joined our Club 2 years ago


Car Free Day was on August 19th. We are provided Beer Service in a Family Beer Garden as well as thanking our volunteers with free beer/water/pop and a Hot Dog when they wear their orange shirts.  We had a great turnout of members helping to make this Family Beer Garden a success.  Thanks to all who came to help and to Meghan who led the charge.

TreeFest September 9th on thr Riverview Grounds—more info to come.

Happy $’s: Ryan just completed his 1st  ½ Ironman event well done, Meghan happy to be home from Quesnel with her dog who competed in wharf diving event—she says it was like snowing ash the entire time. Alan K is happy to be part of another Beer Event and Ian is especially happy The BOAT is FINALLY DONE and it floats.

RibFest: For the past 2 or 3 years Alan S, Ian and Al S. have led the RibFest project. Next year Al S will be the leader and will welcome any and all assistance to take leadership.

September 18th Rotary will be presenting a final report to City council for RibFest 2018

This Week August 22nd we will be having our Club Visioning meeting trying to come up with a Vision statement to take us through the next 5-10 years. Mike will lead the process and send out some questions to get us started.

It is always a great day for the Rotary Club of Port Moody when we induct a new member.  President Ian did a great job with his induction and everyone welcomed Lisa Barakzai to our club.

We installed Lisa as a new member. She is from Kabul Afghanistan and works as a mortgage broker (Mortgage Angel). Great Big WELCOME Lisa.

President Ian acknowledged the 4 Charter Members left in our Club.  This month is Membership Month and we would like everyone to bring a prospective new member to our Club.  We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship we have and to help give back to our Community.
Alan Schmelzel
Gayle Carter
Gary Wiggins
Linda Balzer
President Ian gave us an update on the Equador Global Grant project.    We should be very proud of all the hard work President Ian has put into this project.  The lasting effect of the procedures that will be done in Equador could really one day help around the world.

Ian gave a presentation on the International Grant he and our Club sponsored. It is the largest grant in our District. It is covering Hip Dysplasia and cervical cancer in a remote part of Ecuador. Both medical issues have a much higher rate of occurrence in the area than in the rest of Ecuador. The Doctors from Canada are working with the staff from 3 Universities in Ecuador including the hospital Humanitaria. They are working with medical students, post grads, and educators to teach new and improved tests, procedures, etc. and to establish follow up systems including video conferencing to give support when the Dr.’s are back in Canada. They will be reporting to Rotary International in 6 months and 1 year. While they were in Ecuador, they attended the installation night of the sponsoring Rotary Club for this project.

Sgt. at Arms Paul did an outstanding job this week and even gather some 'self inflicted' fines by members and gave to Karen for her initiative 'Summer of Sharing' for Share.  Well done Karen and Paul.




    Christine Poznanski

    Lisa Barakzai - she doesn't eat very much !!!


    - Car Free Day - August 19, 2018

        There is still room for volunteers.  Contact Meghan Lahti

    - Visioning

        Mike Poznanski will be chairing this. He will be emailing club members for ideas             for a visioning statement.  This meeting will be at our regular August 22nd, 2018 meeting.


    - International Committee Meeting 

        Al Stjernegaard chairing a meeting August 28, 7:00 pm at Moody Ales. 


Speaker's Corner

    Bill Lawrie, Club Service Chair


    Club Service includes:

        - keeping members aware of the club activities through the use of the Newsletter               and Club Runner

        - Insuring the room is set up for the meeting and cleaned up after the meeting

            To do this 3 teams have been set up (all Club members are part of a                 team).  Each team will be responsible for a month at a time on a rotation                 basis. Team captains are Darryl & Terry, Bill & Yvonne, Al Stj. & Alan K.                 Your captain will be in touch with you. 

        - greeting people when they come to the meeting

        - arranging Club social events

        - scheduling cashiers for each meeting

        - introducing and thanking the speaker

        - selling 50/50 tickets

        - taking notes & pictures at the meeting



Don't forget to bring food for Summer of Sharing - Karen says 'put your food in the car 'right now' ....if you forget, just donate $$$$ and Share can double that. Thank you for organizing Karen...


Come on down to CAR FREE DAY on August 19th, 2018.  The Rotary Club of Port Moody will be working in the Family Beer Garden on Queen Street Plaza.  If you volunteered for Port Moody Rotary RIBFEST, wear your ORANGE RIBFEST shirt or bandana and get a beverage and BBQ'd hot dog on us....plus a chance to win prizes.
We will be there from 12 noon until 6:30pm.  It will be great to see you again.
AND the 50/50 WINNER from RIBFEST 2018  is :  Christine Davidson.....
Guests this week were:  Christine Davidson and Tim Everett
Guest speakers :  Christine Shepherd & Sarah Dunham
Don't forget to bring food for Summer of Sharing - Karen says 'put your food in the car 'right now' ....if you forget, just donate $$$$ and Share can double that. Thank you for organizing Karen...
Car Free Day - August 19th, 2018.....The Rotary Club of Port Moody is taking care of the BEER GARDEN on Car Free Day and we need your help.....Please let Meghan know when you will be available to help.
 **We will also be using it as a THANK YOU event for all our RIBFEST volunteers. Volunteers, wear your RIBFEST shirts and get free hotdogs and be included in draw prizes.

Birthdays: only birthday is Christine wife of Past President Mike

August 17th District 50/50 Golfun Tournament in Lynden Washington. Anyone interested in joining Ian and Darrell let Ian know
Guest speakers:  Christine Shephard & Sarah Dunham
Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program begun in 1996 by Mary Gordon. At the heart of the program are a neighourhood infant and parent who visit the classroom 9 times over the school year. The program is designed to build caring, peaceful, civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults. A trained Instructor coaches the kids to observe the baby’s development and label it’s feelings. In this experiential learning, the baby is the “teacher” and a catalyst, for 40 minutes a week, to help children identify and reflect on their own feelings and the feelings of others—empathy. The instructor also visits the classroom the week before and after each baby visit to reinforce the teaching which means a total of 27 classroom visits per school year. This program has been shown to have significant effect in reducing levels of aggression.

This program has been offered in 7 schools in the Tri-Cities for the last few years. It is limited by the number of babies/mothers available and the number of trained instructors. It would certainly be valuable to offer it in more schools, probably all elementary students would benefit if it could be required. The training cost per instructor is $1,200.00     

Sarah Cronkhite
Oct 17, 2018
Me to We, Kenya
Lee Harman
Oct 24, 2018
Update on Polio Eradication
Brian Wormald, tent.
Oct 31, 2018
Classification Talk
Karen Rockwell
Nov 14, 2018
Classification Talk
Carly Foster
Nov 21, 2018
Kids Boost Immunity
Igor Bjelac
Nov 28, 2018
The Immigrant Link Centre
Club Assembly
Dec 05, 2018
Club Elections and general business
No Meeting
Dec 26, 2018
Boxing Day Madness!
Dr. Ingrid Tyler, Dr. Sharifi Med. Health Officers
Jan 09, 2019
New Suboxone Clinic in Tricities, part of response to Opiod Crisis
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