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Welcome to the
Rotary Club of Port Moody

Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC V3H 5H1
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Our stories
It's always a GREAT DAY !!!
Peter & Cindy renovation of Main Bath
Big job Peter !!!  
Al & Kathy hiking in Golden Ears [we do live in a beautiful part of the world]
Peter & Cindy :  My en- suite gone!
Mike Poznanski 
Here’s a photo of me working at the office on this lovely Monday morning.
I spent much of Saturday afternoon watching the rocket launch on tv while facetime was on connecting me with my nephew and niece.  They had a Lego rocketship built and some artwork showing “Bob and Doug on the moon”.  Pretty cute.  My nephew Roman rode his bike without training wheels on Sunday!

Lots of members hiking in the Forest
Michael & Coreen and President Cleone
Notes from Bill:
A place where women curl up and dye.
The only animal you eat before they are born and after they are dead. 
A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.
Mud with the juice squeezed out.
Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation. 
Cold Storage. 
Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.
An insect that makes you like flies better. 
A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority.
A grape with a sunburn. 
A story you tell to one person at a time.
A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.
The pain that drives you to extraction.
One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.
An honest opinion openly expressed. 
Something other people have....similar to my character lines. 
I very quietly confided to my friend that I was having an Affair.
She turned to me and asked, "Are you having it catered?"
. . . and that, my friend, is the definition of 'OLD'!!!
In youth, the days are short and the years are long.  In old age, the years are short and days long.
A new week with new possibilities 
Meeting guests:
Cisco Woods - Rotary Club of Belize 

I am so proud to be able to introduce you to a man that both George and I have great respect for.

Francis Woods is his birth name but we met him at a Rotary meeting in Belize City nearly a decade ago as CISCO and I’m proud to say he and his wife Jacky have become very good friends of ours.

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Cisco Construction Company and founder of the Old Belize recreation center, located on the outskirts of Belize City.

Under Cisco’s leadership, Cisco Construction has evolved into a responsible corporate citizen, offering humanitarian social services to and within communities where the company has worked. In fact, at the locations where its projects are based, the company provides employment for Belizean residents and also provides valuable assistance to nearby villages.

He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Kolbe Foundation, which seeks to successfully rehabilitate and integrate individuals, who have come in conflict with the law, back into society. Through his company, Cisco and Kolbe established a program which offers employment to rehabilitated persons as an opportunity to transform their lives and become productive citizens.  It is through Cisco that we as a Club have put together with other clubs in our Global Grant.  Glen and Al have worked very hard to make this possible and Cisco has been instrumental with helping us put this together.  This GG will have 7 or 8 of our members going to Belize and seeing first hand what this amazing man is capable of in the country of Belize. 

Marc Snow - AG 5500 and PP of Rotary Club of Oro Valley
Rick Chimblo - Rotary Club of Oro Valley
Kristina Murray - Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation 
Aultrust Financial + Rotary =  Tilt/Comode Chair for Manor Residents 
A Rotarian and managing partner of Aultrust, called to see how the $5,000 they wanted to donate for RIBFEST could best serve Port Moody. We had received a request from the Eagleridge Hospital Foundation that the tilt/comode chair would help ensure dignity and safety of the Eagle Ridge Manor residents. The chair cost $6,181.28. With our major fundraisers cancelled, Aultrust's donation was a perfect complement!
Kristina Murray, from the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, was able to attend our virtual May 20th meeting and accept the cheque with a smile on behalf of the residents of Eagle Ridge Manor at a time when the residents are facing Covid challenges. 
Rotary helping people help people!
Claire:  We can always count on Claire being out first thing in the morning for a hike.
New View Society gets Rotary Masks!
Donna, the Manager, employment for the New View Society accepts our donation of 50 cloth masks with a smile! Their slogan is "Community Health Through Mental Health". Port Moody Rotary Club is happy to inspire them to smile at a time when the Covid Virus is creating so much stress for this vulnerable population.
There is a Gnome in the woods - oh no, it's President Cleone
Pads Denim is a Poppa!   Here is a photo of the Helicopter Litter.  The Mom is Pads Reece.   Unfortunately Denim looks to be a deadbeat Dad, no interest at all in parenting responsibilities and disputes whether the puppies are his .... but the DNA didn't lie!! 
Dave photo of Crystal Falls
Peter is collecting for the Auction........What have you found to help out.  Please call Meghan if you have a bottle of wine to donate.
AG Al & Kathy really need to get 'out'
Kathy and I have been visiting with the couple in the window 😃

Ian & Trish :Bit by bit we are adding to our house...this painting by my cousin Don in SA...little bit of my family story..pretty excited to put it up!
Such a beautiful piece of art and keepsake.  Beautiful Trish & Ian...
Bob & Gayle:  More of Bert Flinn magic....
This young couple go out hiking everyday.....
Alan K has been busy !!!
A little gardening and landscaping a stone path and mulched a new sitting area. Whew...
 David & Jen
Jen and I out for a walk today on our 23rd Anniversary with our puppy Camper. 
What a great week.....
Great meeting again.  It is so good to see everyone's faces.
Located in: Port Moody Centre
Address: 2929 St John's Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C2
Our Port Moody Liquor store has offered us a great opportunity.  Every time you go to the Port Moody Liquor store on St. John's Street [by the 711]and purchase something our Rotary Club of Port Moody will get 4% back of the sales.  This is a win win for everyone.  Doesn't cost us anything [very similar to Thriftys card but you don't have to 'load it']. AND you can start 'today'.  When you make a purchase, please just mention that you would like the 
VIP REBATE to go the 
Port Moody Liquor Store has been very supportive to our Rotary Club in the past, giving us gift certificates for our Fundraisers.
I will have the cards for you to hand out to your friends and family in about 1 week but in the meantime, when you go there, please just say you would like the rebate to go to our Rotary Club.
Glen:  This week I was invited (as a past President) to the 20th anniversary of the chartering of the Rotary club of sunshine coast - Sechelt.  Lots of ZOOM fun and memories.  PS this club does an amazing scotch tasting dinner every October. 

Cleone dropped by and said not to worry about having staples out....this will work.....
Thank you President Cleone.
Yvonne playing pinball
My husband purchased a world map...gave me a dart and said "throw this and wherever it lands I'm taking you for a holiday when this pandemic is over". Turns out we're spending two weeks behind the fridge. 
I've returned to one of my favourite hobbies/pastimes of my youth. I've made 5 and have 5 more to go.

From Navid:
Here are some updates:
We’re hosting a webinar on Thursday 21st, at noon.
It is an interesting topic of COVID-19 Impact on Real Estate. (I think we can share it with the members 😃)
also calendar attached.
For Childcare we have created over 150 videos, providing our families and communities with some circle times, children songs, reading time and many activities that can be done at home with children. All these are on our youtube channel of Parkland Players.
I think botht he webinar and childcare video channel can be informative and usefull to our memebers and community.
Other than working 24/7 if there is time I go for a rides to UBC & Deep Cove.
See you on Wednesday,
Navid Morawej
Mask making kit workshop at President Cleone's home
Yvonne & Jeannie
President Cleone
Please mark your calendars, tell your friends and neighbours.  We have a date:  September 12th, 2020 is our SHRED-A-THON.  We will need your help that day.....always fun.  Thanks to Peter for already signing up.
Steve and Lauralea had added more to their deck.  Let the party begin!!! Well done
Today is a good day....
Coreen & Cleone dropped off masks at Community Ventures.
Thank you for the beautiful orchid ....My favourite flower
I am not sure how to express my love and gratitude for each and everyone of you.  I am humbled but forever grateful for all the prayers, good wishes, calls, texts and emails.  This is my journey and you have all come along for the ride and I couldn't have faced it without you all.  GOD is good and HE has answered all our prayers. I am anxious to see what is in store for George and I in this next chapter.
Thank you all for being in our lives.  Rotary is truly where our friends are.  
Love & Hugs to each and everyone of you.
Linda & George xoxox
Thank you so much.  Yes I'm crying !!!
Pretty wild how we used to eat cake after someone had blown on it...
Good times
Meghan has a green thumb.....Looks amazing
Peter sanding deck so we can have Happy Hour soon.
Dave Stone's amazing photography
Steve & Lauralea have been busy with their back yard.  Looking FABULOUS
Every day we hike we build one
Mother's Day Brunch, Social Distance style
Dearest Cleone put it together, then invited Jeannie, Gaye Simms, Maureen and myself to the lawn out front
It was so good to actually see people, even from 6' apart.
A new opportunity for some money for our Club
Located in: Port Moody Centre
Address: 2929 St John's Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C2
Our Port Moody Liquor store has offered us a great opportunity.  I will be giving out 'cards' -[when I get them we will set up time and date to get them] and every time you go to the Port Moody Liquor store on St. John's Street [by the 711] you will show them your card and our Rotary Club of Port Moody will get 4% back of the sales.  This is a win win for everyone.  Doesn't cost us anything [very similar to Thriftys card but you don't have to 'load it']. AND you can start 'today'.  When you make a purchase, please just mention that you would like the
VIP REBATE to go the
Port Moody Liquor Store has been very supportive to our Rotary Club in the past, giving us gift certificates for our Fundraisers.
I will have the cards for you to hand out to your friends and family in about 1 week but in the meantime, when you go there, please just say you would like the rebate to go to our Rotary Club.
Thanks everyone.
Linda ;o)
Hope you have a great Cinco de Mayo  - share your best Mexican recipe......
Guest Speaker : Edina Mehovic

Edina Mehovic from RI headquarters in Chicago who was kind enough to review what the foundation was all about how her life has been impacted through support from the only recognized 4 star charity…. The Rotary Foundation.
 Annual Giving Officer, Zones 28W & 29 | The Rotary Foundation
 Tel 847.425.5612 

Pretty timely given the impact that COVID has had globally…certainly as our club now meets virtually and our fellowship is more along the lines of virtual hugs than physical how are able to contribute is important. As we all know the funds we contribute allow us to qualify and receive matching grants from the district, RI and in some cases other agencies like the Gov’t of Canada. 

As an FYI..our club over its tenure has contributed $180,101 US!

 That was exactly how we were able to leverage a 12,500 USD club contribution to the prevention and screening program in Ecuador. Our 12,500 in addition contributions from Oro Valley, Calgary, Sedro Woolley Rotary Clubs and the Gov’t of Canada turned into 178,580 USD..a significant amount that is now making a difference in 2 key health issues in Ecuador. It is also a significant contributor to our Belize project headed up by Glen and Al.

Times are indeed challenging…but as we are not currently contributing for a weekly breakfast if you are able why not contribute directly via myrotary.org? That way we can stay the course for “every Rotarian every year” (100 usd goal/person per year), gain Paul Harris recognition and contribute to any number of directed areas within Rotary ..perfect trifecta.

To check it out go to:  my.rotary.org  (sign in)…go to either “Profile” or “Donate”



In the profile area…under your name and to the right click on “Donor Self Service”

If you want to set up a recurring transaction, simply hit the “ADD button” ..that will take you to 

A “Choose what you would like to support page”…have a recce / explore and pick what works for you….

“Enrollment Details”….followed by Personal Information & Payment Details…a great way to bleed your bank account…AND feel good about it!

SUBMIT…and you are done…but not COOKED..-😊

Great to have 31 at our Virtual meeting on Wednesday.....Great turnout...
Here is the link to the Ventilator Project that Navid's sister is heading up.
It is pretty wonderful seeing all the ways that people are helping with the Covid Challenge.
The children in Port Moody thank the 'front line' workers....
Look what is happening in Port Moody - Rainbow alley Klahanie.
Chrome books arrived for Share. - thank you Michael & Coreen
Dave & Cathy did the loop in Bert Flinn Park. Thank you for sharing your photos 
PMOHA  - Jason Lyne. [fellow Rotarian]-  Way better than they thought.  So proud of our Community...
The results are in... 
You, our players and sponsors, raised a whopping $12,470.00 for the Share Food Bank in the month of April!!! 
This amount is truly hard to believe! The Executive Team thanks each and every one of you for giving in this monumental way. We crushed our original goal of $2,500 by adding another $10,000 to it!!!!
The power of generosity by this group is truly something special and will be felt by those in need in our community right away.
Well done boys! Above and beyond expectations and this is appreciated more than you know.
Humbled by all of this, many thanks...
Your PMOHA Executive Team
From Paul:
I wanted to thank the club for the lovely gift and card with quotes. 
Dear Friends and Fellow Rotarians
Thank you so much for all your support during what has been a challenging time.  My mom, in the space of 28 hours, decided to move on to the next place, and we all hope that it is far better than the world of Alzheimer’s she left behind.  One dad and two siblings are also Rotarians, and they received support from their clubs as well – we are a global family.
It has been a scramble to deal with the grief and the practical actions that needed to be taken, but I believe my head is now above water, and I look forward to seeing you at this Wednesday’s meeting.
Yours in Rotary
Gayle & Linda
We make an  Inuksuk every day that we hike Bert Flinn.  These are 2 that are 6' apart  
Getting fresh air in our great Community Bert Flinn Park
Rock came from where?
The Mistletoe Tree
Steve:  Our science lesson:
Working with my mason bees, they’ve filled 17 tubes over the past 10 days.
The mason bees are very effective pollinators!!! Just a couple or 3 females can pollinate a mature apple tree.  They will also work on cool and rainy weather days whereas the honey bee are more likely to take the day off. The females also lay larvae. In between each larvae they seal it in with a mud wall and do this until the tube is filled.  They can have sometimes 5-7 larvae in each tube. However there are fly larvae that try to get into the tubes and then over the fall and winter feed off of the bee larvae so by spring you could only have 1/4-1/3 larvae remaining.  That’s why in October you’re supposed to take the larvae out of the tubes and clean them and put them into an incubator and store them in the fridge until spring.    
Great Zoom meeting on the 22nd.  Thanks to Frank for setting it up.  We had 30 of our members on Zoom.
Thanks to Aziz for the photo

Danne and Kerry joining the parade to Eagle Ridge Hospital

President Cleone sent this
Just a short note to let everyone know that all went well and I am at home.

love you all
Just a short note to say thanks for the lovely  flowers, love and support
I am feeling much better

Yvonne in hospital and a thank you for the flowers that our Rotary Club of Port Moody sent to her.
Paul we are all thinking about you.  We are so sorry for the loss of your Mom xoxoxo
Paul wrote:

More than seven decades together, my mom and dad are the real deal. Last night we said 'see you later' to my mom. My dad and sister Sara were there, and were courageous, and loving and simply magnificent. The rest of us kids got to say 'goodnight and we love you' by phone. Thanks mommy for loving daddy so fiercely and all of us so tenderly. Thanks for all you gave to community. You will always be in our hearts.

Guess Who's Calling for Dinner?
It was a fun night and was made extra special having past president Trudy with us.
An avocado has 234 calories. A mimosas has 144. Choose wisely 🥂
ClaireStanley Park Seawall 
WOW we have good people in our Rotary Club .....and in our Community
Thank you Jason Lyne for sharing what the Port Moody Old Timers Hockey Club did for SHARE.
This is the letter they all received.
WOW!!!! Just passing along our complete amazement at the generous and giving nature of the PMOHA brotherhood!
We have just gone over $7,000 donated to the Share Food Bank this month! This is SO HUGE and reflects so well on us as a group here in the community!
With so many of you able to give in the way that you have, we want to send out our most sincere THANK YOU!
And of course if there is anyone out there who would still like to contribute, please see the email thread below on how and what to do… We will be tracking this to the end of April. Can we get to $8,000? Maybe even $10,000???
Again, from our Executive team, the Share Food bank, but most importantly, from the people who need this the most right here in our community, THANK YOU!!! What an amazing group.
Your PMOHA Executive Team
We might not be having RIBFEST 2020 but we have RIBFEST masks.
Thank you Trish
Thank you from our Community
My name is Camila from Walton elementary and I am in grade 4.
I would like to thank you for lending me this laptop so I can do my online schooling. It has been a great help for my litter sister and I.
We received the computer through our great friend Karen.
It’s very kind of you to lend this to me and my sister.
It is always a great day in Rotary when we induct a new member.  We inducted Trish MacPhail who was already a Rotarian in her heart.  It was wonderful to hear her husband PP Ian praise her for all the good she has done for their business and for our Community.  He is a very proud husband.....  We are so lucky to have Trish in the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Welcome and hugs to follow......
Guest Speaker this week - Vanessa Wideski - Low Entropy
Thank you to Vanessa Wideski for a very inspirational talk this morning.  Vanessa was our guest speaker and gave a 'real life' accounting of her life and how we can all make the World a Better Place, by changing ourselves first.  Vanessa is with Low Entrophy......
A New Approach to Changing Our World
For as long as anyone can remember people have been trying to change the world. They have seen numerous problems they want to solve. They want to create safer places for people to live. They want a better future for their children. It’s a tale as old as time. 
But despite all these efforts, have we really made the progress we so desire? 

Looking at the past and the multitude of ways that people have tried to reduce chaos in the world, there’s been something missing in their approach. So many of these approaches rely on changing culture, changing groups of people, changing societies. What they are missing is starting at the level of personal change. 

We believe changing the world starts with changing ourselves. Since our founding, Low Entropy has been equipping people with tools for transformational self-change. As people go through personal change, it has a ripple effect out into their communities and the world. Our intention is to inspire people towards personal growth. This is how the world will change for the better.

Remember when you wanted the weekend to last forever?  Happy now?
I'm sure no one in our Rotary Club is just sitting around.  Get out and get some fresh air.  So good for you.
6:30am walk at the seawall in Vancouver - Claire and family
As a Mom of a Dancer - this is perfect.
PP Ian and Trish .....Lots to do in the garden...so far we’ve removed about a dozen stumps, a ton of ragged bush...
All so we can plant those beautiful granite rocks...should grow nicely -:)
Maybe add a small maple tree or two ??
Glen & Marcia :  Visiting hours
Checking in on the Poco club
Wash and wax the RV
Wash and wax the bike
Support the BC wine industry 
Hope all is well, miss you guys 🤗
PP Mike working from home......He really is a great lawyer:  BTM Lawyers LLP

Prez Cleone dropping off mask materials

Working from home. With my tablet for video conferencing, and all my supplies. 
Cheers. David
Glen posted this:  Made me laugh out loud

As part of our physical distancing effort folks have recommended to us that only one person do the shopping. ( I guess it eases congestion in the grocery stores.)

I thought I would take that on. Who knew it was going to be such a perilous experience, shopping by myself with another persons list. Honestly, I think I have good reasons for not getting things exactly right...

- this brand was on sale
- Is there really a difference between regular and vanilla?
- When you think about it, isn't everything organic?
- but the airmile bonus on ice cream was awesome
- I was pretty sure that 100g meant the large size
- I had to buy 6 to get the sale price
- I have no idea where the list went
- my cell phone doesn't work in Safeway, so no I didn't get the text

Gayle asks.....Michael made sure it happened.  Thank you Michael 


Please think about Yvonne as she goes through her surgery on Wednesday.  We are 100% behind you Yvonne.....You can beat this GIRL!!!!


No words needed


After the last Golden Spike Gary wrote: 
What a great club we have. Thank you to everyone for all you do. Looks like the Guess Who was a great success, much to my surprise because I can't get my head around all this technical stuff. Kudos to the organizers. 
Keep safe all. 
Wheelchairs -  Help someone in need.
Gayle donated her District Conference money to the Wheelchair Foundation.  

The Canadian Wheelchair Foundation/ Fondation Chaise Roulante Canada (CWF) is an independent Canadian registered charity dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities
  • Delivering mobility into the lives of children, teens and adults in the world who have no means to acquire a wheelchair
  • Transforming lives through mobility, and with it giving to all those deprived of it by war, disease, accident, natural disaster and advanced age, independence, dignity, hope and opportunity

With the support of our Canadian and international partners and the generosity of independent sponsors CWF is transforming lives throughout the world -- one wheelchair at a time.

Their website is:  https://www.cdnwheelchair.ca/index.php. if you would like to do the same.  Way to go Gayle !!!


More photos of making masks: Coreen

How many people does it take to install a dishwasher?  Michael & Andy

Great smile .....Enjoy your new dishwasher !!!!

I just wanted to greet you and let you know Hazel and I surviving this epidemic quite nicely and trust you are too.  We still like each other.  I do miss the weekly physical contact and am patiently awaiting the time when can meet again. 
Also, please know that my cell phone is not working. I dropped it in a bowl of water, I’m too embarrassed to tell  you what bowl, but suffice it to say after attempts to dry it out it still does not work. So I guess I’ll have to wait for the Apple store to open until I can get a new one.  

Here is a challenge for you to do.  Let us know how you are doing.. Come on I know a few of you will do this.....
OK President Cleone, where are you with this Challenge !!!
Found a great spot to camp for the weekend with self isolation. 

79 Years Young - Bob after their 2 hour hike
Brian is working it these days.....Way to go Brian
Peter and Cindy have been busy too:
Peter changing his lights out on the deck
They added 2 glass doors - look great.
Coreen & Michael - Enjoying the view
We have a few people in our club struggling with health issues. If you have time to reach out, send a note or make a phone call.  That is what our Rotary Club of Port Moody is all about.
Please think of these members and I hope I have not forgotten anyone .
Gary, Jeannie, Yvonne, Patty and Ann, Isy & Vida.  [Peter's hip is doing well]
Bob & Gayle found these Dogwood blossoms on their hike
Let's play another game !!!!
Summary of fun to Date:
 * Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem.
  *   I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I'm cracking a safe.
  *   I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator.
  *   Still haven't decided where to go for Easter ----- The Living Room or The Bedroom
  *   PSA: every few days try your jeans on just to make sure they fit. Pajamas will have you believe all is well in the kingdom.
  *   Homeschooling is going well. 2 students suspended for fighting and 1 teacher fired for drinking on the job.
  *   I don't think anyone expected that when we changed the clocks we'd go from Standard Time to the Twilight Zone
  *   This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought her cat understood her. I came into my house, told my dog..... we laughed a lot.
  *   So, after this quarantine.....will the producers of My 600 Pound Life just find me or do I find them?
  *   Quarantine Day 5: Went to this restaurant called THE KITCHEN. You have to gather all the ingredients and make your own meal. I have no clue how this place is still in business.
  *   Day 5 of Homeschooling: One of these little monsters called in a bomb threat.
  *   I hope the weather is good tomorrow for my trip to Puerto Backyarda. I'm getting tired of Los Livingroom.
  *   Classified Ad: Single man with toilet paper seeks woman with hand sanitizer for good clean fun.
  *   Day 6 of Homeschooling: My child just said "I hope I don't have the same teacher next year".... I'm offended.
  *   Better 6 feet apart than 6 feet under
Port Moody Rotary Club  and Friends To The Rescue!
The Rotary Club of Port Moody produced 300 hand-made Olson face masks for Coast Mental Health for their staff and clients.
Darrell Burnham, CEO of Coast Mental Health stated his need for personal protection for his staff and clients at his Rotary meeting on March 25th. Luckily Vida Peterson, Rotarian, professional seamstress and past president of “Days for Girls” Canada had the skills, connections and resources to act.
She chose the Olson cotton mask which has a pocket in it for a filter and a nose bridge. It helps provide some protection for others as well as for the wearer from the Covid Virus. 
A cottage industry of 30+ Rotarians and volunteers washed, cut, sewed, inserted stiffeners, shopped, ect.   A  special thanks goes to Yolanda Broderick  and all her friends who are volunteering with gusto!
To help volunteer email: pmpresident@gmail.com .  
Remember not to touch the masks when they are on and to treat used masks as if they are contaminated.  Continue social distancing and washing your hands. 
Note: We are not taking requests for masks.  
Stay safe!
Cleone Todgham
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Coast Mental Health is supporting thousands of people with Mental Illness and Substance use disorders in over 50 sites across the Lower Mainland.  Most of these clients have underlying health conditions would make them extremely susceptible to adverse reactions to Covid-19.   These masks will protect staff and residents from disease transmission.   #spreadcouragenotfear @coastmentalhealth  
We committed to 700 masks and we are almost half way done. We want to do one for everyone in the club with the RIBFEST bandanas, thanks to Linda's idea. We have other request from the hospital, seniors club etc. But I will send some articles and pictures when we are different stages. First we will finish with Darrell's project. We have fantastic volunteers!
Thank you everyone.....Cleone
Our virtual meeting went well.  Thank you to Coreen & Michael for all you do for our Rotary Club.
Here are just 3 of us:  Thanks Yvonne for the photos
It is great to hear from everyone.  Stay positive, this will not last forever.  We can make phone calls, Face Time calls etc. to keep in touch.
Darrell was extremely grateful for all the masks that our Rotary Club and friends of Rotary made.
We are looking for ideas to help out in the community. One of the ideas is to partner with a company making hand sanitizers..  Do you have any suggestions ?  Please let President Cleone know.  
Thank you Bill.  When you order from any of the resturants that have helped make our FUNDRAISERS a success, please let them know that you are grateful for the help they have given Rotary over the year.
St. James' Well
Saint Street Grill
Pasta Polo
Rocky Point Ice Cream
Brewers Row
Westwood Golf
Taylight Brewery POCO
Foamers Folly Pitt Meadows
Browns Port Moody
Patina Brewing - Port Coquitlam
Woking Dragon
Giggle Dam
Me & Ed's Pizza - Port Coquitlam
John B Pub
Hard Rock Casino
Cobb's Bread
Danne has been busy.....very cool 
No this isn’t Mexico (clothes might give that away). Its the beach on shoreline walk from Rocky Point to Pleasantside…marvellous! About 3.6 miles round trip…challenging here and there but mostly flat…great way to some fresh air! Port Moody should be proud! We parked the car at the Rec Centre.
Andy playing Pin Ball
Funny & True
Working on spelling our names! 
Stamps first then writing.
Guess Who's Calling for Dinner?
These are the groups.....

1. Coreen & Michael

a.      Patty and Don

b.      John and Cheryl

c.      Bill and Jackie 


2.      Trish & Ian

a.      Paul

b.      Yvonne and Andy

c.      Gladys

d.      Jeannie


3.      Cleone

a.      Mobina 

b.      Kay and  Roy (couldn't get on)

c.      Brian and Kelly

d.      Peter and Cindy

Looks like everyone had a good time.
We are all trying to be creative in these terrible times of social distancing! Last night our Rotary Club had a Guess Who is Calling for dinner on zoom! I had dinner with a great group where we chatted about many topics which I will not divulge here ha! We also played a fun game and we learned a lot about each other! Thank you all for spending time with me, it seemed like we were in the same room! I wore one of my fascinators and Ian wore his tux! Such fun! Thank you all!
Bill said:  
Sorry we couldn't seem to connect properly this time--hopefully we will have another chance maybe next month.
Just so you know, our menu was/is
Caesar salad with freshly grated parmesan cheese
Braised short ribs in red wine sauce with Yukon Gold potato/cauliflower mash and oven roasted asparagus
Eton mess dessert Meringue with a raspberry sauce, strawberries and whipping cream.
Tooo bad you're not here!!
PS lots of BC red wine too
Sounds like a fantastic meal !!!!
This is so true
Hockey Pool - Peter
and the winners are: 
The result is to END THE HOCKEY POOL
 PRIZES are TOP POINTS (8080)    
CROWJO- John  Crowther.                          = $350.00.
        2nd PIRZE           (79450 )   BURNHAM BRAWLERS-Darrell Burnham.      = $125.00
        Booby PRIZE.            (6445)    THE ISYGO'S -  Issy Beane                                         = $  29.00
Thanks Peter for all your work on this.  Always fun !!!
Glen reports:
Yah!!  I got my first Rotary E learning certificate.
Rotary now has a number of online courses and I thought a couple might be helpful for our Belize Trip (still hoping).  I just completed a course on "adult learners" and plan to take the one on group facilitation - both of these might be helpful to us.  I've attached my snazzy certificate of completion so you can all be envious....
The course was pretty straight forward (pretty simple), but the content is good.
Check it out at 
Alan K.
I’m still working, safe mountain bike rides and hanging out with Daisy.
Steve Witiuk
The sundeck is already for another year of relaxation 
[looks like a great place to party, just saying!!!]
Attached are some recent photos. Just baking some oat chocolate chip cookies!  
Also went out for some fresh air in the neighborhood trails.
Finally, Cooked some veggie biryani in our instant pot.
Bob's & Gayle's garden
It’s like being 16 again
Gas is cheap and I’m 
Daily hike in the fresh air.....beautiful
Gayle, Bob, Linda, George and Kari
Enjoying the home office while remembering the Humboldt Broncos.
It's so great to hear from a lot of you.  Please send your quarantine photos to share.  Thanks
Linda ;o)
Gayle & Bob are troopers,  sun, rain, sleet, snow or hail you will find them in Bert Flinn Park.  Fun times staying 6' apart.  Kari, George and Linda 
GB's project headboard.....Love it
Our Treasurer Michael at work.....Berrisfords IT Services
PP Mike is very busy......Here is what he is up to and we all wish you well too.
I’m in the office about 90% of the time now, 10% at home.  Can’t get away from the office because of things that still need face to face signing – wills, powers of attorney, real estate closings, cheques.  Missing Rotary but business has entered a very challenging phase right now with coordinating distance working for 30 staff and all the quirks that comes with, plus dealing with the shift in business needs at the moment.  Hope everyone is doing well.
BTM Lawyers LLP
530 – 130 Brew St
Port Moody, BC  V3H 0E3
Dave Stone.  Sounds like he and Cathy are very busy too.
Cathy reads a book a day.  I have been spending my time fixing some of my old photographs now that I’m housebound.  Cathy has several projects going including editing that she does professionally.
Here’s my latest photo.  It’s a photo I took as I walked along Shoreline Trail last year.   Great photo Dave !!!
Stay safe.
Michael working on computers at RWH
Dan helping with the Kenya project after he went for another pick up run and before he went back again to help Darrell. AMAZING MAN
Cleone singing with her niece Sandra, who now has no worker because of the virus.
Jeannie editing photos while walking the dykes in the sunshine
Yvonne wrote:  
On Tuesday Night we send a lovely night together, we had supper and then we played a games of yahtzee
Rotary World Help had a significant inventory of scrubs, gowns and other linen. Today working with Darrell input I delivered two skids to two of their facilities - one at Riverview and the other in Maple Ridge. This now exhausts our inventory after providing some to St Pauls and VGH.
from Peter: 
I too miss our clubs camaraderie and the Hugs.
Here are some pictures. Cindy has been doing lots of baking and making bread from our new “Bread Maker”
Plus reading lots of books
I always wanted to sort out our “EarthQuake Kit” to know what we have stored in it, so there is the list.
Lastly I have installed two glass doors between our Dinning room and Kitchen and Family room and Hallway
Need to finish caulking etc. so they are ready for painting. Hope these pics help?
We stopped by to say hi to Gary 
Not a picture of me.  But adapting in Port Moody.  Curbside delivery. Getting our crostata fix.  

Now we know that Michael does way more than sit at his computers....


Linda, great job on the positive Spike.  Kindness is contagious! 

Social distancing is really critical right now and we need to lead by example but we can have fun doing it. My kids are making me laugh as they joke around while we do a 30 day plank challenge with our cell phones on the floor. Walking with Jeannie and waving each other off as we get excited in our conversation and start approaching the 2 meter mark. Coreen sent me a great 21 day meditation challenge on abundance that is inspiring and we can send it to you if you like.

 Our club is planning to have a virtual “Guess Who is Calling for Dinner”.  Invitations will be sent out later this week.

We need to support the health care system and try to flatten the curve by not meeting with more than 5 people but that does not mean we have stopped doing the Rotary work! Meghan and Coreen hosted our first Wednesday video conferencing meeting. Alan K and Peter have been doing the work to postpone Search for the Perfect Pint. The 4 M’s and team are setting things up for RIBFEST for July but if it needs to be postponed or cancelled a lot of work will already be done. Ian and team continue to work on the Legacy Project.

We have to think creatively how we can help in the community. Vida is busy sewing masks. Peter and Danne can’t read at the manor or bring them pies right now but we did lend them the lap tops from the Belize project that they can use to keep in touch with their loved ones. We lent the Purell stations from RIBFEST to the Food Bank. They were verrrrry happy!

We are continuing our international work as well. Al S, Glen and team are preparing for the Belize trip that has been moved to November. Danne and I packed up educational toys to go with the books, wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and piano that will go to Kenya. Meanwhile Michael B is preparing the computers to go with them.

Now those are the things that I know about….. Send Linda and I the project or project ideas that we have missed. Send in ideas as well on how to make the most of these times and support our loved ones and the community

 Have a few members reach out to those in need, especially your older members, and offer to pick up essentials from the grocery store and deliver to them as well as prescriptions if needed, etc.

  • Take a look at your social networks to see where people are seeking help.  For example, a manager of a senior living center posted a simple plea for help with toilet paper.  A Rotarian texted him back and 10 minutes later a case of TP was left at his entrance and he asked what other shopping he might provide. These are the acts of kindness Rotary should be doing.
  • Start a dialog between members about things needed.  For example:  I have plenty of T.P., bleach, etc.  Encourage participants to ASK if they are in need of something by simply hitting reply all on the email, to encourage people to stay home as much as possible.
  • Students are home, younger parents have to work, if they are not telecommuting.  Consider a helping hand or just a simple voice of support.  Healthy older youth might be available for sitting or taking children outside to provide breaks while still practicing safe distancing.  Young parents are stressed with work and family obligations confronting them.  We can help reduce that stress through our acts of kindness.  They are not alone in this journey.
  • Stay connected by posting Club news on the District Facebook page (@rotary5050) and keep members in your club and other clubs update to date.
  • Consider donating blood as health care systems in BC and WA need blood.  Platelets can only be stored for 7 days and are needed to stop bleeding and are essential for those fighting cancer, disease and traumatic injuries.
  • District Leaders are meeting regularly to help develop the latest information on Rotary to pass along to your club presidents on where to help, different options to meet virtually, projects to consider.  

Supporting each other and  but that does not mean we can’t have fun doing it! 

Tonight at 7 different high rises are going out onto their balconies to make noise for the health care workers. We need to help protect them.  This is going to be done at 7:00pm every night for the next while.  Get out your pots and wooden spoons and make some noise

We are lucky that we live at a time when we can are able to do video conferencing.

Right now is it the time to keep in contact and keep each other’s spirits up.  We are sooooo lucky to have the ability to so.

You are amazing !!!!


THANK YOU to Alan K for Chairing the Committee for our Search for the Perfect Pint.  Many many hours have been put into organizing this very successful event and we are grateful for all Alan K and his committee have done.  
As you may have heard, SFPP 2020 has been cancelled.
The decision was made based on timelines and needing time for the community to recover from the current Covid situation.
Also, I was recently informed by the City and the Liquor Branch that they were cancelling SFPP as well. Just in case their were some thoughts that we could extend our decision timeline. We have no choice.
Thank you everyone for helping us get this far in the organizing for SFPP.
Keep you posted on the future date for SFPP.
The Bert Flinn Gang - waiting on the log for the bus.....  Everyday out getting some fresh air. and some information about Coronavirus and Sun...
As the situation continues to unfold around Coronavirus, I wanted to take this chance to give you some tips that I found on the internet.  It read:

Over the weekend, I had two really smart doctors visiting me, and we talked all weekend about the corona situation, and brainstormed all the best tips that people can follow right now. Here's what we collectively wanted to recommend to help out with this situation...

1. First and foremost, please get outside and GET SOME SUN... whatever you do, please DON'T stay locked up inside your house...that's the WORST thing you can do for your immune system right now. You need to get outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. Now that we're in mid March, most areas in North America and Europe are getting warmer and sunnier, and getting sun on your skin is the biggest thing you can do to boost your immune system right now.

The aspect of vitamin D production in your skin from sun exposure is just one aspect of how sunshine boosts your immune system. There are other reasons too, such as how the sun improves your mood, serotonin, balances hormones, etc.

So whatever you do, please make an effort to get outside for daily walks in the sun (without having your skin fully covered, since you need skin exposed to get the majority of the benefits), or get outside and do some gardening or other yard work. Or even just lay out in the sun if you have a deck (without getting burnt of course).

Remember, getting outside doesn't mean you have to be around a lot of people. You can still get outside and stay safe all while significantly boosting your immune system. You won't catch coronavirus by breathing outdoor air. The virus only concentrates in indoor areas when you're around a lot of people. Being outdoors is safe.

Pete & Cindy - out for a walk at Rocky Point and enjoying the sunshine
PP Al delivering Purell - Thank you
Small Business information about the VIRUS - Thank you Coreen
COVID-19 Information Resource for Small Businesses:
Small Business BC and the B.C. government Small Business Branch have prepared a joint informational electronic resource that provides a checklist of considerations that small businesses can use to help minimize the impacts of COVID-19 to their employees and operations. We invite you to share the attached resource with your clients and networks, and to share Small Business BC’s social media posts (Facebook and Twitter) to help distribute this timely information where it’s needed. 
Versions of the resource will soon be available in Punjabi, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. We will send a follow up communication when these versions are ready to share.
Small Business BC is also maintaining a webpage with links to current information and relevant private sector articles on COVID-19 considerations for business. Small Business BC advisors are ready to answer entrepreneurs’ questions about implementing or updating business continuity plans, accessing the Talk to an Expert program, or finding online training to help them take the next step.
The key links for business continuity planning are in the resource, but we are also seeing many sector organizations provide similar information, such as the BC Economic Development Association and even Facebook for their business community.
We are getting questions related to financing and access to EI/support for those not eligible for EI. Here are a few links we’re sharing:
COVID-19 Information Resource for Small Businesses:
Small Business BC and the B.C. government Small Business Branch have prepared a joint informational electronic resource that provides a checklist of considerations that small businesses can use to help minimize the impacts of COVID-19 to their employees and operations. We invite you to share the attached resource with your clients and networks, and to share Small Business BC’s social media posts (Facebook and Twitter) to help distribute this timely information where it’s needed. 
Versions of the resource will soon be available in Punjabi, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. We will send a follow up communication when these versions are ready to share.
Small Business BC is also maintaining a webpage with links to current information and relevant private sector articles on COVID-19 considerations for business. Small Business BC advisors are ready to answer entrepreneurs’ questions about implementing or updating business continuity plans, accessing the Talk to an Expert program, or finding online training to help them take the next step.
The key links for business continuity planning are in the resource, but we are also seeing many sector organizations provide similar information, such as the BC Economic Development Association and even Facebook for their business community.
We are getting questions related to financing and access to EI/support for those not eligible for EI. Here are a few links we’re sharing:
What Daisy does, and the Houseboy working three screens consulting. 
Paul busy at work
AND Jason is working from home too:
We are isolating ourselves from coworkers as much as possible and minimize contact with clients. Trying to deal with all our client’s needs over the phone. 
And with all that going on, when I take my lunch break, I study!! LOL
Coreen also working from home.
Gary says:  I’m busy catching up on doing nothing as I didn’t get finished yesterday. Also doing a lot of reading.
Navid wrote:  Past few days has been out of reality, had to make some challenging decision with childcare operation as I have suspended the operation and moved all my staff to EI.
Otherwise, lot of working from home and often interrupted by our puppy “Popcorn” .
Steve and Lauralea are really distancing themselves....Beautiful at Golden Ears & sunny
Kay:  I am starting to setup my first online class room
I am social distancing and working online, which is a steep learning curve as it is over ten years since I did fully online instruction.  While we can be very glad to have our health, and I do very much support efforts to reduce or stop the spread of the covd-19 virus, these measures will have very negative effects on many people in our community, including many of the people with whom I work.  Many people in retail, hospitality and a whole range of other industries (where many of my student work, including those with families) are losing their jobs for what looks like a prolonged period.  Their employers are without customers which may cause them to shut down and they are in the same shape as their employees if not worse.  I hope that, in addition to the much needed support for our healthcare system and those who work in it, we can, remember and support those who may be fortunate enough to not catch the virus but be very needy in spite of what the government can do in this situation.  
Not many ideas on what to do right now but just a thought.
Take care and stay well,
Self test:
The BC Ministry of Health has developed a self-assessment tool to help determine whether you may need further assessment or testing for COVID-19: https://covid19.thrive.health/

You can complete this assessment for yourself, or on behalf of someone else, if they are unable to.

Please share this widely with your networks as it will assist in diverting calls from 811 as much as possible.

Please note:  This message is for all our FRIENDS of Rotary and Past Members.  We will not be holding weekly meetings for awhile.  I will be sending out a Golden Spike each week to our 'members' and to those of you who request that you would like to stay in touch.  Please let me know if you would like to still receive our Golden Spike and I will keep you on the list.  Other than that, stay safe, stay home and enjoy all the good that we have.
We had our Board meeting on Monday morning via phone conference......It went well......
Everyone gave their reports and discussion on whether or not we should have our 'weekly meetings' was the main focus.  The decision was made that we will NOT hold our weekly meetings and we will discuss at our next Board meeting [ April 20] when we will start up again.  We will have conference meetings every week and we will see how that goes.  
We will miss each other so please 'stay in touch'.  We will be sending out the Golden Spike each week to our members so we can keep 'in touch' that way.
Because we will miss all of you very much, I would like you to please send me updates on your lives [as we would for Happy Dollars]. Send photos, updates etc on what is going on with you.  I will only be sending this to our Club Members Friends of Rotary and past members who request that they want to 'stay in touch'.   How is your family handling this Virus?  Send photos of what you are doing to keep life 'as normal' as you can.  
We are a very strong Rotary Club and we would like to make sure that our members are well taken care of.  If you need 'anything', please let me know and we will make sure you are taken care of.  I really mean that......We have so many people that are willing to go out and help, so PLEASE let us know when you need something.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like in the Spike, please let us know.  We are 'in this together'......
Remember this is what is we DO have.
Don't forget to send your photos.
This is what we do every day....Enjoy the forest and fresh air.
With the opportunity for face to face communication diminished over the next several weeks we are all looking for ways to stay in touch, feel connected and to advance the work of Rotary.  Social Media can pick up a tiny bit of that slack.  If you are connected on Twitter, or are thinking about getting connected Twitter then follow us @PortMoodyRotary  We can talk about Rotary, Port Moody, our Rotarians, our friends and the work Rotary does around the world.  
Thanks for the follow...
by the way:
Guests this week:
Josh Karis
Stephen Carr
Our guest speaker Christine and Darrel's lovely wife Krista.  We love when Krista comes to visit.
Leah Coss from Build a Biz Kids
Cleone's sister Lynette,who is a huge help at RIBFEST and very supportive of her President Sister.
New Member social night – Al reported event @ Pasta Polo –  Was about 30 , we had a good session enjoyed by all.
RLI Michael B, he and Coreen went.
Membership MeetingGayle March 12 at President Cleone's home.  5:00 PM. We encourage all to come, new members especially input is wanted.  An 'event' has been sent out, please mark 'attend or decline' so we know how many people are coming.
Navid Presentation – Navid on behalf of his Company Aultrust Financial, presented sponsorship cheque to Cleone for Rotary - $ 5000 !!  for RIBFEST sponsorship
Ecuador Ian – Ian has returned from Ecuador and will have many stories to tell us.
Belize bon voyage party – April 8 – at the Legion '
PLEASE NOTE THE DATE & VENUE CHANGE'   COME DRESSED IN BEACH WEAR TO SEND THESE MEMBERS OFF ON THIS ADVENTURE.   -Al mentioned they have become aware there is lots to do and little time to do it 😊
Search for the Perfect Pint Alan K is the chair.– We are looking for sponsors – 20 breweries, 4 food vendors and growing confirmed.
RIBFEST – will be report at next meeting on where we are at with planning
Kid entrepreneur's need help: 
Leah's note is:
We are looking for lead and assistant facilitators for our upcoming Spring Kid Entrepreneur programs around the Tri Cities and surrounding areas. I was wondering if you would be able to put it out to your club to see if anyone would like to help out for a couple hours a week for 10 weeks to inspire kids as they learn to launch their own business. We need to solidify our BBK Teams in the next 2-3 weeks. 
The lead facilitators need to be adults, however, the assistant volunteer facilitators can be Grade 11 or 12 students in case any of your Interractors would be interested in participating and gaining awesome experience. 
Here is a link to our Team page with more information on both roles. 
If you can help, please contact them on the above link.
Build a Biz – Leah Coss – she talked for quite a while – about their growth and new activities, things are going very well.  Goal to have at least 100 students this year, they are half way there now !  Organizing a build a biz takeover for ribfest – kids will interview random people. They are providing a link to their may event.  Doing events with SHAPE the owners of Lougheed and brentwood to get kids involved.
District Training ConferenceMeghan – calling it training and encourages everyone to go, everyone on board for next year NEEDS to go, is in Surrey, paid for by club, lots of fun and informative, can carpool  April 4 – Saturday
Anyone can go.  New members and veteran Members are welcome.  This is a very fun event and you will learn a ton.
Please let us know if you are going to attend.
Presentation – Cleone to Meghan for all her hard work ! 
Cleone to Navid for all he is doing with 'US' and his other club in Vancouver 
Canadian Wheelchair Foundation – Christiana Flessner 
She talked about what they are doing and told stories about some of the clients (very touching stories about enabling people !)  IF you see a red wheelchair, its them ! Working around the  world costa rica , Guatemala, eastern Europe, etc.
Accept donations of cash but if you have wheelchair donate through Dan G (rotary world).
Soroptimist 'Give her WINGS' gala brunch was on Sunday and President Cleone and Jeannie went to represent our Rotary Club.

Rotary Meeting February 26th, 2020


GUESTS: Kalpna Solanki (Our speaker), Mobina Hasan and Ehsan Chisti (parents of a Heritage Woods student. They were part of the team of adults listening to the Student talks on what they’ve learned and what they want to accomplish. Also have shown interest in possibly joining Rotary.

BIRTHDAYS: Isy and Paul

ANNIVERSARIES: Ann 20 year with Club. Yvonne and Andy plus Megan and Paul.

- Danne spoke about the Heritage Woods students’ transition talks were and how inspirational.


- New Member social for the 5 Clubs was held at Pasta Polo and was a great turnout.  Thank you to all our new members that attended.  Glen, Michael, Anthony, Aziz, Mike, Frank and I hope I haven't missed anyone else.  Oh Mobina Hasan and Ehsan Chisti were there and we will be very lucky if they decide to join our Club.  DG Brad, AG Al, Past DG Denis & Carol  did an excellent job presenting at the meeting.  The first question that was asked was 'Why did you join Rotary'?  a great thought provoking question that we should all reflect on.  Well done !!!


- There will be a membership meeting on March 12th at Gayle’s place. Car- pool if possible as parking is at a premium. After the new members meeting, we will have a great start at what to talk about.  Everyone welcome.

- Brief Board meeting update. NOTE we will have a semi-regular “Club Runner” update this Spring highlighting all the features and changes available on Club Runner.

- There will be a meeting on RIBFEST at Cleone’s April 13th. Will be for leadership team only.

- Report on PETS weekend.

- Thrifty’s has a net out looking for volunteers to help pick/deliver food orders to Seniors or folks with a disability that makes in store shopping difficult.  This is the email we received.  If you can help that would be fantastic.


From: Lynanne Smith [lsmith@thriftyfoods.com]

I am looking for your help in getting the word out for a few volunteers needed - three to be exact. Sendial is a shopping and home delivery service for individuals unable to shop in-store without assistance. The program has been in operation for 33 years. More than 500 volunteers make the service possible throughout the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. There is a small but mighty team of 14 that support our program in Port Moody. We are running very short on volunteers on Monday & Tuesday mornings. Since the shifts fall on weekday mornings, retired people are typically the best fit. Perhaps a Rotarian, or someone they know would be interested in exploring this opportunity. I’m hopeful you will consider putting out an e-mail to your members, or scheduling a representative to speak at an upcoming meeting. Over 150 of our volunteers have been volunteering for 10 years or more – they love their Sendial! More information about the program can be found at www.thriftyfoods.com/Sendial. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience.


- BON VOYAGE Party April 9th at Legion. More to follow.

- March 14th Belize Training. We have a large contingent of volunteers going to work on our International Grant project. Great work by Glen and Al S. organizing participation from several Clubs in our District, plus other districts, plus international support plus support from our Canadian Government. 

And speaking about Belize look at what is already happening at the Belize Prison.

This is the new kitchen for the female section. First batch of cookies. We hope to make it sustainable by making items they can sell at the prison shop. So we can train sustainably. Teaching to make stuff that can sell will help them when they get out. They are so happy and proud.


 - RLI coming up one Saturday in March.

 Darrell was awarded a service pin for all the work he does securing guest speakers for our meetings. He is open to ideas from anyone in the Club--If you hear someone speak that you think would be good for our members to hear get the contact info to Darrell and he will follow up with them.

Guest speaker Kalpna Solanki from “Operators Without Borders

--Born in Zambia, High School in Britain, and University in B.C. She is now CEO of Operators Without Borders.

--Kalpna uses the term OPERATOR to cover any of their trained workers involved in a) water treatment, b) water distribution, c) waste-water collection, or d) waste- water treatment.

-- Operators Without Borders is a Registered Canadian Non Profit NGO. It was formed in 2017 in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria which struck Dominica. It presently has over 50 volunteer workers who work where and when needed.

--It is not a “first responder” agency. They are called on to help “recover” after an emergency with teams of operators who. 

  1. Mentor and train utility operators

  2. Provide post-disaster recovery for water and waste-water utilities

  3. Provide recycled equipment.

  4. --in most cases they leave the area with better services than they had before the storm. As in Dominican Republic

--In Bahamas (2019) the problems have been with contamination of their aquifers so their work has been in drilling new source aquifers and working to desalinate water to drinkable levels. 

--For first time they have also been called in to help in some cities in  the US after hurricanes in the south.

--Part of their expanding mandate is to supply volunteers to help in poor countries especially around the Carribean but also looking at in Africa. They want to send teams to help the water/wastewater sector anywhere. Natural disasters like the earthquake in 2010 in Haiti can decimate infrastructure. Their goal is to be able to send teams to help the water sector anywhere help is needed.

  1. They had a project in Belize in 2019 where they were helping to upgrade and replace part of their supply/treatment systems. $ volunteers worked to train “operators” in Belize.

More information available at their website https://operatorswithoutborders.org




Guest this week were:  
George Balzer & Clayton AndersonClayton is our parking Guru at RIBFEST and volunteer at other events.
Claire MacLean CEO Share Society (guest speaker]

Claire MacLean has been involved with SHARE Family and Community Services in the Tri-Cities for 4 Years. She and her husband are raising their family in Port Moody. SHARE Family and Community Services exists to Connect, Engage, and Strengthen Individuals and Families.

--Here for the entire community helping folks with vulnerabilities--

  1. Food Bank, Housing Services

  2. Services for parenting and children/youth services

  3. Around aging and social connectedness

  4. Newcomers, ESL, etc.

  5. Mental health, Substance abuse, etc.

--Thank you Rotary for help with fundraising (Christmas Train Hot Chocolate) and food Bank at Thrifty’s

--SHARE will be involved with the new YMCA facility being built as part of the Burquitlam developments. It will include affordable housing (43 housing) and 100 apartment units below market value PLUS 30 fully accessible units.

--working to transform the FOOD BANK to be more accomodating.

--program to react to urgent mental health issues--within 48 hours and appointment within 2 weeks. 

--working on ways to assist family health Dr.s -- not enough time to spend with patients, reduce burnout, nurse practitioners.

--New Children’s Centre under construction due to open end of 2021. Partnership with Saint Andrew’s United and Kinsite.

--Foundry is a new concept B.C. program offering 1-Stop Hub for Youth 12-24 years old. Provides counselling, mentoring, Doctors, and other services. SHARE has applied to be the lead agency for a Hub in   the Tri Cities during an upcoming second phase where there will be 6 new Hubs spread around the Province. 


--March 7th they will be holding their ‘Imagine” Fundraiser, their 15th annual. At the Hard Rock.  

President Cleone thanked Vida for all the good work she does for Day's for Girls and what an amazing mentor she is:

Rotary Areas of Focus: 

  1. Peace & conflict prevention/resolution

  2. Disease Prevention & Treatment

  3. Waste handling & sanitation

  4. Maternal & child health

  5. Basic education & literacy Economic & community development

 Gayle and Bob’s 57th anniversary. - Wishing you many many more Healthy & Happy years together!!!

  1. Club Installation night  June 25th (Thursday)

  2. Cleone thanked Glen for covering 1 week of her absence.

  3. Board Meeting was on  Feb. 24th at 7:00am

  4. New Members “meet and greet” Wednesday Feb. 26th at Pasta Polo. Our Club has 11 folks attending. Great way to meet new members from other clubs

  5. Rotary Leadership Institute March 7-8 Mt. Vernon.

  6. Cleone spoke about a new program to collect old I-Phones and tablets to send to Kenya. More info to follow

  7. Busy times coming up--preparing for Belize trip in April, SFPP (May 29th) and RIBFEST (July 17,18,19). Try to keep track of hours we spend to include in a yearly tally of hours volunteered.

  8. Our thoughts to Linda and George and to the Berrisfords

  9. Vida has been involved in Rotary since 1984 and is still actively involved with the “Days For Girls” in Africa and around the world


President Cleone is back at the helm this week after a few weeks travelling.
Guests: Andy Berrisford (considering becoming a new member), Chantelle Burga (from New View Society in PoCo), and Frank Marchand (last meeting as a guest)
Welcome Frank to the Rotary Club of Port Moody....AG Al introduced Frank to our Club and we look forward to working with Frank on our projects.
It's always a good day to have a new member join our Rotary Club.

Mike Poznanski reviewed the voting on our Legacy Project. There was a clearcut winner by vote (66%)but we are not announcing it until all of the details are confirmed and the plans have been finalized. Mike will be asking anyone interested in fundraising and promotion for this event to join a committee to make this venture  extra special and successful. 


This week is the anniversary week for Brian W, Gladys, and Michael B. What great members they have turned out to be and involved in so many of our fundraising projects. Great work all.


  1. February 26th 7 PM there will be a “new members” social at Pasta Polo. It is open to all.

  2. RLI (Rotary Learning Institute) March 7-8 will be held in Mount Vernon. It is a 3 session learning program about all we do in Rotary.

  3. District Training Assembly April 4th will be held at Kwantlen College in Surrey. There will be more than a dozen “breakout” sessions to choose from, you will choose from 3 that interest you, lunch supplied and a keynote address in the afternoon. We will be car-pooling from the rec centre normally leaving appr. 8 am and returning by 4 pm. A great day to meet other Rotarian from around our District.

  4. District Conference will be held in Harrison April 30th-May 3rd. Sign up soon.

  5. Rotary International Conference will be held in Honolulu the first week in June. 4-6 folks are attending from our Club more welcome to attend.

  6. Club Service is the Board position that includes planning social events, parties etc. PLUS organizing the teams that set up the Well for our meetings, putting it back ready for business, arranging for greeters, meeting minutes takers, and those who introduce/thanks guest speakers.

  7. Speaking of Guest speakers--Darrell organizes our guest speakers and he is always looking for folks to meet with us, speak for 20-25 minutes on interesting projects in the Tri-Cities, things we can get involved in, etc. If you know someone who would qualify or hear a presentation from somewhere else you think would be of interest to the Club let Darrell know.

  8. Brian Dunne was recognized for being here every week and always getting the speaker’s information work with our electronic system. Thanks Brian!

  9. SFPP (Search For the Perfect Pint) has been moved this year to the last Friday night in May--May 29th. Already have 16 breweries signed up PLUS 3 Cideries. Will have jobs to sign up for soon.

  10.  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly??) will be May 7-10. Open to school students.

  11. NOTE:  DATE CHANGE :Our Port Moody Club Installation Dinner will be on Thursday night June 25th at the Saint St. Grille. Dinner for members is included in your annual dues but guests will be approximately $55.00.


Chantelle gave us a short overview of her work at New View Society. It is funded as a Not For Profit venue which provides fellowship, some meals, entertainment and friendship for youth, young adults and some mature adults who need what they find there. My friend, Sean (who works with me every day at RIBFEST running a recycling station) attends a few times a week enjoying the company and helping them re-cycle. Plans are in the works to hold a meeting there and see the facility and learn what they do, then find ways we can work with them. She also told us of their big fundraising event being held Wednesday, March 3rd at the

Vancouver Rowing Club (transportation will be supplied) and tables of 10 sell for $350.00. We will see if there is interest in buying a table.



Meghan Lahti was our guest President this week
What a great meeting !!! Coreen who is our Community Service Chair did an outstanding job explaining all of the Community Service events that we do and do we do A LOT!!!
This is Coreen's summary:
Coreen gave a presentation on Community service with three goals in mind: 1) inform new members of what community service projects the club does 2) confirm interest and a lead for ongoing projects and 3) identify any new potential projects.  Successful projects have three criteria:  community need, club member interest/passion and club member and partner capacity.  Our club has four primary focus areas 1) building community, 2) youth leadership 3) senior engagement and quality of life and 4) enhancing our natural environment.  Ongoing Activities which happen monthly or seasonally were presented.  All the activities were confirmed and the lead for the Heritage Mountain Cleanup was changed to Alan Schmelzel.  While Gayle Carter will remain the lead for the Little Library, Mike Clay has agreed to take the lead in the refinishing project.  Our Annual projects were also presented, Kay was pleased to find that she has a venue in Vida’s building for her Chess/Games Night.  Coreen has agreed to lead the Terry Fox Run registration.  We still need to find a liaison for Eagle Ridge Manor to work with Lori and we need a lead for the Interior Christmas Manor Decorating.  These will be revisited at the September meeting as we head into the busy Christmas Holiday season.  As for new projects, a summer time BBQ for Innervisions is being proposed to the Board.
Guests this week were:  Frank Marchand.  Frank has been proposed as a new member of our Club.  We are looking forward to inducting him.
Alan's guest Byron Harper
George Balzer
Andy Berrisford
Coreen explaining all the events that we do and asking for 'leads' for some of them.
Alan reminding us to use our THRIFTY'S COMMUNITY CARD when buying groceries.  We get 5% back of all you
We would like to Thank Share for giving us some Children's books for our Little Library.
Also we now have a 'construction team', with Michael and Andy Berrisford and Ian who will re-stain our Little Library and spruce it up !!!  As you can see, it is in bad need of repair....
Thank you so much.

  1. No Birthdays or anniversaries. - oops we need new members for we have a Birthday to celebrate ;o)

  2. February 26th there will be a “new members” social. More to come

  3. February 12th meeting we will have a Legacy Project Reveal. Hope to see everyone there.

  4. Belize trip will happen April 14-22. First ½ working with the Rotary project and second half tourist/exploring time


Guest Speaker: Coreen Beresford speaking on Club Service 2020/2021

  1. Successful projects need Club interest, Club involvement and a champion

  2. Building the community

  3. Summer Sundays (Danne, George and Linda), 


  5. Heritage BLVD cleanup (monthly),  Alan will be the Lead now....Thanks to Darrel for all the time he has given

  6. Pie Day at Manor (Danne 4th Friday each Month), 

  7. Reading at the Manor (1st/3rd Monday each month Peter and Kerry)

  8. Little Library (Gayle keeps full and Mike C., Ian, Michael B. to refurbish) 

  9. RIPS Bill and Brian W.

  10.  Terry Fox Run Mike Clay runs the Port Moody Run and Coreen will lead the 'volunteers' again this year.

  11.  Eagle Ridge Manor Outside Christmas decorating-Peter and his team,   Looking for a leader for the inside decorating team

  12.  Manor Christmas Party 

  13.  Christmas Train (now doing Hot Chocolate only inside and outside) Peter  and his team 

  14.  Inner Visions Chili Lunch Linda and Gayle. (exploring a BBQ lunch for summer as well this year)

  15.  November 11th Wreath laying (Club President plus members)

  16.  Games nights being planned this year Kay ++

  17.  New ideas based on member’s passions

  18. ****Committee will conduct a “Community Needs Assessment” to identify projects that would fit our vision 


This morning’s meeting was chaired by Peter Cuthburt as Grandma President Cleone is “on assignment” in Colorado.

Peter provided us with an update on the hockey pool.  Although this was exciting news for Peter, Darrel and John – it was mostly injury, insult and regret for the rest of us.  We are encouraged to keep track of the injuries in our line-up, but for most of us, that’s just more bad news.


Frank Marchand has returned as a guest of Al Stjernegaard for his second meeting.  

Jason invited 7 representatives from the Port Moody Old Timers Hockey Club, many of whom will be active partners and volunteers in RIBFEST.  There may be some potential members in this group.


Jerry Glazier, President Elect of the Vancouver Club joined us this morning.

Voting continues on our Legacy Project.  You have only a few days left to evaluate project materials and submit your vote.


The District  Grants Management Seminar  took place at Rotary Field House (Surrey) on Feb 01, 2020 , 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.  This was a good opportunity for a new or veteran club member to learn more about Rotary, and ensure our club remains qualified to apply for district and global grants.


International Meeting was held on Wednesday at 7 PM at St. James Well.


Steve W invited club members to come out and listen to Neetu Garcha, a News Anchor and Reporter from Global News! She will be talking to Interactors about her career as an anchor and reporter.  Catch all this at the Coquitlam Public Library (City Centre Branch) on February 5, 2019 in Room 137 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.  It’s a good opportunity to promote interact. If interested email your name and contact information to:tricitiesinteract@gmail.com to attend



David W. brought together a jam-packed agenda of important updates from the team planning this year’s RIBFEST this year is July 17, 18 and 19.


The big change this year is to reinvent the operations of the beer garden and rib running.  In recent years rib running has presented logistical challenges and requires almost half of the volunteers need to run the entire event.  This year the plan is to fence (control entry) to the entire festival site, allowing beer and wine to be consumed throughout the site (the whole site will be licenses).  The “rib running” service is no longer a requirement.


The planning committee is responding proactively to changing food choices and has taken note of activism at other “rib events”.  We want to include everyone in our community, and so more food (vegan, vegetarian options are being added).


David W. and Linda B. are coordinating our expected 750 volunteers for this years event.  Area managers should reconfirm their volunteer and scheduling needs.


Mike P. updated on the “year round” financial management plan and activity for the event.  Last year’s net proceeds were more than the previous years.  Sponsorship receipts, pre-payment of services and payment of invoices is ongoing.


Ian confirmed that 6 ribbers will be in attendance as well as a return visit by “Rusty”.  Tragically, Justin Kyllo, Smoke N’Bones was killed on Kilimanjaro last year.  Two “Vegan” vendors have been identified. 

Alan Stjernegaard confirmed Planning is underway for a successful beer garden and that successful consultation has been completed with Port Moody Police regarding the licensing change.

Coreen advises that planning is underway for the “Corporate Hospitality Area” (name change from VIP, and that various food service options are being considered.


Bill is again responsible for our “gold standard” recycling program.  It is operated 100% on site by volunteers.  We get great cooperation from the city resulting 6 metric tons of garbage going from waste to energy; 6 metric tons of organic waste going to compost; and 0 tons going to the landfill.

David W and Cleone are responsible for the Kids Zone.  There are plans to include a VR (Virtual Reality) component this year. [Kay & Vida will also help in Kids Zone]


Gayle and Steve W are responsible for donations.  Primary collection will be at our entry points.

Mike Clay is coordinating sponsors and all sponsorship inquiries should be directed to Mike.  Onni and Open Road are entering into the 2nd year of their 2-year sponsorship agreement.  Mike would like to encourage more involvement from local business and encourages club members to make sure that local businesses are aware of the benefits that flow from a RIBFEST association and sponsorship.

Claire is responsible for promotion.  Everyone involved in the event should consider opportunities for “stories” and ways to promote the event (in social media and mainstream media) and share ideas with Claire.  Empty Desk Solutions will coordinate the social media campaign involving the web page, Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

Acting President Glen Brown officiated the meeting – at least some of it. 
Notable Guests:  PDG Denis Boyd Coquitlam selling tickets for Caledonia Night on January 31st and Greg Garrison – Coquitlam Sunrise – selling tickets for the club’s Quiz Night later in February.
 Michael Berrisford announced there was new “tech” for the cashier’s – Tap n Pay feature now available at the cash. 
 Al Stjernegaard reported on the plan to visit Belize and conduct training sessions for inmates they have raised, including matching funds, $90 K US raised.  The trip will be just after Easter and be planned for 8 or 9 days.  The plan is to work for 3 to 4 days and play for the rest of the time.   So far 10 members have volunteered for the trip.  Please contact Al or Glen for more information.
Peter Cuthbert reported that the Rotary Store was open, but failed to update us on the Hockey Pool! 
Steve reported on Interact.  He’s set up guest speakers once a month beginning Feb 5th .  He’s looking for club volunteers to either help with programs or just to attend with the Interactors.
Coreen reported that the Club meeting will focus on Community Services on Feb 5th .
Mike P reported on the Legacy projects.  Club members can view the presentations on line and he’s looking for the vote on the favourites to be completed by Feb 1st
The Jan 29th meeting will focus on RIBFEST 
Paul was Sgt. At Arms today and collected happy and sad dollars from the club members.   Gayle reported on the health challenges that our beloved Charter President, Linda Balzer is facing.
Our guest speaker today was Dr. Julian Somers a research psychologist with Simon Fraser University.  Dr. Somers spoke on the ample research on the appropriate response to homelessness, particularly to those with mental illness and/or addictions. 
15 year old research indicated it cost society $55,000 per year for someone who is homeless – looking at all costs – health, social services, corrections, etc.  At that time it cost $37,000 a year to provide the appropriate support for homeless individuals.   Future research, including the National At Home/Chez Soi study which was the largest in the world, supported the economics of intervention with appropriate housing and support in order to help people transition effectively from the streets.   He also spoke of the approach to addiction treatment indicating that one should expect sobriety and that often homeless people have less “recovery equity” to help them turn the corner.   Very interesting talk.  
Harriette Chang
Oct 14, 2020
Real Acts of Caring
Nature & Nurture

With help from a Rotary Foundation global grant, a group of women in rural Costa Rica are using ecotourism to enrich their families' futures.

Watch: Italian clubs aim to protect hospital workers responding to COVID-19

Rotary clubs in districts across Italy worked together to procure state-of-the-art equipment needed to combat the deadly coronavirus disease for 26 hospitals around the country.

Rotaract rising

The ongoing evolution of Rotaract is redefining its place within Rotary.

Kenyan Rotarians take action to prevent spread of COVID-19 

Rotary clubs in East Africa are forging partnerships to provide hand washing stations and food in areas where social distancing is a luxury that few can afford.

Italian club uses expertise to aid in coronavirus fight

Members help launch site so merchants can sell goods, organize supplies to make sanitizer, and provide food to health care workers.