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Welcome to the
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet In Person
Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC V3H 5H1
If you would like to join our virtual meetings on Wednesday mornings, please contact us and we will make sure you are 'on the list'...
Our stories
Innervisions Chili lunch this week......Thanks to Ian & Trish, Paul, Alan & Al for being the chefs and cooking at home to deliver this amazing lunch to these men who are changing their lives 'One Day at a Time'.
Steve met up with the Interactors who have donated toques for Innervisions and our School project.
Nature is amazing.  Gayle sent this photo of a tree that the woodpeckers have been working very hard at.
Cleone & Vida always busy
I loved this photo we took at Harrison....
Eagle Ridge Manor thanks us:
I wanted to send a huge thank you out to all involved this past Saturday!  
Sounds like it was a great success and I can’t wait to see how they look today!
I know this social isolation can have affects we don’t even really actualize till we see others we care about then we realize how much we miss the interactions ! 
Very happy all went well, and I know the residents will be enjoying them NOW and in the months to come! 
We are very grateful for all of you to think about our residents and help them / us improve life for them.  
I’m sure the lights brightened their night and their hearts! 
Warm regards,
Message of Hope exceeds expectations......I can not express how so very grateful we are for how our Port Moody Community has come together to help the Women in need with our Message of Hope we are doing along with the Tri-City Soroptimist's. 
Thanks to Gayle and Linda Kozina for help putting all 50 + bags together.  We not only did that but we helped the girls who are 'couch surfing' and  Bea's Closet.  We are over the moon with the help from our Rotary Club and the Port Moody Community.  THANK YOU......
Linda Kozina
50+ Bags for Women in Need.....THANK YOU
Steve and Lauralea on the last camping trip of the year.....What a view !!!!
Yes it is DECEMBER !!!  Enjoy each day !!!
Oh my gosh, we are only meeting by Zoom, but so much being done by the Rotary Club of Port Moody!!!
AG & Past President Al said:

What a great feeling to wrap up today on a number of fronts.
I'm sure we all feel relieved to have delivered our modules... 
We are also, I'm sure, are very proud of what we achieved this week in moving this project forward.

Not that we get to rest for too long.

We start with Module 1 on December 3rd 7AM PST. The other modules are too follow about a week apart. The schedule to be discussed
with the school after Module 1.

Some notes and thoughts on the school, we will be updating this to everyone after Module 1 delivery. As we will learn more then.

This primary Catholic school is in a very poor area of Belize City. The students struggle to achieve anything past a grade 4 education.

Thank you to Al & Glen, Claire & Meghan, Brian & Micheal, Ian & Trish for all the hard work you have done, to help make Belize a better place to live.  
Who's who?  Past President Mike or Prospective Member Alistar?
More Snowflakes from Trish
Nothing keeps our Rotary Club of Port Moody from helping Eagle Ridge Manor
Here are the guys putting up lights on the outside of the Manor.
Thanks to Peter, Dan, Danne, Bill, Ian, & Dave
Also thanks to Canadian Tire for the lights and CMJ [Dave Thorpe] for bringing the ladders.
Peter wrote:
What a treat to-day, to actually see each other face to face! Albeit keeping our distance and wearing masks.
Man, I am sure we have all missed this interaction with each other...it was GREAT!
Thanks to:-
PETER CUTHBERT for leading the team again this year.
Thanks to Dave Stone for donating $50:00 to new lights
Thanks to Paul for getting us coffee
Thanks to Ian + Paul for picking-up even more lights!
Thanks that it wasn't raining!
Once again thanks to Dave Thorpe ( Foreman of CMJ Sheet Metal Ltd) for delivering
   and picking up the ladders in his own time.
Correen, Cleone, Sue, Jeannie, Kerry and other volunteers for installing the loads of beautiful SnowFlakes on the windows of the the Manor's denizens.............I am sure Coreen will up-date  you all on their  progress.
Check out the photo album for more photos.  Thank you to Jeannie, Dave & Glen for the photos.(2020 Eagle Ridge Manor Decorating)
CABE project:  Lead by Paul & Claire.....
Claire has put this out to the community.....See if you can help too......
Currently we are working on a project that is for Teens who are staying in school while couch surfing for various reasons. They are recognized and we know a little about them via profile but obviously due to privacy just a bit broad...(school district 43 kids)
We are looking help these AMAZING Youth by kitting them out with backpacks, luggage and other things to just encourage them to keep going, stay in school and achieve greatness.
We could use some more jackets and shoes (various sizes - that teens would like to have and wear)
We really need to get toiletry kits made, some roller bags (costco $40 each), socks, skivvies (or gift cards for this). Another thing would be sleeping bags of their own.
The goal is for 15 complete sets. (A few more boys than girls)
If there is any extra we assure they will be going to kids coming out of foster care to get them rolling with some dignity.  
If you wish to help, send me a note on here or my email is: yourclairechoice@gmail.com
Cash (to purchase these things), gift cards and toiletry bags would be the primary ask. Gently used coats and shoes for teens would be awesome too.
This week we are in the 'break out session' that we signed up for......Will be a fun meeting.  See you Wednesday.....
President Meghan read this prayer to us:

May we who are merely inconvenienced, remember those whose lives are at stake.

May we who have no risk factors, remember those most vulnerable.

May we who have the luxury of working from home, remember those who must choose between preserving their health or making their rent.

May we who have the flexibility to care for our children, when their schools close remember those who have no options.

May we who have to cancel our trips, remember those that have no place to go.

May we who are losing our margin money in the tumult of the economic market, remember those who have no margin at all.

May we who settle in for a quarantine at home, remember those who have no home.

During this time when we cannot physically wrap our arms around each other, let us yet find ways to be the loving embrace of God to our neighbours. 


Photo from Steve Witiuk at Porteau Cove
In our Rotary Club we have nothing but Sunshine........
9 members helped with the Vaccination sites
Our Christmas at the Manor is being organized - Snowflakes too
Innervisions has the Sponsorship from Thrifty's for our Chili lunch
Belize Training is underway with 8 members as trainers
Message of Hope will be completed by December 1st. for the Soroptimist's to deliver
Alistar Henry is a new prospective member who came to our Zoom meeting
Our speaker was Clayton Botkin this week and told us all about the birds that he is raising.
Clayton Botkin P.Ag
Industry Specialist, Poultry and Regulated Markets
BC Ministry of Agriculture 
Owner of C. Botkin Enterprises
Aviculturist to preserve rare and endangered bird species - breeds rare species and advocates for preservation of at risk species and encouraging others to enter into aviculture
President of the International Wild Waterfowl Association

Thank you for your time
for further information:
Gayle:  It was a great Dahlia year
We have cards for you to hand out to your friends and family so they don't forget when they are buying their 'sprirts' to put to Port Moody Rotary Club.  You can present the card or just tell them.....
Contact me and we will see how we get to you....
When you ask the Community to help with our Message of Hope this is what you get.......and there is more....
AND we asked the schools to help for our decorating Eagle Ridge Manor windows........Snowflakes.....and look what happened......
We are so Blessed to live in such a great Community!!!!
DATE :  Saturday NOV. 28th. 2020
TIME:  9:00 am
CREW:  3 guys per crew.   (Total of 6 volunteers)
TOOLS: I will bring my set, but if you have a portable Drill c/w bits, please bring it
LADDERS:  Will be on the site
WEATHER:  Partly Sunny!!?
Please get back to Peter if you are  IN
Thank you
604 727-9223
Innervisions & Hannah House
If you would like to subscribe to the InnerVisions & Hannah House Newsletter you can go to this link: https://mailchi.mp/8bd3b7b0342a/6kkv5gbvnx and you will receive a monthly newsletter with news, information, alumni of the month awards, and even updates on the dogs of InnerVisions & Hannah House.  
To all our American Families and Friends, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and may
God Bless the United States of America.
Lest we forget....
Thank you to Uncle Major Don Rodger for coming to our Zoom meeting to tell us his life story in the services.
Thought for the day:
Jeannie's photo of Granddaughter's kitten
This time of year is a great time to think about others and how we can help people.
Message of Hope has been very well received by the community.  Thanks to all the Community citizens who have donated to this worthy cause.  My heart is full with the outpouring of help by our Community.  If you have any of the following items, please let me know.  We would like to have this project completed by December 1st.
The Rotary Club of Port Moody needs your help. Rotary, along with the Soroptimist’s would like to deliver a ‘Message of Hope’ to women ‘in need’ in the Tri-Cities. We would like to have these packages together by December 1st., 2020
‘Message of Hope’ would deliver the following for 50 women.
50 Clear gift bags would be distributed with the following items we would like to collect from YOU..
Travel size bar of soap or body wash
Wash Cloth
Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner - Travel size is a bit larger than the hotel size
Travel Size Body or Hand Lotion
Tooth Brush and Toothpaste
Dental Floss
Band Aids [4 to a plastic baggie]
Feminine Hygiene Products
Comb and or small hair brush
Chap Stick
Hand Sanitizer
If you can donate any of these items please let us know and contact me at: lindabalzer@telus.net
You can either drop off at our home or I will pick up.
Also for the men at Innervisions we need the following:
A few more Socks & 
a few more Coffee mugs
Thank you so much for helping for these 2 worthwhile causes.
Also the students at CABE that are couch surfing need the following:
The idea is to give them a small wardrobe.  Rotaract is working on this, sleeping bag, toiletry kit and some gift cards.
Any donation would be gladly accepted.  Thank you
Peter and Frank helping with flu shots. Including Alan who also got his shot  Lots of Rotary help !!!
Alan directing traffic at flu clinic. Al & Bill,  also helping out 
Dave Stone's photography.....so beautiful 
The Rotaract Club  produced a Rotary themed calendar in support of our club and the Starfish Pack Program, which provides students with food for the weekends. For $25, you can enjoy a calendar, printed on 100% recycled paper, that features key Rotary dates along with holidays and observances (American and Canadian). We've included specific dates to Rotary Districts 5040, 5050, 5060 along with Rotary International events. 

Photos represent Rotary's areas of focus and are taken by current or former Rotary members and Rotary alumni. This 13-month calendar also features fun facts about the Starfish pack program.

You can purchase the calendar online and expect delivery once ordered. You can even choose to have it shipped to you if you're in Canada or the USA.
You can order here: https://rotaractfv.square.site/. On the site, you can see pictures of what the calendar looks like.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!
Thank you very much for your time and continued support of Rotaract.
We have so many talented photographers in Port Moody.  Here is one from Russ Sawdon.  I thought so very interesting and with his permission here it is.....this is what Russ said:  
Found along the Coquitlam River.
Who were these people , and why did they leave their shoes behind
Thank you Claire for putting this out into the Community.
To all you young and young at heart crafters in Port Moody. The Rotary Club of Port Moody is gathering paper snowflakes for the staff at Eagle Ridge Manor to put up in residents’ windows and common areas in preparation for the holiday season. The Rotary Club usually goes inside and decorates several Christmas trees, hangs ornaments and generally puts a festive face on the place. Of course with COVID-19 restrictions, we have changed our approach to ensure the safety of the Residents. We are hoping that we will be able to get the outdoor lighting done and outside window decorating once this spike in cases is under control. In the meantime though, what we can do with the great help of our Port Moody residents is make 150 paper snowflakes for the 80 resident windows and common area windows. Please drop your snowflakes off with Coreen at #204 121 Shoreline Circle on November 22 – do call first at 778-839-2674.
Please have your ❄️ over by Friday!
Thank you!!!!

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Yvonne & Cleone :  Poppy anyone?
Aziz - volunteered too at Starbucks
Calloway is remembering
Steve:  Camped out at Gold Creek campground at Golden Ears Provincial Park.  Great weather arrived for the weekend.  
Guest Speaker - Lois Wagner - Walking without Skin
Lois was a very inspirational speaker and personal coach.  She told us of her unimaginable journey she went through in South Africa and how long it took her to FORGIVE, but once she did it set her 'FREE'
She has written a book - Walking without Skin that is her story but also suggestions on how anyone can get past their situation.  Her new passion is BE BRAVE......
Thank you Lois for sharing your story.
AG Al mentioned that the Rotaract club was doing a fundraiser.  This is the link so you can order on line.
You can purchase a calendar on line.
Here is the link
Also if you are at all interested in how you might help with the 'youth' in our community, please contact Steve for more information.
Steve Witiuk:     steve.witiuk@gmail.com
Thank you
After being loaded at the Rotary World Helps Warehouse in Coquitlam in late September our container has made its way to the Port of Belize. It's again on dry land and is now in the process of being unloaded.  This is exciting.  Thanks to Cisco Woods for sharing the picture.
FedEx picked up 520 kits today for Days for Girls that will be headed for Afghanistan. 

With love to Afghanistan! 520 kits left this morning on a journey half way around the world. A gift of love from the Port Moody Chapter to our global sisterhood. Be safe and know that you are in our circle of care. A great big "Thank You" to all members and those who contribute to the Port Moody Chapter. ❤️
Vida Peterson
Looks like a 'girls' day:  “Good hair day”. Cleone & Coreen
When buying you liquor for this coming Christmas season or 'whenever', please purchase at the
Port Moody Liquor store on St. Johns Street and tell them to please put your bill amount on the
Rotary Club of Port Moody
Port Moody Liquor Store
4 – 2929 St. John's Street
Port Moody.....
Susan & Cleone hiking Buntzen Lake
Claire with the important men in her life.
What a great meeting with our DG Carol Tichelman!!!!  She is a great inspiration to us all.
We had a record 34 members on Zoom this week.
AND to Brian who received the People of Action pin from DG Carol
Congratulations to Gary for his PH+6 and to Steve for his PH+4

Meghan gave an update on how Paul is doing and thanked Club for their thoughts.

Mike P.  We are in Sechelt for the week and drove up to Edgmont for a hike to the Skookumchuk Narrows.  Here is a photo of us checking out the extreme kayakers at the narrows!
Alan & Lisa decorated for Halloween

Guest Speaker District Governor Carol Tichelman

Everything in Rotary playbooks is out the window due to COVID--every Club and every member is in a different place. Rotarians are people of action and these times are hard. There are 4 things to consider:

  1. New Club models are required and being discussed.

  2. What should/will a Club look like in 5 years?

  3. Select new members carefully. Remember there is no wrong age.

  4. Continue Club endeavors to end polio. 

John Hopkins study shows Rotarians supply 57 million volunteer hours each year and it is worth appr. $850,000,000.

--This is our chance to show our communities what we can do. Rotary happens at Club level. Sees world where people unite. Rotary is committed to having membership averages of 30% women by 2023.

--Transmission of wild polio stopped everywhere through vaccination programs except for 2 countries. Last year there were only 79 cases in Pakistan and 53 in Afghanistan.

--Infrastructure created to do worldwide vaccination will be very useful going forward.

--Rotary added a 7th area of FOCUS qualified for Global grants--ENVIRONMENTAL “YEAH”

--Our District is continuing to support our members to attend Blood Donations

--Our District is starting a TOASTMASTERS Club via ZOOM

--Our District is looking to assist those Clubs applying for Global Grants

--Rotary opens opportunities


Rotary International Conference will be held in Taipei Taiwan June 12-16 2021

DG Carol presented “People of Action” Pin to Brian Wormald 

Our Club is volunteering in November at 2 different Community service events:

  1. With Fraser Health North we are covering logistics at “drive through” annual FLU shot vaccines at locations in Port Moody and Port Coquitlam. This project along with 1 in Coquitlam covered by the 2 Coquitlam Clubs is targeting 100,000 flu shots in the month of November. There will be 3 shifts per day, 8am-noon, noon-4 and 4 till 8pm. It follows a model used in Australia as their fall flu happened during the onset of COVID.

  2. Our Club will be providing volunteers to support the Port Moody Legion poppy donation program. Our Club will be standing outside the Starbucks at (IGA centre on Ioco), Government Liquor Store at Suter Brook, and outside the Saint James Well. Using 3 2 hour shifts each day at each venue (12 noon-2, 2-4, and 4-6). This Legion volunteer opportunity runs from November 1st till 10th only

  3. ****This amounts to a lot of volunteer shifts and hours****** Anyone who is able to volunteer for shifts please do so. Also feel free to bring friends and family.


Thank you to Bill for the write up

Artist among us:  Cleone & Vida
In honor of Mary Anne Cooper’s 106 birthday today, a birthday parade was held at her cherished Ioco Townsite today. The sun came out and her favorite color was everywhere in all of the many greetings and decorated cars who drove by to wish her socially distanced greetings.  Thank you to Meghan for sending Birthday wishes to Mary Anne on behalf of the Rotary Club of Port Moody.

Rotary has been asked to supply some volunteers to help with the POPPY DRIVE for 2020. It will involve working 2 hour shifts in 2 or 3 locations in Port Moody around Newport Village and Sutter Brook.

Micheal & Coreen are our first volunteers for Poppy Sales.

Vida reminded us of the Rotary friendship club. If anyone runs into trouble anywhere there is a Rotary Club they can phone for advice or assistance.

Next Saturday the 7th we're loading a container for the Philippines. We're limiting the volunteers to 20 for Covid safety reasons and everyone must wear a mask and register in case of the need for contact tracing. We're short up to three volunteers to reach our quota and we'd welcome your support. We'll start at 9AM and should be finished before noon. 
Thank you
Dan Gallant
Michael B reminded us our Paul Harris is due. Also Polio donations. Please send directly to RI or send to Micheal and he will pass along to RI
Meeting notes: Quote "Life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?" Martin Luther King
Megan gave us an update on Paul's condition: He had been having some problems breathing since August but worked through them. Coming home from Dock Diving championships he began having more trouble. Stopped for a break in Sicamous, had trouble walking, went to hospital and they discovered "multiple pulmonary embolisms. Home now and on road to recovery.
Jim Lane joined our meeting to advise Fraser Health is looking to run a "drive through" flu shot vaccine program in the TriCities in November. They are looking for volunteers to provide logistical help with parking lot management, etc. Each day will involve  full day,12 hour shifts-- volunteers will book into 4 hour increments. Targeting to provide 100,00 flu shots over the month. It is following a format done in Australia during their "winter season".
Coreen announced:
1. Nov 21st we will be doing a EagleRidge Manor outdoor decorating event.
2. E/R Manor Christmas Party will be held December 4th 
3. We will be doing our Innervisions Chili Lunch on December 9th.--More info to follow.
Paul updated on our C.A.B.E. project. They are looking to provide either backpacks or suitcases clothes and toiletries included for some of the young men who are basically on their own and homeless or couch surfing with friends. He will keep us updated. Possibility we will also solicit some gift cards from coffee companies or quick food places like Subway, etc.
2023 will be their 50th anniversary. 
They provide services to help people with mental health issues. Community Health providing and promoting recovery through a friendly,  safe, environment.
United Way has reduced funding for "operations costs". They are fundraising to set up an endowment fund of $1.5 million dollars to cover unfunded general operating costs. They currently have 51 housing spaces and are looking to double this number by adding 50 more (50 beds for 50 years anniversary campaign). In addition they are developing a therapeutic sensory room ($70,000), and there most used and valuable asset is their "Community Van" which allows them to transport members to various events they attend and some of them volunteer at. They have annual maintenance cost s of $5,000 and are looking at needing a replacement vehicle ($70,000) in the near future. 
Current fundraising due to COVID 19--$3000.00 to expand the outdoor patio area for safer distancing for more people. Also expanding the online programs to make available as much programming as possible to happen from  home and reduce size of in person meetings. Also upgrading HVAC system to provide germicide filtering--$3,000.00.
COVID effect--"routine is the thing that gets them through life--COVID is a disrupter of routine." The peer support and staff support is key. little things like having to wear a mask interfere with their ability to read facial expressions and also, for some, their ability to lip read.
Tiffany acknowledged in these trying times we are all experiencing some difficulties in creating fundraising opportunities but asked if we could think of possible ways to involve some of our sponsors to help in non-financial ways.
We DID RIPS type event at the Westhill Park Trail. We have received a Community Grant to allow us to refurbish the short walking trail.
Photos by Brian & Jeannie
On Saturday Oct 24th, an intrepid bunch of raging Rotarians headed to West Hill Park off Glenayre Drive in Port Moody to unleash havoc upon some unsuspecting and intrusive invasives.  No, this wasn’t a clandestine operation with local law enforcement to corral and capture some ‘cross-border’ COVID fugitives, but more an effort to rid the park of non-native and invasive flora!
Under the guidance of Past President Cleone, we assembled at the trail-head at West Hill Park on thankfully a gorgeous, cloudless and sunny day, albeit a tad cool! There to meet us at 10:30 was Angela Crampton from the City of Port Moody – our amazing partner in the ecological endeavours. Being very happy with our regular Shoreline Park invasive removal in conjunction with the Noons Creek Hatchery a few weeks ago, everyone was keen to undertake more of these events.
With none of us being very familiar with this particular location, we walked the site and identified an number of large but isolated English Ivy infestations as well as a few patches of Holly. Shortly after this Angela had to leave and left us to do our thing! So who were ‘us’?  The ‘Rotary Rippers’ were Cleone, Jeannie, Susan, Coreen, Michael, Bill, Alan and Brian.
For the next almost two hours, we ‘ripped and snipped’ like trojans. Testament to the voracity of effort were the two large heaps of invasives left on the grass verge of the park, with arrangements having been made for the City to pick them up over the next few days.  Now warmed up from all that work, hunger started to set in, so an almost obligatory sojourn was made to the St James Well for a ‘well’ deserved lunch. 
Thanks to Cleone for organizing the volunteers and coordinating with the City; thanks to Angela for making herself and City resources available – and thanks to the Port Moody Ecological Society (Noons Creek Hatchery) for providing the clippers and snippers for the job!

Steve would like to set up a committee of members who would be interested in helping him with the

YOUTH Committee.  If you are at all interested or would like to know more about this committee please contact Steve & he will call a meeting in early December to discuss ideas of how to help with Interact and Rotaract and any other youth activities you would like to see happen.  steve.witiuk@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in Committee


Yvonne being her beautiful self...

Nothing keeps Gayle from her Hike
Vida:   Cleone and I got together and did some acrylic pours.  This is putting the paint directly onto the canvas and you never know what you will get.
Very messy and lots of fun!  Looks like Christmas presents for many.....Well done.
New View Society:
Join us today for round 21 of New View Virtual Trivia! The game will start at 1 PM. Please use the following link to access the live feed: https://tinyurl.com/nvtrivia21
After you click the link, you may 'join anonymously' or 'as a guest', and it will take you to the feed where you can play for a chance to win a $5 gift certificate to Tim Hortons! The gift card will be presented based on participation, not out-right winner. Basically, if you participate, your name will be put in a small draw for a chance to win the prize 🙂

Oct 24th is World Polio Day and we are having a Virtual Polio Party.

It will start at 6:00PM and go until 7:30pm (or longer for whoever wants). Or just drop in at anytime just to say HI .....

Cleone will send the invite. Have your beverage of choice ready, you dinner or appies and if you like you can eat and dress in the fashion of one of our international projects - South Africa, Kenya, Belize, Peru. Please register so I have an idea of how many will be there.

If you would like to make a donation to Polio Fund then please e-transfer that to Michael. 

See you soon! Call me if you have any questions. 778-223-2357.


Thank you to Alan for organizing the Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
Thanks to Alan, Susan, Cleone, Coreen, Bill, Ian, Dave, Terry & Paul.  A great group of Rotarians who are helping to show the Community that we care.
Two weeks ago we learned what made TRISH tick.......Oh my goodness what a full life she has already lived and we can't wait to hear about more adventures.  We are blessed to have Trish and Ian in our Rotary Club.  What a great team they make !!!!  Thanks for a fantastic presentation Trish.
Thanksgiving and what we are thankful for:
Claire:  Grateful for the Granville Island Turkey Trot 10km with Sophie! 
Linda :Grateful for family and friends - Thankful Jill & Kate came to visit in AZ & for the Shutterfly book Jill made for us:
Steve & Lauralea :  Grateful for their 5th wheel......
Trip to Hicks Lake. Lexie has lots of play time with our neighbours who were camping there as well. She was so tired from playing with the girls for 3 days that she couldn’t hold up her tail.  She has almost recovered from the wonderful time she had there.  Our pizza oven works so well and it was a great idea as an anniversary gift for us. 
Cleone:  We are all thankful for Jeannie's photos.
Bill:  Pumpkin pie with rum and orange zest at the Lawrie Thanksgiving table!
Linda:  Thankful for this beautiful poem


By Tabasom Eblaghie

Today is the oldest I have ever been

And the youngest I will ever be

I will move ahead with these words of promise

An agreement to move towards the best version of me

I promise to be gentle with my younger self

And to leave the past in the past

Decisions made and paths taken are forgiven

I did the best I could with what I knew back then

I promise to be kind to my older self

To make small choices today, tiny little steps

To lead to a healthier, wiser version of me

I am each choice I make, and I will choose well

I promise my soul to live an authentic life

Not one filled with apologies, excuses and anxieties

Nor one led by seeking the approval of Perfectionism and others

But rather one led by pursuing the approval of my Creator

I promise my heart to move towards Love

Towards the crossroads where Justice meets Kindness

Where logic of a wise mind can agree with the radiance of a loving heart

Not just for others, but to protect my most noble self

I will gaze upwards with my feet firmly grounded

In the knowledge of who I am and what I stand for

Today is the oldest I have ever been

And the youngest I will ever be.

If not today, then when?

Rotary Meeting October 7, 2020 - Thank you to Bill for taking notes....

Meeting chaired this week by Michael Berrisford

Quote: “A good head and a good heart are a formidable combination but when you add to that a literate tongue and pen then you have something very special”

Westhill Park Rehab discussed.

Glen gave an update on International containers for Belize and Kenya

Anthony is following up on gaming grant application.

Aziz reminded us that October is POLIO Month and Cleone, who was just driving home, advised she will have a fundraiser plan for our next meeting.

Our guest speaker Lois advised Meghan she would not be able to make our meeting so has been re-scheduled to November 4th.

As “guest conductor” Michael filled in with his “what makes Michael tick” talk.

Born in 1957 in South Africa. Loved hiking from early on and showed pictures of his first hiking boots with screw on cleats. In those days in S.A. young me had to serve for 2 years in either the military or police--he chose to serve with Police and stayed on as a career for 22 years..

Married, had 2 sons, built his own house, went hot air ballooning. Milk was delivered by a milkman with a horse drawn cart. Spent the next 22 years discovering himself enjoying wine, classic cars and nature. Instrumental in 2 hiking clubs. He “worked to hike”.

Working for the police overlapped with the introduction of computers to policing plus constant upgrading. He loved the computer side of things and turned it into his ongoing career.

His son Kyle died in August 2015. Kyle was involved with brewing and selling mead at a number of breweries and he was pleased to advise us it is still being sold in pubs.

Good news came into his life when he met Coreen and they married in 2018. Thanks, Michael, for a great talk. We all learned a lot more about you.

Port Moody Arts Centre
Mirna Gallery Assistant. The Winter Treasures event and exhibition is coming up on Nov.12th.
You may find more information on the event here: https://pomoarts.ca/exhibitions/winter-treasures-2020

Membership Renewal Earlybird Draws are happening. 

  • Oct. renewal Draw $75
  • Nov. renewal Draw $50
  • Dec. renewal Draw $25   
If you are not a member yet - why not?

It is true that Club 119 is open to the Public now - and anyone can use the facilities.
BUT did you know that........
  • Members get 10% discount off regular Menu food items
  • Members get discounts and perks at several local and online businesses (for travel, insurance, eye care, and many more..)
  • Members find fulfillment in knowing that all Legion Gaming, Meat Draw and Poppy net funds are directed BACK into this community in the form of assistance to Vets and their families, to Senior programs, Student Bursaries, Hospital Foundations, and other worthwhile charities. These programs - run by Member volunteers - result in positive benefits for all. 
Sign up today !!! Help keep our Legion open !!!
World Polio Day.....October 24, 2020
Bill sent:  Home Covid Test
Clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd this Saturday, October 17......
Come one come all......the more the merrier.
Meet at Gallaghers at 9:00AM and have coffee after.....
Thank you Alan for organizing
Rotary RIPS -
Thank you to Angela for organizing on behalf of the City, Bill, Cleone and Coreen for Rotary and Dave for PMES.
A small but dedicated turnout……..great to see both City stalwart Mike Clay and new member Susan and husband Jim out to see how we like to ‘get our hands dirty’ in the PoMo Rotary Club!  Thanks to Bill, Coreen & Brian also.
We also had a couple of Noons Creek Hatchery volunteers pitch in – thanks Cate and Hannah!!  Looks like we will have some sore bodies after that.
Photo credits to:  Brian and Judy Taylor-Atkinson.
Her and Jim were walking by on the trail and noticed us.  They wanted to take some pics……………………..
It's clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd. again this weekend.  Everyone meet at Gallaghers, on Saturday, October 10th at 9:00 AM.  The more the merrier and then stop back and have coffee together......Thanks for taking care of our Community.
Fall has arrived and it Looks like we will have a fantastic week of weather....
Thank you to PDG Denis for a very informative meeting last week on how to handle stress during 'this time' 
1.  Talk about how you feel
2.  Journal
3.  Exercise
4.  Laugh
5.  Give back
I'm not sure if that is the exact order, but you get what he means !!!!  
AND it looks like others are keeping busy.....
Patty's puppy is keeping them active and happy.....
Steve & Lauralea:  Lauralea’s sewing room getting a fresh coat of paint and getting ready for new sewing/cutting tables and wall cabinet for organizing all of her material. 
Coreen & Michael out hiking
Terry & Susan & friends out to Jug Island
Terry sent this photo of 'no log booms' in the Inlet
News from Oro Valley Rotary Club......most of you met Marc Snow when he came to visit our Club.  They could not have picked a finer gentleman.....


Marc Snow

Our District Governor Nominee Designate  DGND


Please send your best wishes and congratulations to Region 6 Assistant Governor Marc Snow. Marc will become District Governor of District 5500 in the year 23-24. snowarizona@gmail.com


Marc is a past president of the  Oro Valley RC and has been a Rotarian for over 11 years. Marc also serves as the Board Secretary on the Rotary Vocational Fund of AZ ( TRVFA ) and is a board member of Healing Arizona Veterans.  His passion for Rotary shows through in all his Rotary work and endeavors.

Marc has a 32-year career at Hughes Aircraft and Raytheon Companies spanning Subcontract Manager, Contracts Negotiator, Program Manager, Functional Organization Manager, as well as a Mergers and Acquisitions Director.


As the Governor of District 5500, I  would like to personally congratulate Marc,  who has shown to be an outstanding Assistant Governor in his region and a leader in our District.



Peter:  Sad end to my week end in Whistler...
I don’t know the damage to the engine yet
Gayle:  Bert Flinn park......
It's FALL !!!! One of the most beautiful times of the year !!!
Steve & Lauralea had smoke in Mabel Lake too.......can't really see the lake.....
George has been a speaker at our Rotary Club many times....
George Garrett—Co-Founder of VCDS—Retires;
Launches Legacy Giving Program for Cancer Drivers

Lower Mainland, BC. George Garrett—award-winning reporter, beloved community champion and a co-founder of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society has announced his retirement from the Board of the Society, effective August 31st, 2020.

Since February 2016 when the service launched, the Society has recruited close to 200 drivers and dispatchers to drive cancer patients to and from their appointments with free, safe and timely transportation. In total, the Society has facilitated 58,886 patient trips and driven 1,730,941 kilometers: an astonishing amount given its humble but ambitious beginnings as an idea launched by three friends.

“Put simply, it wouldn’t be possible for us to have supported so many cancer patients if it weren’t for George Garrett,” explained Bob Smith, President of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society. “His bold vision for a level of care and support for those facing this debilitating illness, combined with his passion and energy, enabled us to grow rapidly to meet the needs of cancer patients for access to care. We will always be grateful for the legacy George shares with us and wish him the best as he steps down from his day-to-day commitments.”

Garrett leaves the Board with parting gifts: a substantial transfer of securities will benefit the current drive for funding operations now and a Legacy Pledge in his Will to lead the Society’s launch of the Legacy Giving Program, designed to assist the VCDS in the creation of a sustainable financial future. Donations such as these ensure that cancer patients across the fifteen communities in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley will continue to have access to free, reliable and safe transportation to their cancer treatments.

Of the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society’s services, one cancer survivor shared, “I had no way to get to my treatments and no money to take a taxi. Before hearing about your wonderful service, I was very depressed. You relieved an enormous burden. All my drivers were wonderful and caring. You helped save my life.”

Garrett says working with Founding President Garth Pinton and the late John MacInnes was a challenge in the early stages but cancer patients and their families as well as the general public became aware of our service and it began to grow. As well as providing free rides for hundreds of patients our volunteer drivers and dispatchers developed a bond with patients, providing them with the assurance that we would always be there for them. Garrett added, “Thanks to donations from many sources in our first five years we know we’ll be there for cancer patients for years to come.”

For media inquires please contact us at media@volunteercancerdrivers.ca


The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society

The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society is a free service that lessens the burdens of cancer patients in the Lower Mainland. Founded in 2016, and entirely volunteer-run, the Society drives patients who otherwise have no access to private transportation to and from treatment appointments, providing both essential support and peace-of-mind. Volunteers make more than 20,000 trips every year, in addition to supporting more than 25% of the Society’s overall annual budget through donations. 

Areas served are North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, the Tri-Cities (Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody), Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows and Mission.


You had better BELIZE it !!!!
Belize container loading......Oh my gosh so many good items going to Belize......Thank you Dan for organizing....Thank you to everyone who came out to help.  Belize will be very grateful.
Well it was supposed to be a rainy day but turned out to be absolutely perfect.  Thank you so much to Ian, Michael and Cleone who organized this 2020 Pig Roast at Belcarra Park.  On Club Runner you will see the 2020 Pig Roast photo album......
It was great to see everyone and thank you to President Meghan for giving out her Rotarian of the month awards along with Paul Harris + 1 for Ian
Anthony received an award for the Grant writing he did for us.
Jeannie received an award for the photos she sends each week for our meetings
Vida received an award for the 'mask' making project.
We celebrated Navid's birthday and it was great to see his Mom join him.
All in all the food was fantastic, the weather was great but most of all the 'company' was the BEST.  We really needed to all get together and thank you to everyone who came.  We missed the members that could not be there, but hope they will be able to join us for the next gathering.
Look what we found in the forest
Thank you to Dave Stone for 'What makes Dave tick'.  We learned some new facts about this guy.  Great job.
Happy Dollars.......
The Oro Valley Rotary Club has a great idea and wonder what you think......everyone has a jar beside them when they are at the 'zoom meetings'.....When it comes time to do our Happy Dollars......we can actually put in our 'happy dollar money' in the jar.  It will be a reminder that we do 'give' either to our Paul Harris for EREY or for the Clubs operating costs.  Thoughts?
PP Mike & Christine:  We went to the sunflower festival and sailing in Indian Arm with neighbours
We went up to Green Lake last week. Had a wonderful time.
Steve & Lauralea:  Made a trip to Castlegar via Rossland and Trail.  Stopped to look at the  historical buildings that are still standing today.  Didn’t realize how much history Rossland has.    Lexie found a new friend to play with for the weekend.   Wow we are having so much fun.
Claire out with the family....
Photos from the fun Belize computer builds!!!  Belize container gets packed on September 19th, 2020.
Thank you to Michael, Al, Brian, & Terry for loading the computers with Windows.  Great job.
Great clean-up Heritage Mtn. crew on Saturday....Thanks to all who participated.  
Oh my gosh......look at all those Chrome Books
Ian wrote:  updating and re-packing the Belize Chrome Books.....to a new home on the 19th of September.  Look at Trish's smile xox
This is what Claire posted on our Rotary Club of Port Moody FB page.  
It’s that time of year again!
With things being a little bit different this year and social distancing etc. we will not be able to register participants for the annual Terry Fox Run event that takes place at Rocky Point Park.
We have decided to make a team where you can donate to anyways! If you’d like to join our team by donation, here’s the link! Thanks very much for your ongoing support to our amazing community.
If you would like to make your own team, or your own separate donation to Terry Fox foundation that would also be a lovely thing to do.
Stay safe and healthy.
Rotary Club of Port Moody. 

Never forget 9/11
Gayle in the Park
Jeannie's happy place
Gayle enjoying lunch at John B
A huge big thank you to Frank, Bill, Ian, Danne & Navid for volunteering for the BBQ at Innervisions.  Thank you to Michael for lending his BBQ. and to the whole club for always supporting Innervisions. The men love it and are grateful that we care.
Frank wrote: It was a great day and everybody really enjoyed themselves. I stopped counting the number of times they thanked us 😊
Here’s some pictures of the motley crew and all the smiling faces.
A huge big thank you to Pete & Cindy for organizing the Poker Run Car Rally.
Peter wrote:
First of all thank you for participating in this FUN Rally
by all accounts everyone had a good time!
Big thankyou to the Marshalls —Brian Dunne----Kerry Foley—Danne Dunlop, who waited patiently for all the 7 teams to come to their stations.
This is the complete break down of the results.
Those of you who may have some serious misgivings on your scores and answers, please go to this email address were  your
general grievances will  be handled in a fair and judicial way. ……….. LOL
1) CLEONE                    ACE HIGH + pair.  Cleone, Yvonne & Jeannie
2) ICOO  LOCOS               3- 2 twos.            Gayle, Bob, Melissa & Rusty
3) MATTHEW                    3 FIVES               Matthew & Scott Brewley   [Coquitlam Club]    
4) BROWNLES                3- 3 KINGS.           Glen & Marcie       
5) VICTORIOUS                3-ACES.               Linda, George, Kari & Darren
6) CANAUSSIE                3 JACKS                Brian & Kelly
7).THE ACES                    3- ACES              Michael & Coreen & Henry Berrisford and Kayla
Linda, George, Kari & Darren
2ND PRIZE. MOST POINTS = possible 425.
1) THE ACES            402.50        Michael
2). VICTORIOUS        387.5        Linda
3). BROWNLES        385             Glen
4). IOCO LOCUS        370           Gayle
5). CELONE            327.50          Cleone
6).MATTHEW            310            Matthew
7). CANAUSSIE        265.            Brian
2ND PRIZE WINNER…………….Michael $30.00 gift card………..THE ACES,
3rd. Prize Lowest mileage/Klms.  My count was 48KLMS.
1). CANAUSSIE        62.6 klms
2).IOCO LOCOS        62.7
3). MATTHEW            53.9
4). BROWLES            47.5
5).CELONE            48
6).VICTORIOUS        45.3
7).THE ACES            45.3
Glen :  Jamie and Yvette from Rocky Point Ice Cream watch as the amazing mural by Ola Volvo nears completion.  
Dave & Kathy hiking in the 'hood'
Aziz and family in Whistler and at home
Pictures from our first family Kayaking experience with the family at Rocky Point in Friday.  Also, our first family trip to Whistler on Thursday. 
Birdie for Bill....Birdie juice
Crew out golfing - Alan, Terry, Bill and Al 
Sending healing thoughts & good wishes to Steve Gable, Ann Hulbert and Dan Gallant.
Heritage Mtn. Clean up this Saturday.........MEET at Gallaghers at 9:00 AM....The more the merrier....
The sunset's have been amazing......Thanks Gayle
Yes I finally did it!!!  After all those years of getting away without doing my 'talk'.  
This week we will hear about another long time member of or Rotary Club.
There is lots going on for the Rotary Club of Port Moody this fall. I can't believe I said 'fall'.
Please join us in these activities.
Innervisions BBQ - September 2nd.  - Thank you to Frank, Bill, Ian, Danne & Navid for volunteering 
Car Rally - September 5th.....Peter has the information
Pig Roast - September 20th - details to follow
RIPS - Dates to be announced
Fundraiser - Surprise
Thanks Navid for the DVD's for Belize
Gary: Went to Saint St. Grill for the installation dinner last night but nobody from the Club was there. So we stayed and had a nice dinner anyway. [don't scare me like that Gary] ;o)
Glen:  I was trying to count some of the DVDs headed for Belize Prison. Have figured that 1 Glen = 100 DVDs. Our container leaves in late September and are still looking to add toiletries and hygiene supplies.
Alan K - riding the trails at Pinecone Burke Provincial Park
Steve & Lauralea - The Campers
WOW - our Summer has been amazing. !!!!
Thank you Gary for telling us what makes you 'tick'.  Great job.
This week will be the last charter member of our club telling us what makes her tick.......Guess who?
Navid got some time off and did some biking.....Looks like we should have a Rotary Club of Port Moody cycle club?
Do Las Vegas Churches accept gambling chips?

This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas but there are more catholic churches than casinos.

Not surprisingly, some worshipers at Sunday services will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed.

Since they get chips from many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings.

The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in.

This is done by the chip monks.

Dave Stone:  Two people he met on the trail at Bert Flinn Park
Peter & family - Whistler
Look what happens when you ask your neighbours and friends for DVD's for Belize
Thanks Dan for picking them up.
Coreen's office has a face lift.  Great job Coreen & Michael
Cleone finding otters under the wharf in Pender Island
Days for Girls packing for Beirut
Ok it's been 12 years now, I'm starting to think I'm not bloated !!!!
Innervisions BBQ on September 2nd.
Thank you to everyone who has volunteered for the Innervisons BBQ.  This will be a fantastic event for the men who are changing their lives, one day at a time.
Thanks to Frank, Bill, Navid, Danne & Trish who will be there cooking and serving the men.
Thanks to Michael for his BBQ, to Dan, Jeannie, Kay, Meghan and Gayle who volunteered but we had too many people so will put them down for the chili lunch.  We have such a great club and I for one am grateful for all who help for these events.
Please send this to all your neighbours and friends.  We can arrange pick-up or drop off.
Thank you Alan for your presentation last week.  Well done
This week we find out more about another Charter Member
Reminder please - a couple of things
Port Moody liquor store will give us a community rebate if you remember to tell them that your bill be marked as Rotary Club of Port Moody.
Easy money for us....and we have no idea who is buying all that alcohol :  lol. 
Please drop off your DVD's to Dan Gallant's home or contact Linda and we will arrange to get them.
President Meghan was in Quesnel with her pups.....DOCK DIVING....
Here is:  Lassie at Dock Diving Western Cup
And here is:  Annie Oakley Western Cup Finals Dock Diving
Michael & Coreen's upside down tomatoes
Look at that smile !!!
Claire and family at Whistler enjoying the beautiful weather
Rotary Helps Lebanon
All of us were shocked by the brutal destruction caused by the recent blast in Lebanon.  As you can imagine Rotary clubs around the world are part of the response. 
This evening Ian brought to the attention of International Committee some of work being done by the Rotary Club of Woodstock-Oxford (in Ontario). (Associated with the orthopedic surgery department at McMaster University.)
Through Rotary connections Global Logistics, a shipping company in Mississauga, will ship donations via both air and container to Lebanon.  Presently, there are 5 skids of urgently needed medical supplies gathered and ready to go. 
You can follow the work this Rotary club is doing by searching "Rotary Helps Lebanon" on Facebook or clicking here.
If you want to donate directly - online donations for medical shipments to Lebanon are now being processed by Woodstock-Oxford Rotary at: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/12109  CRA tax receipts available.
Dave Stone:  Never in the photos :  Hike on the Pitt River Dike with Cathy, Tony, and Lynda.  
Gary Wiggins sent this in:
Ian celebrated his birthday this way !!!!  Congratulations 
Dave posted this and I thought it was beautiful
Steve and Lauralea camping....who is their favourite subject?
Brian took this on one of his early morning rides
 Directors meeting.......So nice to be at Rocky Point Park at 7:30am for a Directors meeting.
Great job President Meghan
Coreen & Michael took this photo before the meeting.  We do live in a beautiful part of the world. 
Innervisions BBQ early September......who's in to help?  Outside....safe...
For some of us COVID has escalated binge viewing to new heights.  We started a few years ago with Netflix, added Amazon Prime and maybe Disney Plus.  For the most part this switch to "streaming" has rendered your classic and pretty comprehensive DVD collection obsolete.
When we toured the Belize Prison we learned that the primary means of "entertainment" in the prison was the use of small portable DVD players and a small library of DVD movies that circulate in prison.  Inmates do not have access to TV in their cells, and don't have access to cable television.
As part of the Belize project we will be sending a container to Belize in September.  It will contain the educational supplies for our project, as well as medical and other supplies collected with the assistance of Rotary World Help.
We would like to place a collection of used DVD movies on board as well.
If your DVD collection is gathering dust, or if somehow you ended up with two copies of "Forest Gump" I'd be happy to take them off your hands.  Please get in touch with me and I'll make arrangements to "safely" pick them up.  Please ask your friends and neighbours too.
Last weeks speaker:  
Steve Rutledge  -Adopt A Village in Laos

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Steve anytime and feel free to forward his contact information.  Meanwhile, here is a link to the youtube video that he presented last week.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0PDnQHbPR8

Campers:  Steve & Lauralea
We have arrived at our new pad for the next two weeks.  Awesome summer weather with great views of the lake and lots of privacy with our campsite.

This is a fun event where each Team/Car will be given a Task/Route Sheet where you will have to solve various clues.
At various check stops each Team/Car will draw a playing card until you have a poker hand.
Ist Prize --------The Best Poker hand
2nd Prize-------The most points
3rd Prize--------The lowest mileage/klms
We will all meet at Rocky Point Park at our Rotary Tent
This event is ideal for respecting Covid-19 guidelines
DATE :                 SEPT 5th. Saturday
START TIME:      12:00PM.   (All cars/teams away by 1:00pm)
TEAMS/CARS:     2-4 people
COST:                     $5:00 per person.
Please get back to Peter by Aug 17th 2020
You will have a good time!
Most people are!!!
SHARE and Blueberries
SHARE was very happy to receive 45lbs of organic blue berries for their clients from our club today (Aug 4th).
The sun was shining, the berries were being popped into the bucket and into the mouths, and Gladys was thrilled at being in Blueberry Heaven (apparently we have bigger bushes than in Newfoundland). 
It was a GREAT morning!
Thank you sooooo much to Jas Thiara for letting us glean their organic blue berries from their family farm on 431 A Prairie Ave to give to the SHARE food bank.
Thank you so much to  Ava ( Jeannie's grand daughter& the picker of berries, bringer of drinks and berry collector), Jeannie, Gladys, Brian W., Bill, and Maureen Crocket (of Martini Mama Fame) & Cleone for your being official Blue Berry Gleaners.
Sorry this was short notice. It was an opportunistic event and one that  could be repeated in the future if we have pickers. 
Vida and Cleone
Trish & Ian:  Here are a few photos of the Allan Block wall we built in the back yard. I say we, but Ian really did most of the work. A lot of very heavy lifting. Now the fun starts. Next we will be leveling the yard and putting in a lawn. 
Patty & Don have a new edition to their family.  Angie 
Terry picking Blackberries
This is a brand new month and we will be meeting in person at St. James' Well.  7:00AM.  Those of us that do not feel comfortable yet, please go 'on line' and join in via ZOOM.
Thank you Bill:
August 8th, 2020 - Heritage Mtn. Clean-up
Meet at Gallaghers at 9:00 am
Always a fun time and shows the community we care.  Wear your Rotary Shirts and we meet for coffee after.
Steve: In prepping for our upcoming holiday completed a few items on the honey do list:
New bread board for the trailer to gain counter space over the sink area
Put in a couple of shelves in the cupboards beside the bed
Trailers almost packed and ready to go for pulling out this weekend.  
See you sometime after Sept 15th. 

Have fun you two......
Another one from Bill: can't you just hear him laughing?
Brian's photos in Poco
Never thought this would be sooo much work, but it is DONE!!
1. This is what our bedroom looked like during RENO
Please don't forget to ask for your liquor bill to go to the Rotary Club of Port Moody program.   You will be surprised to hear how much money we have in our account since May 11th, 2020.  WOW !!!!  Also please ask your family and friends to also request that the bill goes to our Rotary Club.  The more the merrier.
Port Moody Liquor Store 
4 – 2929 St. John’s Street 
Port Moody, BC. V3H2C2

Blueberries for SHARE. - 

Who doesn't love fresh blueberries! Vida and I thought some of SHARE's clients would love them as well and so did one of the blueberry farmers. 

So come on out and let's clean up what is left of her field, and then bring them to SHARE on Tues morn. Wed they will be in boxes for SHARE's clients to enjoy.

Tues Aug 2nd - 8:30 am - 10:30 am (or earlier if there are lots of us)

431 A Prairie Ave

Please register or let me know. Thanks!

Bring a bucket and a smile!

Vida and Cleone

PS The short notice is because it was an opportunistic idea at the end of that farm's season. If this pilot works there may be more in the future.

Hope you had a wonderful July - Can you believe we are almost at the end of the Month?
We are going to do something new, copied from the Oro Valley Rotary Club.  Something like our Classification talks, but we will call it......What makes ....????  Tic?
This week it will be Gayle Carter telling us what makes her 'tic'.
David has been busy building his deck...
Bill :  Here's our RIBFEST dinner. Sticky ribs, potato salad and fresh corn on the cob.
This is the only time you will see Bill eating on a RIBFEST weekend.  
Harrison Hot Springs has been spectacular......
Mike is eating ribs, golfing, and hiking in Wells Grey Provincial Park!
Thanks for the post PP Al
Terry:  Part 2 of the Jug Island “biathlon”.  Hike in from Belcarra and then paddle back.
PP Al - Papa's happy place with Dasha and Olenka
Steve:  Fresh blueberries from our bushes!! The grapes are coming along great for their first crop. 
Have YOU been telling the Port Moody Liquor Store that you would like your purchase amount going to the Rotary Club of Port Moody?
Don't forget please.  We get 4% back from your purchase.
We are so grateful for all our members and how much we all care for each and everyone of them.
Our Yvonne was making rusks right after her first radiation and then the next day headed for eye surgery.  You are 1 amazing woman Yvonne.
For those not in the know, rusks are kind of like biscotti, and a much loved South African treat. And crunchies
Eye surgery prep....
Bob & Gayle came to Harrison to visit and go for a hike & lunch.
Do YOU remember?  This is so much fun for 'some' of us !!!
Terry & Susan Hiking Buntzen Lake
RIBFEST weekend
GaryOur Saturday RIBFEST dinner. A nice thick T-bone steak from Thrifty. Soooooo good!!!
Linda:  Mess on my face - RIBS
Alan:  Rib eating
Michael & Coreen's RIB dinner
If you would like to join our virtual meetings on Wednesday mornings, please contact me and we will make sure you are 'on the list'...
This would have been RIBFEST weekend......Next year the Community will enjoy again

Recon of Westhill Park

Nice to see such a good group come out at clean up Heritage Mtn. Blvd.  Thanks to Alan for organizing each month.
Look what Bob & Gayle found in Bert Flinn park......Very poisonous
Alan K enjoying the ocean.
Dave took this photo after the Clean-up of Heritage Mtn. on Saturday.  Beautiful flowers.
Another beautiful Sunday and no Summer Sundays concert.......next year.
Our Installation night party will be on August 27th, 2020 at Saint Street Grill.  5:30pm.  This night is a get together without 'many' speeches.  PP Cleone will give out her Paul Harris award and President Meghan will give us her vision for this coming year. We have already had the Installation of directors virtually.   Jay will make sure we are following the guidelines for his restaurant.  I will be sending out an invitation to you and please let us know if you are comfortable going to this party.  We will need numbers for Jay so please let usknow as soon as possible.
Thanks.....will be fun to see everyone again.
Linda & Gayle
Coreen is growing Strawberries
Steve:  Week 2 of Lauralea’s retirement
Pics from Golden Ears
Lexie’s napping after her walk to the Lower Falls and back
We just got home today and will stay put for 2 weeks until we head out in Aug 3rd for another 2 weeks.  Cheers
Summer is here.....Enjoy each day
Happy 4th of July to all our American family and friends.
Coreen getting ready to make up our BBQ Canada Day Packs ……
Heritage Mountain Blvd. Clean-up
We are restarting the cleanup of Heritage Mountain Blvd.
July 11th
Start at 9:00 am
Meet at Gallagher's coffee shop
Usually takes less than one hour - meet up again for a social distanced coffee after completing the clean up.
Everyone is welcome - the more the merrier
Great way to get some exercise and interact with fellow Rotarians
Thanks to PP Alan for organizing us.
Steve:  Staying Safe on the water with Lexie and enjoying Lauralea’s first week of retirement.  Police Boat rescued 2 paddlers who were out in rough water conditions.  Lucky to have been picked up before something worse could have happened.  
Cleone thanking Bonnie for space in Kenyan container
Cleone's son's wedding.....Dressed by the hospital staff for a drive-by surprise honking, balloon filled parade of hospital staff the eve of Cleone's son's wedding.  Everyone got cupcakes.
Cleone:  Jasper was so beautiful as I drove to son's wedding.  I remember hiking up the the top of the cliff face on Roche Miette
 PP Al:  11.5 hours on the bike Sunday (Kathy stayed home)
Duffy lake loop

Pictures are Fraser River lillooet
Our first Board meeting of the year at Rocky Point Park.  Thank you to Glen for taking the photos.
President Meghan did a great job chairing the meeting.  Would be great to have more meetings in the park.  Thoughts?
Happy Canada Day
Aziz and family were the Canadian Flag fairies this year in Treetops Complex.  Thank you Aziz and to MP Nelly Shin for providing the flags
Walter Peachy originally built our Little Free Library and it needed to be refurbished. Walter built a new roof with new shingles and Michael Berrisford sanded and painted. Gayle Carter keeps the library full of books on a regular bases. Thank you everyone that helped with this project and uses the library. It is just along shoreline trail by Old Orchard if you ever need a destination. Please feel free to take a book or bring one - for any age and reading level.


Every year at this time we meet at the Saint Street Grill to celebrate the outgoing President and welcome the new President. 

Thank you to Bev Harrington DG 2021-2022 for doing such a great job Inducting Meghan as President and Inducting the new Board as well as giving 'all' members a responsibility to help in all ways that they are able.

And to Raj Rajagopal - DG 2022-2023 for his kind words

And to Carol Tichelman - DG 2020 - 2021 for always being so supportive of our Rotary Club and for her very kind words.  Carol is looking forward to working with Meghan this coming year.

The New Board is:

President: Meghan Lahti
President Elect: Coreen Berrisford
Treasurer: Michael Berrisford
Secretary: Alan Schmelzel
Vice President/Port Moody Foundation: Mike Clay Rotary Foundation/Past President: Cleone Todgham Community: Coreen Berrisford
Membership: Gayle Carter
Youth: Steve Witiuk
International: Glen Brown
Club Service: Linda Balzer
Vocational: Paul Mitchell-Banks
Public Relations: Claire Lambert

Thank you Cleone Todgham for your year of service as president. Welcome Meghan Lahti as our new 2020- 2021 President. 

Thank you everyone that served on the board for 2019 - 2020
- and welcome all of the board members for 2020 - 2021 to support Meghan and the Rotary Club Port Moody. 

Some of the things that were achieved in 2019 to 2020 term were:
Monthly pie days at the Eagle Ridge Manor, Bi weekly readings to the patients at Eagle Ridge Manor in the evening, a Christmas party hosted by the club and decorating the outside and inside of the Eagle Ridge Manor as well as supporting their music program. 

Hot chocolate stands, cookie decorating and face painting at the Christmas train which supports Share 

Sewing 2500 masks during the Covid pandemic for locals.

Sewing 50 Days for Girls kits. 

A Remembrance Day wreath. 

$21,000 to send kids to camp.

$48,000 in grants to local groups, Schools or nonprofits.

Rotary Club Port Moody also donated Internationally…

Currently to the Belize educational project, Ecuador medical and educational project, Kenya educational and medical project and South Africa feed the people event and also a school project. 

There is so much to be proud of of all of the accomplishments from the Rotary Club Port Moody.

Thank you everyone for continuing to support our club without you, we would not be able to do what we do.

If you are interested in joining the Rotary Club Port Moody, please reach out to us and send us a line! 


We are looking forward to our annual Shred-a-Thon this September 12th from 9 am till the truck is full.

And although we have had to pause our Search for the Perfect Pint and our RIBFEST this year, we are more than ready to have you all back enjoying this community next year. 


Anthony:  Enjoying the pool!
What a great Husband !!!
Bill:  This was our little Father's Day meeting with our Daughter's family in Pioneer park
Terry's Happy Place
Heritage Mtn. Blvd.
Kenya Container loaded and on it's way.  Thanks to Dan, Cleone, Bill, Ian, Michael &  past member Jim McGrandles  and anyone I missed.  Well done.
Steve and his beautiful 'retired' wife Lauralea
Spending next week in Porteau Cove.  This will be our evening sunset each night while we are there. Glamping at it's best:
We’ve opened our second YMCA this week so I’m here helping the team welcome back our members and helping members learn the new health and safety systems. 
Steve:  Celebrating Lauralea’s last day of work
One of Jeannie's photo's
WOW it is almost the end of June......Where did that time go?
It is with a very sad heart that I inform you that Louise Thorburn passed away on June 17th, 2020.  Louise was a very active member of the Coquitlam Sunrise club and she will be missed by all that knew her.
Louise was the lady that 'coined the phrase':  'Rotary is where my friends are'.  On a personal note, I followed Louise as President of the Sunrise Club and she was a fantastic mentor.  
RIP Louise.....xoxoxo
This Thursday, June 25th, is our virtual INSTALLATION NIGHT.  Please log in and welcome Meghan as our new President for 2020-2021 and THANK PRESIDENT CLEONE for leadership she has provided for this past year.
We would love to have everyone 'on line' for this night at 5:30 pm.  Have your beverage of choice ready for a toast.  Thank you !!!!
This is the login:  

Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 932 039 7759

See you then.....
Yvonne has been baking:  Peanut Butter Biscuits
Eagle Ridge Manor Music program
Currently anyone can view all the videos on the Health Arts Society YouTube channel and  their website:  https://www.healtharts.org/british-columbia
A new video is posted each Wednesday, and one will be uploaded later this morning.
Here is a recent comment from the contact at Eagle Ridge.  Her reference to Azrieli Foundation is because I mentioned to the homes that the Foundation made a contribution to the video series:
These videos do not come from the funding the club and Paul provided, these are in lieu of the live performances which are on hold.  Our funded performances will continue once we get a handle on Covid-19.
Thank you Raymond – these are fantastic and so very well received and appreciated…Every one of these have made a positive impact to improve the life of our residents here.   Please send a huge thank you to the Azrieli Foundation – that’s so wonderful of them. 
Take care Raymond! 
Warm regards,
Lori Carlisle, Recreation Therapist, ERM  
Do you remember making these for school books?
 Container going to Kenya.   Thank you ROTARY WORLD HELP......
Our Little Lending Library will be up soon.  Thank you to Michael for staining and for Walter Peachy for the new roof.  Looking very 'spiffy'
Wild life in Port Moody
In Alan's back yard:
And Michael & Coreen's home - 
Ladies night out......Lobster feast. - Cleone, Jeannie and Gladys and friends.....
Gary & Hazel:  On our walk to Rocky Point. What a beautiful place we live in ...Port Moody 
Al & Kathy hiking Manning Park
Great hike in Harrison with Steve & Lauralea & Lexie
Dave:  Cathy at Romer's on the deck.
Now we all know just how romantic Darrell is:  What a beautiful Anniversary dinner.  Happy Anniversary Darrell & Krista

Anniversary dinner - Covid style - great take out from Rosa's and table with candles at Rocky Point presentation stage. Listening to soundtrack from A Good Year and awaiting the Solstice!

Peter & Cindy

We had a fun and different time, enjoying this new experience for us, celebrating Fathers Day at Cultus Lake, with Martin, Mika & Kai. 
We played a 18hole mini golf at the beautiful Legends Golf course.  WE DID Camping “stuff” :- paddling in the lake, camp fire, and of course, roasting marsh-mellows, singing, good food and  great company————generally a  fun time with our grand kids.
Thank you Valentine....so very thoughtful of you.....
The Good Life
Jason:  When I’m not sleeping or sitting in front of my computer 10 hours a day, I try and get out for hikes with Sue and our dog. 
Dave : Hike up Sugar Mountain with Tony and Cathy
Bob & Gayle in Bert Flinn
Glen:  Here are some of the folks working on a potential GG to support sanitation at 6 schools in rural Kenya.  Clockwise from top left - Glen; Terry Umbach (Sechelt);  James Musyoka (Wumunyu, Kenya); Sharon Runge (Kenya Connect, Baltimore, Maryland).
Aziz - Congratulations for being on the Board for Treetops Community
The on going Reno at the Cuthbert's....Pete the Plumber
Michael:  Whyte lake
It's always a Beautiful day in the Neighbourhood 
Guess who's camping?  Steve and Lauralea
Rotary's Grand Auction
Please pass this along to all your friends and family either on Social Media or via your contacts.
This is a 'month long' auction and will be one of our only fundraisers this year.
You can still donate to our Auction.  Please contact us today.
Bob's garden
Located in: Port Moody Centre
Address: 2929 St John's Street, Port Moody, BC V3H 2C2
Our Port Moody Liquor store has offered us a great opportunity.  Every time you go to the Port Moody Liquor store on St. John's Street [by the 711]and purchase something our Rotary Club of Port Moody will get 4% back of the sales.  This is a win win for everyone.  Doesn't cost us anything [very similar to Thriftys card but you don't have to 'load it']. AND you can start 'today'.  When you make a purchase, please just mention that you would like the VIP REBATE to go the 
Port Moody Liquor Store has been very supportive to our Rotary Club in the past, giving us gift certificates for our Fundraisers.
Good turnout for our virtual meeting  27 members and guests.  Just a few shown here.
Rick Chimblo from Oro Valley joined us and then had to leave to go for their hike at 7:00 am because it was already 90 degrees in the morning. 
Rhian Piprell - Guest Speaker and PP of Coquitlam Club.
Rhian Piprell was our guest speaker this morning talking about her 2 year stay in Myanmar.
Very interesting.
Past Member and Director of the RWHN Steve Gable is in hospital and we send our prayers and good wishes for a speedy recovery.
Get well soon Steve.
Claire:  My Mum beside me and my step mum beside her.
Coreen:  Best tomato plant
Al & Kathy have been busy hiking
Dias Vista
Vandusen gardens
Walking by Fraser river
Pitt Meadows Rotary trail
AND golfing with guess who?
Isy has been busy baking.  Looks like we all know where to go for coffee and treats.
Dave & Cathy hiked to Jug Island with Tony and Lynda Spence.
Too Close
Patty and Don are expecting a baby girl - Angie.......soon she will be home
It's always a GREAT DAY !!!
Peter & Cindy renovation of Main Bath
Big job Peter !!!  
Al & Kathy hiking in Golden Ears [we do live in a beautiful part of the world]
Peter & Cindy :  My en- suite gone!
Mike Poznanski 
Here’s a photo of me working at the office on this lovely Monday morning.
I spent much of Saturday afternoon watching the rocket launch on tv while facetime was on connecting me with my nephew and niece.  They had a Lego rocketship built and some artwork showing “Bob and Doug on the moon”.  Pretty cute.  My nephew Roman rode his bike without training wheels on Sunday!

Lots of members hiking in the Forest
Michael & Coreen and President Cleone
Notes from Bill:
A place where women curl up and dye.
The only animal you eat before they are born and after they are dead. 
A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.
Mud with the juice squeezed out.
Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation. 
Cold Storage. 
Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.
An insect that makes you like flies better. 
A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority.
A grape with a sunburn. 
A story you tell to one person at a time.
A bunch of bones with the person scraped off.
The pain that drives you to extraction.
One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.
An honest opinion openly expressed. 
Something other people have....similar to my character lines. 
I very quietly confided to my friend that I was having an Affair.
She turned to me and asked, "Are you having it catered?"
. . . and that, my friend, is the definition of 'OLD'!!!
In youth, the days are short and the years are long.  In old age, the years are short and days long.
Jackie MacLean
Dec 09, 2020
Substance Abuse
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Ugly Christmas Sweater Phenomena
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South Pole Adventures
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