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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Port Moody

Port Moody

Every Member an Active Member

We meet Wednesdays at 7:15 AM
St. James's Well Pub
Newport Village
248 Newport Drive
Port Moody, BC  V3H 5H1
District Site
Venue Map
Our stories
Lots of guests this week....
Delores Stack, a friend of Jeannie’s
Claire with Hilary McRoberts 
Above:  Domino.....getting so big...
Gaye Simms and Renee Desnoyer Poco Club members here to advertise their Winter Blues Festival and Jeannie and Gayle photo bombing while eating breakfast.
Above:  Connor McRoberts, Trevor Schmidt and Andrew McKinley (Trevor and Andrew are PoMo Volunteer Firefighters).
Cleone received the 'Rotarian that Makes a Difference' pin from President Mike..  way to go!
Dan was telling us??
Our Guest Speaker Hilary McRoberts 

Our guest speaker today was Hilary McRoberts who was promoting the idea of holding the “FireFit Games” to the Inlet Park in Port Moody. It is an event held regionally every year in all provinces and Territories where firefighting personnel compete in a number of strength and agility tests to qualify to represent their areas in a National competition. The motto is “Fitter, Faster, Stronger”. Apparently there is a FireFit Games event being held somewhere in Canada and the US. The national event is broadcast live on 1 of the Sports Networks.

It takes 2 days to set up (stands, competition equipment etc.), 1 day (Saturday) of individual completion, and 1 day (Sunday) of team competition. It will be open to the public and media.

The brewers on Brewery Row have recommended they ask us to man the Beer Garden for them for last 2 days. Discussion followed on logistics, what we need to know, when the dates will be finalized, etc.

Both PoMo Volunteer Firefighters will be competing this year and Hilary has been a competitor for 25 years.


Announced the Generous Hearts Food Drive raised $650.00 and about 1000 pounds of food both numbers down a little from last year we think due to great weather on the holiday weekend this year.

The first Rotary Peace Conference this year in Vancouver had just over 800 delegates attending from 30 countries. Keynote speaker at the Banquet was a graduate from a Rotary Peace Initiative.

Thursday Feb 22 is Heritage Mountain H.S. graduating students give their talks on “what they have learned” part of the school’s requirement for graduating from grade 12.

RLI Leadership training is also being held on March 10th.

Steve’s Pub Night raising donations for his run for the Diabetes Foundations will be held on Sunday February 25th from 5-8 pm at the St. James Well--$25.00 per ticket. Includes 1 beer and a burger.

Thank you to Bill for the notes and to Yvonne for the photos

Happy Valentines Day.......Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day......Today and every day, tell those close to you that you LOVE THEM....xox
Local Rotary members Malcolm Kennedy and Maureen Boyd are heading up a Tri City Initiative to education and reduce Human Exploitation.
They had a meeting on Feb 5th to discuss this with key stake holders.
Outcome of the meeting is below.
Thanks to Yvonne for the photos.
It's always a great day when we induct a new member into the Rotary Club of Port Moody.  Welcome Michael Berrisford.  We look forward to working with you.  And we know that our Treasurer is VERY happy you are here. 
 President Mike helped us welcome a new member to our club—Michael Berrisford. He has moved to Port Moody from New Zealand for all the right reasons and we are very happy to welcome him into our Club.  
Guests this week:
Zoe Boal and Phil Boname from Westport Village
President Mike gave very deserving 'Rotarian Who Makes a Difference' pin to Yvonne....
Gayle brought a banner back from a Kona Club in Hawaii to present to President Mike

Our guests for the meeting were Zoe Boal and Phil Boname in to talk to us about the status of the Westport Village development on the old Andres Wine lands. 

--Vision sees the Westport Village as being the western “gateway to the City of Port Moody.

--Project is bordered by the Barnet Highway, Clarke Street, Douglas Street and Short Street.

Site plans include:

  1. an Artist Mews Village (2-4 stories) with a combination of artists work space, fabrication areas, art shops, galleries and artist residences  
  2. highrise providing 132 strata residential units above a boutique hotel proving 60-80 rooms.
  3. 1 medium rise building  providing 176 rental residential units over 4-5 larger floors of office space leaning towards high tech or knowledge based research and related startup companies.
  4. 1 Senior’s Care building with both independent and assisted living as well as cafeteria, special events rooms, recreational space, senior’s lounge and a senior’s common area.
  5. A medical clinic building of 4-5 floors (appr. 45,000 sq. ft) housing an existing Port Moody clinic with a much expanded space.
  6. Retail/commercial space at the ground level for most of the buildings.

The development expects to offer the most diverse mixed use offering in the Port Moody area with at least 14 different Land Uses on the site. Mix of high and mid rise residential buildings with lower height buildings will provide outstanding site lines as well as the central plaza will become a meeting space as well as an entertainment hub for Port Moody’s West End. Buildings will feature green roofs and the highrise buildings will include living features with trees and greenery that will be watered by gravity fed systems maintained by the strata.

All in all an exciting proposal for the future of Port Moody.


Trudy’s ticket was drawn for the 50/50 but no Queen of Spades “Toooo Bad!!”

We have started a 'guess who, guess where' page.......Thought it would be fun for us to 'guess' who and where !!!
Ribfest 2018 is underway and here is Yvonne in our 'lock-up' organizing the noodles......
AND here are Bill & Cleone learning about 'trash'
If you can't go to the Beach, bring the Beach to Port Moody.  Great job Cleone ....
The Passport Club met on Thursday February 1st and a good time was had by all.
Thank you for the photos Cleone
Come on out and support Steve with his fundraiser for Diabetes.
Thank you to Yvonne for the photos.
Lots of guests this week
Dr. Kathy Denton from Douglas College
Nice to see past member Lisa Park.  Lisa helped us 'big time' for Ribfest 2017.
Lisa Park (SD43 trustee) & Sean Lee (Coquitlam Rotary)
President Mike gave Dan Gallant the 'Rotarian that makes a difference' pin today for all the work Dan does for RWHN and the behind the scenes stuff for our Rotary.
Dan has 37 years with perfect attendance and his support of so many Rotary initiatives.
Velocity Soccer came to the Club today to get the Community Grant cheque for all the work they did for RibFest 2017.  We hope to see them volunteer again this year.
Craig from PoMo soccer shared a short video that thanked us for our support
They plan to be at Ribfest again
Funds help them attend a tournament in Portland that many college scouts attend.
Dr. Kathy Denton gives us an 'update' on Douglas College.
Today's presentation:
Kathy Denton / Leanne Poon of Douglas College
- Douglas is the largest degree granting college in BC
16000 students (10000 are Full Time) across two campuses
Kathy shared a number of points on their programs and services to students, credit transfer program from Douglas to SFU and UBC, as well as the plans to use the Anvil Centre in New West and to continue to build on the Coquitlam site.
Looks like Dan did 'not' draw the Ace
Feb 7 breakfast goes to $15
President's Peace Building Conference Feb 9, 10, 11
Al has Ribfest decals for sponsors
Feb 10 - Generous Hands food drive at Thrifty's, 10-4
SFPP banner still missing
Al S. shared he is attending a meeting on the setup of a Tri-City Mayoral Committee on Human Trafficking that is being set up.
HERITAGE WOODS REALLY NEEDS OUR HELP......It is a great time to listen to the Grade 12 students tell of their plans for their future.
It is that time of the year where we start planning our Grad Transition presentation day for our grade 12 students.  Please see attached invitation.
We would love it if you could join us for part (morning/afternoon only) or the full day. We start the event with the morning session from 9:00 am – 11:30 am, a break for lunch with the afternoon session starting at 12:30 pm and going until 3:00 pm.
Please let me know if you can attend at your earliest convenience.
Best regards
Ingrid Gay, Music Director/Grad Transitions
Heritage Woods Secondary

Greetings from the Woods!


On Thursday, February 22rd each of our senior students will be demonstrating his/her accomplishments in a presentation to complete the Graduation Transitions requirement.  We have approximately 350 students who will be ready to speak about their proudest accomplishments from their school and community experiences and their future aspirations.  We would like a member of our community to participate in each of the presentation panels.  This is the reason we’re writing to you!

We would love to have you be a panel member for all or part of that day.  We plan to have about 28 students presenting at a time, with six presentation sessions in the morning and six in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided.

We’re confident that our students will amaze you and we’re pleased to invite you to share this positive experience with us. 

Please email me (igay@sd43.bc.ca) by Thursday, February 8th if you would be willing to participate on this day.  

Thanks for considering this!


Ingrid Gay/Marilyn Nunn

Grad Transitions Team

Please send your photos so we can enjoy 
We know where Gayle is and it looks beautiful
One of the 100 miles of Bike Paths
Thank you to Yvonne for the photos.....
Pacific Storm came to Rotary to receive the cheque we gave them for all the hard work they did at RibFest 2017.
Cheque presentation to Christine from Pacific Storm Water Polo
Pacific Storm practices across the lower mainland.
5 practices a week, mostly late nights, when pools available
Play locally, but also travel east for tournaments
Very happy to be a part of Ribfest. 
President Mike gave Alan K the pin 'for a Rotarian who makes a difference' for all his work on the SFPP
PP Al gave a 'lesson' on CLUB RUNNER......
Al walked the members through using Clubrunner
Thank you Al
We celebrate Birthdays but Karen Rockwell is enjoying the Sunshine so we wished her from the 'rain'
Heritage Mtn Blvd Clean up was this past Saturday.  Small but 'Mighty' street cleaners ;o)  7 Bags of trash were collected on Heritage Mtn. Blvd.br
Feb 7 -
Breakfast goes to $15
Coquitlam Rotary Caledonia Night, Al S. has tix
Feb 2-4 we are sponsoring 3 students to YAIL
Some members attended the Rotary Grant Seminar last week
Feb 9-11 Ian Riseley @ Rotary Conference in Vancouver
Feb 10 Generous Hearts Food Drive @ Thrifty's - need volunteers
Cleone planning a tropical party for Feb 3, please RSVP 
Our PIE DAY HERO......Danne
Passport to Rotary Pub Night Thu Feb 1, see Trudy for tix
Another great day at Rotary...  Thank you to Claire for the photos.....
Good Morning Rotary Club of Port Moody
Congratulations to Brian for getting his Paul Harris Fellow.  Well deserved.
President Mike presented Isy with 'Rotarian that makes a Difference' pin for all the work Isy has done for Kids Camp.  Well done.
Thank you to Yvonne for sending the photos of the last meeting.  Because I wasn't there, I am going to 'guess' what was going on......Let me know if I was right.
President Mike talking about the Christmas party and the upcoming events.
PDG Denis Boyd visiting to invite us to Caledonia Night -
Fundraiser for the Coquitlam Club.
Chair for SFPP, Alan K, asking for help with our upcoming
Thanks to everyone for stepping up and helping.
PP Alan letting everyone know that RIBFEST 2018 [July 20, 21 & 22] is well underway and the next organizational meeting is February 8, 2018
Dan Gallant reminding everyone about loading the Container to Belize......Thanks to all that showed up to help.  Great turnout from our Club.  Thank you RWHN.
PP Gayle did not pick the ACE of SPADES and everyone was very sad.....
Our Dynamo Community Service Chair reports the following:
Community Service Projects
1.Manor Projects
a.Christmas party
b.Decorating the manor
d.Pie day
e.Over $200,000 donations
a.Christmas Train Hot Chocolate, face painting, cookie decorating
b.Generous Heart Food Drive
a.Chili Lunch
4.Rotary RIPS (Removes Invasive Species)
5.Heritage Mountain Clean-up - monthly
6.Hike for Hospice
7.Terry Fox Run
10.Community Grants
a.Port Moody Police Victim Services -  Empowering Girls-$2,000.
b.All Saints Catholic Women’s League- 
c.Thanksgiving Dinner Outreach- cancelled
d.New View Society –Snow Blower- $2,000
e.Girls Port Moody Soccer U15 Metro Division –Port Moody-          $2,000.
f.Pacific Storm Water Polo- Athlete Assistance and
g.Pool Rental Costs.$2,500.
h.Port Moody Soccer Club-Training and trip to Croatia- $2,500.
i.180th Pacific Coast Scout Group-
j.Community Service Projects -    $2,500.
k.Gleneagle Secondary- Cuba Music Program -$2,000.
l.Eagle Ridge Manor –Music and Memory Therapy Program – $7000 and a second project Resident Activity Room- $3,318.82 Both approved for a total $10,318.82.
m.Girl Guides od Canada- Swiss Challenge 2019- $2,000.
n.Share Family &Community Service-Transportation Upgrade- $2,000.
o. S.U.C.C.E.S.S Immigrant settlement & Integration Program. Champions of Success- $1,000.
p.ACCESS Youth Outreach Society- Project Reachout Mobile Drop-in Centre- $3,000.
q.Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society (BIMES)- Repair Pond Mossom Creek- $1,200.
WE DO TONS IN OUR COMMUNITY.....Great Job Rotary Club of Port Moody 
Port Moody experienced a KING TIDE .....Thanks to Terry for the photos.
As President Mike says......Don't forget to use your SMILE card at Thrifty's.....Easy to do.....
1. Go through the store and get your groceries
2. Before the cashier rings in your order.....hand her your SMILE card and tell her you would like to add $200.00 [example, can be any amount] 
You put that on your VISA/MC
3. Then she rings in your order and you pay with your SMILE card and ROTARY benefits, 5% of your total amount.
WIN WIN......Thanks for the reminder Mike.
I hope you all had the very Best CHRISTMAS and we wish everyone the very
BEST of HEALTH, HAPPINESS and LOVE  in 2018.....
Do you know a grade 10 or 11 student who could benefit from YAIL

YAIL 2018 is almost here !!
YAIL 2018 is Friday, Feb 2nd - Sunday, Feb 4th.... only 4 weeks away. The official deadline for registration is December 31st, but we will extend that to FRIDAY, January 12th to fill our few available spaces. 
There is no cost to participants because the registration fee ( $295 USD / $310 CAN ) is paid by the sponsoring Rotary Club. 
Online registration is available at “YAIL.org”.  Applicants will need a Rotary Club sponsor, a head/shoulders photo, a brief bio, and they can download PDF permission forms as needed.  
If you need any additional information, please contact Hank Adolfi at “
IslanderHank@outlook.com” or let Patty know.....
We decided that our newest member should have a Rotary Club of Port Moody badge.
The Christmas season is upon us and it is a wonderful time to reflect on this past year.  We think about family, friends and our Community.   We are proud that the Rotary Club of Port Moody has in our way, helped make Port Moody one of the Best Cities in the Lower Mainland.  We will continue to build goodwill and better friendships as the years go on.  We thank all the business' that have sponsored our events to make them bigger and better each year.
We wish you and your families the very BEST CHRISTMAS and all the very best in 2018
Please remember there will be NO meeting on December 27 or January 3rd.
Be safe and have a wonderful Christmas
Clair MacLean
Feb 21, 2018
Update on SHARE
OFF SITE at Pacific Coast Terminals
Mar 14, 2018
Tour of PCT
Heritage Mountain students
Apr 11, 2018
Scholarship speech
AG Preet Pall
Apr 18, 2018
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