Following the call to order, we opened our meeting in the usual fashion, singing "O Canada".  We seem to blend the old and new versions, singing "in all your sons command" and "in all of us command" with no difficulty.  Wayne noted that for the first time in many years we have not prepared to participate in the Langley Cruise-In.  He circulated member information sheets, the first step in preparing to conduct a study of our members' occupations, working on a goal in the Rotary Citation.
     Our guest speaker was Bill Hendricks from Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities and he spoke to us about horse therapy for children (and others).  He brought a number of visual aids and explained how the program works, helping individuals with physical disabilities relax and become comfortable with their horses.  Children gain confidence and appear, at least for awhile, to be pain free.  He offered to host our club on a field trip to his facility, and club members expressed interest in doing that. For more photos visit Sept 5, 2019.