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The Rotary Club of Langley was the first Rotary club estabished in Langley.  The club currently has 30+ members, both men and women and is open to all residents of Langley and surrouding areas.

The club raises funds to support both local and international needs.  Recent local projects include:
  • Support for the breakfast and lunch programs at Langley Schools
  • Scholarships for Langley secondary students
  • Medical equipment for Langley Memorial Hospital
  • Toys for the Langley Child Development Centre
  • Support of the Karen refugees in Langley
  • Library books for Langley inner city schools
  • Christmas Hampers for the needy
  • Equipment for the Langley Food Bank
  • Funding for the Salvation Army Gateway of Hope facility
  • Funding for Langley Lodge
  • Funding for Walnut Grove Dry Grad
  • plus many others
Recent international projects include:
  • Donation of a van for Hope House boy's home near Guadalajura, Mexico "Casa Esperanza" (see video below)
  • Donation of woodworking equipment and electrical generators for Hope House
  • Funding of water-retention projects in Kenya
  • Donation of emergency "shelter box" kits for disaster areas
  • Funding of food aid to Sudan
  • Current project: Donation of an ambulance to Howard Hospital, Zimbabwe