President Wayne opened the meeting with the singing of O Canada, once again led by Les Clay.  In reminding members of our theme, Rotary Connects the World, he encouraged as many members as possible to meet DG  Brad Whittaker next week when he makes his official visit.  All directors should be in attendance for the executive meting to follow.
     Three wedding anniversaries were announced:  Brendan and June Martin on the 20th, Bob and Maria Hillmer on the 22nd, and Stephen and Irina Richardson on the 23rd.  Rivers Day celebrations will be going on at the Arboretum from 11 to 3 on Sunday, and Rotaract will be holding a Meet and Greet from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday as well.
     The Yorkson Block Party we helped sponsor was a success, despite the rainy weather.  Trisha, Jonah, Leon and Claudia volunteered at the event, and Wayne brought his granddaughter and four relatives from the United Kingdom to participate in the activities.
     Brendan has brought to our attention World polio Day on October 24, and our club will plan special activities to honour this day.  The executive will bring suggestions to the club, but here's a hint.  Start saving your change and small bills (large ones welcomed as well) for the happy dollars that night.
     Our guest speaker was Lisa Block, site manager at Hope for Women in Langley.  She has a strong desire to help women who find themselves in crisis situations, and finds Hope for Women to be an incredible fit.  She spoke about their programs and showed videos of some of the clients who have had their lives changed for the better by contacting the agency.  Women who find themselves with unplanned and often unwanted pregnancies are given options, and are not left on their own to cope.  Sadly, despite the counselling, about 80% choose to end the pregnancy as their perceived best choice.
     Following the regular meeting, the executive met and HISTORY WAS MADE.  For the first time in the history of the Rotary Club of Langley, the majority of the executive members at an official executive meeting were female.  Twenty-five years ago Wayne Wiebe was our club president when he sponsored and inducted the very first woman into our club.  Now, a quarter century later, he is again our president and chaired this historic meeting.  A selfie of the group was taken to commemorate the occasion. For more photos visit Sept 19, 2019