President Wayne repeated our theme, Rotary Connects the World, and reminded the club that our District Governor would be visiting in two weeks' time.  He would like to meet as many members as possible before the regular meeting, and then with the executive after the meeting.  All directors should be present to answer questions.  Wayne gave the directors their "assignments", including which ones would be responsible for the five avenues of service.  
     September birthday wishes go to Trisha (16) and Brendan (older).  We continue to sing both verses of Happy Birthday, quite heartily.  Members had some difficulty naming I Guess Things Happen That Way by Johnny Cash, this week's tune, after the opening sounds.  
     From that Johnny we switched to John Brynjolfson, who filled in for an absent guest speaker with the second part of his medical update.  This time he spoke about Parkinson's and the advances being made in fighting that disease.  He sees a future where medicine will be available to stop the spread of Parkinson's, and people will not have to suffer as they do now.  Many of us wish that day were here right now. For more photos visit Sept 12, 2019.