President Veronica called the meeting to order, right after Les noted it was about seven o’clock.  Leon presented another version of O Canada and when we sang with our mics muted, we sounded wonderful together.      
     Returning member Jim See provided the program, and while he seemed somewhat ill at ease with the subject, he persevered.  He was to talk about himself and his life’s journey, and he started out well but then faltered, commenting, “Wayne, you said this would be easy.”         Wayne and other members came to his rescue by asking him questions, and then we learned more about our latest member.  Jim is married to Valerie, the “best wife a man could have.”  Jim’s family once owned a hotel resort in Newfoundland, on (beside) a private lake, where he used to go fishing and hunting. 
     Jim owns a trucking company and used to haul freight all over Canada and the United States.  For years he had a run down the east coast of the continent.    If any moonshine was involved, he left that part out of the story.  He had a contract with the National Art Gallery in Ottawa and claims he hauled their exhibits for eons.
    During his earlier membership Jim fixed up a trailer that our club used for preparing and selling hamburgers and fries for years.  He still repairs lawnmowers for resale and use.
     Jim is happy to be back with a great bunch of people. For more photos please visit July 9, 2020.